• Apologyy

    Hi. So, I have been in the Total Drama fanbase for a while, and have stumbled upon some very, strange opinions. I know, this blog may turn out to be a little critical, but these are just some popular opinions that I find rather odd. Let's start with friendships/OTP's or whatever, shall we?

    Katie being more liked than Sadie: I have always found this one to be rather odd. I haven't really found a person that has this opinion that gave legit reasoning. Personally, I think it's because Katie is "prettier" than Sadie. Because we only got to see Katie compete in five episodes total, and she didn't even do that much in those five. However, Sadie outlasted Katie for a while (I mean, Sadie didn't do anything but say two lines after Katie was elimina…

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  • Apologyy

    Ranking the Main Antagonists

    February 13, 2015 by Apologyy

    As Total Drama has developed, we've gotten to see many different ways a main antagonist could form. But the main antagonists do sometimes fail.. alot.

    I honestly didn't even think this nonsense would occur while watching the TDAS premiere. Mal caused very few eliminations (1, to be exact) and didn't affect anything except for the terrible relationship between Mike and Zoey. He could've done so much more as a villian, but all he did was break Sierra's phone, Sam's GameGuy, and get out Alejandro which everyone in the fanbase saw coming. 

    Sugar was also a poor excuse for a villian. All she did was torture Ella pre-merge, and finally decided to "tell on her" and get her disquallified from the game. After that, all she did was betray Sky in Sky F…

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  • Apologyy

    Rant: Sky in 'Sky Fall'

    February 8, 2015 by Apologyy

    Yo! So, I was re-watching Sky Fall and got the idea for another rant blog, specifically on Sky's gameplay in this episode. It kind of aggravated me and I will address why.

    So, at the beginning of the episode, we see that Sky and Sugar get some time to talk, since Jasmine and Shawn are together somewhere else. They talk for a little bit, and then Sky suddenly asks for an alliance. Sugar thinks this is her time to be a bit manipulative so she says yes and plans to get sneaky later on.

    So Chris then announces the challenge to them, ya ya ya, this doesn't matter. So, they all start the challenge, and Sky/Sugar race together. Sugar then starts to get manipulative and slightly pretends to be tired. Sky gets aggravated and starts pushing her to the…

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  • Apologyy

    Rant: Dawn in ROTI

    February 5, 2015 by Apologyy

    RANT: How Dawn could’ve been more helpful for her team and could’ve merged.

    Hey! So now, I am doing a mini-rant on Dawn. I know, I know. She has one of the largest fanbases of all TD characters, but I’ll still rant about her. 

    So, how should I start. OH! 

    So, we see that Dawn can read aura’s and tell a personality quickly in Episode 1. She is then placed on the Rats team, along with Scott. So, she plays the first challenge casually, helping her team try and win it. They lose, and vote out Staci… Yeah, Staci. Referring back to “Dawn can read aura’s”, she obviously knew that Scott was a villian, and can not be trusted. So, why didn’t she warn her team, why did she help  vote Staci? Unknown why. It could be strategy though, but telling her team …

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