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RANT: How Dawn could’ve been more helpful for her team and could’ve merged.

Hey! So now, I am doing a mini-rant on Dawn. I know, I know. She has one of the largest fanbases of all TD characters, but I’ll still rant about her. 

So, how should I start. OH! 

So, we see that Dawn can read aura’s and tell a personality quickly in Episode 1. She is then placed on the Rats team, along with Scott. So, she plays the first challenge casually, helping her team try and win it. They lose, and vote out Staci… Yeah, Staci. Referring back to “Dawn can read aura’s”, she obviously knew that Scott was a villian, and can not be trusted. So, why didn’t she warn her team, why did she help  vote Staci? Unknown why. It could be strategy though, but telling her team on her elimination and then failing to do so is not strategy, it’s just dumb. Yes, dumb.

In Episode 2, She didn’t really have a say so in the vote, as the guys discussed voting out Dakota. ALTHOUGH… She still could’ve told them, no matter what. 

Episode 3 just had me dying, not in a laughter way either. Scott booted B.. Dawn could’ve legit told her team and they wouldve believed it at this point. All she had to say was “SCOTT’S A VILLIAN” and then boom, the team knows.

In Episode 4, there was really no elimination, which means they can’t vote out Scott. Although, imo, immunity night is the best time to tell them, considering you won’t risk getting kicked off that night. Dawn could’ve addressed them in this episode, but still, she didn’t.

Here is her downfall episode. The episode that had Dawn fans sobbing, and ranting on TD Wiki. So, the Dawn/Scott fued starts here, pretty much. She knows he is a villian, she is anxious to tell her team, but doesnt do so. Right here, she was doomed and couldn’t get out of it, after Scott framed her. Plus, nobody would’ve believed her, which is why she could’ve done it in an earlier episode. She gets booted off, and tells this long speech about why she joined, what happened during her time, etc. As soon as she starts talking about the villian, she gets hurled. Seriously? Are you serious?

And that was the dead point for Dawn. Personally, this aggravated me while watching the first five episode of ROTI. What do you think about Dawn?

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