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If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class TriaL they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.

In the first part of the Class Trial, it begun with the discussion of Zoey's murder but quickly shifted to Cameron after it was reveal both cases are connected and his murder was easier to solve because the number of suspects was narrowed down to two people, Lightning and Katie. However with Noah's help they were able to deduce that that neither of them is the culprit and that there was a third suspect that no one thought before. Izzy the third victim who also didn't have an alibi during Cameron's murder. Thanks to a long interrogation the group was able to pin the crime on her with her story having contradicting evidence and lack of consistency. Further more evidence began to point at her doing suspicious activites the night after the murder like setting up her own attack and hiding out somewhere else that night when she was suppose to be missing. Now with Izzy proven as Cameron's killer there still remain Zoey's case. Is Izzy the culprit of that case to or is it someone else? And will Dawn be able to pick up the torch after Noah became tired after solving the first murder? Find out now!

CAMERON DEAD 20th Victim
ZOEY DEAD 19th Victim
SAM DEAD 10th Killer
TRENT DEAD 17th Victim
RODNEY DEAD 15th Victim/9th Killer
GEOFF DEAD 8th Killer
TOPHER DEAD 14th Victim
DJ DEAD 7th Killer
MIKE DEAD 11th Victim
AMY DEAD 10th Victim
SUGAR DEAD 9th Victim
SADIE DEAD 5th Killer
JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 4th Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No. Alive: 21

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Please comment down below who you want to be the next victim in the next case. Thanks for reading and the next part is coming soon.

PoV: Dawn

I guess Noah’s has strain his mind to the point he exhausted himself. Guess I have to take over his responsibilities in order for everyone here not to make a fatal mistake.

Dawn: So we already accepted Izzy is the culprit of Cameron’s murder, but were not yet sure if she’s also guilty for Zoey’s death.

Izzy: Why are you not sure? I’m not Zoey’s killer.

Scott: We can’t just trust whatever you say Izzy, you could be lying to save yourself again.

Owen: Save herself?

Cody: If she turns out not be Zoey’s culprit we can vote the actual one instead of her and that person will be executed and she continues living.

Jasmine: But we already gave her a chance, she doesn’t deserve a third one.

Sky: Still we need to find out who killed Zoey, even if we can end the trial not knowing the truth might hurt us later on.

Duncan: Yeah, no way I want to leave a mysterious killer around.

Brick: I agree, it’s not like were risking our lives in this investigation, since we already have a culprit.

Izzy: Hey! Don’t treat me like that.

Katie: You already killed two people here Izzy, your lucky were giving you a chance to live.

Izzy: Fine! Guess you’re fairer then Canadian Hockey League after I took their hockey sticks.

I love gaining knowledge, but that might be best not to touch. I sense a terrible omen in that story.

Shawn: So what do we know about Zoey’s murder?

Brick: So far we learned that the culprit planned this out when they found the blue prints for the maze at the prize room. We also establish it is possible that someone else then the winners could have gotten in.

Scott: Of course if the culprit isn’t Izzy, but she’s still a suspect so it’s we can’t say that’s what happened.

Katie: Suspect? We should pin this on her already, it’s hard to believe she took Zoey’s pictures and not be the killer.

Izzy: Look, I stumbled upon the crime scene! I found the body and since I was planning to kill Cameron, I use that to my advantage.

Jasmine: And you didn’t say anything because?

Izzy: It would make it obvious that I’m guilty for Cameron’s murder. You guys would have figured out that I wasn’t a victim at all.

Cody: We should still figured you regardless.

Izzy: Back then I didn’t know I was going to get caught, if I knew I wouldn’t have done the murder.

Beardo: Guess your previous murder didn’t teach you that already. If I were you I would think getting caught was a *cuckoo clock noise.*

Tyler: By the way did we ever find out why Izzy kill Cameron, we never establish that point yet.

Izzy: I’ll explain that after we find Zoey’s killer, I mean we don’t want to distract my crime in finding the truth. That’s what a famous lawyer said before.

Dawn: OK then… is there anything else we learned about the murder?

Harold: Duncan mentioned that he heard someone’s voice in the maze other then Zoey’s and Izzy’s.

Duncan: True and it’s a guy. Have no idea who it is though…

Katie: So that means I’m not a suspect this time, finally I can catch a break.

Bridgette: Don’t get to ahead of yourself, we don’t know that yet.

Hmm…I think that’s everything actually, it’s definitely not enough to chain this to someone here, but it’s a start to our difficult journey.

Eva: You know I want to know more about the guy who Duncan heard earlier.

Scott: That’s was sudden, why do you want to know more about whoever that guy is?

Eva: You idiot! That guy has to be the culprit, if it isn’t Ms. Psycho over here! I mean who else could have done it!?

Max: I will admit you bring up a powerful point there, but we can’t just rush in our attack. Planning is a necessary procedure.

Gwen: As much as I don’t like the guy he’s right. We need to confirm if this other person is the culprit. I mean just because he’s suspicious doesn’t automatically put him as the killer like Izzy and in this.

Izzy: Thank you Gwen. Hey I’ll buy you a penguin juice la-

Gwen: Remember your not yet ruled out as the culprit, it can still be you.

Izzy: No penguin juice for you!

Tyler: At least we got something to talk about, better then the athlete’s meetings I’ve attended.

So the first trial in this harsh battle of life and death is about to commence. Maybe not death anymore since we can sacrifice Izzy if we need be, which I don’t want to think of for now.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Duncan’s Testimony, Owen’s Testimony, Shawn’s Testimony

Eva: I want to know if the guy Duncan heard was the culprit or not, because I don’t want to waste time if I can.

Brick: You got to slow down though, rushing it will lead us to the enemies firing range and soon they will be able to destroy our formation.

Sky: There’s no denying whoever that person was could kill Zoey, but we need to know if we can narrow down to that person alone excluding Izzy.

Scott: Yeah since Izzy could have killed as well. I mean there’s reasons to believe with the evidence we have.

Izzy: Do I have to repeat myself, I didn’t kill Zoey. I just took a picture of her dead and use it to help me kill Cameron.

Bridgette: Suspicious, but the possibility does exist.

Beardo: Well if we can find something that proves only one those two could it, then were *caching!*

Tyler: Like evidence of the murder or something about the maze?

Samey: We haven’t identified yet who the guy is so it would be difficult to find evidence pointing at someone we don’t even know who they are.

Izzy: I could have something to prove that, I mean you can trust-

Gwen: Not going to happen Izzy Izzy.

The maze was created to confuse and to get people lost and now were grasp to endless corridors of possibilities, but only one can lead to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Solution: Owen’s Testimony – something about the maze

Dawn: I must agree to that.


Dawn: We know that the maze has only one entrance and two exits. Now the entrance is far away from the crime scene so that means to reach it they have to pass the maze.

Shawn: So what are you trying to say?

Dawn: To commit the dastardly murder of my dear friend you must be one who was able to pass the maze…which limits the number of possibilities.

Lightning: So were sha-saying it’s the Crazy Chick???

Izzy: I’m crazy and proud of it!

Dawn: No, but we can say that if we can find others who has pass through the maze, we might be able to narrow down the people who could have done this.

Katie: Your basically saying anyone who entered the maze. I’ll admit I entered the maze with Jasmine and Shawn, but we couldn’t pass the maze. You can ask those two if you don’t trust me.

Jasmine: The lady is right, we couldn’t go through it. We decided to give up and head out to our homes for the night.

Noah: Strange it doesn’t feel like “home”.

Cody: Is it possible that someone I your group went back to the maze in order to do the maze again?

Shawn: Doubt it, you need three people to overcome the obstacles so a single person doing it by themselves is impossible.

Max: So we can rule them, good. Now who else could commit the evil deed?

Lightning: Izzy! Her group was the only ones who passed the maze!

Harold: …

Eva: I knew it! That dirty liar thought she could get away killing two people! Let’s end this pointless talking and vote!

Tyler: But didn’t you-

Eva: *crack knuckles!!!*

Tyler: Never mind.

Izzy: But Duncan heard a guy’s voice, that was clearly not me!

Eva: Even an idiot could answer this one! Don’t try to run away from your crime you murderer!

Lindsay: I guess the crime has been solve, so we can vote for Iz-

Brick: Hold on! We shouldn’t jump to that yet without double checking the facts.

Eva: Fine, but if there’s nothing new then we vote for Izzy now!

I must guide this aimless soul to the answer… she doesn’t know the knowledge needed to overcome the trial so I will make-up the weakness left by naivety.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Izzy’s Testimony, Duncan’s Testimony, Owen’s Testimony

Eva: If no one else went to the maze at all, then the only possible culprit can be Izzy! She killed Cameron so who would surprise!

Katie: It makes sense since Izzy was with the victim at the place she died.

Samey: It’s believable that she is also the culprit of this murder, but we need to be sure it’s not the guy who was in there with them.

Brick: It would be difficult pinning evidence on someone we don’t know, so if we want to prove it’s that other guy we need to prove Izzy is innocence.

Cody: Wouldn’t have someone said something about that by now?

Gwen: Hmm… we might not be able to place the crime on someone yet, but if we have evidence that someone else was there that would be a good for us.

Eva: Doesn’t any of you realize that “guy” doesn’t exist!? This was another of Izzy’s lies!

Duncan: But I heard a voice, and I ain’t going to lie to protect a killer so you can trust me.

Eva: The voice you heard was Cameron coming out the maze! It had nothing to do with the case!!!

Jasmine: That is possible, but I would find it hard to believe that you would hear a voice and not recognize its Cameron when he’s right in front of you.

Lindsay: You know I have to side with Eva on this, no boy went in the maze last night other then Shawn and Cameron and Cameron was already out of the maze and Shawn couldn’t pass the obstacle with what Jasmine and Katie said.

Eva: See even the dumb blonde knows what I’m saying. Your all useless at this.

Noah: Say Dawn, don’t you remember we saw something that would prove one of them wrong? I’m not telling what it is, but it’s pretty important.

So I need to trust my eyes on this problem. I saw something that should conclude this ordeal, I just need to search the depths of my memories to know the truth.

Solution: we saw something – no boy went in the maze

Dawn: I’m against this!!!


Dawn: I understand this group is afraid to speak up, but they should realize among them could be the culprit.

Owen: A group? Do you mean a group who went in the maze?

Dawn: Yes, last night the day of the murder a third group entered the maze before Katie’s and after Cameron’s.

Bridgette: This group has boys don’t they?

Eva: How would you know this anyway!? It’s not like you went to the maze!

Dawn: My friend Noah and I were searching for clues that night, we may have been looking for something, but once in a while we glanced at the window and at some points we see things.

Izzy: Their telling the truth, I even saw them look at us when we pass the library. Don’t you remember I was waving to you guys like “hi guys, were going to enter a perilous journey so wish us good luck” or something along those lines.

Oh yeah I remember, it was only for a second, but Izzy’s hand was waving so fast that it looks like her hands were about to 'fall of'.

Lindsay: So who is the group? They sound suspicious!

Noah: Shouldn’t they be man enough to admit it, unless they want to add more suspicion on themselves.

Brick: I… I’m sorry guys. I didn’t want to mention this since I didn’t want to say I failed the maze due to my pride. I apologize comrades.

Harold: This is true, we tried our best but failed to get the reward in the end of this dangerous journey.

Scott: You get the picture those two were the group that also entered the maze last night.

Tyler: But isn’t a group made by three people, who is the third?

Scott: Well…I…

Why are you so stubborn to admit it, because you also feel shame for failing? That’s OK failure is normal for you Scott.

Jasmine: Scott this might be, but your eyes are moving around like you did something like you pushed a wom-

Scott: Fine! I admit I was the third member! I mean you also knew since you ran into us before so why didn’t say anything?

Katie: Scott has a point, were also in the wrong in this.

Pride what a dangerous enemy man face against themselves.

Shawn: Jasmine when you told off Scott didn’t you say pushed a-

Scott: Now what? Are you going to start accusing me as the killer?

Jasmine: Not yet, but I’m going to say this man is suspicious. He didn’t want to admit being in the maze and he does have a grudge against Zoey.

Lightning: Everyone had a grudge against Zoey, can’t blame the guy not liking her.

Brick: The only one who didn’t like either of them was you two. Everyone else lied Zoey.

Beardo: Also Jasmine it wasn’t just him who *sweat noises* his other groups were doing that to.

Max: Yes, we can’t label Scott as the villain right now, we rush the plan and the hero will destroy everything we built for ourselves.

Are we calling the culprit the “hero”? That is an interesting concept.

Duncan: So now we know that a guy could have pass the maze which further supports Izzy’s and my word. And that guy is one of these three.

Scott: Like I said I didn’t do this. I didn’t want anyone to suspect me for a crime I didn’t commit.

Noah: Or any crime in general.

Harold: I wouldn’t kill, it’s not like I have a motive to do anything like that except escaping, but analyses dictate the culprit has a terrible chance of escaping so I wouldn’t risk it.

Samey: How about you Brick, what do you have to say?

Brick: …I guess I have to speak for the team.

Gwen: Speak for the team, what do you mean?

Brick: I mean that none of us did this crime, I may have mentioned this or not, but I must say it again. During the operation we got stuck in a gas room and we all fell asleep. When we woke up the murder was already pass base on the Monokuma File given to us by the enemy.

Cody: You should explain in more detail so we can see if this is the truth or not.

Brick: Can do sir! I hope this is a satisfactory report!

This is going to determine the fate of the second group of people. I need to pay attention and focus to see if everything is right.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Gas Mask, Bridgette’s Testimony, Dirt, Blue Prints of the Maze

Brick: I must explain, it’s impossible for anyone in my team to be the culprit.

Owen: But someone in your group talked to Zoey, Duncan heard it and I can tell you he has good hearing. He was able to tell when I farted at our guard post.

Duncan: I knew it, because I smelled it, not hear it.

Max: Hmmph…if what you say is true Brick, then the only person left who could have done this is Izzy! HAHAHA I solved the case!

Izzy: Tell the story Brick, there’s got to be something wrong in it, I don’t want to be framed for a murder I didn’t commit.

Brick: I’m sorry Izzy, but I don’t think there is. Me and my team can make it certain that none of us had the chance to commit the crime.

Scott: Because none of us reach the end of the maze unlike you. It’s all thanks to Harold and his stupid compass.

Harold: I’ll get the compass check on later. Didn’t know it was still broken.

Jasmine: What happened to you guys, got lost?

Brick: A little during the middle part of the maze, but we did overcome it. No the reason we couldn’t reach the end was because we were knocked out.

Izzy: See! I told you guys my story was true, in your face!

Eva: Clarify about being knocked out, I can’t believe that this psycho is telling the truth.

Brick: We were in the final stretch to the end, but unfortunately we ran inside one of the trap rooms. The one where sleeping gas is release and knocks the people inside.

Harold: And you can guess what happens next. We all fell asleep and when we woke up it was past 11:00 PM so the murder already took place.

Scott: So it’s impossible for anyone to make it to the end. Unless your suggesting one of us was able to get pass the sleeping gas.

Shawn: Or if all of them lied to protect each other.

Gwen: *Sigh* The only way we can pass this is either to find something to prove their story and vote Izzy or find something wrong in their story, because I believe in Duncan as much as I don’t like.

The unity 'between' men is very admirable and passionate, but I have to shatter their shielding words to move forward to the answer.

Solution: Gas Mask – was able to get pass the sleeping gas

Dawn: I’m against this!!!


Dawn: Brick I admire how much trust you place to your team.

Brick: Thank you. Ever since I finish boot camp I learned to love my team like their family.

Scott: No thank you, I don’t want you to be family.

Dawn: Unfortunately Brick there is a mistake in what you said, that the sleeping gas made everyone in your team fall asleep.

Lindsay: How is that a problem, when me and Tyler went in for a picnic we end up in one of those rooms we fell asleep.

Cody: For some reason Tyler brought me as a third member since they needed one.

Many' mysterious in this world and the biggest one so far is why have a picnic in somewhere full of danger.

Dawn: It’s true the sleeping gas does make you go to sleep, but someone was able to overcome through a special item.

Sky: You must be talking the gas mask we found lying around near where Zoey died.

Noah: Gas mask are scattered around the maze as helpful tools in our wonderful adventure through the fun time maze. So it does make sense it being there.

Bridgette: But why was lying in the floor? It should be around the corners of the maze.

Dawn: That is it! Someone use this and that person was one of Brick’s team members who use it to pass the sleeping gas. They were near the end so it’s possible for one person to reach the end without the help of the other team ma-



Brick: An interesting theory you lady, but you’ve got to have more evidence to back it up.

Lightning: Dude, it’s on the floor. Even I can tell that someone use the weird mask thing.

When Lightning says he knows 'it to', it should be common knowledge then.

Duncan: Why even argue when the answer is so-

Brick: Don’t worry, I’m doing this because I know an error in Dawn’s logic. If I don’t bring it up, I may regret that choice in here so that’s why I’m doing this.

Dawn: Very well if you want to test my knowledge then go ahead, but don’t think I’ll hold back the strength of my words.


Evidence: Blue Print of the Maze, Gas Mask, Izzy’s Testimony, Brick’s Testimony

Brick: I admire your ability to speak up.

Brick: It would be a useful tool in the military.

Brick: But words don’t have power unless you can prove it.

Brick: You say that someone used the mask.

Brick: Then I would like to hear proof the mask was ever use.

Brick: For all we know this was drop by another team.

Brick: Who couldn’t reach the final run to the end.

Dawn: Brick that is further proving my point. Why would they drop something useful to the perilous trip when they were so close to the end.

Brick: Unfortunately I cannot answer that question.

Brick: But needless to say you have no proof that it’s impossible.

Brick: That someone else found this mask other then our team.

Brick: None of my team did find a mask.

Brick: Everyone can attest to my words.

Brick: And even if we did find the mask before or while inside the gas room.

Brick: Nobody here would have enough time to put it on before falling asleep.

Brick: The gas can almost instantly send you unconscious.

Brick: Many witnesses here can share their experience as proof.

I understand that Brick would find what I say shaky, but I can’t falter. If I’m going to reach the truth I must overcome the adversaries even if 'their' my friends.

Solution: Gas Mask – proof the mask was ever use

Dawn: I will end the conflict!


Dawn: Then Brick was is the mask damage if no one use it.

Brick: Huh? It was damage?

Harold: Yes it was, the inside had scratched on it and the glass had a small crack. No way the damage could be dealt by just carrying it around.

Brick: Harold! Why didn’t you bring this up!?

Harold: I thought everyone knew. Theoretically the information should be spread quickly to get everyone in the same page.

Katie: The soldier must have miss the memo, that is good old Brick for you,

Brick: How is that good old Brick? Do I really forget a lot of things?

Lindsay: Still what Brick said in his argument still makes sense. Wouldn’t it be hard for anyone in Brick’s team to put on the mask at the gas room?

Tyler: Well then they put it on before they entered the room.

Beardo: They would have *multiple people talking* by now if they did.

Scott: So does anyone here actually know how they did it. I mean if there’s no actual way to do it, that means that no one use the gas mask.

Gwen: That’s difficult to believe since nobody would leave the gas mask hanging around the floor since the maze has gas rooms around.

I wish I had spoken earlier about this when clashing with Brick, but it’s better for it to happen now 'then' never at all.

Dawn: I think someone here already mentioned the hint on how the person did it.

Cody: D-Dawn! You know who the culprit!?

Dawn: Not at this moment, but this person might give me a clue on who it is.



Dawn: Fate has chosen you!


Dawn: Brick, remember what you said in your words against mine?

Brick: I remember the entire argument, but you have to be more specific. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dawn: The part about how the gas mask.

Brick: I don’t recall that at all.

Shawn: I think you need to remind him about what he said during the investigation.

Dawn: Right, you see Brick you said the gas mask was near the entrance.

Katie: Wow Brick, for a soldier your quite forgetful.

Dawn: Now I’ll ask you this next question Brick. How does the sleeping gas work for clarification.

Brick: The gas itself can knock someone unconscious in an instant if it makes contact. I recall that the gas release at the end of the gas room itself and goes towards the entrance slowly, but not slow enough that we can run away from it even if we are in the entrance.

Dawn: About that, the person who talked to Zoey must have been near the entrance for this to work. Even if they couldn’t get away from the gas, they could still have enough time to put it on before getting engulf and falling unconscious.

Samey: It makes sense, no one can put on a mask in “a second” like a reflex, but have a few seconds then they could do it fast enough.

Scott: But is there a way we can who among us three is the guy?

Eva: We can beat the answer out of them. I’ll deal with Scott first,

Scott: Guys! You might want to do some-

Tyler: Hey there, we can just think of something else like trying to guess the guys movements.

Eva: What!? How does that work!?

Sky: Well if we know what the guy did after escaping the gas room and leaving their teammates, we might be able to find a clue to their identity.

Duncan: Hmm…have no better ideas so I guess I’m fine with it.

Noah: Dawn, I think you know what to do/

Right! Like Noah before me I have to dive my mind to the logical answer and once I reach it I can use it as a stepping stone to the culprit’s true self. Now I need to focus and think this…


1) When the culprit ran away from the gas room with the mask, where were they headed?

(The Prize Room/The Entrance/The Exit/Near Zoey’s Crime Scene)

2) What evidence can support that?

(Zoey’s Body/Handprint/Gas Mask/Trap Room)

3) Did they leave anything else in the crime scene?


4) What was it?


Answer: Near Zoey’s Crime Scene, Gas Mask, Yes, Dirt

Dawn: The answer has been revealed.


Dawn: After the culprit ran away from the gas room they ran as far away as they can.

Bridgette: Of course since anyone it that situation would want to get away from the gas room as possible.

Lindsay: But what happens next?

Dawn: They ran into Zoey, the proof is the gas mask since the mask itself was found near the crime scene. It would also explain the noise Zoey and Izzy heard.

Izzy: It was the culprit running towards after escaping the trap.

We don’t know yet if this person is the culprit, but they are suspicious.

Cody: After that they either killed Zoey or talk to her and then took the two other team members out of the maze.

Harold: Most likely using one of the pit rooms since that is the quickest way to get there and it would be difficult to pass the maze’s obstacles with two unconscious people.

Duncan: Good we know what the guy did after that. But how does this help the culprit?

Dawn: Well near the place the victim and this person met I found a certain thing. Dirt!

Beardo: Dirt, you mean the one found at *earthquake noise*.

Noah: I would think so since there’s no definition for dirt, unless you know one.

Beardo: *Buzzard sound.*

Jasmine: So the culprit had dirt on them, big deal that doesn’t tell us anything.

Noah: Actually it does, the identity of this guy Zoey met with in the maze. I’m pretty sure Dawn has already figured it out and can explain it better.

Max: You fiend! You both know the identity of the culprit!?

Samey: Dawn…

Dawn: …

I must now state the identity of this suspicious man. I know it’s not good to condemn others, but this is a responsibility now and I intend to see it through the end. The person who left the dirt, because they specifically brought it with them is…


Can you figure out the identity of this mysterious stranger? Please leave it in the comments down below and I hope you enjoy Total Drama: Danganronpa!!!


1) Scott

2) Brick

3) Harold

Let's see if you accused the right person.


Dawn: Fate has chosen you!


Dawn: Dirt is a fitting thing to be left behind by a sneaky rat, am I right Scott?

Scott: Are you trying to be serious or are you making fun of me?

Dawn: I am serious Scott. Like how I figured out you were the biggest traitor in the team, I figured you were the one who lied about never encountering Zoey.

Cody: Dawn you think Scott is the culprit, but then why would he leave dirt behind? If you don’t explain that it’s hard to believe he did it.

Beardo: Well Scott is a *moo sounds* boy, but that’s not really enough to convince any of us he’s the bad guy.

Owen: Scott is a cowboy?

Scott: See Dawn if you want to pin this crime on me then you have to provide more evidence then that, or do you want to go through what I did to you before?

Dawn do not give in to his threats, he uses cowardly tactics to get what he wants and if I just submit to it, I will fail to stop him like I did before.

Harold: I don’t know if Scott is really the one who use the gas mask, but I know for sure it’s not me.

Brick: We should discuss this issue Dawn as well as the other possible suspects, it wouldn’t be fair interrogating only one person.

Duncan: You are one of the suspects, you do know that?

Brick: Even so I will be willing to submit to an inspection to prove my worth. This will show I’m a man that can be respected and trusted.

Let’s hope so because values like are starting to get lose while were here. Such the curse of this miserable island.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Brick’s Testimony, Harold’s Testimony, Plate of Dirt, Card Reader

Scott: So your going to accuse me because of some dirt. You haven’t learn a thing since I beat you.

Brick: Don’t taunt her Scott, she does have a point that you bring dirt around.

Scott: Why would I bring dirt around? Sure I’m from the farm, but I’m not that dirty.

Eva: Besides Brick can also have dirt around since he is a soldier, or the dirt could have come from the maze.

Harold: All we know right now is that the person who met up with Zoey that night must have had dirt with them during the encounter. Got anything to prove one of us did had dirt with them?

Lindsay: Gossip maybe, but not the one you find in the ground.

Tyler: I wonder, was the mask dirty? Because the dirt might have come from there.

Cody: Or the gas spores from the sleeping gas was brown so it looks like dirt, but it isn’t…

Jasmine: How sure are we that the dirt came from the guy anyway, it could have been from Zoey.

Scott: Dawn I would think you would have spoken by now if you had suspicion, but looks like you don’t even have any evidence.

Samey: Dawn doesn’t need evidence, someone’s testimony could be enough!

I know I lost to this scoundrel before in my previous run in Total Drama, but the past shouldn’t haunt me. I need to move forward to the future and show him that this battle will be different.

Solution: Harold’s Testimony – Why would I bring dirt

Dawn: I’m against this!!!


Dawn: Scott like a squirrel always carrying an acorn, you always carry dirt for the same reason.

Eva: What type of metaphor is that?

OK…maybe' not the best line I can think of, but it brings my point across.

Owen: Dawn do you mean that Scott was brining around dirt for food? Even I wouldn’t eat dirt.

Noah: Unless it was covered in soy sauce and mustard and then fried by the sun for two hours. I’ll even show you the video if you guys want to see it.

Cody: Maybe later at the theatre, right now we have a murder to solve.

Izzy: So your saying that Scott brought dirt because he was going to eat it, I’ve seen crazier.

Scott: Like you killing three people, but how I would know if that’s crazy since I never did it.

Izzy: Shut-up you killer even thought I have no right to say that since I killed two and you killed one.

Scott: You brought my point pretty nicely, no need to say anymore.

Harold: A-Anyway so Dawn what proof do you have that Scott did bring dirt or a better question is why do you think he would use that for food.

That is definitely the question trapped in everyone’s mind waiting for the answer to give them 'fulfilment'.

Dawn: While I cannot explain why Scott would eat dirt, I do have proof someone was eating dirt and that person is a witness. The eyes that will answer this question belongs to…


Answer: Tyler

Tyler: Oh yeah! There was a plate of dirt at the cabins since someone was eating it. I would think since they had a fork and spoon.

Duncan: Who would eat dirt with a fork, if your going to do that be a man and use your hands.

A better question is why eat dirt when you’re a human and not an animal like a mole.

Sky: I know this topic is interesting to talk about, but Tyler do you remember who was the eating that plate of dirt.

Scott: Tyler…you better answer correctly.

Tyler: Sorry about this Scott, but you were the one eating dirt. I heard you said you wanted to toughen up so you trained yourself by munching on it.

Scott: I’m not going to forget this Tyler.

Dawn: And we won’t forget the lies you’ve given to us anytime soon. I see now that all you can do is confess and explain the conversation you had with our departed-



Scott: Oh, so your just going to believe the idiot jock that he saw me eating dirt.

Lightning: I didn’t say anything!

Scott: Not you, the other idiot jock! If you want to prove me guilty then you have to do better.

Dawn: So evidence instead of a witness…very well.

Scott: Good to know, but don’t think I’ll lose this!


Evidence: Plate of Dirt, Harold’s Testimony, Brick’s Testimony, Dirt

Scott: Alright I will admit that someone’s eating dirt.

Scott: The clumsy jock’s testimony proves that.

Scott: But he didn’t see me eat it whether he said so or not.

Scott: Because for all we know he could be lying to get this trial over with.

Scott: We already spent how long a normal trial takes.

Scott: So of course he would be impatient in finishing this.

Scott: Were all sick of this case already.

Scott: Don’t you agree Dawn, of you do.

Dawn: I admit that my patience grows thinner the more time spent here, but I will spend as much as needed in order to reach the truth of this incident.

Scott: So you continue to find the “truth”.

Scott: Then why haven’t you proven it was me who brought the dirt with me?

Scott: Come on, it’s not like there’s anything pointing at me.

Scott: What you say so far is just your crazy imagination.

Scott: Fitting for someone who is crazy.

Scott: I mean tarot reading and tea leave non-sense, I mean who believes that!?

Scott: Oh right the girl who’s a complete weirdo.

Scott: Why not just be quiet and let the sane people handle this, OK?

Don’t give in to this deceitful man’s poisonous words, I know I am right and I have the evidence to prove it. This man thinks he can get away with murder, but I’ll prove his guilt at this moment!

Solution: Harold’s Testimony – anything pointing at me

Dawn: I will end the conflict!


Dawn: Nothing can put this dirt to the rat who left it behind while they were scurrying, it would be true if everything goes your way, but it doesn’t.

Scott: Trying to be poetic now, why not you actually prove something before trying to sound smart.

Sky: You better say something fast because this guy’s taunting is annoying me pretty quickly.

Dawn: I don’t need to.

Beardo: Well that was a *missile going down sound*.

Dawn: The reason why is because it’s not my word that will send this man right in his place, but his team mate Harold.

Harold: Me, sorry but I have no idea.

Dawn: This doesn’t sound important at first, but tell me what did you and Brick bring at the maze in case you were hungry,

Harold: We brought rations that was left behind by Jasmine when she was stocking up the Tactics Room.

Eva: But what about Scott, why didn’t he bring anything? That sounds really suspicious.

Harold: I don’t know, Scott said he was going to handle his own food so he gave the ration meant for him to me and Brick.

Scott: …

Tyler: Your getting pale there Scott, you OK?

Scott: Are you going use that to put this crime on me!? Ridiculous!

Izzy: Ridiculous or not, it still works like how they caught me. I mean they figured out I was pretending to be a victim because I didn’t have an alibi.

Bridgette: You got to admit that using dirt is more ridiculous then, yours make sense somewhat.

Izzy: True, you know me so well, maybe we should be best friends!?

Max: Who would want to be friends with the psychopath, those are a pain to deal with when ordering them around.

Duncan: So what is it Scott? It looks like evidence is piling up on you over the two so want to confess?

Dawn: You encountered the first victim Zoey in that maze and you hid it from us, we need to know why you would do this.

Scott: Why do I need to say something when all you have is dirt.

Jasmine: It’s a valid reason to suspect you, you were the one bringing dirt after all in a clean maze.

Scott: The dirt could have been left behind by a certain cadets boots.

Brick: You don’t suspect me don’t you?

Beardo: Of course not since we didn’t find dirt anywhere else. Scott is just grasping *straw noises* and he knows it.

Scott: And you guys are any different? Your placing a crime on me with a bunch of dust.

Noah: You might need to find something else to pin the crime on Scott, because it looks like he isn’t going to be confessing anytime soon.

Dawn: I see, I understand now what I must do.

I am not yet certain what that evidence could be, but I must find it if I want to put an end to this scoundrel’s steak of mayhem and chaos.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: …

Duncan: You should just give up Scott, out of everyone here you’re the only one who has evidence pointed at you. You don’t even have an excuse with those evidence.

Scott: Oh yeah, how can I make an excuse with dirt…let’s see…oh right it’s dirt! Anyway can tell that isn’t going to prove anything.

Max: Even if it’s dirt, it still points at you. We know you were bringing dirt around as your food.

Gwen: Disregarding what Tyler said, we have proof someone was eating dirt and the only reason why would be because they needed to prepare for the maze. Brick and Harold bringing rations proves you were the one bringing it around.

Scott: I’ll admit that I did bring dirt for food in there, but I wasn’t the one who ran into Zoey.

Izzy: Who else could it be? We know the culprit was someone who had dirt with them and since you’re the one bringing it around it had to be you who met with Zoey that night.

Scott: One of those two could have taken dirt from me and then bring it along to frame me.

Harold: But none of us would have known Zoey or anyone was going to be there so none of us could have planned a murder, much less a frame-up.

Scott: Maybe they were going to kill one of us, but since they saw Zoey they decided to kill her instead and then frame me for the crime.

Jasmine: You need to clarify that Scott, because I have a hard time believing that.

Scott: I’ll just say this once. Either Brick or Harold led us to the trap room in order to knock us out with the sleeping gas while being ready to get the gas mask. Afterwards they were going to take dirt from me, and then leave it on the victim, the other person asleep.

Shawn: The plan would only work if the person has been in the maze before, but then again we really can’t prove that.

Scott: Afterwards they would drag me to the pit room and then pretend to have woken up first after I wake up. Then when we would find the body they would place me as the killer with the dirt as evidence.

Bridgette: But you're going to say they instead change their mind on Zoey after running into her. Okay that is possible, but we can’t take your word for it since you’re a suspect.

Scott: Fine with me, but that would explain everything was like that. They were intending to kill someone in the team and then frame the crime on me with dirt! I mean there’s nothing else pointing at me.

That is a clever lie Scott, but cleverness doesn’t mean perfect. There is a flaw in your deception and I intend to show it.

Solution: woken up first – nothing else pointing at me

Dawn: I’m against this!!!


Dawn: We can determine the truthfulness of this theory if we have one question answered. Who was the first one to wake up from the sleeping gas?

Owen: First one to woke up, how is that important?

Noah: Remember someone brought the other two to the entrance by dragging them to the pit room, it would mean they would be awake the entire time. So if we know who woke up first then we can tell who was it that ran into Zoey since they were the one who escape the sleeping gas.

Shawn: It would be difficult to take anyone of their words since they are all suspects.

Dawn: Another person’s mouth and eyes are what we need and I know who it is.

Samey: So you have a witness, who is it?

The person who can derail all of Scott’s lie could be the one who wasn’t unconscious.



Dawn: Fate has chosen you!


Dawn: Scott why not I give you a chance to prove your innocence?

Scott: I don’t like the way your saying it, sounds like your up to something.

Cody: Are you planning to tr-

Gwen: Shush Cody! Let’s everything to her alright?

Good thing Gwen has 'notice'd my upcoming move, I must give her my thanks 'afterwards'.

Dawn: Scott this is a simple question and if you can answer then I think it will be enough to prove your innocence.

Scott: Alright then, what is it? I don’t like wasting time with idiots so get to the point.

Dawn: So the person who dragged everyone into the pit was the person who was unconscious, I’m right when I say that?

Eva: You don’t think, it’s obvious that it couldn’t be Izzy so it has to be one of them.

Dawn: Alright so Scott, who was the first one to wake when you regain consciousness?

Scott: That’s easy it was…it was…

Beardo: Why are you *sweat noises* like your hiding something?

Scott: Just shut up you loud mouth, I’m thinking!

Duncan: Why think when you shouldn’t have a problem with this question?

Scott: Look I don’t have a good memory about last night, I think it was Harold since he was trying to get me to wake up while I was lying down…

Hopefully' Scott has made a mistake because if he didn’t-

Brick: Scott are you sure about that? I think Harold was the last one here to wake up.

Scott: Then it was you! You were the one who used the gas mask!

Harold: But why accuse me now when you knew the answer, unless you were lying. If I recall Brick told me that you were the first one awake.

Scott: Brick is lying! He was awake first then me-

Harold: Then why say it’s me when you knew I was unconscious all this time! Scott you didn’t really think this through didn’t you!

Scott: What Brick told you isn’t true! He was lying to you in order to place the suspicion on me!

Samey: But you had your chance you prove your innocence, but you messed it up when you accused Harold instead of Brick. The only person who would do that is the person was behind this mess.

Scott: …

Brick: Be a man Scott and confess, you can’t hide from your crimes any more. You were the one who ran into Zoey and killed her that night!

Scott: …

Did I do it, was I able to expose the truth into reality? Did I capture the man behind my friend’s death?

Scott: Hmmph guess I have no choice, but to confess.

Sky: So you were the one who killed Zoey, how horrible-

Scott: No I did not, I wasn’t Zoey’s killer.

Max: Huh? Speak at once, because I cannot believe such false tale!

Scott: Fine, but you will feel sorry for accusing me once you hear what I have to say.

Scott isn’t the culprit, no he has to 'be,' if he isn’t then who else could it be! I must listen to these words of his and give 'judgement' to the rights and the wrongs. I hope he is wrong.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Brick’s Testimony, Harold’s Testimony, Jasmine’s Testimony, Shawn’s Testimony

Scott: I didn’t kill Zoey, I admit that I was the one who use the gas mask and dragged the team out there, but I’m not the culprit.

Izzy: Your such a liar, we know that guy was the one who encountered and killer Zoey there.

Scott: Alright I did see Zoey in the maze, but kill her is another story. Turns out you and the victim heard me running and came in to investigate. After I explained everything Zoey helped me move the other two to the pit room and then I headed off.

Eva: If your right Scott, why didn’t Zoey follow you back!? She already got the prize, so there was no point being there.

Scott: Don’t know, Zoey said she still needed to do something and then told me to go ahead. I never saw Zoey afterwards.

Brick: That would explain how us three got into the entrance.

Cody: Like were going to believe that! It’s obvious you killed Zoey then and there by pushing her to the trap room with the spike wall.

Jasmine: Well it’s possible for him to reach the blueprints so that is a possibility.

Scott: Look I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be suspected for something I didn’t do. If you put this crime on me were all going to die.

Katie: You should rely on desperate excuses anymore Scott, we know what happened that night. After running away from the gas room you got to the prize room and then taking the blueprints with you, you tried to run back to your team until you encountered Zoey.

Izzy: You took the opportunity to kill her and immediately afterwards you sent your team back to the pit room so you can make an alibi by saying you all were knocked out.

Harold: It makes sense in context I guess, besides we’ve already proven he was the one Duncan heard.

Scott: You have proof that I was there, but none that I was the culprit. That’s because I’m not the culprit!

Sky: Don’t know what to believe, both possibilities have merits, but one has to be true. Wish this was a physical challenge and not a mental one.

Is Scott really trying to use desperate words to go against us…or is her telling the full truth this time? Whatever the outcome is will effect the things we understand about this case.

Solution: Shawn’s Testimony – immediately afterwards

Dawn: I’m against this!!!


Dawn: I can’t believe that my mouth would speak these words.

Owen: What words Dawn?

Dawn: Words that claim Scott is telling the truth…he couldn’t have sent his team back after the murder since Shawn’s team was in the hall during the murder itself.

Izzy: So what’s the point?

Dawn: Shawn didn’t encounter anyone during the moment which shouldn’t be right since Scott should have sent his team already there. He needed to if he was going to get Zoey to let her guard down by helping him with his teammates.

Shawn: That is strange…nobody was there like an empty hall in an abandon building after the zombies arrived.

Katie: So what does that mean to us Dawn?

Dawn: It means Scott is innocent. Someone else is the culprit…

Max: As if! There is nobody else who could be the killer then this fool!

Scott: What did you call me you pipsquek!?

Dawn: No there is another suspect and this is someone we almost forgotten.

I have yet to fully proven Scott’s purity in this crime which I must do after these words, but right now I need say the name of the true villain in my friend’s death. It is the beginning to uncover the entire tangle of lies and deception tied around by Scott and this person…


So Scott is not the culprit, who is it then? Maybe we mentioned this earlier or maybe we didn’t? Whatever it is leave it in the comments down below and stay tune for more Total Drama: Danganronpa!


Brick: Huh!? Why do you think I did it!?

Eva: You were there at the maze last night, so you had a chance to kill Zoey.

Brick: Negative! I was knock out cold by the sleeping gas for me to do that. I’m pretty sure my other teammates can oblige to that statement.

Harold: I wouldn’t know, you should ask Scott.

Brick: Scott?

Scott: I might regret saying this, but… he was asleep the entire time. I sent him back to the entrance with Harold while they were taking a nap.

Brick: See! I’m not the killer!

Noah: Dawn…isn’t there someone else who was in the maze that night? You shouldn’t forget who it was.

Right…it was back at the beginning of this trial. With everything about Scott, I forgotten about her. She never even explained what she was doing there.


Dawn: Fate has chosen you!


Dawn: Back in the beginning of this trial we discuss that if the person who encountered Zoey that night isn’t her killer it would be the other person there.

Harold: I forgot who that was, can you remind me who it was again?

Noah: Who was it that said they were left behind in the maze along with Zoey after Cameron left them?

Owen: …No way! I-Izzy…did you…

Izzy: Yup Owen, what is it?

Beardo: Umm… Izzy did you kill Zoey along with Cameron?

Izzy: W-What!? Of course not, why would you think th-

Cody: Because you were there with Zoey in the maze, so you had the opportunity to kill her to-

Izzy: An opportunity? So that’s why your accusing me, because of an opportunity? Don’t make this into a comedy show because I’m not laughing.

Duncan: Were being serious here Izzy, if Scott is proven innocent then the only remaining culprit can only be you. You know what that means right?

Eva: Besides you already killed two people before, I wouldn’t be surprise if you kill someone again.

Izzy: Alright, alright…I know you guys are having a hard time understanding this so I’ll clear things up for you… if you want to really place Zoey’s murder on me then prove Scott didn’t do it. I don’t think anyone here has done that.

Shawn: But Dawn said-

Izzy: Did she prove anything yet? No she didn’t. If she can prove it then she should do it now, unless she just wants to place the blame on whoever she wants.

Brick: But she would rather place the blame of Scott since they both hated each other at the show.

Scott: Forget about our fight, alright? You better prove me innocent here, we can’t just let Izzy get away with this.

Dawn: The way you spoke those words sound like your only doing this for yourself instead of justice and truth.

Scott: Geez, the guy who sabotaged his own team would think like that, how shocking!

Oh well, I still needed to do it because I know his innocence. I just wish the Gods and spirits didn’t leave me to defend such a repulsive man.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence Brick’s Testimony. Shawn’s Testimony, Harold’s Testimony, Maze’s Control

Izzy: Don’t make me laugh, you can’t prove Scott is innocent, I mean it was you who prove he was the suspicious person Duncan overheard.

Tyler: But I don’t think we ever mentioned that person was the culprit, just that person was suspicious.

Jasmine: And the only reason we considered them as the culprit was because it was who brought them up. Wouldn’t that mean you were deliberately placing suspicion on someone else?

Izzy: So you think this was part of my master plan huh? Why not you show evidence I was the one who killed Zoey?

Bridgette: I think if we had that we would have done it in the beginning of the trial.

Izzy: Your right Bridgette! Also you guys prove that I was innocent in the beginning of this part too.

Gwen: No true, we only brought up another person who could also be the culprit Izzy, and right now were proving that person is not guilty of Zoey’s murder.

Shawn: So if we can find something inconsistent or something Scott couldn’t do that the culprit did, then we can prove Izzy’s guilt!

Scott: I’ll be honest with you guys…I have no idea what that evidence is.

How funny fate can be, At first I was 'on' the side against Scott now I’m 'on' his side. This time however I’m planning to stay with it 'till' the end of this Class Trial.

Solution: Monokuma File 11 – something inconsistent

Dawn: I must agree to that.


Dawn: That is exactly why I wanted to hear your words again Shawn, remember what you said about your testimony.

Shawn: That me, Jasmine and Katie didn’t encounter anyone at the maze?

Dawn; Yeah, do you also remember the time it happened?

Shawn: It was 10:00 PM. Why do you ask?

Noah: 10:00 PM, I think we heard that time before, do you guys remember?

Lightning: Umm…wasn’t that part of the Mono-something?

Eva: The Monokuma File, and yes I do remember what it was. It was also the time of death of the victim.

Dawn: And don’t you guys remember the thing I said just a few minutes ago, that Shawn should have encountered someone, well now you know why I said that.

Shawn: Because they those two should have been sent to the entrance if he was the culprit since he and Zoey should have sent them by then.

Gwen: We know that it’s impossible with your testimony since Zoey was already dead by then.

Samey: When Scott ran into Zoey it was before she was murdered otherwise the time of death wouldn’t match up.

Izzy: Maybe Scott is lying and that Zoey never helped him in moving the other two inside.

Brick: Well it is possible-

Scott: Is this the thanks I get for saving you guys from being trap in the maze!

Noah: First of all it’s illogical for Scott to make that lie, he has no reason.

Izzy: He could have made that lie in order to confuse us the time he move the other two back to the entrance. For all we know he could have done it after killing Zoey.

Max: You fool! If he were to do that he would risk leaving the blood of his victim to any of the two.

Eva: The crime scene was at the trap room, far away from the pit room.

Max: Oh, I see. My apologies hehehe…

Izzy: See! My possibility does exi-

Dawn: No it doesn’t Izzy, sure what you said while unlikely can happen, there is evidence supporting Scott’s words.

Scott: Finally, show this crazy lady why I’m not the killer.

Dawn: Your madness ends here Izzy, with this piece of evidence…

(Shawn’s Testimony/Maze’s Control/Recording/Trap Room)

Answer: Recording

Izzy: What is that?

Owen: That looks like a recording tape, is that new pieces of evidence.

Noah: No it’s something we just want to show because it’s show and tell, of course it’s evidence! Didn’t you pay attention?

Bridgette: So how does that prove Scott didn’t kill Zoey?

Dawn: Because this contains a recording of multiple footsteps inside the pit room.

Izzy: Yeah which belongs to Scott and proves he had the perfect opportunity to kill Zo-

Brick: She said multiple footsteps, not just one. Which means the noise are being made by multiple people. By that logic there was more then one person walking around the pit room.

Izzy: So? What does that me-

Owen: I get it! If it was Scott who was moving the two unconscious people around, then there should be only one set of footsteps, but since there’s more then one…

Jasmine: It means there was more then one person there and with Scott’s words we can tell who that person is. Zoey the victim of this case.

Scott: See! I told you guys that I didn’t it!

Tyler: You still were very suspicious Scott…

Izzy: T-This…isn’t…

Dawn: I’m sorry Izzy, but the truth is out. The one who orchestrated this madness and chaos was you…



Scott: Hold up! There is something wrong with what you said!

Dawn: Scott, I’m proving your innocence!

Scott: I know, I know! Your right about that, but that isn’t what I wanted to say that was wrong!

Duncan: Come on! Is there anything else we need to clear up with this guy’s story?

Scott: Look I know this might seem irrelevant, but there was something I remembered when I encountered Zoey and brought the two idiots back into the entrance.

Brick: Who are you calling idiots!?

Dawn: Be at ease Brick, let him finish.

Scott: Anyway the timing that happen was 10:00 PM. I’m not saying what you said is true, but I needed to bring this up.

Sky: Is there a way to prove that?

Harold: I can attest, when we woke it said on the it was 10:02 PM which means what Scott should be true.

Noah: Hmm…there better be a good explanation on this otherwise Izzy is going to use it as ammo to prove her innocence.

I know that Noah, that’s why I’m thinking as hard as I can with this case.


Evidence: Maze’s Control, Blueprint of the Maze, Shawn’s Testimony, Maze’s Layout

Scott: Hey, I appreciate what you’re doing for me.

Scott: But your wrong about something you said.

Scott: The thing about the timing.

Scott: I remember that the time I saw Zoey and move the two was 10:00PM.

Scott: I can tell because of the clock in the maze.

Scott: I’m telling the truth here, honest.

Dawn: Scott…Shawn was in the entrance in the maze at your suppose time, unless both of you are lying it doesn’t make sense.

Scott: I know that already Moonchild.

Scott: But I’m not lying about the time I saw.

Scott: Right in the clock it said 10:00PM.

Scott: Even Zoey pointed it out back then, although she’s dead so she can’t say.

Scott: If she only she just jumped down with me to the pit.

Scott: I don’t think the clock was faked either.

Scott: So I’m thinking either the Monokuma File or Shawn’s Testimony isn’t right.

Scott: You know you can trust me since I have nothing to hide.

It’s pretty it’s only his testimony that is faulty, but I feel that it’s not his fault. Someone has deliberately made him trap to this world of confusion, I just need to expose the trick the culprit did to make Scott like this.

Solution: Maze’s Control – don’t think the clock was faked

Dawn: I will end the conflict!


Dawn: Scott…you were trick by the true culprit’s actions.

Scott: What do you mean trick?

Dawn: You see the maze also has a special attribute about it that would be useful for anyone who won the prize. Can anyone recall it?

Owen: They can use the exit at the beach?

Bridgette: OK, that might be a benefit the winner would get, but I don’t think that was what she wanted to talk about.

Sky: Are you talking about being able to control some things about the maze like the clocks and the pits?

Scott: The clocks…

Izzy: …!

Scott: Uhh…I got nothing…

That was very disappointing, it’s like the discovery of a new plant would only lead to disaster, painful and sad.

Noah: Scott, the culprit edited the time displayed on the clocks in order to confuse you. They were probably hoping for you to mention the time in order to pin the blame on you.

Scott: But that would only work if they knew I was there.

Jasmine: But they did know you were there. They were with you two in that part of the maze and probably overheard the conversation so they use the maze’s control to their advantage.

Brick: If that is true the only person who could have done that is…

Izzy: Umm…can I go to the bathroom?

Harold: Not so fast Izzy, we know it’s you who killed Zoey. What Scott said so far proves it!

Eva: I guess that wasn’t a complete waste of time… as much as I hate to admit it.

Izzy: B-But… if what you guys said is true, you would need to prove Scott was there some other time… and Shawn’s testimony won’t cut.

Shawn: And why not?

Izzy: Because if you said the maze’s clock was edited it could apply to Shawn’s testimony!

True…but that would also point you as the culprit since you were the remaining prize winner back then.

Dawn: Then why not we hear a certain person’s word and let them voice Scott’s innocence.

Izzy: Really? I-S T-H-E-R-E A-N-Y-O-N-E W-H-O C-A-N P-R-O-V-E I-T?

You would be surprise how life is Izzy, there is someone here you probably never expected to attest the words of the scoundrel you plan to frame this crime to.



Dawn: Fate has chosen you!


Dawn: Me and Noah has witness the way to the maze through the library last night and we can tell what time we saw Scott’s group come out.

Noah: It was 9:00PM.

You could have made the answer a bit more impactful like nature and it’s unexpected weather.

Izzy: 9:00PM!? Hehehe… I see real funny, it’s not like you have a way to tell the ti-

Noah: Owen, what is on my wrist?

Owen: Umm… a bone?

Noah: Of course a bone, but what else? What’s on top of it?

Owen: Oh I see! It’s a watch.

Shawn: That’s something you could use to tell the time Izzy.

Izzy: …Oh really…guess Noah can tell time…hehehe…

Duncan: Yeah and now we have evidence pointing at you Izzy as Zoey’s killer. With what Scott said and him already proven innocent, the only suspect left is you.

Sky: You’re the only one who was the maze other then Scott and Zoey, and you had access to the clocks inside the maze. If that isn’t decisive then I don’t know what will.

Izzy: Then you should rethink, sure your only basing this because of what Scott said. However that’s it, there is nothing at all pointing me at the crime.

Scott: How dare you! My word is trustworthy since everyone here knows I’m innocent.

Izzy: You’re the last person here I would call innocent Scott, you love to deceive and trick your classmates just for your own amusement.

Gwen: This isn’t Total Drama anymore Izzy, so how he was in the show doesn’t reflect how we are now.

Izzy: But can you really trust his word? I mean he has lied throughout his time in the show so why believe in him now?

Dawn: Because I trust him. I know he isn’t cruel enough to condemn others unlike you Izzy.

Scott: Dawn…don’t think this makes us friends or anything…

Tyler: Don’t try to hide that smile in your face Scott, it’s a happy moment to see people are willing to trust you.

Scott: S-Shut up!

Izzy: Your going overboard there, it’s not like you can say I’m the culprit when you have no piece of evidence like my uncle’s logic…

Dawn: No I do. I do have evidence to prove the killer of Cameron’s death and Zoey’s death are the same person.

Bridgette: Since Izzy is already confirmed as Cameron’s killer this should be considered enough to prove it was her who killed Zoey as well.

Izzy: That’s just another lie you made up in order to pin the blame on someone else. I am not going to fall into your little mind tricks Dawn.

Noah: You know what to do now Dawn.

Scott: …For once I’ll let you handle this case yourself.

Two of the less friendly people here giving me support, a miracle given by the fate ordain to me. Now I must continue forging to my destiny by ending the trial I’ve been trap for long.

P.T.A (VS Izzy)

Izzy: You are out of your mind!

Izzy: I-I didn’t kill two people…

Izzy: Let’s ride the fairy train, choo-choo.

Izzy: This is Izzy, I’ve been compromise.

Izzy: Y.O.U G.O.T N.O.T.H.I.N.G

Izzy: Let me at them!!!

Izzy: Huh? Did you say I’m the killer?

Izzy: Let’s get ready to rumble!!!


Izzy: There is nothing both murders have related to each other. Which means it’s still possible Cameron and Zoey’s killers are different.


SCENE                   ON


Dawn: I will end the suffering!


Dawn: Izzy…in the crime scenes there was scratches left behind, one in the wall where the killer repelled down after killing and Cameron and the other on the floor on the maze.

Izzy: So what? What does that have to do-

Cody: I see, that’s why I thought it was strange. Both scratches were the same, the same length, the same appearance and everything else.

Katie: And the only way for that to make sense is if the culprit of both crimes were the same person…

Izzy: Eeh! You don’t have an explanation why they were th-

Harold: This might be a theory, but it might have to do with how sporadic you’ve been lately ever since last night. It’s almost like Cameron this morning.

Lindsay: I see, so when Izzy saw the prize like Cameron did she became crazier and cause those scratches.

Izzy: I…I…

Scott: Looks like she’s done far. No need to hear anymore of her arguments.

Noah: Dawn, you know what to do. Like me you should explain how everything in this case happened.

Dawn: Yes…of course…


Since we already solved Cameron's murder we will only be talking about the events related to Zoey's death. First of all we should recall the teams who went to the maze last night. They were Zoey, Cameron and the culprit, Scott, Harold and Brick, and Shawn, Jasmine and Katie and the order I said them is also the same order they went to the maze. This became important since it helped narrow down the suspects and lead to us to one person.

Zoey's group entered the maze and then proceeded to try overcoming it. Eventually they did and manage to win the prize Monokuma place in the end for the first team to receive. However this prize ended up being a punishment since that caused the killer and Cameron into acting more eratic and strange. We don't know the contents of the prize, but for sure it was something that might have been left alone.

Cameron headed to the exit in order to calm himself from what he learned, but the killer and Zoey didn't follow since they heard a noise back at the maze and decided to check the source. Duncan also heard the noise so we know this really happen. What the source of the noise was Scott, who just manage to reach the end of the maze.

What happened to Scott before that should be clarified in order avoid further confusion. His group along was able to reach far into the maze, but a wrong turn thanks to Harold's compass lead his team to a gas room where they were all hit with sleeping gas. Both Harold and Brick fell unconscious to it, but Scott manage to avoid it by wearing the gas mask near the entrance of the room. He ran away from the room because even though he had the gas mask on he still needed to run away from the sleeping gas and look for a pit room to get his team mates out. He manage to find one, but his running was what the two girls heard and that's why they both surrounded the room.

Both the killer and Zoey were planning to ambush the room and catch however made the noise by cornering the person. Zoey entered the room while the killer watch and encountered Scott. He explained what happened to him and his group and both of them took the two unconscious guys to the pit. Back then Scott and Zoey though it happened at 10:00 PM when in actually it was before 9:00 PM, the reason is because the culprit tampered the clocks and change the time in order to place more suspicion on Scott. However thanks to Shawn's testimony about no one being there at 10:00 PM and mine and Noah's saying we saw his team leave at 9:00 PM.

A hour pass and both Zoey and the killer was still inside the maze and at that time it was when the killer made their move. Luring Zoey to a trap room with a spike wall, the culprit pushed her towards them and that was the end for our friend. She left marks to the floor due to force of the push and the culprit left scratches due to her derange behavior. Afterwards they took a picture of the dead body while posing theselves as victims in the maze to help with their attempt on Cameron.

There is only one person who could be the culprit and that person was the only one who was still in the maze with Zoey and also killed Cameron.

Scene: Dawn looking disappointed while the blacken sweats and glares at her.

Dawn: You committed all these atrocities Izzy. What you did is unforgivable.

Scene: Blackened revealed to be Izzy.


Izzy: So what are you waiting for then, vote for me and see what happens. It's not like I have anything else to say anymore.

Owen: Izzy...why?

Izzy: I'll explain later, just end this trial already.

Scene: A roulette is played and spins around the contestants, until it landed on Izzy's face and the word guilty lights up.


- Monokuma announces to everyone that they got the right culprit again and that it was Izzy who killed both victims. When confronted by Brick why she did it, Izzy said that they deserved it. When Sky tried to have her elaborate, she refuse to say anything. Harold brought up the prize and that made Izzy flinch which indicates that was what motivated her to kill.

- Duncan and Lightning demands Izzy to explain the contents of the prize, but Izzy said nothing about except that involves something most of them are unaware of or better yet they don't remember. This shocks the entire group except Sky who seemed to take it very calmly.

- Shawn was going to ask Sky about her strange behavior, but Monokuma stops him by announcing he's about to execute Izzy. Owen, Eva and Noah seemed sadden about it especially Owen, but Izzy just tells them not to even bother while being excited. Owen asked her why she's acting like that, and Izzy replied by saying she actually wanted to experience an execution and is excited for it. This disturbs the groups, but beore they can ask anymore Monokuma starts the execution.


Izzy's Execution: Executed!

Monokuma hits the button with his gavel and on the screen shows an 8-bit Izzy standing in the middle of the screen before being drag all the way to the edge of the screen by Monokuma. In reality Monokuma had two smaller Monokuma grab Izzy's arm and drag her to the entrance of her execution zone.

Izzy is in the middle of a mental facility being tied by a straigth jacket. Monokumas are around her acting like mental patients  Izzy looking excited suddenly has a Monokuma with a doctor's outfit appear right in front of her and give her an injection. That injection made her eyes go crazy and soon she began to run away everywhere so quickly. Eventually she manage to break the straigth jacket and ran to the doors and to the hallways of the hospital.

Izzy kept running and running like maniac that she ran over other Monokumas, hit objects in her way like cabinets and doors, and her running made enough force that anything standing on the sides were push to the wall. The screen pan towards a door with the word exit on top and Izzy was about reach it. However there was two intersecting hallways between Izzy and the exit and when she passed it, a nurse Monokuma pushing a cart full of medical tools hit her. It pushed her and the medical supplies which flew off the cart to the opposite hallway the Monokuma where it lead to a set of stairs.

She fell down the stairs and was battered and cut by the medical toold tumbling down with her. Eventually when she reached the bottom she was leaning to the wall of the bottom floor, except it wasn't a wall. It was a generator and when Izzy tried to pull herself up, she pulled a lever by accident and activated the generator. It electrocuted her for a few seconds before it overheated and exploded. The hospital was blown up like a cartoon and in the middle was an ashen field. Izzy blew up along with the hospital she was trap in.

- After the execution, everyone headed to the elevator. Shawn questioned Sky about her behavior, but she didn't answered his questions. She just ask him to leave him alone and that if he wants to bring it up again it should be tomorrow since they had a long day.

- Scott approaches Noah and Dawn and thanks them for proving his innocence and promises to make it up for them later on. Lightning just scoffs them and Katie gave a simple thank you.

- Katie then went to Jasmine and Shawn and asked them to help in something important. What it isn't said, but it has something to do with the things Izzy said before the execution.

- Owen, Lindsay, Tyler and Beardo said they have something plan and that they want everyone to come to it. When asked what it is, they didn't answer.

- In the forest after everyone returned to the cabins, a scene is shown that Harold is going inside a cave while looking out for people.

Number Alive: 20

Thanks for reading guys. Now since you didn't get the right culprit in both accusations, I will be choosing the victims for the last two victim cases. Who will it be? Just watch and see!

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