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If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear named Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happened then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class Trial, they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick the killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly, I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also, I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course, my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys to try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote may be too unfair.

If however, the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence, I'll kill off two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might pay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all to try to solve. In fact, I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end, the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is predetermined so no changes there.

5) Suggestion is fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will be posted to explain the story after every voting.

BEARDO DEAD 23rd Victim
SHAWN DEAD 12th Killer
OWEN DEAD 22nd Victim
BRICK DEAD 21st Victim
IZZY DEAD 11th Killer
CAMERON DEAD 20th Victim
ZOEY DEAD 19th Victim
SAM DEAD 10th Killer
TRENT DEAD 17th Victim
RODNEY DEAD 15th Victim/9th Killer
GEOFF DEAD 8th Killer
TOPHER DEAD 14th Victim
DJ DEAD 7th Killer
MIKE DEAD 11th Victim
AMY DEAD 10th Victim
SUGAR DEAD 9th Victim
SADIE DEAD 5th Killer
JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 4th Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No. Alive 16

With a series of attacks and three new islands in the arena of our Killing, another trial is about to begin. Beardo the Beatbox has gone mute forever and it's up to everyone to figure out who silenced him. Will they drown to the deceit of the culprit or will they come out with a victory cry?


Monokuma File 13:

Victim: Beardo

Cause of Death: Drowning

Time of Death: 12:05 AM

Additional Information: No drugs or substance was found inside the body. The victim has a slit throat made after death, a stab wound at his chest from a hook, and multiple rope burns.

Beardo’s Back: Unlike the rest of his body, his back is dry. This removes the possibility Beardo was submerge into water completely.

Fillet Knife: Found near the body. The blood on the blade shows this was what was use to slit Beardo’s throat.

Hook: Impaled through Beardo, it was originally meant to hang fishes. Base on how high it is and how heavy Beardo is, the culprit could only impale him if he was already dead.

Buckets of Fish Blood: There are plenty everywhere at the fishing bay. Some of the buckets were empty, it’s not yet sure if they were always empty, or were they emptied recently.

Emergency Raft: The emergency raft in the fish docks is missing. Harold said that it could have drop down after Beardo died, and it floated away, but there are signs that someone tampered with it.

Safety Locks: They were meant to keep the boat fasten and secure, but last night they were destroyed forcefully.

Location of the Three New Areas: The fishing bay is the nearest to the island, being less then a kilometre, the water purification facility is the furthest, but has the tallest height, and the island is between the two, but there isn’t any borders to block the water to the main land.

Groupings Yesterday:

Missing: Cody and Max

Scott’s Team: Scott, Gwen, Harold, Jasmine, Sky, Tyler, and Katie

Duncan’s Team: Duncan, Noah, Dawn, Eva, Bridgette, Lightning, Samey, Beardo

Harpoon: Found stuck at the beach near the three new areas. It was standing and the rope was longer than usual.

Tyler’s Testimony: For someone to be strong enough to lift Beardo’s body to the hook they need to have some serious muscle.

Long Rope: The rope attach to the harpoon had palm marks, implying someone held it. However it doesn’t explain why there are marks on the entire length of the rope.

Bridgette’s Testimony: She was the only one outside the cabin when the murder happened. She claims she was surfing at the middle of the night. When asked if she saw anything, she said nothing although it could be because it was dark. One thing she said she remembered was that it was really windy.

Harold’s Testimony: He found something relating to Beardo, but doesn’t want to share it since it might be important to the case.

Boats: Only two were still intact when the murder happened. One is found at the docks, while the other was at the fishing bay. The latter has no more gas.

Cut Palm Tree: One of the palm trees on the private island was cut down. It was tittering at the edge of the island.

Oil: Car oil was found slandered on the palm tree. It doesn’t look like there is an explanation, but Cody notices that some of the oil spilled to the sea.

Hammock: It was found torn and tattered with the thread around it unattached. The marks on it were form because it was rolled up.

Water Vat: At the water purification plant, one of the vats has some blood mix on it.

Max’s Testimony: He tried to see if a rope can be place at the water vat only to learn it will break since the water was spinning at a very fast rate. His only explanation for trying this is because he wanted to see what would happen to him if he fell down the water yesterday.

Water Purification Plant Machination: There’s no way turn off any of anything inside. Samey thinks this important, but doesn’t have the words to explain why.

Eva’s Testimony: She saw Bridgette swimming at the beach late at night at the first floor of the girl’s cabin. Sky and Jasmine who lives above can attest to this.

Lindsay’s Testimony: She was with Bridgette the entire night, until the warning letter was announce. Afterwards Bridgette went off to relieve stress.

Duncan’s Testimony: One of the desk at the guy’s cabin is broken. He thinks Tyler tripped on it, since this isn’t the first time.

Facts About the Attacker:

- Beardo’s Testimony: He was attack at the guy’s cabin from behind. Max tried to warn him, but it was too late.

- Max’s Testimony: He suddenly fell asleep when he was kidnap. Apparently it took place around the docks immediately after everyone left.

- Cody’s Testimony: He was with Harold before he was knocked unconscious. Apparently he saw a computer and before he could use it he was drug. Harold was away when this happen since he was called by Beardo.

- Bridgette’s Testimony: The first day when the new areas was available she became the first victim of the attacker. She was distracted by a fire she heard, but never saw. Also she was the first one to find Lindsay after she was hit, since she was the nearest when Lindsay got hurt.

- Lindsay’s Testimony: When she tried to reapply her make-up she was hit from behind. She didn’t scream which goes against what Bridgette heard, but she doesn’t think she’s the attacker since they were running to the cabins. The opposite of where Bridgette was.

- Jasmine’s Testimony: Being lured by a map she tried to find where it was leading only to run into an ambush after hearing a gunshot. Where it happen was on the way, which means the attacker use the map as a trap. The map leads to a bunch of equipment Monokuma uses suggesting the mastermind help in this.

Broken Lock: The back of the guy’s cabin was destroyed. It looks like someone used a sledgehammer to break it.

Sledgehammer: Use to destroy the back door of the guy’s cabin. Noah mentioned he saw it in the vehicle shop at the first day. However it went missing the third day after Shawn’s Trial. The edge has a bit of blood on it.


Monokuma: Welcome back to the Class Trial! As you all know you’re here to-

Gwen: Yeah, yeah we’re here to find the culprit and if we get it wrong we will all get executed. Can we start talking already?

Monokuma: Fine I’m already bored at explaining this again and again. Maybe the blackened could actually get away this time so something new can happen.

Lindsay: But wouldn’t that mean no more trial?

Monokuma: I don’t know I don’t really know what I want anymore.

Dawn: Let’s ignore Monokuma’s existencial crisis and focus the matter at hand. Figuring the person who took Beardo’s life.

Noah: Also we should try figuring out the identity of the attacker because it’s obvious that person is involve.

Jasmine: About that, is it OK if we talk about that first?

Sky: Jasmine we shouldn’t jump to that immediately, we’ll figure it out after we solve the mysteries of Beardo’s murder.

Jasmine: I know that, but I find it strange we have no idea who the attacker is even after almost a week of them causing trouble. I don’t know about you, but I think we have enough clues to get this guy already.

Max: For once I agree with her. I want to find out who threaten my life by tying me up and leaving me hanging above a whirlpool.

Cody: I was there to Max and I’m not going to let that stop me from focusing on our priority.

Samey: Still it wouldn’t hurt to talk about it, I don’t want everyone to go back and forth in this so let’s just get it done.

Duncan: It doesn’t matter as long as we get out of here alive.

So instead of Beardo’s murder we’re going to be tackling the attacker right now. Good thing I separated the evidence related to that so it won’t be a hassle for me to review it.

Eva: Good because I already who is the attacker! I can’t believe none of you notice it before!

Lindsay: Wow! Your so amazing Eva! I’m so glad you’re here because we would loss if you weren’t.

Noah: Don’t give her too much credit until she proves it.

Eva: For once the dumb blonde got something right since none of you figured it out except me. The person who did all the attacks was Bridgette!

Bridgette: Hold on a second! Why do you think I’m the attacker!?

Lindsay: Eva are you sure? Bridgette is so nice, she wouldn’t attack anyone just for nor reason.

Eva: Are you that naïve!? Out of everyone you should be the one to know she’s the attacker. It’s you’re incident that shows she’s the one behind everything.

Gwen: So you thought this through already, alright then why not explain it.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Beardo’s Testimony, Bridgette’s Testimony, Lindsay’s Testimony

Eva: It’s obvious that Bridgette is the attacker! She’s the only one who could have attack Lindsay when they were alone.

Scott: They weren’t the only ones alone. Max and Beardo didn’t have alibis either.

Max: But remember I was tied and couldn’t get free. I’m clearly innocent!

Lightning: And wasn’t the sound guy also attack? Lightning doesn’t remember since he doesn’t really care about him.

Cody: Still it’s a bit too much to guess Bridgette is the culprit only by one attack. Wouldn’t she have something to connect to her with the other attacks?

Eva: I don’t know, maybe she messed up in the last attack. I have no idea what goes in the mind of a psycho.

Bridgette: Guys! You have to believe me! I’m not the attacker! I don’t even have a reason to hu-

Eva: Oh yes you do! Your boyfriend died and you blame us for getting executed. Is that why you help that sicko!?

Katie: That’s a flimsy motive Eva, she would be angrier at Monokuma then us!

Max: Still we cannot deny the likeliest culprit is Bridgette since she had the biggest chance to strike at Lindsay. She was her partner that day need I remind you.

The reasoning for Bridgette as the attacker is only through one incident so if I can find a flaw in what happen there then there will be no more basis to accuse Bridgette as the culprit.

Solution: Lindsay’s Testimony - she messed up in the last attack

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: I don’t think so Eva, it wouldn’t make sense if it was Bridgette considering the culprit ran towards the cabins after the murder.

Lindsay: What’s wrong if the person was running to the cabins?

Shouldn’t you be able to point it out since you we’re the one who saw the attacker ran?

Gwen: Remember that Eva and Katie subdue Bridgette since she was there when they found on the ground. Wouldn’t that go against what you said?

Lindsay: Really? Oh yeah! That is strange!

Scott: But couldn’t the attacker have just run back to the crime scene to pretend they found the body?

Katie: Still Bridgette was suspected afterwards so it wouldn’t make sense.

Noah: Looks like your reasons to suspect Bridgette was you jumping to conclusions again. Good thing we got that out the way.

Eva: Grrh! Don’t think it’s impossible, she could still be the attacker.

Dawn: Moving on from that, is there any evidence we could acquire to figure out the attacker’s identity?

Cody: If we can find something that connects all the incidents we might be able to use it as a clue to figure this out.

Tyler: But if there was we would have found it by now, but nope we got nothing.

Noah: Are you sure, there was something about some of the attacks that were very suspicious.

Duncan: If you know it already wise guy then say it. I want to get this Class Trial done as soon as possible.

Noah: You might not believe me since it’s a little ridiculous, however you might believe Gwen if she tells us everyone.

Samey: Why would it change if Gwen says it and not you?

Noah: Because unlike her I’ve done some pretty shady things so you can’t trust my words all the time.

Katie: Admitting that makes you sound more trustworthy though.

Dawn: Still Gwen must be able to figure out the similarities the incidents have due to investigating them very thoroughly.

Gwen: I do have an idea, but it’s a stretch.

Sky: Everything here is pretty crazy so a crazy answer shouldn’t be that much of a surprise anymore. Gwen just say it so we can make things more comfortable with the attacker caught.

Right, now since the attacker has made everyone nervous the past few days. Time to show everyone the one thing a lot of incidents have.



Answer: Sound

Gwen: I get it now!!!


Gwen: One strange thing many of these incidents had were that all the victims heard a sound that left them vulnerable.

Tyler: Is that true?

Jasmine: I heard a gunshot, but I thought it was the attacker trying to kill me. Hold on! Did you guys find a bullet around where you found?

Scott: No and trust me we would have found it since we were combing the entire place with our fingers. Don’t you know how itchy is it to keep doing that all day?

Duncan: You’re the only one among us who did that don’t drag us along in your complaint.

Bridgette: Also when I got attack I heard a fire and yet nobody found anything, so I thought was imagining it. But with what Jasmine said I’m starting to think that was something the attacker did.

Cody: And there was something strange about the incident with Lindsay. She said she didn’t scream when she got hit, but Bridgette said she did and that’s how she found her.

Lindsay: And just to let all you know, I didn’t make a mistake this time. I’m pretty good at remembering stuff if it involves something painful like when I fell down in cheerleading practice because the captain threw a football to my face.

Tyler: That captain has a lot to answer once I see him.

Eva: But what if Bridgette is lying? She could just make up stories to make it look like the culprit used sound in all their attacks when they only did it for one.

Noah: And explain to me why would they do that, since I don’t see anything, but wasted time.

Eva: To frame someone, that’s why! She wanted to frame somebody by making it look like the attacker use sounds.

Sky: I don’t know about Eva, since there isn’t anyone you could frame with that… actually there is someone, but I really doubt that’s the attacker.

You know wouldn’t everyone know who the attacker is since there is only one person who we can associate with sounds.

Gwen: Sky maybe you should keep that in mind, because I’m thinking the same thing.

Sky: Huh? Okay, if that’s what you think I should do.

Lightning: Can’t you say it already!? Lightning is already bored standing here all day!

Gwen: Sure once I confirm something. There still something left I need to check out before I say I think who the attacker was.

Samey: And what would that be?

Gwen: I want to hear all the victim’s testimony once again, but this time with full detail. If my hunch is right then someone’s word is clearly false.

Jasmine: Don’t think I’m the attacker, I was stuck in a coma while the attacker was still lurking.

Bridgette: Like I said I have no reason do all these things!

Lindsay: I don’t know if there’s anything different with what I’m going to say, but if that’s what I need to do then fine. I trust you Gwen.

Max: I see my word is needed once more. Very well! The monologue I prepare will be even more grand then what I said before!

Cody: There’s also Beardo, but he’s dead so I’ll speak for him for this. Hopefully he’s going to fine with it, but it shouldn’t be a problem since it will help find his killer.

Good! Time to expose the lie that will tell everyone straight who the attacker was in these past days!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Beardo’s Testimony, Max’s Testimony, Jasmine’s Testimony, Lindsay’s Testimony, Bridgette’s Testimony

Jasmine: I’m going to start it off. I was lured out by a map which marked an area, but when I got there I heard a gunshot. Getting distracted I was hit from behind and put in a coma.

Duncan: The place the map was leading her to was one of Monokuma’s secret storage space so it pretty much means Monokuma was helping the attacker.

Monokuma: I told you guys that already! Pay attention next time!

Max: As for me I was certain the attacker would never reach me even when I was alone. However I greatly underestimate them and they took me pretty easily!

Eva: That’s not hard to do Max, I can take you somewhere really bad if you piss me off enough.

Lindsay: Well… I remember complaining about having not enough lip gloss, but other then that it’s the same thing I said. I was trying to fix my make-up, but then someone attack me. How rude was that!

Tyler: Lindsay you shouldn’t be too obsess with you’re make-up, especially out in the open.

Bridgette: I just took a walk at the woods and then I heard a fire. I got worried so I checked out where the sound was coming from and then I got ambush. The killer did it in one hit.

Scott: So we know the killer can pack a punch, that eliminates Cody.

Cody: Hey! I can punch someone to, ask Duncan!

Duncan: Get on with Beardo’s words, we don’t have all day!

Cody: Fine, fine I remember Beardo said he was ambush in the boy’s cabin and that’s why we found him there. Max tried to warn him about the incoming attack, but it was too late. I guess the attacker must be a guy if they were comfortable doing an incident in there.

Katie: Hearing everything again… nothing is really clicking to me. I don’t know about you guys though.

I should have notice much earlier this person’s testimony doesn’t match there partner. Bringing it up now should be the key in showing the attacker’s true identity.

Solution: Beardo’s Testimony – even when I was alone

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Max, were you really alone when you got kidnap?

Max: Of course I was, if I wasn’t then someone would have said something by now.

Gwen: Does that also mean you never encountered the attacker before that?

Max: No, if I did they would be busy picking up pieces of there pride once I’m done with them.

Anyone’s pride would be broken if they were brought down by someone like Max.

Gwen: Good to know since that tells me who exactly who lied about there testimony.

Lindsay: Lie? Why would they lie?

Noah: Because there the attacker am I right? That’s the only reason they would go out of there way to fabricate a story.

Samey: I think I know who the liar is Gwen, but since you figured it out you should say it.

Technically Sky was the first one to figure it out, but I’ll take the mantle since she doesn’t want to.

Gwen: The person who was behind all the incidents before was someone I wasn’t expecting until the testimony’s came out.



Gwen: It was you!!!


Gwen: That go against what Beardo said Max. You should see where I’m going with this.

Max: H-Hey you’re not going to accuse me are you? Like I said it’s impossible for me to tie myself up like that.

Lindsay: Unless he has an accomplice! Now I get it!

Samey: Lindsay I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you don’t get it. She’s not saying it’s Max who did this.

Cody: I have to agree with her, Max clearly isn’t competent enough to do everything the attacker did. If he tried to do anything like that he would have been caught in the first attempt.

Lindsay: Then Max isn’t the liar does that mean Beardo-

Gwen: Now your catching on, I’m saying Beardo was lying about what happen to him.

Tyler: Because Beardo is the attacker? Sorry, but I have a hard time believing the guy who loves to make sound noises is the one behind all of this.

Duncan: Sound noises? I see why it’s got to be Beardo. Since he can all make those annoying sounds, he should be able to make all the distractions use in three of the attacks.

Sky: I was thinking the same thing, but I had a hard time believing since Beardo never seem to be a bad guy. He was loud, but he always tried to lighten up the mood.

Lightning: But wasn’t Beardo attack before? How could be the attacker if he got attack himself.

Noah: He could fake it in order to throw off suspicion on himself. The attacker was someone who was really clever in hiding away from us.

Jasmine: Still we should re-examine the incident with Beardo in order to see if it was an act or if it really happen.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Beardo’s Testimony, Lindsay’s Testimony, Duncan’s Testimony, Cody’s Testimony

Jasmine: Beardo is our likeliest suspect since he lied about what he said, didn’t think that hairy furball had it in him to do this.

Scott: That is of course if Max is telling the truth.

Max: Cody can back my claim up when I say it’s impossible to tie myself up. Even if I could I wouldn’t have myself in danger, since I was almost killed.

Cody: Unless of course if he had an accomplice helping him, but when I was captured I never any sign of one at all.

Lightning: So it’s the Beatbox Guy then, but wait does that mean he faked his attack?

Sky: We need to check it again to figure it out. Beardo claimed he was attack from the back at the guy’s cabin.

Bridgette: Then stab by a knife which he could do by himself. That could explain why he would need Max out before pulling that off.

Harold: Also this would be difficult to pull off since you would need to know that he would be there alone.

Lindsay: But he said he wasn’t alone, he said he was with Max back then.

Max: Completely false! I wasn’t with him there!

Cody: That’s the thing, we need to prove either Max wasn’t with him or Beardo was alone when the attack happen.

Duncan: Or better yet we could find the weapon that hit Beardo in the back. If it was a bat or a hammer it means someone did him in, but if it was something like a flat surface it’s got to be him doing it to himself.

A complicated mystery since Beardo is now dead and can’t claim anything anymore. Guess we need to improvise and figure out everything without the dead guys word.

Solution: Duncan’s Testimony – like a flat surface

Gwen: You might be right!


Gwen: The Beardo use to hit him in the back was the desk there. It was crack just recently which means something hit it with great force.

Harold: Like Beardo smashing himself on it to hurt get hurt, that’s pretty mess up.

Bridgette: But he had to do it to make the fake scenario, otherwise we would have thought something was off with his incident.

Eva: So were saying Beardo is the attacker and that incident was a or something?

Katie: It has to because it goes absolutely against what Beardo said before. He was hit from behind and then stab, which is why he couldn’t see the attacker.

Cody: But he couldn’t be hit from behind since the desk is too heavy to use as an actual weapon. That means he was lying to us about what he said.

Scott: So the Irritating Pest was behind it all, he could have fooled me.

Sky: That must have been the motive of the killer, they figured Beardo was the attacker so they killed me him to end the incidents. They wanted revenge against the attacker-

Lightning: SHA-WHAT!?


Lightning: Sha-not yet buying that the wimp like him is the one kicking everyone’s butt.

Gwen: But the evidence is there Lightning, you can’t ignore it.

Lightning: You mean something a bunch of people said, that’s stupid. What if they’re lying!?

Gwen: So you’re arguing because you don’t trust other people’s words even when we had physical evidence presented.

Lightning: That was only on what somebody said, and I believing that either. If you can’t show something other then something someone saw, then the Lightning isn’t going to believe word!

Guess I have to straighten this guy up, before he strikes down everything we’ve done so far.


Evidence: Max’s Testimony, Lindsay’s Testimony, Bridgette’s Testimony, Duncan’s Testimony

Lightning: You’re just going to believe whatever someone says?

Lightning: That’s even stupider then being the Lightning.

Lightning: And I don’t even use my brain so often, it’s annoying.

Lightning: Some people here could be a dirty traitor.

Lightning: Like the other guys who killed.

Lightning: So you can’t trust anything anyone here says.

Lightning: Especially someone as shady as Duncan and Max.

Gwen: I will admit that believing those two without taking a grain of salt is too reckless, but there is evidence that supports them.

Lightning: Which can be fake like the protein in my convenient store.

Lightning: You’ve got no game other then those two guys words.

Lightning: And that is too weak for Lightning to accept.

Lightning: Unless you have something like something that proves it.

Lightning: Maybe the dude you think who did it left evidence.

Lightning: Or one of the guys assaulted has something to say.

Lightning: The Lightning isn’t going to sha-lose against something so ridiculous!

Max and Duncan are definitely not the first people I would trust, but one of I do told me something pointing straight to Beardo.

Solution: Cody’s Testimony – something to say

Gwen: Just shut-up!!!


Gwen: Really, Lightning? You think I’m going to accuse Beardo just base on what those two jerks said. You really are an idiot.

Lightning: Lightning is not affected, he still sha-won.

Bridgette: I wouldn’t be so arrogant Lightning, she seems to have a trick up her sleeve and that trick is about to prove you wrong.

Lightning: She’s all talk, she doesn’t got anything to-

Gwen: How about Cody telling everyone what distracted him that left him vulnerable to be ambush. He’s one of the guaranteed victims so we can trust his words.

Cody: Are you relying on me Gwen!? Alright, I’ll make sure I won’t mess up.

I better hope he doesn’t, because I don’t want to be proven wrong by a jock with a huge ego.

Cody: I was suppose to be with Harold when this happen, but he left a bit. When I was looking around the other buildings for something new I found a computer. However before I could use it I went down and then when I got back up I was tied along with Max.

Tyler: Harold, why were gone back then?

Harold: That’s because I was called by Beardo for something-

Lightning: Sha-what!? Beardo!? You mean the guy the Goth Chick thinks was the one attacking everyone?

Harold: He’s the only Beardo here so it has to be him. Yet when I went to the place Beardo told me to meet up with him, he didn’t show up. Do you think it was because he was away to go after Cody?

Dawn: I don’t believe in coincidences, but inevitabilities so I believe that is the case.

Lightning: Sha-man I was dupe by one of the kids in the marching band. Pops and the team are going to be laughing about this for a while.

Gwen: I think we have enough to establish Beardo is the attacker so we should move on to his mur-

Sky: Hold on Gwen, there is still something strange I feel about his case.

Jasmine: Sky, what’s bothering you? Are you having trouble accepting that one of your pals did all of this?

Sky: It’s not that, I’m not as immature as before that I would let my emotions control me. What I find weird is how was Beardo able to pull all of these.

Eva: That is strange. The guy can pack a punch, but he isn’t smart enough to do all of this.

Duncan: I keep saying that Monokuma is assisting this guy, you think anyone here could do it without his help?

Sky: I know, but doesn’t that open the possibility of an accomplice in this case? We don’t have proof that Monokuma is helping him.

Scott: But he admitted before that he was meddling around with the cases.

Katie: But can we really say he’s saying the truth? If he’s lying then it will be big trouble for us if we don’t figure out the accomplices identity.

Tyler: Why is this more difficult then trying to catch up with Alejandro!? I rather do one hundred laps around the block without socks then figure this out.

How would socks make things hard for you Tyler?

Gwen: It doesn’t matter, we need to figure out the mystery if we want to get to the bottom of the murder. Whatever comes out of this might explain why Beardo was killed.

Samey: The way the murderer knew that Beardo was the attacker. Were they an accomplice or were they tip by Monokuma, who knows?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Jasmine’s Testimony, Bridgette’s Testimony, Lindsay’s Testimony, Duncan’s Testimony, Beardo’s Testimony

Duncan: Do we need to waste time for this, it’s obvious Monokuma help Beardo in this!

Jasmine: You need calm down there Juvie, how do we know the sneaky black and white koala is telling the full song?

Max: That bear’s word can never be trusted since he’s clearly a cowardly villain.

Cody: There’s got to be something Monokuma left behind that proves he did help.

Lindsay: What if one of the incidents could only be done with two friends? I don’t think Monokuma is a friend of anyone here.

Bridgette: Are we going to ignore this thing was the motive this time?! Monokuma has got to do something with this.

Tyler: Will someone say something so everything isn’t like a pop quiz!?

Jasmine: You know, this case may have one victim, but it has more bananas then anything else here.

Was this all part of a due among the group, or did Monokuma do something unfair and help out a potential killer? Either way none of us is leaving this happy.

Solution: Jasmine’s Testimony – Will someone say something

Gwen: You might be right!!!


Gwen: Jasmine at your incident, you got lured in by a map that lead to a bunch of equipment. A bunch of Monokuma’s equipment, right?

Jasmine: Yes, I didn’t realize why it was strange at first, but when you think about it how did Beardo know I was going to be there?

Noah: I wouldn’t think that first, I would be thinking how did you end up getting the map in the first place. Monokuma wouldn’t make a map on purpose even in his dumbest moments.

Monokuma: Aww. That’s why I like you Noah, you know the nicest thing to say.

Dawn: My mind has close in order to not think the true meaning why you would find hurt words such favourable compliments.

Cody: He wouldn’t have left the map unless he had an ulterior motive! He wanted to use it as a way to get Jasmine vulnerable.

Scott: It would explain also why the equipment was so out in the open. Someone would have seen them before if they were always there.

Lindsay: I would! That’s the place I love to wonder around when I’m confuse.

Tyler: Confuse with what Lindsay?

Lindsay: Confuse about what I should think. I don’t even have the answer until now.

Samey: Monokuma is true that you were helping the attack- I mean Beardo with all those assaults?

Monokuma: Upupu! I was starting to think I was too smart that none of you would have figure out what I was up to.

Harold: So it’s true, you were helping Beardo in all of this!

Monokuma: I was bored not being part of the spectacle, so I decided to play a part. I had fun, even when it was annoying that the Sound Board had to do everything directly.

Dawn: Another question Monokuma. Did you tell the killer about what Beardo was doing?

Monokuma: I don’t need to tell you that part, you can figure it out by yourselves.

Duncan: You think we’re going to let you scot-free without saying anything, even when you helped the attacker the entire time!

Monokuma: You’ve got a point it would be unfair to say nothing. So I’ll drop a hint, one of you already has the answer in you’re pockets.

Lindsay: In my pocket? I don’t even have pockets.

Eva: That just means you don’t have the answer you Beauty Queen.

Someone did mention they found something, should I call them out?


Answer: Yes

Gwen: Harold, mind sharing something with us?

Harold: Huh? Gwen did I do something wrong?

Gwen: Not really, but I think the person Monokuma is referring to is you.

Harold: Because I found a piece of evidence that is really unusual.

Scott: If you did, why didn’t you say anything before!?

Harold: I didn’t know it was related to Beardo since it was in a nearby trash can, I just knew the culprit followed the note.

Bridgette: A note? What did the note say?

I have a feeling this evidence is how the killer found out that Beardo was the attacker.

Harold: You see the note said… “Go to the water purification plant tonight. You’ll see the truth you’ve been searching.”

Max: The place me and Cody were trapped in, does that mean the note was for-

Harold: I think so. I think the note was meant to show the person who receive this the actions Beardo was doing. Which means the owner of this is the killer!

Monokuma: Of course not, I wouldn't kill someone unless they broke a rule.

Samey: Wait, Monokuma are you saying that-

Monokuma: That note belongs to me, but I did send it to someone else. Can you figure out who?

Gwen: Did you send this to the killer?

Noah: So that's who were looking for. The person who got manipulated by Monokuma to kill, the person who got this note.


Going to leave it here for now. Who do you think is the culprit? Please comment down below and the next part of this series will come in very soon. CLASS TRIAL RESUME!!!

Scott: The killer was someone Monokuma selected to learn about Beardo’s secret, that doesn’t narrow it down to anyone.

Samey: Unless there’s someone here he would want to get rid of, but I don’t think so.

Max: Very well I will assist you by sharing my insight. The culprit must have on attribute in order for this person to be pick.

Duncan: How would you know that? If I was him I would just pick at random.

Max: Well that wouldn’t mean anything if that person didn’t decide to kill Beardo. They might tell everyone that Beardo was the attacker, but without any proof it wouldn’t do anything.

Tyler: They could have followed him around and see if he leaves any.

Noah: I doubt that would work either, especially if they were the one who said Beardo was the attacker just out nowhere. Everyone would be suspicious of the evidence and that would cause the person to be untrustworthy.

Bridgette: And I don’t think Beardo will make a move since all it’ll do is raise suspicion on himself.

Gwen: Which means whoever Monokuma pick was someone that…

(Hated Beardo/A Victim of the Attacks/Planned to Murder/In Despair)

Answer: Planned to Murder

Harold: I see, it also makes sense with how the murder played out. The culprit clearly used all the islands to there evidence otherwise there wouldn’t be that many of pieces of evidence.

Jasmine: And that means more work for us to settle, alright let’s get this done. What’s the first thing we should get done?

Lindsay: How about how he was killed? I know Beardo drowned, but how was he drown.

Sky: Someone drowns by being submerge into water too much until they run out of air. This will end up killing the person immediately.

Noah: She’s not asking how drowning works, she’s asking how Beardo dr-

Lindsay: So that’s drowning! Thank’s for telling me Sky!

Noah: I spoke too soon.

Dawn: Still it is a good point to focus, with the locations being islands it gives a lot of opportunities for someone to drown there victim. As much as I don’t approve using nature as weapon to take lives.

Still' it could be worse if the person dies by getting buried alive, which I never want to go through a third time.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 13, Water Vat, Beardo’s Back, Fillet Knife

Bridgette: Drowning is one of the worse things to suffer, especially at the ocean where it’s the home of many living things.

Duncan: But not everyone thinks of it as a paradise, ask Dakota who killed Ezekiel and Sierra there.

Scott: There’s still other places that Beardo could have drown it doesn’t automatically mean it was ocean.

Cody: There’s the water purification plant which had the water vats. Getting stuck in one of those is almost a guaranteed death.

Eva: Have you thought about the lake? That’s the nearest place to the cabins.

Scott: We also need to figure out how Beardo drowned. I doubt the culprit just dunk his face to a puddle and wait for him to go down like a cat in a bucket.

Max: They must have weaken, by using the knife we found in the crime scene.

Lightning: And then they drown the guy? Right?

Katie: It would explain how the killer was able to submerge him in water until he died. Or they tied him up to something and sent him to the bottom of the ocean.

Tyler: Guys, this may sound weird, but where’s the bathroom? We keep talking about water and I remember that I didn’t go before we got here.

How to solve this… guess I have to narrow things down. While I can’t tell exactly how he got killed, I can one method that didn’t happen.

Solution: Monokuma File 13 – using the knife

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: To clear one thing up, the knife couldn’t have been use until Beardo died.

Max: And why do you suggest such an answer? You must have some sort of powerful tool to prove my power as opposable.

Gwen: Don’t you remember how the knife was on Beardo? If you can figure that out then you’ll understand what’s wrong.

Lindsay: Is it because the knife has fish gut? I wouldn’t use it since red doesn’t work for my hand.

Noah: No, it’s because the knife was use to slit Beardo’s throat. If he got that before losing his lungs, he would have died from a knife wound.

Tyler: But doesn’t the Monokuma File say he died from drowning?

Noah: That’s why the assumption is wrong. Max you should think before you act next time.

Max: Fine, I will admit my carelessness for now.

Dawn: The throat must have been slit after the murder to hide the cause of death. The killer didn’t think Monokuma would have told everyone the answer outright in the file.

Monokuma: The killer had already plenty of help from so I wasn’t going to give them this one. I’m not a charity worker here I need to get something out of this.

Eva: So we know the throat wasn’t slit before the murder, but who to say the knife wasn’t use during the murder.

Jasmine: Didn’t we just say that was impossible?

Eva: We said that Beardo didn’t get his throat slit, but Beardo could have gotten his puncture wound from the knife with the hook use to hide it.

Tyler: And why should we believe you? It’s too strange even for me to believe.

Eva: I’ll tell you now the crime scene had blood so Beardo must have been bleeding when the murder happen.

Sky: You’re probably not talking about the fish port, because that place only had fish blood not people blood.

Lindsay: Oh yeah, wasn’t there somewhere that had red water? I can’t really remember.

Gwen: Are you talking about…

(Fish Dock/Water Purification Plant/Tropical Island/Lake Wananakwa)

Answer: Water Purification Plant

Scott: I was the one first to find it, got so shock that I ran into Lightning when going out to throw up.

Lightning: The Lightning is still shock this guy pinned me in the ground.

Lindsay: But they might be right, since that place is blood. All crime scenes have blood right?

Sky: We’re about to find out if this case does or if it was somewhere else.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Water Purification Plant Machination, Fish Blood, Fillet Knife, Max’s Testimony

Lindsay: The water-something had blood, so that must be where Beardo died!

Noah: It’s possible that was set-up by the culprit to hide the real crime scene, something any normal killer would do.

Bridgette: If Beardo got trapped in there, he would have definitely drown.

Cody: True, it’s too tall for him to reach the top to pull himself out, or for anyone actually.

Dawn: That would pose an issue in that assumption since Beardo was found at the fishing bay not there.

Duncan: The killer could just pull him out with a rope they probably tied around him before throwing him. The guy is strong enough to that if they can leave him hanging on a hook.

Samey: But how would they take his body to the fishing bay? There wasn’t any boats over there.

Bridgette: There was one park at the fishing bay, they could have driven from the water purification plant to there.

Eva: Even Surfer Girl gets it, you can’t say I have a point. There I can actually convince people without threatening to break your necks!

Tyler: W-We can’t just say that’s true u-until we find evidence… I’m sorry! Please don’t come any closer!!!

I feel bad what might happen to Tyler, but I have to focus right now and figure out what was the killer’s movements. It’s possible the culprit could do that, but wouldn’t there be a problem if they did.

Solution: Max’s Testimony – pull him out with a rope

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: If they tried that the culprit couldn’t have move the body.

Sky: Because the water vat was too big for the culprit to get out if they jumped in?

Duncan: That isn’t a problem, all they have to do is tie up Beardo with a rope and get him up after he drowns. I don’t think he was conscious, nobody would take a late-night boat ride with someone after all the attacks.

Gwen: The problem is the idea a rope was use. Max tested out if a rope could be throw in there and then pulled out, but it broke after a few second inside the spinning water.

Cody: I read somewhere that the force is almost like a whirlpool something powerful enough to destroy boats.

Harold: If that’s the case a rope wouldn’t even have a chance lasting there.

Jasmine: So that means the rope idea is bonkers, right?

Gwen: I don’t know if I would use that word, but it’s completely impossible for it to happen!

Lindsay: ABOUT THAT???


Lindsay: Couldn’t they have just turned off the machine so they could throw Beardo in?

Gwen: Lindsay?

Lindsay: That’s right it’s a machine, so it should be able to turn off. All we have to do is check if it has a button or a switch and then we can say this where Beardo swam to death.

I don’t know what I should correct, her idea about the machine or that the cause of death isn’t swimming to death, but drowning.


Evidence: Water Purification Plant Machination, Fish Blood, Monokuma File 13

Lindsay: The water vat-thingy is a machine, right?

Lindsay: So it could be turn off.

Lindsay: Couldn’t they put Beardo there after it was off?

Lindsay: And then turn it back on after getting him out of there.

Lindsay: It’s not that difficult to do.

Lindsay: It’s like turning the lights on and off whenever you want.

Lindsay: You just have to punch the switch like this.

Gwen: Lindsay do you really the culprit would try drowning there, when there are better places to do it?

Lindsay: Maybe the culprit picked it, because it’s unusual.

Lindsay: And it would be easy to kill drown Beardo after he was bleeding.

Lindsay: There was blood in there after all.

Lindsay: So it’s entirely reasonable for Beardo to have died there.

Lindsay: The place had a roof so it wasn’t out in the open.

Lindsay: So nobody would have seen them if they did it there…I think.

I don’t think Beardo died there, it’s clear the culprit wouldn’t have been capable of doing this with a single issue.

Solution: Water Purification Plant Machination – it could be turn off

Gwen: I’ll prove it to you!!!


Gwen: Lindsay the machine never shuts down. Harold and Cody tested it out and they couldn’t find a way to do it.

Harold: Unless they broke the generator, but it wouldn’t be working when we got there this morning.

Lindsay: Really? I see, guess I was wrong.

Jasmine: But then what about all the blood? Something must have happen in there last night.

Sky: That is bothering me to, like Lindsay and Eva I thought it was Beardo’s at first, but Gwen prove it couldn’t be. He’s body would be found there and not at the fishing bay.

Harold: Do you think the culprit stabbed Beardo and the drag him out to drown him?

Scott: By the time he got to the ocean he would have bleed with where it was. If you’ve been hunting down like me and my pa you would know.

Katie: You hunted human’s before!? Sicko!

Scott: No I hunted animals, but people are like animals so there’s no difference.

Cody: Something tells me you don’t study biology, or science… or any education actually.

Sky: Now were stuck in a slump, how do we figure out where Beardo died now?

Gwen: We could try process of elimination. We need to remember which ones are rejected, and which ones are possibilities. Once we only have one answer it’s gotto be it even if it’s unlikely.

Noah: Guess we’ll leave it to the person who remembers all this stuff. You don’t mind don’t you Gwen?

Gwen: Alright, since I already helped out in this case a lot.

And I honestly don’t want to deal with your attitude problem Noah, How does Dawn deal with you is something I will never understand.


1) The crime scene can only be a place that Beardo drowned, what would these places be?

(The new areas/The docks/The bathroom)

2) Among the new areas we already eliminated two of them, which leaves which area?

(Fishing Bay/Water Purification Plant/Tropical Island/Middle of the Ocean)

3) Was there any evidence that could be found there?

(Cut Palm Tree/Oil/Surfboard/Water Vat)

Answer: The new areas, Tropical Island, Cut Palm Tree

Gwen: I got the answer!!!


Gwen: There still remains one area left that Beaeso could have drown and it’s the one place we never considered even when it was near the ocean.

Samey: Are you talking about the tropical island? That is a possibility, but I can’t see why would he die there.

Scott: But plenty of strange things did happen so it’s not impossible.

Lightning: Strange things? Lightning has no idea what strange things you’re talking about!

Katie: Oh, you mean the palm tree that’s been cut. It’s strange that it suddenly fell down last night.

Harold: How do you know it only fell last night?

Katie: Because I saw the island before heading to the cabin and I saw still standing. I have good eye sight you know, ask my teacher everytime I have a check-up.

Max: There nothing compared to mine since I can actually see the future! Want to see an example of that almighty power!?

Jasmine: No thanks you no-good trouble maker, so that island is where he got killed huh. You think the tree had something to do with it.

Tyler: But Beardo drowned, not get smash or rolled over by a tree!

Gwen: I don’t know how yet, but with how strange the crime scene was it has to be and we need to figure that out right now!!!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cut Palm Tree, Beardo’s Back, Monokuma File 13, Oil

Scott: It makes sense that Beardo died at the island since the other two places are impossible to happen.

Bridgette: Not impossible, but very unlikely since the set-ups there were faked.

Max: It’s impossible to throw Beardo inside the water vat and moving the body afterwards since the vats can never be turn off.

Cody: And the blood in there was just a bunch of fish blood and guts that you could get at the fishing bay.

Noah: There’s no location either at the fishing bay where Beardo could drown.

Dawn: Yet the sunny land near the water doesn’t give a clue how Beardo could be drown other then the unusual sight of the palm tree put down.

Tyler: Maybe the culprit dunk his face in the water like my team does to me after a big game.

Duncan: They could have tied Beardo down then throw him in to the bottom of the ocean.

Katie: They could also tie a heavy object and plunge him to the deep.

Harold: This sounds ridiculous, but I learn this once in a pirate documentary. What if they made him drink too much water until he suffocated to his death.

Jasmine: Then the file would have said suffocation and not drowning. Still it’s a good tactic to try out once I get back home. Those howling monkeys has something coming when I’m back.

When I think about it again, I was a little rash when I said the crime scene was at the island. I didn’t realize I had no idea how someone was able to drown there.

Solution: Monokuma File – tied Beardo down

Gwen: You might be right!!!


Gwen: There was something else about Beardo’s condition that we haven’t talked about. He had rope burns, which is strange since he drowned, not strangulated or hanged.

Jasmine: That could just mean the culprit tied Beardo before submerging him in to the water.

Gwen: But that doesn’t explain why there so many clues left at the island if it was something simple.

Lindsay: Maybe they did it to confuse us. When there so many things, it’s so difficult to understand.

Noah: When the culprit wants to lead us somewhere wrong they would normally make it so obvious that even you could figure it out. No point making a complicated set-up when we won’t even get what the lie is supposed to be.

Duncan: So all those things were there for a reason and if we could find something that could connect to the rope burns it’ll make things easier.

Gwen: That’s why I wanted to bring those up. If he receive those injuries because he was tied up, wouldn’t that mean it’s possible he was tied up to something.

Lightning: Like what? A chair? There’s no chair in there, the Lightning can tell you that much.

Tyler: What about the cut palm tree? I saw this movie where two pirates got tied up on one to keep them from escaping. The culprit might have done that here to.

Eva: Then it would be impossible for him to drown unless he was tied where there was water.

Samey: Maybe that’s why the tree got cut down. If they move the tree to somewhere part of it reaches the ocean, they could tie Beardo beforehand and then send him to a watery grave.

Max: And what’s the point!? There would be no reason to go all the trouble if they could just place his head in the water with their bare-hands.

Sky: They might have tried to stay far away from the victim while he was drowning.

Gwen: Then nothing would change for the culprit. Beardo would have drown regardless whether the culprit was near or far.

Lindsay: Really? But if the victim could be far away when they drowned Beardo, couldn’t they be somewhere else entirely?

They could have been somewhere else, how would that work?

Duncan: Yeah, they would be slightly further away if they did that. That’s not helping!

Noah: Actually you might have something there Lindsay, there really isn’t a reason for the culprit to do something complicated unless there was a purpose.

Eva: What are you saying Noah?

Noah: Let’s say the culprit tied Beardo to the palm tree, what if they decide to face him upwards away from the water.

Cody: Then he wouldn’t drown since he’s above it, not below it. That’s definitely not what happened since Beardo is dead.

Dawn: I see the answer now, how did you learn about this Noah?

Noah: When Lindsay mentioned the culprit being somewhere, I was starting to think about alibis. That’s when it hit me what the culprit did and why would the method be more difficult then understand why we always come back to Total Drama after we go through.

Gwen: So how would Beardo have drown then? That’s not explained in your theory.

What Cody said still stands, and honestly I agree with him for once.

Noah: The culprit did this for a reason, and that reason is because they know Beardo is going to drown while there away. All they needed to do was wait for this to happen to the palm tree and after that Beardo would be dead in an instant.

Scott: The palm tree did what now? I’m so confuse about what’s going on.

Gwen: Let me think about this first, since I can’t read your mind and your not going to tell us what it is already.

So the culprit tied Beardo to the palm tree and then place him above the water. What the culprit wanted was for the palm tree to do something so that it will drown Beardo. When I say it to myself I’m starting to picture what the culprit intended to happen.



Answer: Rolling

Gwen: I get it now!!!


Gwen: The culprit wanted the tree to roll after they left the island so that Beardo would be dead while they had an alibi.

Noah: Exactly and that explains why this method was complicated. How would someone drown somebody without being there? You can try tying the victim somewhere while having it filled with water, but there’s nothing like that here.

Katie: And that’s something we’ve seen a lot in movies so we would have figured that out quickly.

Dawn: And further evidence is Beardo’s back. You notice how it’s completely dry? The reason is that since his back was press to the palm tree, it didn’t reach the water so it didn’t get wet.

Scott: For once I’ll agree with you.

Eva: So that’s why… this culprit is becoming more of a pain the more we learn about him!!!

Tyler: But isn’t that strange how would the culprit now the tree would roll?

Samey: Because the tree was round so it would be easy to roll over.

Tyler: I know, but it wouldn’t roll unless someone moved it The culprit was away so that’s definitely not what happened.

Jasmine: Couldn’t it be Beardo? What if they tied Beardo when he was still awake and then left him to struggle? He might have done it enough times that the tree would roll.

Samey: But he wouldn’t move so much if he knew he was tied like that.

Katie: He could have been knocked unconscious when he was tied then while the culprit was away he woke up. He would have been confused about what happened that he would begin to panic.

Scott: Especially if you were tied, that’s something a lot of animals and suckers do when they realize that. After moving too much the tree would have rolled and he would be submerge.

Harold: That’s possible, but there’s something finicky about this.

Gwen: And that would be what? I don’t see a problem.

Harold: Well, how sure would the culprit be that the tree would move after he moves around? The tree is heavier than him.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 13, Oil, Cut Palm Tree, Hammock, Beardo’s Back

Cody: Now we’re talking about the psychics of the case, and honestly I’m good in that. Hey, just because I know a lot about machines doesn’t mean I’m good at everything.

Duncan: Doesn’t matter as long as we can prove it’s possible for Beardo to roll over the tree.

Bridgette: I don’t think it’s impossible since the tree is thin and round, but would the culprit really leave it to luck?

Eva: We would find this culprit by now if that nuisance didn’t get himself killed!

Samey: You shouldn’t blame him for what happened. Anybody would have panicked if they found themselves like that.

Harold: But are we sure if Beardo is going to move strong enough to affect the tree? If it was someone like Eva and Lightning I can buy that.

Jasmine: Could the culprit do something to make it happen?

Scott: Like adding something there to make the tree, or maybe they whisper to it like Dawn does everyday.

Dawn: Don’t place the act of defiling nature to me, for all we know the culprit used something in the environment to help the evil deed!

Jasmine: The culprit might have tested it out before to check if it works, but practices and actual hunting are completely different.

Sky: And if the culprit tried that they could accidentally drown themselves.

He did bring up a good point that this trick isn’t always guaranteed to work. Unless the culprit did something, there might have been a chance the trick would have failed.

Solution: Oil – adding something

Gwen: You might be right!!!


Gwen: Doesn’t anyone remember that the water around the island had traces of oil.

Dawn: Oil! Why would anyone taint the beautiful liquid that is required to live!?

Noah: To make the tree slippery so it would be easy to move. This was there back-up trick to make sure Beardo wasn’t going to talking today.

Lightning: It would have been sweet if Beardo was still around, sha-dude would have said the guy’s name already.

Eva: It wouldn’t be so great for the culprit, why do you think they killed him!

Harold: And that’s the last thing we need about this part of the murder. We know the culprit use the rolling log, or for this case tree, trick to make sure the victim would drown even when their not there.

Sky: Probably to establish an alibi at the time of death, which was 12:05 AM.

Katie: So we should start looking for people who had alibis back then, is anyone going to admit it?

Lindsay: All the girls were awake because Monokuma called us, which totally ruined this awesome dream about ponies and butterflies!

Tyler: Was I in it to?

Lindsay: Yeah, you were a goose swimming in the lake! You were so adorable that I have to hug you.

Tyler: Thanks… I guess…

Max: And all the boys were asleep, if they were awake I would have been signalled by the hidden invention I made just in case someone goes after me.

Scott: Don’t tell me you were the one who taped a rope with bells attach to the exits. I have to climb up a window to get to my roon, what tape did you even use!?

Max: Only a secret material Monokuma offered to me with the price of 10 MonoCoins! Mwahahaha!!!

Duncan: It was regular duct tape, I was the who made it stronger by adding dry glue. If I placed that on your hair you won’t be getting it off anytime soon.

Harold: So nobody has an alibi, I guess we could try this evidence to narrow down a bit.

Gwen: A piece of evidence, why didn’t you show it earlier?

Harold: We were too busy talking about the murder itself that I forgot. It was just a theory, but since we have nothing I might as well say it.

Sky: Then please show us. I trust you since you were always reliable here.

Harold: Don’t you guys remember the back door in our cabin was open? Do you remember why?

Tyler: Because someone broke the lock, it was broken last night since I remembered placing it there after dinner.

Noah: I get it, because the lock was broken it meant someone had to try getting in. Now why would someone do that?

Lightning: Because they couldn’t open it???

Lindsay: That totally makes sense! But do we need to break the door, you could call the janitor to open it.

Harold: Never mind for now. If the person couldn’t access the door since they couldn’t unlock it and that the front entrance was impassable without activating Max’s wire trap or being seen by one of the girls at there cabin. What does that say about the culprit?

Katie: I have no idea, they couldn’t access the guy’s cabin.

Noah: And who are the only ones that couldn’t access it.

If a person couldn’t access the guy’s cabin that means there most likely to be…

(Monokuma/A girl/Handicap/Afraid of Doors)

Answer: A girl

Gwen: The culprit must be a girl. They couldn’t enter the cabin like you guys could.

Harold: And that is how we’ll narrow down things about the culprit.

Lindsay: Is that true!? The culprit is one of us!?

Sky: It would explain why Monokuma suddenly came out last night about a warning from the attacker… especially when the attacker was about to be killed.

Eva: Do you think the killer ask Monokuma’s help in this!?

Monokuma: I’m a fair bear, and Beardo had to pay for not killing anyone yesterday like I instructed! After all I’ve done for him to, why doesn’t he understand how difficult it is to be me!

Samey: Sounds like a lovers quarrel… *gag*!!!

Scott: You shouldn’t have said that! I can’t unsee, because of you!!! It’s even worse than when my annoying niece was kissing the pig we were about to have for dinner! No Bessy that’s Pork Chop, not… AAAGGGHHHH!!!

I wonder what’s worse, staying here with Monokuma in charge or living wherever Scott came from.

Duncan: Anyway we know a chick did this, but that’s it. Is there anyone who was acting suspicious?

Lindsay: Umm… Katie had new lip balm, but I don’t know if that was part of the murder. Then again the lip balm was scarlet red so maybe-

Katie: I don’t think lipstick isn’t involve, with Dakota’s murder nobody is crazy enough to use one of there make-up tools.

Samey: There isn’t any clues at the murder so far that points at anyone, much less a girl. If we don’t find something soon we might end up getting executed.

Noah: Unless we guess the right person, but I highly doubt that with nine of them to choice.

Eva: Then why not we pick the Surfer Chick, she’s easily the most suspicious one here!!!

Bridgette: Me! Why me!? Don’t tell me your not yet over with what happened seasons ago!

Eva: Of course not, but if you remember what Bridgette did last night you would know why she’s suspicious!

Gwen: Do you mean that she was the only one who went out after the warning?

Katie: That is strange, since she was one of the attacker’s victim. If I was one of them I wouldn’t be comfortable trying to leave the cabin with the attacker around.

Bridgette: Wait a minute! I can explain myself!!!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 13, Beardo’s Back, Boats

Eva: Bridgette is the killer, she was the only one who could have went out last night!

Jasmine: That’s true, but that isn’t decisive since Beardo was killed without the culprit having to be there.

Bridgette: That’s unreasonable, it would go against why the culprit did it like that in the first place.

Eva: Maybe, but if you pay attention at the plan, you should know the culprit had to come back to the victim.

Lightning: And why’s that? Couldn’t they leave The Noisy Guy after he’s dead?

Duncan: Because the culprit moved the body to the island to the fishing bay. If they weren’t there it would be impossible!

Lindsay: I get it! Because bodies don’t move on there own! I didn’t know that since I never saw one!

Noah: But how sure are you that Bridgette moved it back then? Couldn’t the culprit left your cabin later after everyone went back to sleep?

Samey: He’s right. It’s possible the body was move much later then the time of death!

Eva: But Bridgette was there for a long time! I highly doubt she didn’t see something while surfing for that long!

Katie: That’s true, since Bridette was gone for quiet a bit even when the warning announcement happened.

Bridgette: I… I was just into the night sky and the dark ocean, it reminded me a bit of home.

So the chopping block is back to Bridgette for her actions last night. While I can agree it was unusual for her to do that considering the situation, we shouldn’t automatically think it’s her.

Solution: 'it' would go against why the culprit did it - only one who could have 'went' out last night.

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Do you think Bridgette would throw away the main reason the culprit relied on a very complex method to drown Beardo?

Dawn: I have to agree, it’s contradictory to believe she would leave herself without an alibi if that was the point of this cruel action.

Eva: Like I said, she did it in order to move Beardo’s body without being seen!

Tyler: But would Bridgette know that Beardo is dead by then? Nobody would be able to predict when Beardo was going to wake up.

Jasmine: With the timing it might be possible Monokuma did the announcement when Beardo was already dead. It wouldn’t help at all if Beardo was still alive.

Monokuma: Don’t blame me on that, the culprit asked that specifically. Why am I following other people’s orders again!?

Gwen: See Eva, the idea Bridgette is the culprit only because she was out last night doesn’t work if you look at the entire plan of the culprit. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but there’s doubts about the theory.

Eva: If my theory is wrong then why not someone else say something? I’m the only one here trying to find the killer!

Cody: Are we sure Eva is completely wrong, because I’m still a bit suspicious of Bridgette.

Bridgette: Cody!?

Lightning: I got no clue what’s going on. Lightning doesn’t do well with all this talking.

Cody: Bridgette this may be a bit harsh, but I don’t believe that you didn’t see anything last night.

Bridgette: Why’s that? Sure Beardo died near the water, but that doesn’t mean I was near him.

Cody: That might be true, but how would the culprit know? If I was them I would be nervous since you were outside, and even worse at the water. How would I know you wouldn’t be able to see the body from there?

Sky: He’s got a point, if I was the killer I would paranoid to since the body was left out in the open.

Gwen: And that’s what makes her suspicious, since it’s doubtful the culprit wouldn’t do anything with her like that.

Cody: Exactly! There is no reason to believe the killer didn’t do anything when she was outside!

Noah: I guess we need to clear up if Bridgette’s story is true or if she made it up.

Bridgette: You guys have to believe me! I didn’t kill Beardo!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Boats, Monokuma File 13, Bridgette’s Testimony, Long Rope, Emergency Raft

Cody: Isn’t it strange you saw nothing happen, when it’s unlikely the culprit didn’t do anything when you left.

Samey: But it was in the middle of the night, it’s understandable why she might have not seen anything.

Tyler: But it’s weird, if she was at the beach she would have heard the boats.

Lindsay: The boats Tyler?

Tyler: Well, if the culprit was trying to get to the other islands to reach Beardo’s body in order to move it, wouldn’t they use a boat?

Harold: They could still use the emergency raft, but it’s inaccessible until someone dies, so maybe not?

Scott: Looks like the only thing the culprit could use was the boat, which Bridgette didn’t hear it.

Eva: That means Bridgette was lying! She used the boats to go to the tropical island, and then move the body!!!

Max: And after hooking the body they returned using the boats again. Considering the time frame it should have happen while Bridgette was still surfing!

Bridgette: I swear I didn’t see or hear anything! Nothing happened while I was gone!

Sky: I would want to believe you, but with all the evidence piling up it looks like that can’t possible. The culprit had to move then otherwise they’ll risk being seen by you.

Samey: Maybe the culprit did something to hide the boat or made a noise to cover the boat’s engine?

Bridgette: I don’t know. I doubt I wouldn’t see the boats light with how dark it was.

The issue now is that Bridgette’s testimony goes against the format we have about the murder. Unless 'were' wrong about something we said, it’s not likely that Bridgette’s word still stands.

Solution: Boats – they returned using the boats

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: I highly doubt the culprit used the boat to get back to the docks.

Jasmine: I have to doubt you this time Gwen, there was a boat at the docks and nobody here is stupid enough to not use it.

Lindsay: Unless… maybe they didn’t want to be seen by Bridgette!

Scott: As if, if they didn’t use the boats they would have to swim back and Bridgette probably would have seen someone going for a late night deep.

Harold: They could have tried going the other side of the island.

Eva: Nobody here is strong enough to that except for Lightning, and, as much as I hate it, he can’t be the killer since it was girl who killed him.

Lightning: So a boat has got to be use. They would need that to keep up with the Lightning!!!

Gwen: I have no idea how the culprit did get back, but it’s impossible for it to be the boat. The one at the docks had full gas so it means it wasn’t use before.

Tyler: Couldn’t the killer have just refilled it after using it?

Duncan: The problem with that is that they would risk being seen by Bridgette, since the docks are visible at the beach.

Eva: Then that means Bridgette is the killer! She lied, but didn’t realize it was incredibly stupid!

Sky: It still wouldn’t make sense considering the killer’s actions. They did a lot of things to establish an alibi.

Gwen: No were in a predicament. While we don’t have an idea what the culprit’s method was to get back to the main island, we know it wasn’t by the boats-



Harold: There’s the problem, you immediately said the boats couldn’t be use because the gas was full.

Gwen: If you’re trying to say this was something the killer did, with Bridgette around it would be too risky. And even then it the culprit wouldn’t use it if Bridgette might see them with the lights on.

Harold: Your mistaken, it might true Bridgette could have been a witness, but there was reasons why it didn’t happen.

Gwen: You know something about Bridgette’s story that could explain this contradiction?

Harold: Just an idea, but something everyone here should give a chance.


Evidence: Boats, Bridgette’s Testimony, Eva’s Testimony, Long Rope, Emergency Raft

Harold: Bridgette might have been distracted at some point.

Harold: If she was away from the beach.

Harold: This could have been the chance to use the boat.

Harold: Even if she hears the boat a little, she’ll probably forget after a few minutes.

Harold: And then once they were done with moving Beardo’s body.

Harold: All the culprit had to do was wait for Bridgette to be gone.

Harold: Park the boat at the docks then filling it up with gas.

Gwen: This entire scheme is way too dangerous for anyone to do, since one mistake Bridgette would have seen them.

Harold: The culprit clearly planned to go all out with this murder.

Harold: They rigged it to have Beardo drown without being seen,

Harold: And then made a lot of fake set-ups to throw us off.

Harold: If you think about it, moving Beardo is quiet difficult unless you have a boat.

Harold: So the culprit must have used it to transfer islands.

Harold: Even to the trip back to the main island.

Harold: There’s no other way to get from one of those three islands to here.

Harold: So as confusing and doubtful it is, there is no way this can be wrong.

What’s wrong isn’t the idea the boat 'was 'use', it was that it was the thing that the culprit 'use' to return to the main island. There was a boat at the fishing bay which might have been what they use to go around the three areas, but what did they use to get back here?

Solution: Emergency Raft – no other way

Gwen: Just shut-up!!!


Gwen: The killer could have used the boat at the fishing bay to move around, but there was no way he use it to get back. One is stuck at the fishing bay since it has no gas and the has full gas which means it wasn’t use.

Harold: But there wasn’t any other ways to transfer to different islands. Unless we have a plane, hot air balloon, or submarine it has to be a boat.

Sky: But there’s no other boat then that so it must be wrong. Right, Gwen?

Gwen: There’s actually one left Sky and it was from the location Beardo’s body was place.

Scott: Hold on, are you talking about the emergency raft?

Samey: Emergency raft? This is the first I’ve heard of that.

Scott: It was something Monokuma showed us before while we we’re searching for Cody and Max. I forgot the details.

Cody: If I remember they say that it only works when someone dies, and that they have to press a button to release it from the hook it’s attach.

Bridgette: That might be why I didn’t see anything, if they were riding a small raft I wouldn’t see them if they went far enough from me.

Katie: Are you sure? Wouldn’t it be difficult for the culprit to get back to the fishing bay with that method?

Gwen: They could just row themselves back and forth until they finish everything.

Katie: That’s the thing, if they could just do that it wouldn’t be a problem. But with the alibi situation, it’s hard to imagine the culprit would take their time moving around.

Jasmine: I have no idea what you’re talking about, so explain.

Katie: You know this entire thing was meant to set-up an alibi for the culprit. If they spend so much time rowing from one place to another in a far distance, they wouldn’t have been such that much in the cabin.

Eva: This is why it must be Bridgette! She’s the only one who was gone for more than an hour!

Bridgette: Have you been paying attention!? They proven that it’s very unlikely to be me.

Katie: Unless we can find someway the culprit could move fast, but if we don’t… your still the likeliest culprit here.

Noah: Wasn’t there something at the shore when we searched it. That might be the key the culprit use to move from place to place.

Gwen: I think I know what you’re talking about. It’s…

(Long Rope/Emergency Raft/Sledgehammer/Boat)

Answer: Long Rope

Tyler: The long rope attach from the fishing bay, and the shore of the main island. Don’t tell me they zipline all the way back and forth.

Cody: I don’t think so. I think what the culprit did was pull themselves back and forth using the rope. If they were strong and fast they would be able to cover it quite quickly.

Scott: Especially since it’s in the ocean, and I can tell you boats move faster then cars. How else was I able to get away from that four leg shark!

Harold: So that was the purpose of those, guess that means Bridgette isn’t the killer.

Eva: Then where would that leave! If it’s not her then who else could it be!?

Jasmine: She’s right in this one, we got no other suspects at this point.

I might as well try this plan I made earlier.

Gwen: Then let me ask something, and if I’m right we might get a hint about the culprit.

Samey: A hint, you have an idea who the killer is!?

Gwen: Not yet, but there’s still something I want to ask. Once were done answering that we might find the killer… or not depending how it goes.

Lightning: Lightning has no clue I’ll leave Goth Chick to this.

Gwen: I want to hear what Bridgette did at the beach, if my hunch is correct then what she might say could lead to the killer.

Bridgette: Really? Alright then…

The culprit obvious had to see Bridgette since they needed to head to the beach in order to pull themselves to the fishing docks. Even if Bridgette never saw the culprit, that person might have seen her 'to do' something that they shouldn’t know.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Bridgette’s Testimony, Emergency Raft, Eva’s Testimony, Boats, Long Rope

Bridgette: Like the girls said earlier Monokuma woke all of us up with a warning about the attacker’s next attack.

Noah: Which was confirm to be something requested by the killer to give themselves an alibi.

Bridgette: I was troubled since I was one of the victims, so I did what I usually do when something is in my mind. I went midnight surfing, but now that I think about it I shouldn’t have went out alone.

Duncan: Your lucky Beardo wasn’t around anymore, otherwise he might have got you again.

Gwen: Like I said earlier, could you explain what happened when you were at the beach.

Bridgette: I went surfing for an hour near the cabins, but the waves died down a little so I decided to go swimming instead.

Lindsay: Bridgette was amazing when she was on the wave like that I wish I had my cellphone to take a picture.

Katie: But you weren’t there the entire time, you went missing when I was trying to see you from my room.

Bridgette: About that, since the water near the cabin wasn’t that deep I went further down near the cliffs.

Harold: Did you hear anything while you were there?

Bridgette: No, I didn’t. Like we said earlier the culprit didn’t use the boat, but an emergency raft and a rope to get there so I wouldn’t hear any motor.

Jasmine: And after that you went back to the cabin when things started calming down.

Bridgette: By the way, why didn’t you say anything earlier? I know you saw me swimming since you waved at me from the second floor.

Jasmine: I thought you could have move the body after I left since I didn’t know back then when the body should have been move.

Sky: To be fair when we went downstairs to keep Lindsay’s spirits up she could have snuck out.

Bridgette: You saw me to Sky?

Sky: I was the one who pointed out to Jasmine that you went further away from us, she got so worried so she kept an eye on you the whole time.

Bridgette: That so sweet Jasmine, thanks for watching out for me.

Jasmine: Well, I don’t want to disappoint Shawn by leaving you in trouble so I did what I could. I’m just glad the killer didn’t went after you to.

Hearing this from beginning to end, one person’s testimony become questionable. I need to point it out to understand what it means.

Solution: Eva’s Testimony – went downstairs

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: You couldn’t see Bridgette from the first floor, are you sure you’re telling the truth?

Sky: Don’t tell me you think it was me! Jasmine was with me a lot when everyone was worried about the attacker so I had very little time to move the body.

Jasmine: And I did try looking for her at the bottom floor, but I couldn’t spot her. I thought she was just at the beach which I why I kept my eye there, but Sky came up to me and told I wouldn’t see her from there. It looks like when she went swimming it was away from the first floor view.

If that’s true, that would mean…

Gwen: This means this person lied about what they saw.

Katie: This person lied? Is that the killer?

Noah: Not yet proven, but doing something suspicious like that should at least let us question this person.

Guess my gambit pulled of !

Gwen: Now explain to us what you were saying ___. The only reason I could see you lie was because you were trying to place more suspicion on Bridgette, which is something a killer would do!!!


The culprit is about to be revealed, if you don't vote I will decide the next victim. Please tell me who the culprit is in the comments and in an upcoming update I will show to you who the culprit it. Thanks for reading and see you next time.

Here are the Top Three Suspects of this Class Trial!

1) Eva

2) Lightning

3) Harold

Let’s see if you got the culprit right this time or I’m going to be the one deciding the victim next time.


Gwen: It was you!!!


Gwen: Eva, why did you lie about where you saw Bridgette?

Eva: What!? Are you accusing me!?

Gwen: I’m just asking a question, I didn’t say anything about accusing you.

Eva: Look, I didn’t lie! I saw Bridgette at my room, even the Dumb Blond can tell you that.

Lindsay: Are you talking about me? I’m not a dumb blonde you know-

Jasmine: Lindsay, could you confirm it first. We’ll have Eva apologize to you later.

Lindsay: OK then! I don’t really know it was Bridgette, but I saw a girl wearing a wetsuit surfing near the cabins.

Scott: That was obvious Bridgette, she even said that what she was doing last night.

Eva: Now you get it, I didn’t lie about anything.

Gwen: No you are, it’s true you could see Bridgette surf from there… but there was one part about what you said that you shouldn’t know.

(Her Surfboard/The Waves/Her Swimming/The Location)

Answer: Her Swimming

Eva: And!? Jasmine and Sky said she was swimming, how’s that a lie!?

Sky: It’s a lie because it’s impossible to see it from the first floor Eva. That’s why me and Jasmine went upstairs, in order to have a better view around the island.

Jasmine: And like we said before, she was swimming pretty far off shore. If it wasn’t for the height advantage, we wouldn’t have seen her.

Tyler: So it’s impossible for Eva to have seen her at the first floor, which is what she said she did. I can see why she’s suspicious.

Lightning: Can someone tell me why that’s important?

Noah: Because the only reason someone would lie is because there the killer, am I right Eva?

Eva: How dare you!? I will break your neck!!!

Gwen: It was your own fault Eva, you dug your own grave trying to place this on Bridgette. Guess that’s what you get for framing someone who didn’t do anything wr-



Eva: I moved upstairs, that’s how I was able to see Bridgette from there.

Duncan: This is obviously a lie, you didn’t mention this before.

Eva: Because I thought it wasn’t important! Now that you idiots are accusing me I have to say it so none of is we’ll get killed.

Samey: Can you prove that you moved upstairs?

Eva: Can you prove I wasn’t there!? How else would I have seen Bridgette swimming if I wasn’t in the 2nd floor of the cabin!


Evidence: Emergency Raft, Monokuma File 13, Eva’s Testimony, Bridgette’s Testimony

Eva: Why don’t you get it, I moved to the 2nd floor!

Eva: When I was looking through the window of my room I saw Bridgette swimming!

Eva: Probably after moving Beardo’s body and setting up the fake crime scenes.

Eva: I never said this to anyone, because I didn’t think it was important.

Eva: Now you know, so don’t make me say it again!!!

Gwen: I won’t deny it’s possible that you moved to the 2nd floor, but Eva you said you saw her at the 1st floor.

Eva: I forgot! I didn’t care where I was back then!!!

Eva: I only cared about seeing that traitor doing something suspicious!

Eva: Sure, Bridgette didn’t set an alibi, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t do it!

Eva: And there was no other way for me to know other then being at the 2nd floor!!!

Eva: You won’t set me up as the culprit!!!

Eva: But I might end up being one once were done here!

While I was able to show Eva is lying about what she saw, if I don’t find a way to connect this to the murder it won’t mean much. Something she must have said should be an opportunity to link her to the murderer.

Solution: Emergency Raft – no other way

Gwen: Don’t think so!!!


Gwen: You knew about it because you saw Bridgette actually swimming. When you went to emergency raft to get back to the fishing bay you would have seen her.

Tyler: She would? How would you know that?

Gwen: Because of the location where Bridgette was swimming, it was far offshore which was away from the cabins. A place where the culprit most likely place there route going back and forth to the three islands and the main island.

Duncan: Because the culprit didn’t want to risk anyone finding it, otherwise things would be really bad once we find out there trick.

Lindsay: How does that point to Eva though?

Noah: Because that explains how Eva knew about what Bridgette was doing. She must have thought she could have use that to place suspicion on her while luring it away from her.

Sky: But it didn’t work since what me and Jasmine said proved it was impossible for her story to be true.

Scott: So the killer was unlucky, why am I not surprise seeing how it ended for the other killers.

Lindsay: I guess that means that Eva did it, so should we vote?

Eva: Hold on for a sec-

Lindsay: No wait… no, I don’t if that’s enough to put this on Eva.

Jasmine: What do you mean Lindsay? It’s pretty obvious the girl is suspicious.

Lindsay: I know that, but is it really enough? I don’t know why, but I think we should see if there’s more evidence before voting.

Max: Then why suggest starting the voting!? Are you dense or completely naïve!?

Lindsay: What is naïve?

Duncan: I’m going to say she’s both and a whole lot more.

Harold: Well if we need more evidence to make sure it’s Eva, I have a suggestion on how to handle this.

Gwen: Don’t tell me you have more evidence hidden away it could have save us a lot of trouble.

Harold: This isn’t actual evidence this time, but something I notice. And it’s about the emergency raft so I think it might be worth checking out.

Dawn: It must considering that is connected to the piece damming Eva to her consequences.

Eva: You better be joking, because if your not I will rip your spine and-

Monokuma: We don’t need that, the network won’t allow that at all! As much as I wanted one to!

Lightning: What network?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Emergency Raft, Groupings Yesterday, Safety Lock, Harold’s Testimony

Harold: Guess I should bring up something that I found strange, but when you say Eva is the culprit it does make some sense.

Bridgette: Do you mean something in the murder that only Eva could do?

Sky: I don’t know anything special about Eva, but if it’s like how my mobility allowed me to reach the roof without a rope it must have something to do with her strength.

Eva: Don’t forget other people here can lift, and I’m not stupid enough to kill like a muscle head.

Samey: But remember the culprit has to be a girl since there the only ones who would break in the guy’s cabin.

Jasmine: I don’t want to make myself a suspect, but I’m pretty strong myself.

Harold: What I was going to say does include her strength, but the key factor is the emergency raft. If you remember there was something odd about it.

Cody: Is it that it’s missing? The culprit probably got rid of it after the murder.

Scott: Of course it’s something more than that. Eva isn’t the only one who could get rid of that.

Samey: Speaking about the emergency raft, it could have something on it before that directs it to Eva.

Max: That makes no sense! The raft wasn’t just meant for the Brutish Woman!

Harold: And even then it wouldn’t matter since we can’t find it. No point in looking at things we cannot, so let’s focus on things we can see.

Katie: Something can see that’s related to the raft… what could that be?

The raft and Eva are connected and in the crime scene we found something that proves it. I don’t know how this can be connected to Eva, but it’s worth the try.

Solution: Safety Locks – things we can see

Gwen: You might be right.


Gwen: While we can’t examine the emergency raft since it’s gone, we can check where it was originally.

Lightning: You talking about the fishing docks? I don’t know anything there related to the raft.

Katie: Wait a minute! Did none of you guys check out the locks keeping the boat secure!?

Cody: Locks? Now that you mention it, Harold was mentioning about that during the investigation.

Harold: Well I checked it out and for some reason they got destroyed. I don’t get why the culprit would need to do that if all they needed to do was press the button after killing someone.

Noah: It’s because Beardo wasn’t dead yet by the time they needed it. If they didn’t had that they would risk being seen with a loud motor running around the water.

Harold: I know, but they could just use the boat to transfer Beardo to the island and then use the raft after the murder. They wouldn’t have known that Bridgette was there.

Eva: So what’s the point?

Harold: I’m thinking the culprit was planning to do that at first, but then change their minds after reaching the fishing dock. They probably saw the raft while they were heading back and then decide to use it.

Samey: To make it easier to sneak in the main island then with something like a boat.

Eva: And how does this point to me exactly?

Noah: You’re impatient enough to try breaking the locks in order to use the raft in a hurry.

Sky: And also she was one of the few people here who didn’t know how to properly get the raft.

Lindsay: Really? How do you know that?

Gwen: Because this group of people don’t know how the raft works…

(Duncan’s Group/Scott’s Group/Monokuma/The Attacker)

Answer: Duncan’s Group

Katie: That’s right! We never told them about that since we were too busy about Max and Cody.

Eva: But that doesn’t-

Dawn: Haven’t you realize the facts are all pointing at you? The murderer was someone belonging to Duncan’s group when we search for the missing people and was female.

Bridgette: I think the only girls in the group was me, Samey, Dawn… and you Eva.

Eva: You could be the killer, it’s not just me!!!

Duncan: But we already said it was very unlikely for her since she wouldn’t have went out by herself while telling everyone.

Jasmine: And Monokuma wouldn’t have given her the note since she’s one of the few people here who’s really hard to push to kill. Unlike someone like you who has a temper problem.

Eva: Bite me! You don’t have proof it wasn’t Dawn or Samey, they should be suspects to!

Samey: Maybe, but there’s reason to suspect you. You lied, the actions of the killer matches yours and most importantly you’ve been trying to pin this on Bridgette very hard.

Scott: If anyone else is the killer, it would be your fault that we pick you since you’ve been acting like the culprit. But it’s not the case, and you really are the killer.

Eva: Shut up…

Max: In the end the killer can only growl and murmur to defend herself, a pitiful display indeed!

Isn’t that also how we describe your evil? Like the time Jasmine wedgie you up a tree?

Jasmine: It’s pretty clear who the culprit is so let’s vote and end the Class Tr-

Eva: Don’t you dare!!! This Class Trial is not yet over!!!

Samey: What gives Eva!? You know you can’t hide anymore so just give it up.

Eva: Like I have anything to hide! It’s you who’s trying to get away with this.

Duncan: You really think we’re going to believe you. We know you did it and were going to vote for you so we all can get back to bed.

Eva: No you don’t, not until you show something that actually proves it me!

Harold: I think we should oblige, because the last thing we need is for her to kill someone after the voting.

Gwen: And we should also make this quick, since she might end up attacking someone if we keep her like this.

It’s about time we end this Class Trial once and for all. Time to present the one thing that shows Eva is the killer and it’s neither Samey or Dawn.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Tyler’s Testimony, Hammock, Monokuma File 13, Eva’s Testimony, Bridgette’s Testimony

Eva: This isn’t over yet! You have nothing that only points at me as the culprit.

Tyler: But you’ve been trying to pin this crime on Bridgette with a lie! Why else would you do it if you weren’t the culprit.

Eva: Like I said it was a mistake! I forgot that I was staying at the 2nd floor, so I accidentally said the 1st floor.

Sky: Do you think we’re going to fall for such a lie! You’ve been pretty confident about it until Gwen pointed out the problem.

Jasmine: And there’s no reason to believe you, since everything you said at this point has been a total lie.

Harold: You know Eva, if those were the only reasons it wouldn’t be enough to place the blame on you, but then there’s the fact you were part of the two groups the culprit belonged to.

Katie: The culprit was a girl and probably belonged to Scott’s group since they didn’t know how to properly get the raft. This is totally not a coincidence.

Eva: But what about Samey and Dawn!? Both of them also could be the killer!!!

Samey: My alibi is weak, but there isn’t a reason to believe I did it. There wasn’t any evidence pointing at me, and I never did anything suspicious.

Dawn: As well that Monokuma wouldn’t pick either of us due to showing no violence towards anybody. You however are easily consume with rage very likely to kill.

Eva: But it wouldn’t make sense picking me! Unlike you two I didn’t do anything worth his attention!

Duncan: That doesn’t matter since the person Monokuma wanted dead was Beardo, not whoever was going to be the killer.

This is about to end really soon, all I have to do it point out something about the culprit that Eva can fit, but not Samey or Dawn.

Solution: Tyler’s Testimony – could be the killer

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Are we sure that the two of them could lift Beardo’s body up to the hook? Taking a look at them and you’ll neither of them has the muscle to carry a big guy.

Samey: That’s right. I’m pretty light which is why I always pick to be throw up in the air.

Dawn: And being gentle requires looking like a timid young girl. It makes communing with the animals around me much easier.

Tyler: But Eva can carry the body like that, I saw her pull a bus by herself before.

Eva: H-Hey! They could have use a trick to lift him-

Noah: Then what is that trick? I’m pretty sure there would be evidence lying around if something like that exist, like the other areas we search.

Bridgette: But there isn’t any Eva, that’s because there wasn’t any trick to begin with.

Eva: That still isn’t enough to say the killer was someone str-

Gwen: That’s isn’t the only thing proving that Eva, how the killer move Beardo from the cabin to the tropical island will also show the culprit’s strength. Once that’s done it will show that only you could have done it.

Eva: Your all talk! There’s no way you would know what the culprit did!

Gwen: Let’s just see Eva. You weren’t so good at hiding the earlier parts, and this one shouldn’t be any exception. This is how you got Beardo to the crime scene!

P.T.A (VS Eva)

Eva: I will crush you!!!

Eva: Don’t you dare!

Eva: I’ll get my revenge!!!

Eva: Shut up, shut up!!!

Eva: Why am I the only accuse!? This isn’t fair!!!

Eva: Your lying through your teeth!

Eva: This is over and I won!

Eva: Your going to get us all killed!!!


Eva: There’s no way you would know how Beardo was moved! You never even talked about it until!!!




Answer: Wrap Around Torn Hammock

Gwen: This is over!!!


Gwen: You use the hammock to move Beardo away, didn’t you!?


Lindsay: Wrap around with a hammock? How does that work?

Gwen: It’s simple, when Eva was setting up the murder at the island she must have seen the hammock after knocking down one of the palm tree. That’s where she got the idea to sneak in the boy’s cabin and then wrap him around in order to keep quiet and secure.

Cody: I see, since getting wrap around by something would make it difficult for you to move or even talk if it reached your mouth.

Jasmine: And if they did it hard enough it could knock him unconscious without using some weird chemical.

Gwen: Of course to do this they would need to be strong so that the pressure would exceed whatever struggle Beardo would do, and judging by how he was in the past days it would be a lot.

Samey: So only a strong person is capable of moving Beardo out of the cabin and then to tropical island in order to drown him.

Dawn: And it’s clear the only person capable is Eva, this trial is finally over.


Gwen: Let’s wait for Eva to calm down before we vote. In order to pass the time we should recap the entire murder.


Now this incident was cause by the actions of recent events. The attacks that injured, but never killed a single victim. All of these were committed the Attacker, the victim of this case Beardo. Apparently Monokuma had him do all these, by instructing him when someone was vulnerable enough to be attack. Most of these incidents required noises to distract or frame other people to make sure the victims wouldn't be able to fight back. While all of them were succesful, nobody was killed like Monokuma wanted so he decided to backstab him by ousting him as the Attacker to a certain individual that he knew would kill him for everything he did.

The culprit began there set-up the afternoon at the day of the murder, otherwise they wouldn't have enough time to set-up crime and if they did it the day before there would be a chance someone would have figured out what she was up to. They chopped down one of the palm trees at the tropical island and then cover it with car oil in order to make it more slippery. Afterwards they place it in position where it was tittering towards the ocean. The hammock on the island probably fell off after that and thanks to that the killer also came up with a way to capture Beardo more easily.

Then night time came and the killer made there move. While Beardo was asleep in his room the culprit broke throught the back door of the cabin and then reach her target. Wrapping around the hammock in his face it muffled his voice and after a few minutes he passed out from all the pressure. The killer drag there vulnerable victim to the docks and then tranfering it to the tropical using one of the boats. They tied up Beardo at the edge towards the ocean so that once he wakes up he would struggle after being tied and with the oil and the shape of the tree it would spin and face Beardo to the water.

You would think the next move was driving back to the docks to establish an alibi, but the killer had a creative move as there next course of action. To be discreet about moving back and forth they made a hidden route going from and to the main island and the fishing bay. By throwing a harpoon tied to dock towards the shore of the beach it lead to a make shift road that can easily traverse back and forth. Of course they couldn't just rapel by themself so they used one thing that could float on the water while keeping her dry. The emergency raft place in the fishing dock.

This is where the culprit began making mistakes in there plan. Due to now knowing how to properly deactivate the security bolts they forcefully destroying them. This got them their vechicle, but it also left a clue that the culprit was in Duncan's group, the only people who had no idea how to properly remove them. The culprit then made there first trip back to the main island and arriving at shore they headed back to the cabin to pretend they were asleep.

Beardo who had woken up from his assault found himself in a predicament and with his reflex kicking in he began to struggle against the rope. This spinned the tree to push Beardo underwater and with no way to escape he drowned without the culprit having to be there. Monokuma then use this time to call everyone in the girl's cabin with a fake warning in order to prepare the fake alibi for the killer. Bridgette who was already a victim of the attacks began to feel anxious so she began to go surfing in order to relax. This act became crucial about finding the culprit while placing Bridgette as a suspect.

With that part done, the killer began to finish up with her set-ups to throw off the true crime scene and hiding the actual method of the murder. By using the rope going to the shore to the docks, she drove one the boat she left at the docks to the island and then picked up Beardo's body. She took his corpse to the hooks for the dead fishes at the fishing bay and coldy hanged it on a hook. If this disacration wasn't bad enough she also slit his throat using the fillet knife lying around the there. She then threw a bucket of fish blood and guts to one of the vats in the water purification center to make it look like the crime.

Driving back to the fishing bay the boat ran out of gas so they used the rope method one last time. Done with this they dispose the emergency raft and headed back to the cabin. This was also the time they saw Bridgette swimming in the deeper parts of the shore which they tried to use against her only for it to be the first step in proving her crime.

The culprit could only be someone who fit the criteria of being very psychically strong, had no knowledge how to get the raft and was a girl...

Scene: Gwen glaring at Eva who has a enrage glare.

Gwen: Eva, there's no way you can fight your way through this.


Eva: ... If you really think it's me, then do it! Vote for me and end this stupid game!!!

Bridgette: I'm honestly disappointed Eva, I didn't even think you would kill someone.

Scene: A roulette containing all the contestants faces began to spin. It stops at Eva and the guilty sign on top glows with a lot of MonoCoins falling down signifying the vote was correct again.


- Monokuma confirms to everyone that they got the right person again and it was Eva who killed Beardo. He admitted he choice her, because he knew she would have definitely killed soon, so he took advantage of it to get her to kill the person he wanted dead.

- Eva admitted that she was always planning to kill since there wasn't any progress about escaping, and originally the target was going to be Bridgette. However with the note she changed in the last second who she would pick which explains how the murder was very thoughtout even though the culprit just got the note recently. This shocks Bridgette that she starts to tear up.

- When Sky tries to get Eva to apologize, she doesn't comply and argues back. She said that Bridgette already killed someone so she's the one who deserves to be a victim. This causes Jasmine to get mad at her, but when Eva says that if she should be mad at someone, it should be Monokuma since he set everything up. Before her execution she encourages everyone to fight back against Monokuma, and not against each other. This was the words before the execution began.


Monokuma pounds the button with his gavel and on the screen shows an 8-bit Eva being dragged away by a Monokuma. In reality Eva suddenly falls down from a trap door that was right beneath her, and looking at the screen we saw where she was sent. It was on a platform that lies on top of an active volcano and many muscle Monokumas appearing with a dangerous glare towards the killer. Eva looks at all of them and then proceeds to crack her knuckles to show her eagerness to crush her foes.

The Monokumas who held dumbbells tried to use a dirty tactic by throwing them at her, but she just blocked them with her bare-hands. This amaze the muscles bears, but gave them fear and out of the hopeless emotion they made a panicking like attack towards their prey. Eva just grans there head and smashes them down the ground. The other Monokumas come charging in with weapons like chains, metal rods and other thug like tools, but they were all bested by Eva. Eva seems to be enjoying this power trip since she got what she wanted: The chance to beat Monokuma's face in.

Suddenly a bunch of helicopters enter the vacinity and with there doors open it shows a squad of criminal looking Monokumas. They all jump down to take down the raging woman, but the back-up didn't help. Eva just pounded them down with each one piling up one after another to a stack that wouldn't be believable if weren't seeing it. Eva however is looking like she's getting tired, with her heaving and double down posture it's clear the fight is reaching to her limit. Suddenly the helicopters left and this made her think that she has won the execution and she would go free...

But then the camera panned and showed the platform Eva was standing on was beginning to wobble. The massive weight by the amount of Monokuma's around and the continuous ratling of the volcano paints a clear picture about the future. The volcano is going to erupt and that before it does the platform will break before that happens. Eva tries to jump away to safety, but by the time she reached the edge the stable ground has broken off. She fell down along with the broken bodies of the Monokuma she taken down, and with the erupting lava gushing out the volcano top it burned down everything in it's way to the ground. Including Eva who died from that natural disaster.

- Everyone is still distraught about what happened, and Bridgette is the worse since she feels completely guilty about everything Eva brought up. Jasmine and Sky try to confort her while everyone goes back to the elevator to relax.

- Noah comes to Gwen and tells her that she finds it strange Beardo was able to pull everything off considering who he is, but then Monokuma comes in and drops a big shocker. Beardo has been able to do this for a while now, and everyone else to. When he was about to be contradicted, he brings up that everyone around seems to know how to commit complicated murders, despite being regular teenagers.

- These words made the two fearful about what is trully going on in the island.

- The mastermind is shown near the cliff smile saying that everyone will learn the truth about what happened before, but before that he must set an example to test out the resolve everyone has.


Thanks for reading and hopefully the next part comes out soon. Stay tune and see who will die and who will kill in the enxt chapter.

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