The reason I reposted the blog again was because something wrong happened in my last one so I'm going to repost it. Don't think of this as a publicity stunt. Also if you want to play along with the Class Trial mechanics, you should check the old post. Here is the link.

If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class TriaL they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.

At the last case Brick has decided to pick his own route. The route of isolating himself so he could face a single problem not many people remember. That was the nuclear grenade back when the weapon caches were revealed. He ended running to many drama happening behind the scene like Mike's sudden change of behavior and Courtney's hermit stay. However the biggest was the reformation of IMA who changed to a leadership group to a investigation group to solve the mystery of the island.

Mike and Anne-Marie was found dead in the pool building. Mike looking like he was crush by the generator on top of the building and Anne-Marie was bloodied on the roof. Everyone bemoan for the deaths of there friends and seek to find clues in order to discover the killer's identity. However during the investigation...someone wasn't around. They check that person's location in order to see what's going on.



MIKE DEAD 11th Victim
AMY DEAD 10th Victim
SUGAR DEAD 9th Victim
SADIE DEAD 5th Killer
JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 3rd Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No. Alive 31

Three more are dead, but what does this mean for the remaining contestants? Will they be able to overcome the triple threat or is it time for Monokuma to go all out? To bad the pool is gone, that would have easily help them relax.


Monokuma File 06:

Victim: Anne-Marie

Time of Death: 22:24 AM

Cause of Death: Stabbing and blow to the head.

Additional Info: No traces of drugs can be found.

Victim: Mike

Time of Death: 2:46 AM

Cause of Death: ???

Additional Info: No trace of drugs can be found, but medicine...

Victim: Courtney

Time of Death: 3:20 AM

Cause of Death: Hanging

Additional Info: ???

Mutual Killing Rules: Monokuma for some reason brought up the rules. I don't have an idea why he would do that.

Mike's Neck: His neck has a very red mark all arounf it. Like something was tied around it.

Mike's Attitude: Zoey told me ever since we found the hospital, Mike has been changing drastically even going in to some violent fits due to minor inconveniences.

Monokuma's Testimony: When questioned that he had no motive, Monokuma said he did but never made it public due to someone actually seeing it before the day it was meant to be revealed to everyone.

Pool: The pool was empty and can be as deep as 8 ft. The deep end of the pool is the closes to the generator's location in the roof top.

Crushed Present: Place on the deep-end of the pool It was a gift with nothing in it.

Hair Spray: Anne-Marie's hair spray which she keeps to herself 24/7. It was found empty with her body.

Button: The button capable of draining all the water in the pool. It was tear off the wall it was attack to for some reason.

Generator: The circulis generator on top fo the roof. Now in the bottow crushing Mike.

Stain: A stain on the generator. It is orange and has a funky smell. It was located on the back of the generator.

Noose: The noose use to hang Courtney. It is really long but not enough for Courtney to reach the floor.

Knife: The knife that stabbed Anne-Marie. However the tip of the blade, which stabbed her, had hairsprat residue on it despite it being in Anne-Marie's body.

Roof Railings: The railings at the back of the generator has traces of blood.

Door Stopper: A pair of door stoppers were use to keep the doors leading to the stairs open. It is worth saying the doors themselves are really loud when opened.

Shirt Sleeve: The side of Mike's sleeve had a orange stain on it. It smells weird.

Desk Drawer: The desk drawer where the suicide note was place. It was locked, so we needed to force it open in order to see what was inside.

Suicide Note: A note really written poorly. It says here the reason for Courtney's suicide was due to stress and not taking the feeling of isolation anymore.

Torn Fabric: One of the nails in the deepside of the pool had a small piece of yellow-green fabric. Where did this come from?

Pool Ladders: The purpose for these was to help people climb out of the pool in case they get tired. However they were unscrewed off the side of the pool despite it not being too damage.

Pool Key's: The keys in order to enter the pool was found on Mike's body. There was no way to get in here except with the keys.

Cameron's Testimony: Cameron said that he hid the pool keys in a very secret location that if someone tried to steal it, an alarm would trigger. The people who only knew about this was Mike and Beardo.

Crowbar: The rusty crowbar that was from the mental hospital. It looked like it was use to remove the hinges for the genrator which made it fall.

Dawn's Testimony: Anne-Marie has been suspicious on Mike ever since his strange behavior. Does this have a connection to the crime?

Beardo's Testimony: He heard a loud crash sound during the night which woke him up. He tried to telling Topher, but he told him to leave him alone

Gwen's Testimony: She immediately ran up when me, Lindsay and Geoff found Anne-Marie's body. She said that the reason was because she heard the scream from bottom floor.

Theater Tape: The tape about a bunch of prisoners beaten up by a menacing shadow. Something here is very significant.

Duncan's Testimony: The prison showed in the tape was the same prison Duncan stayed for juvenile detention.

Popcorn and Soda: Some porcorn and soda in the same chairs the tape was found. They were stale so this means that this was there for a while.

Hair Clip: The place where the documents were place was lockpicked. The person use this hair clip to do it. According to Samey, this hair clip belong to Anne-Marie.

Mental Hospital's Documents: The documents about multiple personality disorder went missing. Something about is makes me think this is related to the current case.

Sleeping Pills: The sleeping pills back in the hospital is missing. It says here that the pills can only put someone to sleep when it was liquidfy by hot water.

Hallucination Medicine: Medicine meant to bring out your worst nightmare. Best serve in food for maximum effect.

Mike's Letter: It says here that something is waiting in the pool. The time said to go her was 2:30 AM.

Fire Bomb: The main cause of the fire. However studying the structure, it seems to have been custom built meaning this was the work of someone by hand.

Eva's and Owen's Incident: Both were attack by an unknown assailant. But why these two specifically?

Mike's Journal: While it mostly explain happy moments of Mike during his time here. One entry really catches my eyes and what doesn't help is that this was made yesterday..

I can't keep that person alive! If I don't, they'll tell everyone my secret. I should have known seeing how they saw through me last time when I was around:

Poison: Found inside Mike's cabinet. It was the same one use in Owen's poisoning case.

Missing Documents: The documents Courtney use in order to find the identity of the Sabotuer went missing. In it's place was a suicide note.

Cabin's Condition: Everything was a mess. Tables were broken, furniture was topple down and all the smalls were scattered on the floor.

Scott's Testimony: He complained that both he and DJ spent all their time cleaning the cabin and now the cabin is a mess.

Courtney's Body: Courtney was hanging in midair by a noose and underneath her was a chair that was still standing

Multiple Holes in the Ground: Small grounds were everywhere in the ground of Courtney's cabin. Coming out of them was water.

High Pressue Water Hose: It was found behind the toy store. The hose was still wet when discovered meaning it was used recently.

Iced Coffee: Ice coffee made yesterday, with the ice melted. It was only half drank and getting near it makes me feel sleepy.

Courtney's Personal Lock: Something Courtney personally place on her living quarters. The main purpose for this was to make sure no one could sneak in or out of the cabin. It closes automatically at 10:00PM and opens at 8:00AM.

Door and Windows: All the windows and doors were not damage despite how much of a wreck the rest of the room was.

Bookcase: It was something Courtney brought in, so she could study her books in peace

Stack of Books: While everything was a mess, near the bookcase was books that were stack properly.

Holes: On the side of the cabin, directly next to the bookcase was a pair of holes. It seems big enough to fit a rope.

Chain: A chain connected attach to the back of the bookcase was discovered. The purpose of that is unknown however on the bookcase is another nail.


Monokuma: Welcome back to the Class Trial! Looks like you all lost dead weight from the last time you guys were here.

Zoey: Don’t you dare call Mike dead weight!!!

Monokuma: But he is dead and he has weight so he is dead weight! Look I’m so clever!

Zoey: Grr! Why did no one listen to me!? …If only people stop killing then this would have…never

Cameron: Zoey, I know it’s sad that Mike is gone, but we can’t just cry and do nothing. If we want to do something for him, we have to find his killer and make them pay for what they did to our friend.

Gwen: Try to calm down there Cameron. Your sounding a little too aggressive with that.

Scott: I never seen this guy angry as this, even when I tried to make him shark bait.

Bridgette: Still can we blame them seeing what happened to their friend, if someone hurt Geoff I might even…

Geoff: Don’t say that babe! I promise you that I’ll never leave you.

Lindsay: Aww! That is so sweet.

Dawn: Gwen while I do think Cameron might be a little aggressive about this, he is right that Mike wanted us to find his killer in order for us to continue living.

Duncan: How do you know, did you talk to the dead because that would be a kicker!

Owen: Yeah, I believe in fairy tales but not ghost! If we did then the apocalypse would began.

Dawn: Actually I did Duncan. I spoke with Mike’s spirit right before he deparated.

Owen: Oh my gosh! It’s the apocalypse!!!

Cody: Sorry Big Guy but if was the apocalypse then all of us would be dead.

Jasmine: But are you serious in that part where you talk to Mike’s ghost before the trial?

Dawn: I sure did. Of course I could only do this once since my homunculus dolls are now gone.

LeShawna: Then why didn’t you ask for the killer’s name when you did that?

Dawn: That is complicated. When I ask he said that he didn’t know.

Tyler: Didn’t know? Are you saying the person that killed actually did it while Mike wasn’t looking?

Dawn: No, that circumstance for that is very…unusual.

Cody: What does that mean?

Dawn: I think it’s best for you all to solve it instead of me saying it straight. Otherwise you wouldn’t believe me when I say it.

Izzy: I know how you feel, some people don’t believe me when I say I can do a one finger push up.

Noah: To think they forgot about the other two victims.

Beardo: Yeah, I mean I’m a little sad that Anne-Marie is gone. She wasn’t the nicest person but you know a life is a life.

Dawn: I didn’t get to know her that much but in her aura I can see beneath the paint she wears was a heart that wanted to give.

Scarlett: But does anyone still care about Courtney’s death then?

Trent: With how she’s been acting, especially trying to isolate herself from everyone I wouldn’t be surprise.

Harold: Still I don’t think any of us would want anybody to die.

Katie: Unfortunately someone did and that someone is the person we need to find in order to continue surviving.

Cameron: Actually that is something I want to bring up. There has been something about that which bothers me for some reason. Like it might go against the facts we are accustom to.

Topher: What facts are you talking about? The facts we only know is the rules Monokuma gave. I don’t see a problem with that.

Cameron: B-But I’m sure something isn’t right! I just don’t know what is it.

Brick: Hmm…

I think comrade Cameron isn’t lying, but I myself don’t understand. The murder seems to follow pretty much all the restrictions given by our enemy…but is that what’s wrong?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 07, Mutual Killing Rules, Pool, Generator, Noose

Cameron: I don’t know guys, I have a feeling this case is special compared to the other ones we faced before.

Brick: What makes you say that?

Cameron: I don’t know, I just have a feeling that one of the rules was broken unless this case was something special.

Topher: Come on then wise guy, if this case is really special then tell us what is it!

Cameron: That’s the thing. I don’t know and that’s what frustrates me.

Gwen: Calm down there Cameron, your not the best of moods seeing how your friend just died.

Zoey: Believe me Cameron, even I’m not in the best condition. So maybe your just overthinking things as much as I don’t want to agree with Topher.

Topher: Looks like I’m the smart one here Cameron. Of course since I’m going to be a successful host in the future.

Cameron: No, it’s just…I just don’t have an idea what bothers me but I know there is something.

This is really confusing, does this case really have something special like Cameron said? If it does then maybe I should notice it once I review the orders Monokuma gave us.

Solution: Mutual Killing Rules – this case is special

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: Cameron is right! There is a rule that doesn’t match with how the murder happened!

Topher: Oh really, what is so strange about the case?

Brick: Read this clue and you’ll understand what I mean.

Scott: Yeah, like it will change anything.

DJ: It says here that a killer is only allowed to have up to two victims. Anymore more will warrant an immediate execution.

Cameron: I get it now! But the case has three victims instead of just two.

Jasmine: Which makes it weird since the killer supposedly broke the rules. Yet no one here is executed.

Zoey: Oh God! I hope that doesn’t mean-

Owen: I know! One of the victims was actually the killer which is why Monokuma executed them.

Trent: Out of everyone the likeliest person is Courtney. Now only has she been isolating herself from us, but remember Heather said that Courtney did made a murder plan against her.

Samey told me that could possibly be just another trick the Sabotuer made in order to instigate Heather to kill someone. Still what they said is possible.

Noah: I think you should all rethink this.

Gwen: Don’t steal my line!

Noah: If what Owen said is true then wouldn’t the killer have actually not broke any rules. I mean if that were the case the killer would have just killed two people including themselves.

Scarlett: I have to agree and besides if someone did break the rule I think Monokuma would have made the execution publicly to insight fear among us.

Lindsay: So if no one broke the rules yet there is more then the rules allowed…I don’t get…

Tyler: Don’t worry Linds, even I don’t get it to!

Eva: Are you guys morons!? The answer is so obvious that everyone should know.

Brick: Don’t be harsh about it Eva. They just need a little guidance.

Eva: Your to talk Brick, I though you were part of the military. Don’t tell act like this in there.

Brick: Don’t judge it like that, boot camp is fair in this so I will show that example by explaining to the two what this means. It means that in our case right now we have…

(A suicide/An accomple/Bending of the Rules/Multiple Killers)

Answer: Multiple Killers

Brick: As much as I want to trust all fo you, I can’t deny this. That we have not just one but many killers in this Class Trial.

Zoey: Why do people keep killing!? It was already bad when only person did it!

Bridgette: I have to agree. How can multiple people kill at the same time!?

Sam: This has the Sabotuer written all over it. Can’t believe they would do this!

Brick: Or the mastermind seeing how they didn’t present a motive this time.

Monokuma: I was the one made the motives, not the mastermind. Give credit to the right person next time.

Cameron: Still one thing about this…vexes me.

Harold: I think I know what you mean by that Cameron.

Cameron: What happens to the trial is there is more then one killer? I mean the majority vote will not include one killer.

Monokuma: Do you really want to know?

Katie: I don’t want to know because I have a bad feeling about this…but Monokuma what happens?

Monokuma: Well it will be a lucky break for one of the killer and not for me...

Cody: Why is that?

Monokuma: Because I will only get to execute one person, not the both of them.

LeShawna: You just told us that there were two killers in this.

Monokuma: AHHHH! How dare you all trick me!?

Tyler: So wait, we have to just vote one of the killers and that person we pick gets executed?

Monokuma: Yes, but you still need to vote the right person otherwise everyone but the killers will be executed.

Zoey: At least multiple people get to live the tale of what happened here.

DJ: One of the killer just got a lucky break this time.

Gwen: So we understand now that there is more then one killer. What happens next?

Duncan: Let’s focus on the cases one at a time, don’t want to get ourselves in trouble in handling to many to many ideas.

Trent: But who’s murder should we really focus with first?

Katie: Wait! How do we know Courtney’s death wasn’t a suicide!?

Lightning: A suicide?

Jasmine: Come on Katie! You really think someone as persistent then Courtney would ever kill herself.

Katie: I guess no one mentioned this, but while investigating the cabin we found a suicide note!

Lindsay: Why didn’t you say so earlier!?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Noose, Suicide Note, Monokuma File 07, Desk Drawer

Katie: I’ll admit that Monokuma did say there was two killers. But couldn’t Anne-Marie’s and Mike’s killer be different people.

Beardo: That is kind of hard to imagine with how they died in the same place.

Izzy: And the time of deaths were sync. Unless maybe they were psychics who’s life force was con-

Zoey: If Mike was a psychic, I should be the one he would be link to!

Shawn: Sorry, Katie but your logic is already showing a hole. This isn’t looking good for you.

Katie: But listen! I just said maybe, but you have to admit it is possible that Courtney did commit suicide.

Cameron: That is very true, one factor about the case does make it very likely Courtney did kill herself.

Bridgette: And she did leave a suicide note for us to find.

Katie: You see! What I said is possible if you consider the evidence we have.

…I really doubt it! Courtney would never commit suicide seeing how she was always like, but how can I prove it to my comrades?

Solution: Desk Drawer – leave a suicide note for us to find

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: My friends, I can’t see this being true. The way the note was left wouldn’t make any sense then.

Katie: How does is it not make any sense? The note said a good reason why Courtney would commit suicide.

Scarlett: That she was pained by everything that happen last time and the stress of her isolation cause her to crack. It is an undeniable fact.

Brick: Maybe does thing did happen, but my problem is the location of note. It was in a lock drawer which would make it harder to find then if it was one the desk itself.

Scott: Your right! When you leave a suicide note, you would make sure that someone could have found it!

Brick: So you see, the idea of Courtney committing suicide is really iffy when you consider that.

Noah: And also the writing, the way it was looks way to messy for someone as high maintenance as Courtney.

Katie: Still Courtney could have-

Jasmine: Katie, I understand your claim, but I should remind you that we barely had time to investigate her death.

Cody: So we really didn’t have enough time to study the details all that well.

Cameron: Also the amount of evidence we have gathered in all is so much that it even confuses me.

Lightning: Then you should train up, because my head doesn’t hurt at all unlike you wimp!

Scott: That’s because your brainless you idiot.

Katie: So what are you trying to say?

Noah: I think she’s suggesting focusing on Courtney’s case isn’t the best move right now. And I agree with that.

Gwen: So that means we should talk about one of the other cases, since we have more evidence to work with that.

Katie: …Fine!

I’m not complaining. I have a feeling Courtney’s case is really complicated so we should get the other two’s out of the way first.

Topher: So looks like we’ll be discussing about the deaths in the pool.

Zoey: Good, at least we can avenge the death of one of my friends.

When were you and Anne-Marie friends? Did I miss something?

Trent: So what are we going focus then? Anne-Marie’s or Mike’s death?

Duncan: Does it matter, we know we will still be focusing on both their cases since their deaths are related.

Zoey: I don’t know but I think we should focus on Anne-Marie’s.

Scott: Surprise you didn’t want to find out the murder of your boyfriend! Maybe you already forgotten about him.

Zoey: Scott, I may have been hurt but I won’t let personal reasons affect how this Class Trial should work.

Beardo: Yeah, but why Anne-Marie’s still?

Zoey: I just feel like her case is the easiest to solve.

Samey: I can see where your getting at, Anne-Marie’s death seems to be the most simple.

Tyler: Yeah, and it says here in the Monokuma File how she died, unlike Mike.

Scarlett: A stab attack to the stomach and then to finish her, a blow to the head by being push to the railings of the rooftop.

Izzy: Wow! How did you figure out so quickly!? Are you an esper!?

Eva: If you looked up in the roof, the weapons were already out in the open.

Cody: Looks like solving how she was killed isn’t going to be a problem.

Brick: The problem however is why Anne-Marie was there last night and how does she relate to Mike’s death.

Cody: Mike was crush by the water generator on top of the rooftop. The rooftop that Anne-Marie died on.

Dawn: …We wouldn’t know that yet, since the cause of death wasn’t written.

Rodney: It still looks like the most likely.

Duncan: But we know their death’s are related, that’s the only that matters. What I want to know is why Anne-Marie was their.

Gwen: That is the biggest mystery so far we face.

Yeah, Anne-Marie wasn’t the late swimmer type so what was she doing their? The answer might really show what was going on in the case.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Knife, Roof Railings, Hairspray, Crowbar, Monokuma File 07

Katie: So we step-aside Courtney’s murder so we can focus on Anne-Marie’s and Mike’s death. You better start explaining why those two were there.

Cameron: I don’t want to say it, but I think the reason Mike was there because he was a target.

Bridgette: A target? You mean he was the one the killer was after?

Cameron: That…I have no idea.

Geoff: I know dude! What if it was Anne-Marie?

Beardo: Her? Why would you think she was the killer? She was one of the victims.

Tyler: True, but she was on the rooftop where the generator that crushed Mike was at.

Scarlett: Hmm…that is not enough to convince me, but it is worth noting that Anne-Marie would have a motive to kill Mike. Seeing how her heart was broken in the past.

Zoey: But wouldn’t she target me instead. It would have been better then Mike being targeted.

LeShawna: From what I can tell, it is possible that Anne-Marie was the one who dropped the generator.

Samey: If that is true, we still need to figure why a third person was in the crime scene then.

So everyone is thinking Anne-Marie was trying to kill Mike, but I doubt it. I think why Anne-Marie died was for a reason I could really respect.

Solution: Monokuma File 07 - Anne-Marie was the one who dropped the generator

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Are you certain about this comrades? Because there is something we have that proves this shouldn’t be it.

Topher: Really? But what other reason would Anne-Marie would be there?

Brick: I don’t know all the details about that, but I know for certain Anne-Marie wasn’t the one who instigated the incident. She died first you remember.

Jasmine: How does that prove it wasn’t Anne-Marie that-

Zoey: Wait! But then who detach the generator in order to crush Mike if he was already dead.

Cameron: Your right! Anne-Marie couldn’t have crush him if that were the case.

Scarlett: Of course all of you have to jump to a very obvious ploy the killer prepared.

Trent: What’re you talking about? You said so to.

Scarlett: I never said anything. I just said Anne-Marie had a motive, nothing more and nothing less.

Max: Wait a minute Soldier! Then give another reason why Anne-Marie would go up to the roof if it wasn’t to take someone’s life.

Dawn: Go for it Brick, the answer should be obvious know since we know Anne-Marie never planned to hurt anybody.

Brick: Your right. The main reason Anne-Marie was there was for this!

(Lock the Pool/Stop the Murder/Kill Someone/Getting a Tan)

Answer: Stop the Murder

Rodney: Stop a murder!? I didn’t know she was that heroic!

Brick: But what other reason could you think of that Anne-Marie would have been there.

Duncan: I will admit I don’t have any, but were not just going to believe you Brick. You need to point out evidence that this is what happened.

Brick: OK this might not be complete, but I think it’s enough to prove Anne-Marie at least tried to stop someone…

(Shirt Sleeve/Stain/Hairspray/Generator)

Answer: Stain

LeShawna: Oh yeah, there was a weird stain on the generator, but what does this have to do with case?

Brick: Do you actually know where that stain come from?

Cody: Don’t know, I never seen it before.

Zoey: Hold on! Isn’t that from the hairspray Anne-Marie always carry with her!?

Gwen: Zoey! You recognize it!

Zoey: Don’t ask me, because I don’t want to talk about it, but this stain is definitely something I’ve seen before but in TDRI.

Duncan: So how does this stain prove anything? All it proves was that she was there and we already knew that even before the trial began.

Noah: But do you even know why there is the stain to begin with?

Duncan: …Don’t tell me!

Dawn: From what’ve seen. Anne-Marie has use the hairspray as a weapon before so it wouldn’t be a problem to think she use it as that again.

Harold: And it would also explain the empty spray can on the roof.

DJ: And the only person Anne-Marie would use this as a weapon that night would be-

Lindsay: It would be the killer! Unless someone else was there last night!

Duncan: I’m not convince! I still think Anne-Marie could be the one who instigated the murder!

Gwen: Duncan, I know you’re stubborn but I wouldn’t think your this stubborn!

Duncan: Look I’m just bringing up a possible. Anne-Marie could have still been the person who planned to kill someone.

Shawn: You better have good reasons for us to believe you.

Duncan: Did you think I would say something without any?

Duncan…is he right that Anne-Marie was the person who planned the murder…or…

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Crowbar, Generator, Knife, Hairspray, Pool

Duncan: Come on guys! You should realize that Anne-Marie could have also been the person behind these incidents!

Cameron: But Brick brought up a point that Anne-Marie use her hairspray as a weapon.

LeShawna: The only reason I can think of is that she was trying to take someone down. Like maybe the killer.

Duncan: Or maybe someone actually tried to stop her, have you ever thought that Anne-Marie used it to fend of a person.

Katie: Your trying to say we got the other way around. The person who was there with Anne-Marie last night didn’t intended to kill someone but stop Anne-Marie.

Duncan: Exactly which explains the hairspray stain we found in the crime scene. The only reason why she got killed was because she tried to silent the killer with a knife.

Scarlett: And then they had a struggle which lead Anne-Marie to be killed. That’s what you intend to say.

Rodney: But why did Mike die still if the person who killed Anne-Marie never planned to murder.

Duncan: That’s easy, because he saw the killer so the killer needed to take him down. And what do you know he was in the pool and the generator was in front. Doesn’t take a genius what happens next.

Topher: So the killer just took over Anne-Marie’s ploy in her stead and did what she planned. Guy must be luck that he didn’t have to do the heavy lifting.

So were saying now this killer never planned the murder, but got the opportunity after stopping Anne-Marie. That would work if only Anne-Marie was the one who did intend to kill someone.

Solution: Knife – didn’t intend to kill

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Unfortunately I don’t buy the killer was someone who didn’t intend to kill.

Scott: You have proof with that, because I none of us is going to believe you without any.

Brick: Don’t be concern, the knife is proof the enough that this person was in fact an intended killer.

Duncan: How so?

Brick: Simple, we know this knife was use to kill Anne-Marie. The question is who brought the knife.

Duncan: I said it was Anne-Marie! She tried to kill the killer but loss in a struggle and got killed because of that.

Brick: You think that, but I know that is impossible.

Trent: What? How?

Brick: Because of this! We know Anne-Marie didn’t brought the knife.


Answer: Tip

Zoey: The tip-…Oh yeah! I remember we also found an orange spot there.

Topher: But how does that prove Duncan wrong? I mean so it got stained by the hairspray to, that just proves Anne-Marie fought with the killer which is what Duncan said.

Duncan: And there’s nothing wrong with what said, the killer stole the knife from Anne-Marie during the struggle.

Izzy: But wouldn’t Anne-Marie had use the knife instead of the hairspray? Maybe she thought the hairspray was her signature weapon and she didn’t want to get out of character.

Scarlett: I don’t see an attempted murderer doing that unless it was Max.

Max: Silence you assistant!!! Show respect to the Lord of Evil!

Duncan: I said the killer stole the knife from her. Maybe she use it first, but the killer got it so as a last resort she tried to fight back with the hairspray.

Brick: I don’t think so Duncan! Maybe what you said could have been possible if the location of the hairspray mark was different.

Scott: The tip Brickhead was talking about was the blade. How could it be stained unless Anne-Marie attack first?

Duncan: The killer just stole-

Brick: Dismiss the thought! If that were the case Anne-Marie would have used it! It’s clear that Anne-Marie had the first hit.

Samey: The more I hear this, the more I don’t think Anne-Marie could be the person who really did make an attempt to kill.

Lindsay: Otherwise someone else would have been dead.

Rodney: I guess we understand now that it was Anne-Marie who tried to stop the murder, not the one who started it.

Duncan: ARE YOU SURE!?


Duncan: Oho, so you think Anne-Marie didn’t tried to hurt anyone last night. But I have a problem with that idea.

Brick: Speak then my fellow soldier, what do you find wrong?

Duncan: First of all don’t call me a soldier and second there is something about your case that doesn’t sit well for me.

Brick: Then let’s hear and see if your right or if you made another mistake!


Evidence: Pool, Pool Ladders, Door Stopper, Gwen’s Testimony, Crowbar

Duncan: So you think your case is all fine and dandy.

Duncan: Well it’s not.

Duncan: For starters, don’t you realize the problem with what you said?

Duncan: That Anne-Marie attack first meaning she couldn’t be the killer.

Duncan: I admit your right about the knife, but…

Duncan: How can she sneak up on the killer!?

Duncan: When the doors were too noisy when being open!

Brick: I agree that seems to be an issue, but need I remind you this would be a problem to anyone even if Anne-Marie was the person who intended to kill someone?

Duncan: You brought up a really good point.

Duncan: But that doesn’t mean this isn’t still a problem.

Duncan: Unless we can find an answer…

Duncan: On how to solve the noisy door problem.

Duncan: It looks like everything we said was wrong.

Duncan: And we have to think something else.

I hate to say it, but Duncan is right. The doors would be so noisy that someone would definitely hear if they were ever open especially on the proof. But…maybe this is where it comes to place.

Solution: Door Stopper – the doors were to noisy

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: Exactly why Anne-Marie brought these with her!

Cameron: Those look like door stopper!

Lindsay: I totally get it! She use that to keep the doors open!

Duncan: But she still would need to open the doors so that doesn’t solve my issue.

Bridgette: He’s right, even if Anne-Marie did use these to keep the doors open in order to get in, she would still need to open the doors which would have made noise.

Brick: Who says I was done?

Geoff: Aww man! Looks like you totally got this!!!

Brick: Yes I do! I know the tactic Anne-Marie had use in this operation in order to make sure she doesn’t get caught by her enemy.

Rodney: Well can you tell us?

Brick: I was going to anyway so…here it is!


What tactic did Anne-Marie use to open the door without being spotted by the killer?


Answer: Follow the Killer

Brick: I made it!!!


Brick: Well couldn’t Anne-Marie just follow the killer when they were going to the roof?

Owen: Oh you mean like stalking?

Brick: I guess you could call it that, but I digress! This tactic Anne-Marie use is so simple but effective. While the killer was going up the stairs, Anne-Marie followed and…

Tyler: And then she place all those door stoppers when the killer opened the doors.

Zoey: It might have been a tight quiz seeing she needed to wait for the killer not to be too close before getting in, but I can definitely see her doing that.

Scott: So it looks like we found out now Anne-Marie’s role in this case.

Zoey: Thanks Anne-Marie, I know we had plenty of fights but I will always remember you for trying to us from a killer. I hope you can rest in peace.

Gwen; And there isn’t any denial that Brick was right that Anne-Marie did attack first meaning she was the person trying to interfere.

Duncan: Fine, fine, fine! I get it already!

Sam: Now all is left is to find this creep and make them pay for what they did to our friends.

Noah: Hmm…I still have a problem with the current case we have.

Samey: Don’t tell me that you think were wrong about this.

Noah: No it isn’t that, its more on the killer. We know the killer did get in the rooftop, but how did they?

Lightning: By opening them! Are you that sha-dumb!?

Noah: No I mean, weren’t the doors lock? How did the killer still get in!?

Shawn: I get what your saying, but that isn’t something I think any of us could answer now.

LeShawna: Looks like we got ourselves another problem to fix.

And it is a problem we will overcome for our fallen friends!

Non-Stop Debate

Evidence: Pool, Pool Ladders, Pool Keys, Cameron’s Testimony, Door Stopper

Cameron: The main issue we have in this problem, is how did the killer get in the pool to begin with?

Topher: …I wonder shorty?

Cameron: Hey! What does that mean?!

Zoey: Topher, don’t act like a jerk to Cameron, otherwise you’ll look very suspicious to us all.

Topher: I guess none of you realize it yet.

Geoff: If you have an idea man, then you should say it.

Jasmine: Ignore him and just focus on what we have to do. Solving how the killer was able to get in the pool!

Duncan: I think the answer is obvious sweetheart, the killer pick lock the door in order to get in.

Samey: Were there scratch marks? No. And I don’t think anyone here is good enough to do it without leaving any, so I think they did something else.

Max: They sabotage the doors! How fitting for someone who was planning to take another’s life.

Lindsay: I don’t understand what your saying.

Harold: Guys, have you thought about something more simple. Like using something in order to get the doors open.

LeShawna: Harold, I know your smart and all, but I don’t think there is anything here that can just automatically open doors.

Now this is tricky, solving the situation we face. How the enemy manage to breach the pool last night. Investigation of the crime scene should help us find the answer.

Solution: Pool Keys – using something

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: I think you’re on to something my friend, that the killer used a special device in order to get in there.

Harold: I knew it! Modern science has allowed us to create a door opening device!

Beardo: Isn’t that thing called a key?

Lindsay: Hey! Wasn’t there a key for the pool?

Jasmine: Your right! How stupid are we! The answer was so obvious!

Brick: The killer use the keys for the pool in order to get in. It wasn’t as complicated as we thought.

Shawn: Man I don’t need to worried anymore with zombies. With brains like ours it wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

DJ: So the culprit must be the person who had the pool keys with them.

Cameron: The person who did have them was….! I think we shouldn’t answer that question.

Topher: Is it so we wouldn’t find out that you were the killer!?

Zoey: Topher you can’t be saying-

Topher: Oh but I am! The person who killed Mike was his best friend and the person with the pool keys, Cameron Wilkins!

Lightning: Seriously!? Scrawny kid did it!? To think he had the guts to-

Cameron: It wasn’t me! I would never hurt anyone! Especially not one of my best friends!

Topher: Don’t think we’ll listen to you! You’re the one who had the keys meaning you’re the only one who could have gotten inside

Are you really sure about that Topher?

Brick: Actually I don’t think Cameron is the only one who could have gotten in the pool.

Topher: Really? You have another suspect in mind?

Scott: I would be careful if I were you, because one false stel and everyone will think you’re an idiot.

Eva: I wouldn’t, but I would be really piss instead!

Brick: Oh boy! I hope I’m not making a mistake here.

Zoey: Tell us Brick! If there is anyone else who could have gotten in the pool last night then just Cameron, who is it!?

Cameron: Please! I don’t want to be labelled as a killer!

Brick: …

Now think this through Brick! If Cameron wasn’t the one who opened the door, that would mean this person did. Both they and Cameron were the only ones who could have done it!


I'll end it right here. Time to uncover the first killer! Can you figure it out!? Leave it in the comments below and stay tune for the next part of my blog series.

Well since were about to have 30 contestants remaining, I would like to ask how many survivors do you want. For me I would like more then the usual...maybe around 12-14? Possibly 10. Comment down below how many do you want?

Also now the victim vote is here! This time I would like you to pick the Top 10 Characters You Want Dead, Regardless of Gender. Leave it also in the comment below. Please do your best to rank them properly from your 10th to you 1st. Have fun guys.

So I asked and I got the result. The number of the survivors will be 14. The Final CLass Trial will have 15 but one of them will be the mastermind so better remember it.


1) Mike

2) Beardo

3) Trent

Looks like Beardo was the suspect of many…but was change into Mike. Let’s see who was right!


Brick: Target in sight!!!


Brick: Cameron, who did you inform about the pool key?

Duncan: I think everyone knew Cameron had the pool key so what’s the point?

Cameron: Is it what we were talking about earlier?

Lindsay: What was it?

Brick: Yeah, that’s how I figured out who the killer of Anne-Marie was.

Lindsay: They ignored me. Awww.

Tyler: Don’t worry, they don’t know what their missing so cheer up.

Cameron: Well to answer your question Brick, the ones who knew were Mike…and Beardo! Don’t tell me-

Scott: Are you serious, Beardo!?

Topher: Didn’t think music box was capable of killing. I guess looks are deceiving…except for me.

Beardo: *siren noise* I didn’t anything! I’m innocent I tell you! I’ll even admit that I find my own soundtrack annoying!!!

That is…something I should put in my diary- I mean report! Report when I present this issue to the police like my beliefs in princess- I mean honor!

Brick: Negative guys, the person I accuse here is not him. It is the other soldier who was inform from Cameron.

Owen: The other soldier? I didn’t think there was any other soldiers here then you.

Trent: I think he’s talking about the other person who Cameron told something.

Zoey: B-but…that’s Mike! Your not trying to say-

Brick: I didn’t want to, but I can’t deny that Mike has to be the killer of Anne-Marie.

Cody: By why him over Beardo or Cameron who seems to be suspects as well?

Eva: Better yet, tell us why these three would be the main suspects of the case.

Scarlett: It was obvious with Cameron, but even I don’t understand how the other two wee turned into suspects.

Owen: Guess we have another discussion!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cameron’s Testimony, Pool Keys, Pool, Pool Ladder, Crowbar

Duncan: So what is this mysterious information that you guys have? You better explain otherwise you might find something in your bed tonight.

Beardo: *anvil drop* W-were not hiding anything! I thought you guys knew anyway!

Bridgette: Unfortunately he didn’t say anything to us, so let’s hear it from you guys.

Izzy: And why do you think we would have known, because you thought we were telephatic. Well my grandma is…and maybe someone else…but not me!

Brick: The thing we were going to bring up-

Topher: Hold up! How do we know Brick isn’t lying!? How do we these three did really know something we all don’t know!?

Cody: You mean you think these three are accomplices in a crime? I don’t know if I trust Beardo, but I do with Brick and Cameron.

LeShawna: And Topher, if you really think something is up you shouldn’t just say something but show evidence, otherwise why should we listen you?

Katie: So it looks like we have a conflict between Beardo, Brick and Cameron with Topher. If this was a hot guys man fight then I would be totally all over it, but it’s not and even if it were it wouldn’t be the same without-

Topher: Who are you calling not hot!?

  • sigh* Looks like I need to show what us three know, just to end this confusion Topher made.

Solution: Cameron’s Testimony – this mysterious information

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: The info we were talking about was how Cameron took care of the pool keys.

Cameron: I hid it somewhere that no one should be able to find. I even set a trigger in case someone tried to grab it.

Noah: Isn’t that a little overkill?

Cameron: I was just so nervous! I never took care of something so important before so I did everything I can to do it right!

Scott: Only for a murder to still happen, amazing.

Sam: Hey! Scott that is way too harsh, he just lost his best friend and is probably stuck with a sad ailment.

Brick: Scott, this partnership won’t work unless you fix that attitude of yours.

Lindsay: A partnership between Brick and Scott, now that is interesting. Maybe I should try eavesdropping.

Gwen: You realize that wouldn’t work if you just tell everyone.

Beardo: But like Cameron said, no one should have been able to grab the keys without alerting anyone.

DJ: Which means the killer was someone among the three. Sorry this had to happen to you Cameron.

Cameron: You shouldn’t since I failed to do what I was suppose to. I deserve it.

Zoey: Please don’t say that Cameron. No one blames you for what happened.

Topher: Unless you were the killer.

Eva: Topher! I would watch your mouth!

Dawn: Mike’s spirit has told me to say that you shouldn’t be burder by something you didn’t commit so be at ease.

Brick: But I don’t think anyone of us would be ease.

Owen: Yeah, since one of us is the killer. As much as I don’t want to believe.

Brick: But out of all the three suspects we currently have, Mike is my pick for the culprit since I think he’s the most suspicious!

Topher: SHOW TIME!!!


Topher: Looks like Topher has to come and save the day from the idiocy. Get the cameras ready!

Monokuma: They always been ready. You don’t need to tell me twice Chris-Topher.

Brick: Topher, what is the meaning of this interruption!?

Topher: Like I said, I need to save everyone from the stupidity you’ve been saying.

Brick: Now that is just disrespectful.

Topher: This isn’t the boy scouts Sergeant Brickwall, this is real life and in life it’s either go big or go home! And I’m going all big, with this accusation of mine.

Brick: Who is it then? Who do you want to accuse from the squandron?

Topher: Who else but the person who had the keys for the pool. Cameron!


Evidence: Pool, Crowbar, Generator, Pool Ladder, Cameron’s Testimony

Topher: I don’t think your right with this.

Topher: That Mike killed Anne-Marie!

Topher: I mean that is redundant for even Total Drama.

Topher: You may have the talk!

Topher: But you can’t walk the walk!

Topher: There is no way your going to survive Show Business!

Brick: Sorry Topher, but it’s you who made the mistake.

Topher: That what? I brought up how stupid you were.

Topher: I mean sure Mike might be the culprit.

Topher: But might won’t cut it. Not when our lives is on the line!

Topher: Unless you could find a way to expose the truth!

Topher: Or prove that he’s little buddy isn’t the bad guy!

Topher: I’m afraid this conversation is over. You can find the exit by yourself.

Grr! Topher thinks he can run the show just like Chris with Total Drama. Well sorry boy, but I’m all business and ready to leave you dazzled!

Solution: Crowbar – he’s little buddy isn’t the bad guy

Brick: Enough with the non-sense!


Brick: Why do you think Cameron is the culprit Topher?

Topher: Isn’t that obvious, he had the keys. Out of everyone he would have the easiest access to the pool.

Beardo: *warning sound* Both me and Mike had access to since we knew where the key was.

Harold: Your basically calling yourself a suspect Beardo.

Beardo: I just want to be honest, no need to lie if I wasn’t the culprit. It will make me as bad as the killer.

DJ: That is good point, you’re a good guy Beardo.

Beardo: Thanks man, maybe being stuck in the island isn’t so bad.

Katie: You should realize why were stuck here Beardo, I don’t think any of us would ever volunteer for a place like this.

Tyler: Except maybe the mastermind.

Topher: Enough of this! It looks like there is something you want to say Brick, why not spit it our already.

Brick: Never thought I would get the opportunity. You see Topher, the thing is that while Cameron could have gotten in the pool, who said that he could have drop the generator.

Topher: What are you talking about?

Duncan: He means the hinges for the generator. Cameron isn’t strong enough to break them.

Topher: What are you saying, anyone could have done it. It doesn’t take much-

Zoey: Maybe someone as tall as you, but a person like Cameron isn’t going to have much muscle power. Not enough to break those hinges.

Lightning: Ha! Looks like Bubble Boy is to wimpy to let lose a generator.

Cameron: I rather take this as a compliment, thank you very much. This proves that I’m incapable of committing the murder.

Bridgette: This lowers the suspect to only a few people. That includes Mike.

Zoey: But couldn’t Beardo have done it!?

Beardo: *hit by football* Zoey! Come on, I would never do something like this!

Zoey: Shut it! The culprit has to be you, otherwise…otherwise Mike will be the culprit.

Cody: That is what we said earlier. Out of everyone, the culprit can only be one of the three. Mike, Cameron and Beardo.

Beardo: *water tapping* B-but it wasn’t me! It has to be Mike if that were the case.

Zoey: Don’t try hiding what you did Beardo! I know you kill my friend!

Trent: Zoey, that was a bit more aggressive then you usually are. Aren’t you sure that this is just you being emotionally.

Zoey: But Trent! Beardo can still be the culprit, you know that!

Harold: But remember, so can Mike. Looks like were about uncover one of the killers this quickly.

Beardo: Guys! I’m serious! I’m not the culprit! You have to believe me.

Scott: We’ll see, but just be ready in case you get chosen as the culprit Beardo. We have multiple killers so even if your wrong, if we can get Courtney’s killer you might survive.

Izzy: Oh yeah! I forget about her. Have you ever had the thought where you forgot something then you remember?

Brick: Hmm…I don’t know who’s words rings the truth. Beardo’s words trying defend himself…or Zoey’s words who is defending Mike.

Scott: I wonder if this is too tough for Brickboy to handle. You better hope all your training helped or else this is one battle your not going to win.

Brick: I know. But as the platoon always said, when we face a situation keep going even if the battle seems bleak.

Or confusing, depending on how you think.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Crowbar, Pool Keys, Pool, Pool Ladder, Beardo’s Testimony, Cameron’s Testimony

Noah: Looks like we have to choose the killer of Anne-Marie between two people. Beardo our lovely sound maker and Mike, dude who had a serious mental issue.

Katie: Let’s get this case solve already so we can start with Courtney’s case.

Shawn: You really want to get that case done, do you?

Owen: We know it has to be one of these two, since they were the ones who had access to the key. Unless someone was spying on them, did they?

Cameron: No, I remember telling them where it was only the night during the murder. No way could someone have overheard us since we talked about it in my bedroom.

Scott: And your sound proof wall is proof to. That made it a pain to try getting dirt on you.

Eva: Be lucky it wasn’t me you tried that on, or you would have been stuck in another robot once I’m done with you.

Zoey: It has to be Beardo! Mike was a victim so how he could possibly be the killer!?

Noah: If he did do it, it would mean that he would be Anne-Marie’s killer although that would leave us finding his own killer.

Beardo: Please guys! I’m begging you! I didn’t kill anyone I swear!

Zoey: That is a lie! You obviously killed both of them just to escape! To think you would point this on poor Mike without proof!

Tyler: It sounds like you has this entire case solved.

Zoey: It is easy when you know the killer already. What happened was that Beardo snuck in the pool last night, killed Anne-Marie and Mike, then place the key back to make it look like Cameron did it!

Gwen: Zoey…that sounds like a very good summary…but something isn’t right about this.

I had that gut feling like Gwen. Not only does this sound way too simple seeing how the evidence stack up, but if Beardo really did the murder one move doesn’t make sense.

Solution: Pool Keys – place the key back

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Hate to say this Zoey, but I believe you made a mistake in your judgement.

Zoey: A mistake? What are you talking about Brick?

Topher: Yeah, everything seems to be pointing at Beardo. Mike is a victim in the case so it’s too hard to see him as the killer.

Beardo: *pee noise*

Cody: I feel your pain brother. I feel your pain.

Brick: May I speak my piece if there is no more intrusion.

Zoey: Why should we when we know the truth of this case already. Beardo killed both Mike and Anne-Marie.

Topher: Now we should move on to Courtney’s case since were done with this-

Brick: But we aren’t! Not until we solve this entire case!

Zoey: Are you really going to continue insisting that Mike is a killer despite everything we said!? What did he do to you!?

Brick: I’m sorry, but I can’t look past the crime he did. Especially knowing that I have the decisive evidence that proves he was one of the killers of the case.

Duncan: You should have said it earlier, so we could have skip this drama.

Eva: Now spit it! What is this decisive evidence that proves Mike did it and not Beardo!?

Brick: Sirs and mam I am happy to announce that this here is the proof I need to make my claim.

Cameron: Hey! Those were the keys for the pool!

Harold: I was right! The killer used something to get in the pool and that was the keys. Take that killer!

LeShawna: So we have proof that the killer used the keys, we said that earlier. How is that going-

Scott: Your pretty clever Brick. Using not the keys themselves but another factor to prove your point.

Lindsay: I…I do not get what he’s saying.

Brick: He’s saying that the proof isn’t the keys themselves…but where I found them!

Cody: Where you found them!? Don’t tell me-

Noah: I think he is otherwise he wouldn’t be wasting our time like that. So spit it out already even thought we know what your probably going to say.

Brick: Where I found this was in Mike’s pockets! Now don’t you find that suspicious or what.

Bridgette: But if they were found in his pocket that would mean…

Beardo: That would mean I didn’t move the key afterall. Which means what they said about me being the killer isn’t true! *party horns*

Topher: But then…explain why the keys were in Mike’s pockets!? It wouldn’t make sense for them to place it inside his pockets. It’s like getting yourself voted out when you still want the million.

Scott: To think you were better then that Topher, it’s pretty obvious from what we said. The reason they were place there is because the killer didn’t had anytime to put them back where Cameron hid it.

LeShawna: And this points to Mike because…

Sam: Because who else wouldn’t be able to move a bunch of keys, but none other then a dead person! Unless it was like Phantom Trick because that would be kind of weird to see keys move on-

Scott: We don’t need any more of your nerd stories Sam. We have something more important to deal with.

Beardo: *dramatic piano music* The case is still unsolved. We still have more to figure out if that were the case!

Samey: But it looks like one case was solved this time. That the killer of Anne-Marie was Mike!



Zoey: You think I’m just going to accept that with just a bunch of keys!? Because I’m not!

Brick: The locations of the keys Zoey. Try to remember that.

Zoey: Whatever it was, I’m not yet going to accept this. Not unless you can prove it.

Brick: I mean no offense in my words my friend, but I think you must reconsider. My report is kind of strong so it would be difficult to overrule th-

Zoey: This isn’t the cadet school Brick. This is war and I’m ready to conquer you! So get ready!

*gulp* My soldiers always told me never to show fear against my enemies, hopefully they didn’t take a good look in my pants.


Evidence: Crowbar, Cameron’s Testimony, Shirt Sleeve, Hairspray, Pool Keys

Zoey: Like this is going to be accepted.

Zoey: You think a bunch of keys is going to convince me.

Zoey: That my boyfriend was a heartless killer.

Zoey: It’s not going to work like that.

Zoey: Why!? Because while I made a mistake…

Zoey: Like that before!

Zoey: I won’t just blindy accept this without evidence!

Brick: Zoey listen…I know it’s hard to think your close comrade was a killer…but unfortunately in here we can’t look away from the truth.

Zoey: I am not looking away from the truth!

Zoey: It’s just you haven’t showed enough to make this the truth.

Zoey: Sure Mike can be a killer…

Zoey: But remember that Beardo was also a possible suspect.

Zoey: So among those two to is the culprit!

Zoey: You haven’t showed anything that will show Beardo’s innocence.

Zoey: So of course I would pick him as the killer over Mike.

Zoey: Not like you even showed something that proves your case for good.

I…know this is difficult. Seeing someone who you truly care about being a killer is a tougher battle then any war. But…this conflict won’t be resolve until I end this dilemma.

Solution: Shirt Sleeve – something that proves your case for good.

Brick: I’m…so sorry!


Brick: Zoey…my friend…this is over. Mike has to be the killer of Anne-Marie.

Zoey: Why is that? Because of the key location…or is it because he knows where the keys were? All of them can still point at Beardo.

Beardo: *shower* I would never hurt Anne-Marie…I would never hurt anyone…please believe me.

Brick: Don’t need to worry since I believe you and it’s not only because of this decisive evidence but because I know you are a true friend.

Beardo: *harp music* Thanks! To think I can finally made friends.

Lindsay: That is so sweet Brick, although maybe not as sweet as my Tyler.

Tyler: That made this entire trip worth it!

Monokuma: How lame! To think I was going to see more despair…I guess my trump card should wait.

Dawn: Don’t think I have no idea what is it. How foul of a creature you truly are.

Duncan: Enough with the love love stuff and just tell us what this proof is. Because being a nice guy isn’t going cut with me.

Brick: I hate to say it…but if you look at Mike sleeves…you will understand everything.

Katie: His sleeve-! His sleeve is the same as the-

Jasmine: The hairspray! The one Anne-Marie carried around with her all the time!

Shawn: Now I understand! This proves Mike at one point had interacted with Anne-Marie and seeing what happen to them…to think zombies were bad.

Zoey: …

Izzy: That is one road…no one ever wants to cross.

Gwen: But have to accept this. We already showed earlier that Anne-Marie used the hairspray in order to attack the killer and seeing Mike has a hairspray stain.

Scarlett: It is a hundred percent that Mike must have been the one who Anne-Marie attacked.

Zoey: No…why…why…

Max: To think such a man hid an evil beneath him. This… is something I can never respect. Even as a great evil myself.

Owen: Poor Zoey. I’m so sorry for what happened.

Zoey: Why…why…why…why…why…why…

Harold: If we knew why…we would have said it earlier so unfortunately we don’t know.

Topher: You think maybe we should start solving the case on who Mike’s killer was-

Cameron: Not yet! We can’t leave things like they are now!

Topher: And why not? Knowing why Mike did the murder doesn’t matter anymore-

Cameron: It does! It does if we want to help Zoey overcome this.

Rodney: Mike…why would you do this? I know I cheated people’s heart in the past… but betraying someone you already love… is more painful then death.

Gwen: That’s pretty poetic.

DJ: Topher don’t be like that, let’s help Zoey and then we promise we will continue solving the case.

Topher: Like I said we-

Scarlett: Wouldn’t knowing why Mike did the murder maybe help understand this case and even lead to a clue on who the killer is?

Topher: What? What are you saying?

Scarlett: I’m saying knowing the reason why Mike killed someone would be a beneficial piece of info due to helping us understand the response of everyone involve in this case.

Noah: Your trying to say that knowing why might help identify something about the killer.

Scarlett: You have intelligence to keep up with mine. I like that.

Samey: So what do you have to say Topher? Are we in an agreement that finding out why Mike did try to kill is going to be our priority.

Topher: Looks like I won’t be able to change anyone’s mind right now so fine. But if we can’t figure anything out then we will drop everything and move on.

Jasmine: That is a reasonable condition I suppose.

Scott: Looks like we won’t need to hide the secret anymore. Feel better about it Brick?

Brick: I guess…though I wish no one need to know it. Seeing how disturbing it was.

Huh? Why am I saying this is related to the case? I mean I guess it could…but I don’t understand how.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Theater Tape, Duncan’s Testimony, Popcorn and Soda, Hallucination Medicine,

Zoey: Why…why…why…

Cameron: If we want to help Zoey we need figure out the motive Mike had to commit the murder.

Bridgette: But it isn’t easy making a motive for someone nice like Mike to commit a murder, unless it was to threaten someone or in self-defense.

Eva: We should scratch self-defense because it was clear that Mike was the one who instigated the entire crime.

Scott: We all know that. It was proven just a few minutes ago that it was Anne-Marie who tried to stOp a murder, not the other way around…Duncan.

Duncan: I said I was sorry, and if you want to point at someone I would say the murderer because if we don’t find this guy were done for.

Cody: Maybe threatening was the motive. Someone could have threaten Cameron or Zoey in order to force into action.

Jasmine: That is actually a pretty good idea, with that it would still make sense for Mike to kill someone without being seen as a bad guy.

Shawn: But did someone actually see a person getting threatening or acting suspicious, because if that was true wouldn’t Mike have said anything.

Rodney: With what happened with Mal last time, he definitely would have.

Katie: I really want to help Zoey, but I can’t think of any other motives that Mike would have had to kill someone.

Th-this…this is what happens when you let people do bad things. It ruins people lives just for their own self-pleasure. That is why I’ll never, ever forgive you Monkuma for using this!!!

Solution: Theater Tape – other motives

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: This is something I should have brought up earlier, but I didn’t understand why until now. I’m sorry for keeping another secret again.

Noah: Hey it happens.

Lindsay: What is that thing anyway? A grey box?

Tyler: I think that is a cassette tape Linds, although it doesn’t look like a normal that I’ve seen in my room…I mean in my dad’s room!

Scarlett: Looks like we got another nerd in our hands, not surprising seeing how low his athletic prowess were.

Scott: Looks like it’s time everyone must know what the tape contains. Maybe this would explain how nice guy Mike became one of the killers in the case.

Yeah, maybe it does explain it.

Brick: Honestly what you may see in this tape might surprise you and even seem unrelated to the murder, but as a soldier I’m willing to bet my honor that this is important.

Duncan: Hey, now that is something you don’t say everyday. You earn my respect for once.

Jasmine: Enough with the jabbering and let’s see what the tape contains.

Bridgette: W-what is going on? How does this make sense with the case!?

Geoff: Don’t know babe, but that was definitely disturbing.

Max: Indeed even my evil aura has been repelled a little due to the darkness induce by the malevolent figure there.

Sam: It looks like a dark past of someone. Someone very violent that even criminals are afraid of confronting.

Duncan: To think I would have to deal with him again.

Topher: Hold on! How would we know this is Mike’s motive!?

LeShawna: Uhh…does this not look like a motive to you or you need some new glasses kid. You said you wanted to be like Chris, well you got the annoying part right.

Topher: Yeah, but Monokuma never made a motive, if he did he would have announce it.

Owen: Oh yeah, Monokuma always does announce the motives. Hopefully he doesn’t make a motive about food because I might….

Monokuma: I should take note of this very carefully.

Noah: What are you thinking there big guy?

Owen: Ahh! I wasn’t thinking about commiting murder or anything.

Noah: Yeaaaah…I’m going to keep an eye on you because I wouldn’t want to see get yourself in more trouble then you usual are.

Topher: Umm…did you guys pay attention to me, because I was trying to save your lives he-

Scott: We did, but what you were actually wasn’t saving our lives but putting it in more danger. Like a pathetic trap using his own trap against himself.

Dawn: Like what you did to B back in TDRI? Because I still haven’t forgotten that scoundrels action of yours.

Brick: Enough with that you two, I think we should just confront why Topher’s line of defense is a critical mistake.

Topher: Then why not say it army kid, because a true star won’t fall by just a bunch of fake scandals.

Beardo *Jeopardy music* Wait you’re a star? I never knew maybe I just didn’t watch the news last night.

Brick: He’s just trying to feed his ego, but that isn’t going to happen. I’ll show him that a celebrities ego won’t destroy a soldier’s pride.

Izzy: By what, using someone’s word, because I do that all the time. Like when I had homework I always use my dad’s cheesy poems as my report and he-

Brick: Thank you Izzy, but I don’t need your father’s words. The ones I need is this ones.


Answer: Monokuma

Monokuma: *whistle*

Eva: You do know something! Spit it out already, before I-

DJ: Easy there girl, making the teddy bear mad isn’t a good idea. Seeing what happened to all the others guys. Poor friends…

Brick: Come on Monokuma, you told me about this before. Why are you hesitating now…unless you’re a coward!

Monokuma: What did you call me!?

Lightning: Looks like army boy schooled you, your way too scared to even say anything because your nothing but a-

Monokuma: Alright fine! Like Brick said, I do know something about the current murders. More importantly how the motive worked.

Tyler: The motive? You mean there was actually one this time?

Katie: Why didn’t you say that earlier, it would have helped our investigation!

Dawn: Have you forgotten that we deal with such a monstrous creature right now, that only feeds in despair.

Monokuma: Aww you flatter me.

Sam: I don’t think that is meant to be flattery.

Monokuma: Well if you do want to hear,then I guess I could share it.

Duncan: Now that was surprisingly easy, unless he has something ready to hit us with.

Monokuma: You see I did have a motive, which I was going to announce until someone eavesdrop on me and my choice for the next blacken.

Cameron: You pick the next blacken!?

Monokuma: I was getting board of watching so I decided to take part, so I did it secretly or supposedly secretly because someone still caught me.

Someone caught you…who? Maybe I could find a clue in the pile of clues.

Harold: So basically you choice not to reveal everyone that a motive was announce because someone saw you try to do it, which would have ruin the fun.

Monokuma: Wow! You really do know me well Harold!

Owen: So who was this person then?

Monokuma: Like I will tell anyone of you that for free! You will have to figure out yourself like a real trial.

Max: Great! Another lead gone, now what are we suppose to do?

Scarlett: Obviously solve who this mysterious witness is so we can understand the motive Mike for this crime.

Geoff: But I think it’s difficult to figure it out if no one is going to fess up.

Brick: True, but maybe we can figure out something we the clues we have in our hands already.

Shawn: You really think so?

Brick: I know so, the thing is that we need to understand it logical so we can reach our required destination. Just give me a few minutes to finish eh operation.

This is your time Brick! Show them that you’re the large and in charge! Show them your not the same cadet who wets his pants! Show them that your not…


1) So what was the motive for this case? ( A threat/Monokuma’s secret/Content of the theatre tape/Virus)

2) Who was this motive aiming for?


3) Was there a time when both Mike and Monokuma were together alone?


4) Who was the person who interfered with them?


Answer: Content of the theatre tape, Mike, Yes, Brick

Brick: I understand the ropes!!!


Brick: Don’t tell it was what happened between us a few nights ago…

Monokuma: Aww…do you really want me to say it?

Owen: Oh my God! Please don’t tell me you didn’t…

Cody: I didn’t know you were into that stuff Brick, but I still respect though a little freak out you.

Brick: I don’t get what your guys are talking about…

Is it something I said or Monokuma?

Gwen: You better explain this quickly unless you want everyone to get the wrong idea.

Dawn: It’s futile to try, Brick has lack the sense in order to understood what your words meant.

Brick: Of course sir! One time when I went out of the forest I ended running to Monokuma. And let me just it wasn’t a pretty sight. Sir!

Duncan: I doubt anything is pretty with Monokuma around.

Monokuma: No wonder Chef never liked you Duncan.

Cameron: I think you should elaborate more, it seems like this interaction seems important to the case then beneath the eye.

Brick: I think so to, because during that time, the enemy Monokuma was with our main suspect, Mike sir!

Sam: Now this is something we should know! Tell us more Brick!

Brick: I am very sorry about this, but nothing else has happen. Except that Monokuma told me never to speak this again and he brought Mike to the theatre!

Monokuma: And look what you’ve done. I hope your ready for a special-

Noah: I don’t think you can do that Monokuma, because Brick never really broke a rule.

Monokuma: W-what!?

Dawn: He is correct you heinous bear, I doubt you gave the threat of an execution to him lest wise you would have destroyed your own laws.

Monokuma: Fi…fine! And he is right, I did bring Mike boy to the theatre.

Harold: The question left we have is why, and seeing what we found in there it’s not really a good sign.

Topher: Obviously he showed Mike the theatre tape, though I don’t even know how this relates to him.

Owen: Probably the person who would have known is Zoey…but seeing how she…

Zoey: Why…why…why…why…why…

Lightning: Whatever, we don’t need her! Let’s just get this done so we can have dinner.

Duncan: Your one piece of work there, not hard to see how you got eliminated first among the villains.

Katie: Are you sure, because how would we know Brick isn’t lying to tie some loose ends.

Brick: Katie…you don’t doubt me do you!?

Katie: I’m sorry, but ever since my friend was killed I can’t just blindly trust anyone. Unless you have proof to back it up that your telling the truth, you should also be consider suspicious.

Scott: She got you there soldier, unless you do prove a point no one might listen to us anymore.

Noah: Doesn’t feel great to be consider a suspect, now you know how I feel.

Jasmine: So let’s hear it then Brick, if we believe what you said I would think you have something to help prove your point.

Samey: I have to agree with Jasmine on this, even if Monokuma did threaten you, you should have said something instead of staying quiet.

Well I guess that is true, then again this isn’t the first time someone scolded me for keeping a secret.

Brick: Honestly I thought my witness account was good enough, but I made a mistake. I apologize for that, but I do have evidence. This in fact.

(Theater Tape/Popcorn and Soda/Monokuma’s Account/Theater Chair)

Answer: Popcorn and Soda

Lindsay: Oh, popcorn! Thanks Blink! *munch*

Brick: I wouldn’t eat that if I were, because that popcorn is a few days old.

Lindsay: *split* Why didn’t say that earlier!?

Scott: You ate it immediately, that we didn’t had a chance to say so.

Trent: So how does this prove that Monokuma and Mike did went to the theatre.

Brick: Remember I said it came from days ago right, so…

Gwen: So sorry to say this Brick, but just because it is old doesn’t prove it was Monokuma and Mike who went to the theatre.

Brick: Very true, but there is a mysterious substance found in the soda and popcorn. Something that a regular person wouldn’t have in there popcorn and soda.

Izzy: You think someone used it to kill somebody. How kill cool would it be to die while watching your favourite movies.

DJ: I don’t think anyone wants to die here Iz.

LeShawna: So what was inside the popcorn, some kind of drug?

Max: How low for them to use something very cowardly! I hope this killer will pay!

Topher: I think this coward your talking about is Monokuma.

Max: Umm…I mean-…So how is it going!?

Harold: Never mind that. What is the medicine used on the popcorn and soada?

Brick: To answer that my fellow soldier…this is what I think what was lace on the snacks.

(Sleeping Pills/Poison/Alcohol/Hallucination Medicine)

Answer: Hallucination Medicine

Bridgette: Really? There is such thing?

Shawn: Unfortunately yes, when me and Jasmine were searching for medical supplies in the hospital we found those. Now that I think about it we should have taken them away.

Jasmine: I’ll take the blame for that. It was me who told Shawn to just leave it.

Samey: But can someone really place that medicine in the food without anyone noticing.

Scott: Yes, since the medicine is liquid.

Shawn: And when I tasted it, it was tasteless although it left me seeing zombies.

Tyler: So that explains why you were running away from us.

Brick: Still…how did you know that it was medicine that was use for the popcorn and soda?

Harold: What’s wrong with that? I was right anyway.

Brick: True, but isn’t it weird. Usually people would think maybe sleeping syrup or even poison, but you knew it was medicine. How did you know?

Harold: I saw the medicine jar was empty, so I though for sure someone used them.

Trent: Anyway as long as this isn’t a problem I would like to move on to the next part of the trial.

Still… the medicine jar was close tightly so Harold shouldn’t be suspicious of the contents. Maybe I’m just over thinking things.

Katie: So we know Monokuma used hallucination medicine on Mike. I wonder what was the reason.

Lightning: No way sha-bear would tell us! He always keeping secret!

Monokuma: Thanks Lightning, you know me all too well.

Duncan: I think we should ignore the medicine first and focus on the contents of the tape.

Geoff: What for dude?

Duncan: Well I don’t really want to say it, but the prison in the tape looks familiar.

Cody: Of course the actual criminal went to the exact prison of the tape. I wonder if this is a coincidence or not.

Scott: Don’t think, but I swear I heard something like that before.

Duncan: That is what I was afraid of…if you guys remember back when I was in a season with Mike, I kept saying I recognize him.

Owen: Yeah, so?

Duncan: So remember who this person was! You’ll understand what I mean if you figure out who this person was.

Rodney: What was the name of the person again, I forgot.


No way! It can’t be! But is has to be…

Lightning: Why are you now looking scrawny there Military Guy?

Gwen: Hearing what Duncan said, I think I know what he means.

Noah: To think we were done with this guy last time.

Scott: Still…how did he come back!? People like that just don’t come back.

Monokuma: Now this is getting exciting!

That person…that person…why is he back!? Why did he return!?



Answer: _ _ _

Answer this question down below and now understand how this entire case came to be. I hope you enjoy the twist of fate I pulled and this isn’t the end of it either. So toodles!

Looks like I won't be updating every other day now, but don't worry I am working with the next part so don't worry. While waiting I have a question that I hope one of you could answer correctly. Who is the mastermind? Leave your speculation down below.

Anyway guys I liked to hear your opinions on somethings. That would be these two cetegories.

Most Shocking Survivor and...

Favorite Character so Far.

Please leave it in the comments below.

Answer: MAL

Brick: It can’t be!!!


Brick: Mal, he returned! He came back!

Harold: Are you serious!? Mike turned back to Mal!

Duncan: I though Mike got rid of that runt back in Total Drama All-Star!

Noah: Maybe but wouldn’t that explain the weird things happening before.

Owen: The weird things?

Bridgette: Mike’s action lately. They have been very weird, almost like they were fake.

Trent: A fake who wanted to be hidden from us, and he was for a while.

Rodney: Still hard for us to believe we didn’t notice it until now.

Gwen: Not really considering what happened last time with Mal. Mike said that he was able to overcome his multiple personality disorder so he should be gone for good.

Dawn: Yes, until a truly malicious action awakened the dark one. Too think that they lack even this amount of honor for his victims.

Scarlett: But just asking around how this happened won’t change anything, we should stop moping and begin the next important step in this trial.

Topher: What nonsense are you talking about? What do you mean next important step?

Scarlett: I mean aren’t you guys wondering how Mal did return? Knowing that should be our next step in solving our case.

Cody: Yeah so something as crazy as this wouldn’t happen again.

Katie: I don’t even know what I can I believe in! All of this doesn’t make sense.

Max: I must join in that notion, none of this makes sense in reality. I should be the greater evil, not this weird bear that obsess in the desire of despair.

Jasmine: Max, no has the time to listen to your stupidity again. We need to focus and figure out how the bad egg went back crawling and rotting to where we are.

Owen: Yeah, I mean how do you bring back multiple personality disorder? Do you hit them in the head?

If that were the case, no one would stay cure with this ailment and that would have made such a disaster for the military to handle.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Theater Tape, Duncan’s Testimony, Popcorn and Soda, Hallucination Medicine

Duncan: So we have to deal with Mal again, or would have if he didn’t end up dead.

Scott: At the very least we won’t need to deal with him again, not only he was more evil then all the villains in our team, but he didn’t care about winning the million unlike us.

Max: You are wrong! How did you say that he could be even more evil then me! I am the true evil among us, not that weak wannabe.

Scarlett: Maybe Max was lucky that Mal is dead, he probably would have targeted that brat in a heart beat.

Tyler: But we shouldn’t say that Mal is gone is a good thing. We still lost Mike and Zoey is well…

Cameron: As much as it hurts her, she can’t stay like this. She has to overcome what just happened, and I know she will. She was always a strong person.

Noah: That is nice and all, but we really need to solve the case we have. Learning why Mal came back has to be our main priority.

Shawn: Looks like it’s back to bringing up ideas on how this happen. And I guess I will start it off. I think maybe Mike used a special medicine to bring back the sociopath.

Lightning: Are you kidding, Sha-Lightning thinks that Monokuma just smashed him in the face.

Eva: Like last time that happened, I don’t think is that simple. I think Mike was hiding the fact he had personality disorder from all of us, that idiot!

Cameron: Hey! Don’t call my friend an idiot! If something bad happened he would have definitely told one of us about it.

Noah: Let’s think about another way the guy got turned back to Mal, like maybe Monokuma removing his memories and leaving behind the one’s with Mal.

Dawn: What a scary power, having the ability to remove one’s important memories to change who they are. This should not have come to exist.

I don’t even know where to begin with multiple personality disorder, but I know the symptom is unusual so that means the method for it to happen should be unusual.

Solution: Hallucination Medicine – used a special medicine

Brick: Agree comrade!


Brick: But maybe that would explain the weird substance we found inside the popcorn and soda.

Harold: Ahh, the hallucination medicine. Of course this makes sense!

Still wondering how he knew about medicine?

Duncan: How does hallucination medicine help us figure out how Mike got his disorder back?

Harold: It helps because that is what caused the personality disorder to resurface. More specifically the medicine help cause the stress that brought back this dilemma.

Jasmine: I heard of that before, sometimes the stress of something could cause mental disorder.

Shawn: Especially when the person just encountered a very traumatic moment, like they saw their best friend be eaten by zombie.

Lindsay: That sounds so gross.

Noah: Maybe that would explain your issues Shawn.

Duncan: Hold on dweeb, sure the medicine could help cause the stress but what about the so called traumatic moment.

Cameron: She said that a traumatic experience help, but it doesn’t mean it was a necessity. The stress alone could cause Mike’s disorder to come-

Zoey: No it wouldn’t! Mike wouldn’t be so weak to fall to something like that! Especially after what happened last time.

Samey: Zoey, your back! I thought we lost you.

Zoey: I know it’s difficult but I have to accept that the person I love killed someone. So to show you all that I did, I will look through this case till the very end.

At a girl, she has the heart of a soldier, even the skills only when she goes commando.

Tyler: Sure…but don’t you realize you just said no to Harold’s idea-

Zoey: No I wasn’t, I do think he’s in the right track…but he made a mistake with the part that the stress was the only thing needed to break Mike.

Cameron: Actually it was me who said it, no offense to Mike and you.

Zoey: It’s OK, but we really need to think this through. Mike couldn’t have just fallen to some stress, even if it was hallucination medicine.

LeShawna: Couldn’t whatever he hallucinated was what got him to go loco.

Izzy: Going loco, I love being loco! I’m so good at it!

Zoey: Maybe, but the person then wouldn’t be able to predict if Mike will actually go down. They probably made sure that it would work.

Scott: With how? It’s not like Monokuma could have something to break Mike’s sprit. Then again he broke my spirit when he killed that tiny bird.

Dawn: Noooo! Why did the bird have to suffer!?

Monokuma: Don’t you remember that I’m a bear! Bears eat birds, remember nature girl.

Rodney: Your not exactly a normal bear Monokuma, more like a machine.

Monokuma: How dare you call me that even if it was true!?

Zoey: Like what happen to Scott, I’m sure Monokuma did prepare something to make this plausible. I think it’s something would be able to find in the theatre itself.

Sam: Something we could find? Like maybe an easter egg?

Scott: Don’t think easter is around, but there is something we did find there other then the popcorn and soda.

Brick: Of course, this is also something we found inside the theatre.

(Popcorn/Soda/Chairs/Theater Tape)

Answer: Theater Tape

Noah: Of course you would find a theatre tape in a theatre, but I’m guessing what your referring to is the contents of the tape.

Dawn: You mean the dark tape, seeing this and the cruel medicine actually tells me the truth of this malevolent creatures return.

Trent: You mean making the stress and the traumatic by using these two.

Sam: I think Dawn might be right, even if I wasn’t the target, I would be afraid of these two together

Zoey: So this is what you did to make Mike go back into Mal! How could you do something so heartless!?

Monokuma: Well I’m a machine so I don’t technically have a heart.

Scarlett: She’s referring to your controller, I’m pretty sure that is a human.

Monokuma: Who knows, but enough about me you should focus on the trial.

Zoey: Focus on the trial!? Your just trying to ignore what you did! I won’t let you go so easily-

Cameron: Zoey, Monokuma is right. We need to focus on the case at hand.

Zoey: Cameron!

Shawn: There is many things about the trial that we have yet to understand, like how Anne-Marie knew Mike became Mal.

Jasmine: Or who Mike’s real killer is.

Samey: If we don’t figure that out Zoey, none of us is coming out alive. So let go of Monokuma for now and continue fighting for your life. For Mike’s sake.

Zoey: …Y-you right. Mike wouldn’t want me to continue moping, so I have to continue forward. It hurts but I know this is what Mike would want.

Brick: You have more heart then most soldiers, I salute for that.

Cameron: I’m pretty Mike is smiling at you up their, remember that.

Topher: Enough with the melodrama and let’s focus on the real drama. Who the killer is?

Gwen: But before that we should focus on how Anne-Marie figure out Mike became Mal again.

Topher: Huh!? Why!?

Harold: Because it wouldn’t be good to leave any loose ends before we move on, so finding more about how Anne-Marie got involve could still help.

Bridgette: And I think we mention any leads we can find could lead to finding a decisive clue.

Topher: Looks like we’ll be delaying the main act more…fine then.

Brick: So how are we going to do this?

Cameron: I think the most sufficient move to do now, is to find the source of Anne-Marie’s knowledge. If she didn’t had a feeling Mal came back, then she shouldn’t have been killed.

Duncan: She should have gotten out of his way. No one wants to mess with Mal alone, unless you want to end up like the other delinquents.

Scarlett: Still you have to admit that she was pretty brave talking a monster like that alone.

Like your one to talk, I think. Not sure if what happened was a fake or the truth.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Dawn’s Testimony, Mental Hospital’s Documents, Hairclip, Mike’s Journal

Zoey: How did Anne-Marie find out that Mike turned to Mal? Even I didn’t realize that and I was with him all the time back in All-Stars.

Cameron: That is something I am really curious about, Anne-Marie may have been close to Vito, but not Mike yet she was the only one who knew about it.

Dawn: Yeah…I guess you could say that.

Jasmine: Asking questions isn’t going us anywhere, we better start going or were never leaving the trial alive.

Bridgette: Seeing how Mal loves to gloat to people’s face, I wouldn’t be surprise if he actually told someone who he is. Like maybe someone who isn’t close with Mike like Anne-Marie.

Duncan: Yeah, but I find it hard to believe Anne-Marie out of everyone would be the person Mal would reveal himself to. I mean dude loves to see people get hurt, not annoyed.

Owen: Maybe Anne-Marie had a vision, and than found out that Mike became Mal. I mean I always see something when I get hungry.

Lightning: But wouldn’t that be creepy girl and not her? I mean she can even tell what happen to me last football practice.

Geoff: You guys have to be real here, no way she would know it like that. It has to be a women’s instinct.

LeShawna: Then why didn’t any of us notice, let’s be serious and say something like she found a hint about him being real.

Izzy: I think Owen and Geoff were right. Anne-Marie must have been supernatural.

How did Anne-Marie learn the truth? My main mission right now, but a mission I don’t know what to do.

Solution: Mental Hospital’s Document – found a hint

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: This could be what tip Anne-Marie about Mal. Or at least a copy I made when the original went missing.

Max: What the heck is that!? A contract with the devil, ha I would laugh at the silly attempt to overcome my evilness.

Zoey: Hey! That’s the documents we found inside the mental hospital.

Dawn: Oh yeah I did forget about, not like I needed to learn about this disaster.

Cameron: If I remember, didn’t Mike seem a little anxious when we saw those. Maybe the documents did have something to do with Mal?

Zoey: Yes, in fact with where we found it, it wouldn’t be a surprise for the documents to contain something related to a mental disorder.

Harold: Like multiple personality disorder! And it would make sense since Monokuma does have plenty of info on us.

Lindsay: Really? How did you know?

Katie: So we know there was a document related to Mike, how is this a tip-off?

Noah: Why not you think if you were the person who read and found these documents, what would you do if you realize Monoluma has files about a certain contestants.

Katie: Honestly I wouldn’t know, maybe ask someone about what I should do?

Noah: Fine, I’ll this question to someone less friendly. What about you Topher? What would you do if you knew files for a certain person was prowling around?

Topher: That’s easy. I would watch them knowing that they weren’t just some random nobody anymore.

Noah: See, that’s what happened. When Anne-Marie found the documents she became suspicious of Mike and started to trail him.

Katie: And how would you know that?

Beardo: Sounds like you notice Anne-Marie do that, so this is for you. *cash register sound*

Noah: Not it was not, but someone I talk to. I think one of you could be able to guess who.

Samey: Umm…agh. It’s been a week since I had the coma, but my mind still dazes around for a bit.

Brick: That’s fine because I can answer that question for you. Tell me Noah, is this the person who informed you about Anne-Marie’s action?



Brick: Target in sight!


Brick: Hey Dawn, didn’t you tell me that you notice Anne-Marie was observing Mike?

Dawn: Certainly, but it’s not like you to have a person repeat the words they say.

Brick: I just needed your permission, otherwise this form of info would never be accepted by my fellow squadron.

Owen: At least we know that your telling the truth, not saying we doubted you and all.

Trent: At least we know that Anne-Marie did know or at the very least suspected something about Mike.

Tyler: And she did with the documents.

Brick: Looks like this case is becoming even more clear, Anne-Marie knew about Mal’s ability



Katie: Hold it! You really think just because you have a source, proves Anne-Marie did know about what was going with Mike!?

Brick: I would think so, unless you see a defect in the idea I propose.

Katie: Not really a defect, but more of an issue. I just can’t accept you saying this is enough to prove Anne-Marie knew about what was going on with Mike.

Brick: Well I guess I could fix that. Of course you should be ready to admit defeat when I’m finish with this battle.

Katie: Don’t think I’ll let you off so easily. I have to continue surviving so I won’t make this anymore easier for you.


Evidence: Dawn’s Testimony, Mental Hospital’s Documents, Hairclip, Mike’s Journal

Katie: I can’t buy this yet.

Katie: Your trying to say that Anne-Marie knew about what happened to Mike.

Katie: Because of someone’s witnessing her looking at Mike.

Katie: I may believe in all types of gossip but this…

Katie: I’m not going to if my life is on the line.

Katie: Because…because…

Katie: Letting myself die here would be breaking the promise I made to Sadie.

Brick: I know how you feel, but you have to trust me! I know what I’m doing.

Katie: Trusting people’s word without evidence.

Katie: Will only lead us getting killed.

Katie: So why not you bring something up to back up your claim.

Katie: Like rumors and gossip nothing is true until proven.

Katie: Like your story that Anne-Marie was the one who had access to the documents.

Katie: When there is a ton of people other then her who also knew about it.

Katie: That includes you!

Katie: Doesn’t that sound something quite suspicious.

Katie may have brought a point. I haven’t really showed anything that connects Anne-Marie to the documents, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any.

Solution: Hairclip - Anne-Marie was the one who had access to the documents.

Brick: I don’t think so!!!


Brick: Anne-Marie was the one did came in contact with the documents, and this here is certified proof of that.

Katie: Is that a hairclip? Doesn’t look very fashionable otherwise I would have heard of it.

Scott: Why bring up that junk Brink? It’s nothing but a piece of plastic inside the drawer.

Cameron: Scott, you said inside the drawer. Are you talking about the drawer inside the mental hospital room?

Scott: And if I am what about it?

Zoey: That is where the documents were! How did you not notice them!?

Scott: Hey! There wasn’t any documents!

Dawn: Maybe Anne-Marie took the real ones or Mal destroyed them, Brick did mention that we have right now is a copy.

Brick: A copy I downloaded from the computer inside the hospital so it’s legitiment.

Tyler: You said you found a hairclip inside, don’t tell that hairclip belongs to-

Lindsay: I know, I know! It was Anne-Marie’s! No wonder I thought that I’ve seen that before!

Katie: Does that mean!?

Brick: Oh it does mean, Katie. Anne-Marie did access the documents and the fact we found something of hers where the documents were at. It doesn’t take a general to know what this means to the case.

Rodney: I guess we know understand how Anne-Marie was involve in this case…but how does that help find the killer.

Izzy: Oh yeah, we were so focus on Mal that we forget why we were here in the first place.

I didn’t!

Jasmine: Actually, it’s kind of hard to think how to fit one more person in this. I mean this sounds like a shut-down case with Mike and Anne-Marie alone.

Duncan: But it’s obvious Mal didn’t kill himself. How else would he be crush by a generator?

Scott: That’s strange…

Shawn: What’s strange Scott?

Scott: How did Mike get crush from the generator in the first place? Wasn’t he the one who detach the generator to begin with.

Samey: With the evidence that was presented, it’s a yes.

Sam: Hey! If Mike did detach the generators, how did he get underneath it!? There is no way he could get in position before the generator got in the pool.

Noah: That is very simple, he simply died a different way.

Dawn: I have to agree with Noah on this. Mike’s death wasn’t cause by a mere generator.

Bridgette: You do realize we have to find out how he really died then?

Dawn: I know, but this is a step we must take if we were to reach the goal we wanted. Survival of this dreadful events.

Topher: Oh come on! Why can’t we move on to the next part!? If I was in charge I would have made the trials short and sweet.

You realize that is saying you could be a murderer.

Noah: Doesn’t matter, we need to figure out how Mike died and the way we do that is more talking!

Katie: Here we go again, didn’t any of you notice every time we find an answer it usually involves lots of talking.

Eva: Yeah and it’s nothing but a pain. Why does all killers have to make there cases complicated!?

Samey: Maybe…because they want to get away.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Mike’s Neck

Tyler: So we have to figure out how Mike really died, all we know that it wasn’t because he got crush by a generator.

Harold: But that would bring a problem, which is how would Mike get crush by the generator if he wasn’t in the position the generator was at.

Owen: Maybe we were wrong and Mike…or Mal didn’t kill Anne-Marie.

LeShawna: Sorry Owen, but with everything that was happening between Anne-Marie and Mike I really doubt it.

Topher: Still, dude might still be right. Who says that Mike wasn’t also a target for a murder. Maybe by another killer.

Gwen: I doubt two people planning a murder at the same place in the same two would make sense unless it was planned. And Mal isn’t the type to work with others.

Cameron: Yeah, I remember what happened with Heather and Alejandro when they became his helpers.

Zoey: I think maybe you should start thinking about other methods of murder that could have happen to Mal. Because there is no way the generator was the cause of his death.

Scott: Do you want bring this up Brick? Maybe it will explain everyone what really happened that night.

I think so to Scott, this might be the main reason those scars existed.

Solution: Mike’s Neck – other methods of murder

Brick: Agreed comrade!!!


Brick: Scott why not you explain since you were the one who brought it up.

Scott: To think you trust me, you better watch out or else someone might stab you in the back.

Brick: So I guess I should just ignore this and move-

Scott: Are you stupid!? Of course this is relevant to the murder!

Eva: I don’t know what you guys are talking about, but if I were you I would start spitting it out!

Scott: Fine then! There was marks on the neck! Mike had rope marks in his neck!

DJ: Rope marks!? Don’t tell me someone else hanged somebody that night!?

Rodney: I don’t think so, if he was hanged then where could he have been hanged? There wasn’t any ropes

Noah: If anything the most likely cause for the rope marks is strangulation, since it’s not that difficult to find a type of rope. Look at the sides and you’ll see plenty of nets and buoys which you can get ropes from.

LeShawna: But why did you guys wait until now? You know this could have help us a lot earlier!?

Sam: I don’t know, I think it was a smart move to wait until it was right time for them to reveal something important like this.

Samey: I think he’s right. Without the generator evidence, we probably wouldn’t have figure out Mal or at least made it harder.

Duncan: So I guess we got one problem solve, but that leaves us with two.

Lightning: Sha-what your talking about!? We know Weird Boy was strangled so wh-

Duncan: Have you forgotten that Mike’s body was crush underneath a generator? You still got to explain that.

Tyler: Alright that is a problem.

Lindsay: But what is the second one? Why the generator crushed Mine’s body?

Duncan: It was pretty obvious that the purpose for that was to hide the real cause of death. I have a problem on who was the one who did it? We said Mike was the killer.

Bridgette: Was one of the killers, we still have one more in the pool incident.

Duncan: Okay, but how did the second killer get involved with the murder? I mean it was pretty clear the only person who intended to kill was Mike or Mal.

Brick: That is strange, but like we did before. We will face this case till the end and find our way out of this dilemma.

Izzy: I think we should totally go after why the other killer got involved because having two killers in the same place is just crazy.

Samey: Yeah, that is something I want to know to.

Scott: Isn’t it obvious!? We already said why this other killer got involved!

Brick: We did?

Scott: Have you forgetten, we mention another person who was suppose to be in the pool. Now who do you think this other person was?

Max: Enough with this vagueness! Tell me straight or else I will have no choice but to unleash my-

Scarlett: I wish you just stayed quiet!

Brick: Who this other person was? I don’t have names.

Scarlett: Maybe we don’t, but I have a feeling this other person is important in our case. So important that their identity must be revealed so we can survive this trial.

Topher: Let me guess, this person is the killer. No reason to hide unless you were either an accomplice or a murderer.

Geoff: And Mal is way too crazy to get someone to help him cause trouble.

Scott: This person isn’t just a killer, but something we mentioned earlier.

Lindsay: I seriously don’t understand what your saying, can you clarify that?

Brick: Don’t worry, I will.

I know what other role this killer played that night, and it was a role we probably forgotten until now. Thanks for reminding me about this Scott.




Brick: Destination reach!!!


Brick: This person was a target Mal had! Don’t you remember why he was there to begin with?

Owen: Wasn’t it to kill some-

Izzy: AH! Mal was actually trying to kill someone that night!

Beardo: We said earlier that Anne-Marie actually just tried to intervene, so that means she wasn’t the intended target.

Jasmine: It was someone else who got saved by Anne-Marie.

Eva: But we have no idea who this person! This is stupid!

Cody: Maybe we should think of something else to find out who Mike wanted to kill.

Beardo: Yeah, like what?

Cody: Like the fire. If Mike was dead when the fire happened then who did it?

Owen: Oh yeah there is that.

Scott: And also why cause the fire to begin with? The killer wouldn’t do it without a reason.

Brick: Yeah, there must be a point to all of this.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: …

Scott: It’s obvious the killer had an intention when they decided to burn the pool.

Cameron: The question were looking for is why, and unfortunately there isn’t any answers I could think of.

Beardo: Well we know the fire happened around early in the morning so something about that?

Katie: Like it was used to get us to the pool, because that sounds a little overboard to do. They could have just use a letter or a loud noise to get us there.

Geoff: Well the building was really busted, so maybe it has something to do with that?

Bridgette: That actually gave me an idea babe. The killer probably wanted to use the fire to help move around things. To make the crime scene messing.

Duncan: That sounds way too overkill with burning a building, if anything the only reason the killer would want to do that is to destroy evidence.

Harold: All the three suggestion were something related to disrupting our progress in investigation. I think were getting in the right track.

Eva: Question is what among these three was the killer aiming for. I doubt the killer went for all three seeing how hard would it be to predict the fire.

Our killer is definitely one sneaky enemy, but that doesn’t matter. I know these types tend to leave a trail and this is a trail I won’t be losing any time soon.

Solution: move around things – the killer had an intention

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: That explains how the generator got underneath Mike!

Bridgette: What, the fire? How could that cause the generator to get on top of Mike?

Brick: Have any of you been inside a burning building before?

Izzy: I was! I remember this home-made firecrackers accidentally went off and burned the junkyard building me and my finally have our annual scavenger party.

Scott: Now that sounds like a party I would attend.

Owen: Me to if it has cake and food and pizza and sandwiched and chicken and-

Jasmine: Fascinating but I think we should focus on the case. So what was it like inside a burning building Izzy?

Izzy: It was chaotic! I remember how when my cousins tried to escape, this big heavy cabinet kept moving due to the fire causing a lot off balance.

Cameron: Did I just hear off-balance!?

Brick: You heard it right! The reason the fire was originally created was to make the generator move around eventually land on top of Mike.

Gwen: To disguise his death from strangulation with a death of being crush. That would also explain the Monokuma File not listening his cause of death!

Monokuma: *whistle*

Topher: So we know how the generator got on top of his body, but we still don’t know who made the fire.

Lindsay: It has to be the killer!

Tyler: We know that Lindsay, but I think he’s asking for who is the killer. Unfortunately we don’t know who it is.

Shawn: Actually I have an idea myself and it’s all due to the weapon used in making the fire.

Duncan: A weapon used to cause the fire? Are you talking about a flamethrower?

Shawn: Nope, but it’s something a little more destructive.

DJ: Don’t tell me it’s a bomb because bombs scare me-

Shawn: Looks like you got it! A bomb was use to create the fire that was meant to move the generator.

Max: That is impossible! No fire bombs were available inside the MonoStore, otherwise I would have bought them myself.

Scarlett: Which is where I come in with this. The thing is that the fire bomb used during the attack was actually man-made.

DJ: Man-made!?

Scarlett: Yes, the way it was made can’t be a standard factory made, so it has to be done custom. By human hands which I mean.

Zoey: Wait! So whoever the person that can fire bombs is-

Cameron: That has to be the person who killed Mike!

Shawn: Exactly which is why I want to say this next. I know who the culprit is.

Brick: You do?

Scott: Looks like you won’t be taking the spotlight this time Brick.

Eva: If you know the culprit then say it already! Who is the killer we were looking for!?

Shawn: Who else, but Brick the Cadet!?


Brick: Hey! You can’t be serious that you think it was me!

Shawn: But I do! You can be the only one since you’re the only one here who could have made the fire bomb!

Jasmine: Have anything to say for yourself?

Brick: I’m not the killer! Please believe me!

Shawn: Believe you? Ha! As if! You’re the only one who could have done the crime Brick!

Jasmine: Unless you could think of another suspect among us Brick.

Brick: What?

Jasmine: The reason me and Shawn are picking you as the culprit is because of your military training. You’re the only one who had that meaning you could be the only one who could make a bomb.

Brick: No! It wasn’t me!

Shawn: If it wasn’t you then who was it? Who else could make a fire bomb other then you?

Zoey: It seems like the deciding factor here is that you seem to be the only one who could make a fire bomb. Unless you can name another suspect, you will be the only possible killer here.

Brick: …

Scott: Looks like your thinking about something, what is it?

Brick: I think I might actually be able to do that.

Harold: Hold on! You know someone else who could make the fire bomb other the you!?

Brick: I think so, or I hope so otherwise I’ll be chosen as the killer.

And everyone will die here because they would be wrong.

Shawn: The let’s hear it Brick, who else other then you could make a fire bomb?

I don’t know about bombs, but this person can clearly work with explosive powder. If my memory of that something that happened few days ago is correct.


Looks like the creation of the next part is longer then I though so I decided to put this out. What do you think of a Ridonculous Race version? I know I haven't finish yet, but it's something I would like to know if any are interested/ So leave it in the comments below.

Counting the votes, I have the top three choices for our killer. Here it is!


Looks like the creation of the next part is longer then I though so I decided to put this out. What do you think of a Ridonculous Race version? I know I haven't finish yet, but it's something I would like to know if any are interested/ So leave it in the comments below.

Counting the votes, I have the top three choices for our killer. Here it is!

1) Izzy

2) Trent

3) Scott

Let us see if you were right or wrong!


Brick: Target in sight!!!


Brick: Hold on! I do have someone who knows how to make a fire bomb, and should be considered a suspect just like me.

Owen: Wow! This is getting really exciting!

Scott: Yeah, but making it suspenseful isn’t going to help. It actually makes you look like your trying to delay the trial.

Brick: Believe me, I’m not.

Eva: If your not then why not you say it already! Who else could be the killer other then you?

Brick: Izzy…do you want report something to us?

Izzy: Excuse me, but I don’t understand military lingo. I mean I should since they hunt me down, but it’s all just a really big pain in the-

Brick: Then let’s say this in a way everyone can understand what I mean. Were you the one who terminated Mike last night!?

Owen: Wh-what!? Nooo!!!

Zoey: Izzy killed Mik- I mean Mal! But why would she do this!?

Izzy: Your joking right!? I mean do you really think it was me!? I know I’m a little crazy, but killing and burning a building is way too insane!

Noah: A-are you telling the truth??? I find your argument hard to believe if you don’t have any evidence to support it.

Izzy: But I do! Think about it guys! If I was the killer wouldn’t I have to know how to make a fire bomb? There is no way I could learn th-

Scott: Are you sure? I do remember a time when you did made something explosive.

Brick: You don’t need to remind me comrade, I know the moment your talking about.

(Mike’s Murder/Courtney’s Party/Mal’s Return/Geoff’s Pool Party)

Answer: Geoff’s Pool Party

Dawn: Looks like you have a good memory, it is true. The only reason why we found the party out to begin with was because of lights created by Izzy’s craftsmanship.

Noah: I have to back Dawn up in this Izzy. I don’t want to say it, but you are capable of making explosives, you know what it means.

Samey: Hey! Didn’t you remember a story Izzy said just a few minutes ago?

Izzy: What story!? I don’t remember any stories!? They must not be true!

Rodney: Izzy, you are acting really strange. Like you’re a killer!

Izzy: Don’t be silly, I am always like this! Watch Total Drama to believe me, I was way crazier there.

Sam: As much as I want to address her attitude I am more interested in what Samey has to say about Izzy.

Samey: Well don’t you remember the story earlier about a junkyard building she and her friends went?

Harold: I’m not too sure, but I do remember she did say something like that.

Samey: Well remember what happened to the junkyard building and you’ll understand my point.

Lightning: I’m just confuse! Lightning’s brain doesn’t work when he’s hung-

Harold: Now I remember! Izzy said that it got burned down after using fire crackers! Home-made fire crackers!

Duncan: The more we hear about Izzy, the more it looks like it’s her. Hopefully we finally got our guy!

Izzy: No you don’t! There is no way it could be me! I mean…you guys are moving faster then my pet dog chasing bacon!

Lindsay: Is that bad thing?

Eva: She’s saying that were being reckless and I have to side with her. Looks like military boy proved Izzy could still be a killer, but if he can’t prove that it is her then it could be him.

Shawn: Because you Brick, are still a suspect despite what you said. I would watch your backs if I were you.

Scott: Looks you got a choice here, want to prove your innocence or continue pointing the case to Izzy.

Brick: Hmm…as much being defensive is good, the enemy has just expose a weak point so we can’t let this opportunity slide.

Harold: Offensive is very good when facing a cornered opponent, but be careful. If you don’t act cautious that might just hurt you.

Max: Let us see if the man in the military can fight his adversaries and reach tomorrow! Though it will only delay the inevitable which would be being my slave! Hahahaha!!!

Scarlett: Ha ha ha, we get it! Now just shut-up and focus on the trial. Not only you were a pest, but you just made me lose focus about this case.

Samey: I’m surprise that happened. Scarlett being confuse in a trial.

Izzy: That won’t be the biggest surprise today! The biggest surprise other then my weight is going to be that Brick was the killer last night and it wasn’t me.

Owen: I know Izzy! There is no way you would kill someone!

Noah: I would be careful if I were you, Izzy may be crazy but not stupid. She isn’t going to leave a chance for you to fight.

But I am always ready for a battle, and this is where I’ll show it!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Mike’s Journal, Torn Fabric, Pool Ladders, Shirt Sleeve

Shawn: Looks like we have two suspects in the case, Brick a guy who was trained in the military meaning he could have training in making explosions and Izzy who was proven earlier to be a capable fireworks makers meaning she must be competent in explosives.

Jasmine: The thing is, we have no evidence to either prove innocent or guilty so it’s really a fifty-fifty at this point.

Bridgette: I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s Brick! I mean I know you’re a sweet guy and all, but you can be really dangerous especially with your military training.

Max: Not to mention he has the power to give the killing blow to the inferior antagonist name Mal.

Cody: But then we have Izzy who is someone I could see thinking about burning the pool. You guys remember her Explosivo phase?

Tyler: And she has some moves! She could definitely get to Mal and kill him.

LeShawna: But you have to wonder why did Mal want to kill them? Guys crazier then a nutty squirrel, but he isn’t doing anything like murder without a reason.

Harold: Looks like in the end we might need to search a clue to prove one or the other to be the killer. If someone could present it, I think it’s best to do it now before we move on.

Izzy: I don’t, but maybe Brick does. Let’s hope it isn’t forge because that may not be so good for you.

Scott: She’s taunting you, want to take that or fight back.

So it’s now down to me and the real killer. I need to figure out how to overcome Izzy’s defense and prove that it was her who committed the crime not me!

Solution: Mike’s Journal – a reason

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: I do know a reason why Mal would want to kill a certain person and that person happens to be Izzy.

Owen: Izzy, why would Mal want to kill Izzy!?

Brick: Because of this journal or what’s inside. Read the entires carefully and you’ll understand how Mal was feeling during these moments. You’ll get why the murder tonight happened.

Katie: You know none of these entries seem that weird-

Cameron: Now this is something unusual. Didn’t think Mal would have this way of with words.

Rodney: Mal? Couldn’t that actually be an entry by Mike?

Cameron: No, the date here says the day before the murder happened. Meaning when Mal has already returned.

Duncan: Alright, but what is it that’s unusual? We don’t have all day Cameron.

Cameron: I was getting there. You see this entry talks about the writer being nervous about someone knowing there secret.

Sam: And that person is Mal, since you said it was him who wrote that part. But what secret are you talking about?

Cameron: It doesn’t say in the book, but I have feeling this is a secret we can figure out without needing it to be written.

Zoey: A secret Mal would have. What could that be?

Scarlett: Come now, it isn’t that hard to think about considering what happened in the past few days. Even a 1st grader should be able to know this.

Lindsay: No way, I’m in highschool and I don’t even know what this means.

Brick: But I do, when you think about Mal and how he was then this thing would be something he would want to keep secret from everyone here.

(His Return/His Murder/His Identity/His Name)

Answer: His Return

Scott: Of course that would be it, that guy would do anything to hide his identity seeing what he did last time in All-Star.

Duncan: Yeah, but how does this have to do with Izzy?

Izzy: He’s right! I have no reason to kill anybody especially a psychopath like Mal!

Topher: I mean wouldn’t it make more sense for the patriotic soldier be the one who killed the criminal over another crazy guy.

Brick: Hey, I didn’t mean this to point at me.

Harold: Brick, if you really were using that to point to Izzy as the killer, why not you try making a connection to prove your innocence.

Scott: Of course if your innocent. Hopefully you are because I don’t want to be labelled as an accomplice.

Eva: So let’s see if you have anything more to say Soldier Boy, if this should be a motive pointing at Izzy, why not show a connecting.

Jasmine: I would be careful if I were, your in the wild now and if you don’t make your choices carefully well I wish you could at least been eaten by a shark then a wombat.

I didn’t think wombats could even eat people.

Brick: So how does that prove this could be a motive for Mal to kill Izzy, well I guess I should remind you guys these incidents.

Harold: I see, the more unusual incidents of the unusual Izzy. Get it!

Noah: What comedy gold, now just tell us these incidents whether we see if you or my friend is a killer.

Why do I always make things suspenseful and never to the point?

(Mal’s Murder/Izzy’s Attack/Owen’s Farts/Geoff’s Party)

Answer: Izzy’s Attack

Brick: Have you guys wondered who was after Izzy?

Izzy: After me, nothing bad happened to me!

Lindsay: Are you sure, because some of your friends were attacked before.

Izzy: Well….I…I…mean…

Owen: The attacks, you mean when I got poisoned and when Eva was hit by a boulder?

Eva: Yeah, and I’m still piss with however did that! Once I find out I will-

Brick: Unfortunately you won’t be able to, the attacker has already been killed.

Katie: Killed? Are you trying to say Mal was the one who did all those attacks!?

Samey: And I’m guessing these attacks connects a motive between Izzy and Mal, which lead all those incidents from happening.

Rodney: But why? Why would all these attacks would happen to Mal?

Brick: I know why, but I need to think a way to connect this incident from what happened with Izzy.

Scott: It’s pretty obvious what was the motive, but finding proof to connect both incidents won’t be easy.

Izzy: Yeah, I mean sure Mike may have turned to Mal…but how does that relate with my problems?

Harold: I wouldn’t underestimate him, he has proven his points in the past already.

Brick: Thanks for the compliment, that will really help us in figuring out this case.

Now time to show how Izzy’s attack definitely points at Mal being an attacker and proving the motive why he needed her dead!


1) Why did Mal wanted to attack and kill Izzy?

(She was annoying/She was intelligent/She knew his secret)

2) How would he know that Izzy knew about his secret?

(Reading her Diary/Overheard/Saw in the Cameras)

3) What can I prove that Izzy knew about the secret?

(What she wanted to talk about/Her talents/Her Victims)

Answer: She knew his secret, Overheard, What she wanted to talk about

Brick: I have reach my destination!!!


Brick: Then tell me Izzy, what were you talking about to Owen and Eva before those attacks?!

Katie: What she talked about? How does that have something to do with Mal and this murder?

Scarlett: Don’t tell me what she wanted to talk about was something about Mal, am I right?

Brick: That is what I think.

Scott: Now that I think about it, when she was talking to Eva I did hear her say that something malevolent is coming back.

Eva: Hey! How did you know!?

Noah: Well I think we can believe you seeing how Rage McAnger just responded. Now this malevolent thing is definitely the thing Mal didn’t want anybody to know.

Harold: I think the malevolent thing Izzy was talking about was Mal, but the only reason she would have is because she knew did come back. Am I right Izzy?

Izzy: No! You got it wrong! I never said anything about a malevolent be-

Owen: Izzy, did you really do it? Because why else would you be lying to us?

Izzy: Owen…I…

Eva: Izzy, the reason why were attack was because of this nonsense you were talking about. Who else would do that then a crazy psycho like Mal!?

Izzy: I don’t know! I don’t know!

Bridgette: But you did know! You knew that Mal was coming and because of that this lead to the murder happening.

Eva: But we know it was all out of self-defense, so if you just confess now we’ll just execute Courtney’s ki-

Izzy: Confess! Why would I confess on something I didn’t do!? I mean I know I’m weird but this is ridiculous!

Geoff: Whoa! Izzy just chill there girl, were just saying-

Izzy: How can I!? Who is crazy enough to stay calm after being accuse by a murder!? I won’t let myself be accuse when you have no proof! Not going to be freshmeat!

Shawn: But who else then you could be the culprit? Other then this, your still one of the few who could have made the bomb that burned the building.

Izzy: Then what about Brick!? He also could have done it, and also didn’t Topher say that it would make more sense for the soldier to sacrifice himself to take out a dangerous opponent.

Topher: That is true, both Izzy and Brick are still ewual suspects even if Mal had a motive to kill Izzy.

Cody: Having a motive is suspicious, but logically this isn’t still enough to shut-down a case. So we need to find anything to put this case on the hole!

Scott: Looks like the hot water is still on you, think you can handle that Brick?

Brick: At least it isn’t just me, so I have to be able to endure it more then her if I want to have the truth revealed!

Looks like I got Izzy in a cornor, but this battle is only going to be more nonsensical.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Pool Ladder, Pool, Roof Railings, Crushed Present, Pool Keys

Noah: Izzy, I want to believe your innocent, but with the way your acting this isn’t good. So if you want to say something then you should or else we will label you as Mike’s killer.

Izzy: What do you want me to say? That I didn’t do it, but a split personality of mine did it! I know I sound really angry but who wouldn’t be.

Zoey: Don’t insult Mike’s disorder! You don’t know how hard is it to coop with such a problem.

Izzy: Look I’m sorry, but I am really in trouble in here. Let’s start talking about the crime so that we can determine whether it was me or Brick who killed Mike!

Brick: Thought I would never hear you say something like that! The battle has begun!

Izzy: So we know that it can only be me and Brick since were the only ones who can make explosion which by the way I should tell you guys why I know-

Owen: Izzy…please don’t get distracted so I would know if your really the killer or not.

Izzy: OK, since that’s what I wanted in the beginning. Do you guys have anything to prove it was me who was the culprit…or it was more likely to be me then Brick.

Max: From what I can tell, it sounds like the villain we hunt was someone who lost control of themselves after the failed attempt to kill.

Jasmine: If were basing it on that, the likelier one out of the two would be Izzy since she’s a little more...unstable then Brick.

Sam: But then again, wouldn’t Brick had more strength to kill Mal then Izzy seeing how strong he is.

Tyler: And I think Brick is more resourceful then Izzy so I can easily see him getting one of the ropes in the pool and then using it to strangle Mal to death.

Izzy: So while Mal had a motive to kill me, it is Brick who looked more like to do this over me! And to think I thought you were like a bunch a rabid gophers who got lost in their to their dam!

Scott: Looks like Izzy has gotten the people thinking it was you, have something in your prepared arsenal to counter it her attack.

I do my comrade, and this is something the killer never expected. A weapon that shows her as the more likely culprit then me.

Solution: Crushed Present – more likely to be me then Brick.

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Hate to say this Izzy, but you are the likelier culprit between us two and this here will be the evidence to cause your defeat.

Izzy: That sounds like a challenge, alright then why not show it Brick! Show us the so called weapon to prove it was me and not you.

Brick: Why else but a weapon that Mal use to lure you inside the pool! The crushed present beneath the generator!

Rodney: Crushed present? Are you talking about the one in the crime scene?

Brick: Yes sir! And I think everyone here should connect the dots on why it would point her and not me!

Izzy: Speak clearly! I don’t understand what your saying!

Gwen: So Mal used it in order to lure in the intended victim now turned killer. But why use a present unless…he knew this person would grab it.

Izzy: Yeah, which is why it was Bri-

Samey: No! If you think about it, the more likely person to get it would be you Izzy.

DJ: Izzy has been a little less irrational then Brick and I can definitely see her as the type of person who would grab something even if it looked suspicious.

Duncan: Unlike Brick, who trained by the army wouldn’t fall for an obvious trap. You however is something would.

Izzy: *foaming mouth* Wow…wow…wow…

Owen: To think you would do it! Why would you Izzy!?

Eva: It doesn’t matter the killer is clear so were moving on the next thing.

Izzy: Hold on guys! Can we talk about this!?

Scott: Looks like you got what you wanted, ready to move on to the next case?

Brick: Hold on! I don’t feel right about this!

Scott: Why? We all know she’s the culprit.

Brick: There is no question that it was her, but the case still feels a little incomplete. Don’t know why but my trained instincts tells me.

I just hope they were overreacting otherwise I have to continue fighting this war.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Pool Ladders, Torn Fabric, Pool, Generator

Noah: I hate to break it to you, but it looks like you’re the culprit this time Izzy. Wish I didn’t have to say that.

Izzy: Please! Listen to me! I didn’t-

Eva: Sorry, but were not listening! You betrayed our trust and that is something we can’t just look away from! So prepare for this “friend”!

Trent: Hey there, I don’t think we should be violent. We should just mention how her crimes happened so we can prove once and for all that she’s the culprit.

Duncan: We know Mal went after Izzy, because she was bad news for knowing his secret.

Katie: So Mal sent a letter to lure in Izzy inside the pool and then placed a present in the pool in order to keep her isolated.

LeShawna: Then that rat just had to let the generator loose and now we have the pool the way it is now! Just why!?

Harold: Unfortunately for Mal, his plan was foiled when Izzy realize what was going on and then used one of the ladders on the pool to escape.

Beardo: Mal likely tried to check the pool to see if Izzy was crushed, but *boom* Izzy came in and *choke noise* Mal till he went *Mario death sound*.

Gwen: And let’s not forget the fire, Izzy did that to move the generator on top of Mal and also to possibly eliminate any remaining evidence she didn’t notice.

Owen: Just why Izzy? Why would you do it?

Zoey: Believe me Owen, I know how you feel with what happened between me and Mike…

This case needs to be resolve soon, but I can’t ignore any mistakes we have made. Time to point out the one I notice just now!

Solution: Pool Ladders – used one of the ladders

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: But that isn’t exactly what happened!

Samey: Brick…what are you trying to do?

Izzy: Wow! You think now I’m not the culprit? That is awesome!

Brick: No I do still think you’re the culprit, it’s just something Harold said is impossible.

Harold: Impossible? What is impossible?

Scott: It has something to do with the ladders on the pool…like maybe they were disconnected on the pool.

Why didn’t you say it instead of me?

Brick: But Scott is right, that is what I have a problem with here. Izzy couldn’t escape the pool using the ladders.

Izzy: So you think I’m innocent! Hooray!

Brick: I don’t mean that! I mean that you escaped the pool with a different way. A way that we haven’t notice yet!



Harold: Then how did Izzy escape!? It sounds like something you know!

Brick: Actually… I don’t. But I can figure it out if you give me a little more time-

Harold: Sorry Brick, but we can’t just waste anymore time! We need to solve this case now and the only method I could see for someone to escape the pool was using the pool ladder.


Evidence: Torn Fabric, Pool Ladders, Pool

Harold: Why are you defending Izzy?

Harold: Didn’t you just say that she was killer?

Harold: Don’t you realize that if Izzy didn’t do it…

Harold: That would technically mean that is was you.

Harold: We know that the killer knew how to make bombs.

Harold: And other then Izzy, the only person who could have done that…

Harold: Is you Brick! You the military trained man!

Brick: I realize what I’m doing but I can’t just look away from what is in front of me! I need to show how this entire case happen!

Harold: You say that, but there is no other way.

Harold: How else would Izzy have gotten out of the pool?

Harold: There wasn’t any other escape routes.

Harold: The only ones were the ladders.

Harold: I understand you said that the ladders were disconnected.

Harold: But says that it was disconnected back during the murder?

Harold: Look as much as I want to agree with you…

Harold: I just think this is a bit ridiculous to believe even for everything that happened.

Another way to get out of the pool without the ladders? I didn’t really though about that. I should start now and hopefully get this right.

Solution: Torn Fabric – any other escape route

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: Who says the pool ladders was the only way, it’s pretty clear that there was another way to get out.

Harold: I don’t get it, what other ways were there to get out?

Brick: I don’t know but I found a torn fabric on one of the pool ladders hinges.

Scott: So, what does that mean? Are you saying that hinge was the killer way out?

Katie: And even if it was, how does that change the case?

Izzy: Does it help me prove that I’m innocent!? I will totally forgive you after everything you did, even if it was worse then back at summer school.

Brick: I hate to say it, but no I’m not changing who my suspect is. I am surely positive that you did kill Mike, Izzy and I know this lead will arrive me to a decisive blow against you.

Izzy: I take it back! Your even worse then the RCP!

Owen: But how does that thing help prove Izzy was the culprit?

Beardo: Yeah, I mean it’s a piece of fabric?

Brick: It’s easy. All we need to do is think about the method Izzy used to make the hinge an exit.

Samey: And that torn piece is the link between that and solving Izzy’s plan.

Brick: Your pretty sharp, that’s what I would like to see in a soldier.

Noah: So how did Izzy get out of the pool with that fabric? You need to explain that before we move on.

Soctt: I would be nervous here Brick, because I don’t have an idea what the answer is.

Brick: Me to, but as long as I think hard, I’ll understand soon enough what Izzy did to escape.

Izzy: That is ridiculous, I mean how could someone use a piece of fabric to escape a hole?

Zoey: That is weird…but wouldn’t that fit you seeing how…strange you are?

Brick: Something unusual? Well I think I have an idea now what Izzy did to get out of the pool before being crush.

And how I’ll be able to leave this trial without getting crush myself.


How did Izzy get out of the pool?



Brick: I understand now!!!


Brick: The method you use to get out of the pool, it was lead climbing! The use of rope to scale a wall!

Zoey: That would explain why there is that piece of fabric! It came from the rope she use to get out of the pool!

Duncan: That is possible, especially if they use that hinge to climb themselves up.

Gwen: And if I remember, Izzy was a really good climber back in the show so I could definitely see her getting up fast enough to dodge the generator!

Harold: And it’s unusual and unique, perfect for someone like Izzy.

Brick: Looks like this case about to close! Izzy you did use that method in order to escape!

Izzy: …

Eva: I guess she admitted it. Finally now we can move on with Courtney’s murder.



Izzy: Who says I was done!?

Brick: Izzy, there is no way to escape. Surrender now and help us find the other killer. Maybe that will help us choose you over-

Izzy: Why would you choose me! I’m not the killer!

Brick: Izzy, there is no way to avoid it. You are-

Izzy: I said I wasn’t! I won’t say I’m the killer…unless you can beat me in this game. A game my uncle is good which is the person I’m channelling.

Brick: And what is that game?

Izzy: The game of seeing if you can prove I could have known Mal tried to kill me and escape!


Evidence: Cameron’s Testimony, Dawn’s Testimony, Duncan’s Testimony, Gwen’s Testimony

Izzy: I wonder if you can solve mee argument!

Izzy: You think I would do such a dishonourable deed?

Izzy: You ought to be out of your knockers.

Izzy: Aww…it hurts my witty-bitty hurt…

Izzy: That you would think I would do such a nefarious deed.

Brick: Izzy, the way your talking is a little…unnerving.

Izzy: What do you? Isn’t it normal?

Izzy: Like accusing people for what they didn’t do?

Izzy: I mean it seems so normal to you doesn’t it.

Izzy: Like you would ignore that I had no way to know my attack.

Izzy: Or how there is no weapon you showed.

Izzy: I mean it’s normal to you and totally not crazy to me.

Brick: Trying to make excuses and insults won’t help your case here Izzy.

Izzy: And what your doing is not!?

Izzy: Why do you only say I’m the culprit!?

Izzy: Have you thought of any suspects?

Izzy: I mean it hurts me being accused!

Izzy: How would you like that if I did that to you!?

Izzy: You’re a no good liar, who is a pathetic military soldier!

Izzy: That is all I have to say.

Izzy is really getting out of control, more then usual which is something I thought it wasn’t possible. Well got to do what I was instructed, prove her guilt.

Solution: Gwen’s Testimony – no way to know my attack

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: Izzy, anyone would have known if they would have been attack by Mal.

Izzy: Alright smarty pants, if anyone would know then how?

Owen: Couldn’t she just have looked up the roof and see them.

Izzy: Wow Owen, that is a good answer…except how could I see Mal if he was far away from the glass pane and it was dark?

Owen: Oh yeah…there is that.

Duncan: So we can rule out seeing Mal and his attempt on the attack, but what else could it be?

Zoey: Who knows, maybe she could have use another sense to tell that someone was about to make a move that night.

Beardo: I know what it is, it was her sense of smell! She was able to smell the malevolent stench of Mal.

Izzy: Even if my nose is good, it’s not good enough to smell someone a few floors away from you even if they were as bad as Mal.

Beardo: Looks like I made a mistake, sorry guys.

Gwen: Don’t feel bad, actually that little distraction actually gave me enough time to remember this one thing that happened when Anne-Marie’s body was discovered.

Topher: And how does that help prove Izzy would know that someone was planning on killing? It’s not like you were there that night.

Brick: But it helps prove another sense could be use to help alert the target, or Izzy, about the attack. You know which one I speak about madam.

Gwen: It’s hearing. I heard some noise up in the roof and that lead me to check there. Just a single look at the crime scene helped me understand why Brick screamed like a li-

Brick: That is OK there, I think we all understand. No need to continue the report.

Cameron: OK, but what noise would Mal made that night to warn Izzy? It’s not like he had a reason to say anything then. That would make that completely illogical.

Harold: But didn’t Mal had a struggle with Anne-Marie, that would have been what tip Izzy.

LeShawna: Not to mention how much a temper that evil guy has, I wouldn’t be surprise seeing him making a heck of a rackot after the murder.

Scott: Since this murder was something he never saw coming.

Izzy: But…but what does that mean for me?

Brick: Sorry Izzy, but it looks like the entire case has run out of loose ends. We know in no doubt that you’re the killer.

DJ: Sorry for what happened Iz, this isn’t anything personal.

Izzy: I…I…I

Max: I beg to differ!

Scarlett: Max, what are you doing? Don’t you notice your wasting out time!?

Max: No I am not, so be silent assistant. You say that this proves Izzy guilt, but you have no concrete evidence that it was her.

Izzy: Huh!?

Brick: I am with you, What!?

Max: You seem to not realize that the only decided factor to this crime and Izzy is that she knew how to make bombs. However that is little to me that I won’t accept this as a finish case.

Brick: Are you trying to say I don’t have decisive evidence?

Izzy: But he’s right. As long as you lack the decisive evidence, you can’t prove it once and for all that it was me. Just voting for me now is only what a crazy person would do.

Harold: Looks like this case isn’t over, the decisive is missing to end this case.

Brick: I know, but I have no idea what the decisive evidence could be.

Scott: Maybe there is something we were missing during the case. Didn’t we never solve the rope she use?

Brick: The rope? Couldn’t it be a regular one?

Harold: If it was then it would not leave a green piece of fabric. Something tells me that whatever she use to escape the pool, it was something only belonging to her.

Brick: I get it! If I present whatever it is, that would be enough to put the guilt on her and finish my duties.

Scott: Question is, can you tell what it was? There was nothing we found during the crime scene

Brick: I know, but knowing someone like Izzy, she would hide it on her.

Harold: Great! Now figure out what she use and we can end this case and move on to Izzy’s murder.

Izzy: I do enjoy games, even the dangerous ones my family has…but this game has come to an end. Sucks to be you, because Izzy wins again!

Brick: Oh, but I haven’t use my trump card yet, once I do it will show that you were indeed the killer of this case.

This is it! Use the big guns Brick, because this battle will decide the entire fate of your students. Don’t let them down!!!

P.T.A VS Izzy

Izzy: Are you crazy!?

Izzy: Here is Izzy! Yeehay!

Izzy: It’s game over, game over man.

Izzy: I will see you in the grave.

Izzy: Your nothing but a spineless coward, just being honest.

Izzy: I wonder, should I use words or hammer.

Izzy: Brick, your definitely no gentleman.

Izzy: I’m getting crazy here and you wouldn’t like it!


Izzy: Do you really have decisive evidence then why not show it, unless this was another of your lies like normal.


GREEN          SKIRT


Answer: Izzy’s Yellow-Green Skirt

Brick: I’ll end this battle!!!


Brick: Izzy, remove your skirt!

DJ: Did I just hear that!?

Samey: Brick! Is it really the time to do that!? I didn’t think you were the type of guy!

Cody: But you totally earned my respect! Your one courageous soldier.

Izzy: I’m sorry Brick, but I’m not into liars. I can’t stand them.

So you can’t stand yourself.

Brick: I know you use that skirt of yours as a make-shift rope to get out of the pool.

Gwen: A make-shift rope? Seeing the skirt here, I can actually see that happening.

Trent: And it’s a weird and insane way of doing it, that really would fit someone like Izzy. I mean who else would use their clothes as a weapon.

Izzy: But you can’t expect me to remove it here, that would be illegal.

Lindsay: But when did you care about things being legal? Didn’t you get wanted by the RCPR before?

Bridgette: And there is nothing wrong with it with you. We know underneath it is your swim bottom so it doesn’t really matter.

Zoey: If you want, I’ll be the one to check the skirt. Don’t worry I’ll not be touchy…I mean…I won’t touch you anywhere…I’ll just…I don’t know how to say it but…

Izzy: It looks like you’ll be checking my skirt no matter what. Guess I can’t do anything but get this over with.

Topher: And your starting to become cooperative, I don’t think I’ll ever understand you.

Brick: I will agree with you for once there.

So we had our skirt inspector Zoey doing the job of seeing if we could find a rip there to see if my theory of it being the rope for Izzy was true or false.

Zoey: So you did it…you killed Mike. Why did this have to happen?

Izzy: Why indeed? Life is full of mysteries.

Cameron: You know…even if I’m afraid of you I still feel bad for what happened.

Izzy: If you guys are, then you should find the second killer soon. There is nothing we can do with this case…it’s not like we can time travel.

Noah: Except for a recap. Now this is becoming a tradition were oh so enjoying.

Brick: But I volunteer to do the deed, it was me who made the foundation for the entire case.

Zoey: Good, now I can at least be able to know the entire truth Mike’s death so I will never forget it.

Gwen: At least I get to give my voice a break.


Let's begin this report with the man behind the murder, Momokuma. As you heard yourself from the monster, you know he was that summon Mal and made this incident happen. How did you ask? By using a special mix of popcorn and hallucination medicine, as well as the movie which featured Mal, this lead to Mal returning. And seeing what situation were facing it wouldn't be a surprise that Mal would be willing to commit murder. No one however knew about this, because of my accidental intervention that night...except one specific person who was able to smell the evil.

This person knew how dangerous Mal was, so she tried to warn several people about it. These were Owen and Eva, two people who she had such a close bond with. But all does were foiled when Mal who pretended to be Mike. Mal realize how dangerous this person was after overhearing the conversation between Owen and this person, so he decided to plot the murder. We knew about this only because the journal he had written before the incident occurred.

However before we talk about the murder, we should discuss about a key person in this. That was our 1st victim Anne-Marie. She was involved in the case because she knew about Mal due to reading the files locked in the mental hospital and noticing the suspicious behavior of Mike. This lead her tailing Mal and eventually trying to stop the murder he planned to do. All this was the events that lead up to the murder we face today.

The night of yesterday, Mal as readied everything to commit his crime. The pool keys to access the crime scene, the pool emptied by a single press of a button and all the pool ladders dismantled to make sure an escape route would be mad, this was what he did to succeed his crime. All that is left is to wait for the killer to arrive through a letter he sent, and then disconnect the generator in order to send it rolling to crush whoever would be inside the pool.

Too bad for Mal that someone was there last night to stop the murder. Anne-Marie who has been keeping a close eye on the malevolent one knew something was going to happen and readied to stop him. That was by following him when he went to the roof, and then using a door stopper to keep the loud and noisy door of the rooftop open in order to make no noise. However this didn't end well.

She tried to incapacitate Mal by using her hairspray as a make-shift pepper spray. But Mal wouldn't have any of it, so he pushed Anne-Marie to the railing which ended up fracturing her skull. Good thing Anne-Marie left a stain to Mal in order to prove his guilt. Too bad this couldn't save her life as Mal finished her off by stabbing her with a knife that he brought with him as a safety measure. This act however did alert the real killer and ended up putting Mal to his demise.

Our culprit heard the struggles and knew something was up. Mal immediately let the generator down in order to crush out murderer, but she was ready for it. She use the skirt she had with her in order to attack it with a bolt left by one of the unattached pools. Then lead climb herself to safety.

Likely after this Mal checked on the pool to see if his target was killed, but this was game over for him. Because...the killer manage to grab one of the numerous ropes in the pool and then strangled. Leaving rope marks on the now dead sociopath.

The killer now faced a dilemma. They knew if they saw the letter and attach it to Mal, they could be caught. So they decided to set-up the crime scene to make it look like the murder attempt was really for Mal or Mike. She placed the letter to his pocket, move the body to the pool, and finally using a homemade fire bomb to burn the entire pool in order for the generator to be move by wreckage the fire would create. Little did the killer know that Mike still had the hairspray stain and the keys to prove he was the true instigator.

Now did the killer made a very smart plan? Yes, however the main deciding factor to prove their guilt was that they could have made a fire bomb on there own and that Mal had a motive against them. With that only one person could be the enemy we searched!

Scene: Brick crossing arm and in the background shows the blacken laughing crazy and manically.

Brick: Am I right to think it was Izzy, because I know this incident was your doing.

Scene: Blacken reveals themselves to be Izzy.


Izzy: Looks like you got me, I guess were going to execute me now.

Noah: Not yet.

Izzy: Huh? Why? Are all of you guys willing to die for me?

Noah: It's not that.

Dawn: There is one other crime we face that we need to solve.

Katie: Of course, Courtney's case!

Scarlett: Looks like this game of life and death is about to continue with a new case related to the Sabotuer.

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