• Animegirl08

    Warning this blog contains mention of Episode 24 of TDA. Do not read if you have yet to see the episode, Seriously I don't want to be banned or spoil this for you. haha

    I can't believe I have yet to written a blog on here.

    I don't think of my self as a crazy DxC fan, they are my favorite couple and I am shocked of what happened. I knew Courtney's elimination was coming up soon, so that part didn't shock me. Duncan voting Courtney off, well he did have a reason Courtney is a bigger threat then Beth. I also think Courtney's guidelines for Duncan were a bit much, but don't get me wrong I am still a Courtney fan and a Duncan fan even after this episode. I believe there is still hope for DxC, I hope Courtney realizes soon what she did was i…

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