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    Most of you probably don't know me, nor do you care. Which is fine. I'm not an active presence around here, so you have no reason to. I'm a former rollback who's done quite a bit of work on the Wiki. I'm the idiot behind the personality and trivia sections on character pages, just to name a few.

    I wanted to write this blog because I visited the Wiki today to reminisce a little. I also stumbled upon my Message Wall (heh, I still got it) and read over the comments people have posted since my last edit in 2015. I wanted to write this to confirm that I am still alive (at least...I think. May have sold my soul for apple pie once, then bought it back, then sold it again), and I am still watching. The love I felt reading my message wall wa…

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  • AnonymousRose94

    Mal transparencies

    February 8, 2015 by AnonymousRose94
    Time after time I see this transparency of Mal (left) being uploaded and posted to the Mike's alternate personalities page. Though I highly appreciate the effort by users to add a quality image, honestly, after so many occurrences, I'm becoming a bit irritated. Everyone, please take note that this transparency is FANART, and is not to be added to any of our articles. Stryzzar has graciously done us the favor of creating a Mal transparency from a screenshot (right). While this is not the most preferred method, it is our only option in this case. Stryzzar's is the high quality we need, it fulfills wiki standards (being one photo, not edited together with pieces from Mike's), and it will remain on the alternate personalities page unless Fresh … Read more >
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    Greetings, children of the wiki, and welcome to another Rose blog! Usually this is the point where I would insert a very bad joke or inflict cruel and unusual torture on Stryzzar, except this isn't just more Rose Ramblings. It's very important business concerning the current state of this wiki and the things that need to be done to get ourselves back in order after this mess that's been flooding the activity as of late. After reading my suggestions, I highly encourage everyone to discuss what you agree with, what you disagree with, what else could use improvement, and your own methods, and hopefully we'll get this place back in tip-top shape soon.


    One of the things that absolutely needs to happen is a change in our administrator…

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  • AnonymousRose94

    Hi, guys! Rose here because I definitely haven’t been invading the WikiActivity enough lately. Deal with it.

    It all started with an idea. I thought, "Wow, these object pages are really stupid. We should make a list! :D" So I made a proposal which ultimately ended up passing 12-0. First of all, thanks so much to everyone who voted to support it. Without you none of this would have happened and I could have actually done something productive with all that time.

    This ended up being a much bigger project than I anticipated, but it improved the Objects category by 110% and I definitely couldn’t have done it by myself. I’d like love to thank my fellow rollbacks Phoenix and Numbuhthreefan, not just for adding what was necessary but for everything we'v…

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