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If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class TriaL they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.

Last week in this Killing Game, we suffered another two casualties! The first is talented singer Trent who for some reason fall out of sky in the middle of the music hall. Fitting place for an artist to die. And the second person is someone actually quiet important. Scarlett our young genius! She may have been evil, but she was also very useful in the trials too bad she went through a grand crush. Now who among the remaining contestants is the one responsible for their death? Stick to the Class Trial to find out.

TRENT DEAD 17th Victim
RODNEY DEAD 15th Victim/9th Killer
GEOFF DEAD 8th Killer
TOPHER DEAD 14th Victim
DJ DEAD 7th Killer
MIKE DEAD 11th Victim
AMY DEAD 10th Victim
SUGAR DEAD 9th Victim
SADIE DEAD 5th Killer
JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 4th Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No.Alive 24

Now that I have this posted, mind telling which guy/male you wouldn't mind dead? Also check out Bear&Memes blog. It's also like this but with RR characters instead. Here is the link:


Monokuma: Welcome back to the Class Trial, looks like you lost someone useful and someone useless.

Zoey: Don’t say that! Both of them were our friends!

Shawn: It’s actually hard to imagine Scarlett as a friend, although she was helpful in the trials despite her selfishness.

Cody: Still it doesn’t mean she deserve to die here, in the sadistic game that thing has to do!

Owen: Is anyone going to give any love to Trent? We also loss him to and he was such a great guy. His singing made everyone here happy.

Eva: I wouldn’t say happy, but at least he wasn’t a pain compared to other people here.

Max: And why do you dare send your eyes towards me! Your not worthy!

Jasmine: I guess everyone’s still at shock with at the two deaths that no here notice Rodney’s portrait has two rakes as his X then the regular one he had last time.

Gwen: What can you expect when one of the bodies literally fell out of the sky.

Sam: It’s was technically falling from the ceiling that was dark, but the idea is still there. It drop down as fast as a dragon falling from the sky after it got shot down.

Duncan: You know I think that’s what we should start with first. Why in the world did Trent fell down from the ceiling.

Lightning: Isn’t it obvious, of course if it isn’t the Lightning will tell you.

Gwen: You really think the “Lightning” will actually get it right?

Noah: If he actually does then let lightning strike me and I mean the literal one.

Monokuma: I’ll keep that in mind then.

How would you strike Lightning in an underground bunker?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 10, Guitar String, Crane, Scott’s Testimony

Lightning: You ready to hear this, the reason why Trent went plummeting in the music hall was because the killer was killing him back then! He was killed there!

Noah: Are you seriously suggesting that, you do realize there is a huge mistake in your idea.

Lightning: You have no idea what your talking about, my idea is totally right.

Zoey: Lightning you might want to listen to Noah a bit more. He has a point in what you said.

Tyler: That he made some sort of mistake with what he said, I don’t know if I’m missing something but I have no idea what’s wrong.

Lindsay: Me to! You and I have so much in common!

Scott: Having people being equally as dumb isn’t good for us, I wish we could have traded one of those two for Scarlett. She was useful at least.

Max: I never want to hear that woman’s name again! She was nothing but a disappointment to me!

Bridgette: And your not a disappointment to her? You and her have mutual belief about each other.

I really can’t believe Lightning just jump the gun again! Better straighten him and show the truth.

Solution: Monokuma File 10 – He was killed there

Gwen: That’s not right.


Gwen: Read what it says in the Monokuma File Lightning, it said he died from poison. Not falling to his death.

Lightning: You should have your eyes check of course it said falling! Even I can read it here!

Gwen: Seriously, why do I deal with this idiot this early.

How can I convince this shockingly difficult jocky!?

Cameron: Lightning, how do you spell falling?

Lightning: You think I’m an idiot Bubble Boy, of course I know that! It’s F-A-L-E-N-G!

Duncan: Yup we can’t trust this guys eyesight so we know he’s wrong. Now can we move on from this stupidity?

Dawn: Try to have more patience since recklessness has nearly killed us before due to out certainness on a particular suspect.

Sky: I’m sorry for that, you do understand why I was trying to hide it.

Lindsay: Totally, even I have secrets to! So don’t feel bad for it.

Eva: Even when it nearly got us killed, I sometimes wonder how soft these guys really are.

Duncan: So we know that he wasn’t killed by falling, that still doesn’t answer the question why his fall from the ceiling.

Cody: We know he was dead by the time the body fell, because of the time of death written in the Monokuma File. It was way before the time he fell.

Noah: It means the culprit used a method to get his body up there and then have it fall of later. Have any idea what is it?

Sam: We never really saw the ceiling so we wouldn’t know if they did anything there. If that’s where the answer is then that would mean we can’t tell what the killer did.

Gwen: Not necessarily. There is something we can use to figure out what the culprit did in order to get the body on the ceiling.

Noah: I would love to see it, because I didn’t find anything that could be use.

Gwen: Maybe because Jasmine took it with her.

Jasmine: I did!? I kinda forget what it was *chuckle* my apologies.

Max: To think you accuse me for being irresponsible.

Gwen: Yes you are Max, but that isn’t what were talking about here right now or even later. This is!

(Crane/Guitar String/Tuning Machine/Vacuum)

Answer: Guitar String

Jasmine: Oh yeah, I remember I took that. I think I still have it.

Owen: So how does this help us figure out how Trent got stuck up there?

Samey: Do anyone here notice the slimy green thing on the strings? I hope that isn’t snot!

Harold: That’s definitely not snot, I would know whether it’s snot or just something that looks like it.

Gwen: Guys, the thing that looks like snot is actually something very sticky and because of that I feel like the killer attach that to both ends of the string then paste it on the ceiling.

Cameron: I recognize that! It was a chemical formula at the mental hospital, I use it a lot when I try to glue something together though it looked like I wasn’t the only one. Someone got a whole beaker one time and I don’t know who.

Cody: I know! Although the chemical easily melts when it cools down. One time I place it inside the fridge by accident and it all evaporated.

Scott: They probably wrapped the guitar strings around the Trent so he would stick there to with the strings.

Harold: The reason why they were guitar strings is because the killer killed Trent when he had his guitar so when the culprit saw it they thought about this plan.

Bridgette: Using something you love in order to kill you that’s like somebody using my surfboard and beating me to death with it.

Katie: In this place it might actually happen, however we shouldn’t worry about the future but our problems now.

Sam: Yeah, finding the killer for this case. I think we should continue focusing on Trent’s case because we already started with him.

Beardo: I totally *ding sound*

At least we got the ball rolling, although I wouldn’t expect it was by somebody’s stupidity.

Lindsay: So what are we going to talk about next about Ten? How his body looks like?

Noah: It looks like a dead body with the eyes open, no clues there.

Harold: Actually there is, that Trent died while conscious, but that isn’t going to lead us anywhere.

Dawn: Is it possible discussing more about Trent and the connections to the music hall might be a good progression, since we already place our minds on that topic.

Max: I agree on these decisions! Let’s see what could we learn next!

Were about to have a very huge debate soon, hopefully I can find something to add in this case.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Crane, Unusual Awake Time, Scott’s Testimony

Katie: So we know what happened to Trent at the music hall, the culprit has killed him by the time he was there.

Cameron: But that’s if the crime scene wasn’t the music hall, however there was little evidence to suggest that when we investigated the place.

Jasmine: I’m with you that. I immediately got there after waking up and nothing seemed unusual Admittedly it was 2 hours since the murder but the place was too clean for a murder to happen there.

Sam: So after killing Trent they move his body there and then…they got his body up the ceiling. Most likely by the crane in the middle of the stage.

Tyler: Yeah! I was confuse on how the culprit got to the ceiling but if they use the crane then could easily get up there. The location it was in also makes it easy to use!

Dawn: And with the strings his former instrument, they tied his body up there and had the sticky substance be use as the seal for him to be there.

Harold: However there is plenty of things we don’t know about this! The timing, the speed of the killer’s actions, and even why they did it.

Lindsay: You worry too much, it’s not like any of those will affect our case.

I think Harold brought up a good point, the unknown factors about the case can be very critical that it can show contradicts in our line of thinking. Like for example…

Solution: The timing – makes it easy to use

Gwen: That’s not right.


Gwen: Tyler you jump the gun to like Lightning. The location of the crane actually makes it difficult for the culprit to use it.

Is it a coincidence the two people who made the mistakes were the jocks?

Tyler: Really? Why?

Zoey: Because of where the crane was and the timing! It was in the middle of the afternoon and the crane was in the open.

Samey: No one would take the risk to do that, especially when the concert was suppose to happen today.

Katie: Still does it change our logic? I mean sure the crane wouldn’t be easy to use, but there is no other way to get up there.

Gwen: I’m not saying that’s wrong, I’m saying that there is something off.

Harold: I think I can see where she’s getting at. The culprit clearly made a risky move on purpose, for reasons unknown. However why still do that when the risk too great?

Shawn: Do you think they might have tried to confuse the time of death?

Beardo: Nope! Monokuma *scribble sound* the time of death here.

Noah: The only possibility I can think of is that the culprit as planning to set up an alibi. By having the fall when they were not in the music hall is going to be back-up evidence for there innocence.

Tyler: Wasn’t the chemical melted during near night time? They might have known that it would have melted by that time and planned to be as far away as possible from the music hall.

Brick: However it was ruin by our arch-enemy Monokuma! You gave us an advantage!?

Monokuma: Nope! The blacken didn’t need the extra help. I won’t tell why though.

Noah: That is one comforting news, totally not another mystery that we have to solve.

Owen: Don’t worry we’ll be able to solve it. Although I have no idea to solve the mystery we have now.

Cody: How did the culprit know that they could tie around the body there without being caught.

Sky: Better question you should ask is how the culprit didn’t get caught. If you know that then you’ll know why the culprit did it.

Izzy: How the culprit didn’t get caught? Unless he was an agent I’m like an alien here and have no idea.

Harold: Maybe that will explain the strange thing that happened today.

Gwen: The strange thing, do you mean this?

(Our meals/Our concert/Our wake-up time/Our murders)

Answer: Our wake-up time

Gwen: We all woke up at the afternoon. Around 1:00 which is unusual.

Scott: It’s not unusual for me, sometimes I wake up at 3:00 if I have nothing to do.

Eva: But for the rest of us it is! I wake up at 8:00 yet I woke up at the afternoon. It ruined my exercise schedule.

I thought you said you got bored of it.

Harold: But in the end there is something unusual that happened which made us all wake up at that exact time.

Sky: And if my logic is right the killer is very likely responsible for this! If they knew this was going to happen, then they would have no issue moving the body there.

Max: So what do we do next? Do we discuss about the culprit’s action in making us be in this position?

Duncan: Like we have any other leads. Who knows if this will get us to the killer or not.

Only one way to find out. This is going to be a long trial isn’t it?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Vacuum, Crane, Unusual Awake Time, Tuning Machine, Broom

Lightning: Are you for real!? Someone actually controlled how we were sleeping!?

Harold: Believe it or not, it did happen. And right now were trying to understand the truth about this.

Duncan: Easier said then done with something that doesn’t happen everyday.

Bridgette: Guys! We don’t need to argue with each other. We have to try to understand this as orderly as possible.

Sky: If you guys want to hear my opinion on what the culprit did, they might have use a special machine that controls our sleep. If Monokuma exist so can this idea.

Cameron: That shows a complete waste of advance technology. I wonder if they even have anything advance in physics or chemistry?

Sam: We might be overthinking guys, it’s possible that the killer drugged our food last night which is why we overslept.

Zoey: That does explain why Scarlett was not affected since she was the only one who didn’t eat last night.

Max: Perhaps she was hiding in her room in shame because of her jealousy over being less evil then me. Serves her right!!!

If I were the killer, how would I make everyone here fall into a deep sleep? I might have use that to get the job done.

Solution: Vacuum – chemistry

Gwen: You might be right.


Gwen: There was something we found behind the cabins earlier, the vacuums which were from the air purificator.

Duncan: You mean does things that releases types of gases? Why would that answer our questions?

Samey: I…Is it possible that the person using sleeping gas in order to keep us down last night?

Cameron: It is entirely possible, there is a beaker full of sleeping gas in the air purificator. In fact it’s very likely the killer use that since we have proof they went to that location.

Harold: And the gas is really powerful, I was hit by Duncan with that and I end up sleeping for the rest of the say.

Dawn: With a special air like that, the likelihood of that being our cause is more then enougn to warrant it as a fact.

Gwen: So that solves the mysterious sleep, now that we know that we should talk about-

Izzy: HERE’S IZZY!!!


Izzy: Hold there Gwen, how do we know were not jumpin g straight to the mayhem. It might be a trap the killer use to trick us!

Gwem: A trap? How could this be trap?

Izzy: Isn't it obvious? You can see that in a glance.

Gwen: Then please elaborate that then Izzy so I can see where I'm wrong.

Izzy: Listen to me and you’ll understand. It won’t be difficult it’s like swinging a vine while being chase by rabbid monkeys.

How would you know that Izzy? Actually I don’t want to know.


Evidence: Air Duct, Scott’s Testimony, Vacuum, Cleaning Supplies, Folder

Izzy: Silly Gwen, don’t you realize how wrong you are?

Izzy: Sure the vacuums were found behind the cabins.

Izzy: But that isn’t enough to convince this lady.

Izzy: I mean even I can place a few vacuums behind the cabin.

Izzy: And I don’t even need to turn it on.

Izzy: Don’t take it as a confession because it isn’t.

Gwen: I can see your point, but there is something about the cabins that supports this idea.

Izzy: For real, do you think I’m crazy enough to believe that?

Izzy: Even my grandma’s stories were even more believable.

Izzy: What could possibly be evidence to prove the vacuum was use?

Izzy: I hate to say this Gwen, but…

Izzy: But I think I’m right here…

Izzy: No need to feel shame…

Izzy: I just use common sense, you should try it.

I don’t know if that was meant to be an insult or a compliment, but it doesn’t matter when she’s wrong either way.

Solution: Air Duct – possibly be evidence

Gwen: You should really listen.


Gwen: Then why not explain the air ducts being destroyed? It’s clear from looking at them that someone tampered there. Sounds suspicious?

Max: Of course it’s suspicious! It’s in the same level of someone holding a bloody knife next to a dead body. Only someone like Scarlett would not notice such thing.

Owen: You really don’t like Scarlett, don’t you?

Izzy: Hello everyone, I have no idea what is wrong with the air ducts. I didn’t do my daily spy training today.

Dawn: I guess I should bring the truth to light, you see the air ducts around the cabin were all open when they should be close. There was never a reason to let them open.

Tyler: But for some reason they were last night which means someone did have a reason.

Eva: And with a murder that happened today and our sleeping schedule in a miss we can tell what reason they did have.

Katie: Still it doesn’t explain why it would support that the vacuums were use to make us fall asleep.

Izzy: Exactly, they didn’t even proven how is it possible for somebody to use the vacuum to make us all fall asleep.

Harold: We already mentioned sleeping gas so that should settle your issue.

Katie: But do you have proof on that? Even if the killer could use that, they must have left some sort of clue on that.

Samey: That is true…I mean I believe this is what happened but lacking evidence means were just grasping straws here.

Brick: Is there something about the sleeping that gas that we can use to undercover this mystery?

Gwen: I have a few ideas, just need to get it straight in order.

Lindsay: Don’t worry we’ll wait. It’s not we do anything whenever someone does this.

Do they really do that? I don’t notice, but then I don’t say anything whenever somebody is concentrating so it would be a bit nonsensical to not believe that.

Gwen: Alright, just give me a sec to figure everything out.

Zoey: Good luck Gwen, I hope this goes well!



Answer: Empty Bottle

Gwen: I kinda get it.


Gwen: Did anyone check the air purificator for empty bottles? The gas was kept on that.

Duncan: She’s right, I remember that was what I use in order to prank dweeble tooth there.

Harold: I’ll get you back next time, maybe I should use this vacuum for my re-

Jasmine: Were confiscating all of thse tomorrow, so forget about that Harold.

Lightning: I don’t know what an empty bottle is, but I found this glass over there.

Cody: Lightning, that is an empty bottle. How can you not know that?

Eva: Never mind this guys intelligence, we have the proof so we have no problem. The sneaky killer use this in order to ruin our schedules including my exercise.

Noah: I think we have bigger issues here Eva, like the murders that happened today behind our backs.

Sam: But we have proof to show the killer used the vacuum in order to make everyone fall asleep last night in order to commit the murder.

Izzy: I guess…I messed up again. Sorry about that.

Gwen: Doesn’t matter as long as we can move on to finding the killer.

Tyler: So we know what the killer did last night, the question is how did they open the vents?

Brick: It’s actually easy to do that if you tried it during dinner since nobody is around at that time and if they are they would be in there rooms.

Duncan: The rooms are soundproof so they wouldn’t hear anybody making noise.

Beardo: But isn’t there a risk someone might get *alarm noises*

Bridgette: And if your saying the culprit was a boy then the problem would then appear in the girl's cabin. Actually even worse since a couple of us were hanging around there.

Gwen: I don’t know, but if the culprit used these then they wouldn’t have a problem opening them up.

But if I say it then that would make a whole revelation about the case… still I shouldn’t worry about it since we were going to get there eventually.

Shawn: W-what!? What did the killer use?

Gwen: The killer most likely use the machines Harold found and had Lindsay and Tyler guard.

Harold: What I found…you can’t mean the satellite! Am I right!?

Lindsay: What’s a satellite? I don’t remember.

Tyler: Lindsay it’s the thing attach to TV’s at the rood. The circular thing with a pole at the middle.

Lindsay: Now I remember.

Jasmine: Ease up there guys, what is the meaning of this satellite? The way you said it sound like a person here was using it.

Harold: Because someone has been using it, most likely through the laptop we found days ago. The person use the satellite to see where we are then have the laptop show the projection of the signal it gathers.

Bridgette: So in short a radar, a very complicated one.

Owen: That would explain how the killer wasn’t caught by anyone there.

Brick: But why are you nervous about it? Doesn’t it mean we made a step closer in finding the truth?

Sam: W-we did…but there is an issue.

Beardo: *hypnosis sounds* What is it? Is there something special about the laptop and the satellite?

Katie: Do you even remember who used the laptop before?

Scott: Like we do, if we did then this case would have been solve by now.

Samey: The laptop…the laptop…you can’t mean the person behind the murder was-

Gwen: I’m afraid so! The culprit in our case is the Sabotuer!!!



Brick: Yo-you can’t be serious!? The killer is the Sabotuer!?

Eva: At least we can dig that person a grave. He was nothing but a pain throughout our time here!

Zoey: I wouldn’t say this normally but this is someone I don’t feel sorry for. It’s actually nice to say these things once in a while.

I should remember that, because no way am I ever going to be in her bad side.

Tyler: Now I know that, I’m pump and ready to go out in solving the case.

Although the way people here are acting they mind end up-

Cameron: Sorry to bother you guys, but maybe were a little going overboard in the celebrations here. I mean are we sure the Sabotuer is the culprit?

Good thing he brought it up, because no way they would have listen to me. He actually investigated the Sabotuer and everyone knows it.

Sam: Why do you think the Sabotuer might not be the culprit? There is evidence to back it up.

Cameron: I know the satellite was use by the Sabotuer, but that isn’t the only way the culprit could have used to know about whether getting in the cabin was safe or not. So the decisive evidence isn’t exactly decisive.

Samey: That true…if the evidence isn’t strong enough then we can’t think like this.

I wonder about that.

Noah: However this evidence at least shows the Sabotuer could likely involve. Everyone should know it since they saw it.

Zoey: Something we all seen…are you talking about the message in the cafeteria a few days ago?

Dawn: You are correct about this Zoey, the evidence is clearly vital in our case especially when it comes to the Sabotuer.

Lightning: But it’s just a bunch of stupid writing that means nothing. How does that prove the Salato –something is part of this gig?

Gwen: The message not be talking about the Sabotuer in name, but if you look at this thing then you’ll see the connection.

(The amount of words/The words use/The way it was written/The location)

Answer: The way it was written

Gwen: If you remember Heather’s trial there was a letter left by the Sabotuer after we solve the case, and if you compare the way it written to this you’ll see the connection.

Beardo: T-the connection…Oh! They were *squiggly sounds* in all capital letters.

Shawn: Must admit that is more proof the Sabotuer is involve. Still what does the message means?

Lindsay: I think I know! It was message the Sabotuer left to scare us.

Jasmine: So your saying it’s another warning letter from them. Why does the Sabotuer really want to make out life here so difficult.

Max: Evil has mentality that mortals wouldn’t easily understand. Of course I do and I don’t intend to share the secrets.

Cody: I think the intentions are pretty clear.

Sam: You really think the Sabotuer wrote this? I think so, but we should talk about this more.

Gwen: It definitely sounds like what the Sabotuer would write, however sounds and is are two completely different things so I’ll see what I can deduce.

If this writing turns out to be fake, it will definitely leave suspect list since the person would then need to know how to replicate the entire writing.

Noah: You better do it quickly because if we get it wrong then it will become difficult to change our line of thinking later on the trial.

Way to go in making my life a little more pressured then I want.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Courtney’s Report, Scott’s Testimony, Letter in the Dinning Hall

Tyler: So is the culprit the Sabotuer or not? We were so sure earlier it was, but when Cameron said that were jumping into things we might be wrong after all.

Cameron: I’m not saying it’s impossible for the Sabotuer to be the culprit, I’m saying it might be possible this was someone else’s work. It can still be the Sabotuer.

Bridgette: We already know about the mini satellite which the Sabotuer use to spy on us, along with the laptop.

Harold: Which may I add is really hi-tech, something only top companies would be able to use.

Duncan: So you’re saying the Sabotuer is some sort of techno nerd, shouldn’t be surprise since the smart people can also be the most dangerous people you met.

Katie: Don’t forget about the letter in the cafeteria two days ago, that is proof the Sabotuer was up to something. The Sabotuer doesn’t write a letter without a reason.

Noah: And whatever the reason that letter was made, it doesn’t sound good for any of us.

Beardo: Was there a suspect list that day, like someone *spotlight noises* snooping around the cafeteria?

Jasmine: Were still trying to make a list, but due to lack of people seeing anything it becomes impossible to narrow down to only a few people here.

Samey: The location might not be the only thing we should pay attention, like Gwen said earlier the writing, the message could give us a clue. Of course if the Sabotuer was the one who wrote the letter to begin with.

All we know for sure is the Sabotuer is involve this time and first step to learn about there movements is to figure out what this letter really means.

Solution: the message – write the letter

Gwen: That’s not right.


Gwen: Are you sure that the letter was written by the Sabotuer, because if they were the one who did it what type of message are they trying to say?

Katie: What type of message? Wouldn’t the message be…be…be…I actually have no idea.

Brick: They intended to end a grudge with someone, which is why they said they’ll end this!

Scott: You don’t realize it Brickhead, but then who are they talking about? It’s pretty obvious whoever the Sabotuer is, they are full of themselves.

Shawn: Then maybe it was somebody who the Sabotuer had their eye on for such a long time. Some they wanted to get rid of like how I want to get rid of zombies in this world.

Samey: Was there really a person like that here?

Noah: There was, Courtney but she’s dead and you might say Cameron, but he has no evidence so he would be nothing but a nuisance to the Sabotuer.

Cameron: I guess I’ll take that as good news…although I don’t like being called a nuisance.

Max: I’m in an agreement here, the Sabotuer would have made this declaration towards there arch-enemy but they don’t have any.

Cody: Then what does the message mean?

Harold: Why not try flipping the message and then things will make sense.

Gwen: By flipping around do you mean…

(Do an actual flip/Flip a table/The Sabotuer wrote backwords/This was address to the Sabotuer)

Answer: This was address to the Sabotuer

Sky: When you think like that then this case is easy to understand, because everyone here does have a grudge towards the Sabotuer.

Zoey: And by finish this they’re talking about the Sabotuer’s action throughout the entire game.

Izzy: So someone declared war on the Sabotuer, it’s about time!

Eva: Now we need to know who had the guts in calling out the Sabotuer, of course no one here is stupid enough to do that.

Noah: If you look in how our case is going you’ll see a potential suspect on who wrote this.

By potential writer does he mean…



Gwen: It was you!


Gwen: The victim in our case, Trent might have been the one who wrote this message. It also would explain why the Sabotuer would kill him.

Jasmine: Because the Sabotuer was angry at someone challenging there pride.

Samey: If that’s true then that’ll explain why this murder happened, but we need to see evidence Trent was the one who wrote this.

Sam: If your looking for evidence, there might be something little old Trent actually knows about something that the writer would know.

Bridgette: That might not be decisive evidence, but it’ll be nice to hear. So let’s hear it. what information Trent has which points him as the writer.

If I reflect the events in the past few days I actually could tell what that information is and explain it in a decisive and thorough way.

Gwen: I’ll do it Sam, because I have evidence to back-up your claim.

Sam: You know my claim? I’m surprise, but glad as well. So go right ahead and tell everyone what is it.


1) In order for the someone to write the letter using the Sabotuer’s style, what knowledge should they have?

(Sabotuer’s identity/Sabotuer’s methods/Sabotuer’s gender/Sabotuer’s handwriting)

2) How can Trent know about this?

(Sabotuer’s Evidence/Sabotuer’s File/Sabotuer’s Letter/Sabotuer’s Phone Call)

3) Can someone here attest to that?


Answer: Sabotuer’s handwriting, Sabotuer’s Letter, Scott

Gwen: I finally get it.


Gwen: Wouldn’t the only way to know about the Sabotuer’s handwriting is by actually reading something the Sabotuer has written.

Owen: I know! The letter the Sabotuer left us weeks ago.

Jasmine: That’s not possible, because that letter went missing along many of the evidence so they couldn’t copy them. I think we all know who is responsible for that.

Cameron: Don’t look at me like that, I said I was sorry.

Sky: So your saying Trent was the thief back then? I can’t imagine him doing it, especially with how messy the thief was base on the evidence they left him.

Noah: Messy? You mean the greasy handprint and some of the dirty footprints, not something as someone classy like Trent would leave behind.

Shawn: At the very least we shouldn’t remove the possibility since he could still be the culprit.

I really don’t think it was him, because he didn’t need those evidence with the clue he got from the Sabotuer.

Samey: But then if it wasn’t by that, how did he learn about the Sabotuer’s handwriting?

Gwen: Wasn’t there word about Trent receiving a mysterious letter, because that letter could be from the Sabotuer. It fits the memo they left themselves.

Sam: I’m with on that! That definitely sounds like the Sabotuer’s action. So can anyone confirm about the letter?

Scott: I did see a letter Trent was holding, but…

Tyler: But what Scott? Why are you hesitating?

Scott: You might not believe what I’ll say next, but the letter just suddenly disappeared in thin air. One time he was reading it and then when he left the room it was gone.

If I remember about that…

Gwen: Then that confirms the Sabotuer was the one who wrote the letter. That is something all the Sabotuer’s letter had in common.

Eva: Are you serious!? How would you know that!? Unless you’re the Sabotuer!!!

Noah: Don’t jump to conclusions there lady. I don’t think she would mention about the pattern if she was the Sabotuer.

Gwen: Thanks? Anyway this is evidence to prove this is part of the Sabotuer’s pattern of attack.

(Scott’s Testimony/Sam’s TestimonyCourtney’s Report/Dakota’s Letter)

Answer: Courtney’s Report

Sam: Now that you mention it, I recall back then Courtney was very dedicated in finding the Sabotuer to the point she was killed because she was a threat to the Sabotuer.

Scott: So it means the information is very reliable.

Duncan: Courtney and reliable are two things I don’t want to hear in the same sentence unless it’s about her finally being gone.

I’m mad at how she betrayed me before, but not to that point Duncan.

Katie: OK, so in the report there is a mention of letter’s disappearing.

Gwen: Not really disappearing, but there is no letters ever found in any of the victim’s belongings or even people contacted by the Sabotuer.

Lightning: Oh that, I broke the paper thing with me outside and it went poof which is why I ended up making my own plan.

If you knew about something important like that, you should mention it earlier.

Harold: With the way things are now, we can confirm for now that at the very least Trent is a very high candidate of being the writer of the letter.

Beardo: He definitely had a lot of *boom*!!!

Cody: So we know how the entire thing escalated, but then where do we go. We have no clue on who the Sabotuer could be.

Brick: Dismiss the panic Cody, because we actually do have a clue! The Sabotuer shown great proficiency with the satellite, the laptop and the crane so we know there good with machines!

Max: However plenty of people here are good with machines so we can’t just pick a single person yet.

Katie: But it’s a clue we should best keep for ourselves, since that might help nab the culprit again like last trial.

Sky: I wasn’t the culprit…I was in the wrong circumstances!

Sky I know you’re a good person, but try to be more humble instead of protesting.

Jasmine: Maybe we should talk about the cause of death, we know what it is and no it’s not falling.

Lightning: Aww come on! I didn’t even get to say it!

Jasmine: But we don’t know how exactly he was poisoned, or even where he was poison. Just that his body was inside the music hall.

Noah: I for once agree, knowing this is crucial in finding Trent’s killed and the Sabotuer. I don’t really care about most things, but getting back on the Sabotuer is actually something I really want.

Lindsay: Maybe we should talk about the cause of death first since that’s easier to understand.

Gwen: I don’t see why not.

I was going to tackle it eventually so the timing isn’t that bad.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cleaning Supplies, Cleaning Shed, Broom, Tuning Machine

Sky: So we need to uncover the rest of Trent’s incident in order to find our culprit. It seems everyone is voting to talk about the cause of death so let’s hear what people got to say.

Scott: I’m starting to wonder if the Monokuma File is genuine or not, because there is nothing I could think of that can get Trent to be poisoned.

Bridgette: There could be ingestion of something toxic, wouldn’t be the first time for Trent with the trust challenge back at the island.

Lindsay: Please don’t say that, I never got a chance to apologize for nearly killing him.

Max: Perhaps the culprit used the same thing, that blasted fish!

Lightning: If there was fish, I would know because the Lightning is great at smelling. I can smell proteins a mile away and none of them smells like poison.

Noah: By smell like poison you mean poison gas.

Cameron: Also fish is not protein you know. Although the amount of food you brought up gave me an idea. Couldn’t the culprit have feed him something he place poison on?

Izzy: Then that would mean he was inside one of the different hospitals here, since they have plenty of toxins.

Samey: I was going to bring up injections, but there is no information about him having a needle hole anywhere in his body.

Plenty of ways to poison a person, but the killer had to use that method in order to do it.

Solution: Cleaning Supplies – poison gas

Gwen: You might be right.


Gwen: We found two things that should never be mix, otherwise they’ll make a lethal gas.

Owen: Sorry for eating all the beans again.

Noah: I don’t think there talking about that type of lethal gas.

Cameron: You mean poison gas, am I right? There is chemical mixtures that create that.

Sam: You must be talking about the two empty bottles we found, don’t know what they are.

Sky: There was two empty bottles that went missing in our cabin, the cleaning supplies.

Cody: Cleaning supplies? What were those cleaning supplies!?

Cody is acting a bit intense on this, he must know something.

Izzy: Don’t get your lanky pants on a know, it was bottle of bleach and ammonium. Was is it only me who found ammonium crazy as a thing to use for-

Cody: If you mix ammonium and bleach they form some sort of poison! Gas that while evaporates quickly also can kill a person in minute.

Duncan: Where did you find those two together?

Sam: If I recall it was inside a closet in the cleaning shed.

Zoey: Me and Sky never went there because we thought we took everything away there. Guess we should have use our common sense.

Lightning: So your saying the guitar dude was killed in there? By the mixing thingy?

Noah: Yes and yes that’s what happen. Glad to see your updated.

Beardo: Is there proof though that Trent was in there? I mean sure it can be a place where Trent got killed, but what if this was a trap by the Sabotuer?

Shawn: I see why you might think this is a trap, since the Sabotuer was always a tricky foe to contend with.

Gwen: It’s good your questioning things, because now I have a reason to bring this evidence up.

(Guitar String/Tuning Machine/Corutney’s Report/Cleaning Supplies)

Answer: Tuning Machine

Jasmine: What’s a tuning machine?

Katie: There the things use in tuning a guitar. The ones you can spin around to adjust the sound.

Tyler: Tuning a guitar…so that’s the evidence to prove that was where Trent died. He was the one with the guitar which means he must have been there at one point.

Samey: And the fact two things that create poison when mix is there to, it’s not a very good sign.

Gwen: But unfortunately that’s reality of it. This is where Trent got poison.



Shawn: Are you sure this isn’t another of the Sbaotuer’s trick because I find this too convenient.

Gwen: How exactly? I think everything falls into place myself.

Shawn: You may think that, but with the Sabotuer things are not so simple so consider it being a trap as a possibility.

I did, but…

Gwen: I know this is what happened! I have reasons to believe it.

Shawn: Then show it, but don’t think it will be easy to convince me otherwise.


Evidence: Cleaning Supplies, Cleaning Shed, Broom, Monokuma File 10

Shawn: I can see where your coming from.

Shawn: But this is obvious a trap, that the Sabotuer made.

Shawn: In the apocalypse you must be sceptical with everything.

Shawn: Especially when the evidence is extremely convenient.

Shawn: Like there is a place where poison came from.

Shawn: Or that it was inside a very confine space.

Shawn: And even the fact Trent didn’t show any signs of struggles.

Gwen: So in the end paranoia is making you panic, I guess I have to calm you down before you end up doing something stupid.

Shawn: Like what, trying to bring up a point?

Shawn: I’m not saying what you said is impossible.

Shawn: But you really think solving the case would be that easy?

Shawn: This is the Sabotuer were dealing with and something simple doesn’t fit.

Shawn: They must have a complicated plan if they plan on killing.

Shawn: It would not fit at all if that wasn’t the case.

Shawn: You see my point is as sharp as my wit.

You are pretty good at surviving dangerous situations, but that doesn’t mean so is your nerve. You tend to panic and cause trouble, like now.

Solution: Cleaning Closet – didn’t show any sign of struggle

Gwen: You should really listen.


Gwen: Then why did the window on top of the closet break? You think that was what it was like yesterday.

Shawn: The window was broken? I didn’t know that.

Sam: Yes it is and no it wasn’t like that before. I thought we mentioned it, maybe we forgot to.

We did, but I’m betting Shawn didn’t listen. Most likely thinking about zombies then the case.

Jasmine: Shawn, a window broken doesn’t happen just because. Something must have cause it to be like that.

Cameron: And base on what we know it’s safe to assume that was cause by Trent struggling to stay alive.

Katie: You mean Trent fighting with the culprit. First of all almost no one here can take on Trent and his muscles, and second how did that lead to the window near the ceiling to break?

Jasmine: It’s definitely not by a regular struggle, because even in a fight no one gets in the air to reach that high even in a wrestling match. I can tell from experience.

And she’s from one of the most dangerous places to live in so I have inclination to believe her.

Gwen: You with how the entire thing went on, the only reason for someone to destroy the window is…

(To let air out/To call for help/To breathe/To signal someone)

Answer: To let air out

Beardo: Makes sense since Trent death was cause by *choking noises* through poisonous *wind noises*.

Max: And if I may interject, there was a broom inside the closet with glass shards. Am I correct to guess that was what our musician use in order to destroy the window?

Samey: Surprisingly you are right, there is no other reason for him to do that.

Cody: But wouldn’t that mean he would have survive the poison attack since the poison gas would go out of the closet?

Brick: Don’t forget about the vacuum, while it’s true that the vacuums were found behind the cabins there still some more inside the air purificator facility. They could easily have gotten one and blown the poison back.

Scott: Knowing the Sabotuer that is something they would definitely do. Always steps ahead of us is making him a bigger pain then he should.

Lindsay: But look at the bright! We got the entire case on Trent solve! We should celebrate!!!

Zoey: Not yet Lindsay, we don’t even know who the culprit is and there is still plenty of things about the case we don’t know about. Also I don’t think celebrating someone’s death is nice.

Cameron: We still have Scarlett’s case to handle and we need to settle how the Sabotuer moved the body to the music hall.

Duncan: Let’s forget about Scarlett’s case for now and continue on with Trent’s death. So what about moving the handle.

Harold: Well the distance between the crime scene and the music hall is a bit far which means dragging the body would be too risky and something the Sabotuer would never do.

Owen: Then couldn’t they have use something in order to move the body without being spotted?

Dawn: You might be right because a certain item is also in a shadow of suspicion by other circumstances to so it should be brought up now.

Gwen: When you talk about a certain item, it would be the one thing someone could use to move something and had something weird going on.

(Cleaning Closet/Boats/Truck/Guitar String)

Answer: Truck

Bridgette: Good thing that was brought up because that truck suddenly appeared out of nowhere, I mean it.

Beardo: I was the first one to spot it and when I did I was like *fainting noise*

Tyler: So is that the weird thing that happened that you wanted to talk about Dawn? That’s the weirdest thing that happened so far in the case.

Dawn: Maybe, but I was referring to another case. Someone’s case.

Noah: Yeah, we were going to reach that point at sometime so no complains with me. Let’s ask the witness on what she know.

Gwen: I agree with both you, witness tell me what happened to you again.



Gwen: I understand it.

Gwen: Lindsay, might retelling me what happened last night in order to explain why you went missing today.

Lindsay: Because I was knocked out by somebody last night?

Noah: Most likely the Sabotuer, but that’s just a guess.

Sky: Lindsay I think she wants more details on how you got knocked out.

Gwen: Not just about that, but what happened to her during today to.

Eva: We heard it plenty of times, why would we need to know anything more then what we know?

Jasmine: Because we got plenty of new info that we can use in order to understand more of Lindsay’s incident. We were in the dark before, but since the Sabotuer’s involvement is more apparent we can gather new findings.

Shawn: So you think this will give us a clue on finding the Sabotuer, I see. Lindsay please make sure we can have a trustworthy story.

Lindsay: Of course I’m trustworthy, I’m not the killer.

Izzy: Linds he might be talking about it in another way.

Something I agree on before, and even now, because I know how Lindsay is.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Truck’s Key, Missing Truck, Light Reflector’s Sheet, Unusual Awake Time, Folder

Lindsay: So should I mention that I was knocked out by someone last night? Because I think said it already.

Eva: You just did now can you move on to the more important things. I would like to solve this trial one day.

Tyler: Don’t be pushy Eva, she was hurt so if she’s a little slow then just don’t mind it for now.

Lindsay: Thanks Tyler, makes me feel a bit guilty that I tried to scare you with the gas mask.

Cody: A gas mask, could that be an important thing in the incident? It seems like the most outstanding detail last night.

Katie: We’ll never know until we try. Let’s try to remember it for now.

Lindsay: So I got knocked out by a giant stick…or now that I think about it, it might have been a guitar.

Dawn: A guitar…that would then make the person who attack Lindsay, the killer of Trent so it’s definitely true. Now then what happened?

Lindsay: I was put inside a rectangular car in front of the music hall since the afternoon when I woke up. It was lock and tried to call for help, but nobody would answer.

Shawn: That’s got to be a lie, there was no rectangular car in front of the music hall, especially at the afternoon. We were all busy preparing for the concert.

Duncan: You think, she might be telling the truth even if it doesn’t make sense.

Lindsay: That’s all I remember, I’m sorry if I’m forgetting anything more.

That’s all we need Lindsay, because I have huge idea on your situation. First of all I should prove that it was true.

Solution: Missing Truck – rectangular car in front of the music hall

Gwen: You might be right.


Gwen: By rectangular car, do you mean a truck?

Lindsay: Oh yeah! That’s what it was called!!!

Cameron: A truck does sometimes look like a rectangle in certain angles so there is reasons for the error to happen.

Shawn: But it couldn’t be in the music hall at the afternoon, I was there I didn’t see it.

Lightning: Speaking of trucks, did anybody find Lightning’s truck. Went missing and I couldn’t find it.

Zoey: I think the truck Lindsay was in is your truck.

Lightning: Sweet! It went missing all day, couldn’t believe it got back by tonight.

Jasmine: Missing…sorry to say this Shawn, but Lindsay is most likely telling the truth. What she said and what that idiot said definitely matches up.

Beardo: The two people with the lowest *light bulb noise* cooperating together, thought it would have been more disastrous. Like *thunder noises!!!*

Shawn: But that doesn’t explain how I didn’t see anything at all during the afternoon. Scott and Tyler would tell you the same thing.

Scott: Not exactly, it’s true there wasn’t a truck, but I still saw something. Light reflecting to my eyes that is almost as painful as having Fang going after me.

Harold: You said light reflecting back at you…then maybe it is possible that the truck wasn’t there. If you have the truck surrounded by something that reflects light it wouldn’t be visible because the reflection would make it look like an invisible wall.

Sky: As much as I believe in all the crazy things happening here, I’m going to have to disagree on this. Was there anything that does something crazy like that? Other then Monokuma.

Monokuma: You should be thankful that I let you go free.

Gwen: I know something…it was something I seen a few days ago and today also at investigation. Now if I only remember what it was…

Sam: Guess we have to wait again, take you time Gwen it’s not like we can move forward unless we know what that thing is.

Do I really take a long time? If that’s the case then someone else should bring it up, I’m not the only one here who wants to continue living.



Answer: Light Reflecting Sheet

Gwen: I kinda get it.


Gwen: There was light reflecting sheets, I couldn’t see them at first until I closed the lights in the place I found them.

Cody: Because it was dark? Like night? Is that what the culprit used to hide the truck from all of us!?

Harold: I told you my idea is correct! You don’t get it, but sci-fi is coming to real life, I knew it was coming one day.

Bridgette: Let’s not get too head of ourselves Harold, we have only that and Monokuma to show it.

Monokuma: I’m not fictional you know.

Max: Umm…maybe it would have been a terrible thing to bring up…but…

Eva: Talk! Before I rip that mouth of yours a new one!

Max: Hmm…I only do this because I want to end this needless chattering, not out of fear. I found the truck and grab this.

Owen: A sheet? Is this the sheet you mentioned just now Gwen.

I didn’t really get a good look at it, but might as well play along.

Gwen: Yes it, looks like that was what the killer did all along.

Jasmine: Incredible, hadn’t it been a few mishaps we wouldn’t have known a thing at all.

Noah: So we know the Sabotuer owned light reflecting sheets, strong enough to take down Lindsay with a guitar and is good at hacking. This guy has an impressive resume.

Katie: But is there any clues we can find? It seems this where we start calling names unless more evidence appears.

Too bad I can’t think of any, the Sabotuer left lots of details about themselves, but nothing decisive at all.

Dawn: I think I can bring up evidence, since what Lindsay’s words were had contained plenty of knowledge and not limited to the item that reflects the sight of light.

Sam: Really? What information is that? If your going to guide us then be straight to the point.

Dawn: My friends, if what Lindsay said is true about the time, wouldn’t that contradict a certain thing we know.

Tyler: I’m not following…what thing?

Cameron: It wasn’t exactly proven, but the timing is so close we can consider it as a semi-fact. But then who can the culprit if that were the case… Gwen: Wouldn’t that obvious, it would person not affected by this!

(Dinner/The release of the sleep gas/Trent’s murder/Lindsay’s abduction)

Answer: The release of the sleep gas

Eva: Makes sense, since night time would be the ideal time to make us fall asleep without anyone here noticing.

Bridgette: It’s dark and nobody is usually out, perfect time to do just that.

Harold: But why was Lindsay not affected? Don’t tell me she was-

Tyler: Don’t you dare! Lindsay would never do the terrible things the Sabotuer did!!!

Zoey: If it was Lindsay it would be illogical to kidnap herself and place the spotlight on her, that’s something nobody wants to be in if their hiding something.

Cody: But if it wasn’t Lindsay? Who could it possibly be?

You know that person was suspicious from the beginning, but what happened today confirms everything.

Gwen: Who else, but the Sabotuer and Trent’s killer. I know who it is.

Samey: You do!? Please say it!!!

Eva: Finally we got this traitor! Now we can send him in a body bag.

This is the end of the Sabotuer? I guess being a killer didn’t suit you after all. If you didn’t hide that fact you might have gotten away.

Noah: ...

Katie: Go on.

Tyler: This is it huh?

Cody: Finally they get caught!

Harold: I've been waiting for this for a long time.

Eva: I can pulverize them for good!

Bridgette: Who got my Geoff killed!?

Lindsay: And hurt me!?

Izzy: Don't look at me, I'm angry at the mastermind then anything.

Duncan: Let's find out this guy already.

Owen: I...I'm hungry to know this.

Dawn: There retribution has come.

Sam: We finally moved on.

Brick: Sir, I'm ready to hear the truth.

Scott: I want to see who the true evil in here.

Zoey: I...I have to be strong in facing this, for Mike.

Lightning: Bring it on! I'm ready!!!

Cameron: The time has come.


Samey: I want to avenge everyone they got killed.

Max: Let this person be thought a lesson by the greatest evil of them all.

Jasmine: This is more scary then my last hike in the wilderness.

Shawn: Please don't let a zombie pop out of nowhere.

Sky: I intend to end this nightmare.

Gwen: The only other person then Lindsay that can be the Sabotuer is!


Finally the identity of the Sabotuer is going to be revealed once and for all. Comment down below the identity of the Sabotuer! This should be a great start of the new year. Out goes the old villain and in comes for the spotlight on the mastermind which surprisingly is more drastic and dangerous then the Sabotuer. Believe me think the Sabotuer is bad, the Mastermind is much, much worse!!!

Time to reveal one of the main antagonist of this series, you voted for Scarlett and only her. So let’s see if the results are correct.


Gwen: It was you!


Gwen: The only person who was awake at the time was Scarlett. Figure out the rest.

Lindsay: I know, she saw the Sabotuer, she can tell us who it was!

Cody: Lindsay, did you forget that Scarlett is already dead. She won’t be able to say anything anymore.

Lindsay: Oh really, what a bummer. Aha! Then the Sabotuer must have killed her in order to hide their identity, I feel so bad for Scarlett.

Lightning: That totally make sense, good going there Linds.

Tyler: Lindsay, I think you made a mistake with what Gwen was trying to say. If Scarlett was someone still awake at the time you were knocked out, it would mean it’s likely she was the one who attacked you.

Lindsay: Really? Is that what your saying?

Duncan: No one else has been confirmed to be awake at the time except for you and Scarlett, unless your lying or someone else was awake then Scarlett has to be the on who attacked you.

Lindsay: Gwen, is that what your trying to say?

Gwen: Yes I am, I think it was Scarlett who attacked you. And for good reasons to.

Owen: Really? What reason?

Gwen: If you look at the actions of a certain individual last night and what Lindsay has been doing back then, you can see where this is going.

(Scarlett was attacked/Scarlett got rid of a witness/Scarlett found the nuclear grenade/No clue)

Answer: Scarlett got rid of a witness

Tyler: A witness? What would Lindsay witness anyway?

Zoey: You mean Trent’s kidnapping. When he was being place in the truck in to move him to the crime scene.

Cameron: There could also be the incident where someone tried to get everyone to fall asleep…but does it matter because…

Owen: Why doesn’t it matter?!

Noah: Remember who we said did all of this, the person we all have been so excited in hunting down.

Eva: The Sabotuer, you saying Scarlett was the Sabtouer!

Harold: Well if Scarlett was the one who did all those actions then it would make sense for her to be the Sabotuer. In fact the only other suspect is Lindsay, but…

Lindsay: Who’s the Sabotuer again? Can someone please remind me?

Jasmine: Yeah…the girl doesn’t have much intelligence which the Sabotuer clearly has. Scarlett though is definitely crafty like a koala eating food that is pretty crafty.

Samey: I…I can’t believe it! There is no way I could believe the person who thought me how to be competent was the person who took away my friend.

Sam: Dakota…I have never forgotten about her.

I knew it would be painful for the both of them to hear this, but if you look at the fact she is the only one fitted to be the culprit.

Shawn: So were saying that the Sabotuer is Scarlett…I mean I can definitely see that, but…

Noah: But what? Is there a problem with the logic?

Shawn: I don’t know…the identity of the Sabotuer is so big that basing it on something as small as her being awake when the Sabotuer was making their move.

Cameron: It’s not really small as it is legitimate evidence, but your right that it’s not enough to label it as a truth.

Samey: That’s right Gwen, if there is someone else still awake at the time the Lindsay and Scarlett then they could potentially be the Sabotuer also.

Gwen: Your right, but that is if anyone else was awake, but…

Sam: But what Gwen? Usually I get behind everything you said, but I’m confuse here.

Gwen: But what if I have proof that there wasn’t someone else that was still awake at that time.

Samey: If there then you better make it decisive, because I won’t allow my friend to be hurt and push around especially when they just died.

Dawn: It saddens me to see how this ended up. Curse that women for making such a gentle soul go to such length of despair.

Monokuma: Like the way I like it! Upupu!

Hate to do this to you Samey, but it has to be done in order to survive, because even if we find Trent’s killer who is also the Sabotuer, their killer also needs to be found it if we want to survive.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Lindsay’s Testimony, Samey’s Testimony, Missing Truck, Courtney’s Report

Brick: So this entire case, the idea Scarlett is the Sabotuer and Trent’s killer, is base on the simple fact that Scarlett was the only awake at the time of the murder.

Lindsay: And the time someone attacked me by hitting my head.

Tyler: I promise to do the same to the person who did that to you, but…it’s not like I can’t anymore.

Samey: You don’t know that yet, it might be possible the culprit is still someone else. Were not yet a hundred percent that only Scarlett was still awake at the time.

Noah: But we do know she was awake at the time. She even fully confess about it earlier today.

Sam: But wouldn’t that be bad for her, if she really was the killer she would have tried to hide something as incriminating as that. She smart enough to know that makes her suspicious.

Cody: But knowing the Sabotuer, she might have something else planned in order to prevent this into becoming decisive evidence.

Dawn: It makes no mystery on why she was killed. Retribution for the victims she made suffer in her plotting.

Samey: You guys shouldn’t talk about Scarlett like that! She isn’t the Sabotuer, I know she isn’t.

Duncan: Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we have more reason to believe her as the Sabotuer then anyone else here.

I hate to put Samey into such a painful situation, but if we don’t she won’t be able to face the truth and none of us will survive this trial. I need to show her this…

Solution: Lindsay’s Testimony - Were not yet a hundred percent

Gwen: You should really listen.


Gwen: I really doubt anyone was awake at the time, because if they did wouldn’t someone have seen Lindsay attack.

Beardo: Maybe she was attacked not close to may people…like a *spooky music* a dark and scary place.

Scott: Even she isn’t stupid or brave enough to do that.

Lindsay: I know, I really hate scary places so I always stay near the cabins. Tyler did you see me with the gas mask, I must have look like a ghost.

Tyler: No I didn’t, maybe because I was sleeping, I wouldn’t know because I got so exhausted.

Zoey: Lindsay…did you say near the cabins?

Lindsay: Of course, I always stay there. Actually that’s where I was attack from behind.

Samey: So…that doesn’t change anything! No one became a witness fell into sleep.

Noah: Yes your right, but wouldn’t that also mean Scarlett has to be the attacker. Because if she was still awake at the time, she must have seen something going on.

Sam: You know there is the possibility she was far from the cabins which is why she didn’t see anything…

Sam, are you trying to side with her instead of me? I guess loyalty means very little here.

Eva: No, Scarlett was here. I saw her right before I went to sleep!

Harold: If that’s the case it would be strange for her not to say anything about the attacking since she would have definitely saw something.

Cameron: Unless she was the attacker! She of course wouldn’t say anything because it would place suspicion on her.

Samey: I…I…

Gwen: Looks like we have plenty of reasons to believe Scarlett was Lindsay’s attacker, and more importantly the Sabotuer.

Samey: That’s not enough! Something like that shouldn’t be enough.

Jasmine: Hate to burst your bubble there Gwen, but she’s got you. I ain’t going to accept this yet when have everything place in the line.

Katie: You’ll need more then the evidence we have to prove the Sabotuer is Scarlett.

Duncan: Or at the very she was Trent’s killer which is close enough for me.

Harold: Don’t know about any of you guys, but there is reason to believe Scarlett is the culprit. If you look at something we talked about the Sabotuer there is something that would match up with her.

Katie: I told you that advise would work! I knew from experience!

Sky: Don’t remind me!

Gwen: We’ll if remember the details about the Sabotuer this is something we can surely point to them as a connection.

Although plenty of here also does this, but none of them has any reasons to be suspected.


1) What attribute about the Sabotuer that we can connect to Scarlett?

(Technology expert/Sociopath/Access to the Mazes/Amazing handwriting)

2) What proof do we have the Sabotuer is like that?

(The nuclear detector/The satellite/The laptop/The nuclear grenade)

3) Is there something we can use to show Scarlett fits that role?

(Her room/Her appearance/Her past works/Her attitude)

Answer: Technology expert, The satellite, Her past work

Gwen: I finally get it.


Gwen: Doesn’t the Sabotuer and Scarlett has a degree of proficiency with technology.

Bridgette: That is true, then again Scarlett isn’t the only one here who is good with machines. You should remember Cody and Harold.

Harold: There’s no way I would be as petty as the Sabotuer!

Cody: Why would I ever want to be the Sabotuer!? I don’t like death!

Noah: Look she’s trying to say that there’s more reasons to believe is the Sabotuer other then the fact she was still awake when everyone else was asleep.

Lightning: I know! My keys were stolen while I was still snoozing.

Samey: So your piling up all the possible evidence to make it look like Scarlett is the Sabotuer, however I’m not fooled! I know Scarlett isn’t the Sabotuer.

Harold: But Samey, she makes the most sense to be the Sabotuer.

Samey: I’m not trying to deny that, but I have evidence to prove Scarlett isn’t the Sabotuer! Your going to have to believe me!

Gwen: If you had that then you should have shown it from the very start. You know in a trial evidence speaks louder then words.

Samey: But it’s not too late…because I won’t let you hurt my friend!

Sam: This…this terrible, why did this have to happen to all of us.

I wonder to, I mean what did we do to deserve this?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Courtney’s Report, Scott’s Testimony, Samey’s Testimony, Crane,

Samey: I won’t let you give my friend a bad name, especially when they just died!

Jasmine: Samey, you have to calm down!!! I know it’s hard, but we need to face the truth, because none of us will survive if we try to deny it.

Sam: It’s no use, we can’t convince her unless we can point something that will connect the Sabotuer with Scarlett. If not then were not going to move on to the next level.

Zoey: But is there really a connection between the two that we can explore? If it was so obvious we would have definitely notice it before.

Bridgette: Can we establish that Scarlett was in the same place as the Sabotuer, other than the time she was the only one awake along with Lindsay?

Lindsay: Or the Sabotuer’s fashion sense. The way people dress tells a lot about a person and if we know how this sneaky Sabotuer looked like we can do this!

Katie: Have you ever thought that there was something we haven’t solve yet, maybe if we connect that to Scarlett we can prove their the same person.

Beardo: We can go a more *wind breeze* and say that Scarlett knew something only the Sabotuer would also know.

Samey: None of that will happen, because Scarlett is definitely not the Sabotuer.

You don’t see that even your own words prove Scarlett’s true identity. It’s sad huh?

Solution: Courtney’s Report – there was something we haven’t solve yet

Gwen: You might be right.


Gwen: There is something that Courtney had problems in investigating her case. Something that would make sense if it was Scarlett who was behind it all.

Sam: You mentioned it before, that none of the letters could be found.

Lightning: How do you know there’s a letter?

Cody: I remember because witness accounts said that each killer received a letter near the day of the murder, except for Dave, but…

Shawn: He was clearly doing the murder on his own.

Jasmine: You know you had a letter to you idiot, but I guess even you forgot.

Samey: So what are you trying to say!? That this somehow points to Scarlett as the Sabotuer!?

Gwen: I hate to say it, but if this letter thing is true then the only suspect can be Scarlett, you and me know why.



Samey: But that is if the letters do really disappear. If they don’t then this entire theory will just go down the drain.

Gwen: I knew you wouldn’t accept this theory so easily, but I have proof to back it up.

Samey: And I have proof to prove that the letters don’t really disappear.

She’s really good in convincing her arguments…which is why I need to strike as soon as I can if I want everyone to be in my side.


Evidence: Scott’s Testimony, Samey’s Testimony, Letter in the Dining Hall, Owen’s Testimony

Samey: How ridiculous is it to believe that letters disappear out of thin air!?

Samey: I know plenty of crazy things happen here.

Samey: But this is something completely impossible.

Samey: We all know that paper doesn’t melt like ice.

Samey: Neither that the papers burn since we never had a fire incident.

Samey: Why not admit it already Gwen?

Samey: That argument is completely impossible to happen!!!

Gwen: I wouldn’t believe that if we were in how things were like before, but with things now I can!

Samey: Why is that, because of all the ridiculous things!?

Samey: Even the existence of Monokuma is not enough to make it credible.

Samey: Has anyone actually seen one of the letters disappear?

Samey: Or that Courtney’s report was reliable.

Samey: In the end basing it on a report by someone dead…

Samey: It's too risky for anybody here to take the stands, because here we won’t just break a leg.

I know those papers exist and I know Scarlett is the one behind them all, I have to convince Samey first before we can move on!!!

Solution: Scott’s Testimony - Has anyone actually seen one

Gwen: Sorry about this.


Gwen: Samey, Scott saw with his own two eyes that one of the letters disappear. A letter Trent receive.

Samey: He did!?

Lindsay: Scott has two eyes!? Just like me!

Zoey: Lindsay…Scott why didn’t you tell us that earlier? It would have been useful for us to know.

Scott: Look I didn’t think it was going to be relevant until Gwen brought it up. If I did then I would have definitely did something with Trent.

Brick: No need to apologize soldier, nobody here could have known about the enemy’s unique tactic.

Sam: Well I did, but I had no idea Trent actually got the letter.

Samey: …

Looks like Samey is about to cry, I guess she finally accept what I-

Katie: But how is that proof!? I mean Trent did receive a letter like that, but that isn’t proof this was the Sabotuer’s doing. It might have been someone else.

Samey: Oh yeah! There is no way to prove that was related to the Sabotuer.

Are you serious!? To think I was this close in convincing everyone this is what really happened-

Sam: Might telling me about the letter Scott, it’s just something very simple.

Scott: Hmm…what are you up to Sam? Why do you want to know?

Sam: Just trust me, if you tell me this then we can tell once and for all if this is the Sabotuer’s work or not.

Samey: How would that work? I thought we said we have no evidence about the Sabotuer.

Jasmine: Unless you have been hiding some of it from all of us.

Sam: Just let me explain later, tell me Scott have you seen this before!?

Th…That is a envelope. A very dark and sinister one that I seen back at…


Monokuma: I’ve got a letter to tell you and it’s from the Sabotuer. That person knows good service.

Heather: The Sabotuer? Why would that person-

Monokuma: You should listen to this real carefully Heather, this is directly address to you.


Gwen: The Sabotuer’s personal envelopes.

Dawn: Hmm…to think the past may come forth to the future. I guess the saying that everything builds up to something is true.

Noah: So you think Trent receive the letter with that envelope, if he did then that should be proof enough the Sabotuer is the writer of the letter.

Sam: That’s the idea, hopefully it ends up being true.

Cameron: Scott…is that the envelope Trent got when he receive the letter?

Scott: It’s not easy to remember, but I think it was. I remember it was definitely evil looking and I wanted to have one, but it was more crooked then this one.

Bridgette: So your basically saying that you saw that envelope with Trent?

Scott: If you want my answer, yes. At least I think…no I definitely saw that envelope.

Sam: Let’s just say you did just so we don’t have to repeat the same thing like getting back to the next check point.

Gwen: But you heard him Samey, Scott has given more then ample evidence to show the connections to the letters and the Sabotuer.

Samey: N-no way. T-that…can’t be…

Duncan: So in the end Princess was useful even beyond the grave. I guess I should thank her even if it makes me gag to my stomach.

Courtney betrayed me and I don’t feel that much hatred like you do.

Owen: So is it over, is Scarlett really the Sabotuer? Because now what, she’s already dead.

Brick: Isn’t that simple, we move on to he-

Samey: Your mistaken! You mistaken! Your mistaken!!!

Beardo: *Gasp noise* Samey your going a little *meltdown noises*

Shawn: Samey it’s over, we know Scarlett is the Sabotuer. There’s nothing we can do about it.

Samey: You guys are wrong! S-Scarlett is not the S-Sabotuer…she…she…she would never do this! She would never cause all the mayhem that person did.

Max: I beg to differ, I saw her own evilness and I can tell you that it was beyond that I can imagine.

Sky: Max, you better shut-up because your not helping,

Samey: Don’t think I continued arguing without a reason. I know there is a contradiction in your idea Gwen and I’m going to say it.

Gwen: If there is then please share with us. What is wrong with my idea?

Samey: That your saying Scarlett is the Sabotuer because of the letters! You have no way to connect her with the letters, not a chance!!!

Harold: Hmm…it’s true…when you look at things we need to still establish a link between the criminal and Scarlett before we can make this as a fact.

Zoey: But is there really a way to do it? If there was we would have said it earlier, but no one did.

Samey: You see…y-your idea that Scarlett is the Sabotuer is impossible because you can’t connect her to the letters! If you can’t do that than the entire idea is just one big imagination in your head!!!

I don’t really imagine much with my head, unless I get trap underground.

Lightning: So is this not over, man that cheerleader is a pain!!!

Scott: Unless we can get her out of her stubbornness we can’t move on! Just why!!!!

Gwen: Don’t worry about it you two, I can end this argument.

Izzy: Of course the heroine comes in for the rescue! Though I imagine the heroine to be a bit more cheerful.

I don’t want to respond to that.

Gwen: I know this may seem difficult Samey, but you have to accept there is a piece of evidence that proves there is a connection between Scarlett and the letters.

Samey: If there is you better say it, because I’m not going to stop arguing until you believe me!

Katie: Gwen, even I stop supporting Samey, you better get her back to her senses.

I…I need to end this case! Trent you died because of the Sabotuer, as a gesture of good will I’ll catch the killer for you, and this is the last step in doing so.

P.T.A (VS Samey)

Samey: Your mistaken!!!

Samey: I think that’s wrong!

Samey: You can’t break my argument!

Samey: I totally get it!!!

Samey: Is this how you show respect to the dead!

Samey: You’re the worst friend ever Gwen.

Samey: I thought I could have trusted you!

Samey: I…I can’t accept this! I won’t!!!


Samey: There is nothing linking Scarlett to the letters, no matter what you say!




Answer: Samey Your Own Testimony

Gwen: I’ll put an end to this!!!


Gwen: Don’t forget what you said Samey, that thing is what makes me convince Scarlett is really the Sabotuer!

Samey: The thing I said, what thing???

Gwen: About the paper disappearing in thin air! You said it yourself that Scarlett had them in hand.

Tyler: She said that, when?

Gwen: During my investigation at the cabin’s, you said when I mentioned about disappearing paper Scarlett had a bunch in hand. In fact with that testimony, we have proof only she had access to those papers.

Samey: T-that was…

Gwen: Admit it Samey, Scarlett your friend was the Sabotuer and behind all the deaths! I know it’s painful to accept, but that is the truth!

Samey: Y…Yo…You…Your…mistaken…Scarlett…Scarlett…couldn’t be behind…those murders…because if she…was…she…she…she…she…she…she

Lindsay: She what? She would want?

Jasmine: Oh boy, this is not going to be a pretty sight.

Samey: She…she would have been responsible for everyone’s death…DJ…Geoff…Sadie… Dakota… and… and even Amy. She was would be the one who…who killed all my friends…and to think…she…I…

Dawn: You can let it all out Samey…it would be what everyone in the spirit world would want…

Samey: …UWWAAAAAHHHHH!!! Why did she betray me like that!? Why!?

I think I should leave her alone for now…she wouldn’t want encouragement from the person who force her to face this like that.

Shawn: Scarlett…she…she did this! I can’t believe it!!!

Jasmine: If she was around I would have definitely murdered her…I would make her pay for everything she did!!!

Sam: Unfortunately for everyone here someone did, someone did kill Scarlett.

Brick: We know that, but why say it in such a very ambiguous fashion?

Sam: Because someone here did take revenge! Someone here killed the Sabotuer!!!

Gwen: Exactly, we now know the method of this entire crime. It was revenge against the person behind most of the misery. In the end we need to catch that person if we want to continue surviving this mess.

Cody: But Gwen…it can be anyone! Everyone here has a motive to kill the Sabotuer.

Gwen: I know…which makes our case all the more difficult.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll be giving up. I know the killer is someone among us and I won’t let that person get away with everything! Not even if they have a perfectly justified reason!


Who can the killer be!? We know now Scarlett is Trent's killer, but who took the Sabotuer's life? We know the motive, but everything else is a total mystery. Stay tune to the next update coming by the end of this week.


Sam: So now we know the motive of Scarlett’s death. Someone found out about her being the Sabotuer and took revenge.

Katie: There…there really lucky. I would have done this in a heartbeat.

Duncan: I think everyone here would have done it if they were that guy so that’s no way to remove anyone from the suspect list.

Bridgette: So we need to see among the clues we gathered to find a sus-

Harold: Actually Duncan that does tell us someone who is very likely to be the killer.

Duncan: Really? I would like to hear it then.

Cameron: Your not going to say me again, right? I know I had information about the Sabotuer, but because I lack certain knowledge there is no way I would have known about Scarlett’s actions.

So he couldn’t find out about the Sabotuer due to lack of clues…maybe I should I keep that in mind because now I have smaller suspect list since only a few people fulfil that criteria.

Harold: I wasn’t going to say you Cameron, I was going to suggest someone related you.

Scott: It better be Dawn, Brick, Sam, Zoey or Lightning, because I’m not the guy. I’m telling you that now.

Sam: How come you get to be out of the suspect list.

Brick: To think you had loyalty, but I was wrong. You didn’t change since the last time we were together.

Zoey: Please stop the fighting guys, we can’t lose focus on finding the killer otherwise…we might not be able to face them if we fail.

She’s probably talking about the people who are dead, can’t say I blame her.

Dawn: Besides I don’t think Harold is pointing to a single certain individual, but rather a mysterious individual with only an action as an identity instead of a name given by our parents.

Lighting: I’m a confuse with what you said there Creepy Girl.

Harold: But she’s right, that person is who I’m referring to.

Gwen: By that person you mean…

(The Sabotuer/The Mastermind/The First Victim/The Thief)

Answer: The Thief

Shawn: Oh yeah there was a thing we didn’t solve last time. About the thief who stole from Cameron’s safe in the last case.

Tyler: We never did get to figure out who the thief was…so I can see how does this answer Dawn’s riddle.

Sky: Now is the time were going to be solving that mystery, if we want to make it out finding this thief is more than important.

Sam: I guess…but we have no clue who the thief is…

Beardo: Or that the thief is the one behind the *chandelier crashing noise*!

Gwen: So isn’t that the first thing we need to solve about this case? If we can prove the thief is the culprit we might have gotten a pretty good start.

Harold: All thanks to my quick thinking…who’s the man!

Cody: Sorry Harold, but maybe you should say a different line next time.

Noah: Still kind of hard to believe that we can prove the thief is the culprit when we have no idea who the thief is.

Jasmine: We never know until we try…so let’s give it a good attempt and see where it leads us.

Now I’m starting to get nervous this turns out to be wrong all this time, but we made the move so no turning back.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Sky’s Testimony, Folders, Timeline of Death, Katie’s Testimony

Sky: If we want to be sure about the culprit being the thief from the last case, we need to have evidence to back it up.

Duncan: Don’t think it’s going to be easy, we don’t even know the name of the thief.

Sam: And despite all the evidence from the last case, we never got a lead there to.

Katie: So your saying it would be difficult to prove the thief is involve with all of this? Not surprise with how things happened last time.

Cameron: But who knows, as long as the possibility exist we might be able to find something that links both crimes to one person.

Shawn: If not that then what if we have evidence to show at the very least the thief was making a move.

Izzy: A move not involving thievery you mean, because we know that guy is guity of that as a pirate.

Bridgette: It really seems like the thief is someone who is very tricky, maybe like our killer, but we haven’t even touch Scarlett’s murder so who knows.

Cody: All I know is that were trying to look for someone we never could figure out last time.

So the thief being the culprit…feels appropriate and not just for artistic reasons, this evidence should prove they were at least involve in the case.

Solution: Folders – the thief was making a move

Gwen: You might be right.


Gwen: There was plenty of incidents going on in Boney Island, base on both Izzy’s and Scott’s testimonies.

Izzy: Aiyah! I can tell that island had an island ritual, so I knew something was at a foot.

Scott: Yeah, I even went to the island myself to look for something, only to see proof someone drove all the way there and burnt a couple of things.

Sam: So your saying this person is the thief… it might be possible, but we don’t have proof to back it up.

Gwen: Not before, but now we do. I found a couple of suspicious files in the docks while investigating.

Beardo: Files? What was *chest open sound*?

Noah: I might have a guess, is it files talking about the Sabotuer?

Gwen: I guess I don’t need to tell you then since someone here already said the answer.

Dawn: Don’t be offended, if anything you should be thankful were making much steadier progress then usual.

Doesn’t mean they have to be rude about it…whatever not like I can complain since I interrupt people to prove my point.

Cameron: Those files… are they the files I had with me!?

Scott: From the way it sounds like, yes it is. Happy to see your paperwork back?

Zoey: Don’t be mean to him Scott, we already have enough pain here with the Mutual Killing Game.

Still doesn’t stop other people from being pains.

Gwen: Now if you can connect two by two, you can see that someone was most likely bringing these files to Boney Island.

Owen: Why would they want to do that? Couldn’t they have shared it since it would help against the Sabotuer?

Gwen: You need to just connect the two incidents and see the person’s true intention…

Tyler: How do you figure it out? I don’t see anything connected between the two.

I guess I need to construct my statement from top to bottom in order to get my point across.


1) Why would the Sabotuer leave the files there?

(To hide them/To get later/To move it away/To callout someone) 2) What was the person planning to do with the files that left behind?

(To dump in the sea/To bury them/To move them to Boney Island/To turn into gas)

3) What was he going to do to it in Boney Island?

(Hide it/Melt it/ Decipher it/ Burn it)

Answer: To get later, To move them to Boney Island, Burn it

Gwen: I get it now.


Gwen: You see there has been incidents where fires were being spotted at Boney Island, do you know why?

Brick: Hmm…I doubt it would be a signal fire since everyone is fine and no incidents ever happen so the most likely conclusion I can think of is that something was burning.

Gwen: And here we find files in the only place you can reach to Boney Island where things are being destroyed, care to guess what’s going to happen next?

Owen: I get it now! The person doing those things were planning to burn the files!

Jasmine: Files related to our victim, it can’t be a coincidence. Whoever was doing that had to be the one behind the murder, am I right Gwen?

Gwen: My logic exactly, and Cameron already said who had these files.

Cameron: I did…but like I said they were stolen by someone, the thief in the murder of Rodney and LeShawna.

Harold: So we got a thief burning files related to a victim who died the same day. It’s more likely then not the thief found out the Sabotuer’s identity and tried to get rid of the files in order to hide it.

Katie: It make sense, it would be better for the killers to make sure no one would know that the Sabotuer was there victim.

Shawn: Because it immediately goes back to the thief, everything is coming full circle!

Cody: It may not be completely decisive, but it’s really likely now that the culprit behind this is the thief and we need to find them if we want to survive.

Sam: Unfortunately we didn’t have clues in the last case to find them out. I guess that means we need to instead move forward and see if we can find new clues.

Sky: Actually I found a clue from the last case, but it’s probably not good enough to point to someone so I’ll keep it to myself for now.

Maybe it would be better to be cooperative and tell us…but I don’t want to offend Sky since she’s the last person I want to be enemies with so I’ll keep my mouth close.

Duncan: I’ll be sure to remember that Sky.

Lindsay: So it looks like we can’t find anymore clues on the thief so the current case then?

Tyler: That’s what we just said Lindsay…man your cute, but a little difficult sometimes.

Sky: Doesn’t matter as long as we find the culprit and thief. So is there anything about Scarlett’s death we should discuss.

Dawn: I have something I wish to talk about…if I have everyone’s blessing to do so?

Eva: It’s not like we have anything better to do so go right ahead.

Dawn: I appreciate this blessing, now here is the thing I wish to discuss next about the case.

Hopefully this will lead us ever closer to the culprit instead of total destruction there Dawn.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Eva’s Testimony, Owen’s Testimony, Cameron’s Testimony, Sam’s Testimony, Folder

Dawn: There is one thing about Scarlett’s death that bothers me up till now. Did anyone spot Scarlett’s killer after the murder?

Lightning: Huh? What you talking about Creepy Girl? If we did then we would have said it already!

Dawn: True nobody said that saw Scarlett’s killer, but maybe that’s because they haven’t realize the truth yet.

Beardo: Isn’t that why were all here to try *buzzard sound* all the mysteries? We already know someone here is the *slash sound*!

Dawn: True…but are we certain the killer was never spotted leaving the crime scene? Any man willing to kill would have definitely flee like the cowards they are!

Harold: That might be true, the culprit probably ran to the cabins in order to hide what they really did.

Sky: They certainly couldn’t go to the northern direction because me and Gwen would have definitely seen them.

Shawn: And they would also have to make a good reason why would they go there before the show.

Tyler: That is if of course the range the remote of the chandelure could be isn’t far otherwise they could have activated it pretty close.

Bridgette: Aww man! I didn’t think about that, I feel quite stupid.

So we need to see the killer’s action after the murder…if you look at another person’s testimony and mix it with mine we can definitely tell what a killer didn’t do.

Solution: Owen’s Testimony – ran to the cabins

Gwen: You should listen.


Gwen: The killer didn’t go all the way back to the cabins, because if they did Owen and Noah would have ran into them.

Max; Would they know?

Owen: I think…I mean we were standing near the cabins. So anyone going there would have been seen by us.

Noah: And news flash we didn’t so no suspicious individuals.

Gwen: Which proves the killer never did go back to the cabin after the murder, meaning we have limited the possible actions of the culprit.

Izzy: Couldn’t they have hide somewhere and wait it out?

Sam: The killer… most likely thought that they would be in trouble if someone saw them. I mean they would need a good explanation about what they were doing.

Scott: And it obvious the killer can’t just say that they were killing somebody.

Dawn: Which means everyone, there is only one place the killer could be after the murder.

Tyler: Really? Where!?

Gwen: Eliminating all the places, only this area would make sense for the killer to have been at when the chandelier fell.



Answer: Main Hallway

Gwen: I get it.


Gwen: The only place left would be around the crime scene…since it’s clear the killer didn’t go anywhere after the murder otherwise someone would have witness them going somewhere.

Owen: We already said nobody came when we were looking around the cabins.

Sky: Yeah we get it, don’t need to repeat yourself. I guess were a step closer in finding the killer, since we found out where they were staying after the murder.

If that is true then…no there wasn’t just one person at the hall at the time so I can’t make an accusation yet.

Bridgette: …I don’t want to offend anyone here, but are saying this is final?

Tyler: From the way people are saying, it seems like it. Is there anything wrong with this?

Bridgette: Not really something wrong, but there is something I want to make sure before we make this our final answer.

Max: And what would that be Lady of the Waves? You better bring something really important.

Bridgette: When did you start calling me that Max? I just need to know… if the timing is correct.

Jasmine: The timing? …I see what your trying to say, your trying to see if the timing of the crime matches up with the statements.

Bridgette: I guess that’s what I was trying to say. I mean if the timing of death isn’t correct then we made a wrong conclusion.

Scott: So we need to know if that’s wrong before we continue any further.

Gwen: Hmm…I guess I’m fine with that.

Katie: What’s up Gwen? You seem a bit angry with the way you said that.

Cody: Leave her alone, she just lost her ex today. She would definitely not be OK with what happened.

It’s not that Cody, it’s just that I thought I could narrow the killer right now. However it might also be a good thing since I don’t need to doubt…

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Owen’s Testimony, Scott’s Testimony, Monokuma File 10, Eva’s Testimony

Bridgette: You see we can’t immediately assume that until we proven the timing of the incident matches up to the testimonies.

Sky: Me and Gwen were heading straight to the hall just after the murder since we did hear the chandelier falling down in the music hall.

Shawn: I can attest to that, it surprise so much that I didn’t even notice Lindsay’s truck popping up out of nowhere.

Lindsay: It really did? I would love to have a popping vehicle, especially a cute pink one.

Tyler: Lindsay…maybe we should focus on the trial so far.

Cody: What about Owen and Noah’s testimony? Did they stay at the cabin’s entrance the entire time?

Noah: I wouldn’t know, we just heard the Monokuma Body Discovery Announcement and that’s when me and the Big Guy left. Don’t know the time.

Owen: But we were there ever since 5:10 PM and we saw no one going to the cabin…or even going out.

Cody: Huh? But couldn’t the killer have slip in the cabins when you weren’t there? Unlike Gwen and Sky you were gone from the road at one point.

Sam: But the timing was before the murder, so they had no way to slip out.

Cody: I know…but then what about Scarlett? Why wasn’t she spotted leaving the cabin if what Owen and Noah said was true? There might have been a secret way to leave the area.

A secret way to leave the area? No…there isn’t anything unusual with Owen’s words and if we add this person’s also we show a pretty good reason why it’s like that.

Solution: Eva’s Testimony – going out

Gwen: You might be right.


Gwen: Actually Cody things still do match up even with that little tidbit. Because of Eva we know Scarlett was already heading to the crime at 5:00 PM.

Cody: Wait! She did!?

Eva: Like I said I was going back to my room, until Scarlett came in and left in a hurry. She had one of those letters which burnt away.

Harold: A burning letter…that is definitely the letter the Sabotuer usually writes.

Duncan: But we know that Scarlett is the Sabotuer…so how does that make sense?

Cameron: If the thief was really the killer then it would explain it, because there was a sample of it to in the files.

Sam: Maybe that was what they use since they clearly couldn’t steal from Scarlett without being seen.

Jasmine: So it was definitely the thief who committed the murder…we still have no clue on how to get this sly devil.

Harold: Maybe we should think about the facts we know about the crime. If we do that then maybe some sort of new information may be drawn out.

Max: I got it! You guys won’t believe this, but the trapped my lowly assistant inside the hall by handcuffing the doors!

Shawn: I’m pretty sure anyone can get that right. It was a dead give away when you look at the scene of the crime.

Dawn: There is also the chandelier only reaching the middle part of the room so it’s safe to say the culprit killed her when she was there.

Beardo: We also know the *crash noise* happen during 5:30 since that was when Scarlett died.

Sam: S-So Gwen… do you think you can gather any type of information from what was just said? I mean I have no idea how this help find the killer.

Gwen: It may not be helpful in finding someone, it’s still something we should bring up.

Noah: Someone’s testimony ended up getting us closer to the truth. Care tell us Gwen who you think said something helpful.

Gwen: Not a problem, because what this person said did give us a good idea what position the killer was at the time of the crime!



Gwen: Dawn what you said might actually be useful about the case Dawn,

Dawn: Is that a fact, because I truly appreciate the compliment you have given to me.

Katie: Mind telling me how does her testimony help us find the killer?

Gwen: You see if you look at this evidence with Dawn’s testimony you can get a clear idea on something about the killer. This evidence is-

Tyler: I WON’T GIVE UP!!!


Tyler: Sorry to say this Gwen, but you need shape up your thinking.

Gwen: Really? Why is that?

Says the athlete who can’t do anything athletic.

Tyler: Well…it might be true there is something connected to Dawn’s testimony and a piece of evidence, but I seriously doubt that and here’s why!


Evidence: Picture, Folder, Timeline of Death, Handcuffs, Eva’s Testimony

Tyler: How would Dawn’s testimony help us in our case?

Tyler: We all knew that Scarlett had to be in the middle

Tyler: For the chandelier to fall and crush her.

Tyler: I mean you can look at the crime scene to understand that.

Tyler: We can’t really get anything anymore then just that.

Tyler: You understand right Gwen?

Gwen: Tell me something Tyler, you may not notice it at first, but this is really important. There was something’s wrong about this at first.

Tyler: Something wrong about the crime scene?

Tyler: Oh yeah! How they got Scarlett in the right position!

Tyler: If she wasn’t in that position…

Tyler: She would have survive, because there was places to avoid the chandelier.

Tyler: I wonder if they bind Scarlett in the middle of the hall

Tyler: Or they use something to lure her there.

Tyler: Either way I don’t know which one happened.

Tyler: I guess you do know since you look pretty confident.

Guess this isn’t really an argument, but a question. Now is time for me to answer the question so we won’t end up getting sidetrack.

Solution: Picture – lure her there

Gwen: You should listen.


Gwen: In the crime photos of the victims of the Sabotuer was found underneath where Scar;ett got crush by the chandelier.

Tyler: Aha! That’s what the culprit use in order to lure in Scarlett for the kill.

Zoey: Then why did you argue about it when we could have just let Gwen explain it. I don’t want to offensive, but we kind of spent more time in this case then we should.

Tyler: Oh yeah…sorry about that just got a little too excited for a moment.

Dawn: It doesn’t matter Tyler, because we know have made it closer to the truth then over. Since we can know use the new knowledge as a foundation that it was thief who did this atrocity.

Duncan: I’m pretty sure we got that a few minutes ago Dawn.

Harold: Actually there’s more we can learn from what we just found out.

Lindsay: Really? What is it?

Harold: You know if the culprit needed to know that Scarlett was in the middle of the room, how would he do that?

Brick: Hmm…that is valid point, If they had no idea the trap was set then they couldn’t have sprung the trap to kill especially when it was remote controlled.

Now that you think about it, where I found that remote control was…

Gwen: Harold, the thing you said we could figure out from this new information. Would it happen to be this?

(The Killer’s Position/The Killer’s Weapon/The Victim’s Position/The Killer’s Camera)

Answer: The Killer’s Position

Harold: Exactly! The only way the killer would have known Scarlett was in the middle of the hall can only be in one place.

Owen: Which is???

Cameron: Inside the hall itself! If they were there, they could have seen if Scarlett was in the right position or not.

Sam: Sounds like a possibility, but does that help us? Do we even know anyone who was inside the hall?

Someone inside the hall…You got to be kidding!!!

Shawn: I don’t know, I wasn’t there immediately so I wouldn’t be able to tell.

Sky: I was one of first people there, but even I don’t know who-

Gwen: You don’t realize it Sky, but we saw the culprit! If you remember the details when we got there we would be able to tell the culprit’s identity.

Katie: Really? If you know then why not say it?

Noah: It seems she’s more nervous then usual, probably because the culprit is likely something more shocking then normal.

He’s got me there, however that’s not the only reason. There is another reason why I feel really uneasy with this.

Gwen: I hate to say it…but the only possible killer now is…is…YOU!


Looks like the Sabotuer's killer is about to be revealed. Do you know who it is? Leave it in the comments below and be prepared if you guys get it wrong. Stay tune for the next part.

With all the comments I’ve read here is the Top 3 chosen suspects for this Class Trial:

1) Sam

2) Katie

3) Lindsay

Now if one of these three isn’t the culprit then big trouble for everyone, but if you guys got it right then looks like you’ll be getting your wish. Now let’s see the results!


Gwen: I should have known!


Gwen: Can I ask you something Katie?

Katie: Huh? Me?

Bridgette: Wait, is Katie your suspect? I mean she has the motive to kill Scarlett so I can see your point.

Katie: Is that what you’re doing Gwen, accusing me? I should remind you that I was outside the building when you found me.

Shawn: Outside the building, then I guess if Gwen’s theory is correct then you can’t be the culprit.

Scott: Seriously Gwen, you forget your own logic already. Didn’t expect you to make an amateur move.

Gwen; I think all of you has misunderstand what I was trying to do, so I should clear it up.

Sam: Gwen, what do you mean by that?

Gwen: I was going to ask Katie if she saw anybody leave the crime scene. I know she was outside the hall when the crime happen so she should have saw something if they did leave.

Max: Hmm…did you see anything at all Katie? You better answer quickly otherwise I’ll-

Katie: Scarlett was right when she said you were annoying. No I didn’t see anyone leave the crime scene, because if I did…I would have said that since the beginning.

Duncan: So is this what you were going to use in order to point Katie as the culprit, because I don’t see it.

Gwen: No I wasn’t…because I was going to use that testimony to point to the actual culprit.

Harold: And that person would be Gwen???

Gwen: Sky, do you remember who was in the crime scene before any of us? That person said they arrive immediately due to being nearby and tried to investigate on there own before everyone came there.

Sky: So he is the culprit…


Gwen: So another murder after Trent, is this crime connected to his? If so this will be another tough case…

Sky: Hopefully it wasn’t as bad as the last case…although me being part of the good side this time probably means it won’t. You guys don’t need to worry about me tampering anything.

Sam: I don’t know…there was plenty of clues that I didn’t get-

Gwen: Sam, what are you doing here? I never saw you come in!

Sam: Well….


Sky: Sam, you were in the crime scene already when we arrive. That shouldn’t have happen because me and Gwen were the first one there.

Noah: But it did happen and the only reason that could be is obvious.

Cody: You…you mean Sam is the killer!? To think I had bad luck with friends like my luck with women.

That is completely different topic altogether Cody, but I get what your trying to say.

Sam: Come on guys…you can’t be serious about this are you?

Gwen: I wish I wasn’t…

Sky: But the logic fits only you to be the culprit behind this. I’m sorry Sam.

Noah: I don’t think it’s a joke anymore Sam, they are clearly serious.

Sam: …I get it…I get it… I mean you guys have a good reason to suspect me, but that doesn’t mean there is problems with it.

Zoey: Really? Like what?

Sam: Let me explain and show you guys that it’s impossible for me to be the culprit behind all of this.

I wonder if this real or a lie, I really didn’t want to believe that he did this, but running away won’t help me at all!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Handcuffs, Sam’s Testimony, Remote Control, Recording Equipment

Sam: Gwen, I see your point. You have a good reason to suspect me, but I am not the culprit. I even notice a few errors in your theory.

Gwen: Then please enlighten me Sam, what is the errors in my assumption?

Sam: Well wouldn’t the culprit have to be somewhere inside the hall to commit the murder if your idea is correct? There is an issue on that.

Zoey: What would the issue be? I think it make sense with all the evidence supporting it.

Sam: Yeah, but where would the culprit be hiding once the chandelier drop? It takes up so many room so being in the hall would be impossible, or anywhere actually.

Cameron: The culprit could have easily stay out of the middle in order to avoid the falling chandelier.

Sam: But the chandelier would definitely send out the glass shards everywhere and the killer would be injured. Am I injured? No and no one here also. That should be proof enough that the culprit wasn’t inside the hall.

Bridgette: But there is evidence like the remote control, we have good reason to believe in this theory.

Scott: But unfortunately the remote wouldn’t be enough to put this on Sam, we need plenty more if we want to show that he is the culprit.

Sam: Another thing, this isn’t the only argument I have. If there is nothing more to say then I hope you listen to this next thing I have to say…

Sam, you were one of the smarter people here, so you being the blacken this time will be a challenge. Of course the others weren’t bad either so I should remember this is still very possible.

Solution: Recording Equipment – anywhere actually

Gwen: That’s not right.


Gwen: Sam, the hall isn’t the only thing in the building. There’s still the recording booth in the side of the room.

Sam: Wait…the recoridng booth...I didn’t know there was one.

Katie: That is one of the most unconvincing lies that I ever heard. Even I can tell your just pretending.

Jasmine: But you know just because there is a recording doesn’t mean that was where the culprit. Unless we can show that then we can’t really accept that as the facts.

Gwen: But the recording booth was on, the equipments and the machines were all misplace and activated like someone was there.

Noah: I can attest since I accidentally touch the microphone and end up giving everyone a lovely tune.

Lindsay: It wasn’t nice! It hurt my ears!!!

Tyler: Lindsay he was just being sarcastic. Just ignore that.

Sam: So your saying that the culprit hid inside there. I guess that goes my first argument, sorry about that.

So this isn’t the only one he has. Figures since all the culprits always prepared a back-up plan in case they were suspected.

Duncan: It proves you that you can still be the killer, so don’t be too happy about it.

Sam: No I’m not, it’s just I was trying to relax myself before I say something again.

To make sure your next set of lies are more convincing the one you just said.

Katie: You think this next thing Sam will say will convince any of us that he isn’t the culprit?

Gwen: …

Katie: Gwen?

Samey: I would leave her alone for now. Having a close friend betray you is so painful that you begin to shut down a little.

Owen: Yeah, poor Gwen.

Thanks you two, at least you try to understand people unlike others.

Max: That woman is nothing but a mess. Leave her to her demise.

Case and point.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Handcuffs, Remote Control, Sam’s Testimony, Binoculars

Shawn: Looks like the group has decided to pick Sam as the most suspicious person here, because he was in the scene of the crime.

Scott: And if you remember what we said earlier that can only be the place where the culprit could have been after the murder.

Sky: Me and Katie’s testimony has proven that already.

Sam: Hold up there, you said the culprit was inside the hall the entire time, but you would be wrong. They couldn’t cuff the door.

Cameron: Why Sam? It seems like we have plenty of evidence to back this up.

Sam: True, but the crime scene also proves that it would be impossible for the culprit to be the person inside the hall.

Izzy: Hmm…and why would that be?

Sam: Because the hall itself was lock because of the handcuffs. No one could have cuff the doors with them if they were inside the hall.

Lightning: Sha-why not? Sounds something I can do.

Cody: Because the person is inside they couldn’t have cuff them from the outside.

Sam: Exactly and like you said you proven that I was in there the entire time. That didn’t show that I was the culprit, more that I couldn’t be the culprit.

Bridgette: But the remote-

Sam: The culprit could have easily place it there when they arrive so that solves that issue.

Noah: I hate to say it, but he brings up a possibility. This did happen before.

Tyler: Are you serious, did out entire argument just flip around on us? That was the biggest comeback that I ever seen.

Beardo: If only there was *poof spell*, we can prove he did it. But were *trumpet noise*.

Is it really impossible for Sam to be the culprit? No, but it is impossible that he could have closen he doors so…

Solution: Handcuffs – They couldn’t cuff the door.

Gwen: You might be right.


Gwen: Your right there Sam, you couldn’t have cuff the door.

Sam: See! I’m not the culprit after-

Noah: But she didn’t said that you weren’t the culprit.

Dawn: I think she has realize something that will become a good compromise with you being the killer and not being the person who lock the door.

Scott: But if it wasn’t Sam who lock the door, who was it?

Lindsay: Is it the actual culprit?

Tyler: No…I think base on what they said it’s still Sam, but it’s not as simple as we think.

Gwen: Your right because there is something we didn’t realize Sam with him during the murder.

Sky: What would that be then Gwen?

Gwen: Simply put…

(A hidden passage/A weapon/A clone/ An accomplice)

Answer: An accomplice

Brick: I can definitely see that, because if Sam is the culprit someone else has to lock the doors.

Eva: That will definitely explain the stupid binoculars I found on top of a stupid tree.

Beardo: Because they also serve as *CTV camera noise*

Scott: So we got someone working outside the building. The question is who was it?

Samey: If you look at how things are, only one person could be the accomplice.

Noah: I guess though their cooperation makes me a little nervous with them.

Owen: So who was the accomplice?

Gwen: That would be…



Gwen: I should have known!!!


Gwen: The only other person in the crime scene is Katie.

Katie: Are your saying I’m the accomplice? No, you don’t need to answer since it’s obvious you are.

Owen: But just because she was inside the crime scene doesn’t mean she is the accomplice. It’s like saying I ate the food just because I’m next to an empty plate.

Beardo: Owen at that point we know you did *chomp noise*.

Noah: Your getting a bit smarter Owen, but also slow because we mentioned something earlier that proves this line of reasoning is valid.

Katie: Something we mentioned earlier I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Harold: Gwen knows what is it so she should be the one to explain it. Actually she was also the one who figure it out before.

I’m not really use to this praise so I should be happy for it, but I can’t. Because this is coming from me pointing my friends as criminals.

Tyler: So what did we learn earlier that can prove Katie is the accomplice with her just being in the crime scene?

Gwen: You see Tyler, this is the same thing that help point Sam as the culprit…

(Scarlett’s Testimony/Owen’s Testimony/The Chandelier/The Remote)

Answer: Owen’s Testimony

Gwen: Add that with mine and we know for sure that the accomplice couldn’t have left the crime scene like the killer.

Sky: And Katie was the only other person there when we rush in to check the crash.

Sam: So your saying that’s your main reason to suspect Katie? But…isn’t that a bit too reckless to just believe in.

Duncan: They did back it up with evidence so I believe them, unlike you or Katie who pretty much showed nothing that neither of you are the culprits.

Sam: But that’s because-

Shawn: Sam it’s no use. Your cornered like a brain in alley filled with zombies. There no escape for either of you on that accusation.



Katie: Shawn, you really think we’re just going to accept it just because you guys said so?

Shawn: The evidence points at both of you as the one behind Scarlett’s death.

Katie: Through only testimonies of other people. Who knows if they were lying or misremember anything.

Gwen: But multiple people back them up, and at this point having an accomplice is difficult to believe with the many betrayals that already happen.

Katie: But aren’t you just proving yourself wrong, you just said me and Sam work together to kill Scarlett.

Gwen: But that’s what the evidence points at so I have to accept it like that.

Katie: Not quite! If I can disprove one of the things you said I can show you that neither of us is the culprit of this case.

I would like to see that actually happen, but I can’t since I know the truth already. Life here is not fair at all.


Evidence: Binoculars, Remote Control, Owen’s Testimony, Handcuffs

Katie: I know your saying that the accomplice had to be in there to.

Katie: But do you actually have proof of that?

Katie: I mean couldn’t the accomplice just been there earlier.

Katie: They could have prepared the handcuffs in advance…

Katie: And help the culprit fix up the place for the killer.

Katie: If that were the case there is a possibility that I’m not the killer…

Gwen: Katie the accomplice had to lock the doors when Scarlett was there. The murder nearly immediately happened after that so the accomplice had to be close to the building.

Katie: Do you even have proof the accomplice was near there?

Katie: There would be no reason for the accomplice to stay after locking the door.

Katie: Sure they may have lock the doors of the building with the handcuffs…

Katie: But it may have been a little while before the murder happen.

Katie: You have no way to prove how the long the crime took place.

Katie: Which means you have no decisive proof that only I can be the accomplice.

She brings up a lot of good points, too good to be honest which doesn’t come as a surprise if she prepared these excuses a head of time. Of course there was one thing she overlook.

Solution: Binoculars – no reason for the accomplice to stay

Gwen: You should listen.


Gwen: Then why are there a pair of binoculars on top of the tree near the building? Sounds like there is more going on then what we thought.

Eva: Your not making sense, what does those binoculars have anything to do with this case?

Sky: It might no obvious at first, but the location of the binoculars does show it can be use more than just a tree.

Cody: If that was true, then what was the place meant to be?

Gwen: I’ll explain to you what that place really was for the killer and the accomplice and after that there won’t be any denying the accomplice had to be nearby the crime scene.



Answer: Look Out Point

Gwen: I get it.


Gwen: A pair of binoculars on top of a tall tree near a place where a crime is happening, sounds like a good lookout point for the culprit.

Cody: A lookout point, I guess it would be smart to have that since the culprit will definitely be caught if someone came while the crime was happening.

Katie: A lookout point, that’s just ridiculous. I mean who would be-

Jasmine: That actually would be very believable since we shouldn’t forget that the culprit needed an accomplice to lock the doors of the building to escape

Tyler: So they had the accomplice lookout also after locking the doors. Duncan: You said that the accomplice was nearby, well the lookout idea would explain support that and the binoculars could be considered evidence.

Shawn: I actually would make one to if I were the killer and I think Sam must have thought the same way when he planned this.

Sam: I…I…

Katie: You…you can’t be serious…

Are they going to give up now? I hope so, because I really want to learn the truth about their actions as soon as possible.

Sam: This isn’t enough…I mean sure the circumstances are back…but is there anything more pointing at us? You can’t seriously end this until you make it permanent.

Katie: Like he said! This can’t end yet, not until more decisive evidence appear and put an end to this.

Izzy: You guys aren’t going to surrender yet!? How much longer do we have to go!?

Noah: I don’t know, but I hate to say this I can’t seem to find more evidence to point at them.

Katie: If that’s the case then the vote can’t happen yet. So we need to talk more about this and see if there is any other possibilities.

Sam: There has to be, because I know I’m not the killer.

So are we just going to halt until find something more? I don’t want to let this happen because the momentum will go down and this might be the opportunity for them to trick us.

Zoey: O-Okay…so what are we going to talk about next?

No, we can’t change the topic! If we do then everything might-

Cameron: I have to say something guys! It’s really important!

Sam: Huh?

Scott: Does this help prove those two are the culprit behind this, because if it isn’t then don’t even bother.

Cameron: N-no, it’s really important. If you let me talk then I’ll be able to…

Katie: Just forget about him and move on to the next thing-

Gwen: Hold on! I want to hear what Cameron has to say.

I don’t know what’s he planning, but I feel like he might have something to change this entire case.

Beardo: So Cameron, what is it then?

Cameron: You three, don’t you remember the file I was planning to give away to you guys?

Bridgette: Isn’t that the files we found near the beach? We already saw them.

Cameron: Those aren’t the ones I’m talking about. You see I had a different file containing minor evidence about the Sabotuer.

Sam: So what does this have to do with us then Cameron? I don’t really see how it points to me and Katie as the culprit.

Katie: Yeah, if anything that should point you as the culprit.

Owen: Huh!? Cameron is the culprit!?

Cameron: No’ I’m not! You see the files I sent them to Katie and Sam. You can ask Lindsay for that.

Lindsay: Yeah, I gave them the files like you ask me to.

Sam: …

Katie: Soooooooo….

Shawn: How is this going to help us?

Cameron: You see some of things we found inside the crime scene was part of files I gave to them. The burning paper Scarlett receive the message came from the files!

Eva: By burning paper you mean the letter Scarlett receive, I know that was important!!!

Noah: Because those two are the only ones to have a chance to use that thing related to the crime, only they could have pulled this off.

Katie: WHAAAAAAT!? You can’t be serious!

Gwen: I see, you know I should add something about that. Because this will confirm how suspicious both Katie and Sam are.

Duncan: Then what are you waiting for? Show the evidence so we can put these two in their place.

I hate to hurt you like this Sam… but this piece of evidence proves you both are the culprits behind this crime.

(A file/A testimony/An alibi/An account)

Answer: A testimony

Max: So you intend to prove these fools as the culprit through the mouth of a single person. Then tell us who’s word do you plan to use.

Gwen: You know I should be thankful for your big mouth, because now you gave me a very good reason to choose you as the culprit.


Jasmine: Katie’s testimony?

Gwen: No, not hers but…



Gwen: I should have known!


Gwen: Sam you yourself said that you didn’t receive the files, but it’s clear to all of us that you did. Lindsay can prove that.

Sam: …

Tyler: I don’t want to be paranoid, but what if she made a mistake? I know she’s my girlfriend, but that’s also why I know she can be wrong at times.

Lindsay: Aww! You know me too well Tyler!

Noah: For better or for worse.

Gwen: I believe Cameron, I know he wouldn’t be the type to lie. And I believe Lindsay, because when it comes to murder she always does her best to help.

Lindsay: Only at murders?

Katie: Still trust isn’t enough evidence to prove-

Sky: Then my words should help to. I saw Lindsay give you the file Katie back when were preparing the concert on the first day. You even hug her when she gave it to you.

Katie: Huh? That wasn’t me!

Zoey: No it was definitely you, I saw you to. I didn’t think it was important until now.

Gwen: Well Katie do you have anything to say? It seems like we proven once and for all that you guys are the only ones with the file which means only you guys could be the killer.

Katie: I…I…I

Harold: Katie the facts are there. You can try to pin this on Cameron or Lindsay as a last resort, but let me tell you this. You and I know that it won’t work in the long run so it’s better to give up now.


Cameron: Sam, do you also have anything to say? You are the killer of this case so you must have something.

Sam: …

I don’t like the silence, it’s making me feel very uncomfortable. Sam is up to something not good for any of us.

Scott: Does this mean you’re the killer? If so then let’s end this trial and vote for-

Sam: Your right. Me and Katie did commit the murder…’

Gwen: …

The way he looks, there is definitely more then just a confession.

Bridgette: So you’re the culprit right? We can vote now and end this right?

Sam: But that’s where your wrong. You see it wasn’t me who killed Scarlett, I was just an accomplice.

Owen: Huh? But I thought you were the killer.

Sam: No I’m not, looks like it at first but it wasn’t me.

Lightning: If it’s not you then who is it?

Scott: It’s obvious he’s lying, just ignore him and end this entire case-

Sam: Hold up Scott! I was going to say the actual culprit, you should listen because voting for me would get us all killed.

Scott: Then if it’s not you then who.

Sam: Katie is the killer, not me.

Katie: WHAAAAT!? Sam what are you doing!?

Sam: I’m telling the truth about the case. You killed Scarlett and I only help you in order to get revenge on the Sabotuer.

Katie: Please guys! I know I help in the murder, but it wasn’t me.

Sam: But it wasn’t me either, she’s lying about this in order to get away with everything.

Shawn: W-Who do we trust? Both of them are guilty as partners in crime, but…

Beardo: Only one of them could have cause the *crush noise*. Of course we don’t know who it is yet.

I…I don’t know what to say. Everyone knows there guilty, but nobody knows who is the true culprit. Is it really Sam or Katie who did this crime…

…! Wait a moment! The culprit is also the thief from the last case, now if you add that to the current evidence we can deduce the culprit from there.

Gwen: I think I know who here is lying and who is telling the truth.

Eva: Good to know, now tell us so we put the killer down.

Cody: You could have phrase that sooner…please don’t look at me with that glare.

Poor Cody.

Gwen: Now this person here, with everything so far they have to be the one who’s lying. They are the true culprit of this crime…


Well who do you think is the true culprit? Sam or Katie? Stay tune to the next part since it will be the end of the trial. Hope to see you there!

Answer: Sam

Gwen: Sorry Sam, but I’m not buying it. I started this entire accusation with you and I’m going to stick with it even if you were my friend.

Sam: But you can’t say it couldn’t be Katie.

Katie: Sam, you…

Gwen: Of course I thought of it as something that could have happen, but I also decided to reflect back to the evidence we have and I notice some of the evidence does still point at you as the culprit instead of Katie.

Bridgette: There is, what are they?

Gwen: It’s related to the thing we talk about when we didn’t know who the culprit was, remember who we said it was at first?

Owen: Oh! Oh! It’s Scarlett!

Noah: No you fool, we said it was the thief since they use things only the person who had Cameron’s files.

Max: And that was the sneaky thief that we couldn’t find in the last case that still disappoint me to this day.

Dawn: So if we use that context, it looks like Gwen has found something connecting the suspect Sam to the thief, am I right?

Gwen: That’s exactly what I mean, I know the thief is you Sam. If I prove that then that will be more then enough to show only you could have been the culprit.

Sam: But that is if you have evidence to show, if you don’t then this is nothing but a bad end. You can’t change your route anymore, you have to stick with it.

Scott: To think he was a gullible idiot back at our first season, glad I didn’t have to deal with him like this.

Zoey: It hurts to think Sam would have done such a thing, but I trust Gwen so I’ll see through this till the end.

Cameron: Me to, because I want to know who the thief is even if they were my friend.

Sam: Looks like you got everyone in your side Gwen, now will actually get them to the next level or will it be game over here. It’s up to how you solve the case.

Eva: It better not be the end of us, otherwise I’ll blame you for this Gwen.

Giving me all the pressure, at least I’m trying to understand things. Why do I have to be the one to point things out.

Gwen: Sorry for this Sam, but I’m not going to give up. I’ll prove to you that it was you who killed the Sabotuer.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence; Sam’s Testimony, Folders, Katie’s Testimony, Picture, Sky’s Testimony

Sam: I’m not the killer, it was Katie. You know the possibility exist.

Katie: To think I was helping you to get revenge on Scarlett, I should have known you would backstab me. Even you became a monster in here.

Max: A monster you say, he certainly shouldn’t be able to match me! The biggest monster of them all!!!

Jasmine: The biggest monster here would be the mastermind and I don’t think your smart enough to be him. Anyway don’t get out of topic, this trial is already hard as it is.

Harold: We need to find a way to tell who among the two culprits is really the one who killed Scarlett, anything that can support them being innocent would be nice.

Owen: You mean anything that can prove one of those two isn’t the culprit.

Eva: But do we have anything here that’ll prove Sam didn’t do this or Katie didn’t do it!?

Shawn: Nothing yet, but we still shouldn’t give up. We need to recheck our clues and see if any of them will help.

Izzy: Hehe! Maybe it will help in the other way, where we show one of these two crooks is the real bad guy here.

Noah: That would be nice, if we do have one which we don’t.

Dawn: The only thing in our hands right now are evidence that shows the culprit is indeed the thief of the last incident, which however isn’t enough to tell who here is it. That mystery is the one thing we need to solve in order to put an end to this case.

I know Sam is the culprit…the lack of evidence however makes this really difficult to prove since it is possible for Katie to do it…at first…

Solution: Katie’s Testimony – Katie didn’t do it

Gwen: You might be right.


Gwen: Katie…you planned this all this time, you planned to prove your innocence by disrupting the thief’s movements.

Katie: Hmm…I guess you did catch on. Thanks for that.

Sam: C-catch on? W-what did you catch on???

Gwen: Lately the thief has been busy getting rid of the files in order to hide their involvement in this case, tell me why would they do that?

Sam: I-I might know in a game…but in real life I’m clueless.

Lindsay: To hide their tracks! At least I think that’s the saying.

For once Lindsay said something correctly, maybe this world does have hope.

Cody: This has to be related to the murder, because the thief is involve with this case as the killer…wait a minute that makes one of you guys as the thief!

Katie: Exactly! You see I’m not the thief!

Sam: And your saying I’m the one! I didn’t steal anything except loose change in order to play in the arcade much longer.

That still means you were a thief, even if it was so minor.

Harold: Katie did something…something that would make it very likely she isn’t the thief which means she’s not the killer either.

Duncan: That’s pretty smart, didn’t think she has that much of a brain after her best friend died. Maybe her dying made things easier for us.

Katie: …

Don’t you realize how disrespectful was that Duncan?

Gwen: So this is why I think Katie cannot be the thief, if she stop the thief from their actions this would make no sense if she was that person. Now with that disproven the only person left who could be the thief and killer is you Sam!



Sam: No so fast there Gwen, I’m not yet throwing the towel.

Gwen: So you plan to continue fighting the accusation even when so many things point at you as the person behind the Sabotuer’s death?

Sam: Of course I will! I can’t die, because I need to keep a promise! She told me to live and I’ll do it! I’ll prove to everyone here that it isn’t me who killed Scarlett, by showing that your argument is no reliable enough to believe in!

I will admit my arguments are kind of weak for what they are, but I have plenty more to show Sam is the true culprit. Better use them, before I lose my opportunity.


Evidence: Izzy’s Testimony, Boney Island Incidents, Sam’s Testimony, Folder

Sam: Your idea may have some points…

Sam: Like Katie was actually sabotaging the thief…

Sam: But that is not enough for me to be convince.

Sam: She might have planned for this to remember.

Sam: In order to remove suspension on her.

Sam: And place it all on me, her accomplice in this murder!

Gwen: Katie could have just destroyed the files, and make this case harder for us. There is no reason to prevent that from happening if she was the culprit.

Sam: But then tell me how would I destroy the files.

Sam: Sure I may be able to throw them in the ocean.

Sam: But it’s clear that the culprit didn’t.

Sam: I wouldn’t make that mistake Gwen, you know that.

Sam: Even if I did, I wouldn’t have a reason to do it.

Gwen: No you had a reason Sam, you and I know why you didn’t dispose the files. Paying attention to recent things might tell you.

Sam: Is that so, then tell me already!

Sam: We’ve been going around this conversations in circles!

Sam: If I made the mistake, then why!?

Sam: It’s not like I was planning to dispose the files in any other way.

Sam: So that means it couldn’t be me who tried to destroy the files!

Sam: Katie did all of this in order to put me as the main suspect.

His desperate to pin this in Katie by using the error in this incident, but I know for a fact that he had a completely different reason to commit the mistake and once I prove that his suspicion should be able to stick.

Solution: Boney Island Incident – dispose the files in any other way

Gwen: Time to end this!


Gwen: Izzy, you kept seeing fires on Boney Island for the past few days am I right? The past few night?

Izzy: Totally! I thought it was the tribe ready to declare war on me, but I notice it was only one so I didn’t care. Man I was such an idiot-

Brick: I don’t want to be rude, but I rather hear things that help us solve this case.

Gwen: Then let me handle that. You see those fires are what our culprit Sam has been using in order to dispose his files about the Sabotuer.

Zoey: That’s what those fires were the entire time!?

Tyler: Dakota did the same thing to when she was the killer so it wouldn’t be difficult to believe.

Scott: And being her girlfriend her plan must have stick with you that you ended up using it for your crime Sam.

Sam: T-That is-

Cameron: You know how to ride a boat unlike Katie so that also puts you as a bigger suspect then her!


Beardo: That was completely *hammer noise* thing to say. I think he might be *short circuit noise*.

Guess I shouldn’t be surprise since were cornering him more and more. His only scapegoat was Katie and now with her innocence he’s the only left who could have-

Sam: I’m not yet done! I haven’t finish my arguments!!!

Zoey: S-Sam!? Hey, a-are you OK?

Sam: No I’m not! I’m not OK being accuse for something I didn’t commit! I-I have to stay alive f-for her! If I don’t I’ll-

Samey: You mean Dakota, I miss her to Sam, but that isn’t an excuse to get everyone else killed just so you can live. I don’t think even she would want this.

Sam: I-I need to keep my promise so I’m not giving up! Not when there is still ways to fight this attack on me.

Noah: Really? Then why not tell us what can you do to fight against the accusation?

Sam: I can’t be the killer, b-because no evidence points to me! Without evidence I can’t be pin with this crime.

Tyler: But either you or Katie can only be the culprit, and since we proven it can’t be her it has to be you.

Sam: But that’s because you are basing it on the idea the culprit was someone inside the halls. You don’t actually have evidence to prove it was me who did this!

Duncan: The culprit has to be the thief, and since we can eliminate Katie from the list, you’re the only suspect left.

Sam: With circumstancial evidence, but as long as you don’t have actual evidence that I’m the thief this boss fight with me isn’t going to end.

Scott: You mean you’ll continue resisting the accusation over and over. Guess we really have no choice until we can get you to admit everything.

Cameron: I just can’t believe Sam became like this, the Killing Games are transforming us into becoming complete monsters.

Monokuma: Perfect then! My entire plan is working.

Zoey: Please be quiet Monokuma, were busy trying to solve the case. We don’t need your words of encouragement.

Even Zoey started to become more and more aggressive, yup this Killing Game is taking it’s toil on us.

Sam: So you have nothing? I guess we can talk about something else, since you can’t prove my guilt.

Brick: We need something, a secret weapon to put an end to this mess, but what can it be?

Harold: From what I can tell it seems that we need to find some sort of proof that Sam is the thief, once that’s done we can end this trial once and for all.

Gwen: The question is that do we have any? Without any there won’t be a way to convince Sam to confess everything.

Sky: Then let’s review the clues and see if we can find something to put this on him. Remember that this involve the last case so it’s possible that the evidence we need is there.

The evidence we need to convince Sam that there is no more argument…it’s not obvious at first, but think with so much focus and we’ll find the answer we need!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Sam’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony, Sky’s Testimony, Scott’s Testimony, Courtney’s Report

Sam: You don’t have anything to link me as the thief and the culprit of this case.

Max: You fool! We have evidence that eliminate all suspects but you, your sorry attempt to overshadow me is no use.

Jasmine: You’re an idiot Max, we need more then that. He isn’t going to admit it until we show him something more decisive then circumstances.

Sky: The big question is what evidence could that be? We need to find it quick so we show this trial doesn’t need to continue any further.

Sam: Like you’ll have anything to connect me. You don’t have evidence that connect me to this case, the last case, or any case beyond that. Even evidence about the culprit who killed Scarlett and the thief from the last case can’t be found.

Cody: He means decisive evidence…but that is not easy to find. Something like that would have been brought up at some point during the trial.

Lindsay: Then maybe someone here did say it, but forgot. Like me and my schedule for cheerleading practices.

Beardo: Forgotten evidence…would be weird if *ancient noises* evidence just appeared out of nowhere.

We need to think this through and end the trial. We know the culprit is the thief and Sam is both of them…but we need to find something to truly connect the two.

Solution: Sky’s Testimony – the thief from the last case

Gwen: Don’t think so.


Gwen: We have evidence about the thief Sam, you may not realize it, but it’s completely decisive.

Sam: D-Decisive that points at me? Are you serious!?

Gwen: No, but decisive enough that if we find any trances of this from you we’ll know that the thief has to be you.

Sky: Something distinctive about the thief…you mean-

Harold: Then explain it Gwen! Once you tell everyone that we will be able to find whatever this is on Sam.

You two…to think I wanted to just stay alive…but I can’t just do that. I have to continue this fight even if it hurts me, so that I can save them as well.

Sam: T-This is impossible, the evidence doesn’t exist.

Beardo: I don’t know, it seems like Gwen is completely *gun click noise* with her answer.

Zoey: Sam…this doesn’t look good. You do know that the evidence exist, you just want to refuse it.

Yes it does and this the evidence we need to prove it!



Answer: Rare Smell

Gwen: I get it now.


Gwen: We found grease stains on the safe Cameron hid the files. Remember who made them?

Owen: Wasn’t it the thief who stole the documents? We never even found them…

Izzy: Yes we do and he’s right at front of us sweating like a crazy dog after having too much bacon.

Sam: I-I…why are you saying I’m the thief! That wasn’t proven yet.

Noah: But it will Sam, it will be proven once and for all at this very moment that you’re the thief behind the murder.

Sky: So were talking about the grease stains…your decisive evidence is the smell it leaves. It’s so different that no one can forget that.

Lightning: But how does that show it was Sam, unless you sha-did-

Gwen: Sha-yes Lightning. Sam also has the same smell and there is one thing he owns that has the grease on it still. If I present that then we will have everything to show Sam is the culprit behind this.

Sam: H-How is…I-I…T-This is…this is…

Scott: Do we even need that anymore, it’s clear on his face that he’s the guilty one here.

Bridgette: Sam, you have to be the culprit. There is other way around it.

Brick: To think I thought of you as a comrade, why must my trust be betrayed by you?

Sam: N-No! You got it all wrong! I’m not the cul-

Gwen: Enough with this Sam, once we show this in front of everyone it will prove the thief and the culprit is you.

Katie: This is your just reward for trying to betray me when you started this. This is goodbye Sam…

And goodbye from me to, because I know what will happen once this trial has come to an end. I just wish this isn’t how things ended up happening…

P.T.A VS Sam


Sam: It’s the boss level!

Sam: I-I’m not the culprit…

Sam: I have to keep my promise.

Sam: Your out of control!

Sam: I thought we were cooperating with each other.

Sam: I won’t let myself be cheated out of life.

Sam: Dakota…


Sam: You do have the decisive evidence…don’t you. Put an end to the Sabotuer’s role here and mine to…


Answer: Grease On Gaming Console

Gwen: I’ll put an end to this!!!


Gwen: Show your gaming console Sam, the traces of grease will be find there. The chips can only be own by one person and that is the thief…

Sam: W-What!? You really think grease in gaming console is going to be considered-

Duncan: Like we said the chips are only own by one person, and we will be able to tell by the distinct the grease leaves.

Samey: That person being the thief Sam.


Noah: And if it turns out that you own them to, it also means the thief and you are the same person.

Jasmine: Let’s not make this any harder for anyone here and show the console already. I think that’s what your girlfriend would have wanted.

Sam: …

This is over Sam, you know you can’t argue anymore. Honestly a confession would be better then showing the console.

Sam: …

Dawn: If you don’t want to show the game console, you could just make a confession and end this trial here and now.

Sam: …I see…I lost my battle…and this is what happens when…when I lose. No, I don’t have the words to confession so…

Noah: So you’re going to show the game console?

Sam: Yes I will. Here is the gaming console that will show everything that happened.

Gwen: Does anyone want to examine? …!

Never mind, someone just grab the console and examined it already. Shouldn’t be surprise since this has food involve.

Owen: The smell…I never smell this before…no wait! This is the same smell as the rare chip Monokuma was selling in the store.

Monokuma: Correct there Big Guy! That is my special recipe, I like to call it the Monochips! There so tasty that the grease will literally stick on your fingers so the joy of the tasty treat will never leave you.

Katie: So that explains why the grease was still in the safe, if you were the thief you wouldn’t have grease on your hands and done the thievery unless you couldn’t get rid of it.

Tyler: But why not then do it tomorrow, since that would have clearly become a clue.

Shawn: They couldn’t have waited either since that was probably the only time someone could have potential stolen the files. Sky and LeShawna’s plan proves.

Sky: Yeah since that was when Cameron left an opening in Rodney’s routine.

Sam: …

That expression there tells me that was the case, still I need to ask this first before we vote.

Gwen: Was there a way for Sam to know about that?

Sky: Most likely, since I learned about it when Cameron left his scheduled plan in the woods that day. I didn’t pick it up so someone else can end up stumbling to it.

Cameron: I think someone did since I found it back in my room.

Lindsay: So with that, does everything make sense? Nothing is wrong about the case and it’s Sam who is the killer?

Sam: No, their right. They found the right killer and they solve the entire mystery.

So he finally confesses. Guess that’s a sign he returned back to his normal self.

Sam: You look a bit confuse on how the trial happened so I guess a summary would be a good thing to have so nothing can be forgotten.

Lindsay: Oh yeah, that…Gwen?

Gwen: Alright, this is what happened throughout the entire case.


This entire case started since the last case. The case of the two victims in the two cabins opposite to where they should be. As we know both LeShawna and Rodney killed each other that day, and the reason for the entire confusion was due to Sky’s intervention…but now we learned of something new. The identity of the thief who stole Cameron’s documents which contained photos and a piece of Scarlett’s personal paper. We did know one existed due to the grease they left while escaping, but until this case happened their identity was unknown.

After succeeding form their heist, they were able to undercover the identity of the Sabotuer, Scarlett. And starting now the chain of events leading to Scarlett’s and Trent’s death has begun. First of all they sent a warning to the Sabotuer, by using their signature method to call out them, they were able to gain Scarlett’s attention and a chance to begin the next step. The person while made the message didn’t write it, it was the second victim Trent who must have been holding a grudge against the Sabotuer for trying to make him a client. Of course the Sabotuer felt the same way and decided to plot their revenge on him. It wouldn’t have been difficult for Scarlett to figure out it was Trent due to her satellite and laptop to track down everyone here. Now whether this was Scarlett’s culprit work or not is yet to be seen.

Now came the first incident of the night. The murder of Trent. Last night the Sabotuer use a special sleeping gas and a vacuum in order to spread around a special air that will render everyone here unconscious. This act gave the opportunity for Scarlett to abduct Trent and with the help of a truck she would be able to set a trap to finish him off. Unfortunately for her a witness was there and due to their presence, Scarlett’s plan might fail. So she grab Trent’s guitar and then smash Lindsay in the head rendering her unconscious. Now having to abductees, she kept Lindsay in the truck while taking the unconscious Trent to stop at the automobile shop.

Now the murder has begun. Trent still unconscious was place inside the automobile closet. The killer most likely waited for him to wake up so they could do their deed so cruelly. They mix together bleach and ammonium and form a poisonous gas that surrounded the closet. Trent regain consciousness back then and seeing the dire situation he’s in, he made a move to grab a broom and smash the window on top of the closet. He probably tried to escape through the window, but unfortunately things didn’t go so well for him. Scarlett used a vacuum to push back the poison gas directly at Trent’s face and with this he died. That was what happened in this first case.

Afterwards Scarlett continued her devious plan. She carried the now dead Trent to the music hall and use some light reflecting sheets to hide the truck from plan view. With this the Sabotuer then drag Trent’s body to the stage and then hacked a crane on the stage. She then rise on top of the hall where it was dark and capable of hiding a body. With a bunch of guitar strings attach to a certain chemical in both ends, she tied Trent’s body with them and the glue the strings to the roof with the help of the chemical. The plan was to make it difficult for us to determine where Trent died and as well establish an alibi by having it fall at a certain time, at the afternoon, where the Sabotuer would likely be talking with someone at that time.

However it didn’t matter anymore since the culprit soon made their move. The person was planning to dispose the last pieces of the files containing the Sabotuer, but due to intervention of their accomplice Katie, this plan failed and they have to put them on the docks. Now this didn’t stop the culprit from committing their crime and Katie to help assist, because now was the time to end the Sabotuer. Using the piece of paper they got from the files they stole from Cameron, they called Scarlett to the Party Hall in order to have a confrontation. The reason Scarlett would agree to it is because she most likely got shock by the fact she didn’t kill the person calling her out which she thought was Trent. Now this was opportunity they were waiting for.

Scarlett left nearly a hour before her time of death with the help of someone witnessing it, Eva. When Scarlett arrives at the dance hall, the accomplice Katie immediately lock the doors so she wouldn’t escape. Now to make sure that Scarlett would stay where she needed to be in order to get crush by the chandelier, the culprit place a bunch of photos of all the past victims the Sabotuer killed indirectly. Now safely inside the recording booth of the room, he press the button and the chandelier crushes Scarlett to death.

Everyone in the music hall just discovered Trent’s body back when that happen so we all heard the noise. Noah and Owen who were in the cabins didn’t decide to investigate while me and Sky did. Now Katie must have saw us coming and tried to get the killer out of there before we arrive, but it was too late as me and Sky got there just as she was about to open the door. We saw the killer inside although pretending to have been their a head of time as we saw the now crush body of the Sabotuer.

The culprit can only be one person, that person being the one who was inside the hall before the doors were unlock and as well the thief who was involve in the last murder. With all the evidence gather the culprit can be you!!!

[Grey figure closing his eyes smiling]

Gwen: I hate to say this, but it’s game over for you Sam!

[Grey figure reveal to be Sam]


Sam: Weeeeell there’s nothing left we can do, but vote. You know what to do now, it can’t be anyone unless you want to be executed.

Katie: Sam…

Sam: Don’t hesitate now and vote. I did this crime and it’s best that I’m the only getting punish for this! That’s what she would want!!!

Beardo: …*Game over sound*

Scene: A roulette spins around until it lands on Sam’s head, It then has the guilty sign on top glow guilty and plenty of MonoCoins fall down from the roulette.

- Monokuma congratulates everyone again and announce they got the culprit right once more. That Sam was indeed Scarlett's killer and Scarlett did kill Trent.

- The confronted Sam why he did it, he said he was so angry for what Scarlett did and had Katie to help him because she also hated Scarlett for getting Sadie killed. However he isn't sure if this entire doing since Scarlett seemed to be aware of what was going on. Samey questions it at first, until Sam said that when he was about to crush her Scarlett said...

"I knew you were planning to get reveng Sam. So it wasn't Trent who tried to call me out, but it was you. I admit that was my wrong in my side, but it's a good type of wrong...because I don't need to pretend to be a goodie two shoes anymore. Sam you will kill me now like I plan and you will be executed. However me I won't be dead...I'll just be in a higher form then this stupid form I have right now. So finish this Sam...:

- Sam then said after that happen he blacked out and last thing he know he saw Scarlett already crush and the remote control in his hand. He realize he lost control of himself and killed Scarlett. When confronted about Trent's role, Sam said he had nothing to do with it since he was also goin to be an accomplice in this crime. When question about his death Katie spoke up!

- Katie reveal she was the one got Trent killed, because she originally was suppose to be the one to write the message, however she convince Trent to do it. AFterwards Scarlett confronted her for what happen and out of fear tells her it was Trent who wrote it. She said her motive was to save herself, but also to corner Scarlett so she would be dead whether the plan would work or not. This cause anger from Jasmine and Shawn, but they were stop by Sam saying that there are more things to focus. Like the mastermind...

- After that Noah brings up a point that Sam shouldn't have killed because he should have fulfilled Dakota's final wish. Sam said he knows, but he decided to do it, because he felt it would be a bigger insult to let Scarlett do whatever and when reminded about Trent's murder, Sam didn't know about that back when he comitted his crime. Then they confront Katie about it, and she apologizes saying she didn't want to be killed by Scarlett.

- After this entire fiasco Monokuma announce that with the death of the Sabotuer, he can now take charge of the Killing Game. He's glad he wasn't a target by Scarlett despite a few close calls being killed which Gwen keeps note. He then announces he will be executing Sam now, and when Samey tried to plead Monokuma to keep him alive to keep Dakota's promise, Sam said he deserves this and is ready to die. Afterwards Monokuma begins the execution...

Scene: Monokuma activates the button with his gavel and a 8-bit version of Sam is shown in the middle of the giant screen. Then Monokuma appears from the left end of the screen and then drags Sam to the other side of the screen through a chain.

GAME OVER!: Sam's Execution: Executed!

Suddenly out of nowhere a pipe appears from the ceiling and sucks Sam in. It was so instint that we barely had time to react. We now see Sam inside the screen, where the camera angel began to spread out revealing he's right in front of a giant castle and on top of the castle says exit and a mysterious figure awaiting there. Soon a giant Monokuma appears right in front of the sillhouete and the exit and suddenly things pop out from it's hand. Fire, barrels, banana peels, turtle shells, hammers and much more.

Sam realized what was going and began the execution by storming the castle. There he found many types of enemies like knights, skeletons, mermen, and all types of classic enemies. While avoiding these enemy's attack the giant Monokuma began throwing what was on it's paw towards the victim. He of course dodge them all and eventually reach the top of the castle where the giant Monokuma awaited. Sam now ready to face this monster readied himself for battle.

The giant Monokuma came in with a continous amount of strikes and attacks, only for Sam to dodge them around. I didn't get how Sam could have dealt with this until I saw in his pocket he had a guide to escape this execution. This continued happening until the giant Monokuma tried to ram Sam off the castle only for him to miss the gamer and falling of the castle himself.

Sam about to exit the place notice the sillhouete was none other then Dakota who hug Sam. Sam was distracted about this until an earthquake happen. It was the giant Monokuma destroying the castle in a last ditch attempt to kill Sam. Sam was able to escape the desperate attack, but Dakota was falling. Sam look between the exit and Dakota and immediately ran for his girl. He was able to grab her, but it was at midair where it was clear there is no escape. Sam hug Dakota and close his eyes as they fall to a giant hole in the ground where the castle use to be. Say what you will, but this was the end of Sam who died a quick and peaceful death with the person who loved.


- Everyone is shock Dakota was there and questioned Monokuma about it, Monokuma says nothing which makes Samey really angry, but got calm down by Owen and Jasmine. Dawn; says that this place may not be what it seems. Cody brings up the idea that the people who were executed might still be alive, but Izzy said that it was real due to smelling blood, even Dakota's which makes this even more confusing.

- Now with the trial over Monokuma said he'll be taking over the villain role for now on and dismiss everyone to go back to bed. Gwen decides to approach Katie about what she did, Katie only replied that she'll do whatever it takes to escape including throwing people under the bus in order to get rid of big threats. This new side of hers spook Gwen and indicates herself not too get to involve.

- Meanwhile Harold and Shawn decides to confront Monokuma about the Sabotuer. It was reveal one of the goals was to get the Sabotuer killed for what she did to him. When Shawn said now that goal is over, Monokuma said it's not yet because of some reason. Shawn doesn't believe it, but Harold does for some reason.

- Samey went to sleep only to see a vision of Scarlett. She said this...


No. Alive: 23

Reason Sam was the Killer?: Because I needed to kill someone important and I knew picking one of the PoV would make everyone made so I have to choose someone among the assistants. Dawn was too important later on, Scott didn't feel to assistant enough to make an impact, and Harold was definitely going to be use more later so Sam got the short end of the stick. Also everyone expected Sam to survive so I decided to yank that away from him. Sorry Sam.

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