Yo! So, I was re-watching Sky Fall and got the idea for another rant blog, specifically on Sky's gameplay in this episode. It kind of aggravated me and I will address why.

So, at the beginning of the episode, we see that Sky and Sugar get some time to talk, since Jasmine and Shawn are together somewhere else. They talk for a little bit, and then Sky suddenly asks for an alliance. Sugar thinks this is her time to be a bit manipulative so she says yes and plans to get sneaky later on.

So Chris then announces the challenge to them, ya ya ya, this doesn't matter. So, they all start the challenge, and Sky/Sugar race together. Sugar then starts to get manipulative and slightly pretends to be tired. Sky gets aggravated and starts pushing her to the top. Sky then complains in confessional how hard it is to work with Sugar.

So a little bit after that, we see Sugar and Sky at the hoodoo's. Sugar then crosses the hoodoo's without even knowing what she is doing. (Um, what?!) Sugar is then almost hit with the giant log that is swinging from above. Sky is worried about her getting hit, so she randomly gets a lasso and grabs onto the log and swings across the hoodoo's. 

Now this is one of the parts that aggravated me. It mainly aggravated me because Chris never mentioned rope's/lasso's in the bags he handed out. So, where did she get the rope? Maybe it was in the bag, but the fact that she is perfect at lassoing the log is kind of pathetic. Yeah, she's an olympic gymnist, yada yada yada, but I forgot any mention of her being specifically talented at doing this. 

After a little bit, we then see Sky and Sugar in the Bear Cave. Sugar then farts (Ew) and breaks the bears. She then carries Sky out of the cave.

Jasmine then falls off of the climbing area and tells Shawn to go on. Shawn then grabs the flag at the top and wins the challenge. We then see the three girls at the bottom all tied at the moment. Jasmine gets a move on it, but Sky is pushed into the lava by Sugar. Jasmine then gets worried and checks on her.


Sugar then attempts to run, but Sky comes up, riding on a floating croc, and flies to the finish.

Finally starting a legit Rant: Are you flippin' kidding me? Yeah, you can make that same excuse "she's an olympic gymnist!" but that is not even related to what she did. I guarantee that Sky would've lost, because for one reason, if we were being realistic, she either would've burned to death or ended up like Alejandro in the WT finale. Jasmine also would've most likely decided to get a move because of Her and Shawn's 50/50 deal. Sugar would've definitely made a move on it because she knew if Sky stayed, she would've had a big grudge against her. So Sky would've been dead last and in a robot suit, at the least. This is why people compare her to Zoey, things like this. Atleast Zoey didn't godplay at a time where she most likely would've lost the game. I love TD and Fresh TV's amazing work, but when it comes to TD, they pick favorites hella quick. 

Thats about it for this Rant! Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments. Interested to see what Sky fans, and haters, think about it. 

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