Previously on the Mole...

20 contestants have joined the show trying win money which in all is equal to one million dollars, however little did they know that among them was a double-agent working for us, The Mole. Their job was to deceive the others and sabotage the mission, earning the money they manage to prevent the contestants from getting. Having been inform about all this, the players worked in restaurants and organized pictures of babies. Despite the hardwork everyone given to succeed some failures happened. Some like spills...

Shawn: Really...let me see*slip*


Anne-Marie: Why did you trip on- Huh? The beauty products!

Seller: Cash or card madam?

Others were personal...

Customers: You know what? I'll get my steak somewhere else!

Laurie How dare you try to eat meat you carnivore!!!

Topher: So you want my autograph? I'll cost you 20 bucks

Customers: Yeah, I think I'll just leave

And probably the worst was backstabbing.

Devin: Hey!!! Stop that! You know what will happen to us if you solve it!

Heather: Yeah, we gain exemption and we won't be one the first people out.

Anne-Marie: But it will also end the challenge and we won't get the total.

Heather: That is your problem not ours. Now move along so we can solve this damn thing.

But even with all these set-ups they still manage to make 20,000$ and at the quiz we saw our first two victims of the Mole...


Devin: Huh? No way!


Courtney: WHAAAT!?

So now only 18 players remain. Have you figure out the Mole's identity? Stay tune to the Mole!!!

Anderson: After the execution, the remaining players went back to the Hotel in order to discuss about the execution of two of their fellow contestants.

Rock: It's a bummer Devin has to leave, but Courtney leacing is worth partying!!!

Heather: I have to agree with you for once. Courtney was nothing more but a pain.

Alejandro: Don't be mean senorita, she played a good game. A good game to be executed.

Dawn: Still Courtney was my main suspect, now with her gone I only have one left.


Heather: All of a sudden, Dawn comes out of nowhere and say that she suspected Courtney. Does she think were stupid? It's clear she wants an ally. Is there someone here stupid enough to accept her of-


Tom: Why not you work with us then?

Dawn: Really, are you sure?

Anne-Marie: Don't worry, having more allies won't hurt.

Gwen: ....Should we trust her?

Cameron: I don't know, I don't suspect her as the Mole, but that's only because I didn't pay attention to her.


Cameron: I understand why Gwen feels uncomfortable having another ally because now our allies is almost 1/3 of the contestants and it increases the chance we have the Mole in our group.

Gwen: To be honest I trust Dawn, since she's not actually actively sabotaging the group unlike other people. The thing is I'm being suspicious on both Anne-Marie and Tom, because both of them mess up yesterday task, but it's too early to say if their the Mole or not.



Duncan: Shawn, I got to talk with you.

Shawn: Huh? Oh hey Duncan. What did you say again?

Duncan: I said I need to talk to you. Look with how princess got eliminated I'm not sure you can trust both Rock and Ella. Have you ever thought that one of them was the Mole?

Shawn: Maybe Rock, the guy bought a bunch of rock'n'roll souvenirs and then he said we did worst. Look what happen with me and Anne-Marie was just an accident.

Duncan: So why not partner with me instead?

Shawn: Hmm...I'll think about it. To be honest you seem reliable, but the problem is that I can't tell if I should trust you. You haven't showed yourself too trustworthy in the challenge.

Duncan: Fair point. I guess I have to show you tomorrow.


Shawn: Duncan would be an amazing ally, but I would rather have the numbers so the real reason I didn't accept immediately is because I was still waiting for Rock and Ella's answer. However the movies showed that you must be adaptive with what you have so...

Duncan: Ha! As if I trust Shawn with that performance. He was my answer in the quiz and seeing that I'm still here, he might really be the Mole. I'm just doing this to keep an eye on him.


Shawn: Do you think we can trust Duncan? He can definitely survive the zombie apocalypse, but criminals are usually more dangerous then because the law is gone.

Beardo: *buzzard*

Shawn: We should just be ready. Also what do you think about this plan? Your skills can work with this diversion.

Beardo: *tick, tock*


Sanders: It's too bad we lost Devin. Do you think we should change our suspect?

Kitty: Yeah, I mean no offense to Devin, but I still want to win this.

Sanders: Well nothing we can do for our fallen comrade, but move forward and see what happens.

Kitty: By the way do you think we should get Samey in our side? I mean I don't mean as a replacement but you know...

Sanders: Hmm...I should have an investigation first before I decided, but so far I think she's trustworthy.

Kitty: Alright!!! So who is our new suspect?

Sanders Well since it's not this guy, we should suspect...



Samey: So someone wants me. This is my best day ever!!! I mean back at home no one, not even the guys, wanted me. They always flaunt to my sister just because she's the pretty one.



Anderson: Well looks like you arrived in your next location. Look around and you'll see were in the good old USA. More specifically the Botanical Garden.

Laurie: Wow!!! Look how beauty this is.

Dawn: I agree, this is Mother Nature in it's most natural form.

Anderson: I wouldn't say that because in the garden there ten plastic flowers and it's your task to find them in 1 hour and seeing how big the garden is...I don't think it wouldbe easier then you though. So that;s why you must split into three groups for our Mission Flower Picking.


Alejandro: Oh great, having more groups means I can't keep an eye on everyone. Why does this show have to akways go against what I want?

Duncan: I'm fine as long as I can keep an eye on Shawn.


Anderson: So ten of you will be part of Picker Group, four of you will be in the Coordinator Group and the last group will be called Scent Group. The Picker Group, will be the ones getting the ten plastic flowers, however as a warning once they pick a flower they must come back here and stay put meaning the flower you pick will be your final answer. Also the person who did pick it will not be able to help in the task anymore. You will have a compass to assist in your task.

Samey: That doesn't sound too bad.

Anderson: The Coordinator Group's task is to solve this Sudoku puzzle and find the coordinates in it. There will be instructions there that will tell which box contains a number for the coordinate you need to find.the plastic flowers.

Noah: I think I'll do that task.

Heather: Your sure that you won't mess it up?

Anderson: And finally the Scent Group will be given ten different perfumes, in which they must try identifying what flower they used. Identifying it will it will lead the Picker Group in the right garden, and this is going to be importanrt since there literally hundreds of species of flowers so you won't just be able to guess.

Sanders: I don't see anything wrong with the system. So how many people are in each group?

Anderson: 10 players will be part of Picker Group and the other two group will only have 4 members. I'll give you time to discuss this.


Anderson: Looks like the Scent Group will be Duncan, Shawn, Rock and Beardo. The Coordinator consist of Noah, Cameron, Dawn and Kitty and the rest is in the Picker Group. Remember guys that this mission is worth a total of 50,000$. Good luck guys and begin!!!


Duncan: So my strategy here is to keep an eye on Shawn and see if he really is the Mole or not. Then again what person would hire a zombie nut as a Mole?

Rock: So both Shawn and Beardo went to my group...probably because they really want me to be there ally. Although to be honest I rather team-up with Duncan then Shawn because what he did last time. That was more uncool then my birthday party last week. My best bud Spud ate the entire cake!

Kitty: Aww... I wanted to be part of the Picker Group, all those beautiful flowers and I can't even get close to them because I'm stuck with a suduko puzzle. Thanks a lot Heather for placing me there.

Heather: My main strategy is to place my main suspects in the Scent Group and the non-suspects to the Coordinator Group, so it would be easier to keep an eye on all my main suspects at once while I don't have to worry with another group.

Dawn: I admit that I was disappointed with where I got put in, but Laurie told me she wanted someone to keep an eye on the other groups in case any of them do something sneaky. Well I may miss this opportunity, at least I can do something to help my fellow comrades and who knows it may lead me to the identity of the traitor.


Sanders: I guess the Scent Group and the Coordinator Group should start this of.

Anne-Marie: Until they tell us where the plastic flowers, we won't be able to find it.

Ella: Oh! I really love this flower!!! I should bring this home as a souveneir.for my parents.

Tom: Ella you shouldn't do that!!! Put that back!

Anderson: Sorry, but that already counts. Now pick your next ten flowers.


Topher: What was Ella thinking!? I know you care about your family and all, but I think bringing as much money as possible would be a better thing to do, then I don't know, costing us money!

Gwen I did hear from Duncan about Ella's performance last time and seeing how she is doing, she might definetly be the Mole.


Scent Group:

Rock: So what do you think this is?

Beardo: I don't know. Maybe sun flower or something?

Duncan: You can already tell that with the sign.

Rock: So number one is the sun flower.

Shawn: I checked two and three and it tulip and amaryllis.

Beardo: So what do you think about this?

Shawn: Hmm... This is carnation and number five is delphinium.

Beardo: Um...what do you they are doing?

Shawn: Just ignore them and let's get this done.

Beardo: Alright. This looks like rose.

Shawn: No that is-

Beardo: And this has to be Dalhia. The same flower my grandma has in her garden.

Shawn: I would stay away from you gradma then. Dalhia's has been use once for a potion that transform people into zombie.



Duncan: It looked like Shawn wanted to take over the entire challenge, so I decided to ditch it and hang out with Rock. All I wanted know what he was thinking about the Mole, but something even better came out of it...


Rock: So what do you want to talk to me about?

Duncan: Look, I know you and Ella were given an offer by Shawn and Beardo to join their alliance, but are you sure you could trust them? You've seen Shawn's performance yesterday.

Rock: Oh man!!! I though I was the only one who was suspicious with Shawn.

Duncan: Well I am to. In fact that guy was my choice for last night's quiz.

Rock: Well I didn't pick him, last time I choice to go with Alejandro, but I am with you that Shawn is way too suspicious.

Duncan: Then how about you, me and Ella work together in an alliance? You really think Beardo and Shawn will lead you futher in this contest then me.

Rock: Well...why not? It's not like I have an idea who the Mole so I'm all YEAAAHHH!!!

Shawn: Hey, Beardo here list down the names. Give it to the Picker Group so they can get ready with getting the flowers.

Duncan: Dude, can you even...never mind.

Rock: Never mind?

Duncan: This list has really bad hand writting, I wonder if Beardo did this on purpose or Shawn wasn't telling the truth.

Rock: Oh man we have sabotage, but we should keep it between us and Ella.

Shawn: What were you guys talking about?

Duncan: Nothing much. Rock volunteered to give the list so I'll let him do it.


Shawn: Hey, are those two working against me? I knew I shouldn't trust them!!! The leader always get backstab by his fellow survivors!!! Man why did I make myself look like the leader!?


Coordinator Group:

Cameron: I guess this number would be 9 since it's impossible to be in any of these rows.

Noah: That would mean the first coordinates would be 45 S, 37 W

Kitty: Then I guess the ninth would be 89 S, 79 E

Cameron: Thanks Kitty, however no offense but we shouldn't rush things. Getting the coordinates wrong won't do anything good so we should be extra careful when dealing with this.

Kitty: But you already solve the puzzle for this coordinate, I was only trying to help.

Noah: Don't worry about that Kitty. We needed to be quicker anyway, so why not me and Cameron solve the puzzle while you get the coordinates?

Kitty: Sure, I'm not good with puzzles you can have it, but what is Dawn doing?

Cameron: I don't know. To be honest this task seems have too many members. Three would be fine enough so I don't see why Anderson gave an unnecessary number.

Kitty: So are we saying we shouldn't let Dawn do anything.

Noah: I guess so. I mean we alreasy have this solve anyway so she doesn't really need to anything.

Kitty: Still, that is kind of sad.

Cameron: I know Kitty, but I'm not even sure with what we can do about this.

Dawn: ...


Dawn: I know I shouldn't complain, but I reallt did wish I could have been in the Picker Group, but alast I'm stuck doing nothing while everyone does the work. I do appreaciate the solitude so I can observe everyone else, btu i don't enjoy being left out.

Cameron: I hope I didn't sound mean. I wanted to let Dawn do something, but me and Noah were doing so well that we didn't need it. I hope she's OK.

Kitty: You know I'm starting to get suspicious with these two. Both of them are solving the puzzle while leaving one person behind. This is something probably the Mole would like since that would make it easier to get the puzzle wrong because there is only one person keeping an eye on it. Cameron seems more suspicious then Noah since Noah at least tried to give Dawn a role unlike Cameron.


Dawn: I guess they won't listen to me and realize the mistakes they committed.

Picker Group:

Gwen: I guess this is the order of who will pick flowers. First will be Tom, then Sander, afterwards Samey, Anne-Marie, Topher, me, Alejandro, Heather and finally Laurie.

Anne-Marie: Hold on. Who made the order? We never agreed with this.

Tom: Yeah, I don't remember picking that order so you better have a good reason for this.

Gwen: I honestly wouldn't know. Heather made it and I'm just relaying it to you. Have any complaints then tell that her and not me.

Heather: Look I only made this order since I feel like the more useless players should leave early and let the ones who know what there actually doing finish this dumb task.

Tom: So your calling me useless?

Heather: Do you know anything about flowers?

Tom: Just to let you know, I'm in charge of doing all the bouquets for the fashion I work in so don't talk to me like that.

Heather: Well this is the final order. It's not like this matter, so why do you even need to complain.


Samey: I don't know if Tom realized it, but I'm pretty sure the real reason Heather did this is because of strategy. She might want to stay long in the task in order to keep an eye on people who might sabotage.


Laurie: What do you think your doing?

Anne-Marie: Spraying my hair. What does it look like?

Laurie: The spray is landing on the flowers. They will get damag by the chemicals.

Anne-Marie: Oops. Sorry about that.

Samey: Don't worry I'll help-

Laurie: You accidentally picked up one Samey!!! Do you realize what you have just done!?

Gwen: There goes another 5,000$.

Samey: I'm really sorry about this.

Heather: You should be!!! I was right to put you in the bottom because your so use-

Gwen: Just stop that Heather! Look she made a mistake, let's jsut forget about this and try to finish the mission strong.

Topher: Don't forget that Samey could still be the Mole. This could have been her doing her job as a spy.

Samey: But I'm not the Mole!!!


Alejandro: It looks like both Topher and Heather wanted to bully the poor girl. I know we have to get rid of her eventually, but unnessecary violence isn't something I personally enjoy.


Sanders: So I'm guessing this is the tulip flower.

Tom: And this is sun flower so were good.


Heather: Both Ella and Samey messed up the challenge  and cost us 10,000$, but I don't think this is a bad thing for my game. I'm pretty sure both will be major suspects in this upcoming quiz, so with that info I can use this to my advantage in order to get rid of a certain threat in this game.


Topher: Well I got the lavender one.

Anne-Marie: And I got rose mary.

Shawn: Huh? Lavendar and rose mary?


Shawn: Was the Mole sabotaging me? I mean I put carnation and delphinium in the list so they wouldn't make such a stupid mistake...unless Rock you messed my list! And to think I wanted you as my ally. I knew I shouldn't trust the rockstar, they are always the first one to betray the survivors.

Rock: I'm not sure if they got the right ingredients. I mean it should be right unless Shawn lied, but then again Beado's handwritting was really na-ah.


Heather: So I got mine now. Laurie the last one is yours. It's a rose witht eh coordinates 19 N and 51 W

Laurie: Don't worry I got this. I know the difference between a plastic flower to the real beauty otherwise how could I call myself a true nature lover.

Heather: Whatever, just get it done. I have to get back to the host before time runs out.


Laurie: I think Heather should learn how to trust others. I mean how can we enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth if were always in conflict with each other.



Anderson: So I got the flowers and here is the result of your challenge.


Samey: WRONG


Sanders: RIGHT

Anne-Marie: WRONG

Topher: WRONG


Alejandro: WRONG

Heather: RIGHT

Laurie: WRONG

Anderson: So with that results you all have a total of 20,000$ added to the total prize. Not a good job, but at least you tried.


Heather: WHAT!? How did Laurie get it wrong!? I though she knew what she was doing. Of course you shouldn't have trust someone like that.

Alejandro: You wonder why I got it wrong? Simple, I plan to make myself suspicious in order to lure everyone else away from the truth. In this game no one knows the Mole's identity execept for the Mole themselves so that also means that they don't know if I'm the Mole or not. Little did they know that I'm just a crafty devil.

Laurie: How could I make a mistake!? Mother Nature, please forgive me for the mistake I have committed!



Anderson: Welcome players to an old and dusty mansions. You should know the history of this ancient place in order to understand this upcoming challenge.

Rock: Boo...history lessons sucks!!!

Anderson: Thank you for sharing your opinion Rock. Well since someone here isn't intersted to the lesson then I'll just skip to the challenge. In this mansion there will be 15 cockroaches that you must capture. Each one cost is worth 2.000$ which means the entire mission is worth 30,000$ in total.

Heather: Now that's just gross.

Sanders: ...


Sanders: I wonder. Maybe there would be a hint in Anderson's story, but thanks to Rock we miss it. I wonder if this was cause by his lack of patience or because he wants to make this harder for us because-


Anderson: You have these cages and materials in order to make this task possible. However I want to leave a warning before we start, killing a cockroach will cause you a minus of 3000$ so remember not to panic. Put on these suits for protection, in case they have diseases. Now with all that said were done and your challenge starts. Meet me outside the mansion one hour from now.


Alejandro: So how do you think we should do this? I think we need to split-up but we should know who the pair should be?

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