As Total Drama has developed, we've gotten to see many different ways a main antagonist could form. But the main antagonists do sometimes fail.. alot.

6th: Mal/Mike (Total Drama All Stars)

I honestly didn't even think this nonsense would occur while watching the TDAS premiere. Mal caused very few eliminations (1, to be exact) and didn't affect anything except for the terrible relationship between Mike and Zoey. He could've done so much more as a villian, but all he did was break Sierra's phone, Sam's GameGuy, and get out Alejandro which everyone in the fanbase saw coming. 

5th: Sugar (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

Sugar was also a poor excuse for a villian. All she did was torture Ella pre-merge, and finally decided to "tell on her" and get her disquallified from the game. After that, all she did was betray Sky in Sky Fall, but still managed to fail in the Final 3. She got out one person in the game, and that one person was probably the most innocent player there. I don't see why Amy couldn't have made it farther and actually developed as a main antagonist. 

4th: Scott (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

Honestly, I dread putting Scott at this rank, but he is slightly better than Sugar and definitely better than Mal. Scott's gameplay was so bad and I couldn't stand it. Once again, he got out the most innocent players (Beverly, Dawn), and had no reasoning for it at all. Although B and Dawn are innocent, I will give him the points for getting out Mike, which is why I find him better than the other two. He still was a bad villian, overall, and deserved to lose to the other three in the Final 4, even though I really don't find them as amusing characters either.

3rd: Courtney (Total Drama Action)

Although I love Courtney alot, her being the main antagonist was a poor excuse for one. Justin could've easily been the main antagonist and would've done the title justice, but it was Courtney instead. She basically cheated her way through the game and did nothing else. It would've been different if maybe she backstabbed Beth and voted her out, but obviously that wasn't happening since they were so far in the game and the others wouldn't have done it. She didn't even have potential as a main antagonist to be honest.

2nd: Alejandro (Total Drama World Tour)

Alejandro's strategy was also a very questionable one but it wasn't as bad. He decided to get out Team Victory's girls, which made no sense at all. It was obviously just a poor excuse to wipe out Victory, which is sad, because that was probably my favorite team, beating Amazon by a bit. DJ and Lindsay had so much potential in World Tour and it was wasted because of Alejandro. I also never got why he didn't do anymore villianous acts after that, other than probably vote out Owen who, once again, was the most innocent player out of the Final 8. 

1st: Heather (Total Drama Island)

Heather is probably going to stay the best antagonist in Total Drama history. I doubt some trash villian will top her. She had a fake alliance with the two dumbest girls on the Island, and it went in her favor by the Final 9 when Lindsay left. BUT, although she had an amazing strategy and outlasted most of her enemies, the whole "Hey, Heather wins an immunity pass for the 100th time" type of thing got old. But other than that, she was a great villian and we need TDI Heather back. She has been the only villian yet that wasn't afraid to take out the stronger players. Nowadays she is just arguing with someone for her plot line, which sucks.