With Total Drama Pahkitew Island done, I thought it would be fun for me to express my thoughts on the season and the cast members. First off I will go for the Season thoughts and then the contestants by least favorite to favorite.


The season overall was great with memorable scenes and epsiodes, but "Hurl and Go Seek" to me was the worst episode for one reason (Dave and Sky) and "This is the Pits" being my favorite. I believe this to be better than TDI, TDA, TDROTI, and TDAS, but World Tour is still my favorite season. Overall the season to me I rate an 8.2.

Now the contestans from least favorite to favorite.


Beardo did not phase me at all when I first saw him. He seemed like he would not make it long and was just there for filler, and I never was interested with him, all though I did like it when he made the Pac Man sound after his elimination with Dave replying with "Game Over" which was his best moment. 


Sugar is the main antagonist of the season and when I first saw her, I said, "Here comes Honey Boo Boo". I believe her to be a combination of Heather and Owen, but that would be an insult to both Owen and Heather. Sugar is a rotten pagent queen princess who was only there to be a main antagonist in my eyes and I hope for her not to return in another season.


Leonard looked interesting enough with the whole wizard motif, and I loved the gandalf reference despite never watching lord of the rings. He was funny with the whole "FORCE FIELD" line, but thats it. He was uninteresting the rest of the time, and luckily did not stay in the show for long, like I expected.


Amy is a annoying spoiled b**** who does nothing but torture her twin sister Samey. She did not stay long thank god, but she did have another appearence in "A Blast from the Past" but luckily thats it. She was rude to all her teamates, especially Samey and Rodney and is just a piece of crap.


Rodney is a love freak who REALLY loves girls. He is a farm boy who reminds me of Scott and Owen if they had a baby, similar to Mike being a combination of Cody and Noah. Rodney falls in love with Jasmine, Amy, Samey (Thinking she was Amy) and Scarlett over the course of the show, and at the very least is a sweet guy who is considerate of the girls he falls in loves with feelings when he falls in love with another girl and so on.


I see alot of love for Scarlett and I thought she was meh at my first look of her. Everyone was so suprised when she turned out to be evil, but I knew from the beginning as she was helping Max with his evil plans, had a globe with knives on it in her audition, and she also tried to control the island since "This is the Pits". She overall is an ok character, but something tells me she isn't going to compete again after the events of "Scarlett Fever".


Max reminds me of Dr.N gin from Crash Bandicoot and the evil villain from Austin Powers. Max is nothing but evil but has a soft side as seen in "Three Zones and a Baby" and is a funny character at that. my favorite line of his is "Evil Vomit!" which I thought was amusing, overall Max is decent.


Dave is who I thought would be my favorite in TDPI, but boy was I wrong, as much as I want to say I hate him, I find characters like Beardo and Amy much worse, at least for character wise, although Dave, while he does seem like the Normal guy, soon turns into a love freak like Rodney, but only for Sky, and it comes to a boil point in "Hurl and go Seek" and the finale was his worst moment ever, enough said.


Ok now for some favorites, Samey is awesome and she is kind hearted and sweet! She should have been in the competiton a bit more, but Im glad Amy was eliminated first, thanks to Samey tricking Amy with a very harmful apple. Samey is somene I would like to see more out of, but not Amy.


Ella is a cool character, but at first I thought she would be a horrible gimmick character, but I was wrong, yes she is a gimmick character, but a good one at that! If Ella returns, I hope she appears more than in TDPI, but I wouldn't mind if Ella sang at little less, shes not Courtney, but she has a great singing voice at the very least.


Jasmine is awesome, when I first saw her, I knew she was gonna have some great moments, wether its her interactions with Shawn, or her personallity, I think Jasmine was a terrific character, who I would like to see compete again within the Total Drama series.


Sky is my favorite female out of the bunch as Sky has had alot of ineractions, particually with Shawn, Sugar, and especially Dave, what happens with there relationship in the end was very bad to me, but I still think Sky is a great character, and would love to see her return again.


Originally my favorite, Shawn is a zombie nut case, who is afraid of Zombies and is probably really good at playing Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil, but Shawn makes up for it with humorous lines and great interactions with Jasmine and Sky.


Yes, suprising right? Topher is not someone would expect as someones favorite as he is very underated thoughout the fanbase, and its probably because Topher tries to be host of Total Drama, and it causes his elimination soon enough. Something about Topher always interested me about his character, and I hope to see him compete again. 

Thats pretty much it and If you disagree, I would like to hear your thoughts on the season, and what you would like to see happen in the next season if there will be one.

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