Warning this blog contains mention of Episode 24 of TDA. Do not read if you have yet to see the episode, Seriously I don't want to be banned or spoil this for you. haha

I can't believe I have yet to written a blog on here.

I don't think of my self as a crazy DxC fan, they are my favorite couple and I am shocked of what happened. I knew Courtney's elimination was coming up soon, so that part didn't shock me. Duncan voting Courtney off, well he did have a reason Courtney is a bigger threat then Beth. I also think Courtney's guidelines for Duncan were a bit much, but don't get me wrong I am still a Courtney fan and a Duncan fan even after this episode. I believe there is still hope for DxC, I hope Courtney realizes soon what she did was insane.

If you have to comment about how "they wont get together cause they are through" I'll clearly ignore you, I'm not going to argue with you on it, its just a cartoon. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. Who knows what will happen, yes the show may lose their fans becasue of DxC but think about this, why would they(the writers) hype up all this Duncan and Courtney stuff and just to end it? for drama yes. Remember Trent and Gwen did make up in the last episode of TDI during the finale,so who knows what will become of DxC after this.

Just cause they are now not together doesn't mean I'm giving up liking them as a couple. So looks like we got 2 weeks left before the final show down. This was a dramatic episode..thats why the show is called Total Drama Island/Action/the Musical. With out the drama then you have Total Island/Action/the Musical, and thats just boring haha. Also they are teenagers, high school has a lot of drama in it, trust me.

Oks I'm done I have to get to class. And why am I have problems with my A key when I am trying to type...

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