If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class TriaL they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.

Last time the first case of the two murder cases was tackled and we found our killer. It was Izzy, who murderer Mike who turned into Mal after an attempt to kill her. Oh yeah Anne-Marie died but it was Mal so don't need to dive futher there. Now we have to find Courtney's killer and let's hope they did a better job otherwise bye-bye Izzy.


MIKE DEAD 11th Victim
AMY DEAD 10th Victim
SUGAR DEAD 9th Victim
SADIE DEAD 5th Killer
JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 3rd Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No. Alive 31


Monokuma File 06:

Victim: Courtney

Time of Death: 3:20 PM

Cause of Death: Hanging

Additional Info: ???

Mutual Killing Rules: Monokuma for some reason brought up the rules. I don't have an idea why would he do that.

Noose: The noose use to hang Courtney. It's really long but no enough for Courtney to reach the floor. The reason is because while the rope reaches a distance, the knot used allowed the excess rope be part of the standing end.

Desk Drawer: The desk drawer where the suicide note was place. It was lock, so we needed to force it open in order to see what was inside.

Desk Key: I just realized now that the key for the drawer is missing. Does the killer have it with them?

Sleeping Drugs: The sleeping drugs back in the hospital is missing. It says here that the drugs can only put someone to sleep when it liquidfy by hot water.

Missing Documents: The documents Courtney use in order to find the identity of the Sabotuer went missing. In it's place was a suicide note.

Cabin's Condition: Everything was a mess. Tables were broken, furniture was topple down and all the smalls were scattered on the floor.

Scott's Testimony: He complained that both he and DJ spent all their time cleaning the cabin and now the cabin is a mess.

Courtney's Body: Courtney was hanging in midair by a noose and underneath her was a chair that was still standing

Multiple Holes in the Ground: Small grounds were everywhere in the ground of Courtney's cabin. Coming out of them was water.

High Pressue Water Hose: When we were investigating, Topher ask me about a missing high pressure water hose. I was confuse but took note about the the missing hose.

Iced Coffee: Ice coffee made yesterday, with the ice melted. It was only half drank and getting near it makes me feel sleepy.

Courtney's Personal Lock: Something Courtney personally place on her living quarters. The main purpose for this was to make sure no one could sneak in or out of the cabin. It closes automatically at 10:00PM and opens at 8:00AM.

Door and Windows: All the windows and doors were not damage despite how much of a wreck the rest of the room was.

Bookcase: It was something Courtney brought in, so she could study her books in peace All the shelves are full of books except for the top one which had scratch marks on them.

Stack of Books: While everything was a mess, near the bookcase was books that were stack. They were exactly in front of the bookcase.

Holes: On the side of the cabin, directly next to the bookcase was a pair of holes. It seems big enough to fit a rope.

Chain: A chain connected attach to the back of the bookcase was discovered. The purpose of that is unknown however on the bookcase is another nail.

Have any idea who th killer is? Comment down below.

So the next part will be taking a little more time but here is something to keep you busy. As you know there is a Sabotuer and a Mastermind, so I decided to give you all hints about the Sabotuer.

Chapter 6: Laptop.

I guess I have some explaining. You see my internet got damage so I need to get it repaired. I'll finish the scripts by then so you won,t needn't wait too long for e parts in intervals. See you the.

Katie: So we can finally begin with Courtney’s case.

Topher: I don’t know, do we really need to find Courtney’s killer? I mean w could just execute Izzy and call it a day.

Izzy: Hey! I may have killed Mike, but it was out of self-defence. Like how Chef killed me back in TDA.

Owen: Chef killed you? When did he-

Zoey: Oh yeah the alien challenge. I remember that episode now.

Topher: But who knows if you will kill again, I don’t like the idea of having a killer staying in the same location as my beautiful face.

Jasmine: Did you forget pretty boy, we also have the Sabotuer around. Not just Izzy.

Shawn: And if we do decide to pick Izzy in the vote, we would still have Courtney’s killer anyway.

Noah: Even if we choose to kill Izzy, wouldn’t it be better to know the other guy we should be worried about first.

Topher: Fine! We’ll continue the trial. I shouldn’t be here, I should totally get my hosting skills ready.

Geoff: So now we solved Mike and Anne-Marie’s death, we still have Courtney’s. What a bummer.

LeShawna: I’ll admit that girl may have been as annoying as a bad itch, but no one deserves to be killed. Especially by that weird bear.

Monokuma: Who are you killing weird? The most normal thing of them all!?

Samey: So how do you think we can do this? We didn’t get much chance to investigate Courtney’s murder.

Brick: Sir! I suggest we dispose of the evidence related to Izzy’s case! Sir!

Scott: He’s right. No point keeping useless junk that won’t do anything.

Harold: So with that done, what now? How do we solve a case that none of us really got to focus?

Izzy: I don’t know, but my life is in the line here. I don’t want to get executed like my ancestor Robin Wood.

Lightning: Robin Dude! I didn’t think you and him were related! Sha-man!

Scarlett: Do you think any of you have testimonies to share that could be related to Courtney’s death?

Jasmine: …

Shawn: Well I did. Once when I went to get back my secret weapon against the zombie apocalypse which I left in library, I felt a small earthquake.

Evidence: Shawn’s Tesimony

Noah: Anything else?

DJ: I don’t know…but wasn’t the kitchen door opened?

Duncan: Didn't you say that someone broke the back door of the kitchen?

DJ: Oh yeah, it was I wonder if it has something to do with the murder. It must have happen last night at midnight after everyone left the mess hall.

Evidence: DJ’s Tesimony

Topher: Not sure if it helps, but when I was given cleaning orders by “someone”

Jasmine: …

Topher: I notice the drill in the storage room was missing. I thought Scott took it, but I notice the lock was forced open.

Harold: …I wonder.

Evidence: Topher's Testimony

Brick: Looks like no one else has to repor-

Izzy: I know! I know! Back when when I was preparing the bomb, I heard a loud bump from Courtney’s cabin. It was around 3:30 at night since the owls started to leave.

Scott: Why didn’t you say anything? That would have been useful.

Izzy: I was…until I realized that would place me the murderer.

Cameron: She is right. Izzy would need to have an explanation about why she was able to hear the bump.

Bridgette: I think we can trust her. It’s not like she has anything to lose.

Evidence: Izzy’s Testimony

Tyler: I guess no one has anything else to say. So what should we talk about?

Katie: How about the proof that points at Courtney killing herself.

Lindsay: What? Kill herself?

Sam: Wasn’t this already proven to be false? I though we were already pass through this mission.

Katie: But…there is some evidence that points of her committing suicide. I know it’s true since I’ve been thinking it the whole time.

Maybe that explain her inactivity towards the last case.

Max: Oh please, like I would fall to the obvious ploy of a woman trying to receive her desires.

Trent: Still, I am interested in what she got to say.

Gwen: I agree, even if I don’t think Courtney’s committed suicide I still think we should at least make that a consideration.

Duncan: Fine…although I have my hard time believing that. If only she shows the proof, I’ll consider it.

Katie: Then consider it done since I have the evidence ready to present.

Let’s see…is her evidence really worth anything or not. I don’t know why I have a bad feeling about this.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Shawn’s Testimony, DJ’s Testimony, Izzy’s Testimony, Missing Documents, Courtney’s Personal Lock

Katie: Look guys, I have a good reason to believe that Courtney did kill herself.

Tyler: Your really persistent about that idea, but didn’t Brick disprove that?

Beardo: I remember Brick said that the suicide note was hidden away, there is no way someone would “choke noise” and then not leave a note somewhere it can be seen.

Eva: Still it hasn’t been proven yet. For all we know, someone could have tampered the crime scene.

Topher: Or Courtney was just trying to mess with us one last time before killing herself.

DJ: So your saying that Courtney killed herself. I don’t want to believe anyone would do that. Did they ever thought what their love ones would have thought?

Katie: Unfortunately I have a reason to believe Courtney did kill herself. Because this should prove no one could have hanged Courtney during the time of death.

Samey: Mind telling us what it is? Because…I think it’s only fair…all of us would know.

Scott: I doubt there is anything like that. She’s probably lying to herself about it just to feel better.

Harold: Is that true? Because to me, I don’t think so. I don’t think Katie would act like this without thinking it through.

I don’t think so either. Katie clearly has spend lots of time analyzing and studying this idea. I should maybe just consider it for now.

Solution: Courtney’s Personal Lock – no one could have hanged Courtney

Brick: Agree comrade!


Brick: I think I know what your talking about my companion. It was the defense mechanism that our victim for the fortress that killed her.

Duncan: By defense mechanism, your talking about he lock. What does that have to do with the murder?

Katie: Have you forgotten the lock always closes automatically at 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. There is no way the killer could have gotten in.

Cody: But the killer could have broken through the lock. That is what any killer would do in order to get their target.

Harold: But that isn’t likely.

Owen: Really? Why?

Brick: Because if all of you pay attention to this fix detail, you would know the reason why this type of scenario couldn’t happen.

Dawn: The lock of the door hasn’t broken. The means it wasn’t tampered by the criminal.

Scarlett: Which means the killer hanged Courtney without breaking in.

Owen: But how else would the killer get to Courtney without breaking in.

Brick: What if the killer just stayed inside the cabin the entire time.

Samey: I…I have to say that isn’t it. I mean what if the killer was notice to be missing by the others.

DJ: Yeah, so it isn’t likely the killer did stay there.

Harold: Then how about this idea.

LeShawna: Harold…I know your smart and all, but I think it’s best not for you think about this before you start running that mouth of yours.

Harold: Don’t worry, I got this! I know how the killer was able to get in the cabin and kill Courtney.

Katie: Oh please, I hope your ready to prove him that Courtney did commit suicide.

I don’t think Courtney committed suicide, but the tactic the killer used to get this operation to happen has to be something very indirect that doesn’t involve the killer being in the room the time of the murder.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Courtney’s Body, Door and Window, Stack of Books, Bookcase

Harold: So we need to understand how the killer was able to get in the room without using the door, the answer was so simple.

Duncan: Oh really, because I doubt the answer would be so simple. We would have solved the case a long time ago.

Bridgette: Don’t be mean, let’s just hear what he has to say. I mean it’s not like we have any other leads to solve the case.

Harold: Well you see, I was able to solve this mystery by thinking about a riddle I heard before. How can someone enter somewhere without a door, and with my skills I solved it!

Topher: I would like to see the end of this trial, so why not just say it.

Harold: Simple. Another way for someone to get in a room without using a door would be the window. The killer just used the window to get in and out.

Lindsay: Why didn’t I think about that.

Cameron: I guess it made sense for the killer to be able to get in the room with the window. It’s big enough for someone to fit in.

Katie: But I have problem with this idea. Wouldn’t have Courtney heard someone coming in through the window if this happened.

Harold: Don’t worry about it. There is a saying which is this "if you eliminate all the possibilities, the only thing left could be the answer". This is something we should apply here.

Noah: True, if this is a possibility.

Can the killer really enter through the window. An attacker would definitely use that, but…this one is more complicated then the typical one.

Solution: Doors and Window – used the window

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: I really have to go against this Harold. I agree that this tactic would definitely fit the quality of an assassin but the killer used something more then this.

Harold: What would that be?

Brick: I don’t know.

Cody: You don’t know? Why would you say it’s wrong when you don’t even know how the killer actually did it?

Noah: Maybe because there is proof that the windows were never used. Like how clean and pristine the windows were.

Eva: If someone were to enter the window secretly, I doubt it would look like that. There should be at least dirt on the window panel if that happened.

Scott: Base on what everyone said, it looked like the killer couldn’t have accessed the cabin. Where does that leave all of us?

Katie: It looks like my idea right after all.

Duncan: If no one could have gotten in the cabin, really Courtney committing suicide would be the only answer. Which means the person we should vote for…

Izzy: Hey! I thought Monokuma said that there were two killers, not just me.

Beardo: Maybe Monokuma just said that to mess us up. Sorry Izzy, but I think we have to vote for you.

Izzy: No! I don’t want to die this young!

Brick: …

Come on! I know Monokuma was telling the truth! I know there is a second killer! I know Izzy was also a killer, but I can’t let this one just get away! I have to find a way to prove everyone Courtney absolutely didn’t kill herself!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Courtney’s Body, Cabin’s Condition, Shawn’s Testimony, Topher’s Testimony

Izzy: Come on guys! Don’t just give up! I know there is another killer out there then just me!

Bridgette: Are you saying that because of what Monokuma said, or just to save yourself? I’m sorry for this Izzy, but I don’t want any of us to die.

Izzy: But then who is this second murderer that Monokuma said!? It can’t be just me!

Topher: Have you ever thought that Monokuma was just trying to trick us? He isn’t exactly the most honest person here.

Jasmine: Yeah, like “some” people.

Cameron: I did think about that, but couldn’t it be possible that Monokuma was referring to Mike as the second killer? He did kill Anne-Marie as much as I don’t want to believe it.

Izzy: But-

Katie: No more! I know Courtney killed herself! There is no way around it!

Owen: I guess Courtney did had a reason…seeing what happened between her and IMA. That got to hurt.

Cody: And there isn’t anything about the crime scene that says she there was more that happened in the case.

Rodney: And there is still that issue with how could the killer get in the room. If they couldn’t then that would Courtney did commit suicide.

This case isn’t just going to end! I know this enemy is sneaky but I won’t let them just get away! I’ll find and prove their guilt even if it kills me!

Solution: Cabin’s Condition - there isn’t anything about the crime scene

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: But that is a negative sir! It is impossible for this case to be just that.

Cameron: Impossible? Why?

Sam: Maybe he knows something that proves this wasn’t just suicide. Like one of the cases in that awesome detective game I played before.

Gwen: So he means there is a reason to believe the crime wasn’t that simple. I agree to seeing just how the cabin looked like.

Cody: The cabin could have just been messy after Courtney had a breakdown.

LeShawna: Sure I can see Lawyer Girl doing that, but seriously! She would have probably killed someone instead.

And not only that, but she did say something to me about a meet-up today. That isn’t possible if she did this.

Beardo: Then why was the cabin like that? Was it because Courtney was messy?

Scott: As if, I just cleaned that room the day before and I know she always keep herself like one of those suited guys in the city.

Max: Then this heinous act must have been done by the culprit! I knew it!

DJ: Okay but why would they need to do that? To hide something maybe?

Gwen: That is an answer, but I don’t think it’s that simple.

Brick: But does it matter, I have proven the case was more then a simple suicide. It was someone who killed Courtney and made it look like a suicide!



Cody: But this isn’t making any sense Brick!

Brick: Is there a defect in my report, because I can’t see any.

Cody: But I can, how could the killer have still gotten inside the cabin?

Brick: Got inside the cabin?

Cody: We said it before, how could the killer get in if the window and door wasn’t possible? If no one could have gotten in then the only thing left is her killing herself.

Yeeeeah…I knew I was going to do battle with this obstacle. Better late then never as much sergeant has said before.


Evidence: Courtney’s Body, Izzy’s Testimony, DJ’s Testimony, Shawn’s Testimony, Topher’s Testimony

Cody: What your saying doesn’t make sense!

Cody: Your saying someone did kill Courtney!?

Cody: But no one could have gotten in the cabin!

Cody: The doors and the windows were untouched.

Cody: There wasn’t anybody Courtney would wait for.

Cody: And if someone did try to get in, do you think Courtney would open it?

Brick: There is no doubt in my mind Courtney would never let her guard down, but that is why the killer’s method isn’t exactly normal.

Cody: Then what was the method use?

Cody: Was it something else then hanging?

Cody: Because it said here in the Monokuma File…

Cody: That Courtney did die from hanging.

Cody: Never mind that actually!

Cody: I might believe you if you have proof Courtney didn’t kill herself.

And proof is something I shall oblige.

Solution: Courtney’s Body – proof Courtney didn’t kill herself

Brick: I’ll prove you!!!


Brick: So you want to present evidence that Courtney didn’t commit suicide, well I have some right now.

Cody: Really? I was just joking, but I guess I was right.

Katie: I’d like to be the judge of this so called evidence. Show it to us now.

Sheesh, does she really want Izzy to be executed?

Brick: Well it’s the thing underneath Courtney’s chair. I don’t mean to be an inconvenience but if you all remembered what it was, you would know what I was trying to say.

Beardo: *boxing bell* I know what it is! The chair Courtney used to hang herself.

Gwen: He just said this was proof that Courtney didn’t commit suicide. I think I know what is he talking about.

Trent: But I don’t, wouldn’t the chair be proof Courtney was the one who hanged herself?

Brick: Yeah, but something about the chair proves Courtney didn’t actually used that to get herself hanged in the air.

Owen: I am just really confuse.

Zoey: Oh, but it something about the position! It’s standing up!

Linday: Why shouldn’t it be standing up? Isn’t that how chairs suppose to be like? Unless it was like a music chair!

Jasmine: Those are the same position!

Brick: The thing is Lindsay…if Courtney did commit suicide wouldn’t the chair be in this position…


What position should the chair be like?


Answer: Knock Off

Brick: I arrive to my destination!!!


Brick: It should be knock off! Has there been ever a hanging case where the chair the victim didn’t knock off the chair!?

Tyler: I never even knew about any hanging cases.

Brick: Well…how do I explain it then?

Bridgette: Tell me, if you guys were hanging in the air with a rope tied on your leg, what would happen to you?

Max: I would despise the man behind it and then demand revenge! Believe me when I would even sacrifice the world to do it!!!

Scarlett: OK, those anyone here have an answer other then this wannabe?

Max: Who do you call a wannabe!? Your master!?

Izzy: I would probably flail around in the air like my hands doesn’t care.

Sam: Flailing in the air…you would knock the chair off with your legs while being suspended in the air! I see why this would be a problem!

Cody: I…I…Fine. I messed up! I’m so sorry everyone.

Gwen: That’s fine, at least we know having this is too fishy to be a suicide.

Katie: But if…if Courtney didn’t kill herself, why was that chair still under her? It has to be a suicide!

Duncan: That’s pretty obvious Katie, the person who killed Courtney did this in order to hide that this was a murder.

Katie: A chair isn’t enough to prove th-

Scott: We have more then just that Katie, you shouldn’t have underestimate us. Why not you say that other piece of evidence?

Brick: I have no idea what your talking about.

Topher: Not looking good for you Scott. It looks like your partner doesn’t even know what your talking about.

Scott: Just because he doesn’t know doesn’t mean you should blame me for that!

Harold: Brick, he’s talking about something that proves that someone else then the victim was actually there.

Brick: Why didn’t you say that earlier!? I know what he’s talking about!

Topher: Do you now?

Scott: Saved by a nerd, this is going to be one story no one won’t be forgetting in thr story.

Brick: This is exactly the evidence that proves my point!

(Courtney’s Body/Monokuma File 07/Missing Documents/Courtney’s Lock)

Answer: Missing Documents

Eva: Missing documents? When was there ever documents?

DJ: I think I know what he means. When I went to clean the cabins for Courtney, I notice some documents inside one of the drawers though Courtney was angry when I tried to take a peek.

Tyler: So someone did steal them? Maybe it was something about the killer?

Katie: But that’s impossible, the killer couldn’t have gotten inside the cabin suring the time of the murder.

Brick: Well…

Harold: Who says this happened back at the time of the murder? The killer could have just done while we were investigating Anne-Marie and Mike’s murder.

Jasmine: Unfortunately I don’t know who did go to Courtney’s cabin so we can’t narrow a suspect.

Geoff: Now that is just a bummer dude.

Zoey: I’d like to know what the documents were about.

DJ: Sorry, but I never got to see a thing when I saw it.

Dawn: True, but I think one soul here does know about the contents of the documents.

Why I she looking at me? I mean I saw a little…but I don’t think that’s enough to say I did know.

Sam: It’s the killer obviously since the killer needed to take the documents after all.

Dawn: Yeah, the killer was the one who knew.

Noah: Enough about that. So we know the death of Type A was a murder, so how do we find the killer.

Trent: I think we need to find out how the killer did murder Courtney.

Rodney: Wasn’t her death cause by hanging? It says here at the Monokuma File.

Beardo: He means how did the killer do it even without being inside the cabin? During the murder only Courtney was the one who in the room that time.

Izzy: This killer has got to be trickier then I ever was. I mean not like I wanted to kill, it was out of self-defense.

Eva: Izzy…just shut up.

Scarlett: It is quite obvious this murder wasn’t done by such a simple method, so why not we tackle something else.

Shawn: Are you trying to make it harder for us to solve the? Because what else can we talk except for how the murder happened.

Scarlett: Need I remind how the cabin looked like when we discovered it. Don’t you think the way it looked like could give a clue on how this murder really happened.

Samey: If you think about it, something has to have happened at the crime scene. Maybe like a struggle or an ambush?

Zoey: I guess this is something we need to communicate more to understand the murder…and to make sure Mike’s death won’t happen to anyone else anymore.

Cameron: Looks like all the upcoming culprits are becoming more intelligent through the former murders, so we need to keep an eye on them.

Izzy: Why is everyone looking at me!? Just because I killed Mal doesn’t mean I’m Monokuma!

Monokuma: Hey! Who are you trying to compare yourself, you no good mortal! I’m the king here everyone!

Eva: Way too increase his ego, now it’s even worse the Lightning’s!

Lightning: Sha-What!?

Non-Stop Debate

Evidence: Topher’s Testimony, Izzy’s Testimony, DJ’s Testimony, Shawn’s Testimony

Cameron: I see, so now we have to figure out how did the killer make the room that messy.

Cody: Or if not how the killer did it, but what cause the cabin to be like that.

Gwen: Someone said that this might possibly be done because of a struggle, likely story if only the lock didn’t already contradict that.

Max: Yes, the lock was clearly untouch so no one could have done a thing so evil like destroy it. Although that’s what I would.

Trent: Go ahead and keep sounding like a villain. Not like we’ll ever trust you.

DJ: Have you guys though that the killer did the mess already before Courtney arrived? I don’t accept vandalism, but this person did kill somebody.

Duncan: And what would the point of that be? I doubt the killer would do something that’s just a waste of time.

LeShawna: I have to agree with Duncan here. Sorry DJ.

Beardo: Listen guys, what if the thing that cause this to happen was Courtney herself?

Katie: You mean she committed suicide?

Beardo: Not, but what if she started “exploding sound” and just went crazy like a “jaguar sound”.

Zoey: While I can see Courtney mad, even I can’t see her destroy her stuff just out of that.

So what cause the cabin to be like that? I have a hard time thinking about it, but someone’s word just told me the answer.

Solution: Shawn’s Testimony – what cause the cabin to be like that.

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: Guys, what cause all of this to happen was an earthquake!

Eva: An earthquake, but we didn’t have an earthquake yesterday.

Bridgette: if we ever did, I’m pretty sure I would have woken up from the shock.

Shawn: But I felt one! Maybe it was just a small one, but there was definitely one.

Samey: Well I can see now where Brick got the earthquake idea.

Topher: Really, but why should we believe these two? For all we know, these two could have been accomplices helping each other like those two villains starring with Chris.

Scott: But why would he lie? It’s not like an earthquake would affect our case.

Owen: And when you think about, the place looked like an earthquake just happened. Or maybe it was just my stomach.

Harold: I think Shawn is telling the truth, that an earthquake was the cause of the cabin’s condition.

Gwen: I think maybe for now we should consider the earthquake idea as just a possibility. However it looks like were leaning more to it being right.

Noah: So we now know how the room became like that, how does that help us find the culprit Scarlett?

Scarlett: Seeing how it is now, I don’t think it will find the culprit.

Bridgette: Great, so we wasted all that time for noth-

Scarlett: But we can now understand how the killer could have gotten Courtney without ever being a present in the room.

Cameron: Really? How?

Scarlett: Just think…what scenario could have gotten hanged with an earthquake involved.

Shawn: That…I have no idea.

Scarlett: Let me rephrase that, what most likely happen to Courtney if she were to be in a earthquake?

Lindsay: Shake! Because the earth is shaking beneath her!

Scarlett: Close, but it’s not only shaking that would happen.

Samey: Hmm…I’m also lost. What could happen to Courtney in an earthquake that could get her hanged?

Brick: I guess we have to think creative here. If the killer made the earthquake happen in order to get Courtney hanged, that would mean they wanted to do this…

(Make her fall/Tighten the nose/Knock something underneath her/Knock her off somewhere)

Answer: Knock her off somewhere

Zoey: Knocking her off somewhere? Well I guess that would happen to someone standing on a table, but I doubt that happened.

Duncan: Obviously, I mean getting knock off a table wouldn’t get her hanged.

Brick: Hold on a second let me finish.

Jasmine: Just make sure it’s something good, because we have no time goofing off with random ideas.

Harold: But seeing his passion, I don’t think this is just something random. It’s like a samurai ready for a battle.

Scott: What is a samurai?

Brick: You guys just jump to the conclusion that someone just place Courtney on top of a table, but I never said it was on a table.

Noah: Your trying to say she was place somewhere else, but do you have an idea what that is?

Scott: Brick you should remember we didn’t get a close look of the place, maybe there was a hidden passage way that she fell from.

Beardo: But why would she had one? It would be so “dog panting”.

Harold: Maybe there was something else in the crime that Courteny could be placed on and when she fell from it she got hanged.

Cody: That definitely would solve the issue about the killer not being able to be in the cabin.

Katie: And proved…my idea that Courtney killed herself was wrong.

Brick: Sorry Katie, but I’m starting to see how the killer did all of this. The killer simply place our victim here!


Where could the killer place Courtney to fall off during the earthquake?



Brick: I reach the destination!!!


Brick: Don’t you think Courtney could have fell of the book case?

Lindsay: The book shell? How could Courtney fall of a book made out of pretty shells?

Tyler: No he said book case, the place where books are.

Lindsay: Oh you mean the library! I remember I accidentally one of them that it cause a fire.

Rodney: How does knocking case of books cause a fire? Man your weird…

Max: I object to this notion! Do you think we would believe something so stupid!? There is no way the killer could place her in the book case!?

Scott: Couldn’t she just place her on the top of the case,

Geoff: No dice bro, the rope won’t reach there.

DJ: What about underneath the book case?

Izzy: Then how does she ended up getting hanged?

Katie: Looks like someone found a hole in your idea. Where can Courtney be if the book shelf had no place for her to get hanged.

Harold: Isn’t it easy Brick, if one is to far away and one is to close look at the middle.

Brick: I see what you did there, and I’ll use it in good use. This is where the killer place Courtney in order to execute the hanging order!

(On top/On the bottom/Underneath/One of the shelf/One of the shelves)

Answer: One of the shelves

Brick: It’s simple the killer merely place Courtney on one of the shelves!

Topher: One of the shelves, that is definitely the middle but do expect us to accept that right away?! I am a superstar not a super idiot.

Jasmine: Yeah, but you done some stupid things back when were teams. Like that the time-

Dawn: I’m sorry to interrupt, but focusing on the trifling matter is out main focus, not reminiscing old memories.

Scott: But wouldn’t that explain the marks on one of the shelves, it could have been made when Courtney slid off of it.

Harold: That make sense, with the tremor and the way Corutney should be position there, it would make sense for the marks to be made by her falling.

Shawn: But…but…how did the killer now an earthquake happen!?

Izzy: It is obvious the killer cause it themselves, otherwise why even come up with the idea.

Rodney: But we don’t know how an earthquake can be made by someone.

Brick: We’ll we have to start solving because this is what happened. The killer was able to hang Courtney by making her fall off one of the shelves of the book case!



Cameron: I don’t buy the story Brick.

Brick: Whoa Cameron! What’re you doing!?

Cameron: I’m sorry to do this to my friend…but I need to say it! The idea you made while intriguing is also not possible!


Evidence: Noose, Bookcase, Stack of Books, Desk Drawer, Chain

Cameron: I want to believe you Brick.

Cameron: But my logic can’t.

Cameron: Sure an earthquake would cause Courtney to fall

Cameron: And if the noose was still on her…

Cameron: It would certainly hang her.

Cameron: But the idea here still has some contradictions.

Brick: As your fellow soldier I respect your opinion, but I would like to know what these contradictions are.

Cameron: I guess that is a fair trade.

Cameron: You see the problem I have is how the killer could be able to put…

Cameron: Courtney in the bookcase, but the rope wouldn’t reach there.

Cameron: The distance is too far.

Cameron: This is a factor you must consider Brick.

Cameron: While I would like to believe in you, I just can’t with this contradiction around.

So he thinks the rope is too short, the thing is the killer set the rope up in a way that it only looks short. I just have to inform about this.

Solution: Noose – the rope wouldn’t reach there

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: I agree Cameron, the rope is too short.

Cameron: Hold on, the way you say sounds like you know something I don’t. Mind sharing it with me?

Brick: You didn’t take a close look at the noose didn’t you? The stand end was extraordinary long.

Cameron: It is!? I didn’t see that!?

Brick: Some of you guys may not understand what I'm getting at, but this is an idea of what I think happened. The rope was too long at first to make Courtney hang in the air, but what if the killer held the stand end side outside through a small gap in the window after placing Courtney in position and then pulled it until it was short enough to kill her.

Cody: The rope would be able to reach the book case and hang Courtney.

Cameron: And in order to hide it, the killer must have held the stand end after the earthquake and then pulled it to shorten the noose around her.

Brick: The killer likely threw the rope back in and close the windows to hide this trick.

Lightning: Looks like the smart guy isn’t as smart as we think. HAHA.

Beardo: And that insult meant to say you are, because I don’t see it.

Zoey: But with this, I think we understand now how the killer kill Courtney while making it look like a suicide. Although it disturbs me thinking someone can think like this.

Scarlett: To place Courtney in an area that she can fall from and by an earthquake. And with physics knowledge we know what’s next.

Brick: The fall getting her hung by the noose around her neck. That is the truth of this case.

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Cameron: Wow…that is…is one really weird way to kill somebody.

Shawn: But it fits, they needed to do something like that in order to kill Courtney outside the room while making it look like she hanged herself.

Jasmine: I…I…don’t know if I can believe this.

Izzy: But seeing how everything is going, this might be what really happened. I mean I hope…otherwise I’ll be…

Duncan: So we know how Courts really died, where does that leave us?

Brick: To be honest I have no idea, sounds stupid for me since it was me who gave this idea, but I really have no clue.

Scott: Hmm…maybe we should start thinking who could have done th-

Topher: Please Brick, is that all you got! You think anybody is going to believe that.

Rodney: Huh? But what Brick said would make everything make sense.

Topher: Who says? Sure that “could” happen, but the key word is could.

LeShawna: So your saying this isn’t what happened, do you have any idea then?

Topher: No, but I know this isn’t what happened and I have proof of that.

Proof? I should remember I wasn’t the only one who investigated so maybe I made a mistake with this.

LeShawna: Then let’s hear it. You better not just talk about yourself like that lean and mean Chris.

Noah: Yeah, because that guy not being here is one of the few good things about this place.

Topher: Don’t worry, because I’ll show the truth to everyone like a star in stage!

Beardo: This doesn’t sound so good already. “cricket sound”.

At least I know it will be easy dealing with this Chris wannabe!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Sleeping Pills, Cabin’s Condition, Multiple Holes in the Ground, High Pressure Water Hose, Hole

Topher: You said the killer got Courtney to be hang by having her fall of one of the shelves in the bookcase while still having the noose around her neck.

Zoey: Doesn’t that make sense? I mean if that happened then the rope would swing to the middle and leave her body hanging in the middle.

Topher: But what I have a hard time believing is what cause Courtney to fall.

Tyler: You mean the earthquake? Wouldn’t anyone have fell in a middle of that?

Lightning: Even I would, no one can’t stay inside the book thingy while the earth is hungry.

Topher: I didn’t say that an earthquake wouldn’t make Courtney fall, don’t you guys realize how stupid is putting your trust on a random like earthquake.

Shawn: But I swear an earthquake happened. I felt it when I was going back to the cabins.

LeShawna: But how could the killer know the earthquake happen? It’s not like we had any in the past few weeks.

Cameron: And the earthquake was just a small local one, so it’s impossible to predict it.

Topher: See what I’m saying, no way the killer could have known an earthquake would happen. There ain’t anything to tell us that.

Lindsay: But what if they made the earthquake! That would solve everything.

DJ: I really doubt anyone is capable of making an earthquake.

Is it really impossible to know the earthquake would happen. I asmit the enemy has an advantage but I know this the right path. I just need to convince everyone that.

Solution: Multiple Holes in the Ground – they made the earthquake

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: Topher, there is a reason the killer knew the earthquake was going to happen! They knew because they were the ones who made it!

Topher: I don’t even need to say anything, that is so stupid!

Harold: Not really, there is plenty of records of man-made earthquakes in history so it’s possible.

Scarlett: You forget that a man-made earthquake requires particular conditions for it to happen so it’s not like the killer could predict that with the environment.

Dawn: But what if they took matters in their own hands. What if they set the conditions, since they know this would be a move none of us could predict.

Noah: I will agree with the prediction part, but that doesn’t mean anything if the killer didn’t have the earthquake.

Scott: Which is why they made the holes in the ground! To make an earthquake happen!

Lindsay: Oh yes, because someone hurt the earth, they made her cry.

Tyler: Lindsay, I doubt it’s that simple.

Sam: However I think the holes were the reason the earthquake, but I don’t know how.

Cody: Could it have been the damage on the earth’s crust? The instability of it could have made it have sudden structural changes.

Scarlett: No, I examine the holes and while there is numeral of them, their just don’t reach the depth to make this the answer of our problem.

Rodney: So we have no idea how to solve this? Now what’re we going to do!?

Topher: Believe me and admit that Brick is wrong with the whole earthquake idea.

LeShawna: Hate to admit, but I’m starting to side with him. Why does this feel so wrong!? It’s like I’m working with Chris.

Gwen: Now that could be worse then the stupid bear thing.

Monokuma: Aww! I knew you guys all love me, I love you guys to!

Zoey: When did that sound like a compliment?

Harold: Those numbers of holes…there is a possibility, but I doubt it’s the answer.

Duncan: Spit out dweeb. Were pretty much out of ideas so you might as well just say it.

Harold: Well… you see there is way to make an earthquake with all of that. You just need to put high pressure water on all of them and then an earthquake happens.

Katie: High pressure water isn’t easy to get unless you were in one of those water parks.

Scott: Or if you had the thing that pressurizes water. Catch my drift.

Brick: So that’s where this testimony comes to play. I knew the advise my commander gave me was a great help.

Bridgette: What advise are you talking about?

Brick: You see, my teacher trained me to take note all the smallest details in an investigation and I know what the killer use to get the high pressure water.

Owen: Really, because I want to know.

Brick: You see, out of everything mention in the case even for a brief moment this what the killer needed to make this happen.



Answer: High Pressure Hose

Brick: I reach my destination!!!


Brick: What else can cause high pressured water, then a high pressure hose.

DJ: A high pressure hose? Oh! You mean the ones fire fighters use!

Sam: Well that would be the obvious answer, but did any of us found one?

Duncan: Not that I remember, and let’s not even bother asking everyone else because they probably would have said something if they did find one.

LeShawna: Well if there isn’t anyone who saw a high pressure hose then we can’t really believe what you said.

Topher: …

Harold: Maybe no one saw it during the investigation, but someone did mention that it exist.

Rodney: I don’t remember that, was that back in the last few days?

Scott: No, they said it when we started talking about Courtney’s case. I’m surprise none of you remember who it was.

Lindsay: Can you remind me?

Brick: Why not I be a gentleman and do it, the person who did mention the water hose would ironically be you.



Brick: Target in sight!!!


Brick: You wanted the spotlight Topher, so here you go. Why not you explain them about the water hose?

Eva: Wait! He knew! How do we he isn’t the killer!?

Topher: Come on! You believe someone with this face can possibly be a killer? That is just absurb-

Eva: If you aren’t then why not you enlighten us about this hose.

Shawn: I would do it if I were you, you don’t want to know what she might do to you.

Topher: Alright! Fine I’ll talk!!!

Zoey: So those this high pressure hose exist? Because if it were, that would mean what Harold said about the earthquake could be true.

Gwen: I don’t think it might just be true, I think it is going to be true.

Topher: I don’t know if Brick is right or not, but there is definitely a water hose. I remember always seeing it back in the flower house that Jo died at.

Katie: Don’t you dare remind me that case! It’s already bad enough that I have to suffer nightmares about it!

Topher: But yeah, the water hose was gone and I thought it was suspicious so I was planning to check around for it. But the murders happened and everyone was chaotic that I kind of forgot.

Geoff: Can’t blame you. I almost forgot to go to the bathroom because of Courtney’s murder.

Bridgette: So it looks like the water hose is related to the case, because why would someone need to hide it unless it was the killer.

Izzy: Well Courtney’s killer since I can attest that the water hose wasn’t use in my murder. I mean my self-defense, which would have been crazier with a hose aro-

Brick: But don’t you all realize what this means!?

Max: What this means!? You dare say I don’t know anything when I’m clearly the most intelligent person he-

Scarlett: Just shut it! He’s saying that the water hose missing is pushing that the earthquake was made by high pressure water.

Dawn: But if that’s true, then it means that the earthquake was done by the hands of men.

Tyler: The killer could control it happening which means they would be able to know if an earthquake would happen.

Noah: And make Courtney swing to the center of her death.

Brick: Sadly that is what happen, a shame but it’s something none of us can deny.



LeShawna: You got some points, but I ain’t just going to accept it like that.

Brick: Why won’t you LeShawna? Didn’t I show evidence that supports it?

LeShawna: Yes you did, but that’s not enough. Sure there maybe a bunch of holes and powerful water hose, but that isn’t enough.

Harold: But LeShawna, Shawn said that he felt an earthquake. All of these points that someone could have made an earthquake through hydro pressure.

LeShawna: “Could” , but that’s just it. I’m not ready to believe that just yet.

Brick: Then why not I keep going until your ready to believe it. A soldier does his duties without rest, so that’s what I’m going to do.

LeShawna: Hope you can back it up, because this girl isn’t going to crack so easily.


Evidence: Shawn’s Testimony, Izzy’s Testimony, DJ’s Testimony, Topher’s Testimony

LeShawna: So you really think that the killer made the earthquake?

LeShawna: In order to get Courtney to fall.

LeShawna: I’ll admit that is one insane plan.

LeShawna: But it’s too insane for me to believe.

LeShawna: People don’t tend to make earthquakes out of thin air.

LeShawna: So I really have a hard time believing this.

Brick: I’ll admit when I had it in my mind even I found it ridiculous, but the evidence stacks up in this scenario.

LeShawna: Do you really think so?

LeShawna: Because I don’t.

LeShawna: Man, you got think this through.

LeShawna: Sure a water hose was stolen…but that just going to sit with me,

LeShawna: That’s not exactly enough to prove what you said.

LeShawna: I mean it’s not like anything else was stolen by the killer.

Nothing else you say? Unfortunately I must correct this error, in order for our objective to succeed!

Solution: Topher’s Testimony – anything else was stolen

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: I want to believe on something less fantastical, but I have no choice in order for us to reach the truth. I know the killer use this method to hang Courtney without being in the room.

LeShawna: And why? Nobody would just believe something without a reason.

Tyler: She’s right when you need proof to prove this is really what happened.

Brick: Which is what I have. A witness has also seen something missing which is undoubtly related to the case.

Noah: Let me guess a seed drill which what created all those holes.

Brick: Yo…your exactly right, how did you know?

Noah: I also pay attention in the class trial. I remember Topher talking about it to, so enough about me and let’s hear from him.

Jasmine: Oh great, giving the glimmering flop more attention.

Topher: Don’t be jealous that they need my testimony, so everyone quiet down as I talk about something very important.

Cody: Aww. This guy might be worse to listen then Chris.

Topher: Anyway I was trying to find a seed drill to make…I mean to do what she force mt to do.

Jasmine: When did I ever do that?

Topher: But when I got to the shed…well you can tell already. I notice the tools were gone and I began to panic.

DJ: I think I saw that yesterday around the afternoon, which means the killer did it yesterday before lunch.

Samey: That doesn’t really thin the suspect lists since nobody has an alibi for the entire past 4 days.

Noah: True, but at least we know how Courtney was killed.

LeShawna: And that I made a mistake which nearly caused our lives. Sorry about that.

Brick: That’s fine, as long as we can use to find the killer it should be-

Noah: That is if there wasn’t another problem I see here.

Katie: Wait! Do you agree with him or not? I mean weren’t you trying to support Brick’s idea just a few seconds ago?

Noah: Who said I was? I never said I was finish with what I was going to say.

Cameron: So what problem do you have with this? This sounds like something that would tie up all the mysteries throughout the case.

Noah: True, but only if you imagine it. However if you add something common like physics, you’ll know the issue I have.

Cody: Physics? Are you talking about book case?

Owen: What about the book case?

Cody: You see…while it’s still likely, the book case still might not have fallen. If that were the case, the killer would be in serious trouble.

Noah: And that’s where it is, what if the book case didn’t topple over? Then everything the killer did for the set-up would all just be a waste.

Dawn: I see…life is full of twist, but I am certain the killer did something to get this into the way he wanted.

Max: Now we have to face question how, and I will defeat you cursed question!

I think it’ll either be me, Scott or Harold who’ll actually be doing that.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Stack of Books, Bookcase, Noose, Courtney’s Personal Lock, Chain

Noah: You realize saying this means that the killer knew the bookcase would fall, but it’s impossible for the killer to rely on luck.

Tyler: But isn’t the chances more likely? That wasn’t much of a risk for the killer if that were the case.

Dawn: Yes, but the killer is shown to be crafty. I would think the killer had a way to know that the bookcase would fall.

Izzy: Like what? Premonition? Because if that’s the case, then I have the number suspect in mind and she’s super creepy and very supernatu-

Dawn: If you choose me, then I hope your prepared to be mistaken. There was another method the killer could have done to ensure the fall of the keepers of knowledge.

Eva: You mean the bookcase, am I right?

Duncan: What else would she be talking about, though I got to admit making sure the bookcase would fall without being inside the building isn’t easy.

Topher: I know, that’s what I’ve been trying to say. The killer just predicted with the earthquake and then all they have to do is watch the show.

Katie: But it sounds like it was more then that. Something these two, but we haven’t figured out.

Something we have yet to figure out? I need to think about the evidence that has yet to have been explain and there might be the weapon needed to fight this confusion.

Solution: Stack of Books – another method the killer could have done

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: So that explains why the killer a bunch of books on top of the bookcase.

Bridgette: There was that? I didn’t notice actually.

Gwen: I don’t think any of us could have seen it, since we all were investigating outside. But someone here should have said it.

Noah: We could have, but you guys figure out so there’s no harm in it. Besides it’s not like the mastermind or saboteur would go easy on you so this is a good training against them.

Geoff: So that was like a test? Oh man you should told us.

Scarlett: But they were smart about this, we need to learn how to think for ourselves when the time come so to fight the mastermind.

Rodney: I guess that’s true.

Zoey: Still I hope there could be a friendly negotiation, I just wish we don’t need to kill them since there is too many blood already.

Dawn: I understand how you feel, but you should put it aside and face the conflict of now.

DJ: Oh yeah, we need to still find the killer in order to save Izzy.

Izzy: Which is the number one priority here guys! I really don’t want to get killed by that bear.

Monokuma: Oh don’t worry, it not too bad. It’s a little pain and screaming but it will be all over soon.

Topher: Anyway back to the topic. So the killer use the books near the bookcase and place them on top of the bookcase.

Cody: So that when the earthquake happens, it will topple over due to the unbalance nature.

Max: Who says so!? I for one don’t see it! I mean if this is what they did then how would it effect the balance of the bookcase.

Owen: Wouldn’t it be a bit easier for it to fall if it was higher.

Harold: Not really since the height doesn’t affect it’s balancing. Standing on both even stacks won’t change the chances of it falling of the earthquake.

Scott: Which is why they didn’t make it like that.

Sam: Ooookay…I’m getting a little confuse. What do you mean by that?

Brick: He means this part was we made a mistake.

(Level of the Bookcase/Height of the Bookcase/Even Stacks/Type of Books)

Answer: Even Stacks

Beardo: “jackpot sound” I totally get it now!!!

Zoey: If the killer set-up the stack of books unevenly, that would make it easy for the bookcase to topple over.

Tyler: And then all they have to do is wait for the earthquake so Courtney would fall off and have the rope hang in the middle of the room.

Lightning: Sha-ding! Now that is what I call a Lightning victory.

Eva: You didn’t even do anything.

Lindsay: Hmm…I don’t know, I feel like there is something about that.

Topher: Oh really, well in that case that means nothing is wrong. Just ignore her since we know she’s not exactly sm-

Rodney: Why not just give her a chance to talk? There’s nothing wrong with hearing her out.

Topher: But it’s all just a waste of-

Jasmine: Topher, your not in charge here so you have no right to make that choice.

Topher: …Fine! But don’t say anything when it turns it was a waste of time.

Lindsay: OK, so what I wanted to say is…why is the bookcase still standing? Didn’t you guys said it got knock over.

Cody: Yeah we did, but what’s wrong…Oh.

Samey: Yet it still standing…that shouldn’t be right if what we said is true.

Brick: So are you guys saying my idea was wrong?

Scott: It looks like, I’m not taking the blame for this Brick. It’s all on you.

Harold: Don’t be like that, besides who knows if this is wrong. It could mean there is something more about the crime then we thought.

Lindsay: But still we don’t know that, and if we don’t know that then I’m not going to be happy.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Holes, Chain, Stack of Books, Multiple Holes in the Ground, Izzy’s Testimony

Lindsay: I don’t know if your right or wrong, but the bookcase is still standing up.

Noah: We know that already, there’s no need to repeat it.

Owen: But if the bookcase hasn’t fell off, wouldn’t that mean that Brick was wrong about how Courtney got killed.

DJ: That means we got to start all over again, oh boy.

Jasmine: I don’t think anybody here wants to do that, but if we have to then we’ll have to do it with no complaints.

Harold: Before that though, let’s think if what Brick said did happen. The bookcase fell and in turn cause Courtney to fell off and getting hang.

Samey: But we know that can’t be what happened if bookcase couldn’t stand back up, which is impossible.

Izzy: Unless the killer was psychic and used it to levitate the bookcase to get back up. I mean it’s more realistic then getting kidnap by a black and white bear.

Monokuma: Will any of you just say my name instead of calling me a black and white bear?

Dawn: And why are you looking at me? I’m not the killer.

So we know the bookcase is still standing, but that doesn’t mean it never fell off. It could be possible that the killer got the bookcase to stand up again after the murder if they used this!

Solution: Chain – which is impossible

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: But what if they were able to get the bookcase to stand up again.

Samey: But we said the killer never went inside the room. That’s impossible.

Shawn: Unless it was what Izzy said and the killer use psychic, which would be pretty cool in the zombie apocalypse when trusting random strangers.

Dawn: Come on guys! I’m not the killer.

Scott: I don’t think what Brick is going to say is psychic powers. I think it’s going to be more realistic.

Brick: Right you are my friend, the killer simply use a chain.

Max: A chain? There was a chain?

Brick: Yes, which was attack to the back of the bookcase.

Harold: I know what your trying to say, your saying the killer use the earthquake to knock the bookcase and then use the chain to pull it straight.

Lightning: Ha! That’s so easy I can do it in my sleep.

Brick: And it’s something very possible. Looks like we know now what the killer did in order to hide the mystery of the standing bookcase.



Lindsay: But then how did the killer get to pull the bookcase?

Brick: Umm…by pulling it with his hands. That’s how most people pull stuff unless they were using their legs and feets.

Lindsay: I don’t mean that, didn’t the bookcase came from inside the cabin?

Brick: Yeah, so what’s the point.

Lindsay: Well if that were the case then it’s impossible for the killer to pull it. There is no way the killer could have use the to pull the bookcase back up.

Brick: Oh, so you don’t know about that yet.

Lindsay: About what? A magic store which the killer use to get it up like that book…what’s it called?

Brick: Good to see our old and lovely Lindsay is still around. Too bad I can’t show mercy towards the oppositions so prepare the battle of your life!!!

Which is not that difficult in my part!


Evidence: Holes, Chains, Multiple Holes in the Ground, High Pressure Hose, Doors and Windows

Lindsay: I think you should realize how impossible this is.

Lindsay: To faze through walls…

Lindsay: And pulling the bookcase up with a chain.

Lindsay: I mean why not just use your hands to pull the bookcase then.

Lindsay: It’s much easier then using a flimsy chain.

Lindsay: And more possible then having the ability of a ghost.

Brick: Lindsay, the killer didn’t faze through walls to do it.

Lindsay: But there is no other way to get to the chains.

Lindsay: Except going inside the room.

Lindsay: The killer has to be psychic or a ghost…

Lindsay: If that’s what the killer did.

Lindsay: Which means…

Lindsay: I don’t know, I guess we’ll need a psychic or a ghost detector?

Seriously, I know you want to help, but you should never forget common sense. I guess I’ll have to give you a healthy dosing for your own good.

Solution: Holes – no other way to get to the chains

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: Lindsay…there is way to reach the chains outside the cabin and anyone could see it if they saw the chains.

Lindsay: Extoplasma! I knew it was a ghost!

Scott: No, there was a hole in the wall which made it easy for the killer to grab the chain.

Harold: In fact looking at the holes, it seems like the point of the holes was to get to the chains.

Lindsay: …So does that…what does it mean?

Dawn: For the oblivious one to understand, it means the holes was what the killer use to reach the chains and pull the bookcase back up.

Lindsay: Now I get it! Thanks Brick.

Dawn: What about my part?

Noah: Never mind that, with that we know everything about the killers method. Now all we have to do is find who did it.

Owen: Wait! You know who did it!? That’s my boy!

Noah: I’m not your boy, and I haven’t figure out who the culprit is, all we know is what the killer did in this crime.

Scarlett: So ignore the crime and focus on something we can find to identify this mysterious killer.

DJ: But what could that thing be? I have no idea in the slightest.

Geoff: Let’s just wrap our heads together and solve it. Whatever that means.

Scott: Looks like now we have to find something that could point to a person, have any idea?

Well I do, but I have to watch and see if this lead of mine points exactly to my main suspect.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Iced Coffee, Noose, Monokuma File 06, Missing Documents

Noah: All we have left to do is find the killer, since everything about the crime is common knowledge at this point.

Eva: Just because we know all about it, doesn’t mean anything. We have no idea who it is!

Scarlett: Don’t worry if we can’t figure this person out, since we have a sacrifice here already.

Izzy: Guys, please don’t look at me like that.

Cody: Let’s forget about that and think, anything in the crime scene that could point to the culprit.

Trent: If that was it, wouldn’t we have figure out the culprit earlier. There’s nothing there that would point to a single person.

Gwen: Maybe not something about the crime scene, but what about Courtney’s behaviour. That could point to her being suspicious to somebody.

Sam: And that person would be the one who had a motive to kill her.

Zoey: Maybe were all overthinking about this, we should probably trust somebody words and use that to know who the real culprit is.

Lots of way to find a killer, but only one has to be correct. I just need to be calm and face this issue with care, or might as well shotgun it.

Solution: Iced Coffee – anything in the crime scene

Brick: Agree comrade!!!


Brick: There is still one piece of evidence not yet answered, which means it contains knowledge that we have yet to be inform.

Jasmine: Are you talking about the coffee inside the cabin? Because I thought that was just something Courtney didn’t get to drink.

Harold: But isn’t the entire cabin a mess except for the coffee? Wouldn’t that mean the killer place that after the crime scene?

Scott: Or preserve it to throw as off, fitting for someone not as devious as me.

Beardo: Soooo…we know the coffee is part of the crime then, but what does that mean?

Brick: I’ll tell you, once I reveal who the culprit is.

Tyler: Wait! You know who the culprit!?

Izzy: I wouldn’t be surprise seeing how he figured me out.

Brick: You see I understand what the killer needed the coffee for and I know only one person could have pull the thing off.

DJ: Wow, amazing.

Duncan: Be careful who you pick because I don’t want to waste anymore time. Anymore and I’ll take a nap on the floor.

Brick: Don’t worry I thought this true. If the killer used the coffee the way I think it is, then naturally only this person could have done it.

Now if I got this right, the culprit use a certain substance in order to make her vulnerable. Only one person could be the culprit then.


The Chapter’s second killer is about to be revealed. Leave in the comments below in your theory of how the coffee was really use and who was the only person who could do it. And is this killer someone you’ll sacrifice to save Izzy, we’ll just wait and see. Anyway thanks for reading and keep following the story of TD: DR.


Geoff: No way it was me. Why would you think I would be the culprit!?

Noah: Was there really anything to point the crime to Geoff? Because I don’t remember anything like that.

Geoff: OK, I admit that I touched the coffee, but that’s it. Besides would I really kill somebody like that.

Gwen: Yeah, Geoff isn’t the type of person to kill somebody without getting provoked.

Scarlett: Besides he’s not smart enough to think of a plan like this. I mean have you seen the way he acts.

Brick: I get it, point taken!

Geoff may have touch the coffee, but he admitted it too quickly. If he was the culprit he would have tried hiding it so it can’t be him.

Scott: Think again then, who else had something to do with the coffee other then Geoff. It becomes obvious who the killer is.

Now it’s time to answer this obvious question correctly and hopeful not embarrass myself like I did in my first day of school.


Brick: Target in sight!!!


Brick: Before I say a name, I should point out what the coffee’s role in the case is.

Bridgette: I would like to hear it. It sounds like something very important even though I can’t understand it.

Brick: Well for starter, think about how were they able to get Courtney in the position to be dropped off the bookcase when the earthquake happens.

Owen: They just picked her up and then place her inside the bookcase.

Harold: That doesn’t seem problematic at first, but don’t you find it strange the culprit could just do it without a problem.

Rodney: You mean why she didn’t fight back. Maybe they did it when she was asleep.

Eva: But how would they have reach her if she went to bed? She probably would have lock the door herself if that happened.

Samey: They must have force her to sleep. Like using chlorine or a drug to knock her unconscious.

Rodney: Wow! I didn’t know you had that much knowledge. Where did you learn all that?

Samey: All the mystery books Scarlett gave me study up. I always wanted to help if a Class Trial was ever going to happen.

Zoey: Although I wish they never do. Anyway so we know the killer use something knock-out Courtney, but what does that have to do with the coffee?

Cameron: Don’t tell me, the killer use that coffee to make Courtney go to sleep!

Izzy: How ironic. Usually it’s coffee who keeps people awake not fall asleep.

Brick: You get a perfect score for that soldier, good job!

Duncan: They must have use the drugs in the hospital to do this, but how can that help find the culprit? Anyone could have access to them there.

Harold: True Duncan, but what about the coffee? We know the killer use the coffee to get Courtney to fall asleep, because of the drugs put inside.

Noah: But that would mean the culprit had to been a person who at one point had the coffee. Now I think about it, the killer is obvious at this point.

Max: Then tell us already! I demand the answers immediately!

Dawn: It could only be the person responsible for the bounty of yesterday’s meal and the one who personally made the ice coffee.

DJ: Huh!? But that would mean-

Brick: That is what I mean soldier! You DJ, are person I suspect as the killer!

Topher: You got to be kidding! DJ killed somebody? Now that is ridiculous!

Shawn: I mean you have some proof, but DJ is one of the nicest guys here. Why would he do it?

DJ: That’s right. Do you really think I would do something like kill a person? I mean…I mean…I mama would hate me if I ever did that, and there’s no way I would want that.

Jasmine: Still the possibility is there. We might have to take Brick’s word on it.

DJ: What!? Jasmine, why!? I…I…

Sam: I don’t know about you guys, but nice people can still be killers. Look what happen to Dakota and Sadie.

Katie: Sadie just acted in self-defense! She wasn’t really a killer.

Beardo: But we get the point, the killer could still be someone like DJ.

DJ: No, I’m not! Please listen to me and we’ll clear this little misunderstanding.

Scott: Like we will, you have no way to get out of this. Only you could be the culprit. No one else even touch the coffee.

Tyler: No I’m pretty sure I saw somebody else hold it, although it was a little while outside.

Noah: Might as well say it since that person could also be a suspect if it’s not DJ.

DJ: Come on guys, can’t we just drop this.

Tyler: Well you see…I saw Geoff holding the coffee to!

Bridgette: No! You can’t be serious!

Katie: But if he’s saying the truth, Geoff might also be the culprit.

Geoff: There’s no way it’s me! I didn’t do it!

Izzy: Oh no, who is the culprit? We better figure out of these two so we can save my life. I don’t want to be executed.

Topher: But it’s harder to see them as killers compare to someone crazy as you. Still I would like to know who among these two did it.

I have to agree with you my annoying comrade, though I still believe it’s DJ for some strange reason. Maybe it’s a gut feeling.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Sleeping Drugs, Cabin’s Condition, Iced Coffee, Topher’s Testimony, DJ’s Testimony

LeShawna: Looks like were torn between two people that could be the culprit. Geoff our crazy party boy and DJ one of the sweetest guys here.

Katie: Unfortunately being sweet doesn’t mean anything when solving a murder so consider him still a suspect.

Sam: So the reason these two are the main suspects is because both of them were the ones who held the coffee that drugged Courtney.

Scarlett: I’m certain about this to. The coffee did have traces of drugs base on the unusual appearance it had. So either of them could have applied it to it.

Zoey: Hmm…how does she know that? I thought she was outside the entire time.

Tyler: Well I can attest that Geoff was the one delivered the coffee to Courtney, but it was DJ who made it.

DJ: Well Courtney asked earlier that night, so I wanted to be a good friend and give her a drink. But look what happened…I hope mama won’t know about this.

Geoff: But dude, I can’t believe either me or DJ would be the killer. I mean were best bros and bros don’t kill no matter what.

Izzy: Looks like finding the killer isn’t going to be easier then I thought, why do you lie to me brain!?

Max: Whatever you look at it, both are suspicious. We should just split the votes on both to make sure both of them has the majority votes.

Noah: You realize were an odd number, that won’t work.

So it comes to either DJ or Geoff, now I have to think this through and see who could really do it. Think about both the coffee and the drug and understand how those this help find the killer.

Solution: Sleeping Drugs – either of them could apply it.

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Only one person could have place the drugs. The proof in this is the contents of the drugs themselves.

Max: The content? What “content” do we need to know? Knowing it cause people to fall asleep is all we need,

Scarlett: Your pretty dumb there Max, because the content of the drugs he’s referring to must be the conditions for the drugs to work.

Samey: The condition? Oh yeah, when we were working together it was you who was going to check and understand the substance.

Owen: And look at what we got.

Scott: Hold on, how does Scarlett know about the drugs earlier when she never went inside the cabin?

Brick: Maybe she did went when we weren’t looking?

Zoey did mention that, but right now understanding the murder is more important then this little thing.

Scarlett: Let me explain how the drug works, you see it is powder like drug that can only be in affect if the drug itself was place in hot water, otherwise nothing but a bad taste would happen.

Lightning: So what? That doesn’t help anything at all.

Scarlett: Remember what I said about the drug.

Harold: You realize that she’s explaining it even when you were the one brought it up. Man that reminded me about what happen in my science report last year.

Brick: Well she can still explain it well so I don’t have a problem letting her take charge, and it also gives me break do no complaints.

Scarlett: You see hot water must applied to make this thing work. Now how can we use this to tell who among the two could be the only to have been to place the drug?

Brick: How can we tell? The answer to that must be…



Answer: Process of Making it.

Brick: I reach the check-point!


Brick: It was how the coffee was made! That’s what’s going to explain who out of these two is the killer.

Zoey: And how’s that going to work? I don’t see how hot water is related to that.

Harold: Just listen closely and you’ll soon understand.

Bridgette: I really hope the culprit isn’t going to be Geoff.

DJ: But I would be the culprit if that’s the case.

Geoff: No way man! Neither is going to be the culprit. Trust me on this dude.

Duncan: Don’t know, I have a hard time believing that.

Scott: Well how are you going to explain this Brick? It seems like making a mistake here might break our entire case.

Brick: I won’t let that happen! I’ll think this carefully and then explain it to everybody.

Harold: You better get starting, there not going to wait long for your answer.

Brick: I know, just let me find the best way to give this report to them.


1) Knowing that hot liquid is the only way for the drug to work, what info about it can we use?

(Temperature of the coffee/Amount of coffee/When the coffee was hot/Type of coffee)

2) What was the only time that the there was hot water?

(When it was delivered/When it was being made/When it was drank)

3) How do we know that it could haven’t been any other time?

(The coffee has a smell/It was iced/It was undrinkable/It was hot)

4) Who was the only one who made the coffee?

(DJ/Geoff/Brick McArthur/Mal)

Answer: When the coffee was hot, When it was being made, It was iced, DJ

Brick: I made it!!!


Brick: Guys if you think about it, there is only one time someone could have put the drug in there and have it work?

Lindsay: I know! When they had the coffee with them!

Max: Are you serious!? That is one of the most moronic things I heard that it breaks my evil mind!

Tyler: Lindsay I don’t think you should get involve if you have no idea…I think he might means something more specific.

Brick: And your absolutely right in the answer Tyler, after all the drug in the coffee can only work in a certain circumstances.

Duncan: Why, is there something special about the drug?

Cameron: Have you forgotten what he said earlier?

Zoey: Oh yeah, hot water! There must have been only one time the coffee was ever hot.

Brick: Exactly! This is the key in finding the killer. Now think when would the coffee be hot…when it was iced?

Beardo: Huh? Why bring that part up?

Topher: Obviously when making it, I mean even a little kid could tell.

Izzy: When it was being made! But that would mean the killer would be the one who made it!

Geoff: No way it was me! I just delivered it like a mailman.

Scott: But then that leaves one person as the suspect in this mystery drug case.

DJ: Oh no!

Brick: Oh yes!!! The person I’m accusing here is you DJ!

Trent: That make sense! The person who made the coffee could have easily place it inside while it was being boiled.

DJ: Come on guys. I’m not like that! Promise!

Gwen: And if someone saw, it wouldn’t be suspicious at all. They would think you were adding something inside the coffee to make it taste better.

Cody: What do you have to say for yourself DJ!

DJ: I swear I’m not a killer. I would never do it!

Eva: Saying you would never do it isn’t enough. You need to actually prove it to us and make it good if you know what’s best for you.

DJ: I’ll try! I’ll show you guys that this big boy isn’t raise to be a killer. I promise to all the home-made sandwiches we done for you.

Owen: Can we have more please?

Noah: Owen!

I wonder if he can actually do it.

I doubt it. As they say when a man starts something we got to stick with it till the end. The words my major has given to me is going to be my spirit!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: DJ’s Testimony, Courtney’s Personal Lock, Izzy’s Testimony, Doors and Windows

DJ: Guys, you have to believe me. I didn’t kill Courtney.

Topher: But who else could have put in the drug inside the coffee, the only person who could have was you!

DJ: I…I…I mean sure I made the coffee, and I deserve to be blame for that, but I would never kill Courtney. I can’t even stand the thought of me killing somebody.

Shawn: We’ll need more then just that to believe you. Like maybe some proof that you are innocent.

Jasmine: Or proof that the coffee isn’t really evidence. That’s good enough in my picture.

DJ: I don’t know how I can prove the coffee isn’t part of the case, but door of the kitchen was broken when I got in. Somebody might have come in last night when I left at 11:00 PM after I fixed everything up.

Sam: I’m guessing then that guy became an unknown silhouette and in the darkness of the night placed it outside of Courtney’s cabin to get her to drink it!

Tyler: If that’s true, then it means someone else could have possibly place the drug in the coffee other then DJ or Geoff.

Samey: Is this true however? I want to believe DJ, but something seems wrong about the possibility DJ gave.

Harold: I have a hard time believing Courtney would actually fall for it,

So DJ does give another possibility on how the drug could have gotten in the coffee, but is this really what happened or is it impossible?

Solution: Courtney’s Personal Lock – at 11:00 PM

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: I won’t believe in your lies DJ. I know this isn’t possible.

Bridgette: Really? Because I find it possible, especially when seeing how the former cases happened.

Katie: Yeah, people sneaking in and out of places isn’t new here. I mean Izzy can attest to that with her crime.

Izzy: I told you it wasn’t murder. It was me acting out of self-defense.

Eva: Just be quiet and maybe we’ll keep you over then DJ.

DJ: Hold on, we didn’t say yet that I was killer. We just said it was a possibility.

Harold: It won’t be just a possibility once we hear from Brick, because there is something you forgotten about when you made that excuse.

DJ: Excuse…but I would never…

Brick: Even if someone did break inside the kitchen, if what your time is right, they wouldn’t have been able to deliver the coffee to Courtney.

DJ: Really? How come?

Brick: Pay attention! The lock inside Courtney’s cabin automatically closes at 10:00PM an hour later and it will only open at 8:00AM.

Max: Simpleton, they could have broken in the cabin and then made Courtney take the drink.

Scarlett: We already said that the killer didn’t break inside the cabin. Pain attention oh “Evil Lord”.

Lindsay: But if no one could make and give the coffee to Courtney if what DJ said is true…what does that mean again?

Cody: It means that only DJ was the one who could have put the drug inside the coffee and then have it brought to Courtney via Geoff.

Geoff: Bummer man, why would you do this to me?

DJ: I…I…I didn’t…

Scott: Looks like he’s guilt as charge, enough for me vote for him.

Harold: Unless we want to keep him around over Izzy then we vote for her.

Izzy: Hey! I thought you wanted to save me!

Zoey: I wish we could save both…but I guess we can’t. Not with the rules Monokuma implemented to us.

Monokuma: Exactly! Good to know you remember Zoey, my favourite student.

Zoey: I do not want to be called that, it just makes me feel worse knowing you were the one who got Mike killed!

Cameron: It’s still tough to decide who to vote for among the two, even if I am little afraid of Izzy.

Brick: So who do we vote? Izzy the person who killed Mal or DJ who killed Courtney?

DJ: I didn’t get a chance to defend myself! Come on, I have proof that I’m innocent.

Scott: Were done with this DJ, we know you killed Courtney. After all you would be the only who could have made the drugged coffee!

Harold: I wonder if he has anything to say against all of these accusations?



Brick: So you do have an argument against this, mind telling me what is it?

DJ: No I do-…I mean I do-…I have reasons why I can’t be the killer.

Brick: If that so, I want to hear the evidence. Tell me everything that proves your guilt isn’t real.

DJ: I’ll try, but I’m not sure if it will be good enough or not.


Evidence: DJ’s Testimony, Izzy’s Testimony, Scott’s Testimony, Topher’s Testimony, Shawn’s Testimony

DJ: I know I made the coffee.

DJ: I’m not arguing with you about that.

DJ: But, just because that doesn’t mean I’m suspicious.

DJ: I mean I could just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

DJ: Or I don’t want to hurt someone, but maybe…

DJ: Somebody tried to set me up since they knew I’m always in the kitchen.

DJ: Not like I’m accusing somebody or anything.

Brick: I admit that was something that came in my mind before, but I know for a fact that you’re the killer of the case.

DJ: Why do you keep saying that?

DJ: Is it because I did something to offend you?

DJ: Or maybe you just don’t like me?

DJ: If that’s it then I’m sorry.

DJ: But please don’t label me as the killer.

DJ: I have never done anything hurt anybody before!

DJ: Neither do I have a reason to!

DJ: Please just believe me! I never would kill anybody!

I want to believe DJ since he really is kind, but in battle we can’t show mercy to the enemy!

Solution: DJ’s Testimony – doesn’t mean I’m suspicious

Brick: Surrender now my enemy!!!


Brick: You say your not suspicious, but you just lied about your claim.

DJ: I lied? How?

Brick: Remember what you said earlier DJ about the kitchen door? It doesn’t match what you said now.

DJ: I…I forgot.

Lindsay: What isn’t it “Oh yeah, it was I wonder if it has something to do with the murder. It must have happen last night at midnight after everyone left the mess hall.”

Duncan: Was that suppose to be DJ, because that’s an impressive imitation Big Foot.

Monokuma: You mean me? Aww, how thoughtful!

Lindsay: Yeah…it was you, let’s just say that.

Tyler: Why are you sweating Lindsay? You don’t normally do that unless you have something to hide.

Harold: I think we shouldn’t forget that part and remember what were facing now. The suspicion that DJ has left himself with. The only reason he would lie his testimony is because of being a killer.

DJ: Guys…guys…please give me a chance to explain.

Katie: Why even bother continuing the interrogation, it’s pretty obvious the killer is him.

Scott: We know that, but you know how stupid some of these guys are. We need to pretty much explain everything just for them to understand.

Lindsay: You kind have been kinder, I’m sorry for not being good in all of this detectice stuff.

Jasmine: Besides we should give the big guy a chance, he doesn’t really seem to have what it takes to kill somebody.

Scott: Do you see what I mean? Now how do we deal with this situation?

Trent: I guess we need more evidence to point at DJ then, like maybe something about the crime he could be the only one to pull it.

DJ: Why do you guys still think it’s me? I didn’t do anything.

Brick: DJ, I can’t ignore the evidence and if there’s more then unfortunately I’ll continue this accusation till the end.

DJ: Oh come on! Why me!?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Chains, Iced Coffee, DJ’s Testimony, Izzy’s Testimony, Scott’s Testimony

Eva: So DJ here is the most suspicious person here! He was the one who had access to the coffee!

LeShawna: And not to mention he lied to us. Something is definitely not right with him.

Harold: I don’t know if this is enough, but he’s the one with the most evidence pointed at him.

DJ: I know this doesn’t look good for me, but…but I swear that’s all a coincidence! I never knew any of these actions would make me look like a culprit.

Bridgette: I’m sorry DJ, but believing it’s all just a coincidence is pretty hard for me to believe.

Izzy: Unless we know somebody was watching DJ from afar and then made this stupidly complicated plan to frame him.

Beardo: Why would anyone pick DJ, not like he did anything wrong. Except maybe killing Courtney if what Brick said is true.

DJ: I don’t want to believe that, that makes it sound like I have a stalker.

Sam: Hopefully it’s not the dangerous and violent one. If I had one, I’ll be terrified…and a bit flattered.

Duncan: That’s one creepy mind there kid.

So nothing else can really point to DJ as our killer, and all those that does is all a coincidence? Maybe those two were possible, but this last one is hard to believe.

Solution: Scott’s Testimony - that’s all a coincidence

Brick: Dismiss the thought!!!


Brick: Maybe I can believe the coffee part and who had access to the kitchen, but cleaning Courtney’s room is going tofar.

Max: Why bring that up!? It has nothing to do with the crime.

Gwen: I wonder, even the smallest thing can be proof that goes with or against any claims in here. Seeing what happened before.

Katie: So let’s hear it Brick. Why does this thing have to do with DJ being suspicious of Courtney death?

Brick: Well if you add this person’s testimony and Scott’s testimony, you’ll see why I believe DJ is the killer!



Brick: Target in sight!!!


Brick: Hey Izzy, remember what you said back in the beginning of this trial?

Izzy: Don’t kill me and vote for the other killer who is DJ?

DJ: When did we say I was the killer!?

Harold: He doesn’t mean that part, he means the part about what you heard last night.

Izzy: What I heard…Now I remember! It was a loud crash inside the cabin when I was making the bomb.

Rodney: Hearing her say something like that so casually really is unnerving.

Noah: Believe me, you’ll get use to it when your in the same team with her.

Owen: And it’s one of the best experience ever! I mean who wouldn’t want to hang out a girl who can eat like a guy.

Topher: I don’t know, a sane man.

Duncan: So there was a crash last night inside the cabin. That’s obviously the bookcase we talked about earlier, so what is the point?

Brick: That is the point. I wanted to bring up the bookcase and explain how DJ being inside the cabin would make him a prime suspect.

DJ: Knowing the layout of the cabin, but it’s pretty small. Anybody could figure that out by just looking outside the window.

Zoey: If it has something to do with the bookcase…ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!???

Dawn: Looks like she understands the truth, mind telling us what is it my good friend.

Cameron: I don’t really remember anything about the bookcase except that was where Courtney fell off and the killer pulled it back with the chains.

Brick: And that explains why the killer must have been someone who had access to the cabin.

Lightning: What? It must be the bookcase, because the sha-Lightning always get a headache when looking at one.

Jasmine: I seriously think you should get that check for your safety.

Samey: It must be the chains, the killer needed to have time to put in the chain in advance so that they could put back the bookcase after toppling it over with the earthquake.

Harold: Now your understanding what were talking about.

Scott: And cleaning is the perfect to do it since that’s the time Courtney isn’t in the cabin.

Gwen: And I doubt anyone could have snuck in any other time. Courtney always have her meals there so it’s impossible to do it some other time.

DJ: But…but…

Sam: It has to be done to yesterday, otherwise Courtney would have seen the chains and become suspicious.

Scott: Me and DJ were the only ones who did clean Courtney’s cabin last night so only one of us could have done it. However I never touch the coffee.

Izzy: Meaning it has to be DJ! DJ was the one who killed Courtney all this time.

DJ: Why would I…No. It has to be somebody else.

Cody: Is everyone else ready to vote.

DJ: Hold on guys. Are we sure that I’m the culprit?

What is he plotting now? He should know that he can’t get away from it anymore.

DJ: You see I know I done a lot of suspicious things and yes I had access to everything the killer use…but is there any evidence that points at me?

Harold: DJ? What are you saying?

DJ: I’m saying that if I don’t have evidence that points at me then this shouldn’t be enough. That means I can’t be the killer right?

Samey: DJ, just admit it and accept what’s going to happen.

DJ: No, not unless you point any evidence to me.

Scarlett: Do we have to waste out time, we know he’s the killer so we should-

Harold: Not quite.

Scarlett: What are you saying Harold?

Harold: I’m saying that in a court of law, evidence would be require even if a lot of testimony are use. So if we can’t present anything then we can’t make a verdict.

DJ: That’s good that means I can-

Brick: Not quite DJ! Your not getting away!

DJ: Brick, please stop this. I don’t want to hear this anymore! I just hurts so much!

Brick: I know it does, but I have to do it! I have to prove you guilty to save us all.

Gwen: Where did you get that line?

DJ: If you really think I’m the killer then present it. Present the evidence that proves once and for all that I was the one who killed Courtney. Prove it to me, because I can't believe it myself!

Think about this carefully Brick. Maybe we haven’t found the evidence, but that’s because DJ has it! If I can get him to show it, then we know for sure DJ was in the crime scene and that would mean he killed Courtney! Prepare for this battle Brick! It’s battle time!


DJ: Come on guys.

DJ: I don't want this.

DJ: What is mama going to think about this?

DJ: I'm sorry, please!

DJ: I don't...I can't...

DJ: I just want to come back home.

DJ: I'll give you guys sandwiches.

DJ: Can we just hug this out? Please!


DJ: I don't...there shouldn't be evidence. There shouldn't be anything that points me as the killer. I'm not the killer!




Answer: Courtney's Missing Drawer Key

Brick: Time to win this battle!


Brick: Nothing will point at you, that's what you think, but I know that one thing missing in the crime scene will prove that it was DJ who killed Courtney.

DJ: Something was missing??? What would be missing?

Brick: Remember the suicide note we mention at the very beginning of the Class Trial.

Owen: Didn't you say that it was fake? I thought that was the reason we thought Courtney didn't die from suicide.

Brick: Exactly, and remember how did I make this clear?

Katie: You said the location of the suicide note was a problem, that the drawer it was in was locked and that it wouldn't make any sense to put it there.

Jasmine: Of course it wouldn't, suicide notes are meant to be seen not hidden away.

Shawn: So what about the suicide note, it's not like we can tell if DJ was the one who made the note.

DJ: Why are you guys talking like I'm the killer already, it hasn't been proven yet.

Brick: It will soon when I show how this will lead to the decisive evidence that killed Courtney. Tell me does anyone here know why the drawer was lock?

Rodney: Because the killer wanted to make the fake suicide note secure? It was an important part of there plan.

Cameron: But that wouldn't make sense, that would only hurt the killer's plan.

Dawn: Was it because the killer used a key to lock it?

Duncan: Of course we already know that, the thing is why the killer locked the dra-

Brick: That was what I was looking for. I have no idea what was the reason for DJ to kill Courtney or even locking the drawer, but we know how he could have done it.

DJ: I...I...

Max: So what does that prove? How would you know that the drawer even had keys?

Harold: All drawers have keys if there lockable and well the drawer is lockable so it must have a key.

Max: Nonsense! We never found a key inside the cabin!

Scarlett: It's because the killer still has it with them. Is that what you want to say?

Brick: You read my mind, I can use you in the military.

Shawn: Don't think that's a good idea seeing what she might do.

Beardo: So let me get this straight, we just need to find the key hidden with DJ and that will prove his guilt.


Dawn: I think that's what going to happen. However our little mystery will never be solve unless we can confirm it with a small search of DJ's mortal body.

DJ: "whimper"...

Tyler: I'll do it, just because no one wants to.

Lindsay: sweet! No wonder your my boyfriend.

Cody: You realize what that means for him, don't you?


(Monokuma Dancing)

....Tyler: Jackpot! We have here a key inside DJ's pockets.

DJ: How did that get there!?

Scott: Looks like we know what we really happened, the person who killed my beloved was you!

Trent: Beloved? When was she you-

Zoey: I don't think he wants to talk about it, especially with what just happened.

Brick: Have any answers for this discovery DJ!? It looks like to me and everyobdy in this room that you did kill Courtney!

DJ: ..."bawling"...WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Geoff: DJ man?

DJ: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Izzy: To think somebody would kill a person while feeling regret. What a tragedy indeed.

Eva: Your not one to talk.

Izzy: I know that's the point.

Zoey: It might take a while for him to calm down, so does anyone want to explain the case again?

Brick: I'm on the case, madam!

Noah: Yup, let's get Brick here to do it.

Brick: Now I shall explain the report about this case! Here it is for all my fellow soldiers in arms!


Brick: The story now begins! Here we go!

I may not understand what cause this unfortunate incident to occur and I probably never will...but I can tell who the killer was and how he did everything from beginning to end. Starting with the set-up! The killer had a target, Courtney the former leader, and was planning to use her now isolated method of operation as his way to get her. He needed to hide to his true objectives, and succeeded as we can tell by how he was able to get to Courtney.

He first establish the method of how he was able to get the library book case back to normal when he was finish with his heinous act against us. Placing chains behind the the bookcase and then having it connected to holes on the wall in order to reach them outside the cabin. Afterwards he stole two items from the flower house, a seed drill and a very powerful hose. With these he made plenty holes around the area and hid the hose to be use later.

Night fall came and the operation was about to commence. The first thing he needed to do was to make his target fall asleep, so he had Geoff send a coffee to Courtney which he secretly drugged before the ice came in. Then Geoff delivered the package and the killer's plan has work. Now we will commence to the operation itself.

He went to his target's location before the lock of the location would activate, so that he wouldn't need to break in. He saw Courtney lying down and in the middle of the cabin was a support beam where the killer wrapped a rope around it. Then the other end wrapped around her neck, which back then was still long enough to bring into the bookcase where the killer placed her. The bookcase had most likely been stacked with books already just so the killer wouldn't accidentally kill her at the alloted time. Everything  was done except for the fake suicide note which the killer place inside Courtney's drawer and kept the key hidden on himself in a swift succession.

Everything was now complete, the position of Courtney and the rope, the suicide note and all the holes in the ground. Now commence the devious deed that our enemy has done. He first pulled the excess side of the rope to pull away the extra rope keeping Courtney from choking so that the rope would begin to strangle her neck and ready to hang from midair. We can prove this by the appearance of the excess part of the knot. Now the killer pulled a massive move which was using the high pressure water hose and then start spraying the holes, This created a miniture earthquake that shaked the cabin and the bookcase inside.

Shawn felt it when he was in his late night walk, were lucky for that because we were able to gain a clue about what our enemy's method really was.  The massive rumble caused the bookcase to fall and Courtney to. The noose choked her until she died, and the loud crash of the bookcase was heard by both the killer and Izzy after her own murder. To finish it off, the killer pulled the chains from the back of the bookcase and then returned home like nothing happened.

We may not know the motive, but we know for sure the person behind it all!

Scene: Brick saluting with a crying shadowy figure in the back.

Brick: I place this crime to the criminal behind this! DJ, our main chef!

Scene: DJ was revealed to be the shadowy figure.


Noah: Now answer us, why did you kill Courtney DJ?

DJ: I...I...was blackmailed! That's why I did it!

Zoey: Blackmail? By who?

DJ: I don't know, but it was this mysterious letter I got just a few days ago with the plan and the threat.

Sam: That has to be...

Gwen: The Sabotuer! So they were behind this case to!

Duncan: But what was the Sabotuer blackmailing you with?

DJ: The fact I knew the guy existed before any of you.

Samey: The gun? You mean the gun that shot me and killed Dave?

DJ: Yes, I knew it existed and I didn't tell anybody. The Sabotuer threaten to show pictures of me holding the gun during the first days and said with this, more conflict will happen. People will not trust each other and turn against one another.

Beardo: Because you had a secret, and since your one of the nicest guys that would mean anybody might also have some to.

Bridgette: That would definitely cause lots of trouble, especially with what happened a few days ago with the Sabotuer.

Scarlett: But you still didn't told us! You could have and used this as a clue.

DJ: I...I had one more reason...and it's something I just don't want to say.

Noah: You might as well otherwise you might get executed.

DJ: ...

Scott: He's not going to answer. He pretty much clammed up like a pig with a cob.

Samey: But it looks like that Courtney was threat to the Sabotuer so that's why she was pick, but why?

I have an idea, but it's not to say it out loud otherwise I might be a target myself.

Harold: So now what do we do?

Gwen: We choose. We can choose to kill Izzy or DJ, both has symphatic reasons and both has benefits, however we can only save one.

Owen: Wow, that is one cold way to say that.

Katie: But that is the truth, we can't do anything about it.

Rodney: But who do we save?

Gwen: That'll be up to Brick.

Brick: Me!? Why?

Gwen: Because you were the one who solved the cases. It's only fair to give this responsibility to you.

Sam: So who do we save and who do we vote? Izzy or DJ?

Brick: ...

Izzy: Come on! Please give me another chance! I never wanted to kill anybody!

DJ: If I die then that would mean I did all that for nothing. I don't care what happens to me, as long as she's fine!

Brick: I...

Harold: Better think carefully because we'll only have one chance. No turning back after our final decision.

Brick: Then...I...I...I choice...!



Comment down below your vote and see what might happen. Remember however that saving Izzy means getting clues on the mastermind and saving DJ will get a bunch of clues about the Sabotuer. So think before you make the final decision of the trial. Looks like a decision has been made. Let's what's going to happen.

Brick: The person I pick is...

Izzy: I though you would save me. You gave me your word.

DJ: I don't want to die. I want to go back to her. Please!

Brick: *whisper to Sam*

I don't want them to know who it is, because that would make the other try to persue me in a very desperate method. So just let everyone know who it is except for these two so my confidence won't waver. I mean conviently there right next to each other so we don't need to skip someone.

Monokuma: Looks like your ready to vote on the culprit. Well I don't need to remind you, but I'll do it anyway. Please select the person in the screen below of who you think the culprit is. Well there is two, but if you get the majority vote on one of them the other one will be spared so nothing really changes, Let's see if getting not one, but two chances is too much for your little group.

Scene: A slot machine activates which shows the pixelled version of the contestand faces. It eventually lands on three DJ and it began glowing guilty. Monocoins spill out which proves once and for all he was the killer.


- Monokuma congrats everyone and tells everyone they were right for picking DJ as the culprit. Izzy is relived and promises never to follow a suspicious note again. DJ however starts to panic knowing what's going to happen next.

- Samey ask DJ to elaborate more on why he killed Courtney. DJ had known about the gun for quite a while. Around the end of the first trial and he didn't bring it up due to fear of being labelled as someone dangerous and it could make the other turn against each other. Geoff ask how would that work and Zoey gives an idea. That if the group knew one of the nicest person was having a weapon in secret, they would become suspicious and even more aggrivated to each other causing a giant fight against each other.

- Duncan then ask DJ about why he kept saying her. He figured that DJ was also doing this for somebody else. DJ tries to say it, but Dawn says that he was also motivated by his mother. Sam wonders what she means, until DJ cleared it up. He was given by the Sabotuer a picture of his mom dying and he couldn't believe until a tape recorder plays a recording of his mom talking like she's dying. Scarlett wonders how would the Sabotuer even know this and how did Dawn knew about it. People stare at Dawn, but Dawn replied with this line. "You wouldn't believe me even if I told you".

- Before anymore can be said about Dawn, Izzy ask DJ if he's sure that his mom is really in trouble saying that she wasn't like that when they went to the island. DJ said that's why he's confuse, since the last time he talk to his mom she was completely healthy.

- Zoey then goes confrontational on Izzy asking why did she kill Mal even if Mike was sharing the same body. Izzy said it was self-defense but Zoeybrought up that she stranguled Mike to death. She had the a chance to stop when Mal went unconscious, however she continued forward. Izzy is confuse saying that she doesn't know and felt like she did something like this before. This cause Eva to say that keeping Izzy might be a mistake due to that line.

- Before anymore drama would happen Monokuma announce he's about to execute DJ. DJ is scared and crying for mercy, but Monokuma won't even give him a chance.DJ tries to plead for help from the others, but everyone look down in despair knowing nothing can be done to change this. DJ is now horrified and a complete wreck, and started to lose hos color. Monokuma takes pleasure in this and began DJ's execution.

DJ's Execution: Animal Cruelty

Monokuma uses his gavel to press the button in the mechanical device in front of him. On the device shows a pixel DJ in the middle of the screen which gets soon drag by a chain through Monokuma who appeared in the left side only to disappear in the right with our pitiful killer. DJ keeps crying and crying, but that didn't mean anything to the cage that dropped right on top of him. DJ tried to pull the bars out to escape but soon the cage got pulled to the wall with DJ inside which then had the wall open a hidden section that close immediately when DJ and the cage got in.

We all tried to look in the scree but everything was shadowed. Until a spotlight moves around for a bit until it shows DJ now freed from the cage. We wonder what his execution will be until the lights opened. DJ was stuck between two walls and when the camera panned upwards, it was reveal that he was inside a maze. We though it wasn't bad at all then cages rose from some parts of the cage releashing giant animals. They all look hungry and we knew what that meant for DJ. Monokuma who was standing just at the exit of the maze rang a gong and the fight for DJ's life commence.

DJ tried to run around different parts of the maze to escape, only for him to reach dead ends or going around circles. He eventually saw his first animal which was an alligator. It freaked him out that he started to run away from it and went somewhere deeper in the maze. He kept running to animal to animal which chased after him until they became one giant stampede. It could be comical if it weren't for the next part.

DJ seeing Monokuma while looking at his surrounding for the exit booked for it. He was still being chase but he had enough of a distance to make it. Unfortunately when he ran past Monokuma he wasn't standing on a floor it. It was a water slide that could only been seen if anybody was in the position Monokuma was at. Monokuma waved a goodbye as DJ was swept by the water and continued sliding down till it reach a table with a plate that had a sandwich and a giant Monokuma.

DJ slide through the bread and landed in the middle. Whne he peeked out he saw what was going to happen to him now. Like the many amazing sandwiches he made for us in his time as the cook for the group, he was going to be gobbled up. He began screaming and tried to escape the bread only for the giang Monokuma's paws to keep him there. It was like slow motion as the DJ sandwich got ever closer to the giant bear and when it reach his mouth...he just swallowed it whole including DJ. Eaten alive by the giant black and bear robot, was the fate of DJ...Courtney's killer and the 7th killer of the case.

- Monokuma said that he was full and he was going to take a nap so he had all of us leave the room. Many felt sick and decided not to eat dinner. I however had someone to confront.

- Me and Dawn met each other in the pier where I called her out in the middle of our elevator ride back to the cabins. I called her in order to understand how she knew about Mal's return and that DJ's mother condition despite not even being told before any of this happened. Dawn said that same words, but added something more.

Dawn: I'm special. I know things many of you wouldn' couldn't know once we made it to this island. I can't say them because of how mythical they sound and I would only look like a dizzy cricket if I tried. You'll know soon enough and whether I'll be there when the time comes or not is up to the destiny given to me.

- I tried to have her explain it to me until Noah appeared. He confess about what happened to Sky which was that Dave lured her in a secret okace no one is allowed to go which lead to her being captured. He said he'll try rescuing her and that Zoey, Izzy and Max will be helping him. Zoey for knowing the situation before, Izzy to redeem herself and Max for some strange reason. He offered me and Dawn to help and I agree, but Dawn looked hesitant. She says that she doesn't think having Sky is around will not help the group in the long run. I wonder why is this until I loss conscience in my deep rest after a long battle.


Why I choose DJ?

Honestly because I wanted to make a merge member of TDI to be a killer and I had two options. Him and Izzy so i though what I could do and I decided to make two killers to add a little twist. Also because I didn't want that part about DJ and the gun to be drop so I brought it back up with the reason why killed Courtney. It also gave a hard look at the fact that even the nicest person can be driven to kill and this is why the Mastermind and the Sabotuer are both consider equal antagonist. The Mastermind for trapping everybody and The Sabotuer for their talent in making the perfect anybody a killer.

Here is a small hint about the mastermind.

How can a mastermind fake their death if they were chosen as victim or as killer? Answer that and you may have a guess who it is.

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