If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class TriaL they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.

So a bunch of incidents happen like Noah, Brick, Dawn, Duncan, Zoey, Izzy and Max tried to save Sky pnly for things to get bad and get Monokuma mad enough to start a motive called The Sabotuer's game. Long story short, Topher fell of a radio tower while the game was happening so now the question is who killed him and is it the Sabotuer?


TOPHER DEAD 14th Victim
DJ DEAD 7th Killer
MIKE DEAD 11th Victim
AMY DEAD 10th Victim
SUGAR DEAD 9th Victim
SADIE DEAD 5th Killer
JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 4th Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No. Alive 29

Monokuma File 08:

Victim: Topher

Time of Death: 3:08 PM

Cause of Death: Broken neck due to falling a great height

Additional Info: No drugs or substances can be found in the body. On his hands were skin burn marks due to pressing something very hard. Also the head has a bump formed not from the fall.

Radio Tower: The place where Topher fell from. It was abandon and nobody goes here, yet why did Topher did?

Hidden Passageway: Numerous passageways underground can be access through multiple secret entrances. Such as one in B’s cabin, the flower house, the hidden cave under the cliff and in the beach.

Mechanism of the Secret Entrances: All were not use for a while so when they are open in the first time they create a loud noise and take a while to reopen. This is also due to the dirt causing it to be clogged.

Broadcast System: The system that the Sabotuer uses to relay messages and announcements. The source couldn’t be found. 3 locations are hypostasize where it could be. The radio tower, Boney Island and B’s cabin.

Voice Changer: A gadget that is meant to disguise somebody’s voice. It was the same voice the Sabotuer had when making their broadcast. It has an obvious connection.

State of Topher: Topher was rigid, but still clean. He had no dirt and other then the broken neck he would look fine.

Sabotuer’s Game Timeline: Every afternoon the group would split in two halves. One would play the Sabotuer’s game while the others would dig out weapon cache. Everyone hour an announcement will be made by the Sabotuer. At 6:00 PM the game will stop for the day.

Cover: The railings of the stairs were covered which makes things behind it hidden.

Digging Site: The sites where we digging for weapon caches was smaller then the digging site yesterday. So we split up in groups of five then three with the last group.

Cody’s Testimony: He and his group went to the radio tower after seeing Topher falling.He couldn’t get close from the front due to it being surrounded by mines.

Duncan’s Testimony: When assisting us in rescuing Sky, Duncan noticed a maze. He actually came back there secretly once and found it that it leads to stairways that contains secret entrances for different areas.

Trent’s Testimony: When he was relaxing at the outskirts of the woods, he heard two pair of footsteps coming from the radio tower

Cut Wires: The wires around the machinery of the tower was cut off. It wasn’t like this three days ago. The damage caused the machines to not function any longer.

Lightning’s Testimony: He and Topher were place near the flower house. Topher said he needed to go somewhere and never return leaving him alone.

Scarlett’s Testimony: The locations visited in both days for digging was as follow. The cabins, the treehouse, the ballroom and the flower house.

Shawn’s Testimony: Once in a while Topher would go to the museum to offer up roses to the pictures of the victims. He wonders where he got them.

Blonde Hair: While Topher’s hair can be found around the area, a group of different shading blond hair can be seen also.

Miss Announcement: Harold notices that the 3:00PM announcement never push through and suspected something happened.

Radio Signal Dispenser: Harold, Scarlett and Cody tried to make a machine to find where the broadcasting waves were coming from. However the machine was sabotage by somebody. They kept this a secret from everyone so no one else should know.

Closets: Closets around the radio tower was emptied out so now there is room for someone to fit there.

Empty Syringe: A similiar syringe Tyler was stab with before was found inside the entrance of the secret passage. Sam theorise that this contained the same substance.

Katie’s Testimony: While trying to search a way to get inside the tower, she heard two sets of loud noises. That was around the time before Topher fell.

Sword: A sword owned by Harold was found in the crime scene. Harold said that it went missing two days ago and that he suspected Topher for stealing it due to being the only one there at the time.

Topher’s Duffel Bag: Topher was meant to carry around a bag to place weapons they found according to Jasmine. While most were guns for some reason the bag got a hole due to it being stab through.

Groupings: It seems like this was where everyone was in the day.

- Zoey, Brick, Harold and Tyler: Automobile Shop

- Scarlett, Lindsay and Rodney: B's Cabin

- Scott, Eva, Jasmine: Ballroom

- Lightning, Topher and Beardo: Flower House

- Geoff and Bridgette: Beach

Broken Piecies of Wood: Pieces of wood containung fading sky-blue paint could be found around the main room.

Secret Entrance: The bottom floor of the radio tower had a secret entrance leading towards the maze. The gear mechanism was cleaner then the others.

Bridgette's Testimony: Bridgette was found in her cabin unconscious. When we tried to ask her what happened, Bridgette doesn't seem to know. In fact she didn't know a day has pass.

Footprints: Four pair of footprints could be find around the floor indicating there is four people who went in.

Dawn's Testimony: She proclaim no noise was heard from the tower which should be strange considering something inside the room. No idea what that is. This was after Topher fell.

Man-made Weapon: Shawn wonders where did the Sabotuer get all the traps for the Sabotuer's game and how did he get control on some of the traps. Maybe they were wroking with Monokuma, but Scott really doesn't believe that.

Zoey's Testimony: She saw a camera inside the automobile shop while searching for the right engine. She didn't say anything out of fear of disrupting the escape, but she brought it up now thinking it has something important with the murder.

Cleaning Alcohol: Cameron found this inside the shed near the docks where Staci died. Cameron brough it since it wasn't there yesterday and that it was suppose to be inside the cleaning closet in the radio tower.

Wired Gun: The entrance of B's cabin had a trap ready to trigger, but the wire got cut off. It also looks like it was haplessly place.


Monokuma: Welcome to the 8th Class Trial. I know I shouldn’t explain the rules, because you all know it already.

Gwen: Yeah, one of us killed Topher and now we have to figure out who did it. We get the idea.

LeShawna: Still surprise the pretty boy got killed this early. I though he would be like a cockroach and just survive.

Noah: But someone squish it, and we just have to find the person.

Scarlett: So like the previous Class Trials, what should we start in this case?

Sam: Maybe trying to understand why Topher was there to begin with. I mean why would anyone want to go to an abandon radio tower?

Duncan: Probably there is something more about the radio tower then we first thought, but how would I know I was too focus trying to find clues about the Sabotuer.

Gwen: I guess that leaves the radio tower team to handle this then, shouldn’t be surprise.

Zoey: I want to just solve the case, but what does it matter if we keep coming back.

Cameron: Zoey…

Dawn: Didn’t you say that your going to survive for Mike’s sake? He doesn’t want you to suffer because how much he cares about you.

Zoey: Thank Dawn…I just feel a little depress ever since then.

Jasmine: I think anybody would if they were in your shoes, after all losing someone you love out of circumstances like that isn’t going to go away for a while.

Lightning: Anyhow let’s just get ready! We don’t need to waste our time with all this crying, we need to beat this killer so we can survive.

Noah: We know the drill Light Speed, just find the killer like usual and get the execution over with.

Cody: I’m starting to feel nervous on how use are we towards the execution thing. I mean what happens if we go any further?

Geoff: I don’t think anybody wants to cross that line body,

Zoey: Except for Monokuma who is being controlled by somebody…and the Sabotuer who is among us.

Brick: Or the killer we need to find, don’t forget about him.

Harold: …Who could the killer be and why go after Topher? Not like they’ll know.

Does Harold know something we don’t or is it something he solved earlier? Not the time to think about that, I just need to do my duty and find this guy!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 08, Radio Tower, Hidden Passageway, Broadcast System, Voice Changer, State of Topher

Sam: So why did Topher get killed? I mean I know he was a jerk, but he wasn’t a bad guy.

Samey: I think the better question is why he was there? Not saying there was nothing wrong wanting to be in the radio tower, but wasn’t he in duty.

Jasmine: Yeah, that guy was suppose to be digging with us for the Sabotuer with Lighting. Did he try to leave his duty because that guy would have a lot to pay if he was still around.

Lighting: Hey! The little guy tried to drag me around, so don't sha-blame me for ditching!

LeShawna: Then again who wouldn’t want to leave, especially when the person giving the orders is a crazy lunatic that just like killing.

Scarlett: I mean he should know the risk of not contributing to the group, the Sabotuer did announce to everyone when Monokuma allowed them to be in charge.

Monokuma: Yes they did, but I wouldn’t know if the Chris-wannabe would ever listen to anybody even if he was about to executed. He was one of my least favorite, don’t tell him that.

Tyler: Well here’s an idea, what if the killer just took him while he was digging and dragged him to the radio tower.

Eva: Wouldn’t somebody have seen him, it’s almost impossible not to see Topher at the woods with his annoying ego.

Shawn: They still had the secret entrance they could have usen to get in.

Geoff: Maybe Tyler is on to something, the killer could have brought Topher to the radio by force and then killed him!

Bridgette: By dropping him at the top of the tower to his death, isn’t that a little too much.

Geoff: Yeah, but you got to hear me the killer could have totally took Topher by force and then dropped him like a wrestling star on top of a cage.

Rodney: You watch wrestling? I didn’t know that, you should have told me!

Well, well now that’s a pretty standard, but an old goody tactic. Kidnapping your opponent then set him up to make yourself harder to track. Problem is that kidnapping wasn’t what the killer did!

Solution: State of Topher – took Topher by force

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: I have to disagree with that notion, the evidence doesn’t match up to your scenario.

Geoff: It does? Really? To think I was having a good idea.

Shawn: What I want to know is how do you know that what Geoff said isn’t right? It definitely sounds much better then what I thought of.

Beardo: What was it? Zombie chased him there?

Shawn: No, he was being seduce by a female zombie. Knowing him, he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Brick: The reason why is because of how Topher looks like. He’s neat and tidy like the army shoes I polish in my barracks everyday.

Owen: Of course he would be clean, he never joins us guys to the lake party.

Duncan: Then again who wanted him there anyway?

Harold: But he was suppose to be digging in the forest with the other. If he had a struggle while doing that, he would have gotten dirty.

Scott: Yeah, when in a rodeo against a pig, don’t expect coming out with the smell of our pride.

Lindsay: Is it a special perfume?

Brick: But you see what I mean, the killer could have gotten Topher by force otherwise he wouldn’t look like that.

Noah: That would mean he went to the radio tower on purpose. Question is what does the radio tower have to do with him?

Beardo: It’s always the radio tower being in the center. That’s more mysterious then Topher.

Bridgette: So I guess we should start solving that then. I wonder what mystery could the radio tower contain, if only this was like a normal summer camp.

Monokuma: It’s totally normal, I mean I’m here.

Noah: Yeaaahh,,,normal…

Brick: Even I have questions about the tower, but with the clues I sort of have an idea about what was really going on.

Harold: Maybe it’s the same thing I’m thinking about. Who knows?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Radio Tower, Broadcast System, Voice Changer, Sabotuer’s Game Timeline,

Samey: Something has to be going on the radio tower. Something that might have to do with the Sabotuer’s game or whatever happened to Monokuma.

Cameron: It could be about Sky returning, but then again that’s only going to happen when the Class Trial is over.

Noah: I have a feeling all of these are related, but right now finding who killed Topher is much more important. We can talk about these later.

Shawn: Speaking of Topher, is it possible that everything about the tower is involving Topher? I don’t see him that much so I wouldn’t know if he goes there.

Gwen: I doubt anybody watches him. He’s exactly like Chris and who here likes that guy.

Bridgette: Too bad he was killed, I don’t think it’s just fine to let anybody kill someone out of just not liking the person.

Geoff: I know babe, I know.

Cameron: There isn’t any other leads, so one of those three must be the answer. Base on my scientific analyzation.

Max: I don’t think any of that help, just move on to the next part already! I’m getting bored thinking this.

We cause quite the trouble, by making a rescues attempt for Sky. I know I deserve punishment for that, but for now we should find Topher’s killer. Otherwise I’ll get a worse punishment then the one I’ll have later.

Solution: Broadcast System – the Sabotuer’s game

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: That must be it! It must be related to the Sabotuer!

Lindsay: The Sabotuer? You mean the bad person here.

Eva: Yeah, get it in your head. So how is the Sabotuer related to the radio tower?

Brick: Think about this first, can you think of anyway for the return of Sky and Monokuma getting to be related to the tower.

Owen: Nothing unless were saying Monokuma just got mad for how bad the tower looked like.

Monokuma: Yeah, it could have use a change of color. Too bad the painter is too busy with other jobs.

Rodney: Guess that make sense, but what is the connection to that and the Sabotuer’s game?

Brick: The connection is the method of communication between the Sabotuer and to us.

Cody: The broadcast system! I forget that it was all connected to the megaphones around the island.

Gwen: So that’s where the Sabotuer was all this time. They were in the radio tower all this time in order to announce the messages about the game.

Katie: It would explain why it was heavily guarded at the outside while also containing a secret entrance.

Jasmine: Looks like things are clearing up now. Still is there anything to prove the broadcast in the radio tower was the one used? I mean I agree with the whole broadcast thing, but why the radio tower where there is different broadcast areas.

Harold: I don’t know the Sabotuer’s reason but we definitely have proof to back that up.

Brick: Sir, the radio team would like to present this to our entire platoon, sir!

(Voice Changer/The Radio/Cover/Digging Site)

Answer: Voice Changer

Jasmine: What is that thing?

LeShawna: It looks like some sort of microphone, but I never that before.

Scarlett: This here is VCR, Voice Changing Revolution. A state of the art voice changing gadget that can make it impossible to track the sound wave of the voice release.

Bridgette: It sounds like you know a lot about it. A bit too much then I’m comfortable with.

Scarlett: No need to suspect, me it was just something I read in the latest issue of Scientific Wonders.

Cody: You mean that magazine brand, well I’m not a fan of it, but I can see why you would like to check it since it also contains weapons.

Trent: Who releases a magazine about weapons? It’s not like we live in a sci-fi universe.

Sam: I get know why you would think the radio tower was use by the Sabotuer. If the Sabotuer was one of us, then this would explain why we never heard the voices being broadcast.

Lightning: Ridiculous! We never saw Sha-bawhatever in the tall building.

Cameron: I guess the Sabotuer escape and left the voice changer back in the radio tower because they were in a rush. Otherwise they would have tried to hide or dispose this vital evidence.

Katie: Alright, but what would the Sabtouer be rushing for? It’s not like anything happened in the Radio Tower.

Duncan: Have you forgotten the murder? Topher was killed near it which means something is up about that place.

Samey: And we found marks on the railings along with burns in his palms. It seems like Topher was push of the radio tower to his death.

Owen: That’s why it says here he died from a broken neck. OWWWW!!!

Brick: But we can see a connection now with this, we know the Sabotuer was in the tower during his little game and we know Topher have to go there in the middle of the game.

Rodney: Does that mean Topher was the Sabotuer?

Gwen: Well he got the ego for it, but I don’t think he’s smart enough to come up with all those plans.

Noah: Besides why would Topher even want to this? All it does is make him bigger target and he said that he’s main goal is to survive.

Shawn: Still you can’t remove the possibility, Topher being there at least makes this possible.

Zoey: I don’t know what to think, I mean both sounds appealing however both can’t be true together.

Scott: It means we have to figure it out ourselves, to think you beat me in the past.

Zoey: Let’s never speak of that phase again, please?

Eva: Whatever! Let’s just figure out if Topher got what he deserves.

Katie: Hopefully he isn’t…I wanted to get the Sabotuer myself.

Not something any of us wants to hear. It’ll only lower the moral of the troops.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cody’s Testimony, Duncan’s Testimony, Cut Wires, Hidden Passageway, Trent’s Testimony

Eva: So is Topher the Sabotuer or not? Because if he is then that makes me feel so much better.

Gwen: I really doubt it. Topher never had the knowledge to pull any of the crazy moves the Sabotuer has for the past weeks.

Geoff: Yeah and he was always wanting to be notice. Don’t think anybody here hasn’t seen him just wanting to get attention.

Beardo: Well maybe that’s the motive for him. He wanted to be the certain of attention and he did when he was being the Sabotuer. “parade music”

Duncan: I don’t think he’s even capable. Topher is like Chris, some pain who has to rely on others since he can’t do anything by himself.

Trent: Yeah, but I don’t think personality has to do with the Sabotuer.

Zoey: Well…have you wonder if Topher had another reason to be there? Maybe he just went there to have a walk…or maybe even stop the Sabotuer.

Linsay: You mean like a superhero! I always love wanting to be one.

Dawn: All of you…I think you put your mind into this too deep. Maybe try thinking something more simple…like if Topher was the only one there or not.

Rodney: Topher was the only there or not? I’m just getting really confuse.

So did Topher really do all of this? Cause murders and taunt us endlessly? No…I just can’t trust this idea, since the Sabotuer wouldn’t go down the way he did.

Solution: Trent’s Testimony – Topher was the one there

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Negative! I don’t think Topher was the only life form inside the radio tower that time.

Max: Who would a simpleton know? I mean it’s not you were there when it all happen.

Harold: Not him, but Trent did. Or he heard it…he said that while he was relaxing after digging for a while, he heard two pair of footsteps in the radio tower.

Lightning: So what’s wrong? That just means someone was running.

Dawn: Unfortunately no, it means two people were running inside the tower…at the time of the murder.

Cody: So were looking for now a second person…I’m guessing that person could be the killer.

Tyler: Or at least someone who know something about the case.

Harold: Yeah…but I don’t think it’s possible.

Samey: Why not?

Brick: Because other then that, we couldn’t find any clues of a second person. It means they were good at hiding there tracks.

LeShawna: Or that there was never a second person.

Trent: No, I’m pretty sure there was. I can tell because of how the steps sounded different. One felt sharper then the others.

Katie: What if your lying?

Noah: He doesn’t have a reason though, shutting up would have benefit more if he was the killer.

Cody: I think it’s best to consider this idea for now.

Brick: But I think we can all come into an agreement with what we just learned.

Scott: Enlighten us.

Brick: I think we can be united in the idea that there was a second person with Topher in the radio tower and that person definitely sounds important to me.

Samey: We know all that, but I want to hear…what do you think is the role of the second person?

Harold: Isn’t it obvious! Topher wasn’t the Sabotuer at all!

Zoey: What are you trying to say?

Harold: I’m trying to say that we made a mistake saying he was the Sabotuer. It was actually the second person in the crime scene!



Jasmine: Alright I can get that Topher was with somebody in the radio tower, but who says that person was the Sabotuer?

Brick: Who else would it be? We know the Sabotuer had to be there.

Harold: Yeah and we have proof about it to.

Jasmine: I’m not saying that the Sabotuer wasn’t there, I was saying that what if it wasn’t the second person who was the Sabotuer.

Brick: But that’s the only person who could be the Sabotuer. That person was there in the radio tower.

Jasmine: So was Topher! How would we know Topher wasn’t the Sabotuer and the other one here just tried to stop him?

Harold: So that’s what you were thinking. I get it. Well I guess that might have happened...

Jasmine: See even your partner agrees with me!

Brick: Damn it traitor!

Harold, I thougth you had my back all the time!


Evidence: Lightning’s Testimony, Cody’s Testimony, Duncan’s Testimony, Cut Wires

Jasmine: Look I don’t want to disrespect you.

Jasmine: But you need to look at the other possibilities.

Jasmine: Like that Topher could have been the Sabotuer.

Jasmine: I know he is dumber then a mule.

Jasmine: But he was in the radio tower.

Jasmine: When the Sabotuer was over there.

Brick: Not exactly, he was there…but not the entire time the Sabotuer was! And I can present you evidence that makes this a fact.

Jasmine: You say so, but I can’t believe it.

Jasmine: There is no way to know if he wasn’t there

Jasmine: When the Sabotuer was in the radio tower!

Jasmine: Which makes this all the more possibility.

Jasmine: You better study up you hot blooded eagle.

Jasmine: Diving to a prey without thinking.

Jasmine: Might just lead you to a trap by a willy little creature.

It’s not possible for Topher to be the Sabotuer! If he was then how can someone explain this!

'Solution: Lighting’s Testimony – he wasn''t there

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: That may seem like a very plausible idea at first, but when you consider what the Sabotuer has been doing then you’ll know why this isn’t what occurred.

Jasmine: You talk a good game there, but in the wild we don’t let words just control us. You need to be strong for me to follow you.

Brick: Maybe this evidence should change your mind. Lightning you kept complaining about something related to Topher, mind telling me again what it was.

Lightning: What does that have to do with this? All I said that sha-coward ditch me to do all the dirty work in flower house. I would have been killed if that no good rat ditch me.

Cameron: I know what your trying to say. Lightning remember the time this happen?

Lightning: Your just wasting my time Bubble Boy so why sh-

Eva: Talk! It sounds like this has something to do with the murder and there is no way I’m letting that slip.

Lightning: Alright, alright just chill there man. It happened around lunch time so when the clock was pointing after the one.

Tyler: That means around after 1:00, but how does that help us?

Harold: It’s the Sabotuer’s hourly announcement! If Topher was the Sabotuer then wouldn’t that mean he should be in the radio tower at that time.

Jasmine: Are you serious? That stupid announcement actually help in the case. Who would have thought?

Shawn: Hold on! Jasmine’s theory could still be true if you there wasn’t any announcements at 1:00!

Brick: Then let’s see if it was! Did anyone hear an announcement at 1:00?

Izzy: I did, it was when I was busy trying to disarm this awesome bomb I found. Don’t worry I won’t blow it up, because that would be too boring.

Noah: I didn’t think anything until you just said that.

Brick: But we now know the Sabotuer was inside the radio tower by then, which means it couldn’t be Topher.

Samey: Because he was already outside when the entire thing started. I guess that means Topher was there to stop the Sabotuer.

Jasmine: Alright, I will admit that it can’t be Topher. I guess I should apologize.

Brick: No need, at least we can confirm this was the incorrect choice of action.

Samey: You know Brick, something about what you said makes me curious.

Something I just said? That this wasn’t right?

Brick: May I hear what it is?

Samey: You see…you said that the Sabotuer made a daily announcement everyone hour while the Sabotuer Game kept happening.

Scott: So what’s wrong with that? We all know that really happened so why even say anything?

Samey: I don’t know if I should bring it up…but at 3:00 the announcement for that time…it never happened.

LeShawna: For real!? I didn’t realize because I was too busy trying to save my life!

Zoey: But it is true, when my group tried to go to the flower house to check on things, we never heard a single thing from the headphones anymore.

Samey: Which is what I found strange. I mean you could say that Topher attack the Sabotuer, but they have just knock Topher out and keep him there in order to not make the radio tower suspicious.

Gwen: That make sense since they did get Topher in the end. Besides I don’t think the Sabotuer would have let Topher just do it, they might have laid a trap inside in case someone came to the tower.

Sam: So that’s what make it odd. It sounds like the Sabotuer is confusing since the way they act is not being consistent.

Harold: Well I don’t know about the Sabotuer’s behaviour but I think we know why the announcement have stop.

Brick: It’s pretty obvious when you remember what we found on the top.

(Topher’s Blood/Cut Wires/Cover/Headphones)

Answer: Cut Wires

Scarlett: That make sense, if the wires were to be cut from the main source, it would definitely result to the radio tower not being able to function any longer.

Sam: But that still makes the Sabotuer’s movement still a bit suspicious. I mean why would they let the wire vulnerable if it was important to there game.

Owen: The Sabotuer is smart…so don’t ask me.

Dawn: Then I guess I should speak to everyone and explain how to solve this riddle.

Brick: Wait a minute Dawn! You know why the Sabotuer let this happen!? Noah: I think it’s an obvious answer so why not hear it. Why did the Sabotuer let all of this happen?

Dawn: This sounds ridiculous due to there actions, but what if they just simple…ran away?

Before in the last part I made a fan OC vote and now is the time to choose who you want in. Here is the people and a brief description about them.

Alexander Johnson

Alex was the former lead singer of the now disbanded pop rock band Utopian Legends. Alex has suffered from depression most of his life, having divorced parents when he was young and constantly bullied for his weak structure and "whiny" voice. Upon first glance, Alex may seem happy, proud, and energetic. However, he really only acts this way to try to hide his insecurities about himself. While others view him as a friendly and funny person to be around, he views himself as an obnoxious coward who is scared of, what he views to be one of the most stupid things to be scared of, himself. Whenever something bad happens where he is involved, he always blames himself on it and thinks it's all his fault, such as his band's split.

Alex is tall and rather thin with red-dyed hair that covers his left eye and the back of his head with greenish brownish eyes. He has piercings on his lip, ears, and nose. He wears a white zip-up hoodie that's unzipped and a black t-shirt that has a white-outlined eye with an 'x' on it, which was his band's main logo, inside it. He wears blue jeans with brown flip flops.

Katherine Mays

When most people look at Katherine they think she is incredibly shy. She speaks in a hushed tone and only seems to perk up around people she knows well. However, although this is true, she is actually very mischievous at the same time. She likes to pull pranks on others but is very quiet about it. She often isn't suspected due to her quiet nature. However she isn't malicious and makes sure her pranks doesn't put anyone in any physical harm. Usually her pranks aren't aimed at anyone, just one unlucky person gets caught in them.

Katherine has long, wavy black hair with a single dark pink highlight running through the right side of it and her eyes are blue. She wears a black hoodie and always keeps the hood up as well as a dark pink t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots. She is also tall and quite thin.

This OC is based on Pokemon.

Pika Chu

An energertic fellow(she's a female) that always gets into trouble.She is a huge fan of pokemon and has played all of the pokemon games however she also likes to play other video games.When she's nervous, she does crazy things just to escape the situation.She is also accident-prone making her a target of danger.

She has short yellow hair, blue eyes.Wears a yellow hoodie reembling a Pikachu.She is a thin girl due to her being inside always playing Pokemon and she is 5'0 feet tall.She also wears yellow and red sneakers.

Andrew "Shadow" Masters

Andrew seems at first glance a very calm and silent people however if people manage to know him better or even get to his friendly side, he shows a totally new persona of him, "the Shadow" the name that he was well known on Internet for being a pro player in video games from "Megaboy" to "Tempest" and finally the game that made him famous "Lair of Legendaries". This new face of him shows a little loud,funny and especially loyal person from him managing to act for the most part mature when the time needs it. However this reveals a very emotional person as well showing that while he's not comfortable about the others at first in the game he will learn to accept them and in case someone betray him, well I would recomend get out of his way the fast as possible.

Andrew has medium black hair and black eyes. Wears a black jacket and White t-shirt, he’s thin and tall however he’s not very athletic. He also uses blue jeans and red and white sneakers.

I hope you don't mind that I use one of my characters I created for my own series. I'll use Jack Vonguarde, but I'll change up the backstory a bit for DR purposes.

Jack is seen as a strong-hearted gentleman. He shows kindness to those who present themselves well, especially to women. However, he is not a very emotional person, preferring not to show any in public. In this story, he is mostly a competitor in games, but is not in it to win, just to improve himself. This is because he lost his parents in an accident and has been looking after his younger brother since, hence why he can be mostly caring. He just wishes to make sure he is able to protect anyone in danger, but is hard on himself if he fails.

Jack is averagely tall and his figure is moderate. He has short brown hair but is surprisingly strong for his figure. Since he refers to himself as a gentleman, he wears a tuxedo with a bow tie and a black top hat. He usually carries around a cane to look fancy, and a pocket watch in his suit pocket.

"Charles Michael" Baudelaire

This original character is inspired by the real Charles Baudelaire and by a character that I saw in a video-fan-fiction.

Baudelaire is basically a dramatist. He loves theatre, poetry and all stuff like that. He is on the other hand a sociopath, just due to the fact that he has a mad view of the life he lives in: a view called "show life view". Well, he wants to transform his life in litterally a "theatre show", so he just could put his "friends" (has a great social skills, but for him his "friendships" just do not mean anything, obviously he must keep that for him) and also put his family and himself in danger to make his "theatre life"...interesting.

Baudelaire has short brown hair, wears a long purple hat, he is really thin and tall but also has a great strenght. He also wears a black purple coat, trousers of the same strange and black colour and long black and white shoes. Btw, he has a french accent.

Trixie Masterson

Trixie is a friendly, clever, quirky girl who is the creator of a popular webcomic called "Sucker Punch", a story about a girl who defends the candy-themed Sweetopolis from evil villains like Lady Licorice as the superheroine Sucker Punch, who gains incredible powers from different supercharged lollipops. While a bit impulsive, Trixie truly cares about her friends and the people she's trapped with. She can't stand bullies and people that treat other people like crap cause they can and will quickly call out people that do this and stand up for the people they mistreat.

Trixie has blonde hair in a medium length ponytail with pink and cyan highlights on the bangs. She has light blue eyes and normal colored skin. She wears a pink zip-up hoodie with a black star design on the heart, blue pants, and black boots.

Chloe Khan

Chloe is a glamorous and she knows it. She thinks of herself as a self-proclaimed Princess and she looks like one too. Chloe's greatest asset is her amazing boobs. She doesn't like doing housework but will help out around the house but not too much as she doesn't want to become somebody's slave. Chloe has a mantra that pretty girls get hated and ugly b**ch*s are loved and adored. Although she may appear stupid and dumb Chloe is surprisingly very smart. She has been a model in the past and reached global fame almost on par with Junko Enoshima.

Andrew Thompson

He's a computer geek who doesn't talk much. He spends most of his time in his room with his computers so he's not that good with interacting with other people and has a hard time fitting in with a crowd.

Andrew is short and wears a light blue hoodie and orange shorts with orange tennis shoes. He has spikey hair and wears glasses


Eva: The Sabotuer just ran away? I knew they were cowards, but even I wouldn’t think they would stoop this low.

Cody: I don’t think it was out of being a coward. They are clearly dangerous and intelligent so there must be something more.

Beardo: “spring sound” Something more, but what else could there be?

Katie: Hold up! When did we say that Dawn was correct!? We haven’t even began discussing it!

LeShawna: Maybe because she has done a lot for us, unlike certain people here.

Lightning: And why am I being looked at?

Katie: Still it’s way too careless to just say someone is right because of things before. If there is evidence then that’s where we should start getting onboard.

Zoey: So we got to see if there is evidence that proves or disproves Dawn’s idea, not sure which one is it going to be.

Katie: Personally I think the Sabotuer set-up a trap to save themselves from anyone which Topher triggered and got himself killed with. Now that’s something sneaky and very Sabotuer-like.

Sam: We know there capable of it for sure. I mean look at all the people the Sabotuer trick into falling their trap.

Trent: I personally think Katie might be right here. The Sabotuer would definitely have done that knowing how slippery they are.

Cameron: I have to agree with Katie, because you lack evidence to convince me Dawn.

Dawn: But it is only fair, so send your judgement and tell if what I have spoke is the truth or a dillusion.

Harold: Who’s side do you think we should be with?

Brick: I’m not sure…I mean I want to agree with Dawn, but their all right when this seems to sketchy especially when dealing around the Sabotuer.

Scarlett: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean what Dawn said is impossible. This could possibly be just a small part of the entire murder.

Brick: Huh? When did you get involve with the conversation?

Scarlett: Just now, sorry since I got curious about you said.

Harold: You should have said before that, now that was just being creepy.

Scarlett: Never mind that, if I have a suggestion for you guys, don’t think whether Dawn or Katie is wrong, but both maybe right just not in a straightforward way.

Katie: How can we both be right!? One of us has to be wrong because what we said are complete opposites!

Gwen: There is a saying that opposites can’t exist without the other, maybe it’s something like this.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cabinet, Monokuma File 08, Wired Gun, Sword, Cut Wires

Katie: I don’t get it! How can both of us be right!? It’s impossible for the killer to have a trap and decide to hide!

Max: The remaining half of the two idiots is right! Had they have a trap ready, they wouldn’t need to fear the glamourless fake!

Izzy: Maybe the trap wouldn’t stop Topher or it wasn’t made to be Topher-proof. …Nah! The Sabotuer would have bought anti-Topher lotion if they knew he was coming.

Geoff: Still we shouldn’t just drop it, I trust Katie since she’s clearly not the killer. I know that with the power of the bros!

Duncan: I do to since she proven a point, but Dawn is a different story. She did a lot for us throughout our entire stay in here, but she’s been acting more shady then Mal when he was pretending to be Mike.

Zoey: I hate to say it Dawn, but I think your wrong. If the Sabotuer tried to leave the control room they would have ran to Topher while he was going up there.

Rodney: And it’s not like they had anywhere to hide! They were cornered!

Eva: Neither that the Sabotuer was a coward! Not with the way they cause the other cases!

Dawn: I never said they were a coward! They just use there talent of manipulation one last time.

Scarlett: What do you ever mean?

The talen of manipulating? How could the Sabotuer be able to manipulate?

Solution: Closet – not like they had anywhere to hide

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: There was a place big enough and dark enough to hide yourself from the enemies soldier! And it’s everywhere in the tower!

Lindsay: You mean corners? I guess if the killer was small then they could have hide there.

Eva: I wonder who…

Max: Why do you all stare at me!? I didn’t commit these amateurish crimes! Someone in my calibre would have-

Brick: No it wasn’t the corners Lindsay, but a bunch well place cabinets and closets covering the entire tower.

Max: I wasn’t finish talking!

Gwen: Yeah, there were too many of those scattered around the area so they must have had something to do with the murder.

Geoff: Or at least something to do with the Sabotuer since that’s where that dude was chilling.

Cameron: It makes sense why there would be so many since scientifically no one could predict if a person would have went in the tower or not and if they did where they would be by the time the Sabotuer notice.

Cody: So multiple back-ups in case of there traps failing.

Duncan: At least we know it isn’t Owen. Guys way too big to fit in one of those.

Owen: Haha true, actually I think I could stuff something as big as those in my stomach. This gut is one tough cookie.

Scarlett: Alright, forgetting about Owen’s gigantic storage compactor, we should now see about Dawn’s idea.

Katie: Why even, it’s not like both mine and Dawn’s theory could both be right.

Tyler: Yeah I mean if the Sabotuer did leave a trap then Topher would have activated it. I doubt he would be smart enough to dodge a trap from someone like the Sabotuer.

Noah: Maybe…but there is plenty of traps. If the trap was something easy to disarm or to notice then Topher could have evade it.

Sam: Not likely since it’s the Sabotuer were talking about.

Katie: That’s exactly why I say it’s impossible. The Sabotuer isn’t stupid enough to make a trap that Topher could have dodge without him knowing.

Harold: Then again the Sabotuer isn’t invincible, seeing now their back to a corner because of killing Topher. Like a villain in a comic book.

Brick: I don’t know, the Sabotuer isn’t an enemy we should take lightly.

In fact the entire case seems too straight-forward when it relates to the Sabotuer. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the Sabotuer had something more when they what they did in this hour of need.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Sabotuer’s Game Timeline, Cleaning Alcohol, Closets, Wired Gun, Zoey’s Testimony

Katie: So this is about whether Dawn’s idea that the Sabotuer did have a trap is right or wrong, well I say she’s wrong! There were no traps found that the Sabotuer could have left.

Cody: There’s still the mines, but I doubt the Sabotuer place on inside. If they did then how would they left with the mines around.

Rodney: If they had one of those city-equipment things they could have turn off and on the mines anytime.

Duncan: But were there any mines, because if there’s none then I find the idea unlikely. Especially when mines are meant to be buried and not to be seen above ground.

Brick: Your right on that, mines like that would have easily been spotted by the enemy.

Jasmine: Why not a trap you use on wild animal, like catapult or a pulley?

Izzy: Silly Jasmine, that’s not going to be enough to make somebody leave. Unless you’re like my dog, hopefully he isn’t easting my neighbours mice again.

Noah: Dogs don’t eat mice, cats do. If you look on how the Sabotuer does things it likely they use something mechanical like the things they use on the Sabotuer’s game.

Beardo: “spring sound” But isn’t that exactly what anyone would expect. They would have been like “gun reloading sound”.

Katie: So it’s settle then. The Sabotuer did not have a trap at all and that Dawn was mistaken.

Dawn: …I really hope you can rethink because I have feeling your about to be wrong.

So the Sabotuer…did they leave something to defend themselves like a trap…or did they just careless and not left any at all. Seeing how there like the answer is obvious.

Solution: Wired Gun - There were no traps

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Maybe it wasn’t possible to figure it out inside the tower alone, but when you search other areas then you’ll know that the Sabotuer did leave a trap behind.

Samey: if your trying to say the Sabotuer’s Game then unfortunately that’s unlikely. The Sabotuer wouldn’t have left one of there games inside where they been hiding.

Harold: Yeah, but there is a place that had trap despite not being part of the Sabotuer’s game. It was B’s cabin where there was a gun wired gun that wasn’t even properly set-up.

Scarlett: I can attest Harold is correct. Me and two others were there to dig, but no traps were laid. Yet this one mysteriously appears, why do you think? Even an idiot could get this right.

Owen: The Sabotuer place it there, the only one who ever does anything like that is the Sabotuer.

Samey: But that is strange when you see the Sabotuer’s trap in the game then they feel like they were place and carefully calculated, but you guys said that one was pretty haphazard.

Bridgette: The only reason I could think of is because the Sabotuer was in a hurry when placing it.

Scarlett: Probably to avoid being detected by somebody, but I think that it’s not as simple as that.

Cody: Huh? What do you mean Scarlett?

Scarlett: I don’t know, just ask the people always speaking up. If you study psychology then you’ll know that they have something very complex in there mind.

How does she know!? Did she see me sweat and rub my chin?

Shawn: So do you guys think there is more about the gun then it being put there in a rush? Like how the government is hiding the existence of zombies through propagandas.

Jasmine: How many times did we already talk about that Shawn?

Brick: I’ll be honest when I say I have no clues.

Harold: I do however. You see the Sabotuer actually had the wired gun trap already prepared.

Rodney: But wasn’t it not properly place when you guys found it?

Harold: Yes it was, but I have a theory of my own on why this happened other then it being rush. I know it sounds ridiculous, but what if the Sabotuer did have this ready, but not for the cabin.

Katie: Not for the cabin? Then why would it be place it there? You guys found it there!

That’s what I want to ask to Katie, but I’ll let you report it.

Noah: He did, but the trap was never meant to be in there. I think maybe the Sabotuer place that somewhere else before, but for some reason needed to move it or get rid of it.

Harold: Your getting there. The Sabotuer took it with them for one of those reasons, but they also knew they couldn’t keep it in there person otherwise they might get caught by somebody if they saw them holding it.


Samey: Hence why the trap looked poorly set-up. The Sabotuer needed to hide it quickly so they place it inside B;s cabin and make it look like it was a trap for there.

Max: Coward!!! I wouldn’t have been afraid of anyone seeing me with a gun!

Noah: Now the question is where was it originally place? Have an answer that is obvious.

Lindsay: Umm…

Brick: I think I know, it’s in the tip of my tongue!!!

Just reach the end Brick! Find out the original location of the gun!!!


Where was the gun originally put?


Answer: Radio Tower

Brick: I know the answer!!!


Brick: It was in the radio tower! That was what the Sabotuer had originally when making a defense against any intruders.

Katie: So wait what Dawn said was-

Dawn: You see what I mean. I fully agree on Noah and Harold’s assumption that it was originally inside the tower, but the Sabotuer moved it away. The reason why however is the mystery.

Shawn: Aww come on! When it involves the Sabotuer and mystery then that is not a good thing!

Jasmine: Yeah, but what can we do? It’s obvious the Sabotuer had something up when they did this.

Geoff: Maybe the Sabotuer was trying to escape and remove the trap to do so?

Duncan: But then why not wait for Topher to get inside the control room? It’s obvious the Sabotuer isn’t afraid of killing and it would have been easy to cover up.

Trent: What if Topher did activate it, and then the Sabotuer pushed it off. Afterwards the Sabotuer took the gun and wire and hide it somewhere.

Tyler: But Topher didn’t get shot. It never said in the Monokuma Files.

Bridgette: This is really confusing, so what did happen?

Noah: Well to understand that we need to know the thing that really happen during the incident. Think it one by one and then you’ll see the only possibility.

Brick: Yes sir! I shall do it right away! Mind do your job!!!


1) When the Sabotuer remove the trap in there original place?

Before Topher arrive/After Topher arrive/When Topher arrive

2) When Topher arrive to the control room, where was the Sabotuer?

In the hidden passage/In the closets/In the control room/Outside the radio tower

3) What did the Sabotuer do after hiding?

Murder Topher/Escape the tower/Push Topher/Went back inside the closet

4) Why would the Sabotuer leave Topher behind?

To escape/To taunt him/To get him killed/To let something he didn’t know happen

Answer: Before Topher arrive, In the closets, Escape the tower, To let something he didn’t know happen

Brick: I reach my destination!!!


Brick: I don’t know how to say this, but I think the Sabotuer wasn’t the killer! I think he just escape the tower and nothing!

Bridgette: Are you serious!? Didn’t we establish earlier that the Sabouter was going to be the culprit?

Noah: We just thought it was, but there was always the possibility that somebody else was the killer!

Sam: OK, but why would you think that? Is there any proof?

Brick: If you look at the possibility we know the Sabotuer had to remove the gun before Topher arrive otherwise it would have activated and left a bullet somewhere.

Lindsay: OK…no bullet hole.

Brick: Then they had to have hide inside one of the closets since it was obvious that they didn’t want to have a confrontation with him.

Shawn: I guess since the Sabotuer literally remove there weapon and didn’t expect someone to get there.

Brick: Lastly I doubt the Sabotuer would have wanted to have a fight with him head on, because they knew he had something dangerous.

Bridgette: Head on? Oh yeah! They were able to kill Topher by pushing him off the tower, not using something from afar.

Eva: But what do you mean something dangerous?

Samey: And how would they know he was dangerous to fight head on. Actually we never said how the Sabotuer would know if Topher was there without him seeing it.

Zoey: It has to be these cameras, the Sabotuer left them everyone in the location of the Sabotuer game so it wouldn’t be strange for them to place some in the radio tower as well.

Scott: That solves on problem, but we still need to understand what was that something dangerous Topher had with them.

Brick: Well my friend Scott, this what Topher had…

(Sword/Gun/Cut Wires/Brick)

Answer: Sword

Harold: That’s true, my sword was there when we arrived. If Topher had it with them going to the Sabotuer, we know what that would have mean.

Sam: I guess…anyone would be afraid if somebody with a sword was going after them.

Duncan: But the Sabotuer still had a gun, why not use that to defend himself?

Scarlett: I hate to say it, but I think the Sabotuer had something else in mind. I really doubt the Sabotuer didn’t thought of the idea of yours.

Jasmine: Maybe it’s about this third person that you guys just mentioned. What if it has something to do with them?

LeShawna: Well we’ve been saying this guy was the real killer so it’s likely.

Katie: Hey! When did we say that there was a third was there to begin with!?

Brick: You have to look at the possibilities Katie, the Sabotuer clearly wouldn’t have remove the trap and hide if they were going to kill Topher. Especially when the trap would have made it easier to get him while he had that sword of his.

Owen: But when did we say he was the one who brought the sword? It could have been the Sabotuer.

Beardo: Oh yeah, I guess that is possible.

Geoff: OK, now I’m confuse? So did the Sabotuer kill Topher or was it somebody else?

Bridgette: All we know is that the Sabotuer had to remove the trap because it was never activated. If Topher wasn’t armed then it could still be possible he did get killed by the Sabotuer in close combat, but if he had a weapon then that would be hard to imagine seeing that the Sabotuer had just made things worse for them.

Scott: Looks like it all comes down to whether the Sabotuer had a weapon or not.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Duffal Bag, Sword, Katie’s Testimony, Cut Wires

Katie: So was it Topher who had the sword when he was there in the tower, or was it the Sabotuer?

Cameron: If it was the Sabotuer, wouldn’t running away make no sense? He had a gun and a sword, there lacks a logic to run.

Duncan: Well we know they still did have the gun the entire time, but decided to chicken out for a reason. I don’t feel comfortable with that.

LeShawna: Not hard to see, since the Sabotuer had an easy time to still deal with him with the gun.

Samey: I’ll be honest and say I’m leaning on it being Topher bringing the katana. The Sabotuer had no reason to bring one, and it doesn’t fit the weapons they use while here.

Owen: But there is no reason to believe it’s Topher, I couldn’t see why he have a sword with him.

Gwen: It’s likely to defend himself or…if he knew the Sabotuer was there he was planning to kill them. Still where did he get the sword?

Harold: Ha…ha, I kind of own it. Hopefully I can get it back when were done with this trial.

Trent: But doesn’t that make you a suspect Harold? Your are the owner of the sword.

Harold: What type of killer uses a possession of there to kill and then not hide it. Oh yeah, there was Leonard and his wizard staff.

There is more reason to believe it’s Topher when thinking it logically, and I have to be with the majority for once. It had to be Topher who brought the weapon!

Solution: Duffal Bag – no reason to believe it’s Topher

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: I think there is reason to believe Topher had the weapon and not the Sabotuer.

Samey: Didn’t we know that already, we said that there wouldn’t be any reason for the Sabotuer to have it with them when they had already a gun and also why would they run if they had a sword?

Sam: Wasn’t it because the third person in there?

Geoff: But the dude definitely was the stronger one then, he had two sweet weapons, unless the third dude was really sick.

Noah: In this place, I wouldn’t be surprise

Tyler: So it must have been Topher, but that still doesn’t explain why the Sabotuer left?

Dawn: I have a theory, but I won’t say it until the right time to not confuse you all.

Scott: Why not just say it, I’m already getting worried with how confuse I am about the Sabotuer.

Dawn: All the confusion will soon die down in due time.

Katie: But we said there is no proof Topher did it, so even if it’s the more likely one we can’t say it is definitely.

Brick: But I have something that proves Topher at least at one point had it. Do you remember this bag Jasmine?

Jasmine: That’s the bag the victim was suppose carry around when we were digging around for weapons. I already told you that/

Shawn: So Topher owns the bag I get that, but what does that prove in the end?

Brick: I’ll ask another question again and it’s still to Jasmine. Tell me Jasmine when searching for weapons was there any bladed ones?

Jasmine: Umm…no. We just found a bunch of guns and a few explosives. Which I think was Monokuma’s extra spare of derange gadgets.

Monokuma: You got that right! They were not worthy to be part of my personal line of Monokuma goodies so I bear-y them to get rid of them. Upupupu!!!

Jasmine: So what’s up with the weird questions? Does it have to do with the case?

Brick: Yes it does, take a look here and see the hole. It clearly came from something that shouldn’t be there. Something bladed.

Beardo: “light bulb sound” Was it the sword? Because that weapon was also bladed.

Cody: So I guess there is reason to believe the person who had the sword was Topher. Because we know he had to have a bladed weapon that wasn’t buried.

Harold: I see! With this we know it was Topher who had the sword and it couldn’t be the Sabotuer! She would know not to fight him in a close-quarters fight.



Owen: Hold up! Who says it was the sword that stab the bag?

Brick: Well there is no proof about that, we still use this as a circumstance to prove at least at one point Topher had a blade with him making it more likely he was the one who had it.

Owen: But what about the third person? Couldn’t he have the weapon to?

Brick: I guess he could, but we have proof that Topher is the more likely candidate to having evidence against him.

Owen: Still we shouldn’t rule out the idea, that it was the third person who had the sword and not Topher.


Evidence: Sword, Cut Wires, Duffal Bag, Harold’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony

Owen: I may not be the smartiest here.

Owen: But even I know the third person could have also brought the weapon.

Owen: They did kill Topher.

Owen: By pushing of a tower of all things!!!

Owen: There so evil to do that!!!

Owen: I wouldn’t want to die by looking down at heights!

Brick: Owen…yeah the killer is violent we all know that, but how does that prove he’s the one who brought the sword?

Owen: Where’s your proof Topher did it???

Owen: Other then the duffel bag.

Owen: Hehe, I know it’s more evidence then what I said.

Owen: But you can’t rule it out just yet!

Owen: The killer could have brought the sword with them!

Owen: Or that’s what my gut tells me.

So he really believes the killer was the one who brought the sword to the tower, but I really believe Topher brought it instead!!! And it’s not just me!

Solution: Harold’s Testimony – your proof Topher did it

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: You may thought you brought an alternative idea Owen, but I know this idea is clearly flawed. We have 100% confirmation that it was indeed our victim who brought the weapon.

Max: You say a complete chance, a bold choice of words, but I wouldn’t be the greatest villain of all time if I didn’t question it.

Scott: You don’t need to. And that’s not because your not even a half the villain I ever was, but somebody can confirm Topher did come close to the sword.

Samey: Is it going to be Harold? He was the one who owned the sword so it would make sense if he saw anything suspicious with the sword.

Brick: You got it! Harold himself has some words to share to out fellow comrades.

Eva: Get it done so we can find the killer quicker!!!

Harold: Alright here is H-Bomb ready to share important information. As you all know I own this sword which is a katana from the Japanese Era of 1800 to the-

Duncan: Hey dweeb! Get this moving already!!!

Harold: Gosh! When I was going back to my room I notice my sword was gone. Topher was just outside the room when it happened.

Bridgette: Couldn’t he have just been passing by? That doesn’t automatically make him suspicious.

Harold: I guess it wouldn’t have until you notice something strange Topher being there.

Lightning: Sha-really? What is it?

Brick: I don’t know if you know about this but Topher shouldn’t have been near Harold or his room because…

(Topher’s hobbies/Topher’s friends/Topher’s room area/Topher’s life goals)

Answer: Topher’s room area

Trent: Yeah, Topher’s room would be in the next floor so it would be strange to see him go that far in the first room without a reason.

Jasmine: And that reason was to get himself arm for a fight. Kids smart to know he ain’t going to last long in a tussle with the way he is.

Katie: So Topher knew about the Sabotuer and was planning to end them. He should have brought me to since I would have personally help him end that monster.

Geoff: Calm down there Kates. Don’t want to make Sadie cry up there,

Monokuma: Up there, but she’s here right next to Katie.

Katie: “sigh” So we know now what happened. That the Sabotuer saw Topher holding a katana heading towards the control room and then decide to run away while holding there trap inside a closet then when they had a chance to escape, they ran through a secret entrance to escape.

Noah: Have you forgotten the third person entering the tower?

Katie: Oh I did forget that part, because I know that part never happen.

Samey: Is there a reason why you don’t believe it happened?

Katie: I do and if you’ll listen you might see where the ridiculous part of this idea is.

Harold: I don’t know if Katie is being honest or being stubborn, actually I’m still unnerve on how Katie is like without Sadie.

Brick: Yeah…there is something’s even trained soldiers can never be prepared for.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Sword, Duffal Bag, State of Topher, Shawn’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony

Katie: I can’t believe all of you are believing into the idea that a third person was in the radio tower. I mean why would a third person even be there?

Rodney: They could have been partners with Topher who just followed him in. Didn’t Chris had servants when he was hosting us?

Noah: Those are interns, which I can feel for them. I really doubt what you said Rodney about having partners, Topher has nothing going for him.

Trent: So your saying this is another person who entered one of the entrances to the secret maze. How could they have gotten to the tower?

Cameron: It’s possible they follow a trail of footprints while there which would what I would do if I found it out nowhere in one of the entrances.

Geoff: That’s pretty crazy, finding a secret entrance and then discovering an underground maze. That would have been totally awesome if it was me who found it.

Katie: But do we have any proof to believe that? There is nothing that points more then one person entering the tower or the maze.

Lightning: How many times are we going to say evidence while being stuck in these sha-Class Trial?

…Katie is wrong. She of all people should have known that!!!

Solution: Katie’s Testimony – More then one person entering

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: But didn’t you say that there was two loud noises when you were looking around for a way in the tower?

Katie: Yes I did, but that doesn’t have any relevance to the case.

Dawn: Actually it does. It quite does because of the secret passage under the tower.

Trent: I don’t really understand that much about the secret passage so I don’t see the connection.

Noah: To make it simple the underground passage can be open at anytime, but it also causes a loud noise that can give Owen’s stomach a run for it’s money everytime it opens and closes.

Owen: Wow! It has to be really loud since my gut never loses to anything even Chris’ blimp back in World Tour.

Samey: So the loud noises was somebody opening and closing the secret entrance!

Brick: Not quite Samey.

Samey: Huh? What was wrong?

Harold: Your right that one of the noises was the secret entrance opening, but the other wasn’t it closing.

Sam: Wait! If it wasn’t the door opening then what would it be?

Brick: To make this less confusing and easier for all of us, it’s the door opening twice!!!

Sam: One by the Sabotuer and one for Topher! I get it!

Noah: Your should rethink about what you said.

Sam: Don’t tell me that I made a mistake to.

Dawn: Yes you did, you see it wasn’t the Sabotuer who made the second opening since they would have entered the building much earlier before Topher even had a chance.

Cameron: So if it wasn’t the Sabotuer who opened, then it must have mean Topher and the person in the crime scene!!!

Brick: Correct and this is why Katie’s words shows the operation of the secret bunker. It was opened twice by Topher and our killer!!!



Samey: But then what about the noise if it was close? Wouldn’t that have happen since it was close when we found it?

Brick: Simply put Topher closed it immediately after entering the two noises sounded like one.

Samey: I can agree with that, but what about this suppose third person? Wouldn’t they have made two noises instead of one, since the closing noise would have happen long before the opening one.

Brick: I can see your issue, but do not fear I have a explaination in all of this confusion.

Samey: I hope it’s good because I really have a hard time wrapping this entire case on my head.

How do you wrap a case around your head? Maybe I should try it?


Evidence: Cleaning Alcohol, Sword, Katie’s Testimony, Footprints, Dawn’s Testimony

Samey: I just don’t get it.

Samey: I mean why wouldn’t the door make a noise

Samey: When it was closing?

Samey: You guys just said it does when it close.

Samey: And it had to be close.

Samey: Because it was when we all found the trap door.

Brick: It was close I won’t deny it and your right that it should have made a noise, but the killer did something to prevent it from happening.

Samey: I didn’t know that, why didn’t you tell me?

Samey: If your going to say it then say it.

Samey: Because not doing it will just make things harder for me to understand.

Samey: I thank you for solving this case when I was confuse.

Samey: So I think we should end this argument.

Samey: We have a case to solve and no time to waste.

No time to waste indeed. A soldier need to use his wisely otherwise he’ll be nothing but a fool.

Solution: Cleaning Alcohol – say it

Brick: Sorry about this!!!


Brick: I’m going to ask Samey, what cause the noise of the secret door?

Samey: What cause the noise??? I would think it would be the impact of the door closing since it was pretty heavy. I think it made Lightning struggle a little.

Lightning: I’ll give that thing credit. A door never cause my beauties to sweat so good sha-job there door.

Eva: Why is this guy still alive? He’s dumber then most of the people who are dead.

Cameron: But the good thing is that he isn’t going to make it far if he ever tries to kill. Although I hope he doesn’t because I know it might be me he goes after. “sweat”

Beardo: Don’t make sound effects! That’s my thing!!!

Noah: Back topic, your wrong Samey. It wasn’t the impact of the door hitting the floor, because if it was why make noise when it was opening?

Trent: So if it’s not by that then what was it? I can’t really see anyway for a door to make a noise loud enough to be heard outside.

Scarlett: It’s the mechanism of the door. It was not cleaned for a long time so now it causes quite a ruckus everytime someone tries to open it. Which shows how irresponsible Monokuma is it with his prison.

Monokuma: I guess I have to turn off Maiden Monokumas. Too bad that I won’t be seeing those flowing locks anymore.

Samey: OK, but how can you prevent it from making noises? The mechanism will still activate everytime you close it.

Harold: Yeah, but if the gears weren’t rusty anymore then they wouldn’t make a noise anymore. Which is what the killer did in order to keep it quite.

Brick: And as proof we found a bottle of cleaning which was used up and located in an unusual area.

Geoff: You mean we found it, I help to. Don’t the credit, that’s not being a bro.

Harold: Also the gears smelled of alcohol as well.

Sam: So the killer used the cleaning alcohol in order to clean the gear so it wouldn’t make a noise when it would close.

Brick: And now you all have reach the proof that the killer use this in order to prevent the entrance making noise.

Katie: But hold on, what if the person who cleaned the gears was the Sabotuer? They could have done it.

Scarlett: But then why wouldn’t they have to begin with? They had all the opportunity yesterday but never took it, so either they were completely oblivious or had something else in mind.

Gwen: And knowing how the Sabotuer is usually like probably the latter.

Shawn: So if it can’t be the Sabotuer since they never did it or Topher since he would be dead by the time the door closed, it had to be another person.

Sam: I see, so I guess there was really third person there base on all the evidence.

Noah: Now we should try solving the next issue, what happened after Topher got in the control room?

LeShawna: We haven’t even talked about it that much so I guess it’s better late then never.

Jasmine: We have to thread carefully about this, since we know what ever happens during this time was the last thing that boy ever did.

Katie: I think everyone would know that. He did fell from the top floor after all.

Harold: Looks like we’ve got one last mystery to tackle before identifying the killer so let’s go all out and show no mercy to the opposition.

Brick: Yes sir! This war of ours is near the end and we will be the one to emerge victorious. I’ll guarantee that for the both of us!

Hopefully I’m not just yapping like the time I tried to impress my superior with a report I made. All it got me was cleaning the bathroom for an entire week.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Sword, Cut Wires, Katie’s Testimony, Alcohol, Radio Signal Dispenser

Katie: Topher went inside the control room, obviously since he did fell of the railings of the that room.

Samey: We said it was the Sabotuer was the killer at first, but too many weird details tells us that it wasn’t them. And it can’t be Topher since it’s clear he was push of the railing.

Izzy: Unless someone has a way to push themselves, which is pretty sad when you think about it, it can’t be the pretty boy. Believe me pretty boys aren’t that smart.

Geoff: So it has be the second dude, unless the Sabotuer was the a dude which would mean the killer would be the third dude but-

Bridgette: To make a long story short, he’s saying the killer has to be the third person. Still don’t understand why would they do it?

Dawn: I think the question will be answered once we know what the Sabotuer had in mind.

Harold: So you think the Sabotuer is responsible for this murder even if they never intended it?

Scarlett: Would it really be surprising seeing what they’ve done throughout this case. However we’ll still need Topher’s role in this story to understand how it would work.

Duncan: And also the thing the third person did, which is a dead give away seeing he’s killer.

I notice we weren’t really talk about Topher’s activity but how this murder played out. At least we understand how things happen so to make things easier I’ll just say what Topher did in the control room.

Solution: Cut Wires – Topher’s role

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: So let’s talk about what Topher. I believe what he did in this case was cutting the wire and ending the Sabotuer’s sadistic game. A honor to his valorous action.

Tyler: It makes sense seeing he was the one with the sword. That would also explain how the killer was able to cut the wires without getting them electrocuted.

Cameron: Your right since touching those wires will electrify you to the point of being unconscious due to the voltage power. Don’t ask me how I know.

Cody: We promise never to speak about it again.

Shawn: Never mind those two, it looks like we got everyone’s role in this case set. Question is how did this lead to a murder and who was the killer?

Jasmine: We have no idea who the killer is yet since literally anyone here could have done it.

Scarlett: I wonder if it really can anybody?

Samey: Is there something you want to say Scarlett?

Scarlett: Well it’s me thinking about who can we eliminate as the killer so far, but that doesn’t really help since half the people here are still eligible.

Eva: Who are they?

Scarlett: Everyone still alive. The ones who are dead are the half who couldn’t have done it.

Noah: We appreciate the sarcasm, look if we can’t find the killer why not we understand the motive for the Sabotuer’s action.

Geoff: Yeah man that is like one of the craziest thing about the case. Why would the Sabotuer just lave there pad to be rob by Topher?

Dawn: Is it to have a murder happen? That would be my answer.

Max: And what makes you so certain as how certain I am in my evilness?

Dawn: You know the Sabotuer is a malevolent human not caring about who they hurt and that where they were was also where the murder took place. Does it sound like a coincidence?

Zoey: If you think about it that way, no. It sounds like the Sabotuer at least some sort of involvement with the murder even if it was indirectly.

Samey: What if it wasn’t indirectly? What if everything the killer did was to instigate a murder?

Zoey: You mean that the Sabotuer did all the weird things in order to have another murder?

Samey: Yeah and it would be convenient for them to since Topher would have been a threat later on for them.

Sam: I guess that would make sense, but that doesn’t explain what motive did the killer have to kill Topher.

Scott: If we recall what happened throughout the entire case, we might now why base on that. I really doubt the third person ever had an intention to kill.

Brick: So a motive that suddenly came up. I think I can come up with one if I remember everything the Sabotuer, Topher and the third person so far.

At least I hope.


1) What did the third person when they arrive inside the radio tower?

(Search/Go up in the control room/Lollygagging/Reading a book)

2) When Sabotuer was in there, did they encounter anyone before and after hiding?

(Yes/No/Maybe/Can’t be said)

3) So who did the third person encounter on the top floor?

(The Sabotuer/The Mastermind/Himself/Topher)

4) What could have possibly lead to a confrontation between the two?

(Misunderstand the Sabotuer/Misunderstand the Mastermind/Arguing/Plotting a Murder)

Answer: Go up in the control room, No, Topher, Misunderstand the Sabotuer

Brick: I reach the destination!!!


Brick: I can’t believe this, but I have to!

Scott: What can’t you believe? How weird this case has been already?

Brick: No, but why the murder happened! It’s because of a misunderstanding between Topher and the third person!

Lindsay: A misunderstand? Do you mean like bad gossip between each other because I can totally understand.

Tyler: That makes it sound like you have killed somebody before Linds…not like I think you did.

Shawn: Anway what is the misunderstaing about? Misunderstanding don’t tend to have people turn each other unless it was fatal like stealing supplies.

Brick: Or if they thought you were the Sabotuer.

Lightning: Sha-think you’re the Sabotuer? Your crazy, Tophy isn’t the Sabotuer.

Scarlett: He wasn’t, but the third person thought he was. It would be explain why the Sabotuer remove the trap, to get him in the wrong place in the wrong time.

Samey: I see when you said the Sabotuer had something sinister in mind. It was to make a misunderstanding leading to two people trying to kill each other.

Dawn: As expected to a person having such skill in manipulation.

Brick: A shocking revelation that even I can’t help but be surprise about.

Duncan: So we know why the murder happen, still doesn’t explain who the killer is.

Cameron: Maybe studying what the killer did happen after the Sabotuer could may lead us a clue on who the culprit is.

Katie: It’s not like we have anything else better to do, but go with it. We have to find the killer in order for us to survive.

Zoey: And it’s not for us, but for the people who died. Including Topher!!!

My fallen comrades, I shall not fall here!!! I shall live a good life after escaping the island with my allies!!!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: …

Katie: Unless we can come up with a lead to find more about the killer, were in the end of our rope.

Zoey: Don’t say that, there must be some sort of evidence we can still find in order to find the culprit. We already the killer was the third person in the tower.

Noah: But we don’t even have a clue about the third person’s identity. And it’s not like there is a witness to help find out the person.

Scott: Then I guess we have to review the case. Well we know the killer had to be someone who was in one of three entrances of the maze.

Cameron: And then navigate themselves of the maze to the one in the radio tower, most likely seeing the footprints in the ground.

Beardo: And when they “bell sound” to the radio tower they would have probably figure out the Sabotuer was there in the radio tower.

Eva: I’m giving credit to their bravery; no one has the guts to face a mass murderer that easily. Then again I wouldn’t have trouble fighting them if they mess with me.

Gwen: So your someone who would probably fight the Sabotuer. I would have said it was you but I’m not the type to rush in answers.

Lightning: I wouldn’t want to mess with that guy, he’s got some muscle if he could push Topher off without even training.

Samey: I guess that’s all we can tell about the third person, hopefully one of these things we said has some sort of lead to a clue.

I need to see if I can use any of the killer’s action to figure out a clue about them. There has to be because no killer could have done this unprepared without making a mistake.

Solution: a lead – one of the three entrances of the maze

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: That’s it! The entrance! There was three entrances for the maze and if we can figure out which one the killer used we might be able to identify them.

Geoff: Awesome man…but what entrance did they use?

Harold: That is the question, it would probably be difficult to find any clues to point which exit they use.

Sam: So we had a lead, but we can’t use them! Why does this have to happen to us, even if it makes sense in a context of a video game?

LeShawna: Nothing we can do, but try finding something else. Unless we can use something to find the entrance the killer use then were do-

Dawn: I would like to ask everyone, has anyone here a loud noise that was similar to the one Katie said?

Jasmine: Not likely, if anyone did then they would have said it. I mean Katie did and she’s clearly the less cooperative person here.

Katie: Well I don’t trust you guys, that it.

Noah: Aha! I know what your getting at, didn’t think that part was going to be important again until you just mention it.

Harold; Uhh…what is he talking about?

Brick: I have no clue.

What is those two talking about? It feels like they understand the case more then me.

Noah: You see the absence of the noise is what we can use to determine which entrance the killer use…or which one did they exit the maze after the murdering.

Lindsay: Exit the maze? There’s a maze?

Noah: Nevermind that question what I’m trying to say is that if any entrances were use, wouldn’t someone heard the door opening?

Zoey: I get it!!! Because the doors makes noises when they both open and close. But didn’t the killer clean the door of the radio tower to escape so they could have done it to?

Rodney: No, because when we checked the other entrances none of the doors were clean other then the one in the radio tower.

Duncan: But that doesn’t make sense, if the killer really use one of the entrances then someone should have heard it.

Noah: Yes they should have, but because no one did then we can tell which one the killer use.

Dawn: And who the killer was.

Owen: Really!? How!?

Dawn: You see one of the entrances was supposedly watch by a certain person and base on what Jasmine said didn’t hear a noise. At first it looks like it means we eliminate that area as a possible exit, but what if the person was lying.

Harold: If only an entrance has only one person watching over it, then that would mean the person could be lying.

Lightning: Why are you looking at me? I didn’t sha-kill Topher!!!

Eva: I wouldn’t surprise if you did, you tried to kill somebody before.

Harold: No Eva, he’s telling the truth. If he wasn’t then why would he tell about Topher leaving which became vital in our case.

Brick: And also four of us was in our way to the flower house so we would have heard a noise to if the killer used that one.

Max: Then if it wasn’t the head with only muscle, who else could it be!?

Dawn: Simple put, the other entrance where it was possible for one guard to have been there base on another person’s condition.

Beardo: That is not easy to understand.

Brick: It will be my friend, once I say who it is! Am I right ______?


Looks like this Chapter is going to end soon. Leave a comment below and make your prediction on the killer. I hope you enjoy the work I laid out to you all and have fun!

I know it's been a while I have updated so here is one! The character moving on the next story will be Trixie, but don't worry since the contest will be on going. I'll be asking for more OC and then have another vote with them. You can still have the same entry, but the contest will have more competitors so think about that. Anyway I hope you could enjoy it I don't know, about a few entries later.

It might take me a bit to upload the next part so I'll begin the next victim voting. Vote for two MALES to be put up for victim duty.

Here you go, it looks like the Top 3 suspects we have is this.

1) Geoff

2) Lindsay

3) Bridgette

So if the killer wasn’t Geoff, Linsay or Bridgette then I can pick the next victim. So here is the results to determine this or not…


Brick: In my sights!!!


Brick: Geoff! So what do you have to say? A confession or an argument?

Geoff: What do I have to say? Dude, you can’t seriously think I did it!

Bridgette: Yeah, Geoff is too much of a sweetheart to even hurt somebody.

Samey: Geoff…well I don’t want to imagine him killing somebody, the evidence is there to support him as the killer.

Lindsay: There is? I don’t really know how it does point to him?

Scarlett: I wonder if you remember where the entrances of the trap door was, because if you look at them then you’ll see why it has to be Geoff.

Brick: The entrances we know of were in the beach, B’s cabin and the flower house. The beach was where Geoff was which meant he could have entered the maze at anytime during the Sabotuer’s game.

Harold: We already explained why the flower house is unlikely since Lightning did admit to seeing Topher leave there which would have been something the killer would hide and my group didn’t hear a single thing while going there.

Rodney: Then why not B’s cabin? Anyone there would have been able to enter the maze to.

Scarlett: You idiots, Lindsay and I were there with you. If any of us did enter through there then one of us would hear it.

Scott: But what if all of you were accomplices, that would mean that it would be possible for the entrance in the cabin to be use.

Shawn: I may be paranoid, but I trust them. It might be two people lying to help each other, but three people is hard to believe especially when those three don’t even get along.

Lindsay: But I totally get along with Sarmen? Right Crimson?

Scarlett: Uhh…no. I would never be friends with a total idiot.

Tyler: What’s wrong with being friends with a total idiot? She’s a really nice girl so there’s nothing wrong with being friends with her.

Cameron: Can we talk about this later, we still have to focus on the case.

Bridgette: I see your point, but the beach is also impossible. I was there to and I can attest that Geoff never left the beach at all during the Sabotuer’s game.

Zoey: That might be possible since Bridgette and Geoff always stick together since the beginning of this Killing Game.

Monokuma: I know right, that is so weird. I thought for sure they would have survive this.

Max: But if what the Surfer said was true, then that imbecile couldn’t be the culprit. It would be impossible to enter any of us secret entrances to that blasted maze.

Brick: Are you sure? I believe Bridgette told the truth that she never saw Geoff leave the beach, but who says she didn’t leave herself.

Katie: What are you doing? Accusing Bridgette now instead of Geoff, because I would think Geoff would say the same thing if we do that.

Geoff: I totally would, Bridg never left the beach and me.

Noah: That is an obvious lie. We have reason to believe Bridgette had to leave at some point.

Sam: Really? And why do you say that?

Harold: Because if you remember where and how we found Bridgette then you’ll know why at some point Bridgette needed to be out of the beach at one point.

Brick: Of course I should bring up the first point which is where we found her. It was t the…

(Beach/Radio Tower/Docks/Cabin)

Answer: Cabin

Dawn: He is right, when I went back to the cabin to see if the killer went there at some point I saw Bridgette lying down in her bed inside the cabin.

Cody: So Bridgette being in the cabin proves she wasn’t in the beach the entire time, it means it was possible for Geoff to have a chance to get inside the maze without being seen.

Geoff: Time out guys, let’s just talk about this guys.

Noah: I’m sorry to say this Geoff, but the killer has to be you. No one else could have been able to get inside the maze without anyone hearing you opening it.

Jasmine: Let’s not jump to conclusions, let’s ask her what time she went to the cabin before we say that Geoff was the only one who could access the maze without being seen.

LeShawna: So girl when you went to the cabin was Geoff still in the beach and was it near the time the Monokuma Announcement was played?

Bridgette: Well…well…well…”moaning noise”

Duncan: Don’t even bother, she’ll just say yes in order to protect her boyfriend. She’s not going to turn against him.


Gwen: Bridgette, what happen!? Why did you suddenly start yelling!?

Bridgette: I don’t know! It’s just everytime I try to remember my head hurts for some reason.

Lindsay: Are you sure your going to be alright? You looked like my friend when she forgot her make-up for one of her dates.

Tyler: I went through that just a few days ago. I think she’ll be fine as long as she doesn’t think about to much.

Cameron: Most likely the cause of the pain was mental stress, was it your head that was hurting.

Bridgette: I guess…I mean it felt like the inside of my head was shaking everywhere.

Scarlett: I think this is something we should remember…so we can help her out after the trial. Although it’s more likely she’ll need more then that after what will happen to her boyfriend.

Geoff: Hold on there, we haven’t said yet if it was me who did it or not.

Scarlett: Although the evidence is pointing towards you Geoff, and it wouldn’t unless it had a good reason like being a killer.

Sam: That is too cruel, having a couple forcibly separated is one of the most heartbreaking things here.

Zoey: However since Bridgette said she can’t remember, we can’t really use that as evidence to tell whether Geoff was guilty or not.

Geoff: Look guys I understand we have to find the killer, but come on, what makes you think that it was me? I had no reason to murder.

Scott: If what we said about the killer mistaking Topher as the Sabotuer then that would be the motive, but that would be everyone and not just Geoff.

Geoff: Exactly and how would I know about the entrance, it’s not like there was a way for me to find out.

Harold: Brick, maybe that’s how we should start this. Find out how Geoff even knew about the secret entrance and then we go by there.

Brick: That is a good first sector…alright I think I’ll join you in that.

Just need to be careful for an ambush, sometimes the best spots can also be the most dangerous spot against a crafty foe and I have yet to see Geoff’s cunningness so watch out.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Hidden Passage, Bridgette’s Testimony, Empty Syringe, Shawn’s Testimony

Geoff: I get it, I was at one of the places where there was a maze entrance, but isn’t there other entrances then the ones we know.

Duncan: I really doubt it, I scouted inside the maze and I can tell there isn’t any others. Well others that can be access.

Cody: Others that can be access, so there must be ones that couldn’t be access now. Probably they were in places Monokuma didn’t open up yet.

Monokuma: Yup and if you survive the trial, one of the entrances will be guaranteed to be accessible, although you’ll need to find it first.

Zoey: But weren’t the other places filled with witnesses. If any of them were use then somebody should have heard the noise of the entrance opening.

Geoff: Come on, the noise shouldn’t be that loud. I didn’t even a hear a single noise at all the entire time.

Katie: Maybe you weren’t in a nearby area where it was open but they do make a very loud noise. I could even hear outside the tower.

Geoff: I know maybe someone did use the entrance in the beach, I probably didn’t hear it since I was too worried about Bridgette going unconscious.

Bridgette: So you were the one who brought me in the cabin, thanks babe.

Samey: That…that is actually a possibility. We never figured out when Bridgette blacked out.

Geoff: You see now dudes and chicks, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I never knew about the entrance or the murder until you guys explained it to me during the investigation.

Izzy: Rats! He can’t be convicted as the killer, not unless we have some evidence to throw at him!

Owen: Izzy!!! What are you going to do with that syringe!?

So what Geoff said, is it true? He could have left the beach to bring Bridgette in the cabin, but I can’t believe it. I want to argue against it, but there is no reason not to believe he didn’t take Bridgette inside.

Solution: Bridgette – never knew about the entrance

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: I can begrudgingly consider that you really did bring your girlfriend inside the cabin seeing you were in the beach, but not knowing anything about the entrance is completely different.

Max: So there was something in the entrance that shows Geoff was in there at some point. I knew my theory was correct.

Brick: Actually it wasn’t evidence found inside the maze that I was going to use.

Max: Blast!!!

Beardo: Then is it something found outside the maze or…”lightbulb” was it a person who could prove it.

Harold: It would be the second thing that you said. We know at some point Geoff needed to have seen the door because of an incident.

Dawn: If we have to figure that out base on the location, it would obviously has to be the one where Bridgette got a head injury.

Noah: It would explain why would she get one. If she landed on the door of the maze it would have definitely left a bump like the one she had when we examined her.

Eva: And knowing Party Boy, he probably would have dug that part of the beach thinking there would be pirate treasure.

Geoff: Well maybe…

Sam: So your saying you did! That means at some point you knew about the maze which makes it entirely possible for you to be the one who got inside the maze.

Geoff: Alright guys, your right I knew about the maze. If you really want to pin me the crime then let’s just do it.

Am I only the one who feels a bit uneasy on how calmly Geoff admitted the crime.

Geoff: If you really believe that it was me then let’s get it done. I know you all have place your heart into this so no point at trying to fight back.

Tyler: But Geoff don’t you know what that means, you will get executed for sure if we vote for you whether you’re the killer or not.

Geoff: I know, but someone will be anyone so I guess I’ll be the one taking the fall this time guys. I just wish I could have partied a little more before I go out.

Samey: I…I don’t know…should we vote?

Scarlett: Well he already confess and him being the killer was already obvious so no point at delaying the inevitable-

Bridgette: Wait a minute! Who said this was final?

Sam: Bridgette, Geoff has already confess about the murder. We can’t really do much other then vote for him so we can continue to survive.

Bridgette: But that’s if he was the killer. I may not have been in the beach the entire time, but I know he’s innocent. You have to believe me!

Zoey: I know it’s really difficult, but we have to do it. Losing a boyfriend is nothing I wanted to ever happen to me, but in this crazy world we live in then it’s possible.

Bridgette: This isn’t about my personal feelings! It’s something else.

For some reason I really doubt it. I know she’s acting out of line because of her emotional attachment towards Geoff, but attachment doesn’t have any room in the war zone.

LeShawna: So if it isn’t about your feelings then what is it? I’m sorry girl, but feelings doesn’t mean much here unlike Total Drama.

Cody: Which is really sad, why did these things happen now?

Bridgette: Well it’s simple, the lack of evidence. Sure by circumstances Geoff is the killer for being alone in a place where there was a secret entrance, but if he really was the killer then there would be evidence pointing towards him.

Cameron: I guess since all the other killers did leave some sort of evidence about them. Except for Heather, but that was because of how simple her murder was.

Samey: Let’s not talk about it, not here.

Katie: Well I guess we have to wait until we have proof about Geoff’s involvement here as the killer.

Harold: Do you think we have any of that Brick?

Brick: I don’t know yet, but there is plenty of ammo to search through. I’m pretty sure I can find the right one there.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Hidden Passageway, Shawn’s Testimony, Blonde Hair, Monokuma Fil 08, Cleaning Alcohol

Eva: Looks like we can’t end the trial until we have some sort of evidence that shows Geoff was the killer.

Beardo: I guess it makes sense, since killers always leave evidence pointing to them. Which is a “buzzard” here, there’s nothing we have to point at Geoff except something circumstancial.

Tyler: But there’s nothing else who could the killer be since there would be a witness if the other entrances were use.

Samey: We have already proven that Bridgette wasn’t in the beach the entire time so Geoff really is the only one who could enter the maze since there wasn’t anybody else there.

Geoff: So that’s what points me to being the killer, I can totally see where your getting at. So I don’t have any hard feelings here guys.

Bridgette: But I do, if Geoff really did kill Topher, wouldn’t there be something inside the tower to point his crime?

Sam: Yeah, but we didn’t find anything inside the tower…or anywhere else that might point towards Geoff.

Katie: And I seriously doubt that there was a witness because if there was why wouldn’t they say anything until now?

Izzy: Maybe they were just crazy as me! That would be so awesome to have someone else like me so we can talk about things like weapons, and how stupid therapist are and…

Ignoring Izzy’s lengthy report, I need to debunk the argument presented by Bridgette, and how to do it is what I’m uncertain about.

Solution: Cleaning Alcohol – anywhere

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Not quite!!! Sure this evidence doesn’t point to Geoff in a frontal assault, but this still can be use as a weapon.

Zoey: Weapons as evidence…maybe I should take notes. Saying things like that may help me in my confidence.

Bridgette: And how do I know that you’re not just lying in order to get your way? Because you had lied to us before Brick.

Harold: Oh yeah the tape recorder and list of coordinate events back when Dave died. Have you gotten over that part yet?

Brick: Of course!!! A soldier must always discard resentful feelings and continue the good fight in a battlefield.

That is a total lie…hope no one figures it out.

Sam: Bridgette we shouldn’t bring something like that now. Let’s just see what Brick wants to show so we can determine if he was really showing evidence, or is trying to use a cheat code.

Lindsay: I didn’t know were in a game video, I should have gotten a cuter outfit then…

Brick: You see here Bridgette, the evidence that can point to Geoff is the cleaning alcohol I presented then and I’m presenting now.

Max: Waste of time, why would you show that to us a second time when the first time didn’t have anybody here feel that Geoff committed the below-average deed?

Dawn: Location, because we know for a fact that the killer went at one point to the beach. How else would this urban product even be found inside the shed?

Cameron: I get your point, but how does it point to Geoff? Isn’t it possible the killer place the alcohol inside the cabin after the murder?

Bridgette: Exactly!!! It’s not like Geoff was the only one who went to the beach, other people have too.

Brick: You may think of it as so simple, but in truth Geoff was the only person who actually was in there the entire time. Wouldn’t that mean he would have heard the beach entrance opening or somebody entering the shed?

Jasmine: Well I’ll be your right. Geoff may not be the most intelligent here, but he would definitely have seen something fishy if it did happen in the beach.

Duncan: Or check it out himself, Geoff ain’t afraid of a little danger.

Owen: That’s true, he once tough something happened in the pool party before and immediately went to check it out even before putting back his trunks.

Geoff: That event is one that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

Noah: Which won’t be that long if you really did end up becoming the killer.

Scarlett: But it looks like in the Brick has given another reason to think Geoff was the killer. The killer had to go at the beach at one point with the alcohol to prove it.

Harold: If it wasn’t Geoff he would have seen something, but since no one did it must mean Geoff really was the killer! He wouldn’t say anything that might point him as the killer!

Bridgette: HIGH TIDE!!!


Bridgette: But that isn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for something that points to Geoff directly.

Brick: And this evidence should suffice then, this points to Geoff as proof that the killer was someone in the beach.

Harold: I think she’s asking for stronger and more direct evidence. The thing we presented is kind of circumstancial.

Brick: Really? Because I thought it was quite decisive that we could end this case there, then and now.

Bridgette: You may think like that, but not everyone else especially me! I even have arguments against these decisive evidence of yours.

Harold: Good luck with this, I’m rooting for you.

Why not just give me support like a soldier should do for they fellow ally and companion?


Evidence: Blonde Hair, Bridgette’s Testimony, Empty Syringe, Footprints, Broken Pieces of Woods

Bridgette: The main reason you suspect my boyfriend

Bridgette: As the killer was because he was in the beach.

Bridgette: Because he was the only one near an entrance alone.

Bridgette: Because the killer went to the beach to hide the alcohol.

Bridgette: That’s all your basis on the accusation.

Bridgette: But there all circumstantial and doesn’t point at only Geoff.

Brick: You may say it’s not enough, but we know all of these were done by the killer and we know only Geoff can be the to do all of these.

Bridgette: Are you sure about that?

Bridgette: Because you don’t have anything to link him…

Bridgette: as someone who went inside the tower.

Bridgette: Or the one who pushed Topher to his death.

Bridgette: Everything in your argument is only about the beach.

Bridgette: Which Geoff was there probably being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bridgette: You have to understand how unfair your treating him.

I know the evidence isn’t really calling Geoff a killer, but the person the beach is. But if the location was the key point to push the murder on Geoff then maybe something in the crime scene could do the same.

Solution: Blonde Hair – who went inside the tower.

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: Bridgette I have evidence again that may not point only at Geoff, but this evidence can also apply to him.

Rodney: Wow! If Geoff isn’t the killer then we might be executed for how bad his luck is.

Geoff: Am I really bad with luck?

LeShawna: Let’s not say it yet until we hear from Brick what this evidence is. Once that’s done we’ll see if he’s right or wrong.

Bridgette: He’s got to be wrong…there was nothing in the crime scene that points at my Geoffrey.

She’s becoming more desperate and emotional about this. I know it hurts but in war we can’t show any mercy.

Brick: Tell me everyone how many blondes do we have still alive?

Lindsay: Oh my God!!! I know what your saying!!! That people with yellow hair are getting targeted.

Tyler: The right term is blonde and there wasn’t many who were blonde that died. Only Jo, Sugar and Topher, but they were pretty big jerks.

Beardo: Topher isn’t really one if you compare him to the other two, although he did get in my nerves a lot.

Jasmine: So why ask such a tough question? Those it have anything to do with finding the killer?

Harold: Yes it does, the reason Brick asked the question was to know who could the blonde hair belong to inside the tower.

Shawn: The blonde hair on the floor, I always thought it all belong to Topher since he was blonde.

Dawn: I may have thought of that as well, but Noah brought up a reason why it isn’t so.

Noah: You see I did compare the hair to Topher and I notice the hair was lighter. So it couldn’t belong to him, but either the killer or the Sabotuer.

Scarlett: And the Sabotuer isn’t sloppy enough to leave hair behind, if they did it would have been easier for all of us to find suspects for the Sabotuer.

Scott: So that means it must belong to the killer. So that’s why you say it doesn’t directly point to Geoff…

Brick: But we can safely say that the killer was blonde and out of everyone here that’s blonde, Geoff is the most suspicious of them all!!!

Geoff: Look at that using your noggin. I’m really impress on how well your handling the case. Respect dudes!!!

Harold: And respect to you to you Geoff, I’m sorry it has to end this way.

Brick: You must understand the important of this sacrifice, why we do this in every trial.

Cody: Things we never want to do at all…why did we get stuck in this island?

Geoff: Of course man, it has to be done.

Bridgette: Yeah, but were not sacrificing you, but the real killer.

Is she not giving up yet?

Trent: Bridgette, you have to stop this! It’s over, the killer is blonde and has to be someone in the beach. Out of everyone here, Geoff has to be the only person.

Bridgette: But it’s still more circumstance!!! I…I will only accept this if you can find a way to show me that the killer has to be absolutely Geoff. If it can’t really be anyone else.

Lightning: Let’s just ignore this crazy lady and move on with the vote. Sha-Lightning needs to have his grub before my muscles begin to look like Cameron.

Cameron: Hey!!! My muscles aren’t that bad, there as strong as bones!

Noah: Maybe because they are bones.

Scarlett: Anyway the trial won’t end until we have everyone to vote. If we can’t convince Bridgette to vote then moving forward is an impossible feat.

Shawn: We’ll need the decisive evidence she keeps asking if we really want to end this.

Harold: Do you think we have the evidence Brick?

I…I hate to say it…

Brick: Harold…I don’t think…

Dawn: I don’t think I need to worry. That’s what you should say Brick and Harold.

Brick: Dawn!!! Why did you suddenly say that!?

Samey: I think it’s her way of showing support which is so cute!!!

Katie: Totally!!! She’s so cute that I want to pinch her cheeks.

Dawn: My cheeks are not made to be pinch. Ahem, the reason I did what I did was what Samey said and more. I know you all have the decisive evidence in order to end this case once and for all.

Harold: But it’s not like we know how it is decisive evidence. We check the evidence over and over and yet we don’t know which of them could be considered.

Dawn: Then look at the evidence yet to be presented, one of them looks unneeded but in truth is the most powerful evidence you have.

Scott: Really? Why not you say it if you know?

Dawn: I think it’s better if you discover this yourself then have me tell you all about. I trust you can do it and save us from death once again.

Look at the evidence I have yet to use…there is one evidence that feels out of place, but…

Brick: I guess I’ll follow your command then. I’ll find the right evidence and then use it to end this trial through it’s decisiveness.

Owen: Don’t you feel like we left someone out?

Izzy: Just go with it Brick!!! You beat once in a trial, so I know you can take down Bridgette and Geoff here.

Harold: Soryy Brick, but I’m not much help here. I’ll leave everything to you.

Brick: Yes!!! Brick here will be the one to finish this war and leave nothing unresolved!!!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Empty Syringe, Geoff’s Testimony, Broken Pieces of Wood, Monokuma File 08, Cleaning Alcohol

Bridgette: I’ve kept asking for the decisive evidence to point directly to Geoff, but you didn’t present any.

Trent: As much as I want to end the trial, she’s right that we haven’t presented the evidence yet, but is there really a decisive evidence?

Izzy: There has to be! It’s a memo for each killer, like my bo-boom back in my murder long time.

Noah: Long time ago, if the last trial is considered a long time then I guess.

Max: But if such thing did exist then we would have found it! But nothing where Geoff went could say that he did push the fake host off the dreaded tower.

Samey: We don’t need to rush this guys. Take our time and analyze any possible evidence we can use to find something to connect to Geoff.

Scarlett: As much as we need to calm our mind, I don’t know how long will Bridgette last before causing a scene in front of everyone.

Bridgette: What do you mean by that!? Why would I ever cause a scene!?

Rodney: This might be trouble, we really need that clue quick! I don’t want to see someone so lovely hurt somebody.

Geoff: That’s my girlfriend buddy, don’t try hitting on her even if I am killer!!!

Gwen: Normally we would consider that as a confession or anything you said before, but we need to convince Bridgette the truth before we can ever vote.

Dawn: It won’t take long, as long as the secret weapon is ready. A weapon even the killer probably didn’t notice while tampering the crime scene.

And I have the weapon…I just don’t know what is it! I have a guess, but…why would this be decisive evidence against Geoff?

Solution: Broken Pieces of Wood – the secret weapon

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: You said before Dawn that the secret weapon was something that wasn’t too outstanding at first, confirmation please.

Dawn: Yes I did, even I was surprise what it was, but in the end everything happens for a reason.

Cody: Like that evidence being found, but what is the evidence?

Brick: Do you remember what these were Harold?

Harold: Aren’t those the pieces of wood we found in the control room? You know we never did figure out why it was there.

LeShawna: I don’t understand everything, but I’m guessing this is what might point to Geoff as the killer.

Dawn: I doubt why is there will prove to everyone that it was Geoff, but it’s a good way to show a reason why what it original was would be there. Care to guess?

Scott: I really doubt we can figure out what it is, but might as well think what it could have been use.

Brick: So we need to solve this next obstacle then…what purpose was whatever these chipped of wood came from was even there for?

Think why a killer would bring wooden item inside a place with a dangerous person who got there in a scary maze.


What was the purpose of what the wooden pieces originally was?


Answer: Defensive Weapon

Brick: I reach my destination!!!


Brick: The killer originally brought them this as a weapon!

Lindsay: To throw at people’s eye like pepper spray!

Tyler: Lindsay you don’t throw pepper spray, but spray it and also I think there referring to whatever these wooden pieces were originally were.

Jasmine: But it makes sense in a way. If I suddenly saw a secret location which look pretty dangerous I would have geared myself up and explored.

Duncan: And if your anything like me you would bring a weapon, which I have all the time. My trusty knife.

Zoey: I always wonder why Courtney never got that thrown away while she was still the leader.

Sam: Base on what we said earlier, whatever this is will point to Geoff. So that means the weapon this came from will point only at Geoff being the culprit.

Dawn: You are right, that is why I said the wooden pieces were decisive.

Bridgette: OK, so what if the weapon and how does it point to Geoff?

Dawn: I know, but it’s best if everyone figure it out themselves. You might not believe what I say even if it’s the truth.

Brick: Even if it’s the truth…so the weapon must be either unidentifiable or very eccentric that you won’t see in combat in a normal day.

Harold: I have a few ideas what weapon could it be, but none really points to Geoff.

Noah: It doesn’t matter, let’s just talk about this and see if we can find out what the weapon was.

Bridgette: Remember! I won’t vote until we prove Geoff is innocent or is undoubtly guilty!

I wonder if she’s saying the truth or is just making a lie! Well if I believe what Dawn said then the evidence we’ve been looking for is something that will point to Geoff. I better start thinking of weapons that could be it like a pizza or a musical chair.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: …

Katie: So to find the evidence to point Geoff as the killer, we need to figure out what these pieces of wood originally were.

Zoey: We can’t just say some random weapons and hope we get the right one. We need to find a clue about the pieces of wood themselves. It doesn’t have to be big, just something to help identify where or what could this thing be.

Max: Perhaps we try to check the size of the wooden pieces! You know what they say, the bigger the weapon the more evil looking it is.

Shawn: Yeah, like we can find out if these chunks of wood were a big a small piece of the original thing.

Beardo: “lightbulb” I got it!!! We could try to think up as many wooden weapons we can and see which of them could it be!

Scott: Yeah, like there isn’t so many wooden weapons here, oh yeah! What’s next we suggest finding out the type of wood of the small wooden pieces.

Trent: That could work, but the problem is what if the wood matches more then one thing? It might lower the list of possible weapons, but that doesn’t mean much when we can’t even identify it.

Duncan: I would remember that this was a part of something if I were you. Something on the pieces might give a pretty strong hint.

Harold: And remember that this was something that will point to Geoff as the killer.

Jasmine: How can something wooden point to Geoff? I never saw him with any wood this entire time.

Find the weapon…find the decisive evidence…and use it to end this trial!!! I have to keep remembering this to keep myself from crumbling to the pressure.

Solution: Something on the pieces – a clue

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: Wasn’t there faded paint on the wooden pieces if I recall?

Zoey: Really…oh yeah! I forgot that it had a tint of blue when we picked it up. I still think I have the paint stain when I picked it up.

Cameron: Let me see…yup that is definitely paint.

Gwen: So the wooden pieces had blue paint meaning the weapon must be something blue and made out of wood.

Bridgette: How is that…Ugh!!!

Geoff: Bridg…are you OK?

Owen: Oh man, she just look like she saw a ghost! Is it the Ghost of Lunches Past! I’m sorry for eating you Mr.Porkchop!!!

Noah: I think you should return the book I gave you back before anything else crazy doesn’t enter that head of yours.

Izzy: She acted like she saw a ghost, like maybe she was shock with the thing she just learned because it would end up pointing to Geoff as the killer!!!

Jasmine: That’s a really specific way of thinking, but you might be right. I mean if you look at her face you can practically see it.

Brick: This is just from my instincts, but you do know what the weapon. You already figured it out when you realize it was blue.

Bridgette: Your wrong!!! What weapon could I think of that is blue and made out of wood, and more importantly point to my boyfriend as the killer.

LeShawna: I got to admit she has a point. It’s hard to believe that there would be a weapon like.

Owen: Yeah, but I’m pretty sure Brick can figure it out. He’s smarter then me and I have no idea what it could be.

Noah: Of course, how difficult is it to outsmart the guy who believed that a piece of pork came back from the dead.

Harold: Well looks like this is where the entire trial comes to an end. We need to prove once and for all it was Geoff who killed Topher and in order to do that, we need to figure out the weapon used by the killer.

Brick: Alright I’m on it!

My mission now is to end this trial, and my final step to do so is present Bridgette the weapon Geoff brought in the crime scene.

P.T.A (VS Bridgette)

Bridgette: Just stop this!!!

Bridgette: This so not cool.

Bridgette: This is too mean for a joke.

Bridgette: Prepare to get wipeout!!!

Bridgette: Sink or swim!

Bridgette: Let's forget about this misunderstanding.

Bridgette: Continue this and were no longer friends!!!

Bridgette: This hurts! This hurts too much!


Bridgette: The wooden parts don't make a weapon! There's nothing that it could be that would point to Geoff!!!


BOARD              BLUE


Answer: Light Blue Surf Board

Brick: Time to end this conflict!!!


Brick: I should have realize it when I saw the paint on it, the identity of the weapon Geoff really brought in the crime scene.

Duncan: Good for you, we don't have any idea so why not you tell us?

Brick: I...I was trying to sound cool OK?

Katie: I understand, but I think it would be best if we end this trial as soon as possible.

Bridgette: But it won't end soon since we still gave to find the real culprit since it can't be Geoff. He didn't present anything deci-

Brick: It's the surfboard isn't it.

Bridgette: Ugh...what are you saying? A surfboard? What makes you think that would be the weapon?

Brick: Can you tell me anything else that is light blue and made out of wood?

Harold: Well a surfboard can be use as a weapon since it's heavy and kind of easy to swing if you have enough muscle.

Noah: And it would fit the way how the murder work base on the scenario we made. Geoff found the secret maze entrance by accident so he never planned for it. Of course anyone would be curious about it and would search it.

Jasmine: But with where we are it would be too reckless to search a suspicious place without having something to defend yourself.

Bridgette: Yeah, but why a surfboard? Having a knife or a gun would be much better then something never built to be a weapon.

Brick: You should all know this, Geoff was surfing around that time. Maybe he found the secret entrance during then and the only thing he had with him was a surfboard.

Zoey: He probably went to search immediately since he might have thought it was a way out and if he just left it alone something might happen to it.

Shawn: So he went inside the maze and the only thing he had with him was his surfboard and decided to bring it with him to defend himself.

Bridgette: B-But... the surfboard isn't a good weapon!

Eva: Surfer Girl would you rather go to somewhere suspicious bare-handed?

Bridgette: I... I guess not.

Scarlett: So with light blue pieces of wood found in the crime scene and Brick's account about Geoff surfing with a presents plenty of evidence Geoff did use the surfboard to hit Topher which made him go dizzy... and then push the pathetic man off the tower.

Cameron: Is there anything you want to say Geoff?

Geoff: Nothing man...there's nothing I can do anymore to hide it. I was the killer who push Topher of the tower. If none of you guys get it then someone here should explain it all and help them out.

Samey: I think the person who should do this is the one who solve this case, you Brick.

Brick: Alright time to fulfill my duty for the class one last time!!!


Let's begin with how this case all started! Topher and the Sabotuer's action before the murder happened. As we know one of the main key parts were the secret entrances and the maze it leads to. The Sabotuer used this in order to sneak in and out the radio tower while the Sabotuer Game was happening. But little did the Sabotuer knew Topher was already aware of this and was searching around for these entrances days before the game started, the most likely is curiousity, but we'll never know since he died. Thanks to people sightning Topher looking around grounds we found out the locations of the entrances which were B's Cabin, the Beach, The Flower House and The Radio Tower.

Now time to explain the events that happened during the Sabotuer Game which lead to the murder. The Sabotuer Game where everyone is force to wear a headphone which and split between two groups, the people digging up weapons to probably look for the nuclear grenade and the people stuck to people the twisted puzzle games the Sabotuer prepared. The main reason for the puzzle games was so the Sabotuer would have something to keep everyone busy while they sneak in to the tower, however Topher knew about the secret entrances and probably figure out about the Sabotuer's location due to someone bringing up the fact there must have been a place for the Sabotuet to send signals to the headphones. Topher then got Lightning to cover for him while he sneaks in the tower through the entrance inside the Flower House.

Then we move on the killer's action. He found the entrance by an accident where his girlfriend Bridgette wiped out and landed on it. The killer thought this place as a possible escape route and after taking his girlfriend to get help for her injury, he decided to enter the maze with his surfboard. By following the footprints most likely left by either the Sabotuer or Topher when they were searching before, the killer manage to make it to the radio tower but not before Topher did. However the Sabotuer struck again and made a change of plan which cause this thing to happen.

Having a camera on the bottom of the tower the Sabotuer saw the two men get inside the tower and made an effort to hide. First they remove the trap that was set-up in the entrance of the control room which was where they were the entire time and then hid inside a closet knowing the misunderstanding that was about to occur. Topher got in and with a sword he stole from Harold and hid inside a duffal bag cut off the wires of the radio tower to stop the game. That explains the time which we receive no instructions from the Sabotuer every hour. Then the killer came in and seeing Topher alone in the control room made him believe Topher was the Sabotuer so he hit him in the back of his neck with the surfboard they brought and while he staggered they threw him off the railings and hid underneath the covers of the stairs. A few people rushed in and went towards the radio tower to see that Topher fell.

While the murder occured, the Sabotuer made a break for it to the secret entrance and escaped while leaving a trap in B's cabin to hide there deed. Then after realizing what they've done the killer ran back to the secret entrance and use cleaning alcohol from the radio tower to clean the rusty gears of the entrance to make sure it wouldn't make a noise when it closes. Then the killer went inside the maze after closing the entrance and then returned to the beach in order to pretend not to have anything involve with the case. Of course none of this would have possible if the Sabotuer didn't place mines in the front of the radio tower.

The culprit can only be the person who had the surfboard with him and the person who was in an area where there was an entrance and nobody around.

Scene: Brick glares at the blacken smilling and relaxing.

Brick: Party's over Geoff!!! The entire crime you committed has ben fully revealed!!!

Scene: The killer reveals themselves to be Geoff.

Geoff: I guess it's high time to vote, we know what's up so let's get this done. I knew I did something wrong, but hey I accept it and everything that comes with it OK?

Duncan: Your sounding way too relax with Geoff?

Samey: At least he won't die in despair like Monokuma wants.

Monokuma: Come on! This is the whole reason I setted up these murders!!!

Scene: A slot machine plays which contains all the faces of the characters. The slot machines stop on three Geoffs and then the sign on top that says guilty lights up.




Geoff: It's over guys! The mutual killing is over!!!

Sam: Huh? What are you saying Geoff?

Geoff: What I'm saying is that we voted for the wrong killer!

Lindsay: Wrong killer, but wouldn't that mean...Geoff isn't the killer.

Geoff: Yup it isn't see there is reason to.

Jasmine: Care to explain, because it looks like all the evidence did point to you.

Brick: And I'll argue anything you say about not being the killer!

Geoff: OK then, don't say I didn't warn you.


Evidence: Empty Syringe, Footprints

Geoff: You all voted for me as the culprit.

Geoff: Now that was a mistake guys!

Geoff: I didn't kill nobody, I can guarantee that.

Geoff: Unfortunately that means the Class Trials and the murder have ended.

Geoff: Because we were all wrong!

Brick: I don't get it, what do you have to present to prove us to be incorrect with our decision!

Geoff: Sorry man, but I don't have anything to.

Geoff: Because you already have it!

Geoff: The evidence that someone else other then me was the killer.

Geoff: If you think I'm lying then why not you check it out?

Geoff: I know it really looks like it's impossible.

Geoff: But believe me, the evidence is there for sure!

H-He must be bluffing!!! There is no way he can't be the killer!!!

Solution: Footprints - The evidence that someone else other then me was the killer

Brick: This can't be!!!


Brick There was an extra set of footprints in the maze! Don't tell me whoever made those is the real culprit!?

Geoff: Exactly man, that is the person who killed Topher!

Dawn: But who is it? Who was Topher's real killer?

Geoff: Who else do you think? Who here would I try to protect?

Gwen: Geoff... don't you realize this person wouldn't want this at all.

Scott: I have no idea who there talking about.

Brick: I do...

If Geoff is telling the truth then the real culprit here was...!


What a twist!!! It seems like Geoff isn't the culprit but they vote for him so how is this is going to end? Is the end of the line I have another twist coming. Stay tune and find out!!!

Let's see where this plot twist will lead, but first...


Brick: ...


Brick: You would only put your life down for one person here, the person who you sworn to protect no matter back in day 1.

Gwen: Isn't that obvious, Geoff would never betray her he isn't the type of guy.

Bridgette: Who're they talking about? Is it someone else that Geoff like?

Lindsay: How cute, but nope. There talking about you Bridgette.

Bridgette: Me, but I don't-

Duncan: You lost your memory, or did you forget that to. Maybe one of the things you forgot was you killing Topher.

Cameron: I was going to say that she wouldn't have defended Geoff so much if she were the killer, but if you add in the factor that she forgot about it then it would explain why would she do that.

Scott: Besides did you really think that Geoff could have gotten in the secret entrance without Bridgette knowing. Saying she got knock-out is sketchier then the lemons I sold back when I was little kid.

Bridgette: I...I...but would I...

Geoff: Sorry babe, but their right. You did kill Topher and now since they voted wrong they will be executed and you'll be free.

Rodney: But doesn't that mean were going to die!? But I have so many thing to say to the girls I left back home.

Scarlett: ...Not likely, so how did Geoff pull of the amnesia trick?

Lightning: Are you sha-crazy!? Don't you get what's going to happen to us! Were all about to be sha-boom!!!

Scarlett: But before we die isn't it a good thing to think why Bridgette did forget? Forgetting something so powerful isn't easy to pull off so it would be in our best interest to figure that out.

Trent: I doubt Geoff hit Bridgette in the head to do that and I don't think it was because of how shocking the murder was.

Tyler: I know this sounds really strange, but I think I went through the same thing to. I forgot quite a bit a few days ago.

Lindsay: Oh yeah after I...I...what did I do again?

Shawn: Oh great! And this was when we were getting somewhere.

Harold: Do you have an idea what cause all of this to happen?

Brick: I have and it's something that we found but never really connect to the actual murder. I think I still have it in my pockets...

(Whistle/Pieces of Wood/Empty Syringe/Sword)

Answer: Empty Syringe

Lindsay: Oh yeah that! I thought it was medicine so I used it to try curing Tyler's injury.

Tyler: But I wasn't injured, I just sprain my ankle. A real athlete can't let something like that put him down.

Lightning: Right at you! Of course you don't have what it takes to beat the Lightning!!!

Samey: OK, after that should we just end it here or not.

Sam: It's already game over anyway so what's the point.

Scarlett: Hmm...Bridgette mind taking a look at the syringe?

Bridgette: Huh? Why?

Scarlett: I have a feeling looking at will lead us to something very interesting.

Bridgette: ...Ugh...Ugh...I...I...AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

LeShawna: Woah girl, what happen!?

Noah: I think she might be remembering.

Zoey: So Bridgette is true!? Did you really kill Topher!?

Bridgette: I...I...I did! It was me who push Topher of the tower!

Harold: That is something I don't want to hear.

Brick: We have to do something to argue against that claim.

Dawn: Can you please elaborate your confession in more detail? If what you said is true then please give us a full story to this unknown mystery.

Dawn what is she up to?

Bridgette: I...I don't want to...but I...I guess I don't have a choice. After everything I done this is something I can't just run away from.

Dawn: Please explain every single detail about the case and make sure nothing is left.

Noah: You think something might be wrong about her case?

Dawn: It should otherwise we'll be going to the mortal coil very soon. Let's all listen and if we find a problem do not hesitate to say it.

Y-Yeah I think we should know that. Because if we can't find a problem then were going to be executed since we got the killer wrong.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 08, Cover, Blonde Hair, State of Topher, Hidden Passageway

Lindsay: So it's true Bridgette, you killed Topher? But why?

Bridgette: I don't know...I just have only memories about killing him, not anything before that.

Sam: If we what we said earlier is correct the motive would be because the killer thought the Sabotuer was Topher since he was in the control room which was where the Sabotuer was.

Geoff: Of course, I mean we had no idea who the Sabotuer was until we saw him. We thought he was the guy, but as you guys said we got the Sabotuer wrong and now their still alive.

Noah: But they won't be for long since we got the killer wrong and now were going to be executed. Now your happy Geoff?

Scarlett: Before we let Monokuma punch that button of his, we should hear from Bridgette and see how she did kill Topher.

Bridgette: see when we found Topher in the control room, I panic and hit him with the surfboard. He was going after me with a sword and I couldn't think when it happened.

Max: A surfboard...but wasn't it your lover that brought it as a mediocre weapon due to not baring one at the time.

Geoff: No it was Bridge who did it. She felt nervous entering the cave that when I immediately went rushing in, she brought the surfboard with her while chasing me.

Bridgette: And then after he became dizzy, he immediately started to tumble. I remember he dropped his sword out of dizziness and because of what he did...I push him.

Zoey: I understand why you would do it, I mean you probably were fearing for your life and did whatever it takes to make sure you wouldn't lose it.

Bridgette: So while he was stumbling I push him over the railings. It was so fast that he didn't had a chance to hold on to something before he fell.

Geoff: I couldn't do anything since Topher knock me in the ground before trying to attack Bridgette. If only I was more powerful Bridgette wouldn't have done this.

Bridgette: Then that's when my memories end. I think I did all those tampering the killer did and I just don't remember. I'm so sorry!

Scarlett: No you shouldn't be sorry, because we should be thanking you. One thing in what you said proves that you being the killer was the full story.

Something was wrong with what Bridgette said? I mean it all sounds like it would fit to place, but maybe a bit too much when you review it. Something might really just be a mistake in Bridgette's part.

Solution: Monokume File 08 - didn't had a chance to hold on to something

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Unfortunately Bridgette your not going to escape this so easily.

Bridgette: I know...if I knew I was the killer...I would have confess a long time ago.

Brick: Of course you would, because you would sacrifice yourself to keep the second killer alive.

Zoey: What!? The second killer!?

Lightning: Are you serious that there was another person there!?

Brick: Of course I am since we do know who else was there other then the killer, Sabotuer and the victim.

Samey: Someone else other then those three...who would have thought?

Shawn: It's Geoff right, because he fully admitted to being in the room at the time of the murder.

Geoff: Huh? Is that the only reason you would think I was a killer? Bridge confess and now she's free since no one figured out it was her.

Harold: But we figured out you as one of the killer so that's enough to keep us alive! We voted for you after all.

Bridgette: Hold it! But why would think Geoff is a killer!? I confess everything about my murder!

Scarlett: But there is a clear contradiction in what you said. That you push Topher off the railing with him trying to fight back, but you would be wrong.

Bridgette: Wrong??? But how could I be wrong?

Cameron: I don't think you realize this, but in the autopsy it said that Topher suffered skin burns in his hands for holding something. Now what would that thing he was is?

Eva: It has to be the ralings, because what else could the kid hold without falling off.

Geoff: But that doesn't explain why would I be accuse as the killer. How is that going to prove I was a murder.

Brick: Maybe because of the role you did in this crime scene. What you did should also label you as killer as much Bridgette was.

Geoff: ...Look man I have no idea what your saying, just really confuse.

Jasmine: Maybe this might help your memory. In a struggle between someone athletic but very slim like Bridgette versus somebody well-built like Topher who would think would win the fight?

Cody: It's obviously going to be Topher, but what does this have to do with the murder?

Katie: Think about it Bridgette should have been the one to have fell instead of Topher since she's weaker, but she didn't because she had something which Geoff fulfills.

Geoff: !...I have no idea what you mean!

Brick: Then why not I say it straigth up so you would know that your effort in saving Bridgette has failed.

Geoff: Look dude, I don't want to fight here, but we can't just make an excuse. We mess up and we can't do anything about it.

Harold: But you mess up and we'll do something about it!

Bridgette: Please tell me, is Geoff the killer or is it me?

Brick: To be blunt it was both of you and I'll tell you how this is possible! I need otherwise we won't survive this!

P.T.A (VS Geoff)

Geoff: That's so uncool.

Geoff: You need to chill.

Geoff: I get it were in a total bummer here.

Geoff: Let's just have a party and forget this.

Geoff: I don't want to fight you bro!

Geoff: Let's just hug it out and apologize, OK?

Geoff: Don't mess with my girlfriend!

Geoff: Looks like I can't just win.


Geoff: You said I was also a killer, but that's impossible. There is no way I could be counted as one of those who put out Topher.




Answer: Push Topher With Bridgette

Brick: This is over!!!


Brick: You were the thing Bridgette needed to push Topher. You push him off with her.

Geoff: N-no! I-I mean dude that is totally boogus! Me pushing Topher with Bridge, why would I-

Gwen:So that you could get Bridgette free from this island, am I right?

Lindsay: Huh!? How would that work!?

Gwen: Think about it, we have an injured girl who's pretty clumsy and isn't exactly that strong. How easy of a target would she be if anyone here wanted to kill?

Duncan: So because she was worried about his girlfriend, he tried to get her out of here as soon as possible. That is very sweet, but also really annoying for us.

Harold: Have anything to say about that Geoff?

Geoff: This is a mistake! I didn't kill anybody! Bridgette did it and since we voted for me and not her she'll now be able to leave-

Bridgette: Geoff, this isn't what I wanted. I wanted to leave the island, but not like this.

Geoff: Bridge???

Bridgette: I wanted to leave this place alive with everyone. I didn't want to have a murder to happen and escape because of it. I wanted to escape because we defeated Monokuma and whoever is controlling him. Not because everyone didn't vote the blacken correctly.

Geoff: I...I...

Bridgette: Geoff it's over...they got it right and they'll continue to live...I just wish it was me who they voted for and not you...

Geoff: they were right to vote for me. I tried to get everyone killed in order to save you...but now I know I was wrong. I shouldn't have done it and I shouldn't have use this chance for you to escape. I deserve to die more then you...



- Monokuma finally comes in after the long discussion and announce that everyone got it right. Both Bridgette and Geoff killed Topher and had they not prove Geoff was a killer, he would have left his part slide and let Bridgette go while executing everyone else. This cause Tyler to bring up how unfair that would be since they technically got it right and he would know it more then anybody.

- Trent says he understand why Geoff would do something like that for his girlfriend, but he wished that he should have thought what Bridgette was thinking. Geoff knows this and wishes he could have just pull Topher out of the railing and then keep him restrain.

- Noah then ask Bridgette if she remembers everything which she says she does. He then ask her for any clues about the Sabotuer since she was where the Sabotuer was, Bridgette says no which Geoff backs it up. However she gives a theory that it's possible the Sabotuer was somebody near an entrance like her and Geoff since they also have to escape the place to. Sam takes about this and Katie says she'll investigate both locations later when they get back.

- Monokuma announce he's about to execute Geoff and when some people try to argue against it, Geoff tells them to stop since they know it's no use. When Jasmine notice Bridgette doesn't seem upset, Bridgette says it does hurt a lot, but she won't show it so she won't give Monokuma satisfaction by seeing her in despair. Monokuma finds this annoying, but prepares the punishment.

Scene: Monokuma hits the button with his gavel and then a screen showing an 8-bit version of him appears in the left end of the screen approaching Geoff who is in the middle of the screen. When he gets to him, he immediately drags Geoff to the other side with a chain while Geoff's sprite tries to struggle.

Party Hard!!! Geoff's Execution: Executed!

While everyone looks at Geoff out of worry, a net grabs him and then drags him back to the door where the net came from. Geoff tries to struggle out but then it was futile as he was still into the net until he left us. Then the screen which was also there suddenly light up a red light and we saw the ground where it looks like a beach with a party taking place. I have an idea what the execution is going to be.

We tried to look for Geoff among the partying Monokumas only for us to see him being wrap around a giant pizza dough. Oh no! This doesn't look good! Suddenly the Monokumas begin to throw soda and food to the pizza with some of the things they threw hitting Geoff. Eventually everything that was thrown to Monokuma got attach to the pizza which makes it look pretty messy however the Monokuma seems to enjoy the look. Eventually Monokuma began playing around the dough like their playing catch, with Geoff still on it. It looks like something impossible, but with this place anything can happen.

If this was all then the punishment wouldn't have been to bad. Geoff would have been dirty and dizzy, but overall not terribly hurt unlike the others. But that's when the Monokuma began to do something. They hurdled around in a circle and started to whisper about something. They all then point their mechanical eyes to the dough-trap Geoff and began to left him up over their shoulders. Geoff begins to panic and we can see why, the giant pizza oven they were heading. It became so obvious what they'll do and before they threw him in the others Monokuma look at each and then nodded. Then goes in Geoff as he was burn to death by the oven. Came out the pizza and it was burnt with no Geoff in sight and the Monokuma fighting among themselves. most likely trying to pin the blame on somebody for letting the pizza burn.

This was the end of Geoff, our party boy and Topher's killer.

- Monokuma enjoys it and tries to rub it on Bridgette's face. She doesn't react and says she won't give any satisfaction to Monokuma's taunting. Just before Monokuma become furious, Cody ask a question. What about Sky? Monokuma said he almost forget and then had Sky come in thought the elevator.

- Jasmine, Shawn, Rodney and Samey all came rushing in to Sky when she arrived, but she only shows a vacant expression acting like nothing is happening. Harold notices this and ask Sky if Monokuma did anything to her, Sky said nothing happen and she just was trap inside a cell like a typical prison but no torture or mind control happened to her. Scarlett then ask her if she found out anything about the mastermind which Sky said she isn't too sure, but she'll explain why tomorrow.

- While riding the elevator, Sam ask Brick and Scott if they have an idea about who the mastermind or the Sabotuer is. They said they have no idea, but Sam says it shouldn't be surprising since they don't really get much information lately, but he'll try to get some tomorrow with the help of Trent. Brick offers to help him in case he needs it, but Sam says he doesn't want to have because he needs to fulfill his promise with Dakota. To find and stop the Sabotuer so Brick decides to back off while Scott said he's thinking about investigating himself. After this Brick falls to sleep thinking what might happen.

Well this ends the Chapter and now the next is something you need to be prepared since I got another twist ready. Please leave a comment about what you think about this chapter and continue reading Total Drama: Danganronps!

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