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  • Andre.echoecho

    With Total Drama Pahkitew Island done, I thought it would be fun for me to express my thoughts on the season and the cast members. First off I will go for the Season thoughts and then the contestants by least favorite to favorite.

    The season overall was great with memorable scenes and epsiodes, but "Hurl and Go Seek" to me was the worst episode for one reason (Dave and Sky) and "This is the Pits" being my favorite. I believe this to be better than TDI, TDA, TDROTI, and TDAS, but World Tour is still my favorite season. Overall the season to me I rate an 8.2.

    Now the contestans from least favorite to favorite.


    Beardo did not phase me at all when I first saw him. He seemed like he would not make it long and was just there for filler, and I…

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