• Anti-Courtney

    Greetings, my fellow Total Drama Wiki users. This is my first blog; and also the first of two blogs for this topic. The topic? I recently took an IQ test at my high school, (getting a near perfect score, by the way), and I thought of a TDI IQ test. The second blog will show all the anwers. In your comment for this blog, please post your answers.

    When I post the second blog, match them with your answers, then post your score. The point? Sheer enjoyment and to also brush up on your Total Drama information.

    I will begin the questions now. There will be ten questions, and each are worth ten points, obviously. Let us begin. And please, for the sake of fun, do not cheat and look them up on the pages.

    • Question one; in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, …
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