Mike As Mal
Time after time I see this transparency of Mal (left) being uploaded and posted to the Mike's alternate personalities page. Though I highly appreciate the effort by users to add a quality image, honestly, after so many occurrences, I'm becoming a bit irritated. Everyone, please take note that this transparency is FANART, and is not to be added to any of our articles. Stryzzar has graciously done us the favor of creating a Mal transparency from a screenshot (right).
Mal transparent
While this is not the most preferred method, it is our only option in this case. Stryzzar's is the high quality we need, it fulfills wiki standards (being one photo, not edited together with pieces from Mike's), and it will remain on the alternate personalities page unless Fresh TV releases something themselves. We have not overlooked anything from Fresh. Trust me, if that Mal image was "real," it would have been on the article long ago. If you see someone posting the photo on an article, please feel free to remove it and, if you like, message the user explaining why.

Of course, fanart being forbidden from pages also extends to our other articles. It happens rarely, but it still happens, so do be on the lookout for fake pictures/sloppily edited transparencies. If you can't tell whether or not something is fake, or need any assistance with anything, as always, feel free to ask a staff member.

Thanks for reading, guys! I hope to come back next time with something less serious. Keep on truckin'! :)


  • Just for clarification, at the time this blog was posted, the transparency had only been uploaded, not added to any articles. It's still good to take some precautions, though, am I right?

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