If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class Tria they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.


B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 3rd Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim

With a lot of drama and two more dead bodies a new trial has begun. Alejandro the Ruthless Spaniard and B the Silent Genius has fallen Here is the evidence/truth bullet of this case. Can you find out the killer?

Monokuma File 04:

Victims: Alejandro Burromuerto and Beverly (B)

Cause of Death: Smash and Gunshot

Time of Death: Both last night between 12:00 - 1:00 AM

Additional Info: No other injuries or any traces of drugs can't be found

Gunshot: The gunshot that B died from has burn marks on it and it was at the heart.

Damp Clothes: Both Alejandro and B has there clothes damp when they were discovered.

Gun: The gun that shot B is the same one Samey found in the first week.

Letter: At B's pocket a letter was found it. Here is the contents:

Look I know we were trying to look for the nuclear grenade due to how dangerous it is and that you were making an invention to find it, but what I wanted to inform about a crucial change in our investigation. I couldn't write it on the purple book because when I checked it there was message left that wasn't mine so don't trust it. If you don't believe me please check the hand writting. So please meet me at the woods after midnight. For you to know who I am, I will be wearing a white coat. But be careful since I heard Alejandro will be coming there tonight.

Camera: B's camera can be found underneath his hand. On it is a picture of Amy holding the gun used in the murder far away.

Ashes: The camera B owns is covered with ashes for some reason.

White Coat: A white coat with a hood is found near the camp grounds. It is covered in blood.

Shoes: B's shoes is covered with gunpowder.

Weather Report: The weather last night was a stormy night. Because of that it was really difficult to hear a gunshot.

Mud: The clothes Alejandro has on is covered in mud yet B's is not despite the rain.

Bronze Bust: A bronze bust left to Alejandro seems to be the murder weapon. On it has the bloody words which says Amy. The inside of the bust is hollow.

Silver Bust: A silver bust that is still in the same position as it was last seen. It is in perfect condition except for the dent Lindsay actually made when she dropped it.

Gold Bust: A golden bust of Monokuma like the other two bust. It was found at the ground. The stand it was place on was knock over. It weights really heavy.

Marking: On the golden bust there is a thin mark that goes aroind the bust.

Alejandro's Finger: The bloody letter seems to have been written by his right hand.

Jeep: A jeep was found nearby in the woods. For some reason it out of fuel.

Blue Fabric: Blue fabric can be found underneath his shoes.

Blanket: The blue blanket Rodney prepared for his picnic was found muddy and rip under a bush.

Rope: A torn piece of rope was found in one of the trees.

Rope Mark: Four trees has rope marks on them. Coincidently when aligning the trees it forms a square with a hole in the center.

Hole: A big hole can be found near where B's body was at. However it seems too deep for it to be done overnight. On the empty there is small amounts of blood.

Weapon Cache Coordinates: One of the locations of a weapon cache was the area B died at. What it was in there was suppose to be a bag of spears.

Plastic Guns: One of the plastic guns in display is missing. The displays themselves look realistic.

Torn Pink Bag: a pink backpack similar to what Samey saw the night of her attack. For some reason it is now rip and empty. Except for a weird device attach inside.

Purple Book: A purple book in the library has many written messages that are anonymous. It seems though one of the pages was missing.

Last Message: The last written message in the purple book has different hand writting then the other messages. Seems like there were two writters.

Torn Page: A torn page was found in one of the books near the purple book. It's tear matches up with the tear in the purple book. The contents in it is about continuing there investigation as normal and waiting for changes in the future.

Borrowing System: Monokuma explained that when borrowing a book, the person must list down there name on the computer. The list of names however is kept secret from another file.

Cody's Testimony: Cody assures both Samey and Scarlett that he'll hack the computer and find the list before the trial.

Owen's Testimony: Owen claims that nothing suspicious ever happened in the library. He says both he and Noah can attest that.

Security Feed: The security feed showed a hooded man in white snuck in B's shed and hid in the closet 2 nights ago.

Sanitizer: A broken bottle of cleaning sanitizer was found inside the closet. It's doubtful this belongs to B.

Hidden Passageway: There is a secret passageway in the closet. Where it leads is the back of the toystore.

Pen: A pen with the same ink as the letter to can be found at the otherway of the passage.

B's Journal: Most of the entries of the journal seems to talk about an invention that can find nuclear radiation. But in the last entry this was said.

Final Entry:

I know what I've done is really hard to forgive. Turning my back to the other contestants and doing this dangerous task by ourselves. I know this is everyone's problem but he assured me that if we want to help this is the best we can do. Once we find that weapon we will never have to be afraid of it again. Afterall I've seen the effects of radiation.

B's Invention: According to Scarlett the invention made was to detect radiation waves, but the way it was design was meant to look like some sort of GPS. So it doesn't look like a radar.

Dave's Testimony: B never let's anyone know what is he does in the shed. Even Dawn is not informed.

Dawn's Testimony: Dawn is afraid at what B has been up to since everytime she look at his aura it makes her feel sad. But because of that she doesn't try to find out more unlike other times like when they were talking about Courtney's orders.

Courtney's Testimony: Due to Dawn telling her that B can make useful objects, she has been having B make inventions to benefit the group.

Heather's Testimony: Heather reveals that she, Alejandro and Amy were looking for the gun that was use on the murder. They made the alliance the day after the 3rd Class Trial.

Alejandro's Memo: While searching Alejandro's belongings this memo was found.

Looks like my amigo has found the gun after all, and it turns out she was hiding it beneath our noses all this time. Now I know I can trust her and maybe the other one to despite my love. He told me that we must meet at this location which are secretly told with strange coordinates. I guess I can't blame him for being paranoid.

Jasmine's Report: Jasmine has listed down different reports about how the investigation went. This includes who were paired up, where each person claimed they went to investigate and what evidence they found.

Shawn's Testimony: Shawn is afraid of what is going on with Dave since Sky went missing and that Alejandro and Scott seemed to be bullying him. He wonders if this may lead to another breakdown.

Note: By the way time to vote for a new PoV. Since Samey had her PoV for two Chapter were going to switch with someone else.

Also remember to vote for the killer. if you don't the next victim vote will be nullified.

Sorry about the lack of updates. I decided to try posting the trial when I finish with 1/3 of it so please be patient. It might take a day or two to be honest.

New note: Since this trial is longer then I though I will begin the voting for the next victims.

Vote 2 victims for the next Chapter. My only request is vote for at least someone from the 1st Generation.

Monokuma: Welcome again to the trial room. Let’s have another round of fun of execution, but the question is will it only be one person who’ll be having the fun or will it be everyone but one who’ll enjoy execution.

Courtney: I think that answer is obvious. It will only be the killer who’ll be executed.

Lindsay: I really wish that no one would have to die. I mean were all friends.

Jo: But one of use doesn’t think like that. Actually I don’t think like to.

Dave: Alright, alright we get you could be a future killer. Now let’s just get the trial over with.

Monokuma: Hey! I didn’t finish…oh whatever just do you things like normal. Make it entertaining to.

Noah: Of course lady, we’ll make this really entertaining.

Monokuma: Well that’s good. Hey!

Beardo: So how are we going to do this? I mean do we even have any idea who the killer is right now.

Scott: I think we have an idea, but let’s talk about how the murder happened first before we say it.

Rodney: That’s good. We should be sure about this before we do the vote.

Scarlett: For once someone actually use their brain instead of rushing over and make stupid mistakes.

Samey: What about me?

Sam: So I guess we’re going to talk about how the murder happen.

Jasmine: That is a good place to start off as any. But make sure we have the right idea so it wouldn’t be as long as last time.

I have feeling it’ll be long Jasmine, I have a feeling.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Gunshot, Shoes, Gun, Bronze Statue

Anne-Marie: I don’t want to state the obvious but we already know the murder happened last night.

Mike: Yeah during a stormy night. How creepy is that?

Heather: So the killer called out Alejandro to the library last night to murder him.

Bridgette: And waiting for that jerk, they smash his head with the bronze statue. Looks like he won’t strike gold at all.

Trent: But that is when things got more complicated for the killer. B probably went to the shed last night also to do his work but stumbled in the crime scene.

Beth: So I guess he got scared and tried to run away. But unfortunely the killer caught him and shot him to make go silent.

Brick: What a coward! Shooting a fleeing man while being far away is nothing short of a coward. Unless you’re a sniper.

Topher: I guess this case isn’t as complicated as I though.

I wonder if the murder really was that simple. I mean I notice a lot of flaws but I should bring them up one by one otherwise this will be a hard case to swallow.

Solution: Gunshot – far away

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: I don’t want to hurt you guys but B didn’t get shot because he was running away.

Amy: How do you know? Because you’re the killer?

Harold: I wouldn’t be saying that if I were you Amy.

Yeah me to Amy. I’m not sure if she’s aware of her position, but for now let’s just ignore it.

Cody: So why did you say that B didn’t run away? I mean it’s hard to believe that he was the intended victim with the way Alejandro died.

Samey: Well that would because of the gunshot. B’s gunshot has burn marks on it so that would mean-

Scarlett: That would mean B was shot point blank. Which is about few meters.

I was going to say that, no fair Scarlett.

Max: So that means B was shot close by. HAHAHA, now that is indeed an evil way to kill!!! I applaud such act!

Jasmine: I wouldn’t if I were you. That would make you more suspicious then you already are.

Zoey: Does that mean the killer intended to kill B as well? Or was B too slow to escape him?

Duncan: I wouldn’t know about slow, but I do have an idea what really happen. Want to hear it?

Gwen: Just say it already. We don’t have much time to waste.

Or any time to waste actually. Anyway I’m pretty sure both B and Alejandro were intended victims and I need to show it to these guys if we want to get to the bottom of this.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Mud, Gunshot, Gun, Camera

Duncan: So you’re trying to say B didn’t try to run? I’m not sure about that sweetheart.

Jasmine: Mind telling us why? Because I’d like to hear it.

Duncan: Well you won’t be disappointed. First of all we know Alejandro was the intended victim, but it’s not like we have proof B was also one. He could have just went to there because of the lab.

Geoff: That is true dude. I mean the memo in Al’s room does prove he was the target.

Dawn: And you do have a point that B has a reason to be there without being called out.

Owen: But I don’t think it still answered the problem Samey brought up. How did B get shoot very close if he did try to run?

Duncan: Well he did try to run, but he trip and fell which allowed the killer to get close to him and shoot him.

DJ: Tripping? I thought it would be more complicated than that, but I guess it would make sense.

Sugar: I guess that solves that problem. Yeehaw!!!

That isn’t a yeehaw! And I know B was there because of the killer. The thing is they won’t listen to me unless I can disprove that B did just encounter the crime and run away.

Solution: Mud – trip and fell

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: I don’t think B tripped at all. This evidence will prove not just that but any possibility that B tried to run.

Duncan: Alright then. Why not you show it and stop hiding it already.

Jeez, don’t be rude Duncan. I’m already nervous about this enough.

Samey: Well the evidence would be the fact B didn’t have any mud at all. Now even in his shoes. Don’t you find that strange? Sugar: I don’t. Why would he have mud on him? I mean just pretty boy did doesn’t mean he should have.

Shawn: Man, I wonder if you even have a brain. I guess that would keep you safe from the zombies at least.

Trent: Because I don’t want to deal with her, why not you explain Samey.

Samey: Alright if this will get us closer in finding the killer. The reason why B should have mud if he was running was because…

(The crime scene/ The weather/ The cause of death/ The victim)

Answer: The weather

Tyler: The weather was raining so much that even made my underwear wet so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was mud outside.

Bridgette: Tyler thanks for clarifying but try not to use a gross example to prove your point next time. Okay?

Tyler: Sorry about that. Just the first thing that came into my head.

Lightning: So what does that mean? Are you saying B didn’t run from the killer.

Noah: No in fact I believe the killer also intended to kill B as well and the motive isn’t that hard to think about.

Courtney: Well B is certainly a threat due to his intelligence and the lie detector. Too bad the killer destroyed it so that we couldn’t use it.

Dave: Well that explains why B became targeted. Looks like our killer this time though this through.

Duncan: But wouldn’t that mean B was the one who died first? It would be difficult for the killer to kill him from a close range shoot and then kill Alejandro with the bronze statue.

Samey: I understand what you mean, but it is very likely B was killed first because of what you said. If Alejandro did die first then B would have definitely ran away.

Scott: But it is hard to imagine that the killer just close to B and then shot him. He wouldn’t let his guard down for anyone with what happen last time.

Scarlett: I also agree but there is no denying B did let the killer close to him and then he got shoot because if it didn’t happen it would mean this evidence wouldn’t exist.

Samey: Oh you mean…

(Gun/Gun Powder in the Wound/ Gun Powder on the Shoes/Bullet)

Answer: Gun Powder on the Shoes

Geoff: Wow!!! Now that’s just mess up. The killer probably gave the guy a hug and then shot him.

Scott: But now I have a question.

Lindsay: Huh? What is it Scott?

Beth: Looks like your getting people’s name correct now.

Lindsay: I know Ben!!!

Beth: Never mind. I guess there is no changing you good old Lindsay.

Scott: Can I get back to my question? Look like we found out the killer did intend to kill B the question is how did they get him to crime scene?

Izzy: I see. The killer’s target was B so he not being there is like a hunter not having any prey which would be a waste of time.

What are you thinking now Izzy?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Last Message, Letter, Torn Page, B’s Journal, Alejandro’s Memo

Trent: So the killer did intend to murder B, the question is how did they call him?

Bridgette: Maybe they knew B would be there last night due to the shed. He’s always spending his time there.

Cody: What if the killer sends a message to him which called him out to the crime scene?

Rodney: Could they have use a trap similar to what they did to Ezekiel?

Beardo: What if they knew B was getting something for the weather last night?

Sam: I don’t know if any of you thought about it, but what if the killer just talk to B into going there.

Anne-Marie: Looks like we won’t get anywhere unless we know why B was called there last night.

Jo: Well because there could be a clue about who the killer is if we know how they called Big Silent.

Scarlett: There is a clue indeed, but I’m not even sure if any of you even seen it. Luckly someone here did and that makes my job easier.

The answer to this is simple enough. All I have to do is show it and maybe we can move into finding out what this evidence means.

Solution: Letter – a message

Samey: Your correct!!!


Samey: There was a letter we found when searching around B’s body. I guess none of you were aware of it.

Courtney: I wasn’t and I search the body myself. How could I miss something important like that.

Oh yeah I kind of remember that while no was looking Scarlett took it from his pocket. I guess that was before Courtney was examining the body.

Scarlett: To make things clear Courtney, this is the letter we found and it clearly addresses itself to B.

Lightning: Hey! Let me read it!!! Lindsay: What does it mean Thunder?

Jo: I’m not sure if we trust him into understanding it. Thus guy is a moron.

Lightning: None of these makes sense. I mean what is this mumbo-jumbo!?

Jo: I knew it so give it to me.

Jo: Looks like B was up to something. The letter was talking about some sort of nuclear grenade and how the guy has crucial detail.

Courtney: Looks like someone else knew about Brick’s secret after all.

Brick: After all my hardwork to. Now Ezekiel’s death is in vain. I hope he can forgive me.

Eva: So mind explaining the nuclear grenade thing? Because I never heard anything about this.

Jo: It looks like it was some sort of weapon that they were looking for. Hey Monokuma!!! Why didn’t you say anything about this!!!???

Monokuma: Ummmm….that was a secret. A bear has to have his secret.

Courtney: Look let’s ignore the nuclear grenade and get back to discussing about the murder.

Jo: Fine, but we’ll have to talk about the nuclear grenade once were done with this trial.

Courtney: Fine then, so let’s get back to the letter. So that was what the killer used to get B to the crime scene.

Topher: I mean are we sure? I mean I’m just saying this because of the trials before but is the sender of the letter the killer? It could be someone who is involve but isn’t saying anything.

DJ: Well I guess base on the previous trials it could-

Samey: I don’t want to be rude but I don’t think so. I have reason to believe the sender of the letter is the killer.

Mike: Really? Why?

Samey: Because one specific word here connects to a piece of evidence that connects to the murder.

Sam: What is that world Samey?

Jo: Yeah I have the letter and even I can’t understand what your saying. So explain.

Samey: Well….

Why can’t I remember? It wasn’t even that long since I last saw it. Okay then just think. Think, think and think. What was the word that proves this letter was send by the killer…



Answer: White Coat

Samey: Now I remember!!!


Samey: The killer told B they were going to wear something to signify who the sender is. And that would be a white coat.

Cameron: A white coat? You mean the one we found at the crime scene?

Noah: I think so. It would be too much of a coincidence that something mention in the letter would be found in the crime scene.

Dawn: And the white coat is stained with blood. So that means this was what the killer wore when they shot B.

Zoey: It was probably meant to tell B on who the sender was and as a way to cover themselves from bloodstains.

Owen: So looks like the one who wrote the letter was the killer. But is there anything about the letter that tells us who the killer is?

Jo: Doesn’t look like it. Now this just stinks!!!

Dawn: But it was still a productive thing to do. Now we know the killer did intend both Alejandro and B’s deaths. The contents of the letter say so as well.

Duncan: Oh you mean the part where they mentioned Alejandro. It looks like the writer did know that Alejandro was going to be there.

Rodney: Well I guess that’s because the killer did also call him to the crime scene.

Shawn: With the memo we found earlier.

Heather: You know base on the two things that called the victims, it seems like the killer was up to something with the two victims

Noah: The letter written by B seems to have both the sender and him looking for the nuclear grenade.

Dawn: And the one with the memo seems to be talking about the killer and Alejandro trying to look for a gun.

Dave: So were basically looking for someone whose been playing on both sides. Question is do we have someone like that?

Amy: No we don’t-

Courtney: Actually we do!!! We do have someone that is associated with both B and Alejandro!

Amy: Okay then, who would that be Courtney? Because it must be Samey.

Why does she always want me to be in trouble? Was it because I ate her bowl of cereals without asking?

Courtney: You should be speaking about yourself Amy. Since I’m merciful I’ll give you the chance to confess what you did.

Amy: Huh? What I did? What did I do!?

Scott: Looks like she doesn’t get it yet. Probably we didn’t show her that piece of evidence.

Amy: Piece of evidence!? None of you are making sense!

Courtney: I’ll make this simple Amy. You’re the one who killed B and Alejandro, Amy!!!

So Amy is getting accuse? As much as I want to believe it I don’t think she is the killer. I don’t know why but I think this is just a trick the killer pulled.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Camera, Gunshot, Gun, Bronze Statue, Mud

Courtney: Do you want to confess already Amy? Because we know you’re the killer so don’t try hiding it.

Amy: Me as a killer!? Why do you even think like that!? I didn’t do anything!!!

Gwen: I’m not sure about that myself. I mean we have evidence that you were the one who shot B.

Scott: This camera shows you holding a gun Amy. B had his camera with him during the crime scene and when he was attack and shoot this photo of you about to shoot him.

Beardo: It is a photo of Amy holding a gun so it does look suspicious, but how are we sure that this was a photo Amy ready to shoot B?

Jasmine: Well the gun in the photo is indeed the one that was use to kill B, but the photo itself doesn’t show the actual shooting.

Harold: But the photo does show Amy holding the gun and it has to be Amy since she has the mole. So we know it isn’t actually Samey in the photo.

Amy: But I’m telling I didn’t kill anyone!!! I never shot B!!! This photo is a lie!!!

Noah: And besides do you have evidence that she was one who smash Alejandro with the bronze statue?

Courtney: Does it matter? We already establish the killer of both Alejandro and B is the same and we have decisive evidence that Amy has to be B’s killer.

Scarlett: I’m not sure about that. I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to leave a decisive evidence in the crime scene. Maybe except Lindsay.

So the photo is suppose to be decisive evidence that Amy has to be the shooter, but the photo itself has a contradiction that I can’t just ignore even if I want to!

Solution: Gunshot – about to shoot him

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: No! The photo isn’t evidence that Amy did shoot B. In fact it’s evidence that is against it actually.

Courtney: Against it!? But this is B’s camera and it has a photo of Amy ready to shoot a gun. This has to be when Amy was about to shoot him.

Samey: No it isn’t. Remember I told everyone that the killer shot B in point blank range? Then how is this point blank range!? Amy is far away from B.

Scott: Oh crud!!! She’s right! I forgot about the gunshot!!!

Scarlett: So it’s impossible for the photo to be Amy ready to shot B. She’s way too far to leave a burn mark in the wound.

Courtney: Then explain this camera! This photo still shows Amy with a gun. The same gun that was use on the murder. That can’t be a coincidence.

I actually have no idea what the photo means actually…

Scarlett: I think this was a set-up that the real killer did to frame Amy as the killer.

Lindsay: A set-up? Oooh like a play!?

Dave: Why did you even think about a play?

Scarlett: Look this was a set-up to frame Amy, but to be sure about it I would need Amy to answer a very important question.

Amy: What would that be? I’ll answer any question if it means proving my innocence.

Acting all innocent…I always hated that from her!

Scarlett: Here is the question. Were you the one who had possession with the murder weapon? Answer honestly.

Amy: What do you mean!? Of course not!!!

Scarlett: Don’t lie Amy, this gun is yours. The real killer knew you owned and made a set-up to make it look like you were to shoot someone. Now answer honestly Amy, is it your gun.

Amy: ….

This silence is really unnerving. Is Amy really the owner of the gun? I don’t know but this was the gun I found back at day 1 so it could mean…

Amy: Fine I admit it. It is my gun, but I assure you guys that I didn’t shoot B. It was hidden in a patch of dirt in the woods. During the investigation I check the hiding spot, but when I arrive it was gone. I remember that I guarded it the entire time yesterday so the only time they could have done it was during the night of the murder.

Scarlett: I’m pretty sure the killer knew you owned this gun and where you hid it.

Noah: Now do you mention it, something did mention about someone owning a gun.

Samey: I think I remember that to. Wasn’t that in…

(Torn Page/B’s Diary/Letter/Alejandro’s Memo)

Answer: Alejandro’s Memo

Topher: It mentioned someone having a gun all along.

Harold: And Alejandro mentioned the word chicha which would be Spanish for girl. Is the girl he was referring to-

Scarlett: I had a feeling it was you Amy. It turns out that you three were searching for a gun but you had it the entire time.

Heather: How dare you!!!??? You were lying beneath our noses to!!!

Amy: Grrrh! Fine I admit that I had the gun and I lied, but that was because I couldn’t trust either of you. If you knew that I had the gun maybe you guys would go after me to get it. And FYI I don’t have the gun with me anymore. Someone stole it yesterday.

You know that is actually a distinctive possibility.

Gwen: This letter mention an associate of Alejandro was the one who found out and informed him about it. Guessing that the killer used the gun Amy hid and killed Alejandro that associate is the murderer.

Dave: Question is who is that associate? If we can find out that then we know who our killer is.

Heather: But before we get to that how did the killer get a photo of Amy holding a gun?

Tyler: That is a good question. I don’t think the killer could convince Amy to posse herself doing that.

Scarlett: I wonder if my theory is right or wrong, but for now let’s just have a discussion.

Time to see if I can find a lead. Hopefully this may make some evidence I have make sense.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Camera

Beth: So how did the killer get a picture of Amy holding a gun? That sounds impossible to do without her noticing anything.

Bridgette: Maybe found a way to trick Amy into holding a gun? Like they force her to do something in self-defense.

Mike: What if they took the picture when Amy was holding the gun without her seeing it. The killer knew she had a gun.

Jo: What if Amy was just an accomplish? From the beginning, we can’t trust anyone and right now isn’t an exception.

Rodney: They could have photoshop on order to make a fake photo! Then again can you even do that with a picture still in a camera?

Shawn: Sorry big guy but that isn’t possible. However there could have been an instance where Amy held the gun, question is when was that.

Dave: I know this sounds far fetch but the killer must have made the photo from scratch!!! That is how they did it without her noticing!!!

Zoey: …Sky was right when she said you were smarter before. I hope she’s OK.

So they found a way to get my sister into a photo with her holding a gun, that is impressive. Still I need to figure out the trick the killer did.

Solution: an instance – took the picture when Amy was holding the gun

Samey: I see it now!!!


Samey: I think Mike and Shawn are on to something. I have that there was a time that Amy was holding a gun.

Courtney: A time she held the gun? If there was ever a time like that wouldn’t she have confess?

Bridgette: But I see her point. If Amy did hold the gun then it would make how the picture exist.

Cameron: Question is why wouldn’t she confess if it would help clear out the picture. Amy: I did not ever hold the gun at all!!! The only time I did was when I found it and hid it!!!

Mike: Couldn’t that be when they took a picture of Amy?

Amy: Unfortunately that isn’t possible. When I did that it was at the day, but the picture took place at night.

Scarlett: While it was impossible for the picture to have been that moment there was another moment I’m certain could be the picture.

Amy: I…I don’t know what you’re talking about!!!

Scarlett: Yes you do and you won’t say it because we know what will it mean for you.

Amy: S…Shut up!!! You don’t know anything!!!

Scarlett: Samey, why not you say it? I’m pretty sure you know the moment yourself.

Samey: Actually I don’t. I don’t know anymore moments when Amy did hold the gun.

Scarlett: True but you do know another moment when someone did hold the gun. Out of everyone you should know.

Cody: What do you even mean Scarlett?

Dawn: I think I understand what you mean and it is a very dark realization. I only wish Samey can be healed for the mistake Amy has made.

Amy: Hey!!! I told you that I didn’t do anything!!!

Samey: That moment? I wonder what it could be.

Although this is likely something I really don’t want to know.




Samey: I get it now!!!


Samey: Don’t tell me that Amy was the one who held the gun that night I was-

Noah: The night you got attack. You should have known.

Sam: Amy is that true!!!??? Did you try to kill your own sister!?

Amy: Ummm…No! No I never did anything!!!

Scarlett: But you’re the one has the gun? You even confess that you had it all this time which means you should have been the attacker.

Amy: But wasn’t the gun stolen!? Couldn’t the robber have also beent he attacker!?

Noah: But didn’t you say that the attacker stole the gun yesterday? The attack happened two nights ago.

Bridgette: Looks like the identity of Samey’s attacker is right in front of us.

Duncan: You think your in trouble now? Well we’ll be dead if you don’t fess up and admit that you tried to kill your sis two nights ago.

Amy: But do you have proof that the gun the attacker use was mine!? Unless you do I have no reason to confess!

Dawn: Actually we do. We just have to check something in order to confirm whether the gun used that night two days ago was really yours.

Samey: Is that thing we have to check is…

( Bullets/Fingerprints/Shooting Sound/Magazine)

Answer: Bullets

Noah: I see what you mean. If the bullets match to the gun’s bullet then that would mean they came from the same gun.

Amy: Oh please, any bullets would look alike so there is no way that could be pr-

Gwen: But the size however is different. If the bullets is the same size as the gun then that would mean it would be proof that Amy’s gun was what was use in Samey’s attack.

Rodney: But do we have any bullets to prove it?

Scarlett: Well I did brought the bullets from the crime scene. Now all we need to do is check if the gun matches to these bullets.

Amy: B…but but you know-

Heather: Unless you want to confess Amy?

Amy: ….

Owen: Amy? Are you going to say something?

Amy: Oh fine!!! I admit it!!! I was the one who was trying to shoot Samey two nights ago!!! There are you happy!!!???

Truth Bullet: Amy’s Testimony

Harold: How could you Amy? How could try attacking your twin sister!?

Jasmine: Do you even care about what would happen!? How you would be labelled as a killer for your own sister’s murder?

To be honest I am not surprise. I should have actually known from the start.

Samey: It doesn’t matter now. We’ll deal with it later after the trial but for now we should move on and figure out this trial.

Topher: Huh? But don’t you want to hear more from your sister?

Samey: I said it doesn’t matter!!! We already know that Amy did attack which is when the killer took the photo of her. So let’s just move on already.

Lindsay: It looks like Samey just doesn’t want to talk about it, like I can blame her.

Jo: Hold on a minute!!! I still have a problem with this!

Duncan: Oh really? What is it Beefcake?

Jo: One you could do better with the nickname and two my problem with this is that we don’t even have proof that the photo did take place at the shooting?

Geoff: But isn’t that the only possible time the killer could have taken the photo?

Topher: I have to agree with him. That was the only opportunity the killer could take the photo.

Jo: But as I said we don’t have proof. Until we see proof I can’t accept it!!!

Jasmine: Here we go again. I wonder if this trial will be longer then the last trial.

Hopefully not but I have feeling it could. I just need to talk to Amy about this tomorrow after we find the killer.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Camera, Gunshot, Gun, Hole, Alejandro’s Memo, Ashes

Jo: So is there any proof that the photo took place during the shooting because I don’t see anything!!!

Shawn: Well maybe there is something in the photo that shows it took place during the shooting?

Cody: Or something in the camera has traces of the shooting happening!?

Topher: Is it possible Amy just did see the guy but didn’t say anything because it would prove that she was shooter?

Amy: How many times do I have to say it!? I didn’t see anything happening!

Trent: Could there be proof that the killer was hiding during the shooting?

Dawn: Or did someone mention something that can only be possible if they were there during the shooting.

Mike: Now were just going back to square one. Looks like this trial might be harder then the last.

Why would she- No!!! I need to focus for now. I need think of something that could prove the killer was there during the shooting. The question is how?

Solution: Ashes – camera has traces

Samey: I think your right!!!


Samey: There is something on the camera that proves that the photo could only take place when the shooting happened.

Shawn: Really? What was it?

Samey: Ashes. There were ashes on the camera which could have only been possible if it were there during the attack.

Jo: Then why would it be only possible during the attack? Ashes could have come from anywhere.

Samey: Not quite! The reason why the ashes were there is because of the fire I created in order to signal everyone.

Jasmine: I see, when the killer had this camera with them Samey blew up the gasoline canister which caused the ashes to fly on it.

Noah: Given that the weather back then was really windy it wouldn’t be surprising that the ashes spread like wild fire.

Harold: I have to agree. Some of the remaining ashes flew to my glasses when I got there.

Courtney: So it looks like that proves the camera was there during the attack which makes it likely that the pictures was taken during that incident.

Samey: So I guess we can all agree that the ashes proves that the picture took place during the attack which means there is no more evidence that Amy is the culprit!!!



Samey: What do you mean Jo? Is there anymore evidence?

Jo: Have you forgotten one more important clue?

Samey: What important clue???

Jo: You know the clue that shows Amy as Ale-handwalker’s killer! The dying message he left!!!

Samey: Oh I remember that. How could I forgot such important evidence? Well it’s pretty obvious the killer was planning on framing Amy so the evidence is fake.

Samey: Sorry Jo but I’ll prove to you that your wrong. I’ll prove to you that evidence is a phoney!!!


Evidence: Monokuma File 04, Alejandro’s Finger, Silver Bust, Bronze Bust, Gold Bust

Jo: So you think that all of that is enough to prove Amy is innocent?

Jo: As if!!! There are more evidence then that!!!

Jo: For example the bronze bust!!!

Jo: On it is the dying message!!!

Jo: The dying message Alejandro wrote!!!

Samey: I hate to break it to you Jo, but that evidence is nothing but a trick!

Jo: As if you can prove it’s fake!!!

Jo: I though you hated your sister!?

Jo: So why would you even think about defending her!!!

Jo: In the end you have no proof that the message is fake!!!

Jo: So looks like you just wasted my time!!!

A way to prove the evidence is fake? That is easy all I have to do is prove Alejandro couldn’t have been the one who wrote the dying message!

Solution: Alejandro’s Finger – Alejandro wrote

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Look, you may think that the dying message was made by Alejandro but that is impossible!!!

Jo: Oh really how? How could it be impossible for the message to be from Alejandro?

Samey: Simple. All we need to check is fingers to prove my point.

Eva: Fingers? How does Alejandro’s finger have something to do with the message?

Noah: Well that was what Alejandro used to write in order to leave behind the dying message.

Jo: So what is wrong with the fingers? Are you trying to say that he couldn’t use his fingers? Don’t try to make me laugh.

Samey: Oh I won’t. I have proof after all that Alejandro couldn’t use his finger. The reason why is because the contradiction between the placing of the bronze statue and the finger he wrote with.

Topher: Mind telling me what is the contradiction because you’re not making sense so far.

Samey: Well that is simple. The finger that he supposedly use to write the message is in the right hand but that doesn’t make sense because-

Dawn: Because the statue was in his left so he should have used his left hand for that.

Jo: What the!? No way!!!

Samey: Yes way!!! This proves that it was impossible for Alejandro to write the message. The finger and the statue were in opposite sides after all.

Sam: Looks like that removes all the evidence that Amy is the killer.

Duncan: So what are we going to do next? Find out how the killer knew Amy was going to shoot Samey?

Cody: I think there is a clue that can tell us how the killer could know.

DJ: Oh you mean Alejandro’s memo! The killer did know Amy had the gun so they could have been waiting for her to make a move in order to take a picture of her.

Scarlett: And I think that’s what the killer did so let’s move on-

Amy: Hold on!!! There is something I want to know!

Courtney: Normally we don’t do request for criminals but because we need all the info we can get then fine. What do you want to know Amy?

Amy: Hey don’t call me a criminal!!! And look the thing I really want to know is how the killer stole my gun.

Heather: Shouldn’t you be able to tell us.

Amy: No I can’t which is why I need to ask. How did the killer steal my gun when I was watching it over yesterday? I mean in the place I hid it had an alarm.

An alarm? Well that would be difficult to bypass, but the killer did find a way so let’s find a way to solve this and get out killer.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Torn Pink Bag, Gun, Amy’s Testimony Hole, Camera, Ashes

Amy: So can anyone mind telling me how did my gun get stolen!? I swear I guarded it properly!!!

Scarlett: Not enough for it to get stolen hmm.

Amy: You shut up!!! As you should all know I had it with me 24/7 yesterday. Well at least until the night where I put it back in its hiding spot.

Owen: That’s probably when the killer made there move. They probably stole it last night before the murder.

Amy: But when I checked the hiding spot again it was still there. I didn’t say anything of course because I didn’t want to get caught.

Gwen: Are you trying to say the gun we clearly have here is still in the hiding spot?

Amy: That is why I’m getting confuse. It should still be there but for some reason it’s here.

Beth: Maybe someone just used a decoy to trick you. They did know where you hid it.

Amy: But I swear it was the same pink bag that I use to hide it. I mean I see no changes at it at all.

Cameron: So what if it was in the same pink bag? The killer could still have stolen the inside of it.

Amy: But there is still a gun there!!! I took a quick peek and saw it myself!!!

Lightning: Then what if they putted it back after sha-done with it.

Amy: That’s impossible I put an alarm in it so I would if something was up.

Noah: Looks like this was a mystery after all. Question is, can we solve it despite never going to the hiding spot?

Dawn: We have to otherwise we will never find out the malevolent being behind this crime.

So we need to now figure out how the killer stole the gun despite Amy claiming she had it with her. My only guess could be that she’s lying or…

Solution: Torn Pink Bag – The same pink bag

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: Unfortunately you were trick Amy. The pink bag you claim that was still the same one you hid the gun in is actually a completely separate one.

Amy: As if!!! They are the same bag!!! The don’t look alike.

Trent: True but wasn’t there a pink bag we found at the woods?

Amy: Wait! What pink bag are you talking about?

Mike: There was a mess up one at the woods. Is that the actual bag of Amy?

Samey: I think so. Do you know what that means Amy?

Amy: Don’t tell me that the killer switch my bag with a dupl.-

Bridgette: Was there an opportunity that the killer could switch the bags?

Amy: They couldn’t do it anytime because that would trigger the alarm!

Dave: But normally a trigger like that would only activate if someone open the bag. Am I right?

Amy: That is…

Shawn: Hey Dave!!! How do you the alarm would trigger only if someone opened the bag.

Dave: Well I saw the alarm in the torn bag and I can tell it’s one of those that only activate when a certain thing happen.

Scarlett: I’m impress. Your smarter then I though.

Zoey: I don’t know if anyone else aggress with me but I’m pretty sure the killer open the bag to get the gun during the rain storm.

Sam: That would make sense, because the killer can use the rain storm as a disguise for the alarm.

Anne-Marie: Still when did the killer take the pink bag from Amy? Like she said she was on guard the entire time.

Samey: True but I think I know one opportunity the killer could have switch the pink bag without Amy noticing…

(The murder/After the 3rd Trial/The shooting/After the murder)

Answer: The shooting

Samey: I remember I saw the pink bag there last night during the attack and since we know the killer was there…

LeShawna: That is the perfect opportunity of the killer stealing the gun!!!

Scarlett: SO it looks like we now know the way the killer got the gun.

Amy: But there was a gun when I last check the bag. I swear I’m not lying!!!

Noah: Oh that gun must be a fake. A certain fake gun.

Samey: Oh do you mean a…


Answer: Toy

Amy: The gun in the pink bag I checked was nothing but a toy!!!

Noah: Looks like you were playing right on the killer’s palm.

Dave: So now we know the way the killer got the gun and how they framed Amy, the question is what do we talk next?

Heather: What about Alejandro’s murder?

Cody: True we have been ignoring that so let’s see what we can uncover with this mystery.

Sugar: Well we can tell that the hot guy did die from getting his head smash. I bet you that the murder weapon was the shiny thing.

Brick: By shiny you mean the bronze bust? Well that isn’t particularly shiny but…

Sugar: No I mean the grey statue!!! The thing that looked like the weird teddy bear!

Monokuma: I am not a weird teddy bear!!! I’m an adorable bear got it!?

Beth: I’m sorry Sugar but the weapon wasn’t the silver bust but the bronze one.

Lightning: Oh really? Well if I want to go out I would like to go out in gold! It’s the only color fitting for the sha-Lighting!!!

Jo: No one cares Zap Brain. Look let’s clear this all up and move on.

Mike: I can agree with that since I think talking about the weapon could be a good place to start.

Samey: Yeah knowing the weapon is really important in solving the case after all.

Though I wonder if there could be something important about the weapon that we miss? Might as well watch and see how things play out.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Bronze Bust, Silver Bust, Gold Bust, Monokuma File 04

Beth: I don’t mean to be rude but we already the weapon is the bronze bust.

DJ: Yeah it was the weapon that had blood so it could only be that.

Bridgette: Besides the bust itself would be a murder weapon that could easily fit how Alejandro died. Having his skull crash.

Dave: And besides we know the golden bust can’t be the weapon since it’s too heavy and the silver bust seems to be in too perfect condition for it to have been involve with the murder.

Topher: So that would leave the bronze bust. We’ll it’s light enough that someone can easily wield it and it’s likely heavy enough to crush Alejandro’s skull.

Scott: And the wound definitely looks like it would be something square so the bronze bust still fits.

Zoey: I can see your point but for some reason I think there is still something weird about bronze bust having the fake dying message written on it.

Sugar: Who cares? It’s not like that will change anything about the murder.

Actually I don’t know if anyone is aware of this but there is something about the bust that makes me question this line of logic. The things is what does it make it questionable?

Solution: Bronze Bust – heavy enough

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: Wait a minute!!! The bronze bust can’t be the weapon!

Beth: Really? Why is that?

Samey: I took a closer look at the bronze statue and I notice something that should disprove this as the murder weapon.

Duncan: Just spit it out and try not to make this dramatic.

Samey: The bronze statue is hollow. It looks complete from the inside but a small crack shows that the interior is hollow.

Shawn: Hold on. You said it’s hollow but if that were the case the murder weapon couldn’t be the bronze bust since it’s too heavy.

Courtney: So it looks like we made a mistake. Thankfully Samey here has guide as to the right path and now were closer to finding the killer.

Samey: Ummm thank?

I wonder if she’s being genuine or is she trying to win brownie points with me since I did solve the last case. Although that is a case I still rather not talk about.

Samey: So it looks like we have to change our way of thinking.

Beardo: Our way of thinking? What do you mean?

Samey: Well if we know the murder weapon couldn’t be the bronze statue then wouldn’t that mean there was another murder weapon?

Lightning: Well I guess that makes sense. Thing is what is the real murder thingie?

Jo: Use your brain! It doesn’t a genius to figure out what the murder weapon is.

Samey: Well for the sake who doesn’t understand I’ll just say it. The thing that is the actual murder weapon is…

(Monokuma/Tree/Jeep/A bust)

Answer: A bust

Samey: Why else but a bust?

Lindsay: A bust? You mean a statue?

Heather: Yes Lindsay a statue. Now can you get with us and try not getting your stupidity in our way.

Beth: Heathet you shouldn’t be mean to Lindsay, No wonder we left your alliance.

Samey: Anyway back to the point. It seems like I should say that actual bust that was to kill It was none other then-

Anne-Marie: Let me take a crack on it!!!


Anne-Marie: No need to continue. I know what your going to say,

Samey: Oh really? What is it?

Anne-Marie: Well isn’t that obvious. The murder weapon used was the silver bust.

Samey: The silver bust?

I wasn’t actually going to say that.

Anne-Marie: I knew that was too perfect, but now I know that is our weapon.

Samey: Looks like I’ll be in another one-on-one argument again.


Evidence: Bronze Bust, Silver Bust, Gold Bust, Hole, Jeep

Anne-Marie: So the weapon for the hot guy’s murder…

Anne-Marie: Can’t be the bronze bust.

Anne-Marie: Because you said the bronze bust

Anne-Marie: Was hollow and too light to be use as a weapon

Anne-Marie: So the silver bust would be the likely weapon.

Anne-Marie: Am I right? I think I’m right.

Samey: I’m sorry to say this, but I really doubt the silver bust is the weapon.

Anne-Marie: Well if it isn’t the silver bust…

Anne-Marie: What could it be then?

Anne-Marie: I mean it’s not like there is other weapons

Anne-Marie: You got to admit that the silver bust…

Anne-Marie: Fits the criteria for the murder weapon.

Anne-Marie: I’m not trying to be offensive but just think this through.

I admit that Anne-Marie isn’t being offensive but I still have to show what her mistake is in order to uncover the mystery of Alejandro’s murder.

Solution: Golden Bust – other weapons

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: But we still have the golden bust. That could still be the murder weapon.

Anne-Marie: Are you being serious because na-ah that is way too heavy for any of us to use.

Eva: Yeah even I have difficultly lifting it so I doubt anyone could smash his with it.

Scott: Besides why would you think the weapon is the golden bust? Wouldn’t the silver bust be a more likely weapon.

Sam: Unless you have proof that the silver bust isn’t the weapon and knowing you, you probably do have a reason.

Samey: Yeah I think. There was something I remember about the silver bust that probably proves it wasn’t the weapon.

Scarlett: Your on your own this time so no help from here.

Samey: That’s fine since I think I can do this myself.

Topher: This is getting interest. I wonder if I could use this as material for my career as writer. I might actually be more famous then Chris ever was!!!

Noah: Try not to mention that guy’s name. The only good thing about this place is that we don’t have to deal with that guy.

Monokuma: You have to thank me for that.

Samey: Anyway I need to have a good line of logic to prove the silver bust isn’t the weapon so here it goes.


1) First thing I should think about this, was the silver bust damage?


2) Why was it damaged?

(It was use in the murder/ The killer tampered it/ Lindsay dropped it/ Because of an accident.)

3) When did this happen again?

(During the murder/After the murder/ Before the murder)

4) So how does this prove the silver bust isn’t the weapon?

(It wasn’t damage during the crime/It was too clean/It was too heavy/It looks ugly)

Answer: Yes, Lindsay dropped it, After the murder, It wasn’t damage during the crime

Samey: I understand now!!!


Samey: If the silver bust was the weapon, why is it in perfect condition?

Tyler: What does the condition of the silver burst have to do with it being the weapon?

Samey: Because if it was used at the murder wouldn’t it be damage since it was use to crush Alejandro’s head?

Jo: But I check it out myself and it was damaged. I can guarantee you that.

Samey: But you guys don’t know this but the weapon wasn’t damage when I checked it.

Jo: But I checked it and I can tell you that the bust was damaged!!!

Jasmine: Don’t mean to be Samey but Jo is right. I checked it myself and it was damaged so it still can be use as a murder weapon.

Samey: I need to tell you guys now that it was only damage because of an accident when we check the area out. Lindsay could you try explaining?

Lindsay: What do I have to explain?

Beth: Oh the accident where you dropped the silver bust? Am I right?

Lindsay: I told you guys that I wanted see if it had any clue and I said I was sorry.

Jo: Oh crud!!! You mean the damage was made by Dumb Blonde!?

Samey: First of all don’t call Lindsay a Dumb Blonde but I guess all you realize that the silver bust couldn’t be the murder weapon. After all it wasn’t damage until Lindsay’s accident.

Lindsay: Oh by the way I’m sorry for that. I promise to be more careful next time.

Jasmine: So I guess you did prove the murder weapon couldn’t be the silver bust.

Cameron: And since the golden bust is damage that even the pillar it was on tip over…

Katie: Which means it was the golden bust. I guess Alejandro did go out golden.

Lightning: That’s how I wanted to go. He so sha-lucky.

Sadie: Wouldn’t that mean you would have been dead? I guess you really aren’t that smart.

Eva: But there is still a problem I see, how could the killer use the golden bust?

Tyler: What do you mean by that? By smashing it to the guy’s head?

Cody: But we already said the golden bust is too heavy to be wielded by someone. So if it was really the murder weapon it must have been done with some kind of set-up.

Owen: Oh man I wish Al’s murder was just simple but I guess murders aren’t simple after all.

Dave: Of course TV has lied to us again. Now how are we going to solve this?

Heather: I don’t know, maybe we should figure out how the killer could use the golden bust! It’s not hard to understand what we have to do.

Gwen: Still we have no idea how the golden bust could still be use.

Monokuma: I guess were moving on again to that repetitive mini-game!!!

Duncan: What did you say?

Monokuma: Oh just don’t mind little old me.

Noah: I wish it were that easy. Well let’s see how this dollar store item could have been use in a murder.

Beardo: So I guess we have to discuss again.

I wonder if the murder of Alejandro could actually help find there killer? Might as well solve it just for sake of understanding the entire crime.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Gold Bust, Marking, Hole, Mud, Blanket

Heather: So looks like we need to figure out how they use the golden bust in order to crush Alejandro’s big head.

Jo: We already know it’s impossible for anyone to have grabbed it and then smash it over his head.

Lightning: Unless that’s me!!! But I’m not the murderer so that isn’t possible.

Cody: Okay, well maybe threw the bust to Alejandro and it hit his head. Then again would it be able to go flying with how heavy it is.

Mike: And if that were the case wouldn’t Alejandro gotten out of the way. He isn’t stupid enough to let himself get hit.

Beardo: They could have just drop it. Just wait for Alejandro to appear and then drop it to his death.

Shawn: Well that could work, problem is what if Alejandro dodged? The killer would be toast since he already killed B.

Amy: Have you ever though the killer just simply made a trap for Alejandro to trigger. You can’t predict the hot Latino since that guy isn’t predictable.

Bridgette: For once I have to agree with that Amy. That Alejandro isn’t such a predictable person which means this should have also been difficult for the killer.

So now we need to figure out how could the killer kill Alejandro with a heavy bust? The killer has to think smart about this so I should place myself in the killer’s place and think smart as well.

Solution: Hole – drop it

Samey: I think your right!!!


Samey: You might be on to something! The golden bust maybe too heavy to be wielded but anyone could lift it up even a little.

Scott: I would think so unless your Cameron or Tyler.

Tyler: Hey!!! I can totally lift that! Just watch! *grunt*…Never mind.

Cameron: You don’t have to say it like that Scott even though I tried to feed you to the sharks.

They should be thankful since now both them aren’t in the suspect list anymore.

Samey: That’s what all the killer needed to do in order to drop it. They set-up a trap for Alejandro in order to keep him immobilize.

Dave: And what trap would that be?

Dawn: I see the hole. The killer use the hole in order to trap Alejandro and make it easy to hit him with the golden bust.

Max: There were traces of blood there so I know for a fact that the killer spilled some sort of blood there last night. And that is truly diabolic!!!

Samey: Yeah and that would also explain something else about Alejandro.

Rodney: You mean the mud. That would explain why Alejandro was covered in mud. Since he fell down a hole before he was killed.

Harold: This theory is certainly explaining lots of evidence. But how did the killer get the golden bust out of the hole and how did they get rid of the mud?

Duncan: Well you should be smart enough to realize that the killer could easily scrap the mud of the bust after using it, though how to get it out is a tough question.

Samey: Was there signs on the gold bust which suggest how it was use?

Dawn: I think you forgot about it Samey, but don’t fret since I’ll take over.

Gwen: So you know how the bust was taken out of the hole, can you tell us?

Dawn: Why of course. When I checked the bust’s condition I notice that marks has wrap itself around the bust.

Noah: So you’re saying someone used a rope to tie it around and then pulled it after killing Alejandro.

Dawn: I’m glad you’re catching quite fast. This makes finding the scoundrel behind the murder easier to make into a reality.

Cody: So the killer tied a rope in order to pull the bust out of the hole. Well that was actually kind of easy.

DJ: But didn’t we say that it would be impossible for anyone to wield it. That would mean lifting the statue out with your own strength shouldn’t be easy either.

Tyler: Or impossible depending on who the person is.

Jo: So we have to find a strong guy huh? Well let’s list them down and narrow the killer’s identity.

Samey: But they wouldn’t need to use their upper body strength. They could have use something else to lift the statue up.

Jo: Oh, then what would that be? It better be something that make sense or else I’ll get really mad.

When did I ever not make sense?

Samey: Well as long as the killer is capable of using it this could have been the thing they use…

(Alejandro’s Corpse/Gold Bust/Rope/Jeep)

Answer: Jeep

Scarlett: No need to explain since even a elementary school student could figure such simple physics.

Jo: But as I always say, is there any proof that jeep was use?

Shawn: When I checked it the fuel was all gone so it means it was used so I guess that could count as evidence.

Noah: And no one used it yesterday so the only time it could have run out of fuel would be when the murder happened.

Max: And we know the evil deed the minor villain did so no need to discuss any futher.

Jo: OK I guess I see your point.

Courtney: But I don’t!

Scarlett: Why Courtney? Because this sounds too easy for the killer to do?

Courtney: No, my problem is how did they get Alejandro’s body out of the hole?

Lindsay: They could have use D’s body to get him to fall of the hole? The body was near the hole after all.

Beth: Lindsay, I think Courtney is asking how did they get him out of the hole, not how did they get him in the hole.

Courtney: Thanks for clarifying such an obvious statement.

Jasmine: That is a good point. It would be difficult for the culprit to get Alejandro’s body out since it’s pretty heavy and the hole is too small to fit two people anyway.

Trent: And there were no signs of something tied him around so that eliminates the method the killer use to remove the bust.

Noah: I guess we just have to be creative in how we think here.

Samey: Being creative? What do you mean?

Noah: Just watch and see. You’ll understand soon enough.

OK but for now I’m just confuse. Well if Noah is telling the truth then I should just wait and see.

Non-Stop Debate

Evidence: Weather Report, Mud, Hole, Rope Mark, Blanket

Noah: So looks like we’re ready to discuss the next topic. How did the killer get Alejandro’s body out of the body?

Trent: Well I said it was just impossible for the killer to have just picked it up and throw it out of the hole.

Izzy: And that’s because the hole is too small for even a gopher to call it a proper home.

Geoff: And Al’s body didn’t have any marks so we know they didn’t use a rope to pull the body up.

Beardo: This may sound like a weird idea but they could have use something like a magnet to pull him out.

Jasmine: Well the murder so far has been surprising so anything can happen now. It’s just I don’t know if we can figure out or not.

Shawn: Cheer up Jasmine, I’m pretty sure that we can solve the case. How about this as an idea? What if they wrap Alejandro’s body and then pulled it out?

Dave: That sounds just strange. It’s like your suggesting that someone used a crane to pick his body out of the ditch.

Gwen: We just know the killer is really tricky so even other ways to do is still possible. So let’s just keep thinking until we figure them out.

So the killer needed a trick to get Alejandro’s body out of the hole. I wonder what trick could be, but there must have been evidence which points out the trick itself.

Solution: Blanket – wrap Alejandro’s body

Samey: I think you right!!!


Samey: Shawn! Repeat what you said earlier about how the killer could get the body out of the ditch.

Shawn: Ummm…didn’t I say the killer could have wrap Alejandro’s body with something and then pulled it out.

Samey: I think you’re on to something. I think that is what the killer did!

Dave: Are you serious? That’s crazy!!!

Izzy: No I’m the one crazy though even my craziness can’t even tell what the killer could use to wrap Al’s body.

Samey: Well what about a blanket?

Rodney: A blanket? You mean the one I owned?

LeShawna: You’re the one who owns the blue blanket? I mean we just found it in the woods so I though it just got blown away due to the storm.

Scarlett: But that was a vital equipment for the murder. I guess even the most common item still can be use as some sort of weapon.

Shawn: So looks like I was right. It turns out the killer did wrap around Alejandro’s body after all-



Beardo: Don’t mean to ruin your parade but I kind of see something funky about this idea.

Samey: Funky? Is that bad?

Beardo: Yeah I mean it doesn’t sound right.

Samey: Okay, but why do you say that?

Beardo: I mean just because you found a blanket doesn’t mean it was use in the murder. I mean were the trees and grass use in the murder?

Samey: No, but I don’t see the point your getting at Beardo.

Beardo: I’m just saying we shouldn’t jump to conclusion. Just because we found a blanket doesn’t prove anything yet.

I see his point, but I know the blanket was use in the murder. All I need to do is prove it to him.


Evidence: Blanket, Blue Fabric, Hole, Jeep, Mud

Beardo: Look I get what your saying.

Beardo: The blanket is suspicious.

Beardo: But I’m trying to warn you guys not to jump the gun,

Beardo: I mean are we sure the blanket was part of the murder?

Beardo: I just find that hard to believe something use for sleeping can kill.

Samey: I know it sounds strange Beardo but I’m certain the blanket was use in the murder!!!

Beardo: But are you certain about it?

Beardo: Do you have any proof?

Beardo: I’m sorry but words here doesn’t speak louder then evidence.

Beardo: So until you can back-up the act your trying to show us.

Beardo: It won’t be nothing but a fluke. A very bad fluke.

So he is just doubting it since I haven’t presented anything to back it up. Well I guess this is where I use this thing.

Solution: Blue Fabric – any proof

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: I actually do have proof to back it up Beardo.

Beardo: Oh really then show it and make it work.

Samey: I will make it work and don’t think it will be long since the evidence can be explained easily.

Sugar: So what is this evidence? Is it a pig?

Samey: No, it’s blue fabric on Alejandro’s shoes. But the fabric itself isn’t ordinary since it has the same shading as the blanket Rodney owns.

Noah: Since it was on his shoes that would mean he step on it at one point. Like maybe during a murder when it wrap around him.

Beardo: *siren noises*

Samey: And it’s muddy to so that could be another thing to back it up that it was in the hole during the murder.

Scarlett: I think Samey has proven her point well and good.

Beardo: *violin noises* I’m sorry for that Samey. I guess I was the one who fluked.

Geoff: It’s OK, at least you made it clear that the blanket was use to wrap Alejandro’s body,

It was actually me, but I should stay quiet to keep him happy.

Samey: Anyway there is one more piece of evidence that can even support this theory.

Tyler: And what evidence would that be?

Samey: This!!!

(Rope Marks/Marking/Rope/Blanket)

Answer: Rope Marks

Dawn: Oh yeah the rope marks do make a perfect square. In fact the square itself looks the same size as the blankets.

Gwen: You know the more I hear about this, the more I’m convince with Samey and Shawn’s idea.

Dave: So I guess we are all in an agreement that Samey and Shawn’s idea was right.

Beth: Yeah, but I’m a little confuse about the details…

Katie: I know, this entire mystery thing is much more difficult then algebra!

Sadie: But I though you passes algebra?

Cody: Well since some of us are confuse does any of us what to explain these things we just learned?

Samey: I guess I should.

Though I wish everyone made the same effort as I did, but I shouldn’t complain if I want to continue living for Dakota’s sake.

Sam: Hey everyone we should pay attention if we want to not get confuse.

Anne-Marie: And we have no time to repeat this so don’t do anything stupid.

Samey: Well since we’re all clear then here is a small recap.


1) How did Alejandro get lured to fall of the hole?

(A picture of Heather/The gun/B’s body/Signal fire)

2) After dropping the gold bust to kill Alejandro, how did they get him out of the hole?

(Wrapping the body/Pulling the body/Rising him up/Using magic)

3) What is the proof that shows both the blanket and Alejandro were in the hole?

(Footprints/Mud/Rope Marks/Letter)

Answer: B’s body, Wrapping the body, Mud

Samey: It make sense!!!


Samey: So do you guys get the how Alejandro’s murder happened?

Beth: Hmmm…I guess.

Tyler: So looks like we figured out everything about Alejandro’s murder, the question left is who is the killer?

Heather: Well I don’t want to inform you idiots but we have nothing to show the identity of the killer.

Izzy: Your right, anyone of us can still be the killer with how the murder happen?

Courtney: Jasmine, you have any idea who had the keys of the jeep?

Jasmine: Unfortunately no. The keys for the jeep was a prize in the Mono Machine and since I never thought the Mono Machine was important so I didn’t bother keeping an eye on the people who used it.

Courtney: Well there goes that lead. Anything else?

Shawn: The only thing we have for our killer is that the killer was an associate of Alejandro.

Lindsay: Then could it be Heather?

Heather: What are you trying to-

Trent: I doubt it. The memo Alejandro left clearly mention Heather and his mysterious associate are different people.

Brick: So what are we going to do know?

Zoey: Hey! Maybe we can’t figure out the associate of Alejandro with his memo alone but if we use B’s letter.

Jo: B’s letter? I’m listening.

Zoey: If Alejandro was lured by his associate to the murder then that would mean the person also was an associate of B since he was also called by the killer.

Gwen: I see! If we can’t find a clue with Alejandro’s memo we can still find a clue in B’s letter.

Cameron: So is there anything about the letter that could be worth discussing.

Samey: Well I think this might be something worth looking at…

(Purple Book/Handwriting/Type of Ink/White Coat)

Answer: Purple Book

Samey: The purple book might be something really worth checking.

Eva: And why is that? Make sure it isn’t a waste of time

Man you should like Jo. Then again you both do have similarities.

Scott: And what is this purple book about?

Samey: Well when I checked the purple book it looks like it was use to exchange message. The contents kind of made me think like that.

Scarlett: With the way the words were written it’s clear this was meant to be messages for B and his associate and we know it’s B because of the letter already.

Lindsay: I get it!!! If we can identify the person B has been talking to-

Brick: We’ll find the identity of the killer.

The purple book has to be decisive evidence, and I know I can use it to prove the killer guilty.

LeShawna: So how are we going to find B’s associate?

The problem I have is that I don’t know who is it pointing to.

Jo: Maybe we start checking the book itself and figure it from there.

Then again always exchanging the purple book would look suspicious so why do no one…

Duncan: But is all the way in the library. It’s not like we can waltz in and just get it.

The only reason no one looked suspicious was because they were on watch and they claimed nothing was happening.

Monokuma: Of course you can, we can take a five minute break to end this debate.

That would mean they or one of them was lying and the only reason for that is…

Samey: No need since I figure out the killer.

Noah: You did? That was fast.

Dawn: Samey, if you do know the killer then please come out with and end this tragedy for good.

Samey: Alright then I’ll say one name and that name will be the name of our killer.

Sam: Man this is way more intense in real life then any game I played.

If I have the right idea, someone should have seen suspicious behaviour in the library, but they didn’t. The only reason is because certain people were always there and was in watch, but in truth one of them was using it as cover-up for there and B’s action regarding the nuclear grenade. So sorry about this, but you were B’s associate. You’re the one who mastermind the plan!


So it looks like the Top 3 Choices are as follow:

1) Courtney

2) Jasmine

3) Dave

Now let us see if the suspect was in the Top 3…


Samey: I PICK YOU!!!


Samey: Noah!

Noah: Huh? What do you want?

Samey: What I want is for you to confess. I know you’re B’s associate and his killer.

Owen: Hold on! My little buddy is the killer!

Brick: A crucial ally turned traitor, how a cruel thing to suffer.

Noah: Hold on a second, give me a reason why would you think I’m B’s associate.

Jasmine: Well B’s associate and his killer actual.

Noah: Whatever it’s still the same thing. So explain why do you suspect me.

Samey: Well that would be because of Owen’s testimony.

Mike: Owen’s testimony? How does that point Noah as the killer?

Samey: We know the killer used the purple book in order to pass back and forth the purple book with B to send messages anonymously.

Anne-Marie: We already said that just a few minutes ago. So how does that out Noah as the killer?

Samey: Well wouldn’t people seen suspicious activities if that were the case? I mean seeing two people exchanging books wouldn’t be normal.

Amy: Well I’ll agree with you for once, but that still doesn’t explain why Noah is killer.

Samey: Well the thing is why did no ever notice something suspicious? I mean Owen himself said that nothing suspicious happened in the library.

DJ: Wouldn’t Owen be a suspect then and not Noah?

Samey: Let me finish. The thing is the reason why no saw anything suspicious was that Owen had a blind spot. The blind spot is that we never suspect his partner…

Owen: My partner!? You mean Noah!?

Topher: Well that depends if Owen was also keeping an eye on Noah. So did you?

Owen: Well no, I mean I don’t think he needed a babysitter so I just let him do his own things.

Trent: So it looks like Noah is a very likely suspect of being B’s associate.

Gwen: But we don’t have enough to risk voting for him so I think we should discuss further.

Dave: And besides we still have Owen as a suspect in this case so remember that.

Owen: But I didn’t do anything! I swear on my love for pancakes!

Shawn: That is one strong oath. The goodness of pancakes cannot be describe.

When did our discussion go from Noah being a suspect into a discussion about pancakes?

Jasmine: At the very least were closing in to the end of the case. I just hope were getting the right suspect.

Scarlett: Yeah…let’s just “hope”.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: B’s Invention, Letter, B’s Journal, Owen’s Testimony

Tyler: So base on what Samey has said our main suspects would be Owen and Noah, but she’s accusing Noah specifically.

Lindsay: Yeah, I wonder why him. Because Noah is smarter then Big O. No offense Owen.

Owen: None taken!!! Even I think Noah is smarter then me. I mean he has a driver license and I don’t.

Zoey: While I agree that Noah might be more capable then Owen to be B’s associate we still can’t eliminate Owen.

Max: I mean the Fatman could also deceive The Smart One since The Smart One underestimates the Fatman.

Katie: Max that was totally offensive.

Heather: I highly doubt that. Owen is way too dumb to even trick a chipmunk.

Owen: Don’t remind me of back then. I still have the rabbies!!!

Brick: Still there must be something else that makes Noah more suspicious then Owen if Samey is accusing him?

Shawn: Or something about Owen that makes him impossible to be the culprit. Which I can’t really see what would that be.

Izzy: I don’t think I could see Owen doing something Chris wouldn’t even do. Unless it’s eating pizza without there hand.

I have a reason to suspect Noah and it’s not just Owen’s testimony but another clue that connects the associate and B.

Solution: Letter- something about Owen

Samey: That’s right!!!


Samey: Your getting to the right track guys. There is something that makes it impossible for Owen to be the associate.

Owen: That’s a relief…uh I mean…NOAH!!!! WHY!!!!???

Amy: Oh don’t be melodramatic. Just accept his the culprit.

Noah: Hold on what do you mean something that shows Owen couldn’t be the culprit?

Samey: I mean there is something specific that the associate and B were dealing with and it’s something Owen shouldn’t know.

Noah: And something I know?

Samey: Yeah and that would be Brick’s secret.

Brick: Oh you mean about the tape recorder? How is that involve with this crime?

Samey: Well it was mention in the letter B so we know this person must know about the Brick’s secret.

Jo: What secret? I don’t see Brick’s name in the letter at all!

Samey: While his name wasn’t mention his secret was still there and I know since this was mention…

(Invention/Nuclear Grenade/White Coat/Alejandro)

Answer: Nuclear Grenade

Duncan: A nuclear grenade!? Are you serious!?

Jasmine: I had no idea about this!

Courtney: Well I can attest to that to. When I confront Brick about his secret he confess everything, but we promise that we wouldn’t tell anyone else.

Sam: And why would you do that!?

Gwen: Because you didn’t want to risk anyone trying to get it? Am I right?

Cody: Gwen? What are you saying?

Gwen: Look while it seems like an insult to not to tell us, they did it for us because they didn’t want any panic to steer around with that info going around.

Sadie: So they didn’t tell us because of concern. Well I guess that’s fine.

Max: But you all have explanation to do after this!!!

Courtney: Of course I’m aware of that. Let’s just find the culprit and get the trial over with.

Sugar: So far the killer is most likely Noah, but I’m still unsure if he’s the culprit or not.

Brick: Still you didn’t explain how the secret proves it can be Noah and it can’t be Owen.

Samey: Well I do know Noah knows the secret and Owen doesn’t.

Cody: But I didn’t know so when did you find out?

Samey: Well there is two instances I figured it out. First was when Noah and Dawn was confronting Dave about the tape recording.

Dave: Hey I have nothing to do with the case!!!

LeShawna: She didn’t say you were.

Samey: The second instace was when both Noah and Dawn again talk to B and learned from him the secret.

Dawn: Your right that we were aware of the secret, we just didn’t want to say anything since I was worried the fate we will face if we said anything.

Courtney: I guess were not as different as we though.

Samey: But since we now know that Owen doesn’t know the secret-

Gwen: It means it has to be Noah.

Noah: Looks like this case is underwrap. If it weren’t for one contradiction.

Samey: What contradiction?

Noah: You overlook the other people who knew about the secret. Just because I kept an eye on the library and I didn’t notice anything doesn’t mean I was lying. I just didn’t care about looking around in the library.

Eva: Well he doesn’t care much about people so I can agree with that.

Izzy: We can both speak from experience.

Jasmine: So we still don’t have enough to go on with the vote. Is there anymore evidence you have Samey?

Noah: If she did I’m pretty sure she would have said something about now.

Samey: He’s right. I still believe Noah is the killer, but I still sort the evidence. I just found out now that he was the killer.

Anne-Marie: So are we going to believe what Samey says or not?

Courtney: I think we should have a discussion, because as far as I can tell Noah is still our prime suspect even if we don’t have enough.

Noah: Whatever, if you really believe that I’m the murderer then that’s your funurel.

Jo: Hey I’m the one here who should have the killer zings not you!

Whether he is the killer or not, I know for sure he’s guilty of having a smart mouth.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Owen’s Testimony, Cody’s Testimony, Jasmine’s Report, Letter

Courtney: So as far as we are now, currently Noah is our prime suspect and this is due to Samey’s argument.

Dawn: I’ll admit that Noah is smart and is probably capable of making a plan like that, but however it requires more to convince me that he’s guilty.

Heather: Yeah, because all Samey has for her argument is that Noah does interact with B.

Beth: And that Noah is aware of the secret that Brick has been keeping.

Noah: But I’m not the only one who does that, we also have Courtney who also fits both criteria.

Courtney: Are you trying to insunate something!?

Duncan: But sweetheart he has a valid point. The evidence can also point you as the culprit.

Scott: But wouldn’t that also apply to Dawn? I mean we know she does hangout with B and she is also Noah’s partner so it would make sense that she would know about the secret.

Dawn: Your just acting like a scoundrel. I guarantee you that my innocence is as real as my love for mother nature.

Cody: So I guess we need something else that points to a specific person, I just don’t know what would that be?

So if I want to stick this crime to Noah, I need more evidence to point him as the culprit. There is one idea I have but this doesn’t guarantee Noah as a culprit still worth a try.

Solution: Cody’s Testimony – a specific person

Samey: That’s it!!!


Samey: I think there is a way to know who really was B’s associate.

Mike: Can you tell us how? We really need it now in order to end this trial.

Samey: It’s not up to me but to a certain someone who said they were going to hack the library.

Scarlett: And we would like that person to reveal themselves so we won’t have to ourselves.

Cody: Oh yeah the hacking, about that…

Brick: Hold on!!! Cody hacked the library?!

Samey: We needed to find out who was borrowing the book and since Monokuma wouldn’t tell us Cody volunteered to hack it himself.

Trent: I was there when he said he would do it, but I also remember he said that it would take him the entire investigation to do it.

LeShawna: So did you do it Cody? Did you get the person that killed both Al and B?

Cody: There is a funny story…

Gwen: What happened Cody? If it’s bad then you better explain.

Cody: Well I did get to hack it, but unfortunately the information I got isn’t names.

Courtney: Not names! Then what was on the data you hacked!?

Cody: From the looks of the data it seems to be basic info of a person. Well the basic info of two people since two people kept borrowing it.

Eva: Is there a reason why only basic info is listed in the computer?

Monokuma: I think I’ll be the one to explain!

Duncan: Of course it has to be Monokuma! Who else would do something like this other then him?

Harold: I don’t know the killer?

Lightning: So what your talking about Monobear?

Monokuma: It’s Monokuma!!!

Jo: Who cares!? Just get on with it and tell us why only the basic info of a person and not there names is listed?

Monokuma: Well that’s very simple. I knew someone might hack the computer and get the decisive info to solve cases in case the library was involve so I couldn’t leave such a handicap for the killer.

Lindsay: Then what about us? Doesn’t that mean we get a handicap to?

Monokuma: Now this is where I explain why I put the basic info. I knew it wouldn’t be fair if such decisive evidence can’t be tampered by the killer, but I couldn’t let the effort of the hacker to go to waste so I decided to give the basic info with the exception of there name.

Dawn: I get it. So that the killer’s identity wouldn’t be blatant if it involves the borrowing system, but as a reward for trying the person who does the hacking get some sort of clue anyway.

Max: Hop to it minion and tell the basic info! So we can undercover this villain who tried to one up me!

Cody: Unfortunately I didn’t list down the info since I had no pen with me. So I don’t have it with me.

Heather: Now that’s just great!!!

Cody: But I do know one of them is B. The basic info for one of the borrowers is clearly B due to his size and age.

Zoey: And what about the other borrower?

Cody: Unfortunately I couldn’t tell who’s info is it. So the second borrower is still a mystery.

Duncan: Now that’s just great. We have no idea who the killer is because of Monokuma’s interference. This just sucks.

DJ: So we still have three suspects. Dawn, Noah and Courtney since there the only ones who could fulfil the criteria of who the associate could be.

Beardo: Is there a way to tell who among those three would be the one who’s basic info was the one Cody found.

Topher: Like maybe such a simple info that would separate one person from the rest?

Samey: If my hunch that Noah is the culprit we should check…


Answer: Gender

Geoff: That might work. If Noah is really the culprit then that would mean the second borrowers gender should be a boy.

Dawn: And it can’t be me or Courtney since clearly were not girls. Although Courtney has a bit of a man’s spirit.

Courtney: What did you say!?

Sam: So what was the gender of the person Cody?

Cody: Funny enough it’s a male and with what heard from Samey…

Owen: Oh no!!! It Noah that was the second borrower!!!

Dave: And don’t forget that he’s our killer. I knew you could never trust a turkey!!!

Courtney: Anything you want to say Noah?

Noah: Look I will confess now that I was borrowing the purple book, but!

Amy: But what? What do you have to say now!?

Noah: Just because I was the one who kept borrowing the purple nook doesn’t mean I was B’s associate. That was all a coincidence!

Now I’m certain Noah is the killer! He’s starting to panic.

Scarlett: You know most of us isn’t stupid to believe that. Your in a corner Noah and there is no way you’ll get out.

Noah: But are you still sure you want to vote for me. You still don’t have complete proof is me.

Cody: Noah is being stubborn. Should we just vote and get this over with?

Dave: I think we should Cody-

Jasmine: No…as much as I believe Noah is the culprit, I won’t vote until everyone is certain.

Shawn: And I’m not.

Courtney: So I guess we have to continue the trial for a little longer.

Samey: I’m not worried. I think I can still pin more on Noah.

I just have to hear out his testimony and see a crack that I can show for sure that he is indeed the culprit.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: B’s Invention, Letter, Owen’s Testimony, Cody’s Testimony

Noah: We can’t guarantee that I’m still the culprit. Even with the circumstances pinning at me you still can’t rely on that without physical proof.

Cameron: He has a point that we have no physical evidence or we haven’t found the evidence yet.

Zoey: But I’m pretty sure there might be something else we can link Noah to with the murderer if he is the killer.

Shawn: Or if there is something that the killer did that only Noah could know.

Noah: I highly doubt that. It’s not like there is evidence in the crime scene that is connected or any evidence that links me with either Alejandro or B.

Bridgette: Well he is right at the point where he said that all our evidence is circumstancial.

Izzy; We know the killer is male but there are tons of hot guys around.

Heather: Eww. You just Noah hot!?

Courtney: But he can’t deny that he knew about Brick’s secret and that he does communicate with B.

DJ: And we know it can’t be Courtney or Dawn due to the borrowing system.

Noah: But as long as you can’t link me to the murder, to a connection with either B or Alejandro or I was involve with making the NWD, you won’t be convincing anyone that I’m the killer.

Noah is a real crafty one. He knows the ways in and ways out of a crime, but like I read in the books the murderer will always leave behind evidence or the murderer will slip-up. All I have to do is to notice it and confront it.

Solution: B’s Invention – NWD

Samey: Gotcha now!!!


Samey: Noah, you said something very odd.

Noah: And what would that be Samey?

Samey: Well you mention a NWD? What is a NWD?

Noah: Don’t you know, that’s the name of B’s invention. He called it the NWD as an acronym for Nuclear Wave Detector. Does that make it clear.

Samey: Yes it does. It makes it clear that you are the murderer Noah.

Noah: Huh? Why would that show me as a killer?

Scarlett: Because of this. How did you know the name of B’s invention if even those who investigate it couldn’t find out the name.

Noah: Well that’s because- Oh no!!!

Jasmine: So you know something Noah. Well do you want to share it or not?

Tyler: It’s pretty clear that you know a lot about the machine even if it’s not your invention.

Noah: Well because I overheard B talking about it.

Dave: Not to rain in your parade but B doesn’t talk and you can’t say that you just name of the invention accidentally since B never let’s anyone close. So how do you still now?

Noah: Well that’s because I search B’s shed. I just found the name by accident in some old papers in there.

Samey: Then we should see if you actually investigated the shed. And we could simply do that by checking this…

(Courtney’s Report/Jasmine’s Report/Cody’s Testimony/Owen’s Testimony)

Answer: Jasmine’s Report

Jasmine: I knew this was going to be useful because I can use this to prove that Noah never did go to the shed.

Noah: Couldn’t you have fake it!!!

Courtney: Unfortunately for you Noah, I wrote the report myself while Jasmine and Shawn were interrogating people. I use the info I got from Jasmine and Shawn and compiled a report base on it.

Shawn: And the people we ask for the info is everyone so saying it’s unreliable isn’t going to work. Even you admitted of not going in the shed.

Noah: Weeelllll…

Samey: Looks like this is checkmate Noah. You want to confess or not because no matter what you can’t the truth.

Scarlett: You can’t hide your B’s associate and the killer.

Noah: …

Dawn: Noah, you have to speak your piece or forever be silent.

Owen: Noah please tell the truth!!! Tell me it wasn’t all a lie!!!

Noah: Alright fine!!! I admit it!!! I was secretly working with B in finding the nuclear grenade but I assure you all that it wasn’t me who killed B and Alejandro.

Duncan: Huh? What are trying to say?

Noah: Like I just said. I admit that I was B’s associate, but I also admit that I am not the killer. Just someone involve in shady business.

Max: Like we’ll believe an inferior criminal!!!

Noah: Just listen to me and you’ll understand why I kept this a secret. Heck it might be enough to show you that I’m not the killer.

Sugar: Are we going to let him or not?

Courtney: Let’s just hear his side of the story, but this is his last chance. If he screws it up and is caught lying we will immediately begin the vote.

Rodney: I guess I can agree with a plan like that.

Noah: Fine. It’s only fair for the secret I have been keeping. Listen up and you’ll understand my role in this crime.

I don’t know if Noah is going to be lying or not, but I have a strange feeling a big revelation will be shown now.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Torn Page, Security Feed, Letter, B’s Invention, B’s Journal

Noah: Looks like I have no choice but to admit the things I’ve been up to for the past days.

Brick: Which is your role as B’s associate as I presume.

Noah: Yeah, you see when I learned from B through Dawn about the secret I begun to worry.

Dave: You begun to worry about the nuclear grenade and how it could be use.

Duncan: Well we did see what happened during Dakota’s execution so I would be worried to if I knew about it.

Noah: So I offer B a coalition between us. This would have us work together in secret while looking for the nuclear grenade.

Cameron: But to keep this anonymous you interacted through writing down messages through a purple book.

Noah: Well that and because B doesn’t talk, but little did I know someone actually was aware about what we were up to and did some sabotage.

Cody: Sabotage? What sabotage?

Noah: The sabotage was someone interfered and took advantage of our communication system. This in the cause B to trust the letter and in the end caused him.

Dave: Lies! He’s obviously lying to protect himself since we know his the culprit.

Noah…he admitted that he was part of the crime, but what he didn’t admit was being the killer. Does that mean he isn’t the killer or…

Solution: Torn Page – sabotage

Samey: I think so!!!


Samey: Actually I think you’re telling the truth now! So let’s use this and find the truth behin this case.

LeShawna: Hold up!!! Why do you think he’s telling the truth?! Dudes been lying to us all day.

Owen: I know Noah can be rough at times, but he would never kill anyone.

Samey: And I agree with you Owen. I agree that he couldn’t kill because of who he is and because of this piece of sabotage.

Jasmine: Piece of sabotage? Mind explaining this.

Samey: Well we found the purple book that Noah and B use and we saw different messages that they were exchanging between each other.

Noah: Not surprising since that was the point we used the purple to begin with.

Scarlett: But that wasn’t all that we found. We did find a little form of sabotage which helps support Noah’s case that he was being used.

Mike: You kept saying sabotage but you never mentioned what sabotage it was.

Scarlett: Well we found a torn page and this torn page proves someone was interfering with the messaging system.

Gwen: But what is on the torn page?

Noah: Supposedly it was my message for B to continue the process of finding the nuclear grenade normally.

Samey: And that was what the torn page says. So It looks like you’re in the right mark Noah.

Dave: Don’t you guys realize this could still be a trap? I mean Noah could have made this into a failsafe plan.

Anne-Marie: Fail safe?

Shawn: It means a plan to keep yourself safe in case a plan you originally had failed. But Dave has a point that this could just be a trap.

Samey: You know this couldn’t be a trap, because if it was then this shouldn’t exist…

(Purple Book/Torn Page/Final Message/First Message)

Answer: Final Message

Amy: Why would the final message not exist? I mean Samey not to be offensive this time, I just need to make sure your in the right track.

Amy has been trying to be more mature and less antagonistic towards me, I don’t know if it’s because she’s genuinely trying to change or is it because she doesn’t want to get into more trouble.

Samey: You…see….

Scarlett: The reason why this message shouldn’t exist if it were the case is the handwriting. Not to try hurting other people’s feelings, but how many of you know how to change handwriting?

Jo: I’ll fess up. I can’t change my handwriting even if I want to.

Cody: Me to. I don’t even change my handwriting because I don’t think I need it.

Courtney: Studies suggest a change of handwriting is difficult if the style is the same due to muscle memory so yeah even if Noah tried to change his handwriting it might be too impossible.

Scott: Hold on!!! Then what about the letter!? Wouldn’t the killer then not be able to change his handwriting when trying to trick B with the letter?

Scarlett: Not necessary. Even if I admit that no one can change there handwriting, I do know of another method to fix that issue Scott?

Scott: And what method would that!?

Max: Even I have no such clue about this evil method you speak of.

Scarlett: You explain Samey.

I don’t even know the method but I should try…

Samey: You see this was the method the killer used in order to duplicate Noah’s handwriting for the letter.




Samey: I understand now!!!


Samey: Although you couldn’t change the handwriting in free will it doesn’t necessarily mean you couldn’t copy someone else handwriting!

Topher: Someone else handwriting?

Amy: I get it. Like how I make fake love letters with your name. I used your diary as referenc for the handwriting.

That explains why my diary went missing before I got here and how that weird guy confess his love to me.

Anne-Marie: Then couldn’t Noah do the same?

Noah: Then who’s handwriting did I copy? Owen? If that were the case the handwriting would have extra mustard and gravy.

Tyler: Well he got us there.

Samey: So it looks like we can believe Noah that someone was sabotaging his and B mail system!



Dave: I hate to break it to you, but are you certain this wasn’t just a trap!?

Samey: A trap? Are you really going to stay stubborn like this?

Dave: Well unlike you I want to survive so sorry for trying.

Samey: Well fine let’s hear what you have got to say.

Dave: Good because this will make you understand the mistake of you believing the killer’s desperate excuse.

Jeez Dave, I know Sky dumped you but you shouldn’t be like this. Also that begs the question is if Dave was involve with her disappearance or not?


Evidence: Security Feed, Torn Page, Purple Book, Owen’s Testimony, White Hood

Dave: So your starting to believe Noah.

Dave: That while he was the associate of B

Dave: He’s also not his killer.

Dave: Let’s not forget you were the one

Dave: Who accuse him in the first place.

Dave: Not why do you start to backpedal your own words?

Samey: Dave, while I accused Noah as the killer, the new evidence presented changed my mind.

Dave: But it’s not the actual killer…

Dave: Could get anything to replica Noah’s handwriting.

Dave: In fact we have

Dave: No idea if anyone else can be a suspect since

Dave: Nobody knows what B was doing in the shed.

Dave: After all he’s a secretive man who wouldn’t reveal anything to anyone.

So Dave is really on set that Noah is the killer. Well I have to show him that there is another possible suspect.

Solution: Security Feed – anyone else

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Actual there is another suspect in the case that I can think of.

Rodney: Why did you just told us now?

Dave: Unless this was a suspect base on the new clues presented.

Owen: New clues!? Samey I’m not the killer!!! I don’t have a chainsaw or a hook or anything like that!!!

Samey: Jeez…I wasn’t going to accuse you. Promise.

Owen: Oh okay. Sorry about the outburst. He he he,

Samey: Anyway the person I suspect that was the actual killer is this person.

LeShawna: Huh? What’s this? A security footage?

Zoey: Hey!!! Who’s the guy there with the white hood?

Beardo: I don’t know but I feel like I’ve seen that hood before.

Courtney: Well…is this person your next suspect? Who is this person anyway?

Samey: Unfortunately I can’t tell who the person is, but I’m sure this guy is the culprit!!!

Jasmine: Well don’t fret about not knowing who that person is. Even I can’t tell from this angle.

Noah: I’m surprise B didn’t became cautious because of this. Of course he mention one incident-

Trent: So we get this guy is the culprit, but we can’t tell who it is so that’s another problem.

Scott: Actual I beg to differ.

Scarlett: What do you have to say now Country Hick?

Scott: Don’t talk to me like that. Anyway my problem is how sure this guy is the culprit? I mean it could have been a person who just wondered in by accident.

Noah: Dude that’s a stupid argument. I’m pretty sure that guy is the killer.

Samey: Yeah I mean anyone could connect the killer to this evidence…

(Security Feed/White Hood/Torn Page/Noah’s Letter)

Answer: White Hood

Scott: Oh yeah. That one…

Owen: So now we know the killer isn’t my little buddy!!! Give me a hug!

Noah: Oh no just leave me be. I want to celebrate my freedom alone.

Dawn: Noah…just because your not the killer doesn’t mean no consequence will happen.

Noah: Huh? But I didn’t hurt or even kill anyone.

Courtney: True, but you did something that makes us not trust you.

Dawn: You cost the belief and reliance of your friends.

Noah: I guess I knew this was something I was risking since I begun this plan. It still hurts a bit though.

I feel bad for Noah and I believe he had the right attention. But he’s trust is questionable due to us now knowing he could do a sneaky move without us noticing.

Dave: Hold on!!!! So can someone explain how the killer interfere with the plan?

Dawn: I guess I’ll take the helm and explain. You see the killer knew about the order between B and Noah and used it to there advantage. By using the letter to trick B while sabotaging the real messages of Noah, this cause B to trust the fake letter of our fiendish foe without any doubts.

Cody: But wouldn’t there be a problem?

Samey: What problem?

Cody: Wouldn’t there be a problem for the killer? I mean if the killer was luring B with the letter how did they get him close?

Sam: That is true. The killer said in the letter that it was Noah, but since it’s not anymore…

Jo: I see your point. So now what?

Courtney: More discussion I suppose and hopefully we find and get the answer to this problem.

I’m not even sure if this is even a problem since I know the answer to this anyway.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: White Hood, Letter, Torn Page, Purple Book

Cody: So we face a problem. How did the killer get B to get close despite not being Noah?

Tyler: Maybe it has something to do with something in the letter since the letter was written very specifically.

Max: Couldn’t they have went the cowards way and shot him close! Fitting for a man who dares not challenge me!!!

Scarlett: We just establish earlier that the death was from close range!

Zoey: How about a disguise? Did they use something to make themselves look like Noah?

Mike: Or is it possible they use something to hide their identity. No offense Zoey which your idea I think is the right one.

Duncan: Nice save there man. She clearly won’t get offended.

Dave: Or maybe Noah is the real killer and this supposed real killer was nothing but a trap!!!

Shawn: Your really sure it’s Noah huh. I don’t know if your being smart or being reckless.

So I need to bring back this thing again to show what was the killer’s move to trick B into getting close to him.

Solution: White Hood – hide their identity

Samey: I think so to!!!


Samey: Did you guys forget this?

Owen: Oh isn’t that the white hooood!!! Oh my God the killer used the hood!!!! I forgot!!!

Izzy: Oh yeah I remember now.

Jasmine: Hold on isn’t that the same hood the guy in the security feed was wearing?

Scarlett: So you notice. Well we now have a connection between the person in the hood and the killer of the case.

Heather: That there both the same person. Now we need to know who this killer is?

Brick: But is there any clues that we can find that could tell us who the killer is?

Noah: Maybe the white hood. After all the white hood does fit me.

Dave: So does that mean you’re the killer? I mean you said the white hood does fit you.

Samey: I think what Noah was trying to say is that the killer has…

(Similar figure/Similar weight/Similar voice/Similar attitude)

Answer: Similar figure

Trent: I get it! If Noah can fit the white hood it means…

Gwen: The killer has the same figure as Noah since we can clearly tell the white hood fitted the killer in the security feed.

Cody: But that’s not enough to find the killer. I mean I have a similar figure with Noah, but I swear to you guys I didn’t kill the two guys.

DJ: Were not saying you’re the killer Cody.

Courtney: But we need more info in order to understand more about this killer.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Camera, B’s Journal, Weapon Cache Location, Hole, White Hood

Courtney: So is there anything we can tell about the killer with the clues we have?

Duncan: Maybe it has something to do with Noah and B’s partnership. I mean it’s clear both were being played to the killers hands.

Noah: I enjoy the compliment Duncan. Losing my partner was already bad enough,

Gwen: Ignore him and let’s focus on what we can tell about the killer. Well couldn’t the killer leave a clue on how there connected to either victim.

Cameron: Or is there something about Brick’s secret that could also show something about the murderer.

Dawn: The possibility is there that one of the evidence we have that could point towards the killer.

Topher: Or helps narrow down the suspect list. Man this case was much more annoying then the last one.

So something among the evidence that can points the identity of the killer. Well I think I could see one thing only certain people would know that the killer is aware of.

Solution: Weapon Cache Location – something about Brick’s secret

Samey: I think so too!!!


Samey: There is something else about the culprit we could tell from clues.

LeShawna: And what is that something?

Samey: Simple we know the killer made the hole that was use to trap Alejandro, but it wasn’t a coincidence that the location of the hole was the same location a weapon cache was located.

Brick: That’s right. I did check the coordinates and that hole should be one of them.

Shawn: But why would the location of the cache be important?

Brick: I get it!!! Because the hole was already premade by Monokuma like the other weapon cache it saves the trouble for the killer to dig a hole.

Izzy: So it was meant to save time. Then again how can someone truly save time unless you’re a wizard or magician which makes me won-

Amy: So we know the killer knew about the locations of the weapon cache. How does that help find the killer?

Gwen: Isn’t that easy to answer.

Amy: What do you mean?

Gwen: The killer knows the location of the caches. Only certain people would be aware of that.

Samey: Actually only two people to be precise.

Rodney: Two people? Wouldn’t that mean one of those two people is the killer?

Samey: You catch on quick. You see we now know the killer is someone who knows about the locations of the weapon caches, but that would be impossible unless you were in contact with the tape recorder which contained the locations.

Jo: So this secret was contain by a tape recorder? Well I never touched such a thing so I’m not the culprit.

Samey: I know your not the culprit. In facr I know who is the real culprit here.

Lightning: Seriously? Your actually pretty smart.

Man having compliments are nice.

Samey: The culprit is someone who was in contact with the tape recorder, someone who has a similar body figure to Noah and was in contact with both victims.

Brick: And one of those two people who had contact with the tape recorder was me, but I swear to you guys I’m not it.

Samey: And that leaves the second person and that person is you!!!


Anyway here is the Top 3 Suspects

1) Courtney

2) Jasmine

3) Dave

Let see if you guys got it or not.


Samey: I PICK YOU!!!


Samey: I wonder who could that other person be…Dave?

Dave: Ummm what does this have to do with me?

Samey: I don’t need to explain. Brick can easily do it since he knows what I mean.

Brick: Dave you were the who discovered the tape recorder? Which also means you were also in contact with it to.

Dave: Yeah. I did have contact with the tape recorder but what does that have to do with…your not trying to say!

Samey: I think you know what were saying. You’re the one who killed B and Alejandro.

Dave: Hey!!! Why did it got to me all of a sudden!?

Courtney: I get it. You’re the only one here who fits all the description of the killer.

Trent: The killer had a similar figure with Noah.

Shawn: The killer had contact with Alejandro and B.

Noah: And the killer had been in contact with the tape recorder that contains the locations of the weapon caches.

Dave: Is that all? I mean couldn’t someone else have done it instead of me!? I mean sure I had a similar figure with Noah and yes I had contact with the tape recorder, but someone else here also fits those things to.

Gwen: And who would that be?

Dave: Cody! Cody himself was with Brick’s group about the tape recording so he could have also done it.

Cody: Wait!!! I didn’t do any crime.

Scarlett: We all know that Cody. Dave is just trying to make excuses and lies in order to not get caught.

Samey: But we have ample evidence that supports Dave is the killer.

Sugar: Really? That’s kind of hard to believe since I don’t understand these darn evidence.

Shawn: Yeah…it’s impossible to solve it since you can’t understand it.

Samey: I just have to show the evidence one at a time and prove it once and for all Dave was the one behind this entire case!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Shawn’s Testimony, Dave’s Testimony, Cody’s Testimony, White Hood

Dave: So your picking me as the killer when we still have someone else that can also fit the culprit’s description.

Cody: You have to believe me! I didn’t kill anyone!

Dave: Try to not lie Cody because we will uncover soon enough that your culprit behind all of this.

Scott: So mind telling us why it’s Cody and not you, because you don’t really anything else to defend yourself.

Dave: Well to begin with I never had any contact with Alejandro. We never discuss, met or even look at each other. So how I could lure him in when we never became associates?

Zoey: But you don’t have any evidence to support Cody did have contact with Alejandro to. So that means both of you are still equal suspects.

Dave: But you can’t deny Cody still is suspicious as me since he also fits everything about the culprit. I mean you have no other evidence other than those description which also points Cody.

Bridgette: Well we do have proof he did have some contact with B, because of what he said, but that isn’t enough to prove him guilty.

Geoff: In the bright side we have suspects so now we are closer in finding the guy.

I won’t even bother trying to destroy Dave’s argument with Cody. I’ll just prove Dave is the killer and get this trial don’t with.

Solution: Shawn’s Testimony - never had contact

Samey: I'll show you!!!


Samey: Are you certain about you never having contact with Alejandro?

Dave: Of course I’m sure. I mean do you have a reason to doubt me?

Samey: I have person’s testimony that makes me doubt your reasoning.

Dave: Eeeek!!! Are you serious!? No one ever saw me with Alejandro at all.

Jasmine: Really now? My boyfriend has something to say about that.

Katie: Oh you mean Shawn. He’s a pretty good for you Jasmine.

Jasmine: Oh thanks. Though I wish his zombie issues could be dealt with.

Shawn: Look I did this out of concern of you since your my friend but it looks like it will actually help show your true colors.

Dave: True colors!? What do you mean!?

Shawn: I saw you in contact with Alejandro a lot and I thought it was bullying but it looks both of were being accomplices all this time. To think you would do such a thing.

Dave: Shawn aren’t we friends!?

Shawn: We were until I found out you were working with a criminal in order to find a dangerous weapon.

Zoey: And to use two people’s friendship in order to kill one and frame the other. Such a despicable thing to do.

Noah: Well weren’t really friends, but I’m very disappointed for what you did Dave.

Dave: Hold on!!! It’s not like you could see me as a killer. I mean I don’t look like a criminal and I never did anything wrong at all while here.

Noah: I beg to differ.

Dave: Noah! If you try to say it you know what will happen to you to!?

Heather: You know threatening isn’t really helping your case Dave. So I would shut-up if I were you.

Noah: I don’t mind the consequences if this will spread some light to my partner’s death. You see Dave was the one behind Sky’s disappearance.

Samey: Are you serious!?

Jasmine: I knew it!

Owen: Not surprising with what happened to him during the show.

Lindsay: But how did he make Sky disappear?

Dave: It’s not like you can say it. You don’t have any evidence to back-up how I did it!

Noah: Maybe not direct evidence, but I have proof that my claim is highly likely if you all believe more weird things can happen in here with the weapon caches and things alike.

Jo: Yeah and I wouldn’t be surprised if Monokuma had something else in mind.

Duncan: So how does that have to do with Sky disappearing?

Noah: So Dave you used a strange thing Monokuma left in the island in order to make Sky disappear. I can’t say the details, but you should think this is believable with everything that has happened.

Dave: Oh please!!! No one is going to believe a story like th-

Dawn: I believe him!

Brick: I do to. At least more then I would believe you Dave!

Dave: This isn’t happening!!! Why would you believe someone who has done shady things!!!???

Jasmine: Speaking someone who also has done plenty of shading things to.

Mike: Look Dave, while Noah has done plenty of dirty things he still had the courage to admit them and not trying make excuses. Unlike you who’s trying to put people up for what you did.

Cody: Yeah which is what you’re doing to me.

Dave: Well I’m just stating the another possibly! Is that so bad?

Scarlett: No, but trying to hide your own mistakes by framing others is why were angry at you.

Beth: That’s because he framed more people then the other killers.

Brick: Well actively frame. I’m pretty sure Dakota never intended to frame me but it just happened.

Noah: So now you have five crimes accused from you.

Gwen: First you were the one responsible for Sky’s disappearance.

Amy: Then you killed Alejandro by smashing with a bust.

Sam: But not before that you killed B by shooting him while up at close.

Topher: Then you tried to frame Amy with the murderer by doing a part in making her try shoot Samey.

Amy: Actually now that I think about it was you who said all about the things Samey was supposedly doing to me. In fact your really the one who’d been sabotaging my life style and tricking me into thinking it was Samey was behind all that.

Noah: And lastly you tried to frame me. The guy who kept your secret despite what it would mean to me if the truth is reveal.

Duncan: You can’t get away Dave. You can either go out with dignity or we’ll have to force you.

Dave: Hold on!!! The person you’re talking about isn’t me!!! It’s the guy on the security footage.

DJ: Isn’t that you?

Dave: Not it’s not me and I’ll show you why it couldn’t be me!

Looks like it won’t be taking much for me to convince it was Dave after all. That guy was responsible for killing B and Alejandro and was playing two groups to make this happen. I have to prove he’s guilty for doing something so extreme!!!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Security Feed, White Hood, Shawn’s Testimony, Hand Sanitizer

Dave: I’m not the killer. The killer is the person there in the white hood!

Jasmine: That person in the white hood is you Dave. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that your one of the few people who would be able to fit the white hood.

Dave: But you have no proof that it was me!!! Just because the size would fit me doesn’t mean it is me. That would mean people like Cody should also be considered.

Brick: As if! We know Cody wouldn’t do something like that unlike what we saw you did in Pakhitew Island and he’s not the one who’s been in contact with both B and Alejandro!

Lighting: Zombie boy was the one who proven it earlier. That Al guy and you were in cahoots with the gun only for you to betray him.

Dawn: And let’s not forget your testimony. Dave it seems you have been observing B our victim for quite a bit. Mind explain why?

Dave: Look it was all a coincidence. I had nothing to do with either of those crimes and you can’t prove it.

Max: Your defence is pathetic!!! You haven’t showed a fraction of power that would convince us of your innocence.

Dave: Neither have you guys. Other then Shawn’s testimony and the white hood, nothing else points me. Vote for me and see how things will go.

Zoey: But you admit you’re the one behind Sky’s disappearance?

Dave: I guess I can admit that, but were not in trial about her so I’m not guilty of anything right now.

Courtney: As much as I want to vote this nutjob, we need to have bigger and more powerful evidence to show that he’s behind the crime.

Dave, trying to hide your crimes is impossible. Every killer slips up at one point and you did when you were sneaking in and eavesdropping B. And now it’s time to show it.

Solution: Hand Sanitizer – no proof

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Dave then explain why we found a bottle of hand sanitizer?

Dave: Hand sanitizer? I don’t know what your talking about.

Samey: Oh really because I believe it yours. It has the same brand as the one use to.

Dave: Oh please what proof do you have?

Geoff: That’s true if we can’t find a way to show it’s him then we have nothing to pin him with and that means all our hardwork was for nothing.

Shawn: I think we can help with that. Hey Sugar give him a hug!

Sugar: Why?

Beardo: I see what your trying to do. Do it Sugar and Wizard Boy will be proud.

Sugar: Alright then for Wizard Boy it is!!!

Dave: Don’t touch me!!! GHAAAA!!! My hand sanitizer where is it!?

Heather: Could it be the one that Samey is holding right now?

Dave: That explains why I lost it two days ago.

Beth: What did you say? Two days ago?

Scarlett: Like maybe the same day when the white hooded individual trespass B’s shed?

Dave: Yeah I’m pretty sure that I dropped it when I sn- Hold on! Ignore what I said!

Cameron: Wow, your even worse at keeping secrets then me…

Owen: So will you confess or not? And weren’t stopping until we catch you especially with what you did to my little buddy.

Noah: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Dave: I never confess to anything so you can’t pin this to me yet. I mean are you even sure the white hooded person is even a real person?

Jo: Duh. Since the guy is clearly shown in the security feed.

Dave: But that’s not possible and I’ll give you reasons why no one should be able to be the white hooded person.

Dawn: Trying to escape with more excuses. How far has then man fallen to darkness and wickedness?

Brick: So we have no choice but to put him down, but in order to do that we have to destroy all his arguments.

Noah: The question is what his next argument is going to be. Though base on the way he was talking it’s likely going to be a desperate one.

Scarlett: Whatever, we’ll just break it down and then move on to the vote.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who’s getting worried on how used we are with the Class Trial. Maybe we’ve been trap for too long already.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Security Feed, Hand Sanitizer, Hidden Passageway, Pen, Letter

Dave: I’m telling that guy in the white hood can’t be anyone human. It must be a ghost or even a zombie.

Shawn: A zombie!? AAAAAHHHH!!!

Jasmine: Calm down. It’s not a zombie or a…g-g-ghost!!!

Beth: Wow! Looks like both of them do have pretty weird film. No wonder they make a great couple.

Duncan: Look Dave, no one is going to buy that the guy on the security feed isn’t you. It could only be a few people and so far you’re the most suspicious of the bunch.

Dawn: Besides the white hood itself proves that person isn’t from the ethereal plains. It shows just a shady scroundel ready for a crime.

Dave: But wouldn’t it be impossible for that the person there to escape B’s shed without getting caught? I mean the only entrance was the front door and it’s obvious the guy didn’t use it.

Bridgette: That is true. If anyone was trying to escape from there then they would be caught by B. So really that possibility is out of the picture.

Amy: Well looks like Dave does have a point. Although I’m still mad that you trick me into falling to your trap!!!

Topher: You have only yourself to blame.

So now Dave is claiming there was no escape route for the killer. Well I beg to differ.

Solution: Hidden Passageway – to escape

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Not so fast Dave!!! There was a way for the killer to escape without getting caught!

Dave: It’s not like you know!

Scarlett: But she does know. Right Samey?

Samey: Yes I do and I can say in full confidence is that the way for the killer to escape the shed without being seen.

Rodney: So how did the killer then escape without the front door?

Samey: Well me and Scarlett found this when were investigating and that was the perfect path for the killer to escape B.

Scarlett: And that was a secret passageway in the closet.

Samey: So with that it’s possible for the hooded man aka Dave to escape. What do you have to say about that Dave!?



Dave: You know I think your just acting like a big idiot. I mean I still have a problem with that.

Samey: Are you ever going to stop your arguments!? I mean this is getting ridiculous!!!

Dave: That’s because your accusation is ridiculous!!!

Pretty good comeback, but that is a lie.

Samey: I mean you never even showed one reason why we should trust you, so naturally we suspect you for that.

Dave: But you’ll be listening to me once your hear my incoming argument!

Samey: Incoming argument? What do you mean?

Dave: This argument I have is about the secret passageway Samey. If the killer really did use the secret passageway then there should be something.

Samey: What is that something?

Dave: Proof!!! Evidence that showed the killer using it!!!

Now this is getting bizarre. I wish he was able to easily admit his as much as Dakota did.


Evidence: Hidden Passageway, Security Feed, Pen, White Hood, Sanitizer

Dave: So you believe the killer

Dave: Used the hidden passageway

Dave: As a way to escape B.

Dave: You might think of me as an idiot...

Dave: But you don’t have proof it happened.

Dave: Not in the security feed or the passageway!!!

Samey: Dave, how else would then person leave the shed without being caught by B?

Dave: I don’t know maybe by a ghost?

Dave: I mean the guy looks like a ghost.

Dave: And besides there is no proof

Dave: That someone used the passageway

Dave: Especially not me or this supposed true killer!!!

So he’s trying to disprove the security feed and hidden passageway by saying we have no proof that it was use. Well maybe not proof exactly but I do have a reason to think the killer did use it.

Solution: Pen – used the passageway

Samey: I’ll prove you wrong!!!


Samey: Sorry Dave, but I know you did use the passageway to escape. After all how did we found this pen of yours in the exit?

Dave: My pen!?

Jasmine: May I see it.

Jasmine: Well I’ll be, isn’t this pen clean.

Lindsay: What’s wrong for it to be clean?

Jasmine: It’s not because it’s clean that I’m suspicious, but it’s because it’s completely spotless that leads into believing this is Dave’s.

Samey: Oh yeah because if I remember Dave has…


Answer: Mysophobia

Shawn: So looks like it’s over Dave. We know this pen is yours so we know that person in the white hood was you!

Dave: Th…that’s…I mean….I mean…

Jo: So I guess it’s time to ditch this guy and end the trial.

Zoey: I don’t know…but I feel like this is wrong.

Brick: What do you mean? I mean this man killed two people and then frame two others just to save his own skin.

Eva: And don’t forget that he also caused your friend to go missing. Don’t you even feel angry with everything that he did!?

Zoey: I…I am, but…this wouldn’t have happen if…

Cody: If what?

Zoey: If we weren’t stuck in this situation then people like Ella and B wouldn’t be killed by our friends.

Scott: Dave isn’t our friend, he’s a murderer psychopath that killed two of our own! How can you have sympathy for this guy!?

Zoey: It’s just he wouldn’t do it if it weren’t for Monokuma and the others.

Monokuma: Your very welcome!!! I’m happy that you are feeling the despair I share to you.

Gwen: Shut-up!!! Look Zoey, I understand what your feeling, but in the end this something that we can not avoid. We have to sacrifice Dave to continue forward.

Zoey: I…I get it. Still I wish the killing would stop. I wish none of this would happen again in the future.

Shawn: Don’t worry, all of us understand what this means so this incident won’t happen again.

Jo: We’ll see about that!!!

Beth: What did you say?

Jo: Forget about it, but let’s get to the vote. I just want to call a day and end this entire fiasco.

Beardo: But at least you got it out of your chest which is a good thing.

Mike: Don’t worry, I understand how you feel so I promise I will never kill anyone for whatever reason.

Zoey: Aww…thank’s guys! Your all my best friend!!!

At least I know I’m not the only one disturb with how use we have been. Maybe this might be the thing that was needed to end all the killing.

Dave: Hehehe….Hahahahahahaha!!!! Think the killing will end!? How pathetic!?

Heather: What are you laughing about freak show? Have you lost your mind?

Dave: I’m laughing because how stupid your mistakes were. I mean do you have proof that pen was part of the murder?

Jasmine: Don’t tell me your trying to make an excuse again despite all the evidence. That’s crazy!!!

Dave: Whatever you think, but I admit that was my pen. The thing I don’t admit is being the murderer!!! Not until you have decisive evidence!!!

Max: Your acting foolish! How will you be able to convince us that we won’t seal your fate!?

Dave: Well isn’t that simple. I mean with everything you mention isn’t it possible that I was just an accomplice for the real killer?

Lightning: Well…I guess that could happen, but the Lightning doesn’t know…

Lindsay: Yeah I mean this is possible…he could have been force to-

Jo: You guys are idiots to believe him at this point!!!

Zoey: But it looks some of the others aren’t so sure about it so can we even vote?

Scarlett: Not until Dave confess or we can show that it’s impossible that he was just a mere accomplice.

Samey: So how can we do this?

Noah: Well I guess finding a way to connect him to the killer could be a good start. Maybe with that pen since he admitted that he owns it.

Samey: I guess that’s what we have to do, even though it hurts especially with what happened with Zoey.

Scarlett: Looks like this might be our last step in taking down Dave and end this trial.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Letter, Pen, Hidden Passageway, Security Feed, White Hood, B’s Journal

Dave: So you really think that I’m still the killer!!! What a joke!? I mean where is the evidence!?

Noah: You know with that attitude of your, can you even blame us?

Dave: But you never presented evidence that I’m the killer of Alejandro and B. All you did show was a possibility that I was the killer and that I was the hooded man.

Trent: Let me guess, your going to say do you even have proof that hooded man was the killer.

Dave: Exactly and saying the bloody hood itself isn’t enough since the killer could easily steal it from underneath someone’s noses.

Topher: Man this guy is a pain. Unless we show him the decisive evidence he wants then this trial won’t end.

Noah: So let’s present him the evidence that will connect him to the killer of the case. Maybe something to do with, the hood, the pen or even Dave himself.

Scarlett: As much as I agree I can’t see anything we could use to do any of that. Of course Dave hasn’t said a testimony so we can’t just show something wrong.

Duncan: Unless it’s the part of him saying that he was an accomplish only in the murder.

I have to overcome Dave in order to put an end to this. The thing is I don’t know how to do it with someone as stubborn as Dave.

Solution: Letter – the pen

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Oh so you say nothing connects you to the killer. Am I right?

Dave: What are you trying to imply?

Samey: Oh I don’t know that maybe the pen you said that was yours was also the same pen used in making this letter.

Dave: Gyaaah!!!

Cameron: I see what you’re getting at. If the pen used in making this letter belong to Dave, that means he was also the one who wrote the letter that lured B in the crime scene.

Sam: And not to mention the part where Shawn said that he saw Dave hanging out with Alejandro so we know for sure he was the associate Alejandro talked about.

Beth: In the memo!!! Of course! Now I see how the killer could this pull it off.

Dave: But that isn’t enough!!! You haven’t showed a fraction that it was me who committed the act?

Amy: Maybe not yet, but I think my sister can think of a scenario. Am I right Samey?

Hold on!!! Did my sister call me by my actual name!? Is this a dream?

Samey: Yes I think I can and with that it will be the final nail in your coffin Dave.

Noah: Ah..because now we proven he was the one who must have written that lured B and that he was the accomplice in Alejandro’s memo that he was going to meet.

Dawn: Not to mention that letter itself is proof that both person are the same. Evidence is the part where Alejandro was mention to be there which only his accomplice could use.

Brick: And the fact he was one of the few who was in contact with the tape recorder is an added bonus.

Courtney: One more evidence against Dave will be more than enough to prove that he was guilty. So looks like this is your last chance Dave. Whether we can find that evidence is what will determine our vote on you.

Dave: Like you can find it!!! I’m pretty sure that evidence doesn’t exist like the chance that I’m the killer.

Samey: Unfortunately Dave if we do find it, this will be the end for you since nothing else that you say will convince us that you’re not guilty.

Scarlett: So what’s left is to bring the finishing blow and show Dave that he had to be the one who killed B and Alejandro.

Samey: Yes and I won’t fail you know.

Even though I don’t know exactly what that decisive evidence will be. I guess I have to review the case once more and see what it was.

Dave: There is no way you can prove I’m the killer. I’m innocent and I’ll keep insisting that until you agree or you show decisive evidence.

You know that one part doesn’t seem to help much at first, but I think I can use it as inspiration on what my final blow will be on our killer. Looks like B did leave the vital weapon against the killer before he died. So in honor of you B, I’ll use your final clue as the coup d’etat of you killer. Your going down Dave!!!

P.T.A (VS Dave)

Dave: I won’t listen!!!

Dave: I’ll burn your arguments into ash!!!

Dave: You’re ridiculous and make no sense!!!

Dave: You remind me of Sky.

Dave: Why do you have to hurt me?

Dave: You really think you’re innocent!?

Dave: There is a reason why you’re all stuck here!

Dave: All of us should be cleanse from this world!


Dave: Show me evidence that it was me who killed B and Alejandro! Show me you that you all deserve to live over me!!!


SHOES                  GUN


Solution: Gun Powder On Shoes

Samey: I will finish this Class Trial!!!


Dave: So you think that you have what it takes to end this trial? Well why not you use action then!?

Samey: Oh I will and the weapon I will be using is something you own yourself!

Dave: As if!!! Why could I have that could cause me my downfall?

Samey: How about your shoes Dave?

Dave: My shoes? Are you trying to act like Izzy because not funny man.

I’m not a man, I’m a lovely and wonderful lady. Well girl, but-…It’s not the point!

Samey: Do you guys remember how the bodies were?

Owen: Umm…bleeding and all dead? Oh they were Alejandro’s and B’s!!!

Noah: I think she’s referring to the shoes Big Guy. Or more specifically she’s trying to point to B’s shoes.

Katie: What’s so important about B’s shoes?

Sadie: Yeah all I know it was powdery and smelled like smoke.

Brick: Gunpowder!!! B had gunpowder in his shoes!!!

Bridgette: Most likely because he was shot-up close by the killer. So how is that relevant?

Samey: Well think this through by reverse. If B’s shoes were covered in gunpowder because he was close to it when it was shot, who’s shoes should also have gunpowder?

Jasmine: The killer aka Dave!!! If we find traces of gunpowder in his shoes…

Shawn: His entire scheme would blow up in his face.

Dave: …

Samey: Then someone please check his shoes and tell me if it has-

Dave: Why not we skip that and get straight to the point? You know the part I’m talking about Samey. The one that we always have when we finish the Entertainment of our captors.

Monokuma: That would be me and thank you for mentioning me! I haven’t been having much screen time

Samey: Umm... are you talking about the voting? Because if you want I guess we could oblige and-

Dawn: Not to harm your feelings my friend, but I think he’s trying to say the summary.

Noah: Yeah and I really think we need one base on how crazy this entire Class Trial was.

Dave: Please do it. I guarantee you miss something in your way of solving it, but that part won’t change the outcome of the Class Trial. I mean aren’t you curious about what it is?

Samey: That…

Courtney: Do it. As far as I can tell having loss ends is not a good way to end a person’s life. So do what he says and we’ll tie the last knot this entire case left behind.

Samey: Alright then. But I’m only doing this not because of the loss end, but to show you how terrible murdering another really is. I wish for something like this not to ever happen again!!!


Let’s begin with how his entire case started which would be the tape recorder. The tape recorder contained the vital information about the locations of the weapon caches and most dangerously info about a hidden nuclear grenade. Only three people ever had access to this who are none other than Brick, Ezekiel, who is already decease by the time the case began, and finally our killer. This tape became the catalyst for the entire case. Not to mention the USB found in Boney Island became the breaking point for our killer to begin their dastardly deed.

The killer first needed the right connection for the murder. They already knew about Brick’s secret so they could easily access groups that would have something to do with it. They first became part of Alejandro’s group by acting as his secret accomplice from the other members Amy and Heather and then became associate with Dawn and Noah which allowed him to have a lead on Noah’s and B’s partnership. However in order to make sure he could use the two men’s alliance to his advantage, he decided to eavesdrop B in his shed. Hiding himself with a white hood he snuck in the shed and waited for B to arrive and then after learning info about how B and Noah did their work, the killer began to execute his plan to murder B and Alejandro and frame two of their partners.

The first thing the killer did was sabotaging the message system between B and Noah. By stealing the purple book Noah and B were using to secretly relay intel to each other, the killer was able to set paranoia on the two collaborators. Then the killer returned the purple book so that he could leave a fake message to make B distrust it. Not part of the plan however was Noah actually getting the book first and writing a message so the killer needed to get rid of the message and leave his own which in turn left physical evidence of sabotage, but B probably didn’t notice. Most likely because the killer used a letter to tell B not trust the purple book, and to guarantee that he would believe it the killer used Noah’s handwriting that he got from the his own message in the book.

We know also this killer was also the secret accomplice of Alejandro to because written in the letter was only something the person Alejandro mention in the memo would know. And then sending the message to Alejandro to meet him yesterday night, the killer was all set for the murder so now what was left was the frame-up. The killer used my twin sister, Amy, as his first fall guy, by tricking her into trying to kill while taking a picture during the shooting using B’s camera that he likely stole when he snuck in his shed. However we were able to prove the shooting couldn’t happen during the actual murder because of the ashes that clung on to it during Amy shooting. And as a back-up plan used Noah as a second fall guy by making it look like that B’s associate would be the killer, aka Noah.

Then the actual killing has begun. By hiding himself with the cover of the heavy storm and a white hood which he mention in B’s letter, the killer was able to disguise himself enough into tricking B that he was Noah. B approach the person who was supposedly Noah but unfortunately for him was shot to his death by one bullet in close-up. This in turn left gunpowder on the killer’s shoes, which would also lead the downfall for him later in the Class Trial. Now with the first murder done he was waiting for the second victim so he could commit his second crime.

Alejandro having been told by his accomplice to meet him in secret due to saying that he knows the location of the gun, was lured to his death. To guarantee his partner’s death, the killer opened up a hole which was premade due to it being a weapon cache and awaited for his prey to fall into the trap, literally. Alejandro seeing B’s body likely ran towards him, but unbeknownst to him a hole lays next his body and he fell in. Now with him trap and easy to pick off, our killer dropped the golden bust and smashed his next victim’s head. Which he then afterwards pulled it back out with the help of a rope and the truck. Alejandro now dead needed his body out of the hole so the killer could hide the actual method of killing. So the killer used a trick with a blanket underneath the hole in which he wrapped around Alejandro’s body so that he could pull him out.

Now with the murder done the killer then Alejandro’s body in front of the library and then rigged the bronze bust to look like the actual murder while leaving the silver one alone and intact. Then placing the camera that he already set-up the day before with Amy’s attack, the entire plan was done and ready. Now all the killed did was return back to his cabin and then pretend to be shock when the bodies were found. Our killer could be only one persona and that one person is the one who had contact with the tape-recorder and was part of the groups’ of both victims.

Scene: The blacken laughing mad.

Samey: This ends your rain of terror Dave!!! The killer behind this entire incident!!!

Scene: The blacken is revealed to be Dave.


Dave: Well looks like all you deserve to live after all. Now since this entire case has ended I think it’s only fair that I die. I mean I lost this battle to the death.

Shawn: I’m pretty sure Dave was never this crazy even when Sky broke his heart.

Jasmine: I seriously wonder what happened to this kid, but I guess we can’t do anything about it.


Scene: A lottery machine which ahs all the faces of the competitors is spinning. It then stops to three faces of Dave and the neon sign on top says glows guilty while million of Mono coins burst flows down.

- Dave confess the entire crime, saying that his motive was then when he found out the secret of the USB, he knew everyone should be punish.

- Courtney ask what he means but Dave claims that knowing the secret would make them end up like him.

- Dave also reveals what was left out in the summary. Where was the gun? Dave reveals he has it and then shoots the USB Monokuma gave him.

- As everyone was shock, Monokuma was about to execute Dave...until...

- Dave shot Samey and then shot himself. Cancelling his execution and Samey's fate...

What happens next? Find out in the next part in whenever.

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