If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class TriaL they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.


JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 3rd Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No. Alive 38

Last time we loss both Jo and Beth and now the killer needs to be found in order to survive. Will our new MC Gwen be able to solve this case? And why were two completely opposites have become victim? And is the killer the Sabotuer?


Monokuma File 05:

Victim: Beth and Jo

Cause of Death: ???

Injuries: The former was shot by an arrow in the stomach and had plenty of bruises, and the latter was stab through the stomach and had multiple head injuries.

Time of Death: 11:30 PM and 11:42 PM

Additional Info: No traces of drugs or substance can be found

Crime Scene: The crime scene Beth died at looks ravage like there was sign of a struggle

Sofa: The sofa seems to be the only place not damage during the crime. The only exception being one of the pillows is misplace.

Pillow: The misplace pillow has been badly damage. The condition of the stuffing inside suggest the pillow press or was being press by something.

Cabinet: One of the cabinets inside the cabin is broken. The way it looks suggest something or someone was throw to it.

Whistle: While examining the body we found Jo's whistle being held by Beth.

Glasses: The glasses Beth was wearing broke in the middle of the struggle, but the frame is in perfect condition. How would this be possible?

Letter: Inside Beth's pocket was a letter calling into a meeting to the shed at 11: 20 PM.

Lindsay's Testimony: Lindsay said that the letter found in Beth's pocket was supposedly for Jo. She can assure it, since she herself was the one who delivered the letter to Jo.

Foot Prints: A trail of foot prints can be found near the cabin. It lead straigth to the flower house where Jo died.

Flower House Doors: The flower house cannot be access unless someone uses the key. The door in front was opened by force through a pickaxe.

Katie's Testimony: Katie claimed she still had the keys of the flower house, but why would she do this even if it makes her suspicious?

Pickaxe: The pickaxe was used to get in the flower house due to the lock sysem. The handle itself looks rigid which would make it easy to get splinters.

Chair: Behind the door force open was a chair. The placement is out of the norm which makes this suspicious.

Flower Pot: Broken pieces of a flower pot was found underneath Jo's body. This and her head injury suggest she was hit with it.

Sheer: A pair of gardening sheers were place inside the tool shed. It was covered in blood.

Splinter: A bunch of splinters can be found on Jo's hand.

Back of the Neck: The back of Jo's neck was severely injured. The likely cause of this was due to it being hit repeatedly.

Hole: While searching the woods, a hole was recently dug up. The hole suggest the item placed inside would be the shape of a small bust or a small statue

Cross Bow: A cross bow was found inside the shed. It was unloaded but it was connected to a clock.

White Hair: Pieces of white hair was found inside the clock's mechanism. Is it the killer's hair?

Clock: The clock Cody moved the day of the murder had it's mechanic changed.

Trap Book: A book containing info about setting up traps was found inside the shed the cross bow was at. Cody said he couldn't find the borrower of the book.

Noah's Testimony: Noah said that he kept seeing both Lightning and Tyler in the library which he finds very suspicious. He said he saw the book with them.

Zoey's Testimony: Seeing Beth showing the book to multiple people made her suspicious. The book looked like Jo's book and it contained plenty of trash talk. The people Zoey said that Beth showed it to were Geoff, Cameron, Scott and Lightning.

Bridgette's Testimony: While at guard duty, she and Zoey claims no one in the guy's cabin left during the party even at the time of the crime.

Sam's Testimony: While looking for the Sabotuer, he saw Lightning having a paper with the same insignia as the Sabotuer has.

LeShawna's Testimony: Last night, during the time of the murder, LeShawna couldn;t get any sleep. The reason why was because Katie wouldn't leave her alone due to loneliness.

Shawn's Testimony: Shawn claimed that while he and Jasmine were watching over Samey last night, he though he saw a zombie. The zombie was going towards the woods, but he chose not to follow it.



Monokuma: Hello and welcome to your fifth Class Trial. As a reminder, here are the rules. Your obje-

Gwen: Yeah, we know. Our main objective is to find the killer and if we don’t then we die. Can we just start this Class Trial already?

Monokuma: Thanks a lot, miss know-it-all. Fine you can begi-

Amy: Excuse me, but Samey isn’t here. Is that fine, since that would also break one of the rules?

Monokuma: Of course it is! I mean why would I need someone who can’t do anything in this trial? It would be completely useless and a waste of elbow room.

Jasmine: Now that is just offensive. Just you wait whoever you are, because when I find you it won’t be pretty.

Zoey: Oh I notice something about the pictures of Dave and Dakota. Don’t you notice the changes of their X?

Mike: Yeah, your right!!! Dave’s X is a pair of police tape while Dakota’s is a pair of interlocking nail buffers.

Eva: Good to know that, but that doesn’t help our case at all.

Mike: I just wanted to point that out. No need to get offended.

Courtney: However she’s right for once. We need to focus and study the evidence we have in hand so we can find the killer, because I don’t want to die yet.

Zoey: That was a bit rude, but I guess you’re right. So what should we talk about first.

Cameron: Maybe the first mystery we encounter during the investigation. Something related to the Monokuma File 05 which is unusual when you compare to the other Monokuma Files.

Duncan: Are you talking about the cause of death? Well that is a pain.

Trent: That is a good start. We have no idea yet what the cause of death is so figuring it out will make things much easier for us.

Noah: Let’s just hope no one jumps to conclusion because that part is re-

Owen: Oh, I know how Beth died!

Dawn: Told you trying to defy faith will cause nothing, but trouble. You shouldn’t have mentioned it otherwise people’s aura become more red and unstable.

Sam: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Because red in video games are usually bad things.

Owen: Hey! Is there anyone who is going to listen to me?

Scott: Just say it already Owen. I rather find the killer before dinner.

Owen: Okay so this is how I think the crime happen.

Not like I think Owen is dumb, but I have feeling that Noah is right and he’s jumping to conclusion. I guess he was right when he said these types of things are annoying.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Crime Scene, Monokuma File 05, Crossbow, Pickaxe

Owen: OK everyone, listen to my idea! I’m hoping this is right, but if I’m wrong then please tell me.

Noah: If your talking to me then don’t worry, I promise I’ll tell you that your wrong.

Rodney: Well that’s cleared up, so why not you start already Owen?

Owen: Okie-dokie! You guys read the Monokuma File, am I right?

Duncan: Didn’t we just mention that. Just get straight to the point Owen.

Owen: No need to be touchy. I read all the details about how they were injured and with that I was able to figure out how Beth died?

Lightning: But how would you know that? The Bear File didn’t say how Beth and that sha-traitor died.

Heather: And you said that you were going to tell us how both of them died. Not just that four-eyed loser.

Owen: Oh, I though you guys already figure it out. Weeeellllll I guess I exaggerated a little, but I still figured out how Beth died.

Lindsay: Really? Way to go Owen!

Owen: That was elementary my dear. The way Beth died was being shot in the heart by an arrow.

Noah: That’s wrong!!!

Noah is right in this, Owen made a mistake and it’s one that should be plain obvious.

Solution: Monokuma File 05 – shot in the heart

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Owen, Beth wasn’t shot in the heart, and you would know this if you read the Monokuma File like you said.

Owen: Huh? But she did get shot in the heart. It says so right here…Waaahhh!!!

Noah: I think you get it now Big Guy, Beth wasn’t shot in the heart. It clearly said in the Monokuma File that Beth’s arrow wound was in her stomach.

Owen: But couldn’t that still be what killed her?

Max: Fool!!! Getting a wound in the stomach isn’t enough to kill you! That’s why we villains target that place when it comes to torture! HAHAHAHA!!!

Scarlett: If you don’t shut-up, I’ll show you true torture.

Brick: So we know that the arrow wound isn’t what killed Beth, but if it wasn’t that then what did kill her?

Scott: Well the Monokuma File says that she got many brushings, but I don’t think that killed her.

Cody: Still those bruising are still an interesting lead.

Scott: Really, then why would that be small fry?

Cody: I don’t know if this means anything, but aren’t you curious how Beth got those injuries? I mean that could be a clue on who her killed could be.

Scarlett: I personally doubt it, but I must admit that I’m also curious. The way she got bruise was pretty unusual.

Rodney: You’re right. Even at hard days in the farm, no ever gets injuries like those.

Sugar: Well except my little piggy? *sigh* I miss you greasy piggy.

Noah: Riiiight, so I guess we know what our next topic is.

Courtney: To find the source of Beth’s bruising. Let’s try to make this quick, we still have another victim that we need discuss more of.

True, we shouldn’t forget that Jo is another victim. Maybe if we can’t find anything with Beth, we might find something with Jo.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Crime Scene, Sofa, Pillow, Glasses, Cabinet

Amy: Looks like now we need to find the source of Beth’s bruising. Have any bright ideas?

Harold: Well gravity is one of the main sources of bruising, so she could have easily gotten them by falling.

Tyler: No way that was cause by falling, learn it from me. I think the way was through beating. The killer got to be brutal seeing how the crime scene looks.

Duncan: It could be, but remember that she got shot in the stomach. It’s possible she trip and landed on something,

Shawn: Is it really that simple? I think personally the killer used a secret weapon which leaves the bruises as side-effects.

Anne-Marie: I haven’t heard any weapon that could do that, and it’s not like I need them. If I wanted to give someone a beat down, I would spray them and then throw them to something.

Zoey: Really?! I hope you weren’t thinking about doing that to me.

Anne-Marie: Haha….who knows? Maybe I did or maybe I did not.

Well forgetting the conflict between Zoey and Anne-Marie, I think all of these are good possibilities, but I know for a fact that only one of them has supporting evidence.

Solution: Cabinet – throw them

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Hey guys, do you remember the cabinets that were in the cabin?

Amy: Yeah, Do they have something to do with the bruising?

Geoff: Na-ah, all the cabinets did was prove Beth did try to fight back against the killer. And man did she put one good, with how the cabinets were damage.

Gwen: Actually I don’t think the cabinets were damage by a fight.

Topher: Really? If the cabinets were destroyed by something else, then what would that be?

Gwen: Isn’t that obvious. The killer threw something or someone to it, which made it break.

Anne-Marie: Then what is that thing? A pair of dumbbells?

LeShawna: Don’t tell me that they threw Beth to the cabinets, because that would be soooo mess up!!!

Beardo: But that would explain the bruising. Rodney said earlier that the bruises were unusual and being thrown to something does kind of fit it.

Cameron: And if you match up with the durability of the cabinets to the weight of Beth, then the damage would be a perfect fit!!!

Gwen: So we know how Beth got the bruising. She was thrown to the cabinets, and this might be just speculation, but I think this happened after Beth was shot by the arrow.

Courtney: So we figured out something about the two injuries, but that still leaves us a question.

Amy: The question of how Beth was killed. We already know that the arrow and the bruising killed her so what’s left.

Cody: I think we should think this through outside the box.

Max: Outside the box? When was the last time someone used that term?

Cody: Guys, I know this sound like Sierra-crazy, but I have a feeling that it would be easier to find the truth by thinking other things then how she died.

Jasmine: I don’t know how would this work, but I guess we really have no better options.

Shawn: But we can only do that if our prestigious leader gives us the permission.

A shot against Courtney. Well I still feel bad for her, but I got to admit that kind of deserves it.

Courtney: ………Fine! Since we really have no other idea I guess I’ll give the permission.

Cody: Alright!!! Let’s start thinking other ways we can find out how really Beth died and hopefully find a clue on who our killer is.

I wonder if he realize that he is being too enthusiastic in finding the killer. Zoey was right when she said we were to use to this.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cabinet, Crime Scene, Sofa, Pillow, Monokuma File 05

Cody: So as I said, we need to think outside the box in order to figure out how Beth actually died.

Dawn: By thinking outside the box, do you mean we would talk about something in the crime scene?

Tyler: Yeah, like a murder method that made the condition of the crime scene make sense.

Eva: It looks like a struggle and I don’t see how that could help. Of course the struggle could be the murder method.

Amy: I don’t know if you guys realize, but wouldn’t finding the weapon make it easier to figure out the method of the murder?

Geoff: Yeah, like if it was a knife, it would be stab and if it was gun-

Bridgette: It would be shot!!! Finding the weapon might actually help more then the crime scene. Way to go Amy!

Mike: I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but is there really a weapon that we found?

DJ: I don’t know. Maybe the weapon was outside the crime scene, and we haven’t realized it yet.

So something about the crime scene or something about the weapon. This is thinking outside the box and Cody might be right for once. That this would help figure out the true method of murder.

Solution: Pillow – a weapon

Gwen: I think so too!!!


Gwen: Actually there was something in the crime scene that could be use as a weapon.

Heather: Are you serious!? Why didn’t you mention this before.

Because I didn’t realize it until now. Never mind, just ignore Heather and just get this Class Trial done with.

Zoey: It’s not like you would have figure it yourself Heather.

Heather: And you would, Miss Lone-

Sam: Anyway forget Heather, just tell us what this weapon we miss out.

Gwen: Do you guys remember how messy the crime scene was? How everything was damage and it looked like a struggle happened?

Owen: Doubt that anyone could forget that sight. It’s as memorable as the giant cheeseburger, I got for Christmas.

When was Christmas involve with the crime scene?

Gwen: So do you guys remember this one item. The one thing that was out of place.

Lightning: The big heavy shelves? Weren’t they there yesterday?

Scarlett: I think she would be referring to the pillow. And I agree with her that it was really out of place.

Sadie: But why? Wasn’t the crime scene messy?

Dawn: It was, but there was one part that wasn’t damage. It was the sofas and the pillow was part of it.

Noah: Ahhh…I get it. If the sofas were perfectly fine, then why would the pillow would be misplace. The pillow shouldn’t be misplace like the sofas.

Jasmine: Yet it is for some reason. That is kind of strange.

Topher: Don’t tell me you think the pillow was the murder weapon. What did they do? Pillow fight Beth to the death?

Gwen: I enjoy your sarcasm, but I know this is the murder weapon. Believe it or not this thing could still be use as a weapon to kill.

Brick: How is that possible? The pillow is too soft to be use to smash someone.

Weren’t you part of the military Brick? You should know this.

Gwen: Maybe to crush someone it’s impossible, but it is possible to kill someone by…


Answer: Suffocation

Katie: Suffocation? You mean not being able to breathe?

Lindsay: That is a terrible way to die!!! How could they do that to Beth!?

Gwen: I know this is painful, but you must face it. Beth was killed by this pillow through the use of suffocation!!!



Heather: Are you serious Gwen? Suffocation?

Gwen: Got a problem with it. Even you got to admit someone can get suffocated through a pillow.

Heather: Of course I know, but that isn’t why I’m against your argument.

Gwen: Is it because you hate me, because that would make this fight feels completely pointless and petty.

Heather: It’s not because of those. The thing I’m against about your argument is that you have no proof!


Evidence: Glasses, Cabinets, Crime Scene, Letter, Pillow

Heather: Come on Gwen!!!

Heather: I didn’t even think you…

Heather: You were capable of being…

Heather: A bigger pain then you are now.

Heather: Immediately assuming Beth died…

Heather: From suffocation because of a pillow!!!

Heather: Now that is laughable.

Gwen: Laugh all you want Heather, but I wouldn’t be laughing when you find out I was right.

Heather: Oh please, you think your right?

Heather: I mean there is no proof of that.

Heather: Nothing we found in the crime scene.

Heather: And nothing we found on her body.

Heather: As long as you can’t walk the walk.

Heather: You won’t be convincing no one.

Of course Heather becomes a bigger pain like she was in Total Drama, but to bad for here this drama between us will end the same way as in TDI.

Solution: Glasses – on her body

Gwen: Don't underestimate me!!!

Gwen: To think we’ve been competitors for over four seasons. I though you would be the first one to realize I did this, because of a reason.

Heather: What do you mean by reason?

Zoey: I think she’s referring to evidence. She has evidence to back-up her claim.

Trent: That would make sense. I know Gwen wouldn’t get herself attention unless she has a point to prove.

Thanks for the support guys, but I already have the evidence I need to shut this Bee Queen.

Gwen: Then why not explain her glasses? Didn’t you notice something strange about them?

Heather: The only thing strange I saw was they were broken and ugly, fitting for that dork.

Lindsay: Don’t make fun of Ben! She’s no dork!!!

Gwen: Then what about the frames? They were in perfect condition yet for some reason the glasses broke. Wouldn’t something pushing the glasses hard explain the condition?

Brick: Your right. If someone or something hardly pushed the glasses, the glass on it would break!!!

Eva: And the pillow would cushion it, so that would explain why the glasses weren’t destroyed.

Noah: So looks like we have plenty of proof that the cause of death for Beth was being smoulder by the pillow.

Shawn: And it would be easy to, Beth has the two other injuries when it happened.

Owen: So I guess we understand how this case went. Looks like we solve everything about Beth.

Solve everything about Beth? Not to hurt your feelings Owen, but we don’t even know who Beth’s killer is. Maybe I should keep an eye and see if any of them makes a mistake.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Sofa, Pillow, Glasses, Crossbow, Clock

Owen: Now we understand how Beth died. She died from suffocation!!! What monster would do such a thing!?

Cameron: Someone who’s willing to kill with a pillow. We won’t let this killer get in our way.

Eva: Enough complaining! If we want revenge then we work for it!!! It’s not just going to be given to you by someone.

Bridgette: Inspirational motivation done by Eva, never knew she was capable of that.

Max: Enough yammering!!! I think it’s time we review how this pitiful girl died. First we know she was killed by the pillow.

Noah: Yeah, I think someone mentioned that already Max. Maybe we should mention things not yet brought up like the killer was strong.

Dawn: I have to agree. The killer needed a lot of physical strength to throw our poor victim to the cabinets like a brute.

Sugar: Well I guess I should show my genius and mention something no one mention.

Shawn: Oh great, then what would that be?

Sugar: That would be that the crime scene was in the cabin in the woods. That is where we found Beth’s body and that pigpen.

Scarlett: And to think we mentioned not to jump into conclusions again. I’m getting nervous about our chances of survival with the company we have.

I have to agree with you Scarlett. Sugar always cause us trouble with what she does, even at this point.

Solution: Crossbow – was in the cabin

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Unfortunately for you Sugar, this case isn’t as simple as you think.

Sugar: Isn’t simple!? The case is pretty much someone roughing up Beth in the cabin.

Gwen: No, I think there is more than just someone killing Beth in the cabin. Like maybe someone moving Beth in the cabin from the shed.

Beardo: From the shed? Where did that came from?

Amy: I guess most of you weren’t aware of this, but the crossbow was in shed. The same crossbow use to shoot Beth.

Rodney: I get it. You’re trying to say the location of the crossbow shows where Beth was shot.

Topher: No it doesn’t. For all we know the killer just move the crossbow there to throw us of.

Gwen: I don’t think so Topher. Maybe the crossbow could be move, but there is one item needed to make the trap, And that one item is the item only can be found in the shed,

(Beth’s body/Crossbow/Clock/Jo’s Body)

Answer: Clock

Shawn: Oh yeah! I remember, Cody placed the clock in there and because of that, the only place we would find it would be there.

Anne-Marie: But how does the clock have something to do with the crossbow? I mean it’s not like it was use as a weapon.

Gwen: Not in itself, but if you combine the crossbow and the clock you can make a trap. A trap which they could have use to get Beth shot!!!

Geoff: Oh man, you mean like one of those adventure movies? Because that would be totally wicked.

Bridgette: But do you have proof of that Gwen? No offense, but couldn’t it just be possible that the killer show Beth themselves instead of using a trap?

Coutney: She’s right Gwen. If we go with Bridgette’s idea then that would make your entire argument go mute.

Gwen: Believe me guys, I thought this true and I know the killer used a trap. Something in the clock actually was what tip me off in this idea.

Jasmine: Then mind telling us Gwen. What was this thing that supports your idea that the killer used a trap instead of doing it themselves.

Gwen: Well it would be none other then this…




Gwen: Now I get it!!!


Gwen: I wonder, have any of you guys checked the inside of the clock?

Harold: The inside? You mean the mechanics?

Gwen: Yeah, because if you did you would notice certain changes in it. Changes that look like it was meant for a trap!!!

Heather: Really? How would we know you’re not getting in over your head?

Beardo: I remember! I saw the mechanics to with Gwen!

Eva: Why didn’t you say so earlier!?

Beardo: Because I forget, but she’s right. The mechanics itself looks different than normal.

Tyler: And Gwen’s reasoning that the killer used it for a trap would explain that. I guess she was right.

Gwen: Well is that enough for you guys, because if your like Heather and it’s not then I would like present this evidence as well…

(Clock/Crossbow/Arrow/Trap Book)

Answer: Trap Book

Lightning: A trap book!? When did that get there!?

Gwen: I would think when the killer set-up their trap for Beth.

Amy: Looking at the contents, there is a page about the same trap that was use to kill Beth.

Shawn: Can I see? …. Yeah, this trap is probably what Gwen was talking about. It even talks about the mechanism of a clock and a crossbow.

Courtney: Looking all of this, the evidence is strongly favouring Gwen’s theory.

Bridgette: I think we can safely assume now that the killer did set-up a trap.

Harold: And now we know the entire truth about Beth’s murder.

Gwen: Mind summarizing it then? I already had enough of explaining to you guys. Let someone else do the work.

Harold: Well I guess I can. First thing that happened was that Beth was killed to the shed in order for her to get attack by the trap. Now with an arrow injury they drag her towards the cabin in the woods and then threw her to the cabinets. With that done, they made the killing move and smoulder Beth with the pillow. This ends the killer’s action with Beth.

Geoff: Hearing that, it sounds so mess up. Why would anyone want to do with a good kid like Beth?

Sam: Only because they’re not right in the head, but let’s put Beth aside and move on to Jo.

Scott: Oh yeah, I forget she was a victim to. So what are we going to talk about her next?

Gwen: How about the same thing as Beth and try figuring out her cause of death to.

Cody: True, I mean it didn’t even mention in the Monokuma File 05, how she died.

Rodney: This should be easier since her death seems less complicated.

Less complicated? I wonder about that Rodney.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 05, Splinter, Sheer, Flower Pot, Chair

Sugar: So how did that tough girl die? It would be harder to do that than trying to kill my grandpa.

Amy: I think anyone here would be easier to kill then your grandpa Sugar.

Jasmine: Enough you two, we should really focus on the matter of hand. Which injuries did Jo died from!

Scott: Time out! Why do you say which injuries? Like Beth, her cause of death could be hidden.

Dawn: Well we examined the body thoroughly and we can absolutely confirm that no other injuries could be found in her body.

Trent: And I doubt it could be like smouldering or poison since there was no traces of any of them.

Cameron: So that would leave the two injuries we know she sustain. So which is it? The head injury, the neck or the stab?

Beardo: I doubt it could be the head, since the weapon used against it would not be enough to kill her.

Shawn: I guess that leaves the stab or the neck. Honestly if we knew the weapon used to cause either injury we may be able to solve the case.

Lindsay: It’s too bad there was no weapon found for either of them.

I actually found the weapon for one of them, and I know I told Amy to keep this is a secret during investigation but I think right now would be a good time to reveal it.

Solution: Sheer – no weapon found

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Actually guys I found the weapon used for the stabbing. I didn’t want to show it you in case I was wrong, but I’m confident that this is the weapon.

Heather: Or is it because you’re the killer and you just want to make yourself look like a hero.

I’ll pretend not to hear that.

Gwen: Take a look at these sheers. Can any of you tell me if these can match to the injuries Jo sustain?

Dawn: Let me see, since I was the one who checked the body.

Scarlett: So is it a match?

Dawn: Now I look at it, it would fit the victim’s wound. I know this is a guess base on looks, but the hole itself was unusual and a strange weapon like this would explain it.

Brick: Not to mention this has blood on it to.

Zoey: Looks like we solved the mystery of the weapon of the stabbing. So those that mean this was what killed Jo?

Gwen: Personally, base on where I found it, I would say…


Answer: No

Lightning: Why “no”? This is a weapon worthy for that traitor!

Gwen: Maybe, but the killer didn’t make such an effort in hiding this. If this was the real weapon the killer would likely keep it somewhere more hidden.

Trent: Sorry Gwen, but you’ll need more then that convince us.

Heather: Looks like your ex-boyfriend has sided against you.

Do you really have to be a bigger pain then usual Heather?

Gwen: Well wouldn’t it be weird to stab someone who would still be alive? Saying that this killed Jo would mean this was the last injury she got.

Topher: So what are you getting at Gwen?

Amy: She means that this would be the wrong of sequence if the stabbing was the murder weapon. Am I right?

Gwen: Exactly. I think this is the real sequence of the events of Jo’s attack.

Courtney: Your just sounding ridiculous. How can you fi-

LeShawna: Just listen. She doesn’t really sound like she’s making sense, but I still think she on to something.

Courtney: Let’s hope your right and this wasn’t a waste of time.


1) So which among these injuries couldn’t kill Jo?


2) Which of these injuries could be a guarantee kill?


3) Then how could someone survive the stabbing then?


Answer: Head, Neck, Stomach

Gwen: Now I get it!!!

Gwen: This is how the injuries were in order. The first must be the head, because we know for a fact that wouldn’t be enough to kill Jo.

Harold: And I suppose it would easier to do the next two injuries if that one happened first.

LeShawna: The head injury could easily stun Jo, so that would make sense.

Gwen: Then next was the stab injury, the one made by the sheers.

Scott: How would that make sense? The neck injury would be the more likely since it was closer to the head.

Courtney: I have to agree with Scott in this. Why would you think the stab injury would be the second injury?

Gwen: But if it was the neck injury, why stab Jo? Stabbing Jo’s already dead body would have no help at all.

Sam: But wouldn’t that work the same way with the stab wound? The stab wound would kill her even if that happened second.

Gwen: Do you guys remember the location of the wound?

Noah: I get, much like Beth, this wouldn’t have killed her since it was in her stomach.

Gwen: Exactly! They likely did this to weaken Jo and the last injury was what they did in order to finish her off.

Mike: That would make sense if it was Jo. She’s probably tougher than most people so it would have been difficult for the killer to handle her if she was in full strength.

Lightning: Unlike me, I can handle her even in her full game.

Courtney: Never mind Lightning’s ranting, I have a nagging question about this case.

Duncan: Wellll is it naggier then you Courtney? Because that would be a complete shocker.

Courtney: Whatever Duncan. The thing that bothers me about this case is how did the killer call either Beth or Jo in the crime scene? They was nothing that was establish about that yet.

Scarlett: I agree with you Courtney. Not knowing how the killer got them in the crime scene could be a serious issue for us later on.

Max: Which means we should have this problem fix right now!!! Get on to it henchman!!!

Scarlett: How many times do I have to say that I’m not your henchman?

Zoey: Please forget about it guys. Right now we should focus on the case and try finding the killer.

Heather: At least you’re not stupid enough to get yourself in over your head.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Lindsay’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony, Clock, Letter, Crime Scene

Brick: Attention everyone!!! Our greatest concern as of this moment is to find out how both Beth and Jo were called in the crime scene! Understand!?

Eva: Whatever, Captain Brickhead. We don’t even need think to hard about it, it’s pretty clear the killer just talked them into going there.

Tyler: I doubt it was that easy. They must have done something super sneaky like sending them a message.

Lindsay: I agree Tyson! That guy was really sneaky. The killer send a text to both Beth and Jo.

Owen: Well couldn’t they both had a secret meeting? With that the killer could have easily went and ambush them in the middle of their conversation.

Cameron: I don’t know about Owen, I really doubt those two had anything to talk about.

Rodney: Then how about this, the killer found a way to abduct them and then took them in the crime scene.

Scarlett: Idiot!!! That would make the entire trap pointless!!!

Heather: Really? Were stuck in such a simple question! I really wonder how we were able to survive this long.

Heather is losing her cool despite this being an easy question to solve. Well I guess no else seen this so might as well bring this up.

Solution: Letter – sending them a message

Gwen: I think so too!!!


Gwen: Tyler has the right idea, the killer did send a message to at least one of them and I have proof right here.

Amy: Oh I think I know what proof your about to present.

Shawn: Really? What proof would that be?

Gwen: Well that would be none other than this letter, the one that called Beth to the cabin minutes away from her time of death.

Lindsay: Really? Can I see? …That’s strange…I feel like I’ve seen this before.

Yeah, I think she did, but I forgot what she said about it.

Harold: So I guess whoever wrote the letter is the culprit.

Scott: I think that’s obvious, but we have no idea who that person is.

Gwen: Actually I know who wrote the person. If you want me to say then you just have to ask.

Lightning: R…really!? I me…mean I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Mike: Are you nervous?

Lightning: No I’m not!!! The Lightning never gets nervous!!! His always 100%!!!

Gwen: Good thing, because I’m 100% with this accusation. You’re the one who sent the letter to Beth and created the trap!!!



Gwen: You did it!!!


Gwen: You know, you’re not really good at hiding your secrets Lightning. There was even a witness who saw you write the letter.

Lightning: Whacha talking about!? Nothing you say may sense!!!

Trent: She trying to say that you’re the killer Lightning.

Sadie: Is that true?! Lightning killed both Beth and Jo!

Jasmine: But is there something about Lightning that makes him suspicious? I mean he doesn’t seem to be the type of guy that would kill someone.

Zoey: Well I don’t want to be mean, but its true Lightning had a grudge with Jo.

Shawn: But he has motive to kill Beth, so I’m still skeptical.

Cameron: But the one Monokuma gave could be good enough. A motive like pride would certainly affect the thought process of someone with a lot of confidence like Lightning.

Lightning: Hey!!! Why are you even believing Goth Girl!? She’s just saying nonsense.

Courtney: I don’t know. Like the others mentioned you do have a motive and if I heard correctly, there is also a witness against you.

Duncan: That is a lot of evidence! Almost enough to make this a case close.

Lightning: Goth girt is lying!!! I didn’t kill nobody!

Max: We’ll see Brainless Monkey. Gwen, you shall speak the name of the witness at once or else you will suffer the consequence.

Gwen: Seriously Max, when did you have the right to ta-

Scarlett: Ignore him. Just state the name of the witness and let’s get this Class Trial over with.

Gwen: Not one for patience, well I wanted to end this Class Trial as soon as possible so why not you tell everyone the same testimony you told me earlier.



Gwen: You did it!!!


Gwen: Why not say it now Sam? It’s not like we have anytime to waste.

Lindsay: Huh? Sam was the witness?

Sam: Sure am and I can tell you guys that Lightning had something very suspicious. It was a letter and where did we heard such a thing?

LeShawna; The thing sent to lure Beth into going to the cabin in the woods.

Beardo: By the way, didn’t we mention whoever wrote the letter was the culprit of the case.

Eva: Looks like we got the traitor here!!! Do you want to say anything before the execution Lightning!?

Lightning: Yeah I do! The Lightning didn’t kill anybody! I’ll bet my Dad’s Super Bowl Rings to prove it!

Brick: That is actually a pretty strong vow.

Dawn: Hmm…something about this feel a little too simple.

Noah: Couldn’t it just be you? You have been acting strange since the IMA meetings.

Dawn: No, I just feel like that his aura feels wrong. It is highly different to the previous killer’s when they were cornered.

Heather: Whatever weirdo, let’s forget that and just start voting. We already know the killer.

Lightning: Please! I swear the I didn’t kill anyone! The Lightning would never do anything like that.

Courtney: Fine, before the vote let’s hear what Sam has got to say in more detail.

Sam: Huh? Don’t you trust my testimony? I wouldn’t lie just to get someone blamed.

Courtney: I don’t trust you, your testimony was too simple. If I want to believe your guilt then you better elaborate it.

Sam: But…I’m not lying. I’m telling the tru-

Amy: She’s trying to be sure. Don’t take it something personal.

Eva: Unless you were just trying to frame Lightning in order to get away with it.

Sam: No! I would never-

Monokuma: Enough rambling! Just get to the good stuff!!!

Sam’s testimony, when I first heard it nothing seemed off, but with the new evidence I have will there be some sort of change? I just have to wait and see.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Letter, Sam’s Testimony, White Hair, Clock, Trap Book

Sam: So I guess you all want me to tell the full story of my testimony. Well then, are you ready for this guys, because this one is real doo-

Heather: Get to the point! We have no time to waste!!!

Sam: Alright, alright! I just wanted to set-up the mood like those scenes in video games.

Courtney: Then tell us when this all begun. We need to have all the details from beginning to end so don’t leave anything behind.

Sam: Well, this happened sometime yesterday while I was chilling in my room. I saw Lightning right across the hall writing something which I found strange.

Duncan: He’s right about that. Lightning trying to learn is something I wouldn’t call normal.

Sam: So I decided to check it out by looking though the gap of the door. There I saw him writing a letter. I didn’t get to see the contents though.

Tyler: Then how can we tell that was the same letter written use to lure out Beth?

Sam: Hold on there!!! I’m still it’s the same letter, the paper use for it was the same as the one in the letter.

Lightning: Oh really? Looks like you just tried to mess with the Lightning! Now you and Gwen better get out of the way before you all humiliate yourself.

Sam: There must be something to prove it! I mean the only thing I could remember was that Lightning had a book with him and that the ballpen he use was blue, but that’s it.

This testimony…I believed it at first and I still do, but now I realize how weak it is. If I want to prove Lightning did it then I have to stick more to him.

Solution: Trap Book – a book

Gwen: I think so!!!


Gwen: Sam, you mentioned a book in your testimony, do you remember what it was?

Sam: Not the title, but I remember how it looked. It was this big white book that had a bunch of mousetraps on cover.

Amy: Please tell me you have more then that Sam, that won’t be enough to convince Gwen’s upcoming argument.

Looks like she knows what I was thinking to. I think me and Amy might have an even better partnership then Noah and Dawn and Scarlett and Samey.

Scott: What is this argument she’s talking about?

Sam: Oh yeah, the pages were blue and it had pictures on it. It kind of remind me of one of those big books for kids.

Gwen: Big books for kids…something like this?

Sam: Yeah! That was the book Lightning had with him.

Duncan: Hey! Isn’t that the trap book? I remember you said that the killer used it to learn how to do the crossbow trap.

Gwen: Which he did, Lightning!!!

Lightning: What are you trying to say now? Nothing you say is sha-true!!!

Gwen: Lightning, because of that part of Sam’s testimony, I’m certain that you’re the killer now. Not only the letter was seen with you but also the book.

Heather: Couldn’t Sam just be lying about seeing the book? He might just want to really pin this on Lightning.

LeShawna: But the thing he said was way too specific. I think the boy’s testimony can be trusted.

Eva: So that is another thing against you, have anything to say Lightning? If it is a confession then we would like to hear it.



Lightning: There is no way I’m going to confess to something I didn’t do.

Gwen: Really Lightning? We have plenty of evidence that points to you and Jo being a victim does already give you a motive.

Lightning: But all that doesn’t matter! What matters is that you all listen to Sha-Lightning!

Gwen: And why would we want to do that Lightning? There is nothing we could gain from listening to a killer like you unless it’s a confession.

Lightning: Well then, prepare to be shock by the White Lightning secret technique!!! I didn’t have these muscles for nothing.

Yeah, not to be nothing, but a something. A muscle headed jock something. Well this shouldn’t be difficult seeing how he already talks.


Evidence: Noah’s Testimony, Sam’s Testimony, White Hair, Clock, Cross Bow

Lightning: Witness the might…

Lightning: Of the great Lightning!!!

Lightning: I’ll show you why I…

Lightning: Became the captain of all the sports teams!!!

Lightning: Basketball, soccer, football, Frisbee, rugby…

Lightning: Hockey, bowling, golf, swimming and even gymnastic!!!

Lightning: No one can beat me in those!!!

Gwen: Umm…Lightning this is supposed to be an argument for your innocence, not you to show off your “mighty” prowess to everyone. So if you have no argument then you should-

Lightning: I was going to get that Goth Girl!!!

Lightning: Did you think I was stupid!!!

Lightning: All I was doing is showing…

Lightning: Who you’re messing with Creepy Chick!!!

Lightning: I can’t believe any of these guys…

Lightning: Would listen to you or Video Game Nerd!!!

Lightning: Only you guys are the only witness here!!!

Like I said, no issue. Lightning shouldn’t even try to do arguments and instead just stick to sports.

Solution: Noah’s Testimony – only witness

Gwen: Don’t underestimate me!!!


Gwen: You really think it’s only us who suspects you. How about Noah?

Lightning: Noah…why does he have to do with this!? It’s only between us man to man!!!

I’m a girl and when did this become a manly contest.

Noah: She’s however Lightning. I do believe you’re the killer and it’s not only because of both Sam and Gwen’s argument!!!

Amy: What about me!?

Owen: It’s because you witness something to like Gwen said!!! I knew we could always rely on you Little Buddy.

Except the one time last trial where he was doing things behind our back with B.

Trent: So what did you witness Noah?

Noah: Hehe…what I saw does support Gwen’s and Sam’s accusation. It was you reading the trap book in the middle of the library.

Lighting: Tyler also read it to!!!

Courtney: You know that is a confession that you did read the book.

Dawn: And to be sure, let us ask Tyler if he and Lightning did read the book. So did you or did not?

Tyler: Yeah we did, but I only thought it for sports manuevers or something. Not cold blood murder, if I knew I would have…

Zoey: It’s okay Tyler, no one knew a murder was going to happen. If we did we would have tried to prevent it from happening.

Lindsay: And your still a sweet boyfriend to Tyler.

Tyler: Aww…thanks’ guy!!! Your way better then the team back at home!!!

Lightning: Then what about me? Are you sha-serious about picking me as the kiler!?

Max: Looking at all the clues presented… that would be yes. No say your last word Lightning for they will be your last words!!!

Scarlett: You just repeated yourself. Some evil genius you were.

Lightning: But you can’t!!! You guys will be executed to if sha-vote me as the killer.

Gwen: Then why not hear your proof of innocence Lightning. If you’re not the culprit you should be able to explain yourself on what happen during the time of the murder.

Lightning: Alright now time to mount a comeback!!!

Amy: Gwen, what do you think your doing? Your giving the killer a chance to escape.

Gwen: Don’t worry Amy, I still have one thing left to show. I promise you that Lightning isn’t going to bolt his way out of this.

Amy: I get it!!! That evidence is what your waiting to present!!!

Sam: I don’t know what you guys are talking about, but I guess I’ll trust you.

Jasmine: A reminder Lightning. This is your last chance to prove your innocence. If you don’t prove it now then unfortunately for you, we will vote for you as the culprit.

Lightning: Yeah, yeah just watch sha-Lightning land the winning point and show you all that I’m not the killer.

I don’t think so. I think it will be three strikes and your out!!!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Crossbow, Clock, Noah’s Testimony, Sam’s Testimony, White Hair

Lightning: I guess it’s time to show you all how Lightning is completely innocent.

Cody: Really, because that is starting to become hard to believe in. I mean with three testimonies against you, this doesn’t look like you’re going to escape this alive.

Lightning: Your right, three people are teaming up against me, but that doesn’t matter since they have no skill to back it up.

Rodney: What do you mean by no skills?

Lightning: I mean she has no…umm what do you call that thing. Elegance?

Noah: It’s evidence. Your trying to say they have no evidence.

Lightning: Exactly!!! They only have people’s words and no eminence that I’m the killer.

Amy: But you realize that you didn’t show any reason to believe your innocent. So with that I guess we can now vo-

Lightning: Oh, but I do!!! I’ll tell you guys now that I was with the boys partying the entire night.

Geoff: You mean the man’s party, well I remember seeing you but not sure for how long.

Dawn: But I must admit this is indeed a reasonable argument in his side. Saying that he was in the party during the time of the murder wouldn’t be hard to believe.

Owen: So is Lightning the killer or not?

I know Lightning is guilty and I have to show this one last piece. This is something only Lightning is connected to and our killer. Which mean both are the same person!!!

Solution: White Hair – no eminence

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Looks like this will be your downfall Lightning since I do have evidence to prove you did it.

Lightning: Your just bluffing!!! If you really do then show it!!!

Gwen: What else then this! White hair found inside the clock!!!

Lighting: GYAAAAHHH!!!!

Mike: Yeah, that can point to Lightning!!! He is the only here with white hair!!!

Cody: And it was found inside the clock, the thing the killer tampered in order to make the trap!!!

Courtney: Lightning, there is no getting out of it. It’s time to confess or time to vote, your choice.

Lightning: W…well…I…Li…Lightning…

Gwen: Tell us what your hiding Lightning!!! You cannot escape!!!

Lightning: Fine!!! It was me who built the trap, but I didn’t either of the two chicks!!!

W…what!? What is he trying to say now!!!

Courtney: What are you trying to say Lightning? What do you mean you built the trap!?

Lightning: Exactly what I said. I built the crossbow trap, but I didn’t kill anyone!!! Lightning swears to the Super Bowl League.

Brick: Another pretty strong vow.

Th…this isn’t possible!!! Lightning is the killer!!! I know he is!!!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Zoey’s Testimony, Bridgette’s Testimony, White Hair, Sam’s Testimony, Clock

Lightning: Fine, it was me that made the trap, but that was it!!! I didn’t kill Jo or Beth!!!

Sam: Like we would believe you! I saw you write the letter Lightning!!!

Lightning: Okay I did that to!!! But that was all!!! I didn’t do anything last night!!! I’m innocent I tell you!!!

Amy: But how do you explain the white hair? You’re the only one who could have left it back at the clock.

Dawn: If you think about it, Lightning said that all he did was set-up the trap.

Lindsay: And also all the evidence pointing to Lightning was more on to the trap then anything else.

Noah: That is true. Other then the crossbow trap, Lightning really didn’t have anything to back him up as the killer except for the motive.

Courtney: So you’re all agreeing that Lightning is only guilty of making the trap. Am I clear on that?

Dawn: That is what I think that happened. While his aura may not be the kindest, it isn’t wicked enough to be a killer’s.

Amy: Gyah…how stupid are you guys!? Lightning is clearly the killer!!! He doesn’t have any evidence or alibi to back him up!!!

Sam: Yeah, and the evidence Gwen supported all points at him!!!

I know I said Lightning was the killer, but I just remember something that makes me doubt my original line of thinking.

Solution: Bridgette’s Testimony – alibi

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Amy…Sam…I think I made a mistake.

Amy: A mistake? What do you mean?

Gwen: I mean, I think I was wrong here. I don’t think Lightning is innocent, but I agree with Dawn and I believe he isn’t the guy were looking for.

Lightning: Good to see you understand now Goth Girl, but I’m still piss that you accuse me.

Owen: Aren’t you still guilty of making the trap that hurt Beth?

Lindsay: Yeah!!! You’re going to pay for that!

Lightning: Umm…I think I need to go to the bathroom.

Monokuma: No messes on the floor! I worked hard to get it ready!!!

Amy: Hold up!!! There isn’t evidence that shows Lightning being innocent,

Gwen: Then what about Bridgette’s account. She said no left the cabin at all during the party.

Bridgette: Yes, and I stand by it. Me and Zoey made sure it would be impossible for anyone to leave without us seeing it.

Scott: I can attest to that. Damn Zoey, I saved up all my MonoCoins to buy…never mind.

Gwen: So you can claim that Lightning never left.

Bridgette: Yes we can. Lightning was actually the noises person in party. I can hear his screams outside despite the music.

Geoff: I know. He was a crazier dude then any guys I met in a party.

Sam: No way. You’re not saying…

Amy: Lightning isn’t the killer!!! We accused the wrong person.

Jasmine: Don’t worry about it you two, he still did something related to the crime.

Shawn: And that is a tremendous help in understand this case. Maybe we can actually use Lightning’s testimony in finding the culprit.

Lightning: Sha-What!? What are you talking about Zombie Kid.

Shawn: Explain your part of the crime. If you do, we may figure out a clue that could point at the real culprit.

Lightning: Your not my coach! Why should I lis-

Courtney: Lightning!!! If you don’t fess up any info, then we will have no choice but to keep you prisoner after the trial.

Lightning: Like you can-

Eva: You want to try with me!?

Lightning: Okay, I’ll talk!!! Just don’t hurt me!!!

Cameron: Wow!!! Eva is scarier then Jo.

Brick: Who knew that was possible?

I knew and it wasn’t something I exactly wanted to learn.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Bridgette’s Testimony, Lindsay’s Testimony, Letter, Sam’s Testimony, Clock

Lightning: So you all better listen, because the Lightning won’t say it again.

Noah: Loud and clear Lightning. Now get to the testimony.

Lightning: Listen up, this started when I got this weird message. I didn’t who it was from, but it look like some sort of murder plan.

Tyler: A murder plan!? And you followed it knowing what it means!

Sam: It must have been the Sabotuer.

Courtney: What did you say?

Sam: I just said I know why he would do the murder. It would be because of pride, the motive Monokuma gave this time.

LeShawna: So what happened next? Did you set-up the trap to kill Beth?

Lightning: Well I did set-up the trap, but it wasn’t meant for Beth. It was meant for someone else.

Lindsay: You really think we will believe that. Your just trying to make yourself good.

Lightning: I’m not lying. The Lightning wouldn’t lie about this. Especially with Eva’s threat.

Is Lightning really telling everything? I think he is, but there is something not quite right with what he said in his testimony.

Solution: Lindsay’s Testimony – meant for someone else

Gwen: I think so!!!


Gwen: Lightning, you had another target in mind and knowing who it was would be a really important thing to know in order to solve this case.

Lindsay: Gwen! Why would you believe him?!

Gwen: Because of your testimony. Remember you said that the letter was meant for someone else?

Lindsay: Oh yeah! Now I remember.

Heather: Not surprising you mess-up something so simple Lindsay.

Tyler: Shut-up Heather. She’s just different from other people.

Courtney: So who is this person Lightning originally targeted?

I know I might be jumping to conclusions here, but I think I can see where this is headed.

Gwen: Well that person would also be Beth’s killer.

Lightning: Are you sha-serious!? How can that traitor be the killer!?

Gwen: Simple, by using your own trap for their own murder. They receive your letter and send it to Beth so she would fall for the trap meant for them.

Mike: Who is this person anyway?

Gwen: Well that person would be _______!!!!


'Think you can figure out the culprit. Please leave a comment below with your guess.


Gwen: You did it!!!


Gwen: Jo was your original target, am I right Lightning?

Lightning: How did you know Goth Girl? I never told anyone.

Lindsay: Because you told me to give it to her. I thought you had the hots for but-

Brick: Ewww…now that is one image I want out of my head.

Your not the only one here. Jo being in a relationsh-…Don’t even think anymore!!! Just focus on the Class Trial!!!

Cameron: So Jo was originally Lightning’s target. That’s actually not very surprising.

Beardo: Really? But why would anyone want to target Jo? Jo may be bossy, but no one would have the guts to target her.

Courtney: Are you that dense!? Everyone should know that both Lightning and her hated each other!!!

Topher: Yeah, I mean that was one of the main focus in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. To think you signed up for the show without even watching all the seasons.

Rodney: But he has a point, why would Lightning still pick Jo even knowing how tough she is? He only had one shot in the murder so if he messed up it would be over.

Tyler: Well there was recent events that might have pushed him to do this.

Lightning: Sha-right!!! The traitor stole all my MonoCoins and also-

Gwen: And also because of this…

(MonoCoins/Jo’s Book/Crossbow/Letter)

Answer: Jo’s Book

Bridgette: Hey, didn’t I see that book before?

Geoff: Really babe? Where?

Bridgette: It was in the girl’s cabin. I saw Beth pick it up, I only remember because of her reaction. She was completely shock and started running frantically to the doors.

Zoey: Now I see, remember I told you that I felt that info was important, well looks like I was right.

Sugar: I remember that for her cute little face was. I wish I could have shown a picture of it to you all.

Mike: Okay, but why the reaction? What did the book contain?

Gwen: Oh nothing, except for a bunch of smack words to some of the others.

Geoff: Now I remember!!! Beth showed it to me two days ago. I was pretty mad for that, but why try killing her Lightning?

Lightning: Because she thinks she’s better then the Lightning, so I was going to show her!!!

Noah: Only for your own plan being used against you. What an amazing display of genius.

Lindsay: Is that really the only thing that made you angry enough to try kill her Lightning?

Owen: Huh? There was more?

Lindsay: I think you know what Jo also had planned for you. That’s what made you want to kill her.

Lightning: Do you really sha-know? Then why not you say it!

Lindsay: It’s…..what was it again?

Gwen: Let me try finishing that for you Lindsay. You just stand there and rest.

Lindsay: Oh thanks Glen! I knew you had my back.

Alright, I know I didn’t look inside the book myself, but seeing what Jo did I’m pretty sure I know what Jo had for Lightning. I mean it’s not necessary, but might as well try to save this guy’s dignity if I can.




Gwen: I get it!!!


Gwen: So what also was contain in the book wasn’t just insulting comments, but a murder plan. More specifically for Lightning. Ring any bells Lindsay?

Lindsay: Now I remember! Thank you Grent!!!

Please do not call me that.

Jasmine: Is that true Lightning? Did Jo really plan to kill you?

Lightning:…Hmm…fine she did. I heard from Beth was she was up to.

Shawn: And that is why you wanted to kill her, I’m surprise you were actually able to come up with a decent plan in the murder.

Sam: Most probably it came from the Sabotuer.

Dawn: There is that word again. What do you know Sam? What is the Sabotuer?

Sam: Oh you know, one of my video game fantasies. Dang Sabotuer giving murder plans to potential killers.

Lightning: Hey! Like what happen to me yesterday! When I received this letter in the mail for some reason.

Sam: Ha ha ha….geez what a weird coincidence.

Courtney: Sam, we have some important matters to discuss tomorrow after the Class Trial. Understand that?

Sam: Yes mam. Me and my big mouth again.

Cody: So I guess we now that Lightning’s original target was Jo. He admitted it and there is plenty of motive to support this.

Amy: At least we solved Beth’s murder. To think one of the victims was actually a killer.

Heather: Excuse me, but I have to disagree. I really doubt that Gwendolyn here is right.

Zoey: But Gwen has showed proof th-

Heather: She only showed proof that Jo was Lightning’s original target. Nothing was said about Jo being Beth’s killer.

Amy: Maybe not directly, but there is good reason to believe Jo was the one who killed.

Heather: Really? And what would that be.

Amy: A certain piece of evidence that proves whoever Lightning originally wanted to kill was the culprit of Beth’s case.

Gwen: Just to remind you Heather, this piece of evidence was meant for Jo and not Beth, but for some reason it got to Beth.

(Crossbow/Clock/Letter/Jo’s Book)

Answer: Letter

Scarlett: That is very true. Jo was originally meant to get this letter and she did, but she used this for her own plan. Her own plan against Beth.

Tyler: Ahhh!!! I get it! When Jo got the letter, she gave to Beth making it look like it was meant for her.

Owen: But why would she want that?

Oh come on!!! Did they really forget what we just mention a few seconds ago!?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Letter, Clock, Lindsay’s Testimony, Lightning’s Testimony, Crossbow

Owen: So why did Jo wanted to give the letter to Beth? For a secret date!!! That must be it!

Noah: No you Big Idiot!!! The reason why Jo gave Beth the let-

Sugar: Was for a prank!!! Jo wanted to pull a fast one on good old Beth. Man I wish I was there.

Scarlett: Does your idiocy have no bound!? If you remember this letter was meant for-

Izzy: It was a surprise party. I didn’t realize it, but Beth’s birthday was coming up so-

Dawn: I mean no harm to my words, but did you really think the letter was for a celebration of birth?

Izzy: Nah! I was only kidding!!! I just wanted to join in the fun and delay this game longer-

Topher: Don’t even reach that point Izzy. It’s one no ever comes back from.

Owen: So what is the real reason for sending the letter to Beth? It wasn’t the three we mention?

Amy: *sigh* This is the reason why Jo would want to get Beth to take her place in the letter!!! Understand now Big Guy!?

… I just need to ask, how did this even become an issue?

Solution: Crossbow – the reason

Gwen: I think so too!!!


Gwen: Owen, Izzy and Sugar, I want you all to remember what was waiting for Beth in the shed?

Sugar: A huge party!!! With food and balloons and streamers!!!

Owen: As much as I would want that, it was the crossbow trap. So what does….OK I think I’m going to shut-up now.

Noah: Looks like you all understand what Jo was planning. She wanted Beth to get hit by the trap…

Dawn: So that Beth would be injured and vulnerable for the kill.

Gwen: And if we ever found out Lightning was the one who made the letter, which we did, he might have been the person we would have vote for.

Amy: So this murder was a perfect blend of framing and covering her tracks, but for some reason she’s dead.

Tyler: I honestly wouldn’t know the reason, but-

Heather: Did you guys even listen to me!? I mean why do you all automatically believe Gwen is right in saying Beth’s killer was Jo.

Trent: Didn’t you just listen! We said the letter was meant for Jo, but for some reason Beth got it. And with Lindsay’s testimony we can Jo was the only one who could have done it.

Heather: But we have no evidence. I mean this person could be completely different.

Jasmine: So you’re not going to budge unless we present some sort of concrete proof that the killer was Jo. Well this isn’t going to be an easy task.

Shawn: Then again, when did any of our situation in the island became easy?

That is a very good point Shawn. Which is why I want to find the mastermind as soon as possible so I can get home without killing anyone. If only people follows Zoey’s advise about not killing.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Pillow, Cabinet, Monokuma File 05, Whistle, Flower House Doors

Anne-Marie: So you don’t believe Jo really killed Beth. OK, then what do we have to do in order to convince you?

Heather: Isn’t that simple…Evidence!!! Unless you present some sort of evidence that Jo did kill Beth, I won’t believe that’s what happened.

Shawn: So what evidence can we find? Maybe it could be something that proves Jo held the murder weapon?

Cody: That is way too easy. It would better if we have proof Jo and Beth at one point interact with each other.

Anne-Marie: And that isn’t too obvious?

Scott: Why not we think “outside the box” again, and find something in the murder that only Jo could do.

Duncan: That would be the letter, but Heather said we need more then that. If we don’t have something like a dying message, then were pretty much stuck with someone stubborn.

Courtney: When did you started acting like you were in charge?! If you forgotten, I was the leader of the group.

Lindsay: Oh-no, having two divas fighting each other isn’t good. I really hope something like the cheerleading contest doesn’t happen here.

Heather really needs to realize that she’s not in charge of everything and that she can’t force us to stop our progress all because she doesn’t agree. Then again it gives me a good chance to show off against her.

Solution: Whistle – one point interact

Gwen: I think so too!!!


Gwen: If Beth’s wasn’t Jo, then you should have an explanation about the whistle.

Heather: The whistle? What whistle?

Gwen: Jo’s whistle we found on Beth’s hand. This evidence should prove that both Jo and Beth were in contact with each other at one point.

Cody: So I was right!!! Yes!!!

Noah: And seeing how Beth ended up, it’s safe to say things weren’t good when it happened.

Heather: But that isn’t enough to-

Gwen: Maybe I didn’t really show decisive evidence, but I think I showed enough to make it likely that she was the killer.

LeShawna: Have any more problems with that?

Heather: …Fine!!! I guess you win this round Gwen.

That is what I want to hear from you Heather.

Cameron: OK, we solved Beth’s murder but were still left with one more death.

Lightning: That damn traitors death!!!

Izzy: If we’re looking at motives, Lightning would be the main suspect.

Lightning: I told you it wasn’t me!!! I was in the party the entire time.

Geoff: I think all of the guys were at the party.

Bridgette: And me and Zoey can assure you that no one left the party at all.

Zoey: Except Shawn, but she was with Jasmine so I really doubt it was him. Remember the rule that accomplices can’t escape with the killer.

Sam: That covers all the guys, so does that mean…

Courtney: Looks like a girl was the killer. So girls tell your alibi so we can narrow down the culprit among us.

Sadie: Me and Katie were hang-

Cody: Who is to say that one of you girls was the culprit? It could have been another person.

Scott: Of course it’s one of the girls. Did you listen to what we just said!?

Cody: No, I mean couldn’t the killer of Jo be…Jo?

Owen: Oh you mean Jo killed herself. Why would she do that?

Cody: I don’t know, but I just feel like this could be a possibility.

I don’t think so Cody. If you remember this one titbit, then you would know the culprit couldn’t be Jo.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 05, Letter, Pickaxe, Flower House Doors, Chair

Cody: So I was thinking, maybe the killer isn’t one of us after all.

Dawn: Cody, I know trying to find the killer among the people we care is hard, but trying to deny the truth will lead only to despair.

Monokuma: Oh I love the sound of that!

Cody: I know, but what if Jo killed herself. Wouldn’t that mean she would be the killer of the case.

Trent: I seriously doubt that man. There is no reason for Jo to kill herself.

Shawn: And is there any proof that supports that idea?

Cody: Well….I guess not, but I feel like this could be possible. I mean Jo has killed someone so this might be a possibility.

Amy: Cody, maybe you should really rethink, because unfortunately you are wrong.

Cody: How would you know that? It could be possible that Jo killed herself.

I think Dawn was right when Cody is being a little desperate into not wanting to believe someone is a murderer. Maybe because of what happened with Sierra and Samey…

Solution: Monokuma File 05 – possible that Jo killed herself

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: No Cody. Jo couldn’t have committed suicide. If you read the Monokuma File then you would know why…

Cody: …

Brick: Cody…our comrade may have been heavily injured, but I still believe she would want us to continue. We must live like she wants us.

Cody: …

Heather: *sigh* If you really want to make things right then you must move forward. Otherwise everything they did would just become a waste.

Amy: My sister would not want you become like this.

Cody: Fine…I just didn’t want to think one of our friends is a killer. I mean I’m getting tired of seeing our friends die.

Jasmine: But trying to deny it would not do anything. You have to toughen up and face it.

Shawn: And who knows, this could help people not want to kill others. You just can’t give up like this Cody.

Cody: Fine, I’ll stop looking away from the truth. I’ll continue moving forward in order to find the culprit.

I guess when Cody heard that Jo was a killer, he thought he could use that as an excuse into not looking for the killer anymore. Good thing the others help him out of this dilemma.

Geoff: So now we know Jo isn’t the one who killed herself. Who could it be then?

Amy: I don’t know, but I have a feeling we can tell the motive why the killer killed Jo.

Tyler: You can?

Gwen: Well, if Jo killed Beth, I would guess the killer was this person first before being a killer…


Answer: Witness

Noah: It would make sense. It was pretty clear Beth died just moments before Jo, so naturally the killer would have seen it. Making them into a witness.

Anne-Marie: Still, why need to kill Jo?

Dawn: I think in this upcoming debate we will have everything cleared up.

Anne-Marie: What debate?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Pickaxe, Footprints, Sheer, Flower Pot, Flower House Door

Trent: Looks like we found one of the killers. It was Jo, the second victim of the case.

Scott: That leaves only Jo’s killer left, thing is we still don’t have any evidence to find that person out. Otherwise we would have ended this trial a long time ago.

Sugar: The only thing we know is that it was one of us beautiful girls. Of course we know who here is the prettiest.

Anne-Marie: Don’t ignore my question! Why did the killer still needed to kill Jo!? It’s no duh that the killer wasn’t there to murder somebody.

Harold: That is true. Jo’s killer would be someone who had a reason to go there last night. Thing is we have no idea what it could it be.

Owen: Unless it was to kill someone…Oh! Maybe the killer just wanted to have a late night picnic.

Noah: Ignore the guy, let’s have the smart ones talk here. So to answer your question Anne-Marie, the reason why the killer had to do what they did is kind of obvious.

Anne-Marie: I don’t get it. I mean if it was only a witness then why couldn’t they just run to us and tell what happened.

Dawn: That isn’t so simple Anne-Marie. From the evidence we can tell Jo did something else which made it impossible for the killer to get to us.

Anne-Marie: And what would that be?

Dawn: As much as I want to answer that, I shouldn’t. The aura of a certain person is telling me that they want to be the one address this problem.

Guessing that person would be me. Well if the witness killed Jo, they needed to have a reason, and that reason should be something desperate enough for a murder to occur.

Solution: Footprints – Jo did something

Gwen: I think so too!!!


Gwen: Hmm…are you trying to suggest the killer needed to kill Jo.

Dawn: I think your understanding where this is going.

Noah: Good thing to see weren’t the only one here who could solve cases.

Anne-Marie: I still don’t get it. Stop being cryptic and just tell me why the killer needed to kill Jo.

Topher: Yeah, even I don’t understand what your trying to say.

Gwen: Maybe you could figure it out when you look at this piece of evidence.

Anne-Marie: Footprints? What do they have to do with the reason the killer killed Jo?

Lindsay: I figure it out!!! The killer only killed Jo because they were chasing being chase by her.

Anne-Marie: Are you kidding me!? Jo tried to kill another person!

Courtney: But she had a very good reason. Someone saw her commit murder so in order to get away with it…

Sadie: They needed to kill her in order to have a chance of escaping.

Duncan: And seeing Jo’s attitude, that shouldn’t be very surprising. She would do anything to get away with what she wants.

Cody: So it looks like the true villain fo the case was none other then Jo, but Monokuma won’t just allow us to vote for her.

Monokuma: Of course!!! If she was still alive I would have allowed but since a killer still lives then you must vote for them.

Heather: Looks like we really have no choice in this. So how do we find the killer?

Gwen: I think were jumping to far with finding the killer. Maybe we should discuss the actions of the murder first before making an accusation.

Scott: No way!!! That is only a waste of ti-

Jasmine: I think it would be the smarter however. Knowing more about Jo’s actions that night might lead us to finding a clue on who the killer was.

Courtney: I’m the one in charge if you remember. Don’t talk without my per-

Shawn: Then you object the idea? If you do then say it.

Courtney: ….No I don’t.

Shawn: So I guess we have no trouble here. Now we can move on.

Got to give props to Shawn, not many people here can make Courtney shut-up. Well except maybe me.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Pickaxe, Flower Door House, Chair, Katie’s Testimony, LeShawna’s Testimony

Shawn: So we know Jo tried to kill her killer first and that the reason was to silent a witness, but do we know this occurred.

Rodney: This must have happened just after Jo killed Beth. I mean it says here in the time of death.

Topher: I think any of us could have predicted that big guy. Mind saying something we don’t know.

Sadie: I think the killer was actually further then Jo at the cabins. If they were closer then they would have run to us.

Harold: So the killer was somewhere in the woods. That was the only place further away then the cabin.

Cameron: Although we never establish why the killer was even there. That is something we should take note.

Anne-Marie: So I guess we understand how this murder happened, we still don’t understand what happen.

Scarlett: Like you need to think. If you take one look at this one piece of evidence you would know what occurred afterwards.

Owen: That Jo tried to kill the killer by chasing her?

Scarlett: That and this was the movement of Jo after chasing the killer. I mean who else could have done it then her.

Yeah, this isn’t even hard to answer. If Jo really tried to kill the witness, she naturally would have been the one responsible for this.

Solution: Pickaxe – the movement of Jo

Gwen: I think so too!!!


Gwen: Jo ran after the killer and then tried to destroy the house flower door.

Mike: Destroy the house flower door? Why would Jo wanted to do that?

Gwen: I guess you didn’t know this Mike, but the doors automatically lock after someone closes it so when the killer was running away from Jo.

Amy: They entered the house and close the door.

Noah: Without the key, Jo couldn’t have gotten in so she had no choice but to try breaking in so that she can kill the witness.

Dawn: And that explains the reason why the door needed to break.

Rodney: But couldn’t it be the other way around? Couldn’t the killer want to go after Jo? I mean Jo was the one who still ended up dead.

Scott: That is obviously wrong. Jo didn’t had the key with her so she couldn’t access the flower house.

Amy: And why do you honestly believe the killer would need to do that?

Rodney: Out of rage because of Beth’s death?

Dawn: That maybe a valid answer, unfortunately Rodney this case isn’t that. If it was this piece of a clue shouldn’t even come to being.

Gwen: She means the…

(Jo’s Book/Splinter/Pickaxe/Letter)

Answer: Splinter

Beardo: Oh yeah, she had one of those if I remember. Seeing how brittle the pickaxe was it would make sense she would have one.

Duncan: That pretty much proves Jo was the one holding the pickaxe and we all what that means…

LeShawna: So who would be the culprit then? If it someone who had the keys for the flower house…

There is a few people I can think of, but I shouldn’t make an accusation yet-

Cameron: It should be someone who had a reason to go to the woods yesterday night, but I have no idea who that person would be.

And there goes my cue.

Gwen: But I know someone who did.

LeShawna: Are you for real!? You know who the culprit is!?

Katie: Mmmmgh!!!

Gwen: Unfortunely yes. Yes I do know who the killer was in this case.

Beardo: Then who!? Who was the culprit!?


The person who killed Jo…needed to go to the woods at night other then for murder. I do know who would that person be. I’m sorry to do this but you are the only person who could be the culprit!!!




1) Sadie

2) Katie

3) Lightning


Katie: I…I…yes it was me!!! I was the one who killed Jo!!!

Tyler: Why did you do it? Why did you resort to murder!?

Katie: Because…because she attacked me!!! I saw what she did and then she tried to attack me.

Gwen: Katie…your acting too cooperative. Something doesn’t seem right.

Katie: But I’m the culprit!!! I’m telling you-

Scarlett: Then why didn’t you confess earlier. You knew getting away would also cause your BFF to die.

Katie: Umm…that’s because…I mean…

Noah: Katie, you know who the real culprit is. That is why your trying to pin yourself as the criminal.

Katie: N-no! It was me!!! I’m telling that I killed Jo!!! Why won’t-

Gwen: She won’t stop until I accuse the right person and get person to confess.

Amy: Then what are you waiting for? Stop listening to her desperate excuse and pick the right suspect already.

You don’t have to remind me the obvious Amy. I know what I’m doing.



Gwen: You did it!!!


Gwen: Sadie, didn’t you tell me that you were going to get something last night? Last night in the woods?

Sadie: T-that…that….

Rodney: Hold on!!! What are you doing!?

Izzy: Can’t you tell, she’s obviously accusing Sadie. I mean why else she would ask that question, unless maybe she was a psychic and she was trying to read her mind. Maybe she hoped Sadie would think “Oh no they got me” and them use that for magic tricks like a dog and-

Max: Silence Psycho Beast!!! Are you really certain you’re going to accuse one of the two disgustingly close friends!!!???

Gwen: I think I just did and I’m sure this time I’m right.

Katie: But when you accuse Lightning he was-

Jasmine: Lightning was still someone vital in this case so accusing him still lead us to somewhere.

Katie: But she didn’t mention why Sadie would even go there last night! This accusation is just ridiculous!!!

Gwen: Didn’t you know Katie, Sadie hid a present for you at the woods and was planning to get it last night. Unless you have another person in mind, Sadie is the only one who had a reason to go there.

Trent: That is true. Sadie would be the only suspect if that were the case.

Katie: B-but if it was her…wouldn’t there any be evidence that would point at her?

LeShawna: Seriously girl, even without evidence Sadie would still be our main suspect. No other person would even go there.

Katie: Then what about me!? I also had a present in the woods, so couldn’t it be me!?

Duncan: Hmm….I wonder…

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: LeShawna’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony, Chair, Pickaxe

Katie: Why accuse Sadie when it could be me!? Don’t you think I’m suspicious to.

Zoey: Well both Katie and Sadie are pretty similar but Gwen did bring a point that Sadie had a reason to go unlike Katie.

Scott: And honestly Sadie would be the only one who does have a reason to go there. So I think we know where this is going.

Sadie: I won’t deny it!!! Gwen was right when she said I did have a reason to go there!!!

Katie: But I also have a reason!!! So I’m as much as a suspect as you!!!

Bridgette: Don’t be stubborn here Katie. I know it’s painful but don’t you realize what your doing. Trying to protect the killer will lead all of us getting killed.

Katie: No I’m not protecting the killer!!! I’m not protecting myself!!!

Topher: Let’s ignore twiddle-dumb here and get to the vote. Sadie is clearly the culprit.

Rodney: I don’t know. I’m afraid to vote, because what if Katie was telling the truth. If she is, we all be killed when we vote Sadie.

So everyone is being nervous about voting due to Katie bring herself up as a potential suspect. Well looks like she was able to do what she was meant to do, but don’t think I was fooled. I know Sadie is the killer and this is why.

Solution – LeShawna’s Testimony – I’m suspicious

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Really Katie? You think your suspicious?

Katie: Well if Sadie is suspicious, shouldn’t I be also? I mean were both BFFs and we both do everything together so me and her should be equal suspects.

Gwen: Maybe if it were another trial, it would be true. However this one is not the case since you have an establish alibi Katie!!!

Katie: I have an establish alibi!? Don’t be ridiculous!!! What alibi would I have-

LeShawna: The one with me. You kept bugging me since you said you were very lonely.

Duncan: This probably happen during the time of crime, which is why you brought it up.

LeShawna: Yeah, I only remember because of my complaint to her. I told her that it was around eleven and that she should leave me alone.

Katie: I-I…I don’t remember!!!

Scarlett: Hold on LeShawna. Isn’t there something very suspicious about your testimony LeShawna?

LeShawna: Huh? There is?

Gwen: I think I know what part was suspicious. It would be this small part, that normally wouldn’t be much, but if it’s Katie well…let’s say it’s not normal.

(Time/LeShawna/Late/Being Lonely)

Answer: Being Lonely

Courtney: That is true. You and Sadie are always together but for that one night both of you were separated. Which means there was an opportunity for Sadie to commit the murder last night.

Katie: But…but…but…

Shawn: The more I hear about this, the more suspicious Sadie becomes.

Noah: And not to mention the part that Sadie was also the only one who had a reason to go to the woods. Sorry about this Katie, but it looks like Sadie is our killer.

Sadie: I…I’m sorry about this Katie.

Katie: Sorry? What should you be sorry for? They should be apologizing for accusing you for a crime you didn’t commit. So don’t even think of apologizing to these jerks!!!

Geoff: Chill Katie. Were not doing this because we want but because we have to.

Katie: Well your wrong!!! I know Sadie can be consider suspicious, but you don’t have a shred of evidence that she was the culprit.

If you think about it, with the except of having a reason to go there, Sadie doesn’t really have much evidence as the culprit.

Katie: So looks like you all realize it to. My BFF is not the killer and I’ll keep proving it until you all get it!

I should rethink about the clues I didn’t present yet. Maybe those can be use to point to Sadie, but honestly I don’t know how.

Amy: This is going to be one tough nut to crack Gwen. I don’t think she’s going to be stopping anytime soon.

I think your right on that one Amy. I think this BFF is going to be one pain in the back to deal with.

Gwen: Still we made it this far. I’m not going to die yet. I’ll find a way to prove Sadie is culprit and end this trial.

Katie: Like you can. She’s innocent and there nothing you can do to deny that.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Chair, LeShawna’s Testimony, Hole

Katie: How many times do I have to tell you…Sadie is innocent and I know it.

Courtney: Katie, you actions are leading everyone to danger. You must stop this idiocy. Otherwise all of us our going to get killed.

Katie: We will all get killed if we vote for Sadie. There isn’t anything that points at her as the culprit!!!

Cameron: But the reason to go to the woods. Sadie is the only one here who has one.

Cody: Unless you can find someone else who can fit that criteria, Sadie is the only suspect we have.

Katie: But I said that there is no evidence pointing to her!!! All you have is the reason she has to go to the woods, but nothing else!!!

Tyler: I don’t think Katie is going to budge. We will need to show something that proves Sadie did it.

DJ: Thing is…what could that be? If we found that earlier, we would have accuse Sadie a lot sooner.

Something I can use to point as Sadie as the culprit. Well not to be mean, but I think a certain quality Sadie has would fit the killer and this item proves it!!!

Solution: Chair –There isn’t anything that point

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Actually Katie, Sadie does have something that points her as the culprit.

Katie: And what would that be!?

Gwen: Her height. Sadie is just short enough to fit this evidence!!!

Heather: Are you insane Gwen? What does someone’s height have to do with the crime?

Gwen: Hmm…do you guys remember a piece of evidence we found at crime scene? Something which would make someone taller?

Heather: What are you talking about?

Scott: Your talking about the chair. I don’t get how it was use, but it seems like you’re on to something.

Dawn: I wouldn’t be surprise if I were you. This entire ordeal, our friend Gwen has been on top of it. So nobody should be shock for how much she solved in this crime.

Tyler: Still I don’t understand how the chair was involve, mind explaining it to me?

Gwen: To be honest Tyler, this is a little of a stretch but I think this what the killer used the chair for…

(As a Weapon/To Raise Their Height/As a Hiding Place/To Sit)

Answer: To Raise Their Height

Lindsay: Now I get it!!! Chairs were use to raise people up. Although doing it with high heels makes me feel dizzy for some reason.

You shouldn’t be wearing high heels when standing in a small space.

Katie: But how does that involve Sadie?

Cameron: Base on what she said, I think it would mean Sadie is short. Short enough for her to need to use the chair.

Beardo: But short enough for what?

Amy: Did you all forget, the killer smashed a flower pot on top of Jo’s head. If the killer was taller then her then there wouldn’t be a problem.

Mike: But if the killer was shorter then Jo, they would need the chair in order to reach her head!!!

Bridgette: And Sadie is shorter then Jo, so she would fit that quality.

Katie: But…other people are shorter then Jo to. How would you know it’s Sadie?

Gwen: Well we know it couldn’t be you since you reach exactly Jo’s height, which would make Sadie the remaining suspect…

Max: What monologue are you doing now? Don’t hide anything to the true evil of this island.

Monokuma: Don’t worry, no one can hiding anything from me.

Max: I was talking about me!!! Max the true villain!!!

Jasmine: Looks like you know something that makes Katie and Sadie suspicious You mind telling us?

Sam: I don’t know why I find it strange that Gwen knows a lot about these things. Maybe she was involve in the case somehow.

I wonder, those Sam suspect me as the Sabotuer. I’ll admit that he has a point that I look suspicious because of my extensive knowledge.

Gwen: Honestly I am involve, although indirectly and this is what connected me to the crime…

(Keys/Flower House Door/Letter/Pickaxe)

Answer: Keys

Gwen: After all it was me who gave the keys to Katie…and knowing how close they are I would think Katie gave the keys to Sadie.

Katie: No…no…I mean what proof do you have th-

Topher: I don’t know, maybe something like what you said?

Katie: …

Cody: I think I get what your saying. When we found the body Katie immediately said this…


Katie: Actually it me who had the keys!!! I’m sorry this murder occurred!!!


Noah: That is strange Katie. The way you confess it would indicate you would want yourself to be seen as a killer.

Dawn: But the killer did show they wanted to hide themselves, yet for some reason you admitted a very suspicious piece of info that would cast suspicion on you. This is something the killer wouldn’t do.

Scarlett: But we do know why you would do it. You would do it because you wanted to protect the killer.

Shawn: I get it. Because Katie had the flower house doors with her, she would have notice if someone has stole it, but she never mentioned anything like that.

Harold: Because the key was never stolen to begin with. She gave it away to someone, and seeing the crime she knew from the beginning who the killer was.

Gwen: That person was Sadie!!! Your BFF. I know this is hard to accept but she must be culprit. If you stop now we can still-

Katie: No I won’t!!! I mean everything you mention is only circumstantial. That Sadie was too short that she needed to use the, that she had a reason to go to the woods last, that she could have gotten the key from me. But all of them are just circumstantial evidence.

Scott: Yeah, but no one else has that much evidence against them. Sadie is the most suspicious person

Sugar: Man this girl is more cuckoo then my pet chicken cuckoo.

Sam: Is that really the best you got? I mean couldn’t you name your chicken like clucky or chichi…

Sugar: Do you own a farm?

Sam: Well I own one in a video game. I even got the highest score among my friends.

Katie: But…if Sadie is really the culprit shouldn’t be an evidence or even a witness? You don’t have one do you!?

Sadie: Katie…I….

Gwen: Unfortunately for you Katie, maybe this isn’t exactly someone seeing Sadie, but someone still did see a person going to the woods.

Courtney: You should have said that sooner.

Gwen: I’m sorry. I didn’t how this was related to the crime since I thought it was too ridiculous at first but I realize this was actually someone seeing Sadie going to the woods.



Gwen: You did it!!!


Gwen: Shawn, do you remember the zombie you saw at the woods last night?

Shawn: Yeah, but why bring- Oh I get it!!! So that’s what I actually.

Gwen: Yes, it was really Sadie who was sneaking in the woods for Katie’s present.

Katie: Then how would you know that Shawn wasn’t the culprit? He could have rig the evidence to point to Sa-

Jasmine: I was with him that night and I can guarantee you that he never left.

Zoey: Jasmine does really care about Shawn, but I don’t think enough to look behind a crime like murder.

Jasmine: I sure am. Even if he’s my boyfriend, I won’t look away if he killed someone.

Katie: That…that…

Gwen: Looks like we had a witness after all Katie. With that I think we presented a very high chance that Sadie is our real culprit.



Katie: No!!! This is not yet over!!!

Gwen: Man, your more stubborn then Heather!!!

Heather: I heard that!!!

Katie: Why won’t you listen to reason? Sadie isn’t the culprit. I mean you don’t have proof it was her.

Gwen: Yes we do, but the problem is that your not accepting it.

Katie: Well that’s because you didn’t show proof Sadie did get the gift in the woods last night.

That is a really flimsy defense, but if it means I can show to Katie the truth then…I guess I’ll have to continue on and prove her wrong!


Evidence: LeShawna’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony, Chair, Flower House Doors, Hole

Katie: Why do you believe Sadie is the culrpt!!!???

Katie: She would never do anything like that!!!

Katie: She is my best friend!!!

Katie: I know her more than any of you!!!

Katie: So stop bullying her!

Katie: Stop it, stop it, stop it!!!

Gwen: Katie…I’m sorry but we have no choice.

Katie: What do you have no choice?

Katie: Don’t you realize Sadie can still be innocent.

Katie: I admit that she “might” be able to be the culprit.

Katie: But that isn’t enough!!!

Katie: There isn’t a sign that Sadie did get the gift.

Katie: I’ll only accept Sadie as the culprit if there is no more doubt.

She says that, but for some reason I don’t think that’s true. I know she would continue to defy this. Still I shouldn’t just stop, because if she confesses then this will stop Katie’s madness.

Solution: Hole – isn’t a sign

Gwen: Don’t underestimate me!!!


Gwen: Katie…Sadie did get her last night and there was a sign left behind by her to prove it.

Katie: Are you trying to lie just to make me believe what you say?

Gwen: No I’m not. Sadie did dig up the present from the ground and the hole in the ground proves it.

Katie: Your kidding me!

Gwen: Unfortunately I’m not. There was a hole in the woods which indicate someone was getting something there and it had to be last night because the hole wasn’t there yesterday.

Katie: No…no…

Gwen: I think this is over Katie, there is nothing left that could change the facts. Sadie is the culprit and that’s that.

Sadie: Katie…I’m sorry…I wish this didn’t…

Katie: …

Max: Looks like we know who our vote is going to be. Now let’s end this blasted trial.

Tyler: But it will be said to see Sadie go. I wish this didn’t happen.

Lindsay: What do you mean see her go? What’s going to happen with Sadie?

Tyler: Lindsay…well…

Sadie: After they vote for me…I will be executed.

Katie: …!

Lindsay: But that isn’t fair!!! Sadie, Jo attacked you first so it was self-defense.

DJ: Linds…I’m sorry but Monokuma isn’t going to have any of that. If we want to live, Sadie must be voted.

Jasmine: This sucks!!! I wish we would never do this…I wish no more trials happen…

Monokuma: Unfortunately more trials will happen!!! And more fun for me!!!

Scarlett: I think we reach to our conclusion. Now are we ready to vote.

Katie: Not yet!!!

Scarlett: Not again!!! Why won’t she stop!?

Shawn: I’m sorry Katie but we have no choice. If we don’t-

Katie: NO!!! I refuse to vote for Sadie when you still miss one thing about the crime. Something very important to the crime!!!

She’s still trying to argue!? What does she have that would stop us from voting Sadie!!!

Noah: Katie, what are we missing? I don’t see any lose ends in the case-

Katie: But there is!!! The murder weapon that killed Jo. If you never answered that then I refuse to vote.

Courtney: This is ridiculous! We don’t need that since we already know who the culprit is so don’t-

Gwen: Why not? I’m also curious about the weapon.

Though I’m with Courtney with how unimportant the weapon really is at this point.

Courtney: You do realize this just delays the inevitable. Sadie is going to be executed no matter what we discuss.

Dawn: I think Gwen realize it, but she’s only allowing this in order to give Katie time to accept the truth.

Sadie: I know it hurts Katie, but please continue on without me. I want you to escape this island alive.

Katie: We’ll both escape this island, after I prove everyone here are liars!!!

Sam: I can sympathize with Katie, but like what happened to me we still need to force her to accept the truth.

Gwen: Yeah, because I don’t know what Katie would do after this trial ends.

Sam: She might hurt someone out of rage. You need to put a stop to this right now.

Sadie: Please Gwen!!! Do it for me!!! I don’t want anymore trouble for my BFF

Gwen: Alright, I guess I’ll do it.

This is going to hurt you a lot Katie, but this is for your own good!!!

P.T.A (V.S Katie)

Katie: Stop bullying my BFF.

Katie: What do you have against her!?

Katie: Just leave her alone!!!

Katie: You can’t prove anything!!!

Katie: Enough with the lies!!! Please!!!

Katie: You must be joking.

Katie: Can we just forget this?

Katie: She’s innocent I tell you!


Katie: Gwen, you forgotten about the murder weapon!!! If we identify that we might be able to find another suspect!!!


GOLDEN                 KATIE


Gwen: It’s time to end this!!!


Gwen: Don’t think so Katie, I know what the murder weapon was and it’s something that will indict Sadie as the culprit.

Katie: Like you do, if you really know the real weapon why not show it!

Gwen: I can’t.

Katie: Looks like I was right. You were just being in over your head.

Lightning: Seriously? That was sha-lame Goth Girl.

Tyler: I have to agree with lightning here. How would you know the weapon would point to Sadie if you don’t have it.

Gwen: Just because I don’t have it with me doesn’t mean I don’t know the weapon.

Amy: Sorry Gwen, but even I find this stupid. How could you know if you never had it with you?

Sam: Unless it was whatever was hidden inside the hole you mention earlier.

Duncan: You mean the gift? I guess it would make sense if Sadie was the culprit, but we have no idea what was the gift.

Gwen: But I do, because Sadie told me about it before the entire murder ever happen.

Bridgette: Really!? What was it?

Sadie: …Just say it Gwen. End the trial now.

Katie: What are you talking about? This trial is far from over.

Gwen: Actually this trial will end now…if Sadie presents the murder weapon. The golden Katie statue here and now.

DJ: A golden statue? Now that is one thing I didn’t expect.

Sam: Then again, I did see her mine in the gold mines before. Guess that explains why.

Harold: Were lucky that Gwen knew because I doubt any of us would have figured it out. I mean a golden statue is a pretty over-exaggerated gift for a friend.

Sugar: Yeah I mean I deserve a golden statue for all the pageants I won! Now that scrawny fish paste city girl. I the bea-

Courtney: Shut-up you guys. Sadie, do you have the golden statue with you?

Katie: What are you saying? Of course she-

Sadie: It’s right here. There is still blood on the statue to prove this is really the murder weapon.

Looks like I was right and it’s a good thing that Sadie brought it with her. Otherwise it might have been impossible to prove something so…unusual.

Jasmine: With that the case is solved. Sorry Katie, but you have to say good-bye to your BFF.

Katie: …No…

Sadie: But before I think someone should recap my crime, so that everyone here could get a better idea on how to stop the murders.

Gwen: I agree with you on that Sadie. Here is your request ready to be fulfilled.


Let's start this case by mentioning the events leading to the murder. This events being Jo's agressive actions, Lightning getting ready to set-up a trap to kill and our killer preparing a wonderful gift to her BFF. We will start by Jo's action, the things she did which made the motivation for the case was her acts bullying by stealing MonoCoins from other contestants and secretly trash talking them in her personal book. But one little snooper found the book of insults which lead her into sharing the comments to the people Jo mocked in her book. However little did Beth know was that in one of those entries, contain a death threat to a certain person, which was made worse when the receptient of this warning saw the entry.

That person was Lightning who vowed revenge to Jo for her murder plan. I'm pretty sure Lightning kept thinking of ways to do it but couldn't make a plan, until he received a letter by an anonymous person. It contained the plan he was looking for and now with this in his grasp the incident has begun. By getting a crossbow and tricking Cody into moving the clock to the clock, Lightning has created the trap he planned on unleashing to his foe. Unfortunately his next move became the part where his entire plan fell to pieces.

With the trap in hand, Lightning got Lindsay into sending a message to Jo which was meant to lure her to the shed in order to kill her. Lightning didn't this true that well, that in end up becoming use for Jo instead of against him. By I mean Jo send the letter to someone else in order for her to kill that person herself while setting up a frame-up job that would point to Lightning. Now all she needed to do was wait for the trap to spring and then commit the murder.

Night time came and the guys had there party hosted by Geoff, but today wasn't much of a day of celebration but a day of dread with what was going to occur tonight. Beth, the chosen victim for Jo, went to the shed as the letter requested. When she opened it, the trap activated and shot an arrow to her chest. This didn't kill her, but that was what Jo was anticipating. Now weaken and vulnerable, Jo dragged Beth to the cabin in the woods and then proceed to throw her to the cabinets destroying them due to the impact. Now being too heavily injured to fight back, Jo began to smoulder the pillow to Beth's mout and nose which killed her due to suffocation.

Now this is the part where the killer came to play. Going to the woods to pick up a golden statue as a present, the killer stumbled on to Jo's crime. Now with no choice, Jo tried to silent the murderer by chasing her, but not good for Jo was that the killer had the flower house key that night which allowed that person to get in. Unable to get in the flower house, Jo needed to grab a certain item in order to break the door. That was a pickaxe back at the mines, which she swung furiously to the door in order for it to be force open to get our killer.. Underestimating the killer was Jo's fatal mistake as the killer was ready to counter-attack.

Hiding behind the door and waiting for Jo to break it, the killer ambush Jo when she got in by force. With a pot in the head, Jo became daze and a pair of sheers in hand the killer struck her in the stomach to keep immobolize. At this point the killer could have ran away and called the others, but the killer was likely full of rage and proceed to beat in Jo's neck with the prize statue she had with her. Now with her crime done, the culrpit realizing the terrible deed they just committed placed all the evidence away, hiding the golden statue on her and having fled to the cabin, the killer left the scene of the crime which we found.

And the person who did this was the only person who had a reason to go to the woods that night...

Scene: Gwen pointing at the blacken who is lowering her head in shame.

Gwen: Sadie, your the only person here who fits that criteria!!!

Scene: Blacken revealed to be Sadie


Sadie: I guess...this is the end...

Jasmine: I'm sorry this has to be this way.

Sadie: Don't be, it's not your fault. It's my fault for doing the crime and now I have to dace the consequence of my actions.

Max: At least you weren't a pain compared to the other killers.


Scene: A roulette appears in the screen and on it were the faces of the contestants. It keeps spinning until it lands on three Sadies. Then the sign on top of it which said GUILTY started glowing.

- Everyone was right, Sadie was the culprit of the case. Courtney questions Sadie for what she did, but Amy and Sam defends her by saying it was just out of self-defense.

- Heather began criticizing Courtney's leadership saying that despite wanting to take charge, a murder happen under her nose. Saying that she was worse then Jasmine since she at least tried to prevent things while Courtney just focus on getting out. She then try to say things in the meetings but Dawn and Noah convinc her not to say it.

- Gwen then ask something has been curious for a while. Why did Sadie prepare a golden statue in this specific time? Katie comes in and explain that tomorrow was going to be her brithday and she and Sadie were going to celebrate tomorrow. She even ask Courtney to leave them alone that day. But now Sadie became a killer so...

- Sadie says sorry about the murder but berates Lightning for starting it to begin with. Lightning tries to act indifferent but Courtney warns her that she had something special plan for Lightning due to his action. As she was to reveal it...

- Monokuma breaks in the call and announces that Sadie execution was about to commence. Katie tries to talk Monokuma out of it, but Sadie injects her with a syringe. This knocked Katie out. and Sadie explain that she did this in order for her not see herself get executed. Afterwards Sadie tells Monokuma to start the execution, but not before leaving the golden statue and a letter next to Katie unconscious body.

Scene: Monokuma hits button with his gavel. In the screen showed an 8-bit Sadie in the middle. An 8-bit Monokuma then appears to drag Sadie to the end of the screen.


As everyone back away from Sadie, including Katie who was unconsciouscly dragged away by Sam and Brick, Sadie awaited her faith. Suddenly a gaint hand came out of the ceiling and grabbed Sadie, taking her towards her death. The ceiling closed and suddenly the screen comes to light, There lies a still breathing Sadie, in the middle of the woods.

As we all watch confuse about what was going on, suddenly a bear came out of the bushes behind Sadie. Realizing what Monokuma plans, Sadie ran for her life. She ran and ran with the bear getting ever closer. Eventually she was in front of a cave that look empty. Not knowing what to do Sadie just stand there trying to find a solution out of this problem. But then...

The bear got closer, however due to the sound of her close friend, Sadie entered the cave thinking she was in there. Now I realize what the cave was. It was the same cave Sadie his with Katie during the challenge Katie got eliminated in Total Drama Island. However this memorable moment for the two, had become twisted into something malevolent. When Sadie entered the deepest part of the cave, she saw Katie's sillhoute. But little did she know that it was a trick that sprung would cost her pay for her life.

The shadow was actually a fake, created by Monokuma, but by the time Sadie realize the truth it was too late. Behind Monokuma was a caged bear looking even more vicious then the one from earlier. Monokuma unleash the bear to show it's ferocity to Sadie, She tried to ran, but the bear from earlier has covered her only way out. No where to go, Sadie closes her eyes for her upcoming demise, and the bears came to maul her. When everything was done, we saw the crippling and unbreathing body of Katie's BFF, Sadie.

- With the execution over, Courtney others everyone to go back to the cabins and that she will make a special announcement tomorrow. While leaving she was talking to Sugar and Eva. Heather tells Gwen to be careful since what Courtney was planning isn't something good.

- Now exhausted, Gwen tried to go back to her room. But before she did, Sam and Amy approach her in order to have a discussion. They all agree that the Sabotuer needs to be stop and that this is something only between them, despite Courtney demanding a talk with Sam. There plan tomorrow was to confrotn Lightning about the letter he received.




Why Sadie?: Well to make it short and simple. To try seperating the two and make the remaining one a more effective character. Katie and Sadie were always seen as a duo so I wanted to make a spin on how they would work if they were acting as there own distinct character. I pick Katie over Sadie, because Sadie just didn't do it at all when she had the chance to begin with in Total Drama Island. Also Sadie has received vote so I knew she wouldn't be surviving for long if she sticked around over Sadie.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my work and stay tune to the next chapter. I will restart the vote there since many of the top five had Sadie in it so it would be interesting to see how things are going to change. Until then I hope you all continue the support of Total Drama: Danganronpa

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