Before we start the episode, I'll tell you now that the host won't be Chris but the actual host of the show. His name is Anderson Copper who is also a news reporter. So with that out of the way it's time to start THE MOLE!!!

Anderson: Hello and welcome to the The Mole. I'm Anderson Copper the host of this brand new show. Right now I'm waiting for the fourteen contestants who will be playing this game to have a chance to earn a million dollars.

  • screech*

Anderson: Looks like there here right now. Anyway how are you guys?! Are you ready to win some money

Contestants: *Cheering*

Anderson: They look pretty excited. Okay so I'll be calling you guys one at a time. When you hear your name come down to the bus and we'll introduce you guys to our audience. Anway our first contestants is Courtney.

Courtney: Of course I'll be the first one after all I'll be the one winning this contest.

Anderson: Sound confident. Tell me why you think you'll win.

Courtney: Isn't that obvious. I'm a CIT and that will give an edge in the competition. And unlike most people who needs leaders to lead them to victory, I'm a born leader so I won't need to relly on anyone.

Anderson: Sounds like you're going to be playing solo.

Courtney: I'll be playing for my own interest and if any of these guys think they can get in my way, well I hope they enjoy seeing me win the money.

Anderson: Well we see how that goes. Get in the building. Anyway the next person we're going to be calling in is a pro in reality TV Shows, but we'll be tackling this solo. Here is Noah.

Noah: So this is the where were competing? At least it's no dump.

Anderson: So Noah, what do you expect in this competion?

Noah: I heard from the advertisement that this would be a game where you use your brain so I can see myself getting pretty and even possibly win, but reality TV shows are always full fo surprises.

Anderson: Speak from experience.

Noah: Believe me. I have plenty. At least were not stuck in a life threatening prison so I don't have to worry about myself dying at any moment.

Anderson: Well relax for a bit in the building and we'll get to the first challenge.

Noah: Of course the first challenge. I wonder if it's going to be swimming sharks or something worth doing.

Anderson: That guys a snarker and let's hope we get a more enthusiastic, here is Alejandro hailing from Spain.

Alejandro: Ahh the gracious host, how are you today?

Anderson: I'm a dude so leave the flirting to the ladies. So do you think this way of a gentleman will lead you to victory?

Alejandro: Need I ask. Gentlemen are people who can play the game well and fair. We don't need to cheat since we already have the talent to suceed.

Anderson: We? Who else are you talking about?

Alejandro: My family of course. I mean how did I get these look. Anyway the people awaits for the others so don't keep them waiting. They won't be having much time in the spotlight once I'm done with them.

Anderson: We look like were going to be having a batch of ruthless contestants this time. I wonder if this girl name Heather will be anymore ruthless?

Heather: Ha! Ruthless isn't the only thing I have going for me.

Anderson: Oh great. So what else do you have that will get you the money?

Heather: Oh I have a lot of things. Popularity, good looks and unlike those three I can actual talk to people. Even in a competition where it's everyone for themselves, you still shouldn't waste any opportunities to use people to your advantage.

Anderson: A ruthless and a deceiving prom queen. Well this shows has gotten more interesting. Anyway get in there and wait for the others to arrive.

Heather: Those losers would need a miracle to beat me.

Anderson: And maybe what might come next is a miracle. So back to the contestants we have an Earth loving mystic of the supernatural or at least what was said in the cue card. Here is Dawn.

Dawn: Good afternoon Anderson.

Anderson: Isn't it morning...oh it's actually afternoon now. How did you know? You don't look like you have a watch.

Dawn: Naturally my love for nature has made it common sense for me to tell what time of the day is by looking only at the sky. To prove it I can tell the time right now is 12: 49.

Anderson: They weren't kidding. So you know more things about the environment then just the time of day.

Dawn: Of course. I have a plether of knowledge that I want to share but it seems we lack the time for that. I shall be on my way. Until next time.

Anderson: She was pretty harmless although bery unusual. Next up is someone hopefully more normal. This person is Topher.

Topher: Hey host that isn't as great as Chris McLean.

Anderson: Oh no this guys wearing the same outfit as that jerk. So Topher you mention fellow host Chris, are you a fan of him?

Topher: What do you think? I always admired that man for everything he did and how he looks at people. He's a hero in my heart.

Anderson: And a nightmare in mine. So is there anything you want to say to Chris?

Topher: Watch out Chris!!! After I win this I'll use my money to take over your position!!! So watch my first step in fame and fortune.

Anderson: Hopefully he doesn't win so I won't have to deal with a second Chris. Anway what's next. Let's see...Duncan, a juvenile delinquent.

Duncan: That's me. So have a problem?

Anderson: Not really. I'm curious how you got to this show?

Duncan: I audition. I video myself getting out of juvenile detention. Pretty cool.

Anderson: That's actually impressive. So how did you get into juve?

Duncan: I don't like talking about my personal life, but let's say I had the greatest New Years Party and it was worth the cops coming up for me. I mean who wouldn't want to see me after what I did.

Anderson: I wonder. Hoefully you don't try to do something illegal and get us in trouble while in the competition.

Duncan: Trust me. I'll playing to get out of juvenile and getting more things in my record isn't going to help so don't worry. Although showing respect will be different.

Anderson: I figure as much. So after a juvenile delinquent we have here...Anne-Marie. Well hopefully she isn't as bad...

Anne-Marie: Hey there Anderson. So this is the contest.

Anderson: Of course. I mean why else would you be here.

Anne-Marie: Good. This doesn't look as difficult as I though. Winning maybe a piece of cake.

Anderson: By the way is that your natural color-

Anne-Marie: Oh man!!! My hair is mess up! Well I got this in control. *spray*

Anderson: So you keep hairspray in your hair?

Anne-Marie: Pretty cool. And no one can have it. I spent my entire allowance in this and I ain't going to let it go to waste. Why do you think I want to win the money?

Anderson: Well you better get yourself ready since this won't be easy.

Anne-Marie: Don't worry, I can handle a challenge.

Anderson: This isn't going to be an ordinary challenge. Anyway here comes the next contestant. It's a singer so I wonder how she'll-

Ella: La la la. I sing for you my beauty.

Anderson: Oh so your the singer. Ella was the name right?

Ella: Why yes Anderson and thank you for having me in the show.

Anderson: Well your nice. Actually kind of like a princess in a fairy tale.

Ella: Why Anderson, I do love fairy tales and the stories of prince and princesses I am far into being an actual princess. Although i do insprise to be like one.

Anderson: I think you already made it pretty far in that. So your singing is something you like to that?

Ella: It's not something I just like to do. It's my life. I can't imagine myself living without being able to sing. What a terrible nightmare!

Anderson: Sorry about that. So Ella please enter the building and wait for you fellow contestants.

Ella: Of course. Thank you for giving me some of your time Anderson.

Anderson: At least we got someone who has manners. So after a princess we have a stay-in-home teen genius and his name is Cameron.

Cameron: Oh my God!!! Is this how being in TV is like!? I really like it!

Anderson: Hey there Cameron. So how does it feel to be outside your home?

Cameron: It feels both exciting and kind of scary, but I want to show to everyone that despite being scrawny and small I can still be a man.

Anderson: You certainly have spirit, but what are you really try to get out of this contest? The money or the experience?

Cameron: While the money would be nice, if I have a fascinating experience filled with new memories I won't mind losing.

Anderson: Good thing we have one person who's not a competitive freak. Anyway please go as I have to introduce the other contestants.

Cameron: Sure thing. Oh man the first challenge and I can't wait!!!

Anderson: He's pretty excited. Now I wonder if this next contestant would be exicted. It's...oh a goth. Never mind.

Gwen: Hey I can have fun to.

Anderson: Oh hey there Gwen. So sorry about that.

Gwen: It's fine. I'm use to people thinking like that and it's kind of true, though I wish I wasn't label like that.

Anderson: Anyway I'm sorry. So Gwen, how do you think you'll be playing this game? Sociebly, physically or mentally?

Gwen: I don't how this gsme will work, but I'll work with the best I got and see how far it gets me.

Anderson: Looks like your the cool-headed person of the group.

Gwen: Well I'll take that as a compliment. Anway apology accepted and let's see how this competition go.

Anderson: Maybe you'll get some new friends.

Gwen: Who knows? That might make this trip worth the while.

Anderson: She's not so bad if she opens up but let's move on to a teen who's also a survival expert. Coming from Canada and living inside a war barrack it's Shawn.

Shawn: Oh yeah. This is the perfect spot for the zombie apocalypse.

Anderson: Zombie apocalypse?

Shawn: Why do you think I signed up for this? Because I have more space and other people to work with I have a better chance of surviving and the million is a bonus that I can use to make my dream barricade after I finish this contest.

Anderson: You still have to win the contest before getting the money.

Shawn: Oh I know that and I'm not going down easily. Get ready guys since I'm in it to win it.

Anderson: A zombie apocalypse? This guy watches too many movies. Now were down to two more and since I'm getting lazy, I'll introduce both of them. We have Beardo, a professional beat boxer and Samey, a cheerleader who also has a twin sister.

Beardo: *royal trumpets*

Anderson: Okay enough with the weird sound effect.

Samey: name is Samey and I'm a little shy...

Anderson: Well don't worry since we accept all types of people in this contest. Some more then the others.

Samey: Oh good. At least I'm not back in my hometown where my sister is there bullying me.

Anderson: Your sister bullies you?

Beardo: *sad violin*

Samey: Hey! I know it was pretty tough but that's why I'm here. To leave the past and hopefully go back when I have something to be proud of.

Anderson: That's good for you. Now both of you get in the building and then I'll explain how the game works.

Beardo: *thumbs up*

Samey: Of course. Thanks for letting me here by the way.


Anderson: So it looks you guys have seen your follow contestants. Get your first impression and observe them carefully.

Noah: Why should we do that? It's not like this going to be important.

Heather: Yeah since these guys are just people ready to get eliminated one by one.

Courtney: And your going be one of those people.

Beardo: Ummm so why do we have to look at our competition?

Anderson: Because keen observation and deduction is the key in winning this contest. I haven't mention the name of the contest yet have I.

Cameron: Yeah I found that really weird. Is that normal in the real world?

Anderson: Well not really but I did this to show you what you might expect in this game. Twist and turns that can happen anytime.

Alejandro: I think all reality TV Shows have that.

Anderson: But the one I'm about to reveal is the biggest one of the show. And that is the premise and your main objective.

Duncan: Can you cut the suspense and tell us. We all sign up for the show for a reason.

Anderson: And I know one specific reason is. It's to sabotage you guys in order to make sure you won't make money.

Gwen: Sabotage? What do you mean by that?

Ella: I mean sabotage isn't a very nice thing to do.

Anderson: Unfortunately that's there job. There after all name after the name of the show whichs mean a saboteur.

Anne-Marie: Which is? Saboteur?

Anderson: No. The name of the show is called The Mole.

Topher: The Mole? You mean like a traitor?

Anderson: Exactly. One of the contestants is a traitor and there job is to sabotage and deceive the others in your missions to make money. In order to win the money, you must find out the Mole is.

Samey: So whoever finds the Mole first wins?

Anderson: Yes and no. Your job is to find the Mole, but to test that we have a quiz in the end of each day about the Mole. You must answer it to see if your close to the Moles identity or not.

Dawn: I'm certain the quiz results aren't going to be revealed. So how does that determine the competition?

Anderson: Simple. After each quiz we will tally up the scores and whoever among scores the lowest will be executed and be eliminated from the contest.

Shawn: You mean actual execution!? This is worse then zombies!

Anderson: No I mean that you'll be eliminated. In case of a tie it will be determine on the slowest quiz taker so don't be to precious since that might cost you. So as a recap you must try to identify the Mole, answer quizzes about the Mole and try outlasting your other competitors. Whoever scores will be executed and this will continue until the final three. In there the two finalist and the Mole will take a quiz compose of all the previous quizzes in order to see who will win the contest.

Gwen: But it's common sense that the Mole won't win so what's there motive for sabotaging?

Anderson: Good question. You see whatever you guys lose the Mole gains it for themselves so that explains why anyone would be willing to do this. Now I know your eager to have the first mission but before that I have one more surprise.

Heather: Oh come on!!! What is it now?

Anderson: What is it is that you guys aren't the only ones competing. We have six others contestants joining today.

Ella: Yay! More friends!

Courtney: When have we ever become friends?

Anderson: And looks like there here right now!!!


Noah: So just starting the contest we are now just inform about what were suppose to do and we have six surprise contestants. This may have been a bad idea.

Courtney: Whatever. The more people there is won't change the fact that I'll be the one to catch the Mole so watch and learn.

Anne-Marie: We got a group of weirdoes as competition, but I don't mind. After all in my neighborhood there people like that all the time. Although I wish Zombie Boy just shuts-up!

Shawn: I hope one of those contestants isn't an advance zombie


Anderson: So without a futher to do here is our first contestant. Devin!

Devin: Hey! I hope we can have fun!

Gwen: He seems normal. Although a little too happy.

Devin: Also to my girlfriend Carrie. I'm winning this for you!!!

Topher: I little bit to affectionate with his girlfriend though.


Duncan: I'm a juvenile delinquent and I can tell this guy ain't going to be the Mole. He's way too much of a tool to be a ruthless sabotager.

Devin: Aw man I hpe being one the later contestants doesn't affect how people think of me. I mean I want people to think of me as a good person and someone who can be relied on. Well at the very least I have a supportive girlfriend back home waiting for me.


Anderson: Okay so after him, we have the rocker ready to rock, Rock!!!

Rock: Woo hoo! Let's party our way to the end.


Courtney: Now this guy is an easy pawn. May not be a very good piece but he's a good beginner set.

Ella: I don't want to offend people but rock'n'roll isn't something I'm too much of a fan of. It's too loud and it disturbs all the forest creatures.

Shawn: This guy might actually be a good ally. Has high energy and seems perfectly fit, he's going to be a good partner.

Rock: Hey I may not be the smartest guy in the house, but I'll tell you I'm going to take this contest seriously. I mean I need to really get out of my basement before I graduate.


Anderson: After an electrifying entrance, we have a more peaceful contestant coming in. Her name is Laurie.

Laurie: Good afternoon my friends into honoring me your presence.


Dawn: I think me and her we'll get along although I sense a red aura so she may not be as peaceful as she shows. We'll everyone has a darkside so I shouldn't judge.

Heather: Great, another granola loving hippy. Why am I not surprise? I had enough of this in biology class last year.

Laurie: Wow! Everyone here is very different then I imagine, but I shouldn't be disrespectful. Unless they hurt the Earth in any way.


Anderson: Kitty, your up next!!!

Kitty: Alright! Hey guys my name is Kitty and I'm so excited to be here. Doing cool stuff and having fun is why I'm here.


Courtney: If you weren't here for the money then you should leave. Maybe I'll help in that to make it quick.

Samey: She looks like someone I can make friends with. Nice smile and friendly demeanor. Although I wonder is she has a sister because if she does then she might be able to help me out with my sister.

Cameron: So far everyone seems to have something unique. Kitty however is an enigma for me. I mean she reminds me of my cousin and I never really understood why she took these things called "selfies" and "twits". What are they also?

Kitty: Oh my gosh I'm so excited. I hope people here are friendly but from the looks of some of them there will be plenty of drama going on. This is going be like highschool over again.


Anderson: Our second-to-last contestant joining is someone who should be train to observe and deduce. Come out cadet Sanders.

Sanders: Hey guys. How are you doing? Are you ready to maintain the law and find this Mole and lock them up in bars?


Duncan: Sweetheart, no one wants to be lock up in bars so count me out.

Devin: A cop...hopefully I don't get in trouble. I mean not like I got in trouble with the police or anything. Maybe except that one time I when I stepped into this officers foot. Yeah it wasn't pretty.

Sanders: Little did these guys now that I'm already starting my game plan. I need to observe how they people do normally and see if anything strange changes happen then when the missions occurs. The Mole isn't going to be avoid me or my badge.


Anderson: And last but not least is the fashionably late, Tom!

Tom: Hey everyone! How are you guys doing!? Some of you guys have pretty cool outfits.


Alejandro: This Tom guy, I don't what to think of him. He seems genuine but something about him rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's perfurme he wears?

Anne-Marie: Now this guy is someone I needed. A fashion designer will totally make this outfit bow chica wowo!!

Tom: Some of these guys seems nice, but I know one of them is a traitor so I need to be careful in figuring out who it is. My way of doing it base on what they wear and the guy with the beard is my top suspect.

Beardo: *siren noise*


Anderson: Now that's over let's begin the first challenge. Please choose two leaders.

Alright guys this is how it's going to work. Your job it try finding the Mole and making choices we'll help uncover them so I'll be the viewer votes. The viewer votes wil determine how things will go and right now is the first viewer vote.

Out of the 20 contestants, pick a leader among them. Comment it down below and as announcement, the person who could figure out the Mole will get a special prize so please try to join in the fun. OK?

Courtney: Well of course I should be one of them since I'm a Councilor in Training.

Shawn: Is that a good thing?

Cameron: It means she's being train to be a future world leader.

Devin: I guess she would be a good cho-

Heather: I'm against it! There is no way I'll let her be the leader!

Alejandro: But chica why would you say that? She said she was being train to lead people and she shown herself to be an assertive person.

Heather: Because she's bossy and she think she's always right. Your really want to follow orders of someone like that?

Courtney: And you think you can do a better job in leading?

Sanders: OK ladies, don't start fighting in day one. We should talk this out and negotiate.

Courtney: OK I won't be a leader, but in exchange neither you to!

Heather: Fine then.


Sanders: Man I though my partner agressive. These girls are even more intimidating then the people back at school.

Cameron: So I guess this is what they call arguing? I heard it was suppose to be good since it shows how people really feel, but I don't know. It just feels wrong.


Alejandro: Then what about you lead the group Sanders.

Sanders: Huh me? Seriously where did that come from?

Alejandro: Because your were able to stop these two from fighting it shows your capable of doing things right.

Rock: Yeah, I mean your were all like whaaaam!!!

Duncan: Hey your a cop I actually like so that's something.

Anne-Marie: At the very least you treat everyone here like a person unlike those two.

Heather and Courtney: Hmmph.

Sanders: Well okay then. Why not?


Alejandro: As an officer she should show herself as someone capable of tracking down the Mole, so having her as an ally would be very benefical. Although seeing her actions as a leader should determine whether she's someone I can trust or someone who could possibly be the Mole.

Duncan: Yeah...cops are the one thing that are hard to trust. For one their the ones like my parole officer who's actually a good man and their are the dirty ones like this chick who stole my car. So depending on what type Sanders is going to help me in my game for a long run.


Kitty: So we have our first choice. Who should be our second?

Samey: Hmmm...maybe Al?

Alejandro: Oh I don't want to be a leader. Too much for me to start with.


Alejandro: She had the nerve to call me Al! I won't let that slide!


Tom: So if not him then who?

Beardo: *player selection sound*

Topher: Who are you pointing to... oh you mean Noah. I guess he'll do.

Noah: Are you really going to pick me?

Shawn: Can you do it? I mean no offense to the others but your someone here that I think I can trust.


Shawn: He can't be the Mole. Noah isn't trying to actively help unlike certain people and this may sound like a bad thing but wouldn't the Mole want to cause trouble in making choices for the leader.


Ella: I agree with him. If you feel unmotivated then I could sing for...

Noah: No it's OK. I'll do it if guys really want!!!

Dawn: Now that's a relief.


Dawn: My suspicious on The Mole would be one of those two who has cause conflict. As they have the same aura as the one's who dare sabotage the environment by throwing away filth in the land then in a proper place like the trash can.


Laurie: Anderson we have pick our two leaders. It will be Noah and Sanders.

Anderson: Oh right. You two take this and start thinking on who to place in what position.

Sanders: Hmm...


Sanders: While I don't trust anyone, I believe Noah wouldn't sabotage this early if he was the Mole. That would only bring unwanted attention to yourself in a role where you shouldn't be caught.

Noah: Sanders and I have to work together. The problem is I don't know Sanders well so in case be ready to doubt her, but if she does herself trustworty then that just means she wouldn't be in my suspect list.


Anderson: So to begin in the first challenge, we'll take a bus to our challenge location so have fun guys.


Cameron; The first challenge seems to be a teamwork based challenge which I'm fine with as long as I could get a mental role in this, because I'm not that fit. Although I can lift a doll over my shoulders so that's something.

Ella: I really want to trust everyone, but I must accept there is a wicked person among us. I don't know who could it be, but if I have to guess it would Heather. She looks like a witch.

Heather: What did you call me!?


Anderson: So welcome everyone. What do you guys think this place is?

Rock: Is it a club because i can show my rock'n'roll skills here! YEEEAAAHHH!!!

Ella: And I can show my singing talent here. La. La. La.

Courtney: You morons look everywhere. This is clearly a restaurant.

Kitty: Yeah, but a pretty shambled restaurant. It doesn't look like anyone goes here anymore.

Anderson: I know. A local couple couldn't really manage well in this restaurant so we decided to help them out which will be your first ever challenge.

Courtney: Working in a restaurant is going to be child's play.

Alejadro: You sound confident? Have any reason?


Courtney: I have begun my training since I was ten years old and in the age of thirteen I can handle the service of the culinary arts.


Cameron: So we just have to work in a restaurant? That does't sound difficult.

Topher: You forgot there was someone here who's job is sabotaging?

Cameron: Oh yeah. Sorry.

Anderson: But it won't be easy since in this challenge you'll need to work in this restaurant and try to earn 500$ worth of tips.

Kitty: What!? But 500$ is impossible! How are we going to get this done!?

Anderson: No worries since this is the riches city in Canada so there plenty of people who would be willing to give away money.


Tom: Yeah but 500$ isn't a typical tip unless your a butler. I mean in my job I can only get 500$ in a half-a-month. How are we going to get that in a day?


Anderson: So that's why Sander and Noah has split the people up into 4 groups. They are Shoppers, Servers, Cookers and Advertisers. Shoppers job is to buy the mandatory supply for the cooks to make the dishes to be serve. It's up to you to pick the list of supplies you'll try to get. Advertisers are the one's who'll be staying outside that are going to try to lure people in to the restaurant. i mean not much people go here so having advertisement is going to be a big help.


Alejandro: Great, having people outside would make it impossible to observe them from the inside so I must get myself in the outside team since they can keep an eye on the people inside.

Laurie: Oh it's so nice that we can help the poor couple in making there business flourish. I guess that is what the Earth wants us to do so we must do it with our all.


Anderson: The cookers are going to cook the restaurant and the servers will be working as waiters. As the cook you must make the food good to make people happy and increasing chances of getting tips and the servers must do there best in trying to get tips from the customers. For every 100$ you get, it will put 4.000$ in the pot so this mission is worth 20.000$


Courtney: Let's hope Sanders and Noah doesn't mess up, but even if they did I have two guinea pigs that I can use to survive that first execution. And they are Rock and Ella.

Topher: So both Sanders and Noah can either make or break this contest. Well if they don't it on purpose then the Mole itself wouldn't need to sabotage since those two will be doing it for them. Unless one of them isn't the Mole of course.


Anderson: So announce the positions you place for each contestants.

Sanders: Well for the shoppers it will be as follow. Anne-Marie, Rock, Shawn and Gwen.


Sanders: So me and Noah has an alliance and were trying to place the people we don't suspect as the Mole in the Shoppers team since all four them are going to be away so I don't feel like we need to watch them. Our suspects stay in the restaurant.

Anne-Marie: Woo hoo!!! Shopping here I come!!!

Rock: I'm surprise I was pick in the shopping team but I don't mind as long as I can get myself money. Hopefully the Mole isn't in our team otherwise it will be boggest.

Shawn: Sweet! I always knew my skills of only getting what is necessary would come in handy. Now to see of my skills.

Gwen: I'm not surprised that they would put me in this job. I'm not that great with charming people and seeing the group I guess Sanders and Noah though every division needed a leader so that's probably why they pick me. Not wanting to sound like Courtney.


Noah: As for the Advertisers it will be Kitty, Heather, Alejandro, Tom, Beardo and Dawn.

Alejandro: That is a interesting decision.


Alejandro: Of course they would pick me because of my charms and the best part is that being in the advertiser groups mean I got my wish and now I can watch out for both inside and outside people.

Heather: Well as much as I think it would have been better to put me in the cookers group, I don't think this is a bad position either. At least I can keep an eye on both Kitty and Alejandro. Something about them seems a little off.

Kitty: Oh man the first challenge is great! I wish I was in the servers since I worked as a waitress before, but as an advertiser I get to see the world outside. I even want to talk Dawn and Tom. Both seems to be interesting people.

Tom: Now this will be a golden opportunity to show off my new fashion accessory to the public and to make some money of course. But showing accessories to the public!

Dawn: I honestly don't like the negativevibe I have in this team.


Sanders: Cookers will be Duncan, Noah, Ella and Cameron. Which means Courtney, Laurie, me, Topher, Devin and Samey will be the servers.


Duncan: Tough call if I want to be stuck with the nerd and the weirdo or with the Chris 2.0 and Ms Perfect. Well at least I can keep an eye on Noah since his choices are little over the place with the servers.

Ella: This is great. I get to show of my cooking to everyone. Not everyone likes my singing my food has always been praise by everyone I met.

Noah: Thanks Sander for putting me in a team with the three.

Courtney: I have some critisism with Sanders and Noah's choices but I won't bring it up since I need that as a trap for the two people I plan to use.

Topher: Oh boy, maybe picking Noah wasn't a great decision. No offense, but having Laurie and Sanders in the servers may cause trouble since well...they are a cop and a vegan so that might lead people being uncomfortable.

Laurie: This is perfect! I can now share my views to the people who enters this restaurant.


Anderson: Now this is going to lead to the second part of the challenge. The budget.

Courtney: Yeah what's the budget?

Anderson: You see in these envelope has 10 different amounts of money which each of you will have control of one. The highest budget is 2.000$ and the lowest one is 1$. Now each of you grab an envelope.

Rock: So this is our money huh?

Anderson: I'd like everyone to inform about this. It's up to you how much of that are you going to give to the mission because if you guys don't spend the money you will be able to keep. So someone with a dollar can keep it to themselves and someone with 2.000$ can keep it for themselves so remember that.


Sanders: This is going to be interesting. Now people can sabotage for there own sake which makes it easy to hide for the Mole.

Kitty: I wonder is this might be part of the quiz? Should try keeping notes about it.


Noah: So how much each of you have? I have here 100$ and I'm giving it away.

Laurie: I have 1000$ which you can take.


Laurie: I actually have 1500$ but the 500 will be use for the causes for the environment. I mean it's not like 500$ will do much.


Samey: I guess I'll give away my only dollar.

Duncan: That's just sad. I have 20$.

Alejandro: 100$ ready to give away.

Ella: But I have only 100$. Why is there 3 who has the same amount when it should only be 2?

Sanders: That is strange.


Noah: So I guess the sabotaging has begun. I'm not sure if it's Ella or Alejandro who's lying.

Rock: To think the Mole got to work this early. I guess I have to be ready for anything while I'm in the game.


Rock: Well I got 250$ so let's use it to make the restaurant crazy.

Courtney: No were not doing that. As for me I only got a measly 50$. So you can take it.

Cameron: I have 500$ which we should spend wisely.


Cameron: I don't really need the money. I'm here just for the experience and to make friends so giving it up isn't much of a problem for me.


Topher: Unfortunately I got 200$ so do you want to use it?

Kitty: Looks like you have the same as me. So I guess your cool.


Kitty: I'm actually shifty about Topher. He may not seem that bad of a person, but something tells me that he won't be playing the game for money, but for attention which makes me nervous.


Sanders: So we already now someone is keeping money. Ella, Noah and Alejandro please confess now and we won't take it against you.


Sanders: Just great. Oh and I only have 1$ so that's not good.

Tom: I have 1500$ and it's ready for a shopping spree.

Heather: As long it's for the challenge. As for me I have 1000$.


Tom: To be honest I had 1750$ but since people are clearly sabotaging each other it's not like they'll suspect me since I gave away the most money so far. And besides in order to win I need to be socieble since my real skill is fashion coordination.


Beardo: 2000$. *victory theme*

Devin: Well at least someone is honest. I have 1500$ so lucky us.

Tom: That is also strange.

Anne-Marie: 20$. You can keep it, that can't even afford my own hairspray.

Shawn: 50 bucks if you want it. Not even enough to buy me proper armor for the zombie apocalypse.

Gwen: Are you sure it's just 50$? Because that is how much I have.

Shawn: So that means someone here is lying.


Gwen: Great since me, Shawn and Courtney have the same amount which shouldn't happen everyone will suspect us and that isn't going to help my social game.


Dawn: And I got 1000$. Which means things aren't as good as we want.

Cameron: So it looks our budget is...9142$

Courtney: That is fair.

Sanders: Alright shoppers buy the supplies and get back as soon as possible.

Rock: We'll do!!!

  • Shoppers leave*

Noah: Advertisers get outside and advertise.

Heather: I already know that.

  • Advertisers leave*

Noah: I guess we'll head to the kitchen.

  • Cookers leave*

Sanders: That leaves our group to clean up the place.

Laurie: What a great idea. This will show appreciation to the environment.


Courtney: Seriously? Cleaning? Well I wonder if Sanders is stupid for not trying to practice manners or she's just trying to sabotage. I mean who wants to tip a dirty waitress?



Gwen: So guys we need buy everything here in the list.

Shawn: Let's see...cheese...eggs, some beef and vegetables.

Anne-Marie: Alright so here's what were going to do. We split up and get certain supplies.

Gwen: Why would we need to do that?

Anne-Marie: Well to make it faster. It not like the guys who made the list picked something specific.

Rock: Let's do it!!!! Yeeeaaahhh!!!

Shawn: Well see you guys.

Gwen: But- ...whatever.


Gwen: So everyone decided to split-up even when I was against it. Lucky I told them about a meet-up point before we went seperate ways so we wouldn't get lost. But when we were back to meet-up with each other...


Gwen: Hey Rock, got the meat?

Rock: Sure thing. Here it is! Trust me that the meat is fresh. I got it at the butchery.

Gwen: Really because other then the meat there is something else there.

Rock: Oh that is extra condiments.

Gwen: Really because it looks like a bunch of rock'n'roll souveneirs.

Rock: I....I don't know what your talking about.

Gwen: ...

Rock: Fine I bought them for myself.


Gwen: Believe or not that was the least bad part of the plan. What happen to Anne-Marie and Shawn however..


Gwen: There's Shawn. Tell me you got the cheese.

Shawn: Well I did, but look at these supplies for the zombie apocalypse.

Rock: Whoa you bought way more stuff then I did.

Gwen: much did it all cost?

Shawn: ...1000$.

Gwen: This is great. No where is Anne-Marie?

Rock: I don't know she said she was going to buy the fruits and vegetables.

Gwen: Let's go search for her.


Rock: So Anne-Marie didn't come back so we have to look for her. It took us ten minutes but we found her in the...oh why did you have to do this to us?


Rock: What are you doing?

Anne-Marie: What it looks like. Shopping!

Gwen: Shopping hair products.

Anne-Marie: Hey a girl has got to try something new.

Shawn: Really... let me see *slip*

  • crash*

Anne-Marie: Why did you trip on- Huh!? The beauty products!

Seller: Cash or card madam?

Rock: How much is that all?

Seller: 3000$ of products.

Gwen: Thank you Anne-Marie and Shawn.


Gwen: Hopefully the Mole was one of those three so everything weird that happened made sense.

Shawn: I think I made myself a suspect. Hopefully someone is still willing to work with me.

Rock: I don't know if I should use this to my advantage and get Shawn and Anne-Marie as allies. This might be my golden oppportunity.



Kitty: So how are we going to do this? How are we going to get an unknown restaurant to be the talk of the town?

Alejandro: Naturally we'll have to give reasons why would they want to check it and I'll give them one reason why.

  • rip*


Tom: So in order to get attention, Alejandro rip his shirt in public. He has a good figure and a very charming voice, so it comes to no shock. Although the shirt he rip was kind of cool so it was bit of a waste for that to go.


Kitty: So were getting the ladies in the restaurant but how do we get the guys?

Heather: Want to try charming them like Alejandro did?

Kitty: Maybe it could work, but I'm not too experience that. I more experience in setting people up then myself.

Heather: So how are we going to do this?

Kitty: Hmm...I have an idea! Hey Beardo come over here!

Beardo: Yeah?


Tom: I got admit Kitty is smarter then I expected. Coming up with the idea to have Beardo beatbox and lure customers in was genius. And not only did it get people to go to the restaurant it helped me get my products to be solved. That was awesome.

Alejandro: Hey I may be showing off and charming the ladies, but even I notice something strange. The entire time we've been try to get people, Dawn did nothing but meditate and give people "advise". I wonder if she's trying to sabotage or not.


Dawn: And if you follow that, you're unfortunate accident will prevented.

Boy: Really? Thank's misses.

Dawn: Ahhh using my abilities to help people is more then enough for me to be able to live in Mother Earth.

Heather: Hey! What do you think your doing!?

Dawn: Just helping people. Is there a problem?

Heather: You forgot we have a job to do. Get advertising the restaurant so we can get those tips.

Dawn: But that's what I've been doing.

Heather: Whatever just remember I don't trust you or anyone so don't ask for any information about the others.  So if you don't want me to try getting rid of you then know your place.


Dawn: I wouldn't underestimate my enemy Heather. I may not be a violent person, but when the time is needed I'll lay down my wrath towards those who try to hurt me. Mark my words Heather that your own pride will lead your downfall



Sanders: Looks like we made the right call for the advertisers. Were full house.

Laurie: Great now I can share all my wisdom to all of them.

Courtney: Don't do such thing. Just be polite and show yourself with respect so that they like you and give you tips. That is our mission after all.

Devin: Still we need to get the food soon otherwise they'll get angry.

Samey: Umm guys are you ready?

Duncan: Hold on a second! Were almost done!


Duncan: Let's just say the cookers group wasn't doing so well and that's because of a certain person taking there sweet time.


Duncan: Ella!!! Hurry up!!!

Ella: It's here. Sorry for the wait but I couldn't prepare it when it wasn't re-

Duncan: Look let's just get this done. Our mission isn't to make the food good but get tips.

Ella: But what if they don't look ready?

Duncan: Believe me. If I were waiting this long I'd go to take out for my lunch.


Ella: Duncan shows himself to be quite rude, but I can tell from his demeanor is that he only acts tough. Deep down he is actually a pretty nice guy. I just have to continue forward and fix whatever mistakes I made.


Noah: Hey Cameron are you alright?

Cameron: I'm fine. Just getting the quiche done and were ready to go.

Noah: Try to make it faster next time.


Cameron: Noah is right, even if I want to make the food good, I still need to remember this is a mission and I need to get it quick as possible.

Noah: So far the only problems were Cameron and Ella being slow in the preparations, but they didn't seem to be sabotage or at least not something the Mole likely would do. However latter on...


Courtney: Hey! Who served this!?

Duncan: Me. Got a problem with it princess?

Courtney: Would you look at that, it's disgusting and the dishes are not even clean.

Duncan: As long as we can get the food ready then that's all it matters.

Courtney: Just don't make it look like a pig's pen when you do this.


Courtney: A lot of orders were been brough back due to Duncan's method which even a kindergarden can tell it's wrong. I mean just because we have to be fast doesn't mean we have to make it sloppy. Were not serving a prison.

Ella: Well I guess I was right after all. Yay!!! Oh but I shouldn't say this to Duncan, because I don't want to hurt anyone else feeling.


Courtney: So how are the tips?

Sanders: It seems Devin and Samey are doing well. We already made 225$ so half-way there to the jackpot.

Courtney: Yeah, but only Devin and Samey? What about Topher and Laurie?

Sanders: Just watch and you'll understand.


Sanders: Seriously you two. I mean I know everyone should be themselves but please have some tact. Topher is acting like a celebrity and is even demanding tips to the customers costing them to either leave or not giving tips at all and Laurie...


Customer: You know what? I'll get my steak somewhere else!

Laurie: How dare you try to eat an animal you carnivore!!!

Topher: So you want my autograph? It'll cost you 20 bucks.

Customers: Yeah I think I'll just leave.


Alejandro: Seeing Topher and Laurie act I won't be surprise if there names were put in the suspect list, but I feel like having attention to yourself this early isn't a great conduct for the Mole especially when they have to sneaky.

Rock: From what I can tell it seems that the only succesful group was the Advertisers which may sound good, but we really needed the Cookers and Servers to do well sinc the challenge bank on them. But I haven't gotten rid of the idea that one Advertisers was the Mole.


Anderson: So guys look like the restaurant did well all things consider but how much money did you make...well it's not the full prize but it's pretty good.

Devin: Not full. I guess we didn't reach 500$ of tips.

Sanders: I wonder why?

Topher: Don't look at me like that. It's not like I didn't try to do my job unlike Laurie.

Anderson: You guys made 12000$. So guys take a break and we'll get to your next mission after we reach where we will be staying for the night. Until then you can discuss strategy and whatnots. So see you later.

Alejandro: And the strategy begins.

LATER... Courtney: Hey there Ella and Rock. I wonder if you guys want to team up with me.

Ella: Really!? I'd like to team-up in finding the villain.

Courtney: By villain you of course mean the Mole.

Rock: Hold on!!! Why are you picking us?

Courtney: Because I feel like you two are reliable. I think if we all three work together then we will make it far for sure in the contest.

Rock: Well I guess being allies isn't a bad idea so what do you want ask?

Courtney: I need to ask who do you guys think are suspicious? I mean we can all share names of people who we think that could be the Mole.

Rock: Well for me personally I think it might be Shawn. That guy trip to Anne-Marie which destroyed a set of beauty products. In ended up costing us 3000$ of our budget plues the 1000$ that he spent for himself.

Ella: But didn't you also buy things for yourself?

Rock: Shush I didn't want her to know.

Courtney: So what is that about Rock? You have something to hide from me?

Rock: OK I admit I also spent some of the money buying somethings for myself but it was only about 500$. I mean Shawn's reason was because of a zombie apocalypse which is totally boogus.

Courtney: what about you Ella?

Ella: Well I don't know, but seeing how he acts Duncan is acting weird. He always tries to push us hard, but Duncan makes more mistakes then us. No offense to him, since I understand if he doesn't enjoy cooking.

Courtney: I see. Well thanks for sharing your info and I'll see you guys before the execution.


Courtney: This game is way to easy. Now I know who these two are going to be answering in the quiz I'll just have to beat them and guarantee my own safety.

Rock: Courtney, I'm not dumb enough to realize what your up to. But you know this would have been more convincing if you also mentioned your suspects to.


Rock: Ella... I think we should have a talk.

Ella: Okay, but what for?

Rock: Trust me when I say this will help us a lot in winning this thing.


Heather: So we need people to split the votes between two obvious non-Moles and then narrow down with the remaining players. I like your plan.

Topher: Of course. If we can't find the Mole now we should try to find people who are not the Mole. So that's our move until the final 10.

Alejandro: Agree. Let's toast to our new alliance.

Heather: And a farewell toast to whoever will be the first one out which is not going to be anyone of us.

Topher: I totally agree with you. We'll make to the end.


Anne-Marie: Hey Tom I needed to ask you something!?

Tom: Oh really what is it?

Anne-Marie: I don't know...I know I'm hot and young, but I can't seem to get good outfits.

Tom: Really because that outfit is pretty good for your style.

Anne-Marie: Well I just wish I can make a better one, but the problem is how expensive they are.

Tom: Don't worry sweetie, but I know the solution to your problem. Now listen to this upcoming and important fashion advise.


Tom: I think being allies with Anne-Marie is a good move and besides she's someone I wish who will stay long in the game. I mean she's someone that understand fashion and it's my job as a fashionista to make that wonderful talent bloom like a rose.

Anne-Marie: Being allies with Tom was a good move. Now I have him and Gwen and Cameron as allies. This is getting sweet!!! Oh you didn't know, I talk to Cameron and Gwen during the bus trip and things are looking good for me.



Devin: Hey there, you two. Mind letting me be your ally?

Sanders: Hold on why did you ask us?

Devin: Because I feel the people who were in the second bus should stick together. If we don't the others might work together against us.

Sanders: I'm not sure how it would work like that, but I got to ask my partner. What you think Kitty?

Kitty: Sure thing!

Sanders: Looks like you hear the lady. Your in.

Devin: Alright!!! Now I have a better chance of surviving the first quiz.


Devin: Oh man I don't want to be eliminated first. I mean I'm fine going out any other time, but being first will cause me to get laugh at by everyone back at home. Well except my girlfreind.


Anderson: Hey guys the second challenge awaits. After this were going to have dinner then the first ever quiz.


Samey: The last challenge seem to be easy if only we were able to cooperate, but if we learned our lesson from last time I'm sure we'll get the full prize.


Location: Toronto, Canada. In a Random Yard

Kitty: Ummm...what are those?

Anderson: Hmmm...they are a bunch of things covered in blankets.

Gwen: I think she's asking what are those things under the blankets.

Anderson: Well let's see and find out!!!


Duncan: Those are just a bunch of baby pictures. So what does this have to do with the challenge?

Anderson: Oh these pictures are the key of the mission. We call it "Cry Baby". In this challenge these baby pictures must be arrange from other of birth. So youngest to oldest basically.


Heather: And how are we going to do this? I mean all the pictures looks the same!

Laurie: Of course we must ace this mission. I mean as a mandatory object for the future generation we must be able to perceive the different looks of the different age of people.


Anderson: So the mission is for all of you to arrange them in the proper order and you have a half-an-hour to finish this, but this sounds to easy doesn't it?

Cameron: Kind of. I mean we could keep guessing until we get the right order.

Anderson: Which is why I'm offering anyone of you to try arranging a smaller set which this time is only four pictures. If anyone of you do this, then you get an exemption which is guarantee safety for this round, but it will also end the mission so keep in mind that. Also a warning to this, you can only make the attempt once so don't think of doing it blindly.

Courtney: So we have to choice between wanting to earn more money or to try saving ourselves?

Anderson: You got it. Now this mission is worth 3000$ for each baby picture you got right in the order and if you have them all it will be 40000$ in grand total. However if any of the arrangement is solved then that would mean the mission ends. Anyway your free to do whatever since the mission has begun.


Courtney: I know plenty of people are going to try solving the smaller puzzle to save themselves, but I don't need it since I have a safety plan of myself. The only thing I have to do is make sure my two pawns doesn't get immune.


Noah: So do you guys have any idea how to do this?

Sanders: Well this looks like the smallest so that this should be first.

Devin: And this looks like the biggest so I'm guessing this picture should be last.

Cameron: Then let's try arranging the pictures from biggest to smallest first.

Beardo: Umm what are the others doing there?

Courtney: What!?


Courtney: So Beardo called out something and looking what it was, it was Heather, Alejandro and Topher trying to solve the smaller puzzle. Do they want to win money or not!?


Devin: Hey!!! Stop that! You know what will happen to us if you solve it!

Heather: Yeah, we gain exemption and we won't be one the first people out.

Anne-Marie: But it will also end the challenge and we won't get the total.

Heather: That is your problem not ours. Now move along so we can solve this damn thing.


Heather: In this game you have to do eveything for yourself in order to win and having that exemption is a really good thing right now since the game has begun so there is no major suspect for the Mole yet.

Topher: I honestly stayed quiet because I want everyone to think Heather is the Mole, when I know she's not. I mean I'm sure the Mole wouldn't want any enemies at this point.


Alejandro: So this is the three patterns we came up with. Well let's see if any of those are right and if there not then we have no choice but to help the others in the bigger puzzle.



Topher: No exemptions for us. I mean we were sure that we had it but looks like we just made a fool out of ourselves. I hope the producers don't see this.


Duncan: At least they didn't mess everything up.

Samey: Well I think we got it so let's have it check. Anderson is this right?

Anderson: ...No, these five are right and the rest are wrong! Rearrange it again.

Rock: Looks like we have the first 3 and the last 2 correct, but the middle part is really hard, Even more then taking up chemistry.

Sanders: Well we made it this far. Just keep guessing and we will get it right.


Devin: I think this is right! Anderson!!!

Noah: Devin we didn't say anything yet!

Anderson: Hmmm...only one was right, now arrange the other six.

Tom: Hey is this right Anderson?

Anderson: Wrong order Tom, so no exemption for you.


Noah: Devin jumped the gun and got Anderson to check it out even when we weren't ready yet. I'm not sure if this was an act of sabotage or just recklessness.

Kitty: I don't know what I think about Devin. I mean I think he's a nice guy but he seems to quick on things and not just in this challenge. At the restaurant challenge, he was really slow about getting tips so I though he was quite passive, but how he's acting now makes me think he's all over the place.

Beardo: People are talking about Devin, but I'm suspicious with Tom. I mean he shows himself to be friendly then he makes move like trying to solve the smaller puzzle behind our backs. Sounds like a Mole to me.


Devin: Hey guys sorry about that. If only I lis-

Sanders: Don't worry I think we got the other right so this should-

Shawn: How is this Anderson!?

Anderson: You got it Shawn and your earned exemption tonight. With that the mission is over and you only earned 18000$ because you got 6 of the pictures right.


Rock: That is not cool Shawn!!! He ask me and Ella to be his and Beardo's ally, but with what happened in the advertisement and this I'm starting to think against it.

Dawn: I knew this would happen. The moment the first exemption showed I knew someone would get it. What I wasn't sure is if the Mole would be the one who got it, now this competition has begun to become a full scale war.

Ella: I'm kind of nervous of what will happen in the quiz, but as long as I believe I think I will survive. Although there is still what Courtney said, but I'm not sure if I should follow.



Anderson: Everyone this is our first and for one of you last dinner of the season. Pleae enjoy the meal we prepared and I have a special gift inside those little boxes.

Duncan: Candy huh? Wish it was mint then a lollipop.

Ella: Do you mind giving it to either me, Anne-Marie or Dawn instead if your not going to ahve it?

Duncan: I'll just trade it for mint with either Beardo, Tom, Heather or Sanders.

Sanders: I'll take it. Mint has never been my cup of tea?

Rock: Then those any of you want my coffee candy? I mean show mercy to me, Gwen, Kitty or Laurie.

Laurie: I don't mind the coffee candy.

Kitty: It's latte flavor, so no complains here.

Noah: Fine you can take one of my sour balls. Or all of it since me, Samey, Alejandro and Cameron don't enjoy these at all.

Courtney: Well me and the others don't mind our toofie roles.

Shawn: Actually I do. But then again I just gave it to Topher.

Topher: What? I like the flavor so is there anything wrong?

Anderson: Well enjoy the desserts because tonight one of you isn't going to have anymore by tomorrow.

Quiz Time:

Anderson: Dinner has ended and now the quiz has begun. The players must now answer ten questions about the Mole and however scores the lowest will be executed and become the Mole's 1st Victim.

Play this for suspense:

Question 1: Is the Mole male or female?

A. Male

B. Female

Devin: I don't know. The guys seems closer then the girls, but I wonder if the Mole has something to do with that.

Question 2: Which batch was the Mole part?

A. First Batch

B. Second Batch

Duncan: Why would the TV Producers split the group in two? As a way to surprise us or as a way to slip-in the Mole. I wonder.

Question 3: Was the Mole chosen as a leader?

A. Yes

B. No

Tom: Sanders and Noah choices were kind of strange, but the choices could have been worst unless that was a cover-up for being the Mole.

Question 4: What group was the Mole part of?

A. Advertisers

B. Shoppers

C. Cookers

D. Servers

Gwen: The thing about the Mole is that it's impossible for them to choose their own position unless it was Noah or Sanders, but both of them did well in their positions.

Question 5: How much was the contribution of the Mole?

A. Under 100$

B. 100$

C. Above 100$

Anne-Marie: Now this is where I'm confuse. The Mole could have small amount money and gave it because it didn't really matter, but if they did have a lot of money then they could have pretended that it was small so the contribution wouldn't be as big and a lot of people were acting like that.

Question 6: Did the Mole cause everyoyone to lose money?

A. Yes

B. No

Rock: I may have spend money for myself, but Shawn and Anne-Marie had "accidents" which cause a total of three grand and then there were Laurie and Topher's attitude during the service.

Question 7: Did the Mole attempt to win the exemption in "Cry Baby"?

A. Yes

B. No

Dawn: The way Heather and her group attempt it was strange, but would the Mole show themselves in the spotlight this early in the game? It takes time to be a good spy.

Question 8: What was the candy the Mole had at dinner?

A. Lollipop

B. Mint

C. Coffee Candy

D. Sour Balls

E. Toofie Rolls

Kitty: Now this is an odd question. Maybe this is what Anderson want to show us in how the quiz might work.

Question 9: What did the Mole do with their candy?

A. Ate It

B. Gave It Away

C. Trade It

D. Did nothing

Courtney: This question doesn't seem relevant at all.

Question 10: Who is the Mole?

A. Alejandro

B. Anne-Marie

C. Beardo

D. Cameron

E. Courtney

F. Dawn

G. Devin

H. Duncan

I. Ella

J. Gwen

K. Heather

L. Kitty

M. Laurie

N. Noah

O. Rock

P. Sanders

Q. Samey

R. Shawn

S. Tom

T. Topher

I know this sounds kind of forceful, but I will stop here to give everyone a chance to answer the quiz. I mean have you figure out the Mole. Try answering the quiz in the comments below.


Anderson: Everyone, I have gather the results of the quiz and it's now time to see who will be executed tonight. One by one I'll type your names in the computer screen and if it goes green your safe, but if it goes red then you have become the Mole's 1st Victim. Understand guys?

Contestants: Yes.

Anderson: Good, let's begin. Shawn here is your results.



Anderson: And that's because your had exemption. So that means with the rest of you one you guys is going home. Sanders your next.

Sander: Let's hope...



Sanders: That's good.

Anderson: Ella...



Ella: Thank you.

Anderson: Your earned it. Now it's your turn Topher.

Topher: Hey I know I won't be one executed.



Topher: Told you!

Anderson: Of course. Noah are you ready?

Noah: Just hit me up with it already.



Noah:  Of course.

Anderson: Sound confident. Laurie?

Laurie: Please let me win for Mother Nature



Anderson: Next we have Kitty.

Kitty: ...



Kitty: Alright!!!

Anderson: Let's finish up the second batch then. Tom.

Tom: Please don't let me be the first one out.



Tom: Yes!!! This is amazing.

Anderson: Your next Devin.

Devin: I think I'm safe. No worries.



Devin: Huh? No way!

Anderson: Sorry Devin, but your the first victim of the Mole. However were not done yet! This is a double execution meaning someone else is going to be executed.

Sanders: Wow!!!

Anderson: Well it's time to continue the execution.Rock your up.

Rock: Oh boy. Hope this isn't going to be lame.



Rock: Alright!!!

Anderson: Heather, are you ready for you quiz results?

Heather: Let's just get this over with.



Heather: Of course

Anderson: So it looks were down to more less then half the people. I think we should see Dawn's result.

Dawn: I already what my fate awaits.



Dawn: Not surprising.

Anderson: How about you Duncan?

Duncan: Let's see it already.



Duncan: Well look at that.

Anderson: Anne-Marie do you want to see the quiz results?

Anne-Marie: What do you think?



Anne-Marie: Now that's what I'm talking about!

Anderson: 5 players left. Beardo it's your turn.

Beardo: *thumbs up*



Beardo: *Trumpet noises*

Anderson: Cameron you think you csn handle you results?

Cameron: Oh...I hope I made it!



Cameron: Now I feel safe.

Anderson: You should. Three lovely ladies remain. Let's see your result Samey.

Samey: Please let me stay. Please let me stay.



Samey: Great! Now I won't have to go back home to my sister.

Anderson: That leaves only Gwen and Courtney. Let's see how you did Courtney.

Courtney: Oh this is too easy.

Gwen: *sigh* Guess I should grab my bags.



Courtney: WHAAAT!?

Anderson: I'm sorry Courtney but you have become the 2nd Victin of the Mole. You and Devin please follow me.


Anderson: What do you think cause you to be eliminated, both of you?

Devin: To be honest while I was allign with both Sanders and Kitty, I felt like I couldn't trust what they said so I stray from their choices and look where it gotten me.

Courtney: I don't know!!! I'm guessing both Rock and Ella betrayed me!!! Well good luck to them!!! They'll never find the Mole without my help!

Anderson: One of you took it well and the other not so much, but nevertheless I hope you have a safe trip back home. You both were good competitors and sorry for this not working out for you.



Rock: I had no choice to but to turn against Courtney's choices. I knew her suspect wouldn't be the Mole. I just can tell that person doesn't have the guts to be a sabotager.

Dawn: Well one of my suspects got eliminated which I should be happy about, but something tells me this is a warning that I'm straying to the right path.

Alejandro: And so two of our competitors have left the game. Well they didn't matter much to me so I don't really care.

Sanders: It's upsetting one of my allies have left. Does that mean we were wrong and he was the one who payed the price? I feel bad if that were the case.

Shawn: Devin might have become a good ally, but I knew he wouldn't last long. He was too nice to suspect anyone else in the game.

Heather: Good thing my trick against Courtney work. She though she would be safe as long as she answers the quiz fast, but little did she know that she was just going to be our guinea pig for a certain suspect and now it looks like my alliance has one name I can cross out of the list.


Anderson: Our two victims are revealed, have you guys figure out the Mole? Stay tune for the enxt episode of the Mole.

So how do you think guys? Have a suspect in mind? Please list them down below as well as your predictions and thoughs of the series. Thanks for reasing Total Drama: The Mole.

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