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If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class TriaL they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.

In the last event we saw the number of victims of this incident. Three, but this time one of them is still alive! It was Izzy who despite suffered a severe blow in the head is still alive, a bit daze, but alive. Unfortunately that's the only good news so far since two more are dead. Cameron and Zoey, two of the nicest people here, have become the latest victims after the reveal of a dangerous that consist of a very insentive powerful prize. Could this prize be the motive for the murder, and was this related to the amount of manipulation other characters are making? Solve the clues and find the culprit in order to make a step forward to the truths of this Mutual Killing.

CAMERON DEAD 20th Victim
ZOEY DEAD 19th Victim
SAM DEAD 10th Killer
TRENT DEAD 17th Victim
RODNEY DEAD 15th Victim/9th Killer
GEOFF DEAD 8th Killer
TOPHER DEAD 14th Victim
DJ DEAD 7th Killer
MIKE DEAD 11th Victim
AMY DEAD 10th Victim
SUGAR DEAD 9th Victim
SADIE DEAD 5th Killer
JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 4th Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No. Alive: 21

Link to Evidence List:

News: This and the next chapter will be the last double murder cases. After this I will only being doing a single victim case. And also...I will select a victim for the next the case, just to keep things interesting. >:)... Also I would like to hear you guys make your own case in the comments like this...

Victim: ???

Killer: ???

Summary: ???

It's just because a few of the chapters I have I'm not to sure who the culprit should be. So hearing some people's opinion might be nice for a change of pace.


Monokuma File 11:

Victim: Zoey

Time of Death: 11:00 PM

Cause of Death: Punctured on the hear by a spike which killed her instantly.

Victim: Cameron

Time of Death: 11:00 AM

Cause of Death: Hanging

Additional Info: Neither victims has drugs or any type of substances inside them. Although Zoey has suffered a bruce on the back of her arm.

Cameron's Last Testimony: He went inside the maze with Izzy and Zoey and they got the prize. He mentioned the prize was bad and that after winning it he went back immediately through the exit at the beach while Zoey and Izzy stayed behind because they heard footsteps coming.

Bridgette's Testimony: Zoey has gotten a sudden character change since she became more cautious with people not willing to go alone with anyone.

Hand Print: In the place where Zoey got her bruise left a handprint. This shows the victim was pushed very forcefully by someone which was enough to cause the bruise.

Spike Wall: This wall shows the room Zoey was killed was a trap room. It only activates when someone enter the room. The fact Zoey would have seen this immediately makes it unlikely for this to be an accident.

Dirt: Checking Zoey's palms we found dirt, but the maze doesn't have a single speck of dirt here so why would she have some? Also can be found near the place she died.

Scratch Marks: Marks near the entrance was found. There seem to have been cause by something pushing so hard there to scratch it. Zoey's shoes also has marks.

Blood Pool: The place Izzy said that she got attack last night. The blood pool was big and wet that Lindsay accidentally got some stuck on her shoes.

Spiky Rock: The rock that attacked Izzy. It had blood covering it.

Izzy's Testimony: She said she went back to the maze in order to investigate a suspicious noise with Zoey. They seperated in order to flank the source of the noise, but she got blinsided in the back.

Maze's Layout: Base on Izzy's testimony, they were planning on ambushing someone inside a pit room. The entrance and exit are both covered by the two girls when they surrounded it. So was this a diversion.

Different Rooms: There are trap rooms that cause people to go to sleep or triggers a deadly trap, obstacle rooms that require groups of three to accomplice, challenge rooms where different people with different talents needs to be there and pit rooms which people can fall down and get sent back to the entrance of the maze.

Record: A record of multiple footsteps that sounded like tapping noises was found playing inside the room they heard the mysterious noise.

Blue Prints of the Maze: While searching the maze Harold found this. It seems to be found inside the prize room where anyone who got there could grab any of the many weapons and information needed for a murder. It contains the room layout with labels included.

Medical Kit: A medical kit inside the prize room was found open. It seems someone tried to use it yesterday, but no was seen hurt at all.

Maze's Control: At the prize room there are controls for certain things about the maze like activation of traps, guides to the exit, controlling the display of the clocks in the maze and deactivations of pits.

Duncan's Testimony: He did see Cameron exit the maze, but no one else that night. He has an alibi during the murder since he was with Owen. He also heard footsteps in there and they sounded like stomps. Another he remembers is that it was man's voice.

Owen's Testimony: It would be impossible for anyone to enter the maze through the exit at the beach since it's an one-way path.

Shawn's Testimony: His group entered the maze early at night, and left at 10:00 PM. They couldn't pass the obstacles so they called quits. They encountered nobody.

Jasmine's Equipment: They only brought survival gear in order to pass the maze quickly, but no food.

Brick's Testimony: His team fell by the trap rooms by falling asleep due to sleeping gas. He did mention that near the entrance was a gas mask.

Harold's Testimony: Before they were unconscious his group has some food. Brick and Harold brought rations from the tactics room while Scott brought his own.

Brick's Trap Room: The room Brick's team got hit by sleeping gas is a room that passes the final obstacle and challenge room.

Gas Mask: Beardo found this near the room Brick's team loss consciousness. It seemed that someone used it due to the inside being slightly damage.

Letter to Cameron:


A set of pictures of Zoey and Izzy was displayed although Izzy's picture was more blurry that the background could not be see. This letter was a warning letter address to him.

Cameron's Body: While hanged in the air it seems that Cameron's body was completely normal suggesting this was instant and no struggle happened. There was no chair underneath the body.

Bandage Wrappings: On Cameron's arm was wrappings of bandages which suggest that he grab them from the culprit. The bandage has blood so it's suggested the culprit was someone injured.

Cameron's Will: In his pocket was a piece of folded paper. It contains words of regret and the handwritting belongs to Cameron. It might be a suicide note, but the contents are incomplete.

Cameron's Pen: The pen use on the folded paper is on the table far away from where Cameron was found hanging.

Nail: A nail was hammered at the door's top. It's near the ceiling and the noose that Cameron was hanged at. Also worth noting is that the nail prevents the door from closing due to hitting the top door frame.

Noose: The noose was made with using Jasmine's rope. It's extra long that extensive parts of the rope can be found outside Cameron's window.

Jasmine's Testimony: Her rope was place inside the tactics room. She never used it the last two days so anyone could have use it. Shawn can back up what she said.

Cabin's Wall: The part of the wall at Cameron's room had scratch marks and mudstains. There is rope there to which reach down to the ground.

Camera: A camera was found near the cabin grounds which has the word S&K. The quality of pictures match the picutres inside Cameron's envelope.

Max's Testimony: He deduce the culprit have to be extremely strong in order to pull Cameron up with the noose unless they use some sort of force to help them like a vechicle or gravity.

Katie's Testimony: The only people missing at the time of Cameron's death was Lightning and Katie since everyone else was at the maze. Katie claimed that she went looking for something that belong to Sadie which was place inside the museum, but was stolen recently. She wasn't with Lightning when this happened.

Lightning's Testimony: Lightning said that he saw someone run to the theatre while building up his muscles. He didn't have a good look on who it was since the person was jumping from tree to tree when they were heading there.

Plate of Dirt: Found at a sink inside the boy's cabin. Tyler said that someone has been eating dirt lately saying that they were preparing themselves for the maze in case they need to adapt. Who would eat dirt?

Theatre Curtains: Curtains that resemble the wall. The only difference between this and the actual wall is that it blocks the backstage. The curtains was close when we entered the theatre to investigate it.

Empty Envelope: It was labelled prize and found empty at the backstage of the theatre. The contents are nowhere to be found.

Monokuma's Testimony: The prize can only be open by one of the winners and that the contents of the envelope was the prize. The winners also has the right to do anything with the prize.

Tactician's Room: The last time someone entered here was this morning at 10:30 AM when Zoey's body was discovered. The cards were found inside the room so Monokuma had to opeb it manually.

Card Reader: It seems the reader only needs to be use if someone close the door. Jasmine's group claim that they couldn't have use it since the cards were nowhere to be found.

Cards: The cards needed to open the tacticians room doesn't necessarily need different fingerprints. The person can use the same ones as much as they can, but Monokuma never said anything about that.

Dawn's Testimony: She found something that will contradict someone's word, but will only present it once the time has come. I trust her enough to keep her promise.


Monokuma: Welcome again to the Class Trial! Good thing we see two of the kindness people here dead, things could finally get started already.

Brick: We already had plenty of murders before this, are you really saying this is just the start?

Monokuma: Of course not, of course not. I’m just saying that now the craziest murder schemes ever made will start coming. They might even pass the standards I made for these games.

Noah: Great to know…

Max: But remember Monokuma, the chaos can’t even start unless we find the person who killed Zoey and Cameron.

Monokuma: Of course that’s why I’m rooting for you. I’m so tempted to say the killer’s name, but I’ll follow the rules like the good bear I am.

Gwen: Whatever helps you sleep at night. Anyway like before we need to find the person who killed Cameron and Zoey, otherwise we won’t come out of here alive.

Scott: We know that already, let’s just get this entire thing started. You guys want to talk about anything yet? I don’t want to waste my time here.

Dawn: Of course a scoundral like you doesn’t realize how much time it takes to understand a person’s sin, unless you have something to hide.

Scott: H-Hey! I didn’t kill anyone!

Cody: Never mind that, for now we need to see the details of the case before we can make guesses on the culprit.

Shawn: So what details are we going to talk about first? I hope it’s not about what there bodies look like.

Lindsay: Oh I know! Why not we talk about Zoey’s death first!?

Tyler: Zoey’s death? Why her and not Cameron who we saw alive today Not saying I’m doubting you Lindsay…

Lindsay: Because she was the first one to die so maybe what happen to her murder might connect to Cameron…

Eva: Whatever! As long as we nab this killer and tear them apart!!!

You do realize that is Monokuma’s job, not yours…

Jasmine: Alright then Zoey’s murder. I wonder why would anyone want to murder such a sweetheart.

Owen: This place is making everyone go crazy. Why couldn’t we be back for Total Drama?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Hand Print, Monokuma File 11, Spike Wall, Blood Pool, Spiky Rock

Lindsay: So we know Zoey died first among the two…right???

Owen: That’s what the Monokuma File said. Actually it also said that Zoey died yesterday night, how did nobody here notice?

Bridgette: Zoey never did come back to the cabin last night and so did Izzy. I was actually worried about them and I was planning to look for them, back Gwen prevented me from doing so.

Gwen: Because I thought it was too dangerous for Bridgette to be outside at night because of the incident where Scarlett attacked Lindsay when she left the cabins.

Cody: I wonder, did Zoey have a reason to be out there?

Eva: I remember Zoey said that she wanted to search the maze and she brought a team with her. It was her, Cameron and Zoey.

Izzy: I swear nothing happened between us! I didn’t even know Zoey died until now!

Samey: You know with everything we heard do you think Zoey might have triggered the trap and that’s what got her killed?

Beardo: So your saying this death was an accident. Well if that were true then at least no one *throat cut noise* so we don’t need to investigate any further.

Sky: It’s impossible for this to be an accident. Zoey isn’t clumsy enough to activate the trap and get killed by it.

So were thinking if it’s possible for this death to be an accident, well I hate to break the news but someone made a mistake with the details.

Solution: Hand Print – this death was an accident.

Noah: Use your logic!!!


Noah: This is definitely a murder, not an accident.

Beardo: Really? You mind telling us why because I’m so *cuckoo clock sound*.

Noah: Well it’s clear that Zoey didn’t up getting hit by the spikes because of her carelessness. The hand print on her shirt proves that.

Jasmine: A hand print on her shirt, are you sure that’s enough proof? I mean someone could have touch her before and that would been enough to leave a mark.

Tyler: I’m with her Noah, a mark is pretty weak evidence.

Noah: Well then I guess I have to bring this up to, which should be proof enough that Zoey was push to the spikes…

(Hand Print/ Zoey’s Shoes/Slide Marks/Empty Envelope)

Answer: Slide Marks

Katie: Slide marks near the crime scene, your saying those were made when Zoey was push forward.

Owen: Couldn’t the marks be made by tripping? I mean you technically slide when you trip.

Dawn: No it cannot, because it’s clear from how long these marks are it shows Zoey move forward while being slid down. That doesn’t happen when tripping.

Bridgette: You just fall in place when that happens. But are we still sure this is enough, do we have proof these marks were made by Zoey?

Brick: Well in the mark there is a bunch of scratch marks and the heel on Zoey’s shoes were both damage so it’s safe to say there was friction going on them.

Duncan: Friction cause by them being push forward by someone.

Noah: Also another thing is that the spikes activates after someone entered the room. Zoey would have been careful if she really did activate the trap so do you still believe that this was an accident?

Cody: Zoey was athletic and very agile so believing that she would just trip and land on the spikes is pretty difficult.

Brick: I wouldn’t say just difficult, but impossible.

Noah: Looks like everyone here understands now the case, well any objections?

Dawn: …

Why is she being so quiet?

Noah: Umm…Dawn you look like you want to say something is it important?

Dawn: …No, but I kind of feel a little strange about this topic…

Shawn: A topic? Mind sharing us what that topic is?

Dawn: Well you see it’s about how Zoey got involve about this. Tell me, do you think this is a plan murder?

Beardo: A plan murder…well *question mark noise*.

Dawn: Now you know what’s bothering me. You see I don’t know if this crime was planned or not and if we don’t know that then we might be looking at this case the wrong so I kind of want to have that clarify.

Scott: It’not kind of important, it is important! If we don’t know that then we might get stuck ourselves in deeper dirth.

Samey: There’s no point in complaining about this. We know what Dawn is worried about so we should try to settle it now if we can.

Dawn: I apologize in making such a shocking turn. I just needed to unleash it from my heart and spirit.

Sky: Y-Yeah we get it, let’s just focus on what we can find out now…

What we can find out now? Whether this is a planned murder or not will change the outlook on everything, maybe even Cameron’s…

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Blue Prints of the Maze, Dirt, Hand Print, Spike Wall

Dawn: So is there a way for the culprit to have plan this murder ahead?

Eva: Most of the time someone here gets killed, the killer always ended up playing us like a fool! No matter how many times it happens, it always work and it makes me furious!

Bridgette: Calm down Eva, I get what you’re saying. That many of the murders were plan so that makes it plausible that this was planned to.

Brick: Especially when going against a girl like Zoey, she’s got real good reflexes that would make a general proud to have in their ranks.

Lightning: But the maze was so stupid! How can you plan a murder like that there, it’s got to be luck.

Owen: You mean the culprit just got an opportunity to kill Zoey and took it? That’s really hard to believe.

Jasmine: But with the traps and everything that is also something that could happen.

Samey: I don’t know Jasmine, I’m thinking about going in the middle and say that the murder was plan, but only at the maze.

Cody: You mean the killer improvise the murder with the maze?

Samey: Yeah, because if the culprit really did the murder out of nowhere then what would happen if another team got there? They couldn’t kill them since they would probably spread out.

Harold: So it needed to be prepared, but not necessarily the entire time. Is there a reason we should believe that?

Dawn: No matter we must find the answer of this puzzling situation, less we want to say goodbye to the mortal lives we live.

In the end this was a murder that someone could only have done if they had this. If so then thay would say how the murder really started.

Solution: Blue Print of the Maze – a reason we should believe

Noah: You might be right.


Noah: There is something the killer would have needed to know if they really wanted to kill Zoey using a trap room, can you tell what it is?

Beardo: *buzzer sound* How to distract Zoey!

Brick: That is correct, they needed to make sure the victim didn’t had a chance to defend themselves.

That was an obvious answer, I wanted an answer that you would get if you use your brain. Guess I have to be the one to say it, again.

Noah: No, they needed to know where the trap rooms were. How could you have known where to push if you didn’t know where you could push Zoey?

Duncan: They could have simply waited for the traps to be activated and then push Zoey.

Sky: Not with the girl’s reaction timing. The moments the spikes comes out she would be on her guard and it would be impossible to push her directly there.

Shawn: So the only way to make sure that she couldn’t have a chance to stop herself from being push is to push her directly to the wall in a trap room before entering.

Max: But that is absurd! If they did it once to Zoey and it turned out not to be a trap room, she would have fled and told us everything that rookie attempted. To fail in live up my degree of evil!

I don’t think anyone can reach that level of yours Max, because no one wants to.

Tyler: Then it should be impossible for this murder to be plan. They couldn’t risk an attempt on Zoey if they had only one shot so it has to be not planned or accidental.

Gwen: Not unless they knew where the rooms that had the traps.

Tyler: Impossible. There is no way to know which rooms was trap and which ones weren’t.

Noah: Then let me bring up the blue print that was found in the prize room. It contains a layout of the maze including the type of rooms each room was.

Max: The prize room… I see if they made it there then…

Duncan: So they use that blue print in order to know where to push Zoey to her death. Make sense I guess.

Noah: So you see this murder was only plan at the spot. When the culprit saw the blue print, Zoey was doom. Now we know that we should move to-



Max: Thank you my humble servant for guiding me to the truth. Now I know who the culprit is.

Noah: You really think you do, why not say it?

Beardo: Noah…I don’t think you should listen to him, he is probably just pulling a *firework noise*

Noah: Probably, but I want to hear it.

Max: You see my wretched onlookers, the phony of the day is Izzy! She was there along with Cameron who could have gotten the blue prints!

Izzy: HEY! I didn’t kill the huntress!

Noah: Jumping to conclusions again Max, guess I have to correct you like usual.


Evidence: Izzy’s Testimony, Duncan’s Testimony, Maze’s Layout, Different Rooms

Max: I see that you wish to challenge me!

Max: A foolish mistake that I will use as an example to everyone.

Max: I know that you wish to say Cameron is the culprit.

Max: But I know as well that he isn’t the culprit.

Max: So put an end to this fruitless endeavour.

Max: Accept the fact he could not be the culprit!

Noah: I never meant my argument to be use to accuse Cameron, I meant it to show Izzy isn’t the only culprit.

Max: But she was the only one who had access to the prize room!

Max: She and her group, but their dead!

Max: Unless you claim the culprit had an opportunity to enter the room which is impossible.

Max: Without being seen either girls at the time.

Max: Then I must destroy that deluded argument with my power.

Max: My power of complete utter evil!

This guy is a total nutcase, guess I need to crack him down a little before dealing the final strike. Which is showing him other possibilities of the case.

Solution: Izzy’s Testimony – which is impossible

Noah: Enough talking!


Noah: I won’t deny the possibility of Izzy being the culprit.

Izzy: HEY! I thought we were buds, we work together in challenges, we voted people together, we even shared the same-

Noah: No need for anyone else to know that!

Owen: Know what? I’m sorry Noah, but I’m really confuse.

Jasmine: Is this why you stop arguing Noah, in order to pull a comedy show. Why not tell us why Max is wrong, because as much as I don’t want to I’m starting to believe him.

Max: Of course you would! Because everyone knows that defying me will lead to your eternal demise in my lair of EVIL!

Sky: Believe me Noah, being wrong over this guy isn’t going to make you feel good.

Noah: Which is why I’m not wrong, but correct. There was a time Izzy and Zoey ended up trying to intercept someone at the maze.

Tyler: So? How does that prove that someone else other then Izzy could have gotten the blue prints for the maze?

Shawn: I’m with him, because they would have still seen someone if they try to enter the prize room.

Noah: If they were in the prize room, but they weren’t. They were flanking the person in one of the pit rooms, away from the prize room.

Max; Incoceivable, I was mistaken!

Noah: Not to mention the two were separated so it would have been easy for someone to sneak both of them and reach the prize room.

Max: Did you have to add that part in order to destroy more of my pride!?

Eva: Doesn’t matter, what matters is that you were wrong and we could have died if we did what you said.

Max: Well…I….I’m a bit carele-

Shawn: Stop this Eva, yelling at the guy won’t help. We still need to find out who the culprit is.

Max: Ahem, yes that’s what we’re going to do. Of course do not forget Izzy is still a suspect since she still could have push Zoey and she had access to the blue prints.

Katie: Actually were only basing Izzy’s defence with her testimony, what if she was lying about what she said.

Izzy: Why do you guys not believe me? I made an explosion beautiful as your birthday gift.

Gwen: Explosions are typically not good gifts, reminds me too much about Chris.

Don’t want to remember that guy, that’s one of the few things I like about this place.

Noah: Well there is someone’s testimony who supports Izzy’s so this can be credible.

Duncan: Alright then, who’s testimony are you talking about?

Noah: This person.


Answer: You

Duncan: Me…oh. I remember now, I said before that I heard someone’s voice inside the maze after Cameron left.

Cody: But that shouldn’t be possible since the only people left there has to be girls.

Brick: Well it’s actually possible since me, Scott and Harold went there at the maze last night, although we didn’t really make it far before we ended up getting sent back.

Katie: And my team didn’t make it far either so it couldn’t be Shawn. Actually it can be him if it turns out the voice was someone screaming about zombies.

Duncan: No, if it was I would have known exactly who it was.

Samey: I guess right now we can say that Izzy’s story is believable which means the opportunity for someone to the blue prints from the two is still there.

Harold: I guess right now we can say that there is another suspect for Zoey’s murder, whoever the guy that was heard last night.

Dawn: It also answers the lingering question I had about this, you remember what it was my fellow friends.

Scott: Wasn’t it about this murder being planned or what-not? Don’t remember since it was while since you talk.

Dawn: Thank you for the vulgar and rude answer, anyway I wanted to bring up that question because I have an assumption that I need to see if I can get it verified.

Cody: And what would that be?

Dawn: If this murder was part of Cameron’s murder. I have reasons to believe that case.

Owen: Wait a minute! The two murders are connected!? How does that make sense!?

Samey: Well both victims were together last night and the way Cameron acted sounds like he knew this incident happen.

Dawn: Your right my good friend and I have the requirements to pass this judgement as the truth.

Dawn is not dumb, so she’s serious with what she’s saying. Maybe the evidence she’s talking about is something we both find during investigation. No it definitely has to be with how these things work.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cameron’s Letter, Monokuma File 11, Cameron’s Pen, Cameron’s Will, Prize

Dawn: I believe that both murders are related, saying the same murderer isn’t necessarily true, but the first incident definitely led to the second one happening.

Owen: So you means Zoey’s murder is what made Cameron’s murder happen.

Cody: That might be true, definitely if there was something the culprit learned after killing Zoey and it was related to Cameron, that might be the motive for Cameron’s death.

Noah: But was there really anything new that we learned about Cameron?

Shawn: Other then being dead no. Although Cameron’s behaviour was strange since this morning so maybe it’s related to this incident.

Tyler: Your not saying Cameron killed Zoey! There’s no way I could see that happening.

Bridgette: Relax Tyler, that’s not what he means. I think he was trying to say something happened last night related to Cameron and we have no idea what could it be.

Izzy: Yes we do have an idea! Cameron won the prize and whatever the prize was made Cameron change his attitude. I don’t know what the prize was because Cameron acted like a berserker ready to smash people with a iron pillar when we ask.

Brick: That means Zoey didn’t know what the prize was either… guess that should be useful.

Eva: Why are we even wasting time!? We don’t even know that both murders are related, the only reason why were even considering this is because of Dawn!

Dawn: Like I said both deaths are connected, there was something in Cameron’s case that has a bond with Zoey’s murder.

The prize is definitely the center of the murder, but right now we can’t talk about the possibility until we can prove both deaths are related. We got to bring Cameron’s murder to the maze.

Solution: Cameron’s Letter – both the murders are related

Noah: You might be right.


Noah: That’s why this letter existed. What was written wouldn’t make sense unless this is about Zoey’s murder.

Lightning: Huh? What letter?

Dawn: This letter Lightning, do you guys want me to read the content-

Lightning: Give me that! “I'VE KNOWN WHAT YOU'VE DONE! YOU ABADON YOUR FRIENDS AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED” What does this sha-mean?

Izzy: By abandon he means leaving me and Zoey. Although technically it wasn’t abandoning since we did tell him to go ahead, but Zoey was murderer so I guess it counts don’t ask me.

Samey: So someone sent this letter to him, which means whoever that person was knew about Zoey’s murder or at least knew he went ahead to the exit and left his group behind.

Izzy: If your going to ask it wasn’t me who sent this letter. I don’t send threatening letters anymore ever since I got wiretapped.

Katie: Then it would have to be Zoey’s killer then since they were the only other ones in there.

Scott: And by that logic they would have to be Cameron’s killer to, they didn’t have any trouble killing Zoey so what more with the Little Shrimp.

Cody: Hold on! Are we sure this is the incident their referring to, maybe there was another incident we didn’t know about that Cameron was in-

Noah: There was pictures of the victim and Izzy along with the letter, I’m going to say their related.

Tyler: And you didn’t present that first because?

Dawn: Right now we were able to establish the murders being connected to each other and most likely having the same culprit, question is who’s murder should we put our effort into?

Who's murder are we going to tacke now? Is it still Zoey or Cameron? Find out at the next part? Also have an idea on who the culprit is? Leave it down below!

Dawn: I may be a bit pompous for suggesting this, but I think we should focus on Cameron’s murder since the suspects there is very small.

Lightning: Really? There’s less suspects there? How?

Katie: Your such an idiot. Out of everyone you should know why.

Lightning: Huh? Know what?

Cody: I get it now why you pick this case to solve over Zoey’s murder. We may have started the Class Trial with her murder, but during the investigation we were able to deduce the culprit to only a few people.

Shawn: I’m sorry, but I’m lost. Why are their only a few suspects?

Lindsay: Oh right! You didn’t investigate Caron’s murder since you were too focus on Zorry’s murder.

Beardo: I think most of the people from the third cast are confuse since you guys told us to stick with Zoey’s, except for Samey who went a little *rebellion noise*

Samey: Was it really that bad?

Noah: Well we’ll inform you guys why is that later on, but for now the basics on Cameron’s death should be the next focus of our conversation.

Eva: Why waste our time like!? We already have the suspects so just say it and then vote on who we think did it!

Bridgette: Because we can’t just do that Eva. We only have one chance to find the culprit so we need to make sure our vote is correct.

Sky: She’s right, I can tell that even if I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Investigating all the facts might help us more then we thought.

Eva: Grr…fine I’ll wait, but make this as quick as possible.

Tyler: Guess we need to sort everything now before she loses her temper, again. And make sure I don’t get smash through a table…again.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cameron’s Will, Cameron’s Pen, Cameron’s Body, Letter to Cameron

Eva: So were going to talk about the Cameron’s murder and understand the basics or whatever I don’t care as long as we can vote soon.

Izzy: Geez, Eva don’t be so angry. I mean the way you talk sounds like you were the murde-

Sky: Shh! I don’t think you should say that. We should say things actually related to the case like how Cameron died.

Izzy: Oh! Like how Cameron’s body was hanging by a noose and how he was killed by someone.

Sky: OK, I should have thought of a better topic then how he died, it was something anyone could have just figured out.

Jasmine: How about I take over. Let’s try talking about the events before Cameron died.

Max: Cameron committed suicide before we found the body! That is the only important thing we need to know.

Tyler: Max we haven’t even said if Cameron’s death was a suicide or not. The again we said the culprit was the same person so it couldn’t be a suicide.

Scott: Or that Cameron killed both Zoey and himself, which at this point I wouldn’t be surprise if that was what happen

Dawn: Don’t speak like that! Cameron did not take his own life away.

Katie: Are we sure we can deny that as a possibility? Cameron’s strange behaviour and suddenly leaving the group makes him look suspicious.

Scott: Yeah and he also left a suicide note which we found inside his pockets. You want explain for the pictures, right? That was there to show why Cameron would have committed suicide.

Samey: I don’t want to believe it, but you guys bring up a point. It would explain what’s been happening to Cameron lately.

These guys, I need to get them in the right track because I can’t just let our effort got to waste since we already establish there is a culprit and it’s not Cameron.

Solution: Cameron’s Body – Cameron committed suicide

Noah: You should rethink.


Noah: You really think Cameron committed suicide just because of his strange behaviour and the fact he was hanging.

Katie: Are you saying were wrong? It make sense.

Samey: …Are you sure, something tells me there is a reason why you think Cameron didn’t commit suicide, and it’s evidence.

Brick: Well if you have the evidence then show to us already. We need that weapon in order to move forward.

Noah: No I don’t. Because you can tell just tell from the body that there was nowhere Cameron could have jump from to hang himself.

Scott: Are seriously saying there was nothing!? Not even a small chair or a box!?

Harold: There wasn’t anything Scott so even if he wanted to commit suicide, it would have been impossible since he wasn’t able to jump off from somewhere and the let himself be hanged.

Max: My perfect argument was not so perfect at all! Curseeeeeeeeesssssssssss!

Are you really surprise at this point Max, if I were you I would be use to this already.

Duncan: …

Sky: Duncan, you seem to be thinking hard with that look of yours. Did you figure something out?

Duncan: It’s not really important so just forget about and move on.

Beardo: Duncan you have to say it, because it might actually be helpful.

Duncan: Like I said it was-

Beardo: *Cheering sounds*

Duncan: Fine! If you stop that I’ll tell you what I notice.

Jasmine: So annoyance has it’s own benefits, who knew.

Duncan: You see I notice that the rope that was use to hang Cameron, it was own by Jasmine.

Jasmine: I am not the culprit thank you very much! I was with Shawn and Sky ever since we last saw Cameron. It must have been stolen.

Tyler: Jasmine I don’t think he was going to accuse you since there is no real evidence against you.

Duncan: Well I thought of doing that, but I didn’t because we need to move this trial quick.

Dawn: I think we need the info you contain right now. Stalling for time will only hamper the growth rate of solving this case.

Duncan: If you want to know the rope looks inappropriate for me. It’s too long to hang someone normally and there was something else strange about it.

Noah: By strange you mean the excess pieces of rope that reaches all the way to the window.

Duncan: Yeah, there must be a reason why there is that, but I have no idea what it could be.

Beardo: You think it might be something the killer did accidentally or *scary chord sound*!

Gwen: This is something we must continue discussing! We might find something that will point to the culprit.

Hopefully because then we can just end this trial and move on with our imprison life.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cameron’s Will,, Jasmine’s Testimony, Max’s Testimony, Noose

Duncan: I don’t get why that rope is like that by it is. I don’t think this was done by accident.

Tyler: So your saying whoever did this, did it on purpose?

Cody: The question is why? Why would they need to leave the rope that hang Cameron like that?

Lindsay: The only reason I can think of is that it looks good, but even I know that’s not the right answer.

Scott: You think this was the result of the culprit doing something while killing Cameron?

Izzy: I wouldn’t have any idea what the culprit would do to make it like that, but I bet you my Mom can! She’s a master of tying ropes, especially with my-

Eva: The only answer I can think of is that it was meant to confuse us! That killer when I get my hands on them I’ll-

Sky: Let’s not get frustrated here, we may not know the answer right now, but I’m pretty sure if we calm down we’ll find it soon enough.

Owen: Calming down… I got it! The culprit did it in order to make an escape route!

Duncan: That’s actually… a got idea.

The rope is the next thing we need to solve in this mess of a case, hip hip hooray.

Solution: Max’s Testimony – result of the culprit doing something

Noah: You might be right.


Noah: There was something I heard that could explain what it was.

Duncan: Then what are you waiting for, just spit it out already. We don’t have all day.

Noah: The thing is I don’t want to say who is the one who said it. You’ll understand once I say who it is.

Jasmine: It doesn’t matter who it is, as long as it helps us in the case then that’s all it matters.

Noah: It’s Max, now you get why I’m acting like this.

Owen: Max, wow I didn’t think we were that desperate.

Max: How dare you speak to me like that!? Anyone would like to have my he-

Eva: I don’t want to hear one of your stupid rants again, just tell us why the rope is like that.

Max: H-Hey! Are you sure you got the right guy Noah, I may be an evil genius. But I can’t tell what I said that could help here.

Brick: Don’t tell me Noah has loss his sanity due to con-

Noah: No I haven’t, but I might soon if Max doesn’t say it. You remember what you said when I were talking about the rope, right?

Max: What I said? Oh you mean that in order to pull the rope up in order to hang Cameron you need to have good strength.

Tyler: But isn’t that obvious? Anyone could tell you that.

Noah: I mean the other idea you said Max, the one about using another form of force.

Max: You mean power! Of course I was talking about the power of a moving vehicle and gravity that surrounds us everywhere.

Duncan: Gravity? You know I did find the extra pieces outside the window and also the other end of the rope. Your saying that was what culprit did.

Cody: Did what? I’m a bit confuse.

Noah: What the culprit did in order to use gravity was…

(Fall Down/Repel Down/Drop an Item/Shake the Rope)

Answer: Repel Down

Sky: Repelling down, well I’ve seen people repel down there before so I wouldn’t say that is completely impossible.

Cody: When Rodney tested to see if anyone could make their way inside the chimney.

Scott: That would also explain how the culprit escape the room to since it was lock when we first got there.

Samey: And it would explain the rope as well, this must be what happen since that does tie up some of the loose ends we have.

Noah: Good for you to realize. We now know both the method the culprit use to murder Cameron and escape. Now let’s see how the culprit gr-



Jasmine: I’m not going to accept this like that Noah, you’ll be needing plenty of hard evidence to sell that story to me.

Noah: Didn’t we just say that it would explain many things we didn’t understand.

Jasmine: Of course I heard that, but so would plenty of things. No, in order to get me in your side you’ll need to be like my ancestors who were some of the first hunters.

Noah: And what would that mean? I don’t know your personal history.

Jasmine: I mean you got to understand and show everything in order to survive. You need to make sure I can accept what you said as the absolute truth.

Of course it would be like that. Time to show this survivalist that I can handle this fight through brains.


Evidence: Cameron’s Will, Cameron’s Pen, Cabin’s Wall, Noose, Nail

Jasmine: You got a tough claim there mate.

Jasmine: That the culprit repel down with the rope like a me on a mountain.

Jasmine: Personally I want to believe someone did that.

Jasmine: In order to continue forward in this case.

Jasmine: But you got not even a shred to prove this is what happen.

Jasmine: And without that share, then we’ve got ourselves nowhere.

Noah: You can’t deny what I said would solve many of the issues we face about the murder.

Jasmine: I won’t say it wouldn’t, I’ll give you that.

Jasmine: But then again there is plenty of other things that would explain that.

Jasmine: Explaining ain’t going to cut for this lass.

Jasmine: You’ll need to be tough as a kangaroo and fast like a koala.

Jasmine: This is a life and death situation we face.

Jasmine: Nothing you can do, but impress enough to get pass me.

So I really have to present evidence to support what I said. If that’s the case then this should be enough.

Solution: Cabin’s Wall – not even a shred

Noah: Enough talking!


Noah: Not enough evidence you say, how about actually checking the environment or the crime scene as we call it.

Jasmine: Like I said before I couldn’t because I was to busy fixing up the little Sheila who wound up heavily injured. It was your job to do it.

Noah: Then don’t complain when I bring up the mudstains found on the wall where Cameron’s room was.

Jasmine: Huh? There was?

Bridgette: Guess no one brought it up until now, yes there was a bunch of new stains since we were last there. So it must have happen while we went to search the maze.

Katie: And during that time someone killed Cameron. These marks should be involve with the case to.

Noah: And if you were listening to what I said then you should think about the possibility of repelling since that would leave marks on any wall.

Shawn: Base on what you’re saying, your saying these are footprints, not really mudstains.

Sky: I wasn’t in the crime scene either Jasmine, but it looks like to me that this is really what happen. Like they said it would solve the loose ends.

Jasmine: I guess… already I’m sorry for doubting you guys. Guess I’m the one who needs to shape-up.

Good to know she has humility compared to-

Lightning: What an idiot, the sha-Lightning wouldn’t make that mistake.

Like him.

Noah: Well with this we can already tell how the entire killing happen.

Dawn: Of course you would figure it out since you seem to have the biggest grasp of this entire case.

Owen: Well what is it? I don’t understand what happen at the crime scene.

Noah: Then let me tell you guys, and after that we can try figuring out who among the suspects is the culprit of this case.

Lightning: Took you guys long enough to get there! Your all a bunch of wimps!

Does he even realize he’s one of the suspects were talking about.

Noah: Just let me get this straighten up and then we can start talking.


1) Was this a premeditated murder?


2) What proof was this premeditated?

(The Will/The Pen/The Rope’s Structure/The Letter)

3) What was their plan with how the way the rope was?

(Hang Cameron and rappel/Hang Cameron and fall/Pull Cameron up)

Answer: Yes, The Rope’s Structure, Hang Cameron and rappel

Noah: Now it make sense.


Noah: What they intended to was to hanging Cameron while also escaping the crime scene. They needed to make the rope structure built long enough to reach Cameron anywhere in the room, but also able to go down while straightening the rope after that. This is in order to hide the method the culprit use in their murder.

Dawn: Also something I like to add is that they probably pick this malevolent method in order to fake it as a suicide or even worse pin the crimes on Cameron and use him as a scapegoat.

Brick: Yeah some people did bring that up so we did fall for it.

Lightning: Why are you looking at me!? Sha-Tyler said that, not me!

Tyler: So did you Lightning, don’t try to weasel out of this.

Jasmine: So we got the general idea on how this all happen. I guess we can move on to topic about the two suspects-

Beardo: *gavel sound*! I’m not convince. Noah there is something wrong I see in the murder.

Owen: Huh? Beardo?

That’s the last guy I expected to object…no wait there is Owen and Lightning so not last guy. Almost last guy.

Noah: Something wrong? Alright then Beardo why not you tell me what is it?

Beardo: No problem! It’s time to bring forth the *cannon noise*!

Cody: Uhhh…guys are we wrong about this? I hope were not but… if Beardo’s argument is right then were going have to start the entire discussion again.

Katie: Then Noah better be right, because I want to end this trial as soon as possible, especially when it involves this case.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Noose, Cameron’s Last Will, Cameron’s Pen, Letter to Cameron

Beardo: You got most of the parts there Noah, but there is one crucial thing missing to make this crime smooth and clean.

Lindsay: Are you talking about the motive, because I don’t think anyone has a reason to kill Cameron. No gossip or any nasty rumors.

Scott: Did you forget what Cameron was like this morning. That strange attitude of his could be consider and with the letter it’s makes it really obvious.

Brick: That’s why you should never abandon your team no matter the cause.

Beardo: … *whistle sound* Anyway… don’t you realize that in the murder an opportunity was not available.

Duncan: You mean to murder Cameron, with the way he’s been acting it wouldn’t take a genius to get him alone.

Beardo: No I mean grabbing the rope to *choke noise* and make sure he’s in death’s toll.

Tyler: Anyone could grab a rope Beardo, there’s no problem.

Beardo: Your naïve man, but I understand. I was talking about wrapping the deadly string and then tie Cameron’s neck around it. It would be impossible to do that without a struggle or an opportunity.

Gwen: And there’s no proof a struggle happen or that there was an opportunity to take Cameron quickly.

Bridgette: But if none of those exist then Cameron couldn’t have died like that. Unless the killer fix the place up, but they probably would have damage something there by accident and we found nothing like that.

Beardo: Sorry to be the bearer of *church bell sound*, but I got to say it. If I didn’t then we would be dancing around Monokuma’s music.

That’s one hit single that I’m never getting. Now that I have witting remark ready, time to actually be smart and show him that I wasn’t missing anything.

Solution: Cameron’s Ballpen - a struggle happen or that there was an opportunity to take Cameron

Noah: Use common sense.


Noah: Not exactly. The culprit had one opportunity to get the poor thing without having to fight for it.

Beardo: Words ain’t enough, you’ll need either the good word of someone…or a piece of evidence to convince.

Noah: How about Cameron’s ballpen, what did you think he was doing with it?

Beardo: *sweat drop* I don’t know.

Lindsay: I know! He was going to write something with it! But what could he be writing?

Max: The will! Cameron’s handwriting was on it so he had to write it down. That was when the culprit struck and took the weaklings mortality! Of course the evil genius would be the one to figure it out!

For once I have to agree…this feels like utter despair.

Jasmine: So that was what the culprit did in order to finish their murder. They knew Cameron was going to write something that day. Something that could looks like a suicide note at first glance.

Bridgette: Because they sent a reminder of his actions yesterday. This probably wasn’t meant to be a suicide note, but a confession from Cameron about last night.

Duncan: But he didn’t get to finish it so that’s why the message was like that.

Beardo: So does that mean I *boo noises*…

Noah: No, you totally got it right. That when Cameron was vulnerable the killer definitely didn’t hang him even when he was so easy to kill back then.

Beardo: Well… *sad trumpet music*…

Scott: Now we can get to the suspects? I really want to figure this culprit out as soon as I can.

Lightning: Bring it on! I don’t care who they are, but were not going to lose this match against them!

Katie: Do I need to remind you something very important Lightning?

Lightning: Of course not! The Sha-Lightning doesn’t need anyone’s help.

Scott: This is going to be good.

Katie: Lightning, you and I are part of the suspect list.

Lightning: That’s nothing. We’ll just prove our innocence and then we can find this dirty traitor who try to mess with the Lightning.

Samey: That might be a bit difficult Lightning…well…becase…

Lightning: Spit it out Cheerleader! Why do you think it’s a challenge?

Katie: Because Lightning, were the only two suspects.

Guess that means we need to try seeing who the culprit is among these two…or is there someone else who killed Cameron that we didn’t think about? Now I’m not even sure if I can answer.

So who do you think did this crime? Lightning or Katie? Or  a completely different person. Stay tune to the next part and please leave some comments.

Lightning: Huh? What did you say?

Katie: I know you heard me Lightning, the only suspects are both of us.

Lightning: Sha-what!? Why are we the only suspects!? It could have been anyone else!!!

Katie: If you were paying attention you would know why Lightning. It’s something everyone here knows about.

Owen: Actually I don’t know why these two are the only suspects.

Brick: Me to and I always try to be one step ahead for my team.

Katie: Unfortunately some of the people here are naïve so it’s best to ignore them and ju-

Sky: Hold on there Katie, even I can’t tell why both of you are the only suspects in this murder.

Katie: Are serious?

Dawn: Noah…maybe we should give everyone a little assistance in this matter. Just so conflict with not brew due to something easily resolvable.

Noah: *sigh*…Guess I have no choice.

Seriously, how did we survive all these trials? I’m pretty sure a group this stupid would have slip-up at one point.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Max’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony, Lightning’s Testimony

Katie: So nobody here knows why me and Lightning are the only suspects? I thought everyone would have known by now.

Brick: Really we don’t…or at least not me. Probably because I was too focus in Zoey’s murder.

Sky: Well if you know what it is Katie, why not say it then?

Katie: Alright you see the reason were both the only suspects be-

Lindsay: Hold up guys! What if Katie is lying in order to throw away suspicion from her!?

Harold: I really don’t think the culprit would place themselves as suspects, especially when it’s in a 50/50 chance.

Katie: You know what, I won’t say it then! I’ll let someone else say why were the only suspects.

Lightning; This girl is definitely wrong. No way I killed Bubble Boy, but Katie is fair game.

Tyler: You know throwing someone out is even more suspicious then admitting yourself as a suspect, your not helping your case.

Lightning: What do you mean? I said the sha-killer and that’s helping. Everyone knows it was her who did the murder.

I sometimes worry for the mentally challenge jerks I have to deal with. Of course I can’t just place to Lightning even if I don’t like him, I need to show everyone what’s going on.

Solution: Katie’s Testimony – why were the only suspects

Noah: Your might be right.


Noah: Is there really anyone here other then these two who had the opportunity to kill Cameron.

Owen: The opportunity?

Noah: Remind us when we last saw Cameron. You’ll know what I mean.

Jasmine: Wasn’t that when he took us all the way to the maze, I believe everyone was there so they would know.

Noah: But why did we find Cameron’s corpse inside his room? If you know the answer then you’ll know why.

Tyler: Wait a minute! Did the culprit kill Cameron inside the maze and move it to the room!?

Lindsay: …Tyler I think you were thinking too much. We did say Cameron was killed inside the room.

Tyler: But why was he in his room if he was in the maze? I’m really confused now.

Lindsay: Then I’ll help you Tyler. Cameron just went back to his room after he showed us the maze…or something like that.

Tyler: Oh, I get it. But why does that explain that only Lightning and Katie had the opportunity to kill Cameron?

Sky: Because they were the only two who weren’t inside the maze. They left without us noticing so they were the only ones who could have gotten to Cameron.

Shawn: Everyone else was inside the maze so we didn’t have the chance unlike those two.

Scott: Which is why we can narrow down the suspects to those two only. The people without an alibi during Cameron’s murder.

Lightning: You guys are sha-stupid, Lightning does have an alibi. He was working out in his room in order to make sure he doesn’t slack around.

Katie: You idiot, no one is going to believe that just like that.

Lightning: But it’s the truth. You just setting me up in order to frame me!

Katie: Why would I want frame an idiot like you!? If I try to do that then it’ll be pretty obvious that your not the culprit!

Scott: Looks like both suspects are right at each others throats. Have an idea who among these two who did it?

Izzy: I don’t know, maybe we should flip a coin. Heads if it’s Katie and tails if it’s Lightning, that how we solve all problems.

Jasmine: Were not going to risk our lives on luck Izzy, find a better way to solve this.

Noah: So I guess we have to see who here has evidence that will prove their innocence or their guilt.

Honestly it’s hard to imagine either of them pulling of Cameron’s murder, but if we can’t find any other suspects then it has to be one of them.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Katie’s Testimony, Lightning’s Testimony, Camera

Katie: The culprit is obviously Lightning. He has a motive to kill Cameron unlike me.

Lightning: Sha-motive? How is hating that little kids guts and wanting to rip him in half a motive huh?

Cody: That is definitely a motive, but Katie also wants to escape in order to keep Sadie’s promise so she has a motive to.

Sky: That makes them both at equal footing then.

Shawn: Then why not we ask why they weren’t with us in the maze.

Katie: I wasn’t there because I was looking for something me and Sadie use to use together all the time, but I didn’t find it so I can present evidence.

Duncan: Hmm…there was an item stolen from the museum full of the memorabilia of the dead people here so it’s possible…

Lightning: Huh? You believe that over me. I was working out in my room all day long, that’s 100% Lightning proof!

Beardo: Lightning were not *cuckoo sounds*…we won’t just believe you. And don’t think the *panting noises* will be enough to convince us.

Scott: Both of them could be lying just a reminder.

One of these two has to be telling the truth, the question is which one. Well I do have evidence to support one of them I guess…

Solution: Camera – I was looking for something

Noah: You might be right


Noah: Katie does have evidence supporting her story, there was something we found that does belong to her.

Lightning: Of course you would! It was in her sha-room.

Brick: He wouldn’t bring it up if it was found inside her room. That’s common sense.

Noah: Tell me Katie was the thing you lost was a camera?

Katie: Yes, so you did find it?

Dawn: Outside the cabins, understandable why you couldn’t have discovered it inside the buildings or the rooms where you spent your time searching.

Noah: If you don’t believe us here is the camera as proof.

Jasmine: That definitely looks like it belongs to them. It’s pink and it has there names on it to. Katie and Sadie.

Katie: Really? So you did find it! Was it for me, thank you!!!

Noah: No I stumbled on it, don’t get the wrong idea.

Dawn: Still it was fortunate for us that we found a very crucial clue base on both of our murder.

Tyler: So we know Katie is telling the truth. That she was looking for something…but that would mean…

Lightning: Huh? What are you looking at me for?

Cody: That would make you seem more suspicious! Your alibi doesn’t hold up as strong as Katie’s.

Owen: So does that mean Lightning is the cu-

Lighting: IT’S ON NOW!!!


Lightning: You think I’m the one who did this don’t you!? Too bad for you the Lightning didn’t do anything.

Cody: B-But you don’t have a strong ali-

Lightning: Strong alibin or whatever you call it, Katie could have still killed Cameron.

Noah: And you have reasons to convince us? If you don’t then it doesn’t look good for you Lightning.

Lightning: You know what Lightning doesn’t like using his brain, but I’ll still play. No matter what competition it is, Sha-Lightning isn’t going to lose!


Evidence: Max’s Testimony, Lightning’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony, Camera

Lightning: Sha-Lightning ain’t going to lose.

Lightning: He knows Katie is the one who did it.

Lightning: No one can tell where she was when Bubble Boy got killed.

Lightning: She also wanted to go home.

Lightning: You see everything is a-perfect.

Lightning: Get struck down!!!

Noah: Lightning everything you just said could also apply to you. That isn’t enough to convince us that your innocent or she’s guilty.

Lightning: Then take a seat Smarty Pants.

Lightning: Katie could have hid the camera herself.

Lightning: And then pretend she couldn’t find it.

Lightning: She obviously planned all of this.

Lightning: She wanted the Lightning to take the fall.

Lightning: But that will never happen. I’m going to strike hard!

Surprising he was able to dissuade the evidence that proves Katie’s innocence. Now the question is that are we sure Katie could do everything the culprit did.

Solution: Lightning’s Testimony – everything is a-perfect.

Noah: Enough talking!


Noah: Lightning you said something about your alibi Lightning, something very out of place.

Brick: I get it! We’ll use that to prove Lightning is the culprit.

Bridgette: No, I don’t think that’s it. I heard Lightning testimony to and I can tell nothing there implements him as the culprit.

Harold: Maybe there was evidence you didn’t know that actually connects something in his testimony which then will prove him as the culprit.

Bridgette: Is that true Noah, is that what your going on about?

Noah: Yes and no. Yes that Lightning’s testimony proves, but no it doesn’t prove him guilty.

Duncan: Then why bring it up? It was a waste of time!

Dawn: Duncan, evidence isn’t always meant to attack, but sometimes to defend. Like proving one’s purity to the public eye.

Beardo: Uhh…*question mark sound*

Duncan: Going to agree with Boombox there, I have no idea what your talking about.

Noah: We mean to say that we have proof Katie isn’t the culprit. Lightning said that the culprit was jumping from tree to tree outside the cabin.

Lightning: I never said it was the culprit.

Samey: But no one else would do something so crazy, unless they were the culprit.

Shawn: So your saying that Katie couldn’t jump from tree to tree so she couldn’t be the culprit? I guess that would make…hold on a minute! What if Lightning was lying about his testimony!?

Scott: Guys got a point, we can’t just believe his word. He is a suspect.

Gwen: Maybe there isn’t evidence, but Lightning wouldn’t have said something so random unless it really happen. So as much as I hate it, I’m going to believe him.

Harold: Yeah, there’s no help for Lightning if he made a lie like that.

Katie: So I guess everyone is convince now that I’m not the culprit. Finally everyone get’s it.

Cody: But if Katie is innocent that means the culprit is…

Lightning: Hold on there dudes, it wasn’t me. I told you what I was doing.

Max: Well then if your not the culprit, you should be able to give us a convincing reason to not think like that.

Lightning: I don’t know what the meaning of convincing is, but I’ll do whatever that is.

This guy is completely hopeless.

Dawn: So you lack the words to express your defense.

Izzy: So we know now that Lightning is guilty. I guess we can vote already-

Dawn: No quite. I wasn’t finish with what I was going to say. I do have the evidence that will prove Lightning is not the culprit.

Eva: You do? Why didn’t say so earlier!?

Dawn: Actually it’s Noah who has the very evidence that I’m talking about. He even presented it not too long ago.

Noah: …I don’t get what your saying either.

Dawn: If you don’t then rethink, what evidence did you present that connects both crimes together and shows Lightning couldn’t have done it. I even mentioned this immediately after the passing.

Owen: Buddy?

Noah: I think I know what you mean…The evidence your talking about is…



Answer: Katies Camera

Noah: Now I get it


Noah: The only evidence I can think of is Katie’s camera.

Katie: My camera? How is that going to prove that Lightning couldn’t be the culprit?

Sky: Is there something on the camera that would point Katie as the culprit?

Katie: Huh? Is that what you were trying to do? To think I thought you guys were trying to help me!

Noah: Don’t jump to conclusions Katie, although I don’t know what Dawn is thinking. Maybe she is trying to prove you guilt, I don’t really know.

Dawn: Noah that isn’t making the burden I carry lighter.

Scott: Enough with the talkie-talkie we just want to know how the camera proves “The Lighting” isn’t the one who did this.

Dawn: Well if you know the thing this camera was use for, you would know why the crime cannot be committed by him.

Shawn: Wait this camera was use in the murder?! I don’t think there was anytime a camera was use during any of the crimes.

Dawn: Maybe not so obvious at first, but think through and you’ll know the camera’s role in this tragedy.

Noah: By thinking through you mean me telling the answers like usual.

Samey: Well so far you seem to be more ahead on the case then me so it’s really for the best if you explain things to us.

Owen: Go buddy! I know you can do it.

Thanks guy, thanks for making me your working boy. Guess it makes sense since I try to be rational and not kill like an idiot.


1) What evidence could we connect the camera with?

(Cameron’s Will/Cameron’s Letter/Maze Pictures/Katie’s Testimony)

2) Why does this evidence connect to both crimes?

(It scared Cameron/It enrage Cameron/It distress Cameron)

3) Why does that prove Lightning couldn’t be the culprit?

(He couldn’t enter the maze/He doesn’t know how to use a camera/He’s lazy)

Answer: Maze Picture, It distress Cameron, He couldn’t enter the maze

Noah: Looks like everything make sense!


Noah: That was the camera use to take the pictures of Izzy and Zoey’s bodies after they got hit.

Izzy: My body, but I’m still alive. No wait what if I did die, but became a zombie that came here for revenge. That would be amazing!

Shawn: Oh no! The zombie apocalypse has begun!!!

Jasmine: She’s joking Shawn, you shouldn’t take it seriously.

Lindsay: Uhh…Noal why do you think the camera was the thing that made does pictures?

Noah: Because it’s a camera and it’s meant to take pictures.

Lindsay: But couldn’t it be another camera like the security ones at the maze? That’s a possibility.

Dawn: I will admit it is, but there is evidence supporting Katie’s was what was use to take these pictures.

Noah: I’ll be straight forward and tell you guys what it is.

(The Style/The Quality/The Size/The Type)

Answer: The Quality

Brick: Quality of the camera matches the pictures, let’s test it out and see- *flash* AAAAAAAAAAHHH!

Eva: You wimp, that wasn’t the camera. It was Beardo making noises again.

Beardo: I apologize so m- *flash* Now that was an actual flash!!!

Lindsay: Oops. I’m sorry, but I was just so excited taking pictures again since I didn’t get to bring my phone here.

It wasn’t that you didn’t bring, it was stolen and taken away by Monokuma.

Beardo: At least me if the picture was similar to the pictures of Izzy and Zoey.

Lindsay: Well…I think it is. No wait…no it is.

Gwen: So I guess that settles where the pictures came from, now we need to settle why this proves Lightning couldn’t be the culprit.

Owen: Huh it does? I don’t get it.

Noah: You know I was going to explain it, but if you can do it then be my guest. I can’t be the only one leading everyone in the case.

Gwen: The reason why Lightning couldn’t be the culprit is because the culprit had to enter the maze and then take the pictures of their crime. Afterwards they would send it to Cameron in order to trick him into letting his guard down and accomplish the plan they made ahead of time. Now Lightning couldn’t enter the maze which is why this couldn’t be his work.

Lightning: I don’t really get it, does that mean I’m innocent?

Eva: Unfortunately yes, your not the culprit this time.

Lightning: Sha-sweet!!! I told you all that I wasn’t the culprit.

Cody: But if Lightning isn’t the culprit, the only person left is…

Katie: You got be kidding me! And I thought I was already proven innocent.

Duncan: We only said it was unlikely for you to be the culprit, but now you’re the only person left who could have done this.

Katie: B-But you said-

Tyler: Yes we said unlikely, but that doesn’t mean impossible. Sorry, but with no other options left it has to be you.

Katie: N-no…you have to believe me. I didn’t kill Cameron or Zoey…

Dawn: Well Noah?

The evidence right now points at Katie and I can’t deny the possibility. However there still something missing in this case. I don’t know what it is…but my gut tells me that. And usually I don’t like following my gut.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Katie’s Testimony, Lightning’s Testimony, Bandage Wrapping, Medical Kit

Katie: You got to be kidding me, I still got accuse as the culprit. You know how unlikely is it for me to be the culprit.

Cody: Yes it is unlikely, but really there’s no other suspects then you.

Jasmine: Personally I don’t want to believe it’s you, but you and Lightning were the only ones who had the opportunity to kill Cameron.

Sky: And Lightning has been cleared up, leaving you as the only possible culprit.

Katie: But there must be evidence that proves I couldn’t be the culprit. I didn’t kill Cameron!

Lindsay: You know there could still be something about the culprit that wouldn’t fit Katie.

Tyler: Lindsay…I want to believe it, but that’s going be very unlikely. No one said anything that would prove Katie didn’t do it.

Sky: If she could have presented evidence to support her alibi or even a witness it would be enough…but there’s probably none.

Katie: Am I going to be voted for!? I-I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die, I promise Sadie that I’ll live!

I can’t…I can’t see it. Katie might be the only suspect, but there’s something wrong with this case. There must be proof that another person did this.

Solution: Bandage Wrapping – something about the culprit that wouldn’t fit Katie

Noah: You might be right.


Noah: The culprit left something on Cameron’s body. Bandages that they were probably wearing.

Jasmine: Bandages? Are you sure about that? Why would the culprit be wearing bandages?

Noah: I don’t know, but there is proof of that.

Bridgette: I know what your talking about. When we examine Cameron’s body we found a small piece of a bandage. Cameron wasn’t wearing any so it couldn’t have come from him.

Duncan: So that would leave the killer.

Cody: You mean Katie?

Katie: Do I look like I’m wearing bandages? I don’t need to at all.

Tyler: Maybe you wore bandages in order to confuse us. That was your plan.

Lindsay: Are you sure? I’m pretty sure the piece of bandage was small so it would have been hard to find. The killer wouldn’t do that if they wanted us to find it.

Surprisingly Lindsay was able to prove my point. Maybe she’s not’ as dumb as she looks.

Sky: So why was that there with on the body? I don’t think we mention that yet

Brick: The culprit probably had a struggle with Cameron when their were tying the noose around Cameron. Maybe Cameron’s hand got a piece of it during the fight.

Sky: That make sense, that also tells us the culprit did wear bandages and since we said it wasn’t to confuse us, it means the culprit wore them for a reason.

Jasmine: Because the culprit was injure somehow.

Scott: You know there’s a problem with that, if the culprit was injure that would mean Katie-

Samey: That Katie isn’t the culprit. She had no injury so she couldn’t leave that behind either.

Max: Aha! Lightning however has injuries so he’s the culprit!!!

Lightning: You sha-want to say it to me again!? I’ll show you not to mess with the Lightning.

Eva: We already proven that idiot couldn’t have done it so that’s out of the picture.

Cody: That means there’s no more suspects. We ruled our Lightning and Katie so there’s nobody left.

Tyler: Actually couldn’t it be a suicide? Cameron was also alone so he could have been the cu-

Bridgette: We already proven the culprit was someone else. Whoever it was we know they have to be still alive in order to do the actions after the killing.

Izzy: But is there really anyone else who could be the culprit. Everyone here has an alibi!

Has an alibi…Now wait a minute! I didn’t think this at first, but this person wasn’t accounted for. It’s understandable why we miss it, but if the possibility exist…

Dawn: Noah, I think you already figure out who the culprit was. Good to know.

Owen: Buddy? You already know the culprit!?

Noah: I think I do, there’s one person here who’s alibi hasn’t been accounted yet. Which means they also have the opportunity to commit the crime.

Beardo: But everyone was *pen noises* if someone was not yet accounted for they would been brought up by now.

Noah: No they wouldn’t, that’s because the culprit was someone we didn’t consider possible until now.

Shawn: Who would that be then?

Noah: Believe it or not, this person did have the opportunity to kill Cameron!


Culprit is about to be revealed. Who do you think is the culprit? Please leave your guesses in the comment below. Also do you think the culprit who killed Zoey and Cameron are the same person or are they seperate? Thanks for reading Total Drama: Danganronpa!!!

Here is the Top 3 Suspects:

1) Scott

2) Katie

3) Lindsay

Let’s see if any of these people is the culprit?


Scott: So why am I the one being accuse? I was with the group inside the maze when Cameron was killed.

Tyler: He’s telling the truth. I was actually partnered with him the entire time.

Katie: Is it possible for Scott to have snuck out and kill Cameron?

Noah: With the way the murder happen it’s clear the culprit has been setting up the murder for a while. Even if Scott could reach the cabin he wouldn’t have enough time to set-up the murder.

Duncan: Then why accuse him when you know it’s impossible for him to be the culprit?

Noah: I made a mistake. I’m sorry for that.

Don’t make stupid errors like that, the answer is so simple. While Katie and Lightning had no alibis, evidence are pointing against them being the culprit. Of course we should have realize that person also had no alibi during Cameron’s death.


Noah: It was you.


Noah: I really don’t like doing this, but I have to ask. Izzy where were you when the murder happen?

Izzy: Huh? Where was I? Don’t be silly Noah everyone knows where I was.

Noah: So where Izzy? For me I don’t know.

Izzy: Didn’t I explain it earlier Noah, you better pay attention otherwise you’ll end up a squirrel crossing the road. They’ll go smack!

Samey: Izzy you didn’t say anything about where you were. The only thing you told us was that you got knock out at the maze.

Izzy: So that answers your question! I was in the maze during the murder.

Jasmine: But we didn’t find you and we search every bit of the place. Maybe your blood, but not you.

Izzy: Then the culprit move me out of the maze and place me somewhere else.

Noah: But can you prove that? Is there any witness who found you their?

Izzy: You guys! You found lying down like a baby bird about to be taken by his mama bird or is it a baby girl…I got a great idea what to do after this trial!

Harold: Noah, you have a reason for asking Izzy all these questions, mind telling us why?

Noah: I wanted to know if Izzy’s alibi can be confirm. However it seems that no one here actually Izzy getting injured.

Shawn: So what does that mean?

Noah: It means it’s entirely possible for Izzy to have fake everything in order to establish an alibi during a murder.

Izzy: Why would I need to establish a murder, it’s not like I would know it was going to hap-

Noah: No you did. You knew it was going to happen, because it was who committed it.

Lightning: Sha-what!? You saying Crazy Lady is the culprit!?

Dawn: If it can’t be the two of you, the only potential culprit among us is the third victim. The one nobody saw during the time of peril.

Lindsay: But didn’t we find Izzy injured? I mean that should be proof enough that she was attack, right?

Noah: Lindsay, Izzy was injured, but she was the one who did it to herself. She did that in order to make it look like that she was attack.

Beardo: That’s a pretty powerful *boom noises* claim. You got proof?

Izzy: Yeah Noah, this is court and evidence is everything. You might evidence about me being a moose hunter, but not for this murder.

Noah: Maybe not yet, but I do notice something strange about a piece of evidence in your attack.

(Izzy’s Testimony/Blood Pool/Spike Rock/Cards)

Answer: Blood Pool

Noah: There is something strange about the pool of blood when we found it. It’s noticeable at first, but once I explain it you’ll understand why it’s so suspicious.

Izzy: So your challenging me in a battle of logic, well this should be fun. I may not look like it, but my IQ is 1!

Owen: Be careful Noah, she’s not going to be easy to defeat.

You do realize an IQ that low is pretty bad, maybe you also have that IQ.

Scott: Let’s just hope this isn’t a waste of time.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Blood Pool, Spike Rock, Izzy’s Testimony, Cameron’s Will

Izzy: I get it, now your accusing me as the culprit since nobody saw me when I was being knock out by the culprit. Yeah, yeah I get it.

Jasmine: If you think about it like that, it does make you look like a jerk.

Izzy: Don’t be mad with him, he’s just expressing his opinion and I respect him even though it’s a bigger lie the bigfoot, the lochness monster and my law degree in Ultimate Canadian College.

Brick: Well then do you mind explaining why Noah is wrong? You cannot stop an accusation until you use evidence to disprove it.

Izzy: Alright then, it’s not like I need to since there’s nothing wrong with what happen I guess I have to entertain him.

Scott: You said you were attack last night at the maze.

Izzy: Yeah and they had the chance because me and Zoey were alone. You guys know how it ended for Zoey, but lucky me I’m still alive.

Cody: Cameron wasn’t there because you told him to go ahead of you guys.

Izzy: And he did, you said he was still alive this morning so he should have told you guys. Izzy’s mind has read the future again.

Duncan: We know where you got hit, it was near where Zoey was killed. We can tell because of the blood pool left behind.

Izzy: And that was a huge mess, good thing I didn’t look at it.

Dawn: Finally you got move by the culprit out of the maze and into the grounds near the maze.

Izzy: You found me there so what else can I say.

Shawn: Noah even you would agree with her since you saw all the evidence like everyone else.

Noah: I know, but there is something wrong about the evidence left behind. It can only be explain if Izzy herself place it there.

Harold: Whatever that evidence is you have to be quick since we’re not going to talk about this if nothing can be proven about it right now.

I did mention what was the wrong about the evidence and it’s time to show why it’s wrong.

Solution: the blood pool left behind – nothing’s wrong

Noah: You should rethink.


Noah: You really sure nothing is wrong about the evidence? It may not be so obvious, but think about it more and you’ll notice that it wouldn’t match up with the events we set up.

Max: How does it not match up?! It fits perfectly with her story!

Noah: Because she made it up herself, but she made one mistake about the pool of blood.

Izzy: A mistake? How can be a pool of blood be a mistake, you shouldn’t judge it because it’s red and wet.

Samey: Wet!?

Owen: What so wrong about blood being wet and red? Isn’t that how it’s really like.

Samey: No there is a problem if the blood was wet. You see if she really did get hit last night and that’s what cause the blood pool it would be dry.

Gwen: Because it’s been sitting there on the open since last night. Even fake blood wouldn’t last that long.

Beardo: But it’s the real thing, it’s not fake *blood noises*.

Dawn: Then Noah theory explains it. That was Izzy’s blood but she didn’t do that last night but moments ago before we enter the maze.

Katie: And since we were all together before entering the maze, the only person who could have done it was Izzy.

Izzy: But wait a minute, how would I hurt myself like that without going unconscious? I may be crazy, but I can’t do something so bizarre that it’s against the law of physics.

Harold: You know that would explain the spiky rock. Why would someone use something like that then anything else in the maze?

Cody: Could try explaining it to us?

Harold: You see the rock would be so difficult to wield as a blunt object when it’s sharp everywhere. You could hurt yourself and that would be too risky since it will leave wounds as evidence.

Brick: But trying to inflict wounds on yourself that would be the ideal weapon. You can just place your head on it and then it will look like you receive a head injury. Well you did, but it was by yourself and not someone else.

Shawn: Can’t believe plenty of things make sense when we think about it like that.

Jasmine: So does that mean Izzy was the one who killed Cameron?

Noah: Like I said we already proven that Katie and Lightning is very unlikely to be the culprit, but with Izzy she’s showing a lot of suspicious behaviour. The only explanation is because she’s the culprit in this case.

Izzy: NOW IT’S ON!!!


Izzy: Ha! You’re a real laugh Noah, but seriously I guess I have to take this seriously.

Lindsay: Even I know trials are serious.

Noah: Good to know your starting to argue, because that will save my breathe with you making yourself more suspicious.

Izzy: You might want to take it back, because the great Izzy is about to crush you. With her mind powers! Hiyah!!!

Mind power doesn’t take martial arts. Then again her mind is so crazy that actually could happen with her.


Evidence: Izzy’s Testimony, Blood Pool, Spike Rock, Cameron’s Testimony

Izzy: I get it, I get it Mr.Smarty Pants.

Izzy: You don’t believe me because the blood was wet.

Izzy: Wetter then my dog after a sunny day.

Izzy: You still can’t say everything I said is impossible.

Izzy: Maybe the blood does take that long to dry.

Izzy: Maybe the culprit did it to hide where I was really hit.

Izzy: There’s plenty of possibilities!

Noah: That’s just wrong Izzy, I don’t think anything you said is possible. You just can’t think of an excuse about the blood.

Izzy: Don’t be hostile with me Noah.

Izzy: I’m the one doing hostiling, not the being hostile.

Izzy: OK the case maybe a little weird.

Izzy: But so is the victim.

Izzy: The spiky rock may be a weird weapon to use.

Izzy: But then again it’s not impossible to use it as a weapon.

Izzy: See, nothing strange about the case.

Noah: Izzy that isn’t an argument, that’s just you trying to make an excuse.

Izzy: Fine then call whatever you want.

Izzy: But you don’t hav e enough to prove I did it.

Izzy: And that it wasn’t Lightning or Katie.

Izzy: I know my story is weird, but I’m sticking with it.

Izzy: The culprit attack me and Zoey,

Izzy: I should have been more careful when he was running towards me mask.

Did she just change her story? I didn’t think even Izzy would make this mistake, but hey this makes proving her easier then I hope.

Solution: Izzy’s Testimony – running towards me

Noah: You should stop talking!!!


Noah: You can’t even keep your story consistent, why would you commit a murder then?

Izzy: Noah I’m sorry, but that’s not going to prove me guilty.

Jasmine: She’s right Noah, if you want to do that then you better explain the evidence you have.

Noah: Very well, Izzy didn’t you talk about how you were hurt by the “real” culprit?

Izzy: Uhuh, why do you ask? Your acting really strange Noah.

Cody: I would have thought accusing you was when you started to notice that.

Noah: Do you guys remember what Izzy said happen to her last night? If you do then you’ll notice why it’s strange.

Lindsay: Well she said she and Zoey heard a weird noise at the maze so they went to check it out. But then someone attacked her from behind which is why she didn’t know who did it, at least that was what I think she said.

Brick: From behind!? She just said she was hit from the front!

Noah: And then you notice the error in her testimony. She said something that goes against what she said earlier.

Izzy: Well you see…

Dawn: I see a woman who’s guilty of committing a heinous crime. Izzy you were lying about last nights events, am I right?

Izzy: Lying, I was never a li-

Owen: Izzy tell us the truth, what happen to you last night?

Izzy: …

Max: Are too afraid of our power to speak, I guess we can accept this as a confession and move to our next step.

Izzy: If you really know what happen then why not you say it Noah. You won’t believe me so why even bother.

There goes the sudden personality change that every killer here has.

Shawn: Izzy, that was weird of you to say even for you. I can’t believe I said that.

Izzy: You should shut up, let Noah speak, because it looks like he wants to answer everything.

Brick: You shouldn’t act like this Iz-


Brick: Yes mam…

Scott: You heard her Noah, if you know the location where she was you better say it now.

Noah: Believe me I figured that out a long time ago…

Izzy: Really, then let’s hear it. Where oh where was poor Izzy last night if she wasn’t attack?

Hopefully this should be enough to convince the Crazy Killer that she can’t hide what really happened.



Answer: Backstage

Noah: Now I get it.


Noah: You were hiding at the backstage of the theatre Izzy, don’t try to hide it.

Izzy: At the backstage, as if you have proof to back it up.

Samey: I think he does, Noah wouldn’t make a claim like that unless he has a reason to.

Thanks for the assist Samey, nice to know some people know how I’m actually like.

Noah: I search everywhere after the murder for evidence and let’s just say there is evidence at the theatre. You can guess where this is going.

Dawn: I agree with Noah since I also search the place Izzy. You cannot hide the liar you’ve made.

Izzy: Haha. The way you say makes me sound like a villain, all I need is thunder striking down and black cape.

Tyler: Not everyone wearing a black cape is a bad guy though.

Izzy: Does it matter, I’m the villain in this trial so it’s the job of the heroes to defeat me. So let’s play Noah and Dawn, if you want to catch a criminal you better be ready to do what it takes.

Gwen: Just great! It’s already bad enough to deal with crazy Izzy, but it’s even worse dealing with insane Izzy.

Shawn: Wow. I hate to be you man.

I really hate this job of mine sometimes, can’t you do this instead Shawn?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Theatre Curtains, Monokuma’s Testimony, Empty Envelope

Izzy: So I guess you all want to pin this blame on me, just because what I said doesn’t make sense.

Tyler: It wasn’t because it didn’t make sense…it was because you lied to us Izzy!

Beardo: You said that you were *pow* in the back then now in the front, you can’t even be consistent with what you said.

Izzy: Because I don’t remember much from what happen last night, I’m so sorry that I can’t remember the night I almost died.

Bridgette: Do you even have proof that you were telling the truth Izzy? We would have believe you immediately before, but this time we need evidence.

Izzy: I’m not sure, like I said you found me outside the maze and immediately took me to the infirmary, how would I know what evidence is left.

Bridgette: Alright that is a good point.

Izzy: And you guys even have proof that I was the one who killed Cameron? You only accuse me out a whim!

Scott: It’s true our main reason for doing that was because you’re someone who didn’t have an alibi, but the other two people has evidence to prove they didn’t do it.

Izzy: But it’s still possible, you can’t just say it’s me

Dawn: There is proof that you were staying at the theatre last night Izzy, you wouldn’t do that unless you were hiding something.

Izzy: If I was hiding there, but you don’t have proof that I did.

Gwen: Give it up Izzy, it’s pointless to argue when you’re the only possible suspect. Katie and Lightning has things proving them innocent, you don’t have any.

Izzy: Then present it. Present evidence it was me who killed Cameron!

That girl is one nutcase, but were close to proving her guilt. All we need is to find something to connect her with anything we said so far.

Solution: Theatre Curtain – you don’t have proof

Noah: You should rethink.


Noah: Something was strange about the theatre when me and Dawn checked it out. There was a difference to it since we last saw it.

Dawn: The curtains were close. Now that might not mean anything, but you have to remember someone had to do it.

Izzy: So your thinking I did it, big deal so could Lightning and Katie or even Cameron.

Noah: Now that’s where your wrong Izzy. Neither of does three could have close the curtain.

Izzy: Huh?

Dawn: Do you guys remember when we last saw the inside of the theatre?

Katie: Wasn’t it when Cameron was leading all of us to the maze after his freak out?

Gwen: I see, so the culprit had to open it after that incident. Majority of us were in the maze so it couldn’t be us.

Scott: We know Katie, Cameron and Lightning were at the maze because of previous evidence so they couldn’t have open it.

Noah: That leaves one person left who could have done it.

Izzy: T-That is….

Dawn: Izzy, you were at the theatre back there in order to hide from us. You were there to watch if Cameron was heading back to his room. You were there to make yourself look like you disappeared. You were there to make it look like you were a victim when you were the culprit all this time!

Izzy: I…I…

Noah: Izzy do you want to admit it? We may not have decisive evidence to prove you guilty, but we already eliminated every other suspect but you.

Brick: Time to step down and admit defeat Izzy.

Izzy: Hehehe…hehehe…hehehehehehehe

Beardo: This is not going to be good…


Jasmine: What are you talking about, Noah and Dawn has already proven only you could have done all of this.

Izzy: No…no…no, they only proven the possibility. Actually doing it hasn’t happen yet.

Max: What do you mean Izzy? This battle is over and you know it!

Izzy: It will be if Noah has proof to support his claim! All he did is use circumstances to show it was me.

Bridgette: It might be circumstantial, but it’s the best we got. It’s enough to prove only you could have done it.

Izzy: Are you sure you want to bet your life?

Bridgette: …I…

Izzy: See! Neither of these two has evidence to prove it was me!!! That’s what they get for messing with Izzy!!!

I guess this is my time to shine…

Noah: Your wrong Izzy, I have evidence to prove it was you who did the murder. And this is not going to be circumstancial, I made sure of it so I didn’t have to deal with you later.

Izzy: Confident, but that’s not enough. You have to present the evidence and finish the trial!!!

Dawn: Noah, can I leave this to you?

Noah: Yeah sure, I was planning to do this myself.

Izzy: You really want to prove me guilty? Then show it to me otherwise you just piss of the wrong girl.

So I pretty much place my life on the line, no biggy. Jusr need to end this and show to her that she can’t hide what really happen. Sorry Izzy, but this is not going to end well for you.

P.T.A (VS Izzy)

Izzy: You’ve got nothing!

Izzy: Bring it on!!!

Izzy: Are you crazy or what!?

Izzy: The Izzy is going to take you down!!!

Izzy: Your insane!


Izzy: Your not fun anymore Noah.

Izzy: Why would I even kill Cameron!?


Izzy: If you want to put this crime on me you have show me actual evidence then just something circumstancial!


ENVELOPE                            PRIZE


Solution: The Empty Envelope Prize

Noah: This is over, finally.


Noah: We do have decisive evidence in our side Izzy! You left something very particular back at the theatre which will prove you did it.

Izzy: Ha! As if there’s anything left behind th-

Dawn: Izzy you couldn’t let the prize go didn’t, which is why you brought it with you at your hide out.

Bridgette: The prize? Are you talking about the one that was place in the end of the maze?

Beardo: That is the only *confetti noise* there is here so it has to be.

Lightning: So sha-what is the prize? Is it a trophy?

Noah: No, it was an envelope containing information. Apparently the culprit took all the contents out, but left the envelope behind after emptying it.

Izzy: An empty envelope is the prize, your just grasping straws now. How would you even know that’s the prize if you never saw the thing.

Monokuma: Because I told them!

Izzy: Monokuma, why would you do something so-

Monokuma: Because they had the right to now. I mean it wouldn’t be fair keeping the important details to yourself, right Izzy?

Shawn: So you knew about this and kept it to yourself even though it was important, now why would you that if you weren’t the killer?

Izzy: S-Shut up! We never said you would do something like this…

Dawn: You know even without that small hint Monokuma gave us, we could still deduce you as the culprit with information about the prize itself.

Duncan: Which would be? Not everyone knows the answer like you guys.

Dawn: The prize itself cannot be open by just anyone in here. Only the winner could have done it, meaning the person who emptied it was someone who won it.

Katie: Actually they would only need a winner to open it, anyone else could just come in and get the files inside afterwards.

Noah: True if there wasn’t a special rule that only the winner can do anything to the files. Anyone could read it, but only the culprit can be the one who could get rid of the files.

Jasmine: Huh? But if Zoey and Cameron are dead then…

Izzy: I…I…

Owen: Izzy, everything so far doesn’t make sense unless you the culprit. I don’t want to ask, but did you-

Izzy: If you guys know everything then why ask me?

Owen: Huh?

Harold: That’s a pretty surprising reaction.

Izzy: Look you got the culprit so just recap everything and let’s move on to Zoey’s case.

Lindsay: Zoey’s case?

Izzy: You’ll understand once we move on, just end this part so we can talk about it.

Alright guess I have to do this.


This entire case began yesterday with multiple groups of people going inside the maze to claim the prize awaiting at the end of the maze. These groups were Scott, Harold and Brick, Jasmine, Shawn and Katie, and our two victim and our culprit. We don't know what transpired between the groups in the maze or how did the culprit's team got to the end, but we know they were the ones who got the prize, an envelope containing documents, in the end. Unfortunately the prize might have been something better left unknown, because whatever it was is what change Cameron to become more paranoid and drove the culprit to commit the murder.

The first thing the culprit did was to get Cameron out in order to leave her and Zoey alone in the maze. It work and Cameron immediately headed out through the exit located at the beach. With them alone, the killer and the victim heard a noise and decided to investigate it. We don't know yet if this culprit was the one who killed Cameron, but we do know they made a lot of shifty moves to set-up there plan to kill Cameron. First they took a picture of Zoey's body and then hid out inside the theatre to pretend they also disappeared from last night.

The day of Cameron's murder comes next. After the two have disappeared from last night, Cameron became anxious and scared and immediately inform the group what happen last night. Because of this everyone decided to head out the maze and search for the missing people. Probably before then the culprit set-up their fake attack by injuring themselves and placing a pool of their own blood near the location she and Zoey were when they heard the noise. They also needed to make-up a story to explain their disappearance, but too bad for them they couldn't be consistent with it.

Before we entered the maze someone saw that the curtains in the theatre were close back then and while it doesn't seem important it actually become crucial later in the trial. with everyone supposedly being in the maze, the culprit manage to lure out Cameron to be by himself at the cabin's where they already setted up the rope mechanism in order to hand him. The way they were able to pull this of was to send Cameron's pictures of them and Zoey's body which would drive Cameron to isolate himself from everyone and write an apology letter for his involvement in this, which is what the culprit predicted. They also knew during this time we would find the first victim in there so they didn't have anything to worry about people going back to the cabin and possibly seeing the crime.

Except for two people, Lightning and Katie who decided to return there to do something on their own accord. Lightning exercising and Katie looking for her and Sadie's missing camera which the culprit also use to take the pictures of themselves and Zoey. The victim must have entered the cabins via jumping trees like what Lightning witness and in their way drop Katie's camera which is why we found it later on during the investigation. With them in the cabin the murder was about to begin.

Cameron was in the middle of writing his aubitiary when the culprit came in and wrap the noose around his neck. While Cameron couldn't struggle much, he was able to grab a piece of the culprit's bandage, probably to cover up their self-inflicted wound, and with that he left a clue for us to find the culprit. The rope around Cameron's neck was already firmly tighten so they only needed to do one more thing to finish their murder. Rapel down the cabin's wall using the rope attach to Cameron in order pull him up and strangle him while escaping at tthe same time. It wasn't long before Cameron died and the culprit needed to head straigth to the area around the maze and make themselves look like the victim.

Removing their bandages, and lying down near the maze the victim needed to just wait for someone to come in and see them in order to finish their trick. It work and we found the killer looking like another victim while also discovering Cameron's body at the same time. Back then we didn't know the truth so we assume this was a serial killing with the targets being the prize winners, but now we know otherwise. That this was a giant set-up for the killer to make themselves look like a victim, but fortunately for us we had the right circumstances to determine the culprit without much decisive evidence.

Scene: Noah pointing at a glaring culprit

Noah: I don't think we need to hide anything more Izzy, your the one who did this.

Scene: Izzy revealed as the culprit


Izzy: Hee...guess you caught me, that's right it was me who killed Cameron.

Owen: But why Izzy? I thought you said you wouldn't kill again after what you did to Mi-...I mean Mal...

Izzy: I'll explain to you guys once we find the other culprit.

Brick: Huh?

Scott: W-What do you mean other culprit?

Izzy: Simple...the one who killed Cameron was me, but the one who killed Zoey is someone else!

...There is the possibility, but right now I think I need a break. I can't really work out the other culprit until I take a breather so I'll leave this one to Dawn.

The first case has been solve, but the mysterious still remain at the second case. Is Izzy also Zoey's killer or is it someone else entirely? How will Dawn handle this with Noah being lazy again? And will they ever learn what the prize is? Find out at the next part of Total Drama: Danganronpa!

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