I'm gonna make so many friends with this... :/

Before I get to the point, though: Yes, this blog will talk about Mike. Yes, this blog will talk about the... infamous moment. And it's about why I don't find it offensive. But if you're one of those people who, by just reading the previous sentence, is going to go straight to the comments to insult me and/or not even refute me with proper arguments, you might want to go somewhere else because I don't want to hear it.

Alright, let's go.

I don't find it offensive, BUUUUT....... I completely understand why other people do. I just don't agree with you. And neither one of us is wrong. Simply because, at the end of the day, something being offensive is down to one's interpretation. Some of you would disagree with me and say that because it's offensive to some people, everybody as to find it offensive too. Look, there are people who will get offended by literally ANYTHING. For example, I've seen a few people saying that Lindsay is offensive to blondes, so, by your logic, everyone would have to find her offensive. Yet, she's one of the most popular characters of the show. Just because someone out there finds something offensive, it doesn't mean that I'm wrong for not being offended by it.

What I'm trying to say is that you have all the right to find Mike offensive as long as you have proper reasons, but people also have the right to not be offended if they can understand the argument of the other side(I completely understand how Mike being cured of his MPD by a Deus Ex Mach... I mean, the touch of a button, could upset people who have the same problem and have to live with it everyday), but just don't agree with it.

I mean, if the TD crew actually wanted to insult people who have that problem, they would make fun of Mike's MPD or treat him as a horrible human being just for having it. The difference between offend and insult comes down to intent. Someone can offend others unintentionally and through implications that can hurt some people but not others(depending on the person). Insulting is done deliberately to hurt you and it's straight up literal. Had the crew actually insulted people with the disorder, then yes, EVERYONE would have to agree with that, but I highly doubt that they did it on purpose.

I just want people to stop claiming that anyone who doesn't find this whole situation offensive is wrong and his opinion shouldn't be heard. That's not the right way to handle an argument. That's the main reason I wrote this. If you disagree with me, that's fine. You're free to comment why. I encourage you to do so actually. Just... you know... don't be a jerk.

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