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If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class Trial they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.




























































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21st Victim



11th Killer



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3rd Victim



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2nd Victim



1st Killer



1st Victim

No.Alive 18

I'll be adding the evidence later, but for now I'll start the voting for the next victim. In the comments write down the three choices you want for the victim and among the Top 3 I will select one to keep you guys on your toes. Hopefully you have theories of this case's culprit by the time I submit the next part. Until then stay tune for the next part!

Evidence List:

Monokuma File 12:

Victims: Brick McArthur and Owen

Cause of Death: Slash in the Back of the Neck and Impalement

Time of Death: Between 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Additional Information: Brick has received a blunt injury in the back of his head and Owen was stab from the back to the front.

Ax: The murder weapon. It was stuck through the neck of Brick which cut his spinal cord.

Pick-up Truck: Found at the crime scene. It was parked near Brick's body and the keys for it was found inside.

Bloody Rope: Found at the back of truck, it has some blood on it at some parts however it doesn't reach even half of the rope.

Attached Ropes: A rope attach to a tree at the side and to the ground opposite of the body. It doesn't seem involve in the case, but things might be deceiving.

Sky's Testimony: Both ropes has an edge that looks cut so she suspects both ropes could be the same.

Boulder: Hidden inside one of tents. Heavy and big, it's very difficult to wield unless your strong. There is blood on it.

Cody's Testimony: On the boulder there looks like small bits of fabric attach to the boulder.

Footprints: Muddy footprints can be found a few distance away from the body. It runs straight to the hunter's cabin and then run's back to the cliffs. They match Owen.

Edge of the Cliff: The cliff's edge was broken which indicates Owen's death could be an accident however it is not yet confirm.

Extra Pair of Footprints: There is a pair of unknown footprints found near the edge of the cliff. It doesn't match the ones belonging to Owen.

Security Photos: Here is a recording of people who went and go through the mountain camp.

8:00 AM: Jasmine Leaves

9:30 AM Katie Leaves

9:35 AM: Lindsay Enters

9:45 AM: Lindsay Leaves

9:55 AM: Brick Enters

10:10 AM: Owen Enters

10:30 AM: Harold Enters via Truck

10:45 AM: Lindsay, Tyler and me enters

Lindsay's Testimony: The reason why we were the first people to find the crime scene was because Lindsay told us.

Harold's Testimony: The reason Harold entered the mountain side camp was because Brick told him to meet him there. He was first told to go to the automobile store, but it changed to the mountain side camp at the last minute. He said the reason was because of urgent matters.

Walkie-Talkie: Used by Harold and Brick, The recording left behind supports Harold's testimony, but it also makes Harold very suspicious.

Bullet Shell: Found near the hunter's cabin. It is the shell of the bullet hidden by the first people in the area.

Max's Testimony: He heard a gunshot coming from the mountain side camp. That's why Eva saw him running like a coward heading back to camp.

Voice Changer: One of the prizes of the games at Lindsay's party. It was one by Beardo.

Beardo's Testimony: The voice changer can be find anywhere else since it's being sold around, especially at the MonoShop.

Used Bandage: A small bandage was found near the crime scene. The blood is just a tiny amount like a small wound.

Katie's Testimony: While she was asleep, she heard someone panicking for some reason.

Security Camera Blindspot: It seems that anyone can climb the trees near the mountain side to jump over the camera's range, however you can't pass through the mountain camp without being caught.

Monokuma's Testimony: He reveals that he did poison someone the day of the murder, but won't say who.

Duncan's Testimony: He was the last one to see Owen. It looked he was in hurry somewhere because someone asked him to meet up with them somewhere at a specific time. He mentioned the mountain side camp before heading out.

That's all the clues. Can you figure out the culprit behind this all? Leave it in the comments down below and continue voting for the victim vote. Stay tune for the Class Trial!

'Anyway' I'm curious about who do you think is the mastermind of this Killing Game. I would like to hear your opinion since we are getting ever closer to the final trial.


Monokuma: Welcome back to the Class Trial, we know how this goes. You need to figure out the blackened, the person who killed your two fellow contestants Brick and Owen. If you can get it right the blackened will be punish, but get it wrong and you’ll end up like Izzy and the rest of those guys.

I looked up at Izzy’s memorial along with the two new ones that were added. Brick and Owen had standard Xs, but Izzy’s was a pair of intersecting injections. That is a mess up way of remembering the dead even if she was a killer.

Gwen: Finally the bear stop talking. So how should we do this?

Scott: We should just vote for the culprit already since we all know who it is.

Harold: Guys, if you jump to conclusions we might end up-

Max: Don’t try to worm your way out of this you cockroach. We know you were the one who killed Owen and Brick.

Cody: Sorry Harold, but there is proof to support it.

Harold: Alright then, what is the proof? If it turns out to be real then I am the culprit, but if it doesn’t match up then it means I was frame.

Bridgette: I don’t know about being framed, but from what I can tell it will really make it more unlikely that you are the killer.

I 'seen' the evidence that points at Harold, but for some 'reason' I feel like there’s something iffy about it. Don’t know what it, but if I think this through it might come to me.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Boulder, Ax, Walkie-Talkie Records, Monokuma File 12

Harold: So I’m the main suspect of this murder. I want to hear everyone’s explanation before we start voting for me, because we might be making a mistake.

Jasmine: Alright, fair enough. So why do you all think Harold is the culprit?

Scott: We know that Harold and Brick have been meeting together lately in secret. So it would be easy for him to lure Brick out alone.

Shawn: Makes sense I guess, since Brick is always wary he wouldn’t be lured out by someone so easily. Still we need actual evidence to point this to Harold.

Max: Didn’t you check the victim’s pockets. There is the evidence needed to expose this pathetic excuse of a villain.

Eva: Ironic coming from you.

Max: Shut up! Inside Brick’s pockets was a walkie-talkie where both he and Harold communicated. We even have a recording of them meeting up each other.

Dawn: Are they speaking the truth Harold?

Harold: Yes. I received a call from Brick to meet him inside the automobile shop. However when I arrived he wasn’t there.

Eva: Liar! He was there and you smashed his head there. Afterwards you drove him to the crime scene with the truck.

Harold: No, that’s not what happened. When I arrive he wasn’t there, but he left a note saying he was being followed and that we need to meet up in the camp since he has security there.

Cody: Do you even have the note with you?

Harold; Right here! See, I’m telling the truth.

Scott: Like we’ll believe that, you probably wrote this note in order to help out with your made-up story.

The main reason their accusing Harold is because they think they know everything about the case. 'However' there is something in it that doesn’t fit at all with the evidence.

Solution: Boulder – you smashed his head there

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: I find it hard to believe Brick was knock inside the automobile shop, I mean the weapon can’t even be found in there.

Lindsay: Really? What is the weapon?

Lightning: I think it was some sort of big rock, was it called a stone?

Tyler: No Lightning, it wasn’t a stone, but a boulder. I think it was one of the boulders that fell off the mountain side when Katie went berserk.

Katie: Really? I don’t really recall that happening. Although I do remember yesterday I was hit with an injection when I woke up.

Maybe that’s the effect of the poison had, if so Monokuma must come from someone who is really smart.

Max: So what’s wrong with the boulder being use in the automobile shop. I mean if you have enough strength then you can lift it up and destroy your prey-

Noah: Does Harold look like he’s strong enough to lift up a boulder and hit someone in the head it?

Max: Hmm…well... I guess…

Noah: No he doesn’t.

Max: Yeah he doesn’t. You have a point there.

Gwen: That would mean your entire idea about the murder is completely wrong since Shawn wasn’t knocked out in the automobile.

Scott: Really now? Are we going to believe that?

Sky: Scott, do you still believe that Harold killed Brick by doing everything you said?

Scott: I have evidence to support that. I mean if you look at Brick’s security you’ll understand we should suspect Harold.

Beardo: Uhh…what do you mean by Brick’s *alarm noises*?

Samey: Are you perhaps talking about this piece of evidence?

(Boulder/Ax/Security Photos/Bloody Rope)

Answer: Security Photos

Samey: Brick installed a camera to replace the alarm he made in the mountain side camp, so it should record everyone who went there.

Scott: Exactly and something in one of the photos is the main reason I suspect Harold as the culprit

Scene: Harold driving the truck to the campsite

Scott: You see, Harold is driving towards the crime scene with something you can use to hide the body.

Tyler: But I don’t see the body anywhere.

Scott: It’s hidden you idiot. He kept it inside the truck at the front in order to make sure the camera wouldn’t see him with the body.

Gwen: But then why would he go there if he knew a camera is there waiting for him? It would beat the purpose of using a truck.

Scott: I…I don’t know. It’s not like he had any reason to go here with a truck other then to hide the body.

Jasmine: OK the evidence might be iffy, but I can see why we can still suspect Harold. He’s done some suspicious things lately.

Eva: Also the boulder could have been something Harold did to throw off suspicion on him.

Shawn: True, he could have place blood on it to make it look like the weapon that knocked out Brick when it really was something else.

I don’t know about that. Sure Harold is a bit sketchy with his actions lately and if the murder really happened at the automobile he will be the culprit, but I highly doubt Brick got attack there for reasons.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Security Photos, Bloody Rope, Ax, Truck

Harold: I’ll admit it now, I was inside the automobile shop and I did drive the truck, but that was because Brick told me to go there and meet with him immediately in the mountain side camp.

Scott: Do you think we’ll just believe you?

Harold: The note and the recording should be proof enough. I mean you even hear Brick’s voice and the note should match his handwriting.

Sky: But there is no way to confirm that Harold, I wish we could, but as long as we don’t have the materials needed it’s not going to happen.

Harold: …I get it. I have no way to prove my innocence so hopefully someone else otherwise… were might end up falling to despair while getting killed.

Gwen: Let’s just say Harold is the killer, how was able to commit this murder and how did the crime scene end up like it was.

Max: Well Harold just hit Brick in the back of his head while meeting with him in the automobile and then afterwards tie him up while taking him to the mountain side camp.

Noah: And why would Harold do that?

Eva: Isn’t that obvious! To hide the real crime scene! He wanted it to make it look like the murder happen there so he could remove suspicion of himself. He even made a recording of him and Brick planning to meet up there when he never even arrived.

Harold: Then explain how could I make a recording like that if I killed Brick.

Scott: That’s easy, you just said that to him when you saw into the automobile shop so it would like he went there when he never did.

Max: I guess you all understand that it is indeed possible that Harold could be the murderer. In fact it’s not a possibility but the truth. Hahahaha!!!

Noah: You know you have a pretty good argument if it weren’t for the end there.

Instead of criticizing how over-dramatic Max is, we should criticize what they said Harold did. If what they say is true, a piece of evidence we have should not exist. I just need to show it to them and let everything else fall into place.

Solution: Security Photos – when he never did

Samey: Your mistaken!


Samey: Scott, your own evidence is proving you wrong.

Scott: Really? How then?

Samey: Because in the camera there was a record of Brick entering the mountain side camp. It means he actually went there by foot, not through Harold’s truck.

Max: Y-You don’t know that! Brick could have briefly went there and left.

Gwen: Then there would be a record of him leaving the place, but we all know there isn’t any.

Lightning: So what does that mean? Harold isn’t the guy were looking for?

Duncan: Nope. These guy just made the wrong assumption about the nerd doing this.

Eva: Fine! We’ll admit were wrong, are you happy now!

Looks like everyone is now backing off with accusing Harold, that should make things easier for me for a while.

Scott: Still, that doesn’t explain a piece of evidence I found that still points at Harold being the killer.

Sky: This again Scott? What is it?

Scott: Look during the investigation I found something pointing at the truck and the driver of the thing.

Bridgette: And what would that be?

Scott: A bloody rope in the back of the truck. This should be plenty of reasons to suspect Harold for the murder even with the evidence.

Tyler: Just great is there anyway we can end this tirade against Harold?

Harold: If you can find something else to explain the rope it should be enough to convince Scott that I’m not the culprit of this murder.

Yeah… the rope has another explanation other 'then' Harold containing evidence and that explanation 'is'… I have no idea, but I’ll get to it now!


1) Where was the bloody rope found?

(Inside the Truck/Back of the Truck/In the Crime Scene/In the Automobile Shop)

2) Was it place on there before or after Harold arrived in the mountain camp?


3) What is proof he it wasn’t there before he arrived?

(Security Photos/Bloody Rope/Walkie-Talkie/Rifle)

4) When was it really place in the back of the truck?

(When Harold Killed Brick/When Harold Arrived at the Crime Scene/When Harold Drove)

Answer: Back of the Truck, After, Security Photos, When Harold Arrived at the Crime Scene

Samey: I understand now!!!


Samey: Scott, again if you look at the photos you’ll know the rope wasn’t place in the back of the truck when Harold was arriving at the crime scene.

Tyler: Because it shows the back of the truck and the rope isn’t there. Now I get it.

Lindsay: Your so smart Tyler, you might even become the top student in my school.

Tyler: You think? Aww…

Uhh… you know it was me who brought it up, not him.

Scott: Well…he might have place it when he pa-

Sky: And why would he do that? All he would be doing is make himself more suspicious.

Scott: Fine! Maybe Harold isn’t the killer after all! Sorry for accusing you this quickly.

Dawn: I thought the last Class Trial would give you a listen in being more patient and understand towards others. This is the same treatment you were given.

Scott: Yeah! I get it! I’ll try to be more careful next time.

Cody: Hopefully there isn’t going to be a next time, I never want to a Class Trial ever again.

I agree with you Cody, I never want to suffer staying ever again. However knowing this place I probably will end up getting stuck with this again unless I ended up becoming…

Samey: So it looks like all the accusation against Harold is gone, now we can focus on the-



Shawn: I’ve been planning to stay quiet the entire time since I didn’t want to accuse anyone, but there is still things I find weird about Harold’s actions.

Samey: Shawn, what would that be?

Shawn: You remember Harold said he was being called by Brick with an emergency meeting and he ended up dead during the schedule he made, even you should find it weird.

Harold: I understand and I would suspect myself to, but I’m really telling the truth.

Shawn: I want to believe you…but you need to prove it first before I can accept.

Harold: If I could I would.

Lindsay: Hey Samey, mind-

Samey: I’ll try defending Harold, because I’m really doubting him as the culprit.

And 'I’m use' to this treatment to when I was school. Always doing the dirty work of others, at least it makes myself look useful to others.


Evidence: Voice Changer, Walkie-Talkie, Beardo’s Testimony

Shawn: Don’t you find it strange Brick died at the time Harold was suppose to meet him?

Shawn: You can’t say this isn’t strange at all.

Shawn: It’s like finding half-eaten brains inside a lab.

Shawn: You need to put two and two together.

Shawn: It would be easy to for Harold to lure out Brick.

Shawn: The conversation between the two shows that.

Shawn: And everyone knows they were meeting each other.

Shawn: Ever since Owen made himself look suspicious.

Samey: I understand what your getting at and yes it is possible for Harold to be the culprit, however many of the evidence doesn’t match up.

Shawn: Yeah, the security photo and the boulder.

Shawn: While the boulder can be explained, the security photo is the problem.

Shawn: It’s clearly showing Harold driving to the crime scene.

Shawn: But it also shows someone is placing suspicion on him by placing the rope there.

Shawn: However is there a possibility the camera was tampered?

Shawn: He’s good with technology so he could have done it.

Shawn: I’m not saying it’s likely, just it could be a possibility.

In the end were always going back to the conversation Harold had with Brick, if I can give an explanation for that then it might enough to end all the accusation against Harold.

Solution: Voice Changer – The conversation between the two

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: The thing is the person Harold was talking to wasn’t Brick, but the culprit.

Shawn: Huh? Are you saying Brick killed himself! But that’s impossible with the way he died!

Bridgette: I have to agree with him, it would be difficult to hit yourself in the neck with an axe.

Samey: No, the person who Harold talked wasn’t Brick, but someone else entirely.

Katie: Didn’t you pay attention Samey, the voice is clearly Brick’s. Everyone can recognize it almost immediately.

Samey: Unless someone can modify their voice in order to sound like Brick, which is possible with the voice changer.

Cody: A voice changer?

Beardo: Oh yeah! I won that back at Lindsay’s party by beating Harold in a beat box competition. It was a fun night since I could show everyone how I really am.

Tyler: Does that Beardo is the culprit?

Beardo: *Car brake noises* …H-hey this isn’t funny…I didn’t do anything…

Lindsay: No, probably not since you can voice changer thing anywhere. I got it inside the market where they were selling all types of goodies. It only cause me about 10 MonoCoins.

Bridgette: That is surprisingly cheap for something that can change your voice.

Tyler: So that’s what the culprit tried to do. They were trying to frame Harold using the voice changer and their secret relationship.

Harold: I see…guess it makes sense to frame me, the easiest person to frame with how me and Brick were secretly meeting together. …Not like that I mean!

What are you talking about Harold?

Shawn: Guess we know that Harold isn’t the culprit, but what does that mean for us?

Jasmine: It means everything about the automobile shop and the truck was all a set-up by the real culprit.

Scott: Does that mean we can’t use anything about that to point out who did this?

So was everything that Scott and other said was a complete waste of time? I don't want to believe it.

I'll end it here for now, but the next part should come in a few days from now. Anyway have an idea who the culprit is? Leave it in the comments down below and stay tune for the next part. Also you should probably be discussing this don't want to get the culprit wrong again, am I right? ;)

Noah: Hmm…there is something we can use their, but I want to understand everything else about the case before mentioning it, because it might just be me overthinking.

Gwen: You know it would save us time if you just say it already.

Noah: I just want to be safe about this, because we only one chance and we don’t want to mess it up unless you want to make Monokuma happy.

Katie: That is the last thing anyone want here.

Monokuma: Hmm… and don’t want to make any of you guys happy either, here were even!

Sometimes Monokuma is like a small child, he’s cute but really bratty and annoying. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the part involving executing everyone.

Lindsay: So what are we going to talk about?

Sky: How about the way the victims died. We know Brick wasn’t killed at the automobile shop so he had to be killed inside the mountain side camp. We need to understand what happened there before reaching any conclusions.

Max: And there is that boulder, even with my superior intellect can’t find a way to use it with my bare hands! That is a problem we need to solve.

Jasmine: Surprisingly that is good starting point for the conversation. Alright let’s talk about that then.

Yeah, the first thing I brought up that was weird about their idea on how Harold killed Brick. Now we can finally understand how that 'is involve' in the murder.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Boulder, Security Photos, Attached Ropes, Cody’s Testimony

Gwen: So the first thing we need to figure out about the murder is the boulder. How was it use to hit Brick in the head?

Duncan: Boulder is really big and heavy, it would take someone with serious muscle to carry that thing and kill someone with it.

Tyler: The only people here who fit that description are Lightning and Eva.

Eva: You think it’s me!? I wasn’t even close to the mountain side camp!

Lightning: This is completely stupid, no way I would waste my time playing with rocks.

Beardo: Hmm…I don’t know, both of them doesn’t have any alibis, but there really isn’t anything pointing to them other then *muscle flexing noises*.

Cody: We can try thinking outside the box and say the culprit used another method to use the boulder other then carrying it.

Duncan: Like what? They rolled the thing to Brick?

Scott: It’s not like there’s a catapult here to throw it. No one uses those things anymore.

Lindsay: I wonder…did they drop it on top Brick to kill him. Like those weird cartoon things!

Harold: Lindsay…if they try to do that, there wouldn’t be anything left of Brick. It’s just his head that got hit.

A boulder is a weird weapon to use, since there is a lot of better weapons out there. Maybe the culprit found a creative to use it, who knows.

Solution: Cody’s Testimony – another method to use the boulder

Samey: I think your right!!!


Samey: Cody, remember there was something attach to the boulder when we checked it?

Cody: Umm… I think it was fabric, it was soft and had color on it.

Jasmine: Yeah, that definitely sound like fabric, but why is it important? There wasn’t any fabric in the crime scene.

Dawn: Jasmine it was on the boulder… I would think such a detail would resonate a type of connection to it and the boulder which is involve in the crime.

Shawn: But like Jasmine said, there wasn’t anything fabric in the crime scene.

Samey: That’s the thing, I don’t think it is fabric. I think this is something else.

Scott: If it then tell us already, what is that thing attack the boulder?

I have to think about this carefully. This is the key to figuring out the method the culprit used in using the boulder. If I can figure it out then I can solve this part of the mystery.



Answer: Bits of Rope

Samey: That’s right!


Samey: Cody, the thing on it isn’t fabric, but small strands of rope left behind.

Cody: Strands of rope huh? Well the colors match since rope is usually brown.

Lightning: But was there sha-rope in the crime scene? Lightning wasn’t paying attention since I was hungry.

At least we know someone who’s going to carry the torch for Owen.

Jasmine: Hmm…there should be rope, I remember seeing last night while watching over Katie.

Katie: By the way, none of you guys have inform me about that. What happen to me yesterday?

Harold: We’ll explain once the Class Trial is over, but for now we should focus on the case. Jasmine, the rope you mention do you think it was the one we found attach to a tree on the side of the cliff?

Jasmine: Really? I never saw it so I wouldn’t know.

Max: Good thing I brought it with me, seeing how you would all be lost with my superior intelligence.

Eva: We don’t need to hear about your ego, we already have enough of that with Lightning.

Jasmine: Let me see that.

Max: Don’t I get a thank you, it’s the least you can do for the one and only true lord of ev-

Jasmine: Thank you, now let me see. Hmm… yup this is the rope inside the mountain side camp even though I remembered it was longer, so why is it attached to a tree at the side of the cliff?

Samey: That’s why we said this might be involved with the murder since it’s really unusual.

Harold: So that could be the clue to figure out how the boulder was use to hit Brick in the back of his head.

Noah: But there isn’t enough evidence to figure out exactly what happen so we need to discuss this in further detail.

True, but if you know that Noah, why aren’t you saying anything?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Attached Rope, Bloody Rope, Cody’s Testimony

Noah: So we know that the boulder had a rope tied around it before, but does it help in anything?

Cody: I think every detail will help no matter how small it might look.

Bridgette: We know the rope was definitely the one on the side of the cliff since it was the one that matches the small bits left on the boulder.

Beardo: Maybe we can connect this rope to another evidence. You know like we can *tying shoes noise.*

Duncan: If there was anything to connect it to, but I there wasn’t anything like that in the camp.

Jasmine: The rope itself could tell us how the culprit used it to hit Brick, like they swung it from a distance.

Eva: You would need to be strong as me and that idiot to do it, and I’m not the culprit.

Bridgette: It’s possible Brick triggered a trap that ended up having a boulder run over him or drop on top of him.

Tyler: There would be more injuries then that. I can tell from experience in the show.

Harold: I don’t want to put myself in anymore suspicion, but do you think my truck had anything to do with it? It feels weird being there without being involve in the case.

Scott: Hey! I thought we remove all the suspicion directed towards you.

Harold: I know, but I want to find the truth just like you guys even if it makes me sound more suspicious.

The rope attach to the boulder, how was it use? Well connect the rope with this and you’ll be able to see it.

Solution: Attached Rope – connect this rope to another evidence

Samey: You might be right!


Samey: I wonder, is it possible the rope that connected to the boulder was connected to the bloody rope found at the back of Harold’s truck?

Sky: Maybe, with how it was place to make Harold more suspicious, it would make sense.

Jasmine: Does it match the rope Max brought here?

Duncan: Don’t know, Max took it with him when we found it. He said it was vital evidence so he was planning to present it in order to play the “villain” here.

Max: I don’t need to play the villain Duncan, I’m always the villain! And don’t you dare talk to me with that tone, it makes it sound like I’m incompetent.

I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I can see why Duncan thinks like that.

Eva: So do you have the rope with you right now?

Max: Of course I do, it’s right he-…Oh!

Beardo: Why did you say oh? It looks like you had the rope with you.

Max: But this isn’t the rope with the blood of the killer’s victim on it. It’s the rope attach to the tree.

Lindsay: I see! Because that rope was the same one Jasmine showed to everyone here.

Bridgette: Strange, Jasmine is holding the rope Max gave earlier right there.

Jasmine: Yeah I still have mine, so why-

Beardo: *slot machine noise* Jackpot! The reason you’re both holding ropes that look the exact same is because they were originally one rope.

Cody: Or they are the same type of rope, you shouldn’t just jump to conclusions like that Beardo.

Lindsay: So which rope is the bloody one?

Max: I think mine since it has the color of scarlet on it. Blast! Why did I say that pathetic excuse of an assistant’s name after everything she done!

Tyler: Well the ropes are part of the murder since the they have blood on it. It has to be Brick’s since Owen died far away from the crime scene.

Lindsay: Samey do you get it what’s going on, because I don’t.

Samey: This might be wrong so don’t take it seriously yet, but if the two ropes were one thing, the way the culprit used the boulder was-



Cody: Samey, the ropes are just the same type, you don’t have proof the ropes were actually just one big one.

Samey: But it would make sense, since Jasmine said the rope was longer then before.

Jasmine: True, if you combine the two ropes, they would match the rope I had with me there.

Cody: Still that doesn’t mean it actually happened. You need to show solid proof to make us believe that.

Shawn: Sorry you two, but I have to agree. It’s like saying two zombies come from the same place, because they look alike. You can never tell where a zombie ever came from.

That’s a weird example, guess I understand now what Jasmine has to put in the relationship.

Samey: Then I guess I have to prove it to you before we move on then.


Evidence: Cody’s Testimony, Sky’s Testimony Attached Rope, Bloody Rope

Cody: Samey, I get where your coming up with that solution.

Cody: Since both ropes are the same type they both must have been a big one before.

Cody: You have an idea on what happened base on that.

Cody: I would like to believe it, but we need to be careful.

Cody: Your theory might end up wrong and we might draw the wrong conclusion.

Cody: And we don’t want to draw the wrong conclusion.

Cody: It will mean everything here happened for nothing.

Samey: I understand how you’re feeling Cody, I really do. Still I’m not going to back out with what I said, I know how this happened and I will prove it.

Cody: Then prove know if you can.

Cody: That both ropes in the crime scene was actually one big one.

Cody: I would like that since it would mean we’re a step closer in finding the truth.

Cody: Still we need to be cautious with how we handle this.

Cody: If you only believe this because of what Jasmine said then it’s not enough.

Cody: She hasn’t shown anything that proves this.

That is true, Jasmine never showed any proof about this, and neither did I. Better late then never since I have the evidence with me right here.

Solution: Sky’s Testimony – both ropes in the crime scene was actually one big one.

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Sky, don’t you remember what you said about the two ropes?

Sky: You mean before Max took the bloody rope with him?

Max: Hey!

Noah: I think that was the only time you did say something about, so of course that’s what she meant.

Cody: Sky, what do you know about the ropes?

Sky: Cody, when I took a look at the ropes, I notice the ends were uneven. It looked like they were made by cuts.

Bridgette: Was there only a cut on one edge of each of the rope?

Sky: Yes, the other ends didn’t look damage at all.

Cody: I see, so this is why you think the ropes were actually one. Sorry for doubting you.

Samey: It’s alright, at least your trying your best to be careful here, that’s good thing.

Jasmine: Everyone here makes mistakes so we need to take part in helping each other, so don’t be ashamed for it.

Eva: OK, we get it! Cody did something stupid and we all accept his apology. Doesn’t help in finding the culprit, unless it can get Samey to open her mouth.

Samey: Huh?

Wait! Is she going to-

Shawn: Eva, are you accusing Samey for the murder!

Eva: No! I’m not accusing her for anything yet. I just want her to say what the killer did with the boulder and the rope.

Oh yeah, I was going to say how the culprit was able to hit Brick until Cody interrupted me.

Scott: You heard her Samey, what did the culprit do in order to hit Brick with the boulder.

The two ropes were actually one long one, meaning it has a long reach. That would mean the method the culprit used to hit Brick was…

(A Trap/Swing the Boulder/Throw the Boulder/Drop the Boulder)

Answer: Swing the Boulder

Samey: They waited for Brick to arrive to the crime scene and there, they swung the boulder right at him.

Lightning: Swung at him? Like they push the boulder to the Soldier Dude?

Dawn: I think what she meant was that the culprit had the boulder attach to a rope and then moving it in a position where the rope would swing and hit the victim on the head.

Tyler: But to do that, you would need a place where the boulder would stay in position without swinging, if they didn’t Brick would have seen it coming.

Noah: There was a ledge with a bunch of rocks in the way so maybe the culprit place the boulder there in order keep it in the place.

Harold: But then how did they get the rocks out of the way? If they kept staying there the entire time, the boulder would never swing.

Max: They could remove the rocks by hand.

Bridgette: Then they would have been hit by the boulder since it would start swinging while they picked up the rocks.

Sky: So what Harold said still remains unsolved, that’s not good at all.

Definitely not good, and honestly I have no answer for that.

Gwen: Do you guys want to hear the answer?

Katie: Gwen, you have an idea on how the culprit? If you do then say it already.

Gwen: We’ll I’m not yet sure if this what the culprit did since it would require having certain knowledge to pull this off, but I guess it’s better then just standing around and do nothing.

Eva: So what did the culprit do in order to get the rocks outs without getting hit by their own weapon?

Gwen: Well it involves a secret I found out about this island in the past few days. That is also my explanation why I haven’t hung out with anyone during those days.

Is she addressing that statement to me, if so thank you.

Scott: And you found something out, what is it then Gwen?

Gwen: Well I found out some of this island is mechanical. Part of this island is machinery.

Shawn: Machine, just like Pakhitew Island!? Oh man, don’t tell we’ll have to deal with a self-destruct sequence here.

Monokuma: No worries, I never added one here because it’s stupid. I mean who in their right mind would want their place to explode!?

The host we had to deal with while being a reality star, but I rather not talk about him here.

Gwen: I don’t know much about what your saying Shawn, but I’ll just say. Some trees and rocks here can be activated and deactivated…which means they can be manually add and remove them if you know the controls. You don’t have to do them by hand.

Katie: Hold on! Is that how you were able to add new places here Monokuma?

Monokuma: Hmm….should I answer that or not? Ehh…I let them keep guessing, it’s not like it’s my responsibility to tell them or not.

One of the few things I though good about Monokuma was his responsible attitude, but now it vanish with what he just said. Should I think something else good about him? Maybe his bellybutton?

Harold: So culprit learned about this and used to their advantage. You got to admire how smart some of these killers are even if they try to get us all killed.

I wish they spent that time trying to get out of here then anything else. Why must we always turn against each other when we should be fighting Monokuma.

Tyler: OK, now we know how Brick’s death. The culprit used the trick they learned about the island and used it in order to have a boulder swing towards Brick to the head. But it didn’t kill him so the culprit finished the job by using the axe and hit him through his spine.

Shawn: But we don’t know Owen’s role in this and how he became a victim.

Duncan: So that’s the next thing we should deal with. How the Big Guy got dragged into this entire mess. You got to feel sorry for this guy.

Yes I do and I want to make sure we get the culprit in order to make sure we can avenge his death. I don’t like thinking like this, but this place is making me more like my sister and I don’t like it.

Beardo: Once we find the guy, he’ll *guillotine sound!*

I just wish we can end this Class Trial soon…so I don’t have to be like this anymore.

Harold: So where should we start with Owen’s murder? I mean it doesn’t look as planned like Brick’s.

Cody: Maybe, but you never know, the culprit could have also planned to kill Owen.

Jasmine: You know, that is good starting point. Figuring if Owen’s murder was part of the plan or not.

Shawn: Since Owen could have been unlucky and ran to the killer. That’s the worst, it’s like entering a building completely overrun by zombies.

That would really suck if that was what happened, Owen was one of the nicest guys here so him being killed like that is just far too cruel.

Noah: Alright, as long as it helps us find this killer, I’m fine with this. I’ll make sure that person won’t get away with this.

Of course I should remember too that Noah is probably the most affected here losing a bunch of his friends in two Class Trials in a row. I wonder if he’ll be alright after this trial.

Scott: Is it really possible to find out if this murder was planned or accidental? Things like that are left to the culprit’s mouth, but that guy wouldn’t confess at this point.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 12, Footprints, Edge of the Cliff, Duncan’s Testimony

Lightning: So were done with Soldier Guy’s death, now is about the Big Man’s death. Lightning has no idea how this is going down.

Noah: How this is going down, is by talking about the important parts about Owen’s death and then we figure things out from there.

Lindsay: I think Owen died by getting stab by pointy rocks, right?

Tyler: Yes Lindsay and does pointy rocks come from the bottom of the abyss which was blocked by a mountain.

Scott: So in order to kill get Owen down there, the culprit lured Owen to the cliff and pushed him off.

Sky: Most likely, although we couldn’t take a look at the body since he was in the bottom of the abyss where none of us can reach.

Jasmine: Me, Shawn and Sky tried to repel down there, but the mountain is too slippery and none of us wanted to risk falling and end up like Owen.

Dawn: So were not able to learn if he had marks like Zoey did when Izzy pushed her to her demise. That makes solving this trial more difficult then usual.

Cody: But what we can tell is that Owen fell off the cliff and that’s how ended up killed like that.

Harold: But there is no way to figure out if Owen’s death was an accident or committed by the killer.

Beardo: Unless there was something that proves Owen was *dragging noises.*

Owen’s death was one of the saddest things to happen here, since it’s clear Owen wasn’t really involve in this murder unlike other victims. I just need to show them why.

Solution: Edge of the Cliff – pushed him off

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: Owen wasn’t pushed of the cliff, at the edge of the cliff there clearly a part broken off.

Shawn: Broken off? You mean part of the cliff fell off. Why would that happen?

Bridgette: Parts of a cliff normally breaks because something heavy is standing on top of it, so Samey are you saying Owen was standing at that part and that was why he fell to his death.

Samey: I don’t want to offend Owen, but seeing how big he is would it be that surprising?

Duncan: Not really. I seen the guy fell off roofs by just standing on them.

Tyler: So this wasn’t planned at all, Owen was just at the cliff and he fell off it because it gave away. Good to know this doesn’t involve the killer were looking fo-

Noah: Are you sure about that?

Tyler: Huh? What is it Noah?

Noah: Owen’s death may have come from falling off the cliff because the part he was standing on fell, but it’s clear he was part of the murder still.

Bridgette: And why would you think Noah?

Noah: Because there would be something about the murder that Owen would have stumbled into if he went to the cliff. I don’t need to tell you because it’s common sense.

Dawn: I know you should let people figure out the truth by themselves, but saying it like that is a bit harsh. Kindness might actually help in some ways.

Gwen: It’s alright Dawn, we have worse people to deal with then Noah and his sarcasm.

Max: Huh!? Why would you look at me with that look of disguise! I didn’t do anything!

Samey: Well if Owen was going to the cliff, he would have ended up stumbling into…

(The Crime Scene/Harold/The Set-Up/Monokuma Theatre)

Answer: The Crime Scene

Katie: I see! Because the crime scene is in the way too the cliff. You need to pass by the mountain side camp to get there.

Shawn: Not really pass by, but you would definitely see it since it was right next to the cliff. I guess Owen must have witness the murder.

Duncan: And the killer saw Owen and chase him. That’s how he ended up at the cliff and got killed by falling off. The guy is too afraid of cliffs he wouldn’t stand on the edge without a reason.

Max: Fools! You really believe such a false assumption is the correct answer to this mystery.

Eva: Is there anything wrong with it, why not you enlighten us then Pipsquek!

Max: Fine then! There is clear flaws in you assumption that Owen stumbled to the crime and I’ll show you at this very moment.

Gwen: You know I rather skip the theatrics and get straight to the point. Just explain to us why this is wrong.

Scott: *Sigh*… Why even bother, this guy hasn’t help anything at all this entire time. All he’s been doing is being a nuisance.

I would try to fight back since I hate it when people label others in a negative way, but there isn’t anything I can say that can defend Max. So I’ll just stay quiet on this.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 12, Footprints, Edge of the Cliff, Max’s Testimony

Max: I see none of you realize that your assumption that Owen stumbled upon is completely incomprehensible.

Lindsay: Uhh…what does incomprehensible mean?

Gwen: Max, it makes sense that Owen stumbled to the crime scene, it was on the way to the cliff.

Duncan: And do you really think Owen would go to the cliff for no reason, what probably happened was that he got chase to the cliff.

Max: You have nothing to support that! Since I don’t know anything that mean I’m right.

Jasmine: You idiot, did you even take a close look to the crime Max? From what I heard you ran away like a little girl during the investigation period.

Eva: When we looked for the guy before getting here, he was hiding in his room while hugging the bed frame. I had to drag him here.

Max: That never happened, besides why would Owen go to the cliff when he was running away from the culprit!? That will only lead him to a dead end and then he will be dead like he is now.

Scott: Finally this guy got a point, but it doesn’t really change anything we know about the crime.

Bridgette: All it did was leave us another problem to solve after this. So can we get this done already so we can move on!

Guess Scott was right that Max was only going to be a nuisance. While he brought up a problem, it doesn’t mean much to Noah’s idea. Guess I have to show him the evidence he wants.

Solution: Footprints –You have nothing to support that

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: Max, at the crime we found a trail of footprints leading to the crime to the cliff. Do you know who the footprints belong to?

Max: Why the culprit, I mean Owen wasn’t in the crime scene!

Beardo: If the culprit made those footprints this case would be *jackpot noise* already.

Max: S-So then who else could have made those footprints?

Katie: Who else but Owen’s. Like Noah said he ran into the crime scene, probably when the killer was still there, and then he got chase to the cliff like Duncan said.

Duncan: And that’s how he got to the edge of the cliff and fell, now your going to listen to me.

Max: N-Never! You didn’t destroy my other argument, that Owen wouldn’t run to the cliff, but instead to civilization to tell everyone about what happened.

Scott: That was only thing worth listening from you Max, and I have no idea how to respond to that.

Max: As you can all see, my argument is still valid. Unless you find a way to solve this issue, Owen didn’t encounter the crime scene and that is final.

Tyler: You know Owen could have just ran to the cliff because he panic, I wouldn’t think straight after seeing someone get hit by an axe.

Gwen: I don’t think that’s how it happened, there was something else going on that we don’t know yet and that is why Owen didn’t run to the cabins.

Shawn: But what would that something be then? Pretty sure you have nothing to say to that.

Gwen: Yeah… didn’t have much time to investigate since I was too busy checking the machinery.

Hmm…even I’m stump on this. As much as we don’t like him, Max actually made a strong point.

Lindsay: Samey…wasn’t there something we found near the place Owen died?

Samey: You mean the crime scene Lindsay. You need to be more specific.

Lindsay: Well wasn’t there something shiny, I know it’s not the best time…but is it jewelry, because I would like to keep it.

Tyler: Lindsay it’s not the time to talk about those things. We need to figure out this problem with Owen’s case.

Dawn: Actually Lindsay brought up a strong point Tyler, that shiny thing is the key in figuring the mysteries of Owen’s death.

Tyler: It is?

Noah: I see, what that shiny thing actually tells us what happened which made Owen run to the cliff instead of the cabins.

Sky: I found something near the crime scene, but it wasn’t really shiny so I can’t really help here.

Tyler: Samey, you have an idea on what their saying?

Samey: I might. Just let me think for a minute.

What they’re talking about is a piece of evidence that will tell us exactly why Owen ran to the cliff. It’s shiny and something near the crime scene, the only thing that can fit that is…



Asnwer: Bullet Shell

Samey: That’s right!


Samey: What was near crime was s bullet shell, I think. I’m not so good with guns.

Duncan: Bullet shell huh? Was it a cylinder that was color yellow?

Samey: Yes it was, but I didn’t take a close look at for long since I kept trying to keep it away from Lindsay’s hands.

Tyler: We have to get Eva to take the thing so she would stop.

Jasmine: Really, must have been rough dealing with Lindsay like that.

Lindsay: But it was shiny and cute, of course I wanted it. No one said it belonged to them so why not.

Are normal girls like this? They find things like a bullet cute just because their shiny?

Max: So a bullet shell was found at the crime scene, does that change anything about what I said?

Noah: Actually it does. The bullet tells us exactly why Owen did what he did in the crime.

Beardo: You better explain since I’m *cuckoo clock noise*.

Dawn: Well if the remains of a bullet was found near the crime scene, what happened there then.

Samey: Isn’t that obvious, if a bullet shell was there what happened was…

(Someone stab/Someone shot/Someone blow/Someone committed senpuku)

Answer: Someone shot

Cody: Hold on! I think I know where you guys are going with this! Someone shot at Owen, when he was running to the cabin.

Jasmine: I get it now. I would rather take my chances against someone hand to hand over someone with a gun.

Katie: But wouldn’t that mean the person who shot at Owen was someone else then the culprit? I don’t think Owen would have ran back unless the shot was at the hunter’s cabin.

Noah: But we know the killer was someone who was still mountain camp, and that they didn’t leave the place since they would have been seen by the camera. So they couldn’t be in the hunter’s cabin.

Gwen: There’s also Owen getting ahead start from the killer, they wouldn’t be able to pass by him and get to the hunter’s cabin.

Samey: Which must mean the person who made the shot wasn’t the culprit, but someone else. Maybe an accomplice of the killer?

Harold: Even if they were the accomplice, are we able to figure out who was it then at this time? If your going to ask my testimony, it won’t help since I didn’t see anyone there,

Well if they use the bullet hidden at the hunter’s cabin the culprit would be narrowed down to four suspects, but that isn’t really reliable and someone else could find the bullet so…

Samey: Unfortunately no, we don’t have enough evidence to narrow down this to someone, and I think it might be better to focus on the killer for now.

Bridgette: At least we get why Owen ran to the cliff, now where do we move on from he-



Max: You believe such thing by a mere shell, how amusing.

Samey: What is it now Max, can’t you see that your argument doesn’t mean anything anymore?

Max: No I don’t, because I have another ace up my sleeve to use against you. Do you want to hear it?

Gwen: Just say it and then we’ll be the judge of that.

Max: Very well! The ace I have is the fact you have no proof a gunshot ever occur.

Scott: Isn’t the bullet shell enough to convince you, because it’s enough to convince me.

Max: Hehehe…you will see that it means nothing once you hear my argument.

Or that your argument means nothing once I’m finish with you.


Evidence: Max’s Testimony, Edge of the Cliff, Footprints, Monokuma File 12, Bullet Shell

Max: You dare defy my words!

Max: I have spent time thinking this through and I see no wrong.

Max: That Owen didn’t run to the crime scene!

Max: Can you really attest the footprints without accessing the body?

Max: Can you prove the cliff broke because Owen stand on it?

Max: You prove that such things really happened without any witness!?

Samey: You should just give up already Max, everything is pointing that Owen was chased by the killer and that a gunshot made him go there.

Max: But nobody heard the gunshot.

Max: If they did they would have step forward by now, am I right?

Max: Of course nobody since it never happened.

Max: Of course unless no one was there, but I doubt it.

Max: The bullet shell was just a red herring made by the culprit.

Max: Are you amaze by excellent deduction?

Max: Don’t need to be ashamed about being wrong, because we all know I’m right.

I need to straighten this guy up and bring up why out of all people he should be the one to know he’s wrong.

Solution: Max’s Testimony - nobody heard the gunshot

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Max, you heard the gunshot! Didn’t you say that when we asked you why you were scared?

Max: Huh?

Eva: Hey! I remember that! You said the reason you didn’t want to investigate was because you heard someone shooting and you thought they were aiming at you.

Max: Umm…well how funny is that?

Jasmine: Max, is this true?

Max: Yes it is. I heard a gunshot at the hunter’s cabin. I just wanted to forget about since I almost died there.

I don’t think so, because the shot wasn’t directed to you. It was directed at Owen in order to stop from running, but I guess when you panic you don’t realize that.

Cody: Looks like everything is explained about the murders, but do we have an idea on who the culprit is?

Tyler: I don’t think so, anyone can do what we talked about.

Lindsay: So does that mean we can’t find the culprit? What are we going to do?

Noah: Actually with everything we know, nothing really points at anyone right?

Shawn: Huh? Didn’t you just heard us? Nothing is telling us who did this.

Noah: I see so that makes proving the culprit much easier than I thought. Since I was afraid they left something at the murders to incriminate someone.

Katie: So you know who did this Noah? I’m guessing Dawn knows who it is to.

Dawn: Well if you can recall about the place where the murder happened. You would know that sneaking into the place would be impossible.

Max: And is there a reason to believe that?

Scott: Because of the camera Brick installed there. It would record anyone going or leaving the place.

Noah: I see you can recall basic information. Now for the culprit to do this, they would have been recorder right?

Bridgette: But everyone who entered the place can’t be the culprit. Brick couldn’t kill himself, Owen was running away from someone and Harold was proven innocent earlier.

Duncan: Then what about Samey, Lindsay and Tyler, why can’t they be the culprit?

Lindsay: How rude! I was with them the entire time the murder happen…when was that again?

Maybe I should be the one to speak up.

Samey: Lindsay and Tyler may not have been with me the entire time, but if they had left the area they would been recorded entering in a separate time then us.

Eva: Actually Lindsay did enter before, but it did say she left so that doesn’t help us at all.

Harold: And I highly doubt the culprit was able to tamper with the camera otherwise they would have deleted everything on it.

Katie: So were stuck in a dead end, what now?

Noah: Believe or not Katie, but were not in a dead end. Let’s assume the culprit wasn’t recorded to have entered their this morning, what does that mean?

Shawn: What does it mean?

Samey: I think it means the culprit…

(Was one of the victims/Entered before today/Hid inside the truck/Scaled the cliff)

Answer: Entered before today.

Sky: That makes sense since the recording was only people who entered at the morning, not yesterday.

Dawn: And that is the key to figure out the murderer. We know the killer entered the mountain side camp before today and had prepared the murder while waiting.

Duncan: But is there anyone who was like that? I don’t think so.

Hold up! If they didn’t enter today that means they entered… and if that’s the case the culprit is…

Samey: I…I think know who Noah and Dawn are talking about.

Shawn: You do Samey? I don’t really get it myself.

Lindsay: Keep going Samey, I believe in you!

Samey: Thanks Lindsay, anyway the person who was there before today and could have set up everything in this murder was…


Have an idea who the culprit is? Leave it in the comments down below and stay tune for the next part of Total Drama: Danganronpa!

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Samey: It has to be you!!!


Samey: Shawn, can you clear up something for me?

Shawn: Samey…what is it?

Samey: Do you think Jasmine is innocent in this crime?

Jasmine: Hold on! What’s this about!? You think I’m the culprit Samey?

Shawn: There’s no way that Jasmine is the killer, I know for sure she didn’t kill Brick and Owen.

Jasmine: Thanks Shawn, that was so sweet.

Samey: Good to know you didn’t become a completely different person like Dave and Izzy. But I don’t know if this will make accusing you as the culprit easier or harder.

Shawn: Wait! What did you just say!?

Cody: Samey, your accusing Shawn! Why would you think he’s the culprit?

Samey: Because of what Noah said earlier. The culprit had to enter the mountain side camp before today and stay there until the murder, otherwise they would have been recorded by the security camera installed by Brick.

Scott: Alright, but how does it point to the Zombie Obsess Freak?

Shawn: I’m obsess with surviving against zombies, not the actual zombies.

Noah: I don’t know if any of you recall that last night Katie almost killed someone so we decided to send her to sleep somewhere else so she wouldn’t do anything while we were asleep.

Katie: I did something like that? I don’t really remember anything… actually I don’t remember anything at all since the party.

Beardo: We’ll inform after we *vote noise*

Gwen: But two people were needed to watch over her since they were afraid she might make traps or someone will do something to her, and does two who stayed with her inside the mountain camp I’m pretty you can figure out.

Tyler: It was Shawn and Jasmine who were both strong and adaptive so everyone thought they were the best ones for the job.

Max: But why are we immediately accusing the boy for this crime when it’s clear the woman could do it herself.

Jasmine: Hey! Were not yet certain that the culprit is one of us, we still need to discuss that.

Max: But usually it does and I really this time it will be any different from before.

Bridgette: Still he’s right, why are we immediately saying Shawn is the culprit when Jasmine is also a suspect for the same reason?

Noah: I’m pretty sure we have a vital reason to believe that, and I’m certain that Samey here will be able to say it.

Beardo: Not surprising since she pretty much *driving noises* us all the way here.

Thanks Noah, thank you for placing all the pressure to me. Well I think I do know what Noah is talking about so I guess it isn’t that bad.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Security Camera Blind Spot, Security Photos, Lindsay’s Testimony

Shawn: So your now going to accuse me for this, but there’s no reason except maybe we were there the night before.

Noah: So you fit the criteria the killer has, that is definitely suspicious.

Shawn: Alright you have a point, but that isn’t good enough to say I did it automatically. It’s just an idea right now, but your treating it like it’s already true.

Max: Because there is no other possible suspect other then you… no wait! There’s still Jasmine since she was there to!

Shawn: There is no way Jasmine would do this! It’s more likely that I did this then her, even if it’s not true.

Jasmine: Shawn, don’t put suspicious on yourself just to protect me besides there isn’t anything we should worry about. It’s just something they were thinking about, we don’t have to take it too seriously.

Katie: I don’t know Jasmine, with how the culprit committed the murder it really looks both of you could have done it.

Cody: Unless someone visited you guys last night and just stayed there.

Jasmine: No, there wasn’t any visitors although I felt like someone was watching us from afar.

Lindsay: Then that person is the one we should suspect.

Tyler: Lindsay, it could be just Monokuma so that isn’t really a good lead to follow.

Sky: I don’t know guys I want to believe them, but I can’t see a way for them to be both be innocent and have everything that we talked about still happen.

Both of these two helped me become more confident in Pakhitew Island, but I can’t let Shawn get away even if he is my friend. Otherwise the deaths will mean nothing in the end…

Solution: Security Photos – There’s still Jasmine

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: Shawn, like I said I think you’re the culprit because you were in the mountain side camp before today.

Shawn: I’ll already admitted to it, but it’s still not enough to place this on me.

Scott: Because Jasmine is also a suspect, so unless we have something to put at Shawn or prove Jasmine is innocent then we can’t do anything about it.

Lindsay: Samey, do you have proof Sean isn’t the culprit?

Samey: Other then the fact he was there before, not really.

Beardo: The momentum just went *rocket crash noises*.

Samey: But I do have proof that Jasmine isn’t the killer.

Noah: You better, otherwise I would have to step in and show to everyone what it was.

Then why didn’t you say it since you knew what it was? It would made things easier for me.

Jasmine: So Samey, what is the proof you have that I didn’t kill Brick and Owen.

Samey: Well if you take a look at the camera footage you would know what I’m talking about. It showed you running out of the camp and never coming back which means you left there at some point.

Duncan: Also Katie, who was being watched over in there so that takes her out of the suspect list.

Dawn: And that only leaves one individual who could still be there to kill the two victims in this unfortunate case.

Shawn: …

Samey: Shawn, you didn’t leave at all, that means you’re the one left who could have killed Brick and Owen!



Jasmine: Hold on a sec, there’s something wrong with you Samey?

Samey: Something wrong with me?

Duncan: With the way I’m hearing things, you’re the one who sounds wrong here.

I don’t want to be mean to Jasmine, but I’ve got to agree with Duncan here.

Jasmine: I’m surprise nobody here brought up the mistake Samey has with what she said.

Lindsay: What mistake? Did she write her best friend’s name instead of her own? Don’t worry I’ve done that plenty of times so don’t be ashamed.

Harold: Do you even see a test paper here Lindsay.

Jasmine: Guess I have to carry you guys since none of you are paying attention. Samey if what you said is true, then why wasn’t Shawn in the crime scene?

Samey: He… that’s right, he wasn’t there.

Jasmine: See your mistake now friend, if your saying the culprit never left the mountain side camp, then why was Shawn not found there?

I…I don’t know why, but I know I’m in the right track. I just have to think this through and figure out Shawn’s trick in this.


Evidence: Security Camera Blind Spot, Security Photos, Lindsay’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony

Jasmine: You have to realize your mistake Samey.

Jasmine: Shawn wasn’t there when you guys found the body.

Jasmine: The place had nowhere to hide so he wasn’t able to stay hidden.

Jasmine: Unless your saying he was hanging off the cliff, but that’s unlikely.

Jasmine: I doubt even he could hold on to that long enough for everyone to come there.

Jasmine: And even if he could, someone would have seen him climbing back up.

Samey: Jasmine, I don’t think Shawn actually hid anywhere in the crime scene, I’m thinking he found a way to leave the place without being seen by the camera.

Jasmine: I guess that’s possible.

Jasmine: He did just arrive to me and Katie before the body was found.

Jasmine: And he was in the crowd of people running after the body discovery announcement.

Jasmine: But wouldn’t have he been spotted by the camera Brick installed?

Jasmine: Like me and Katie who was clearly caught.

Jasmine: There was no blind spot for anyone to use for the camera Samey.

Jasmine: And while Shawn was there last night, he could left before midnight.

Jasmine: That would show how he wasn’t there at the photos.

She really has a good defense, that might be because she’s protecting her boyfriend. But there is no way she’s right, because if it was true then there is literally nobody who could have killed Brick and Owen.

Solution: Security Camera Blind Spot – no blind spot

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Jasmine, you and Katie may not realize it, but there was somewhere Shawn could have went in order to leave the place without being seen by the camera.

Jasmine: And what would that be?

Samey: Right next to the spot the camera was, there was a giant tree that was high enough to get outside the camera’s range.

Lightning: Are you saying Shawn smashed the camera with the tree?

Scott: If he did then the camera would be smash which is clearly not.

Sky: I know, he used it to jump over the camera’s vision. It’s not difficult for Shawn to do since he always practice it while we were competing.

Shawn: …

Katie: So that’s how he wasn’t caught when he left after the murder.

Duncan: So it’s Shawn, are we going to vote?

Noah: If your all fine with it then let’s just get this do-

Max: Hold on a minute!

Beardo: *steam noises* What is it Max?

Max: I must speak, because the great and evil of this island has notice something that contradicts in our story about the crime.

Scott: And what would that be? It better be good otherwise you’re going to be the most expandable person here.

Eva: Isn’t her already?

Max: Alright then I accept those conditions because there is no way I’m incorrect with this.

Sky: Just get straight to the point Max, what is wrong with what we said?

Max: First of all, how did Shawn distract Brick enough to get hit by the trap? Even if he can activate it The Soldier can just move out of the way and that is what should have happen considering the training he has.

Harold: Then what is the other?

Max: Why would he commit the murder without a motive? He has more to lose considering he has people who would be hurt if he did do this mediocre act.

Gwen: You know for once you have some good points there. Why would Shawn want to commit the murder?

I don’t know what it is, but I know that we need to figure it out soon before we finish this Class Trial and believe me I will find out.

Samey: I think we should start about the motive, since I really want to know why would Shawn want to kill Brick and Owen.

Jasmine: Samey, I know I told you to have confidence, but don’t jump to conclusions and automatically say it’s Shawn.

Scott: But at this point there really is no suspects other then him so we can say it’s him already.

Bridgette: Scott, she’s Shawn’s girlfriend and out of everyone here it’s probably the most difficult for her to accept this.

Cody: And in the end this is still a theory, Scott things might change later.

Scott: Fine, but I’m just saying it’s really unlikely this will be changing anytime soon.

I don’t want to agree with the jerk, but I think he’s right this time.

Tyler: So what was the motive given this time? I forgot since I was too focus in what we were talking about.

Lindsay: I think it was making people sick Taylor, you should really pay attention you know. But would being sick really make someone kill?

Duncan: It’s not a running nose or a tummy ache, it makes people go crazy, because of the weird poison Monokuma was injecting.

Katie: I’m guessing that was what happened to me, you guys don’t need to explain it to me anymore.

Sky: And another thing is that the poison will kill five people by the end of the week if a murder doesn’t happen.

Shawn: But there’s no way I was poison, if I was I wouldn’t be able to do something as complicated as this.

Cody: That is true, the poison makes people go into a frenzy rage.

Noah: But it might be worth checking out since it’s really unlikely the motive wasn’t involve with this seeing how the murder happened a few days after.

Scott: And you have to find a way to connect this with Shawn.

Sky: Not really Scott, Shawn might be the main suspect, but it’s not yet confirm.

Lightning: Whatever, Lightning just wants this dumb test over with as soon as possible.

This is going to be a bit of a toughie since I can’t really find anything to connect the poison with Shawn, so maybe I should look at this in another perspective.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony, Used Bandage, Security Photos

Max: So the poison, that is the key behind this entire incident. Such a cowardly method that I the greatest evil wouldn’t use.

Noah: You have to admit, it did work so it makes him a more successful villain then you.

Sky: Don’t treat it like it’s true. Were not even too sure that it was the poison that motivated Shawn to kill. There wasn’t anything about the poison Shawn was involve.

Bridgette: And nothing related to the poison seemed to happen lately. So why not we look at the other possibilities.

Duncan: You think Shawn had a grudge against Brick or Owen. Never saw him talk to them so I don’t think he would do this for a personal reason.

Gwen: Don’t forget Owen was just involve in the murder by accident so the real target was Brick. Is there any reason why would anyone want to kill Brick?

Beardo: Brick was always the *military horn noise* so nobody here has a motive. Shawn did talk to him lately, but it didn’t seem that bad.

Lindsay: Samey, do you have an idea what Shaunt and Brit could be talking about? I didn’t hang out with them at all.

Jasmine: You know guys, you should stop treating Shawn as the culprit. For all we know there might be something in the murder that proves his innocence.

Shawn: I doubt you could get them to change, there like people after becoming zombies. They will never go back to who they were.

So what was Shawn’s motive for killing Brick? Is it related to the poison or is it personal? If I think about these two possibilities I know one of them was being built up lately.

Solution: Monokuma’s Testimony - nothing related to the poison seemed to happen lately

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: About the poison, someone else was poison today.

Lindsay: Your so smart Samey, how did you know!? Were you the one who got poisoned!?

If I was poison I don’t think I would remember that happening like what happened with Katie.

Sky: It does match-up Monokuma’s motive. He said he would poison someone once a day until the five days end.

Shawn: But how does it matter to me, it’s pretty obvious that if I was poison I wouldn’t be able to kill Brick like that.

Cody: He’s right, even if being poison was a strong motivated, it’s also a hindrance since it removes your ability to think.

Katie: So the poison isn’t involve in this case. Let’s just forget about it and move-

Monokuma: Are you sure???

Noah: Finally you spoke up, I thought someone pressed the mute button on you. It would have actually been one of the few good things happening here.

Monokuma: Come one now, I’m just trying to help. Whelp I don’t need your permission so I’ll help you guys rather you like it or not.

Dawn: Of course you would, the person who embodies chaos and despair.

Monokuma: True, Shawn wasn’t the one who got poisoned, but saying it wasn’t involved is something you guys should really rethink.

Lightning: I don’t sha-understand.

Scott: Your saying someone else got poisoned and because of that it was what made Shawn kill off Brick for Brains.

Monokuma: That is if Shawn is the killer, but I won’t say it.

Although that little help does paint a clear picture already. Maybe you should have think it through.

Duncan: Alright, we now need to find the guy who got poisoned and once figure that out we’ll be able to pin Shawn’s motive.

Harold: I wonder if there is anyone here who would Shawn kill to save them.

Someone he would be willing to commit a murder for, I have an idea who that person could be.

Samey: Can I suggest someone for now?

Gwen: Samey, you have an idea who this poisoned person is. I don’t know the logic you used to find it, but I’ll trust it for now.

I don’t know if I should say the reason I thought about this person isn’t logical. Then again it’s the person who fits the bill with what we know about this.

Samey: The person who was poisoned today and because of that it motivated Shawn to plan this murder is none other then…



Samey: It has to be you!!!


Samey: You did this to protect Jasmine.

Jasmine: Me? Are you trying to drag me into this!?

Shawn: … Why would you think it’s Jasmine?

Samey: Because she’s the only person here who you would kill for, since she’s your girlfriend.

Harold: Love, a very powerful motivation for anyone whether for good or bad.

Noah: Samey, this is a place where we use evidence and logic, using emotions as proof isn’t going to cut it.

Dawn: Unless you have the materials to manifest this answer of yours as the truth.

Samey: Sure I do, I have proof Jasmine is the one got poisoned.

Not really, but I’m sure it’s her which means she also must left evidence that could point her as the one got poisoned.

Duncan: Then prove it Samey, what evidence do you have that Jasmine here is the one who got poisoned?

I know I’m right, I know it in my heart. I just need to use my brain and figure out among the evidence what can be use to support my idea. This might be a longshot, but this could work.



Answer: Used Bandage

Samey: I get it now!!!


Samey: Back in the mountain side camp, wasn’t there a used bandage?

Cody: Yeah, near the tents. It doesn’t look important at first, but the blood on it was still fresh so that meant it was used recently.

Scott: But none of the victims had any injuries until they were killed and a bandage isn’t going to help a corpse.

Dawn: So that leaves the culprit as the only one who could have used this, are you perhaps going to present something that will show Shawn was indeed the person who used this?

Samey: N-No… actually I wasn’t going to use this as evidence against the culprit. It was going to be evidence proving who was the one got poisoned.

Jasmine: And I was one you accuse so that means it’s something that will related to me. Alrighty then what would that thing have anything to do with me?

Shawn: Jasmine wasn’t injured at all so she wouldn’t have a reason to bandage herself.

Noah: Maybe she wasn’t injured, but she could still have a small wound that she could hide. Like a needle hole after Monokuma poisoned her.

Lindsay: I can totally relate to that. It wasn’t poison, but one time I got a shot I wore a fruity bandage on it to make sure the pain goes away so using bandages makes total sense.

Jasmine: Don’t start acting like it’s true, you don’t have proof I even got shot.

Max: If we search her we might find the-

Jasmine: As if I’ll let anyone here search me!

Duncan: And the needle hole is probably gone by now, it doesn’t take long for it to fade away.

Katie: Samey, you were the one who said Jasmine is the one who got poisoned so why not show that it was her?

About that… why did I accuse her again?

Sky: Samey, why do you look confuse? Is there something wrong about what you said?

Lightning: If the cheerleader got something wrong, why should we trust her about who the killer is? She might have just messed up and wasted our time.

Oh no! If I give up now, not only will Jasmine’s accusation will be drop, but so will Shawn’s. I can’t let that happen so-

Gwen: Lightning, let’s give Samey a chance to plead her case. If she has a reason to believe is the one poisoned, then it’s only fair if we listen to her.

Samey: G-Gwen why are…

Lightning: Hmm… alright Goth Girl. If she has something to say then she better say it, otherwise we’ll just dump her like all the guys who can’t keep up with the Lightning.

Noah: Looks like you have a very short space to make mistakes her Samey, you did accuse Jasmine so you better have something to back it up.

Jasmine: Samey, I want to believe you, but the evidence isn’t there. I’m sorry…

Samey: No, it’s alright guys. I can do this so just let me prove to you guys it was Jasmine who got poisoned and how is this the motive Shawn had to commit the crime.

As much as I don’t want to do this to Shawn, I can’t let myself die her for everyone’s sake. Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Katie’s Testimony, Used Bandage, Monokuma’s Testimony, Security Photos

Lightning: So the Cheerleader thinks Jasmine was the one who got sicked, why not prove it!?

Scott: Maybe because she doesn’t have proof or the “proof” she had was something she didn’t think through.

Lindsay: I don’t think so Scott, I know Samey is the type to consider everything before making a choice.

Max: But she still needs to prove her claim, otherwise it would mean everything she said is unreliable.

Bridgette: Well everything Samey said did have something to support it, the only exception being this.

Duncan: And this doesn’t change anything for Shawn, who has nothing going for him.

Shawn: Come on guys! I know we need to be honest in a stressful situation, but you didn’t have to be this mean.

Max: Still nothing about the bandage points at Jasmine being the one who used it, or even the bandage being used for hiding a needle hole.

Beardo: And I don’t think there’s a way to know if Jasmine ever got *injection noise* today or yesterday.

Cody: Maybe the proof Samey has isn’t a thing, but something someone said. It makes sense since evidence like that would be easily found in the crime.

Tyler: You mean like the poison itself or the vaccine containing it!?

Eva: You know that could also mean Samey doesn’t have anything at all. I can’t believe you guys are falling for that.

So this is my last choice to show everyone it was Jasmine who got poisoned today, I know I had a reason, but I forgot what it was. All I know was that it wasn’t a thing, but something someone said.

Solution: Katie’s Testimony – something someone said

Samey: I think your right!!!


Samey: Katie what you said was what lead me to believe it was Jasmine who got poisoned. Just recall what you saw this morning.

Katie: What I saw… Now I see! I remember Jasmine was acting weird this morning!

Jasmine: Was I now!?

Katie: Yeah, when I woke up this morning I saw you scratching your arm and then panicking out of the place. I was going to wake up Shawn, but because of how strange it was seeing you like that I decided to chase you instead.

Cody: So you admit Shawn was there when Jasmine left? If that’s the case the likelihood of him being the culprit is…

Sky: Is there anything else you want to say Lightning, about how Samey has nothing supporting what she said?

Lightning: Fine, she wins this time, but sha-Lightning ain’t going down so easily next time.

At least I know I’ll be having competition here, oh why did it have to be the dumb jock?

Tyler: But Katie didn’t you say you can’t remember anything since you got poisoned? Why would you remember something like this?

Katie: I don’t know… I mean I do remember what happened this morning, but not yesterday.

Bridgette: It could be an affect of the poison, it wears off after a day.

Duncan: We can find that out if the bear tells us.

Monokuma: Uwah! Your asking details about the poison!?

Max: You! Does the poison lose it’s effect after a single day!?

Monokuma: Well… the lethality doesn’t go away in time so you need an antidote for that, but the uncontrollable anger is just temporarily.

Noah: And we spent so much time worrying about it when we just needed to watch over the person for a day. Thanks to do that Shawn was able to do this.

Jasmine: Hold on! Were not yet sure if Shawn is the cul-

Lindsay: Jasmine if what Katie said is true, neither of you can be the culprit which means the only person left who could is Shawn.

Shawn: But if Katie is lying that wo-

Eva: The security photos already proves her story! She was clearly seen running away along with Jasmine, and there is no way back in without getting spotted by the camera.

Gwen: So unfortunately the only person left who could have done this is you Shawn.

Shawn: Don’t think this is over, you still haven’t solve one last thing.

I remember it was the second thing Max said we were missing.

Samey: Is it how you distracted Brick enough to hit him from behind?

Shawn: Yeah… if Brick was going to hit by that he would need to stay still otherwise the boulder would miss him. You still haven’t explain that part yet.

Duncan: Does it change anything, of course it doesn’t. Even if we can’t figure out it wouldn’t make you any less guilty.

Shawn: But were not the type to leave everything half finish, you said you wanted to solve all the mysterious.

Dawn: Yes we did say that, and the reason why do that act is because we want to use whatever we learn as an opportunity to escape this prison even if it doesn’t look helpful.

So we aren’t going to end this Class Trial, until we figure out how Shawn was able to distract Brick enough to hit him in the back of his head.

Samey: You guys don’t need to worry, I know what Shawn used to distract Brick.

Shawn: Of course you would be the one to figure it out, why not you say it already and end this situation.

Jasmine: Shawn… are you admitting-

Shawn: Not until she says the right thing, if she doesn’t then I’m not going to confess.

At this point it’s clear to everyone that Shawn did it, but I he really wants to see if we can all figure this out to the very end. There isn’t anything wrong with that so, I’m going to do exactly that.

Lindsay: Go on Samey! I know you can do it!

This isn’t for me, but for the rest of the people here including you Shawn. Let’s end this Class Trial right now!

P.T.A (VS Shawn)

Shawn: I knew I shouldn’t trust you!


Shawn: You can only watch out for yourself!

Shawn: All I was doing was protecting people.

Shawn: You haven’t learned the truth!

Shawn: I… I won’t confess unless everything is finish.

Shawn: I won’t be overwhelm.

Shawn: I know the betrayal would come soon.


Shawn: To hit Brick with the trap you would need to use something to distract him. What could I use to do that!?


YOU           ROPE


Answer: You Dangling On A Rope

Samey: This should end it!


Samey:The trick you use to distract Brick was something you did plenty of times in our time in the show.

Duncan: You mean running away when he thought a zombie appeared, yeah that will definitely keep Brick from going anywhere.

Sky: I'm sorry Samey, but despite being with Shawn during the entire show I have no idea what that trick is.

Samey: It's not really a trick, but something Shawn did a lot. He dangled himself from a rope in the direction of the boulder.

Lindsay: He does that? How would you know?

Beardo: He doesn't do it all the time, just when he *falling noises* the tree he's sleeping in. It's not really something he does on purpose.

Bridgette: Something like that would be a good way to lure someone. If I saw Shawn dangling like that I would check if he was OK.

Shawn: But where's your proof that is what happened?

Samey: The rope we found in the crime scene. It was unusually long for the trap so it must have been use for another purpose. Like tying the killer's leg off the ground to lure the victim to the right place.

Max: While it may not be decisive, but it fits seeing Shawn is the killer.

Gwen: Looks like everything about the case has been figured out. Why not we recall all the details again of the crazy scheme of this nutjob.

Jasmine: He's my boyfriend Gwen!

Shawn: It's alright Jasmine, seeing that I killed two people I deserve to be called that.

I really don't want to do this to Shawn, but there's nothing else I can do. I'm sorry for this Jasmine, but every detail needs to be explain so we help everyone understand Shawn is no doubt the culprit.

Samey: Everyone listen up this is what happened behind this case!


This entire case began with the motive Monokuma gave this time. He would begin poisoning someone once a day which will end up making them go berserk and if no murders will happen by the end of the week all the victims will die. This effects was best shown with Katie who went into an uncontrollable rage which resulted to Max losing his eye. In order to control this issue we decided to send Katie away from the group by having her stay at the mountain side camp and have her watch over by two people. This became important in the case since the culprit was someone who entered the mountain side camp before today and the only opportunity was then, So the culprit can only be either Katie, Jasmine or the third person there who did become the killer.

Today, this morning, Monokuma's motive came into with another person poisoned. It was Jasmine who after finding her needle hole she immediately tried to hide it with a bandage and out of fear ran away from the mountain side camp. Katie who recovered from her rage saw what happened and immediately ran after her. We can tell by the camera Brick left in the way out of the mountain side camp. With this only one person was left in there and because of what happened to Jasmine they immediately planned a murder in order to save her.

The killer used multiple items in the camp. The rope, the boulder and the ax. With the tools in had the culprit planned a trap. Using the rope to tie around the boulder and then keeping the boulder in place in front of a rock, which was part of the machinery of the island, they prepared the boulder to swing towards the victim. Of course it wouldn't work if the culprit had nothing to use to distract the victim and keep them in place. That's why they intended to tie there leg with the extra part of the rope and then dangle in the way to the boulder so they can lure out the victim to the intended position. This plan sounds crazy, but with the culprit being a survivor expert it's not hard for them to come up a plan like this.

The victim for this was Brick who was planning to check out the three this morning. The culprit knew this of course since he told beforehand so they knew all they have to do was wait for him to arrive. Eventually he did and there he saw the culprit hanging from the rope and out of concern and worry he immediately rush to them. But this was part of the plan and thanks to this Brick was about to die. With the victim right in front of them, the culprit using the remote control hidden from sight had the rock blocking the boulder move away and let it swing. It immediately hit Brick in the head, afterwards the culprit untied themselves. However Brick wasn't dead yet so in order to finish him off the killer hit him in the back with the axe ending his life.

However something else happened that made the case more complicated. Owen who was lured out by an unknown person went to the mountain side camp. It's clear it's not the culprit since they weren't expecting him, but whoever it was is the person responsible for hid death. After being seen recorded by the security camera and being spotted by Duncan, Owen saw the culprit and the body of his victim. Out of fear Owen ran away while the culprit gave chase which left behind a bunch of footprints.

Owen should have ran to the others at the cabin, but something prevented from doing that. A gunshotfrom the rifle in the cabin near there. While the person who shot it was unknown, it's clear they were planning to make Owen run to the opposite direction towards the cliff. Most likely the person who lured Owen there and the one who shot the gun was the same person, however that can't proven yet. Owen headed towards the cliff to avoid the killer, but that only lead him to a dead end. Now cornered the culprit reached Owen, but before he could do anything Owen broke part of the cliff and fell to his death in the spikes.

Now with the deaths done, the culprt now made their move to frame someone. Harold who had the walkie-talkie link to Brick's was called and told to go to the automobile shop. The reason they did this was to leave evidence that Harold and Brick were going to meet up and that Harold had the opportunity to kill him. This wouldn't have work if the culprit used their own voice so to hide it they use one of the voice changers you can get in the MonoShop. After Harold arrived in the automobile shop. the culprit instructed him to take the trunk to the mountain side camp where they'll meet up. By then the culprit probably escaped the crime scene and avoided the camera by climbing the tree near it.

Now with Harold being recorded by the camera. suspicion quickly came to him and soon he found the corpse. That was then when me, Tyler and Lindsay came there to visit the people place there only to run into the crime scene. This triggered the Body Discovery Announcement, and then the culprit along with the group ran back while pretending to be nervous. The culprit can only be one person, someone who wasn't affected by the poison and was there the night before.

Scene: Samey looking down sadly while the killer looks freakout.

Samey: That person is you Shawn, you killed Brick and Owen.

Scene: Killer revealed to be Shawn.


Monokuma: Looks like all of you guys are done debating, so can we start the vote?

Shawn: There's no point keeping this longer, nothing is going to change.

Monokuma: Alright then prepare the vote, please select among the choices who you think is the killer. Once that is over, we'll tally up the votes and see if the killer has majority.

Gwen: We know how' this will end.

Monokuma: Anyway it's VOTING TIME!

Scene: A roulette which contains the face of all the contestants is spinning and after a few rotation it lands on Shawn's face. The face glows and the word guilty on top lights up.


- Monokuma announce that everyone got the culprit again and it was Shawn who killed Brick, although he clarified Owen's death wasn't his responsibility since it was an accident. Shawn admitted that they got the general idea right, except a few details of the murder.

- It turns out that Shawn was going to dispose the ax, but because Owen appeared he wasn't able to since he chased him. When Owen died from the accident, Shawn immediately ran away. When asked when he made the attempt to frame Harold, he said it was when he was running away. Gwen wonders if the reason the person got Owen there wasn;t just to get him killed, but to make it harder for Shawn since he killed someone he didn't meant to.

- Katie brings up a contradiction saying that nobody could have entered the camp without being seen in the camera and Shawn agreed. That was when Monokuma mentioned something about the mastermind doing work. When confronted by Duncan, he said that the mastermind probably got bored and decided to cause trouble themselves. Everyone asked Monokuma who the mastermind is, but Monokuma just says nothing.

- Jasmine then ask why did Shawn pick Brick as the target and why did he he thought murder was the only way. Shawn looks down sadly and replied that due to the multiple killing happening here, he thought murder was normal and that if he was ever going to kill it would be to protect someone. Brick was targetted only because he was the easiest one to go after. Shawn believes that their prolong stay has started warping everyone into becoming more emphathetic about murders and that he's afraid what might happen in the future for everyone. Monokuma buts in and tells him what will happen is that he will be executed.

- Jasmine tries to fight Monokuma to stop him from executing Shawn, but Sky stopped her and told he there's nothing she can do. This made Jasmine angry and started crying uncontrollably. Monokuma didn't care for the slightest and proceded with the execution.


Monokuma hits the button with the gavel and in the screen shows an 8-bit Shawn in middle. Suddenly Monokuma appears and like the rest of the killers who were caught, he was dragged all the way to the end. In the real world Shawn said sorry to Jasmine before two chains appeared from the ceiling and rushed towards Shawn. They tie around his arms and soon he was drag up and sent to the execution field.

Shawn who was standing in the middle of a post-apocalyptic city soon panic as he saw plenty of zombie versions of Monokumas. Shawn immediately looked for somewhere to run and there he saw a building that looks abandon. He ran with the speed of a horse and avoided the Monokuma attempting to drag him. In the building he saw that the building contained no zombies, but the ones outside began destroying the walls and doors to enter.

Shawn knowing his best chance to escape was climbing up, he ran the escators, stairs, and even the climbed the elevator wires to reach the top. No giants pits or broken off pieces of building will stop him. He eventually reach the rooftop, but the zombies were closing in. Realizing he was cornered, Shawn hop from building to building while stomping on top of the heads of the zombis in his way.

Shawn's movement never stop until he saw a light source coming from the graveyard. Believing that other people can be there he did whatever it took to reach it. It wasn't long with the adrenaline powering up Shawn, but he realize he should have evoided it. The Monokumas who were dress up like survivors were the ones there and after taking a quick glace at the contestant, they shot him in the knee. It was weird at first because of how sudden it was and I thought the only reason they could possibly do that was just to execute Shawn, but when we saw what Shawn looked it made sense.

Shawn now covered in blood, dirt and other things that hide his living state made him appear undead. Shawn grabbed the lefg he was shot at and screamed, only for the Monokumas to carry him and drag him further in the graveyard. When the scene transition to the next location we saw they were taking him to a hole in front of a gravestone. It wasn't hard for me, the rest of the people here and Shawn to realize what was going to happen next.

The survivor Monokumas threw Shawn there like he was a corpse needed to bury in order to hide a grusome scene. They began to shovel him down with the dirt mounds located at the sides of the grave. Each dirt made it harder and harder for Shawn to breathe and that in turn made Shawn breathe heavier and more desperate. One of those episode made a piece of dirt hit one of the Monokumas in the eye. Out of anger he threw a bottle of strange liquid and then a lit cigarette to my good friend. It turns out the liquid was alcohol and soon Shawn was engulf in flames. The screams were horrible and I wonder if the screams ending, because of the dirt now completely burying Shawn, was a relief and made it worse. It then pan towards the gravestone which was label with Shawn's name signifying his death.

- Monokuma was please for what he did and Jasmine out of anger tried to tackle him. However she was stop by Lightning who threw to the wall and knock her out. I was about to yell at him, but Harold spoke up and said it would be best for everyone to head back and rest after a very tiring day.

In the elevator I overheard Harold and Max talk and when I moved closer to hear more these was the words that struck me very hard. "The mastermind might be one of us".

- I didn't want to believe it, but I had no energy to deny it. I immediately head back in my room to sleep and while I was playing the recent events in my head I saw visions of my friends making dangerous smiles. Why?


No. Alive: 17

Why Shawn: Well because I wanted to break the power couple Jasmine and Shawn and because I thought Shawn had less role in the story and had more potential for an execution I selected him. If he was killed off before now I would have pick Jasmine, but what can I do.

Anyway thanks for reading and stay tune for Chapter 13!

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