If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class Tria they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.


SIERRA DEAD 3rd Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim

Link to Danganronpa Chapter 3:

So in the last part we have two new victims. They are Sierra and Ezekiel who died mysteriously in an incident involving plenty of boats and the dreaded Boney Island. Can you solve and identify our double murderer. The clues are here below and with that the Class Trial has commence.


- Monokuma File 03:

Victims: Sierra and Ezekiel

Time of Death: 12: 04 and 1: 30 respectively

Cause of Death: Blunt Force Trauma and Run Over

Miscallenous: Traces of chlorine can be found in one of the bodies.

- Head Injury: Sierra has receive a head injury in the front while Ezekiel was in back of the head of his.

- Location of the Body: Ezekiel's body was found in the middle of the lake while Sierra was at the shore

- Boat of Losers: The boat was found in the middle of the water near Ezekiel's floating body

- Side of the Boat: The boat has a dent and trickles of blood.

- Front of the Boat: The boat's is crack in the middle suggestiing it hit something.

- Blood in the Boat: The floor of the Boat of Shame has blood around the floor

- Wet Boulder: A boulder was found at the bottom of the lake. It has traces of blood.

- Ezekiel's Hat: Ezekiel's hat can be found at the shore of Boney Island away from his body.

- Speed Boat: A yellow speedboat can be found at the opposite shore of Boney Island.

- Dent: On the front of the speedboat, a dent can be seen. Likely done because of a blunt force.

- Yellow Paint: For some reason streaks of yellow paint can be found at the door of speedboat.

- Brown Paint: Brown liquid can be found at the rears of the speedboat's door.

- Boatkeys: Keys for the Boat of Shame is at the shores of Boney Island.

- Jetskis: One of the jetskis in Boney Island is empty of fuel. Indicating someone used it.

- Lifeboat: One of the lifeboats for Boney Island is missing. No traces of it can be found. Worth noting is that the lifeboat can only carry a single person.

- Ashes: Seems like a fire happen here. Among the ashes lies some tartered clothing. More precise a yellow top and pair of jeans.

- Duffal Bag: A duffel bag is found at the woods of Boney Island. It's empty with an execption of pieces of yellow fabric.

- Sierra's Phone: Sierra's phone can be found in the water. It's broken.

- Brick's Testimony: Brick claims that he was the one in charge of the Boat of Shame but he lended his keys for it to Ezekiel.

- Jasmine's Testimony: The two boats that were found in Boney Island belonged to both victims. Speed boat for Sierra and Boat of Shame to Brick.

- Cody's Testimony: Cody was found at the cabin in Boney Island. Cody said something happen to him which cause him to be knock-out and when regaining conscience he was at the cabin.

- Dawn's Testimony: The key for the sealed bins of the girls was taking from her last night.

- Sam's Testimony: Sam notices that Sierra never leaves Cody ever since the incident with Brick. The only time is when he's sleeping or when she's busy with the musuem.

- Courtney's Testimony: Courtney has been in the case of Sierra for staying up late to work on her musuem.

- Breath Mints: Garlic breath mints were found inside Zeke's pocket. For some strange reason the mints smell weird.

- Sierra's Musuem: The musuem Sierra made was meant to be an alter for the people who died. The musuem contains specific info to even living contestants. More specifically Cody.

- Antidote: A syringe for allergy reaction can be found at the camp grounds. The syringe is empty and seems to have been use.

- Duncan's Costume: The hooded costume Duncan offered in the musuem Sierra made was stolen. The case seem to be force open.

- Nail Buffer: A silver nail buffer can be found inside the Boat of Shame. But what's purpose is it for.


PoV: Samey

Monokuma: Welcome to the Class Trial! I know everyone is aware about the rules of this wonderful event but as a refresher I will tell you once more.

Gwen: Yippee. Wasting our time with the sociopath.

Monokuma: In the Class Trial you guys will be discussing about the death or in this case deaths of your fellow contestants. And those two lucky chosen ones were Ezekiel and Sierra!

Katie: Poor Sierra. I would have like to talk to her more.

Sadie: I know Katie. But we should do our best to find her killer!!! That's what she would want!!!

Katie: Your totally right about that!

Noah: Looks like Ezekiel has been forgetten.

Monokuma: So you must now try to identify their killer. If you get it right then everyone but the killer will be able to leave the Trial Room alive. But getting it wrong will result in the lovely screams and every single one of you. Oh and the killer gets to leave but who cares about that.

Jo: We already know that already. Let's just get this rolling and over with.

Rodney: OK, so Ezekiel was found dead in the middle of the water while Sierra ws found at the shores of Boney Island.

Harold: Not surprising that would be where it took place. A creepy atmosphere like that would be the perfect location for a mad killer.

Duncan: Yeah, yeah it looks a serial killer's hunting ground. We get it, but if we want to live we have to get to the important stuff Doris.

Courtney: This is really wrong if even the juvenille took it seriously. At least he won't be a hindrance like usual.

Heather: Enough blabbering around and get to the details of the murder. Otherwise we will all end up like the two losers.

Zoey: That's just not a nice thing to say Heather.

Samey: Oh man I'm nervous.

But I'm pretty sure I can get this right. I mean we all just die if we get it wrong so no pressure.

Scarlett: Get this right or everything I tried to teach you will all be for nothing!!!

Samey: This is already hard enough Scarlett. Don't make it any worse!!!

Amy: Looks like my sister may need to embarress herself before getting it.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Dent, Speed Boat, Boat of Losers, Side of the Boat, Front of the Boat

DJ: So it's safe to say that both victims came to Boney Island by the two boats we found.

Jasmine: It is safe to say yes. Both of the victims held the respective keys for each of the boats.

Mike: But then how did the killer get to the Island without either of them?

Cameron: Actually I have a theory myself. In fact it may sound impossible but even you must admit it should be worth considering.

Alejandro: Enlighten us my glass-eyes friend. We would be honor to be in your grace.

Cameron: Thanks...Alejandro. Anyway I have a feeling the killer is Ezekiel.

Dakota: Huh? Ezekiel? But isn't he the victim of the case?

Cameron: Now listen here. It may seem stupid but remember that their is no other way to get their but with the two boats.

Geoff: So how can Zeke be the killer? Zeke must have died from blunt force so how did he do it to himself accidentally?

Cameron: Simple. To explain all the bumps, Zeke must have tried to hit Sierra's boat while she was driving it. So while she was she fell of the boat and then Zeke run her over.

Brick: Okay so it makes sense on how Zeke killed Sierra. But what about him killing himself?

Cameron: That is easy. Zeke while driving the boat trip and bump his head on the side of the boat and fell off. He died from the hit instantly and wth this it would explain the condition of the crime. This must have happen moments after Sierra's death.

I don't know. Something Cameron said doesn't make sense. That question is what?

Solution: Monokuma File 03 - moments after Sierra's death.

Samey: W..WRONG!!!


Samey: *exhaling* I...It's impossible the killer... or Zeke in this case...died moments after the murder. So what you said can't be true.

Cameron: Can you tell me why? I won't be offended if I am wrong.

Topher: Yeah, we can't just listen to you without any proof.

Samey: I do have. The Monokuma File we all received. It says here that the time of death took place at 12:04 and 1:30. That is more then an hour between the two deaths. How can Zeke kill Sierra then afterwards kill himself immediately.

Cameron: make a really good point. I conside to your argument.

Amy: Why is Samey being praise? This must be some bad dream.

Anne-Marie: Okay so now were saying the person who killed Home School and Fangirl wasn't each other. So now what do we discuss.

Sugar: Hey I have a great idea!!!

Noah: Oh great. Now Tons-of-Tub is going to propose something. Sounds like big fun.

Sugar: Listen to this. What if both of them have different killers? Now that would make this entire case easier to understand.

Tyler: Actually that would make this case a little less complicated.

Lindsay: Your so right Tyler. Maybe we should just say that is it.

Beth: I don't know. For now let's look at it as just a possibility.

Scarlett: A possibility you will have to prove incorrect Samey. Have fun and do the same thing as before.

Samey: If you knew the mistake why not you say it? This is making my heart pounding.

Amy: She only had beginners luck. And now time for the real Samey to show how much of an idiot is she.

Now that was just mean.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Speed Boat, Boat of Losers, Jetskis, Lifeboat, Jasmine's Testimony

Sugar: So listen up and you'll all be Sugared with my intelligence.

Noah: You having intelligence is that day when Owen doesn't fart.

Owen: Which will never happen!!! I swear on my life!!!

Trent: Come on Noah. Let's just hear her out for now.

Sugar: Anyway as I said the killer isn't a killer. It's killers!!! There are more then one killer that killed our two victims.

LeShawna: So your saying that for some reason 4 people went to the island and then two of them killed people.

Harold: That sounds really unlikely. Their wouldn't be a reason for four people to even go there.

Zoey: Yeah. I mean how could the killers even get to the island without the boats.

Sugar: Simple. The boats. My brain tells me they use does boats to get their. I mean wasn't that obvious.

Dawn: Very unlikely I must say.

Cody: Although I can come up a few occurence with that happening.

Sugar: You see!!! My idea is a fact!!!

A fact? If it were a fact found by you then we should have ended this trial before it even started.

Solution: Lifeboats - It's killers!!!

Samey: W..Wrong!!!


Samey: Sugar. If it were two killers then how could both of them escape the island. Only one lifeboat was use to escape the island.

DJ: Maybe they were accomplishes and shared the same boat.

Shawn: That's impossible!!! The lifeboats can only be able to support one person!!! I tested it before with Jasmine.

Jasmine: Which I must say make these boats pretty poor conditioned. Isn't that right Monokuma?

Monokuma: What? Don't look at me with those scary eyes.

Dave: So it looks like your Sugaring ended up leaving a bitter taste.

Sugar: Shut your blabber.

Noah: Nice one Dave. I think we might have a good friendship.

Dave: Sure thing. A good freindship. Ha ha ha.

Owen: Why do you both look nervous?

Samey: I think we should ignore that and actually get going with the case,

At least we establish that there is one killer. But we haven't even tackled the real mysteries yet.

Scarlett: Excellent Samey. Make sure the conversation doesn't lead astray otherwise we might lose our sight to the truth.

Lindsay: So the only thing we are sure is that their is two killers and one of them can be Zeke. Right?

Beth: It's actually the opposite Lindsay. What we prove was that neither of those can happen.

Eva: So what!? Are we getting closer in finding the killer!?

Courtney: Not yet, but as of now we have at least subtle hints about the killer.

Brick: From what I can tell the killer must rid with one of the two victims. But who?

Samey: I..I think...I can answer that.

Sam: Really? Who?

Scarlett: Of course. Even a toddler can answer this with a little thinking.

Samey: It's very likely this was the person who culprit rode with to get to Boney Island.



Samey: I PICK YOU!!!


Samey: It has to be Sierra that brought the killer their.

Lightning: Really? How?

Katie: I would think it would be the creep Zeke. He would do something like help a killer.

Sadie: I totally agree. Zeke would do any of those.

Samey: But the time of death doesn't support that. In fact it's a very powerful thing that supports my idea it being Sierra.

Amy: Oh please. How does the time of death even help us?

Scarlett: Because we know Sierra died at Boney Island a hour before Zeke. It would be weird to think Zeke was their an hour with Sierra dead.

Scott: I don't know? Couldn't it be possible to transport Sierra body their before hand?

Scarlett: I don't know. It would be difficult to kill Sierra in the main island because of a certain person.

Noah: I would like to hear their names Scarlett.

Scarlett: Isn't it obvious. Courtney.

Courtney: Me? Why?

Jasmine: Oh yeah. You've been keeping an eye-out on Sierra the entire time due to the musuem she is making.

Shawn: So you notice anything with Sierra the entire time you were looking at her?

Courtney: First of all it wasn't even that long at nighttime so this may not be reliable, but no I didn't see anything happening.

Max: Hmm...not complete, but still it's safe to say the killer wouldn't risk being suspicious with Courtney out of everyone watching.

Beth: So it's likely Sierra was the one who brough the killer their, The question is why would she do that.

Cody: Ye...yeah, no reason for Sierra,,,to bring a person their.

Tyler: Why are you acting nervous Cody?


Eva: I wonder. Maybe you have a good reason to be nervous. Maybe because you don't want anyone to find out what you did traitor?

Lindsay: Huh? What does that mean?

Bridgette: Are you trying to say...

Eva: Cody has to be the killer!!! He would be the only one that the fangirl would want to take to Boney Island!!!

Mike: This might get messy.

Non-Stop Debate

Evidence: Cody's Testimony, Courtney's Testimony, Brick's Testimony, Dawn's Testimony

Eva: It has to be Cody!!! He is the killer!!!

Cody: No I'm not!!! Why am I even consider suspicious? I have nothing to do with the case.

Eva: As if!!! Sierra died so you have to involved!!!

Izzy: Oh yeah. Those two were pretty close and never apart.

Cody: We were not!!! She was just a stalker.

Rodney: Wouldn't that mean you have a motive to kill Sierra?

Mike: Although the motive Monokuma did wouldn't be the main inspiration then if that were the case.

Eva: The motive doesn't matter in this case! We have the killer!!!

Noah: Okay then Musclehead. Explain why he would kill Ezekiel then.

Eva: Because he was a witness. He saw what happened that night which is why Cody needed to kill him.

Topher: I can't think of a reason for him to go their but'll bite. So is that all you have?

Eva: Whatever. In the end it is possible for the killer. In fact it would make sense if it was him.

I agree that Cody might be involve because of Sierra being their but right now I need to think and see what really happen last night.

Solution: Cody's Testimony - nothing to do with the case.

Samey: T..That's wrong!!!


Samey: Cody you are involve with this case. In fact I think you play a big role in it.

Cody: How am I involve? I don't understand at all.

Samey: It was the way you woke up Cody. Or better yet where you woke up.

Dawn: I agree. Cody did wake up at the cabin in Boney Island. Am I right?

Noah: Yeah, I even was the one who found him their sucking his thumb.

Trent: Aww. How cute is that Cody.

Cody: Don't say that. I already look pathetic enough as it is.

I know how you feel. After what Amy made me go through. But I have to do this so we can survive the trial.

Jo: So are we done here? It looks like Tech Nerd did it. Get moving with the vote already.

Eva: Good. So we can finally move on and get some rest.

Cody: Wait!!! I'm not the killer!!! It's true that I woke up inside the cabin but I swear I didn't do anything wrong to anybody.

Owen: I think so to. Cody is way to nice to do something like kill two people.

Eva: Yeah right. If you really want me to clear this situation then I will although it's a complete waste of time.

Bridgette: Better safe then sorry. Honestly I don't even want to think Cody being a murderer despite his slight pervertiness.

Geoff: I agree. Cody is a good dude.

Beardo: I have no idea how this will go.

Scarlett: I think I know but I wonder if Samey has the same idea.

Amy: Of course not. She is too dumb to solve this case.

Make sure to shut-up Amy by proving her that I can be smart. That is what I need to focus.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cody's Testimony, Dawn's Testimony, Boatkeys, Duffelbag, Antidote

Eva: Listen up and understand how Cody is the killer!!! I won't repeat myself after that!

Dakota: Jeez, don't yell. We can hear you well and clear.

Dave: I don't even know if what we have is decisive. I mean all we know is that Cody was found at Boney Island but I think that's all about it.

Anne-Marie: Although I wonder why would he stay in the island instead of escaping?

Sam: That's true. It's strange that he would even stay their.

Eva: I don't know. It could only because he was sloppy. Make sense with a nerd to make a wrong move.

Amy: Still there is no denying that Cody could easily get Sierra to Boney Island. She would do anything for him if he only ask.

Gwen: But still something feels wrong here. Like Cody being the killer is being to obvious.

Cody: That's right!!! Because I'm being frame for the murder!

Eva: As if you traitor!!! You had a motive and you were the only one in Boney Island. There is no reason for you to be brought there by Sierra unless you were trying to kill her.

Another reason for Sierra to bring him there. This maybe a stretch but I believe the real reason for him there is because of this.

Solution: Cody's Testimony - no reason

Samey: T...that's wrong!!!


Samey: No. Cody was indeed brought their by Sierra.

Jo: So looks like Eva is right. Let's get this entire wrap and move on.

Max: Are you really saying that wimp did the evil deed. I guess I have to train my evil eye more.

Samey: Hold on!!! I only said he was brought there by Sierra. But that doesn't mean he was the killer.

Jasmine: Really? Then why was he brough there?

Samey: I remember Cody said he was knock-out yesterday. I have feeling Sierra found him like that and brought him to the Boney Island due to these items...

(Canoes/Antidotes/Medical Supplies/Ashes)

Answer: Medical Supplies

Samey: This was the main reason he was brought their. To be aided by Sierra for being knock out. With the medical supplies in the island.



Samey: Eyah!!! Eva why did you yell at me!?

Eva: Because you are being an idiot falling for an onvious ploy.

Samey: What do you mean by that?

Eva: It means your being trick by Cody!!! I know he really is the killer!!!

Samey: Eva...but I have reasons to believe...

Eva: You listen to me and you'll realize that I am right!!!

I think I want to go home now.


Evidence: Lifeboat, Ashes, Antidote, Duffal Bag Boatkeys

Eva: You are an idiot!!!

Eva: You don't even realize how stupid you mistake is!!!

Eva: You think Cody was knock-out?

Eva: And that's why Sierra brought him!!!

Eva: That's ridiculous!!!

Eva: It's clear Cody is lying to save himself.

Samey: you have an.y.y proof?

Eva: Ha isn't that obvious!

Eva: He was found inside the cabin of Boney Island!

Eva: It clearly meant he went their last night.

Eva: I mean do you have any proof that he was there for medical reasons.

Eva: If you do then let's hear it!!!

Eva: But I'm sure you don't even have any!!!

This is really scary but right now I have to brave. I need to stand up for myself in order for us to survive.

Solution: Antidote - there for medical reasons

Samey: I'll show you!!!


Samey: Then explain the antidote!

Eva: The antidote!? What are you talking about!?

Samey: There is antidote found at the grounds. And it was use so it means that at some point someone needed medical purposes.

Jasmine: Really? Oh I see...

Duncan: You want to say something?


Was there something weird about the antidote? I mean I prove someone used the medical supplies. Unless something isn't right about what I said.

Cameron: Actually can I see the antidote?

Topher: Why would you need to take a look?

Cameron: Because I want to see if I can recognize the antidote. Maybe I could figure out what this antidote is meant for.

Alejandro: That is a good idea amigo. Maybe this little tidbit could explain what happen to cause this misfortune.

Scarlett: I have it with me so let's see if you can tell what this is for.

Cameron: looks like an antidote for allergic reaction.

Dawn: Allergy reaction? Is it for any specific allergies?

Cameron: It doesn't say. I think it means that it would work for anyone who is suffering an allergic reaction.

Jo: But that's not enough yet to show that Cody did have an allergy reaction! You haven't showed anything that the wimp could be allergic to.

Shawn: I hate to agree with her but she's right. Unless you could show something that can make Cody have an allergic reaction then this doesn't really prove much.

Oh man. If only Sierra is here then I could ask for what Cody is allergic to,

Amy: Looks like Samey is an idiot as usual. Guess we should move on.

No I want to prove Amy is wrong but if I have no idea what Cody is allergic to.

Scarlett: You know pest are things that many are allergic to.

Lindsay: Pest? Like bugs?

Bugs? I think Scarlett game me a hint. I just have to figure it out throught that tip Scarlett gave. Now bug..bug...bug...


What could Cody be allergic to? All I know it's a bug.


Answer: White Ants

Samey: Now I know!!!


Samey: How about the white ants we found in Boney Island? Couldn't Cody be allergic to those.

Beardo: Those little critters. I know some are but not sure with Cody.

Cody: Actually I am allergic to white ants. Don't you remember Gwen.

Gwen: Please let me forget that ever happened. I never want to think about the Amazon Forest again.

Eva: But couldn't the little Nerd be lying!? He might just say that to protect himself.

Noah: Actually there is an easy way to see if Cody just though about it now or not. All we have to do is look at this.

Samey: you mean...

(Jasmine's Report/ Courtney's Report/Cody's Report/Sierra's Phone)

Answer: Jasmine's Report

Dawn: Correct. Jasmine did recorded the allergic reactions yesterday night.

Trent: That was because I had an allergic reaction yesterday due to some fish, Lindsay

Lindsay: I'm sorry about that Treck.

Tyler: You should have though twice having Lindsay to cook for you.

Geoff: So if we take a look at that we can tell if Cody is lying or not.

Dakota: So why not you tell us Jasmine. Is Cody allergic to white ants or not?

Jasmine: Actually he is. He is allergic to white ants and some other things.

Max: Hold on!!! Then explain why Cody would get an allergic reaction at the main island!? An evil mastermind will not be trick by a flimsy act of evil.

Katie: Is there proof Cody got bitten in the main island.

Sadie: Yeah, any proof?

Noah: I don't know maybe because the antidote was found at the main island so it meant it was use in the main island.

Max: You fools haven't answered my question!!! How did Cody get a reactions!?

Sugar:  Um...getting biten by an ant?

DJ: Oh that's the problem. The white ants are found in Boney Island so how did they get to the main island,

Heather: Are you guys idiots!? It's obvious how!

Sam: Because an ant swam to the island?

Samey: I'm sorry Sam but the real reason is because...

(The killer place the ant/ The killer is an ant/ Sierra did it/ Ezekiel did it)

Answer: The killer place the ant.

Samey: What the killer did is place the ant to Cody. Doing that was because the killer needed Sierra to go to Boney Island.

Courtney: I get it! So the killer made Cody have an allergy reaction which cause Sierra to bring him to Boney Island for medical reasons.

Brick: She wouldn't ask help because of the incident between me and her. It cause her not to trust anyone with Cody.

Owen: So Sierra fell to a trap. Like me with the corndog prank Duncan did.

Duncan: HAHAHAHA! Now that was hilarious!

Scarlett: So now we know what Cody's role was. A bait to lure Sierra to Boney Island.

Harold: So the killer would be able to get her. I wouldn't be surprise if the killer even went with Sierra or hid in the boat to get themselves to the island.

Anne-Marie: They probably were the one who gave the antidote to Cody, Because killing him would cause more trouble then it's worth.

Mike: And break the rule of only killing two people if they were also planning to kill Ezekiel.

Eva: Still...Cody can still be killer!

Scott: Would the killer be stupid enough to risk their life?

Jo: But their is still a problem I have with what Samey said.

She found a problem?

Amy: Oh please tell. We need your words of wisdom.

Jo: Don't try sweet talking me. Look if Cody was going to get an allergic reaction to get Sierra to bring him in Boney Island, how did the killer know when to do it without being seen by Sierra?

Amy: Oh that's right. Sierra never leaves Cody so it would be difficult to get him alone.

Dakota: Yeah, and everyone knows what Sierra would do if she see anyone trying to hurt Cody.

Yup, Sierra would have been the killer if that were the case. And our killer now would be the victim instead.

Brick: Don't even ask. Nothing in the military could have train me for that,

I need to think of what could the window of opportunity be for the killer to get Cody without being seen by anyone or Sierra.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cody's Testimony, Antidote, Sam's Testimony, Sierra's Museum

Jo: It's pretty obvious that chick is way to attach with Suoer Nerd. There is no way the killer could get him without Sierra seeing it.

Beardo: Yuuuuup. Sierra would never let him be alone.

Trent: Unless Cody was in the bathroom.

Alejandro: Or he's sleeping at the boy's cabin. Probably because we never let her in.

Anne-Marie: Could they distract Sierra with something? Maybe with a new brand of hairspray.

Harold: Or drug her so she would be unconscience when it happens. Like a ninja!!!

Dakota: Or is it possible that they place the white ant in a trap that Cody trigger. Though I have no idea how.

Eva: But I doubt any of that true!!! There is no evidence for those ideas!!!

Dawn: This is one dark and bothersome mystery. Even I can't see the light in this problem.

So getting an opportunity to get to Cody without being seen by Sierra? There is something I heard that makes it possible.

Solution: Sam's Testimony - no way the killer could get him

Samey: Your wrong!!!


Samey: I know the opportunity the killer used. An opportunity where Sierra wasn't with Cody.

Dave: Really? Sierra leaving Cody alone!? Did we just have a miracle?

Jo: That's impossible!!! I though this true and there is no way I made a mista-

Samey: The musuem. When Sierra is not with Cody she always seems to busy with working at the musuem. So that was the killer use as an opportunity to get Sierra.

Zoey: Now that you mention it. That's true. Sierra was always the most serious with it.

Scarlett: So it's entirely possible for the killer to know if Sierra isn't with Cody if they see her at the musuem.

Eva: But is there even proof the killer visited the musuem?

Noah: Actually I think there is.

Eva: Your serious!?

Samey: Oh I know what your talking about! The proof the killer even went to the musuem was...

(The antidote/The costume/ The boatkeys/ The cellphone)

Answer: The costume

Dawn: When we went to investigate at the musuem we notice the costume went missing.

Duncan: You mean the one I did. And I spent 100 bucks on that.

Harold: Serves you right! Hahahaha- *smack* Owww....

Cameron: Wouldn't want to make him anrgy. You might end up being the next victim because of that.

Wait if they use they stole the costume that would also mean...

Samey: Hey guys I though about something just now. And it's how the costume was use.

Amy: How the costume been use? Now don't be silly!!! It's impossible that what your saying is right!!!

Shawn: I actually want to listen to what Samey has to say. It sounds like she's on to something.

Amy: Hey!!! What's going on!?

Take that Amy!!!

Dakota: Go on Samey. Tell us how the costume was use please.

Samey: It's not that difficult to come up with me. The thing is the costume was use as a disguise for the killer.

Cody: A disguise?

Samey: Remember what the killer did to Cody guys?

Rodney: Place a white ant on him so he can get an allergy reaction.

Dawn: Oh I see where your getting at. The killer needed a disguise because if Cody did see the killer then their identity would be found out.

Noah: So putting on a costume when doing that was what the killer did to prevent it from happening.

Alejandro: The killer also most likely ditch the costume as soon as they were done using it.

Topher: Still, where did the killer the place the costume? Costume don't tend to disappear from midair.

Now that is something I hadn't figure out yet.  Might take some time to figure that out.

Jasmine: I would like to hear the answer to. But first I would like for Samey to clarify the sequence of what happened between Sierra and Cody in this case.

Dakota: Yeah explain it Samey, even I'm confuse on how this happen.

Amy: Dang it!!! Why is everyone listening Samey!?

The look at Amy's face is worth it. Now I wish I could record it to watch it over and over.

Samey: Sure thing. Here is the sequence of the events.


When did the killer get the white ant and costume?

(Before the attack/During the attack/After the attack)

Where was Sierra during the time of Cody's attack?

(Musuem/Dining Hall/ Girl's Cabin/ Boney Island)

When did the killer heal Cody's allergy reaction?

(After the attack/During the attack/Before the attack/At Boney Island)

How did the killer get in Boney Island?

(Riding by themselves/Riding with Sierra/Swimming/Riding with Ezekiel)

Answer: 1,1,1,2

Samey: I think I made it!!!


Samey: The plan the killer did is this. They grab a white ant in Boney Island and then while in disguise attack Cody while Sierra was busy with the musuem. Afterwards the killer then use an antidote at Cody to heal him.

DJ: So they wouldn't have a 3rd victim if Ezekiel was meant to be a target.

Samey: So when Sierra what happen to Cody, most likely the killer appear to Sierra and then had her get them to Boney Island saying it was for the medical supplies.

Gwen: Made sense since the killer needed a way to Boney Island and we did establish the killer most likely has Sierra did it.

Samey: So with a pretense of trying to help Cody, the killer tricked Sierra to go there and then killed her there.

Alejandro: So that is how the killer did it. How they were able to kill Sierra in Boney Island.

Dakota: Okay so we've been talking about Sierra's incident but aren't we forgetting something?

Cody: What? The weapon use to kill Sierra?

Dakota: Well that but also one more thing.

Owen: What would that be?

Dakota: Ezekiel's murder! We haven't even figure out why was he even in Boney Island.

Duncan: Weeeellll...yeah we need to talk about that to I guess.

Bridgette: It's pretty sad that no one seems to care about Zeke's murder.

Which is sad since he wasn't too much of a bad guy.

Courtney: I guess it's time we move on Zeke's case.

Topher: Hold on! Before we do that let's talk about costume. I still think we should figure out first where the costume went.

Lightning: Chill man, let's just move on with Homeschool.

Noah: Actually why not. We should just get the costume thing done with.

Max: Whaaaatttt!!!???  Are you an idiotic peon!?

Samey: I agree and also I think the costume might something to do with Zeke's case also.

I don't why but I just have a feeling.

Scarlett: Even I don't see what your getting at. But I guess I'll trust you for now.

Ezekiel...this mystery is as illusive as the USB and the list in the tape-recording. But for whatever strange reason the costume must have importance like those two.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Ashes, Boatkeys, Ezekiel Hat, Lifeboat, Duncan's Costume

Harold: So the costumes location is unknown. Must be in a place we haven't search yet.

Amy: And for some reason Saaaamey thinks it's related to Ezekiel death without any proof.

Cameron: For now we should just consider the Samey's theory for now.

Geoff: How about this for the location, what if they did the same thing like Leonard dude and is wearing it.

Bridgette: No offense babe, but that isn't possible with how big the costume was.

Lindsay: Couldn't the killer have destroyed it? Maybe with a shredder!!!

Heather: Unfortunely we have no shredders here! Otherwise I would gotten revenge with me

Mike: Now as for the connection...maybe the killer use the costume as disguise for Ezekiel's murder?

Katie: Doesn't seem right for some reason though.

Dawn: Or is it possible the costume was maybe use as a way to lure Ezekiel to Boney Island.

Duncan: Now that sounds like a move in a horror movie move. I like it.

The thing that happened to the costume? Well this might explain why it never was found.

Solution: Ashes - wearing it

Samey: Your right!!!


Samey: The explains the ashes. After giving Cody an allergy reaction the killer brought it to Boney Island.

Beth: Oh and then the killer burned it there.

Gwen: They probably burned it after killing Sierra otherwise Sierra most likely would have attack the killer.

Brick: And we would know how that would end up.

Alejandro: So I guess that was purpose of the fire the killer did.

Scarlett: Actually the killer didn't just use the fire to destroy evidence. Most likely this is what they use it for as well.


Answer: Bait

Samey: I now realize what the costume's relation to Zeke's death.

Amy: Oh really then say it!

Man, Amy is getting really angry now.

Samey: The killer made a fire not only to destroy the costume but to lure Zeke into going to Boney Island.

Brick: Luring Ezekiel? You mean like a signal fire?

Noah: Oh I see what you mean. If Ezekiel saw the fire at Boney Island then naturally Ezekiel would be curious what's going on.

Beth: But wouldn't Ezekiel probably call someone about it?

Scarlett: I think while the killer did plan to murder Ezekiel they were also prepare for Ezekiel doing that. Most likely the killer would have pretended to have just arrive in Boney Island.

Trent: They can easily just say they saw the fire to so that's why they went there as well.

Gwen: I think that's still what the killer did even though Zeke went there alone. Most likely to leave him in a fall sense of security.

Zoey: But wouldn't Zeke still be suspicious if he saw someone there before him?

Dawn: Maybe unless the killer was riding a boat to shore. That would be convincing enough for anyone to believe the deceit and open for their life to be taken.

Topher: But was there a boat the killer used?

Samey: Actually I think there was. We found this empty with fuel...

(Speedboat/Boat of Losers/Jetski/Canoe)

Answer: Jetski

Dakota: Oh yeah. The pink jetski had no more fuel when we search it.

Rodney: So that means that someone used it at some point.

Jasmine: And it had to be last night. Everyday before dinner I and a select group of people always check the fuel of all the boats. And last night all the jetski was full.

Courtney: Did you check who had the keys for the jetskis?

Jasmine: All the keys for the jetski are placed inside the cabon so anyone could easily grab it.

Courtney: Why didn't you do anything about it!?

Shawn: To be fair the only way to the jetski was through another boat. So naturally knowing who has the keys for which boat means we'll know who has access to the keys.

Scott: But both of the victims were the owners of the boat. So that's a waste of time.

Alejandro: So what are we going to discuss next?

Brick: I actually have a problem with the way how Ezekiel would be lured.

Owen: What is it?

Brick: did the killer made sure that Ezekiel would have seen the signal fire at night?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence:  Breath Mints, Nail Buffer, Antidote, Monokuma File 03, Ezekiel's Hat

Brick:So how did the killer get Ezekiel to see the signal fire? That hasn't been explain yet.

Bridgette: it must have happen during the night otherwise it would have been difficult to see it from main land.

Amy: Still are we too sure that the fire was what got Ezekiel to go there?

Dave: It has to be otherwise it would be too hard to get Ezekiel isolated.

Sam: Is it possible they call him to the dock with a letter?

Geoff: Or did they know Zeke had plans hanging out at Boney Island?

Duncan: What if they set-up Zeke into seeing the fire signal?

Mike: Is it possible to knock him out in front of the docks?

Gwen: Maybe the killer told Zeke to go to Boney Island for some reason.

Cameron: I don't know if these are the only possibilities. Maybe there is one we hadn't come up with yet.

So the killer completed the first part by getting Zeke's attention. The question now is what did they do to set Zeke into seeing the fire signal.

Solution: Monokuma File 03 - knock him out in front of the docks

Samey: I think your right!!!


Samey: I remember something really noteworthy in the Monokuma File when I read it.

LeShawna: What would that be?

Samey: I remember the Monokuma File said one of the victims had traces of chlorine.

Mike: Chlorine? Like something that can be use to knock-out someone!? I am right!!! Yes!!!

Zoey: That's good Mike. Although I wish it was in better circumstances.

Beardo: So the killer knock-out Zeke with the chlorine. That's easy to understand.

Dawn: I sense that the killer placed our fallen ally in the docks at night so when he wakes from his slumber the first thing he would see would be the signal fire..

DJ: That definitely sounds like what the killer would do.

Anne-Marie: At least we now know why home-school was in Boney Island.

Lindsay: And now were even closer in finding the killer.

Noah: Okay since we now know why our two victims went to Boney Island. Question is we need to find clues that could point out the killer.

Sam: Oh yeah. Even if we know how the victims died, we need to find out the killer otherwise it's game over for us.

Shawn: Actually guys believe it or not I do have a name in mind,

Wait! Shawn does? He must be really smart!!!

Shawn: I knew something fishy was going on when I found out the identities of the culprit. While it made sense for me Sierra to be a victim since she was the one who had access to the speedboat.

Lightning: So Sierra was the one who was in charge of the key of one of the boats. So Sha-what are you trying to say?

Beth: Nothing is weird for Sierra to be the victim if her boat was in the crime scene.

Shawn: True, but Ezekiel isn't in charge of the Boat of Shame. So the question is how did Ezekiel access it?

Gwen: I see your point. I'm guessing your accussing the owner of the boat.

Zoey: Wait a minute!!! Wouldn't that be-

Shawn: Yes, I accuss Brick as the killer!!! Your suppose to be one who was in charge of the Boat of Shame.

Brick: Wait!!! But I didn't do anything!!!

Scarlett: What do you think Samey?

Samey: I don't know...let's hear Shawn's reasoning.

This is way too obvious. The killer showed themselves to be really sneaky. No way the killer would use their own boat for the crime scene.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Brick's Testimony, Boatkeys, Jasmine's Testimony, Duffal Bag, Dawn's Testimony

Shawn: I accuss you Brick! You have to be the one who killed Sierra and Ezekiel!

Brick: Hold on a second! I didn't kill anyone.

Duncan: But it's true that Brick was the one who did own the Boat of Shame.

Zoey: And Brick being a soldier would make it really difficult to steal the key.

Brick: Wait...a minute. I think I know a reason why the boat was in the crime scene.

Jo: Do you now? Mind saying it?

Brick:'ll probaly won't believe me.

Courtney: The victims died in Boney Island and your boat was found there. You also were the only one who had access to the key. I'm sorry Brick but you must be invovle in the crime.

Scott: And let's noy forget he those have a motive with what Sierra did to him.

Alejandro: Looks like to me Brick is our most likely culprit in the case.

Brick: But guys I'm telling the truth. I would never turn back against my comrades.

Is Brick really the killer because he was the one with the key for one of the boats? This sounds way too easy.

Solution: Brick's Testimony - a reason why the boat was in the crime scene

Samey: I think your right!!!


Samey: Ezekiel was the one with the keys last night. Am I right Brick?

Brick: Yes, that's exactly why the boat is in the crime scene.

Amy: Are you kidding!? It's obvious he's just making up a lie again!?

Owen: I'm sorry but I have to agree with Amy. Brick could be lying to save himself.

Noah: But then how would this part of the plan work then? They of course needed Ezekiel to have a boat.

Samey: By part you mean...

(Killing Sierra/Killing Ezekiel/Ezekiel going to Boney Island/Cody going to Boney Island)

Answer: Ezekiel going to Boney Island

Jasmine: That's a good point. I mean they have to know the kid had a way to go to Boney Island. Otherwise setting him up wouldn't mean anything.

Brick: I gave Zeke the keys near the dock. They most likely saw me and Zeke and then use it to device a plan.

Cody: I remember seeing you guys, but I don't remember if anyone else was there.

Courtney: That's not enough to convince me that Brick is innocent.

Beardo: But there is a witness who saw Brick giving Zeke the keys.

Courtney: But is there proof Zeke did have the keys last night? And even if he did do we have proof Brick couldn't be the killer? He could have did everything the killer plan.

I have no idea how to respond to that.

Scarlett: But why didn't Brick just decided to use the boat to go back to the main island? We know the killer use a lifeboat to get back but if it was Brick then why not just use the Boat of Shame?

Courtney: Maybe they just ran out of fuel to go back?

Lightning: But it was full when I checked it.

DJ: What if they lost the keys?

Samey: I'm sorry but I don't think it's possible. Because the keys were at...


Answer: Shore

Samey: The killer could have found it at the shore and use it to get back to the main island. And there would be no trouble for Brick to ride there.

Courtney: B...but maybe the killer though it would be too suspicious if they came back.

Jasmine: And going back with a lifeboat isn't? Look it's pretty obvious that the killer intentionally left the boat there for us to find.

Dakota: To frame Brick. Or maybe the killer didn't know how to drive the boat of shame.

Jasmine: Either way I find it hard to believe that Brick is the culprit. I will say it's still possible but for now let's just ignore it and move on to another league.

Brick: Few and I though I was in trouble.

Courtney: You are once we get back to the island.

Brick: Hehe....this is not going be a good day.

Rodney: So what are we going to talk about next? We seem to have found eveything about the murder.

Jasmine: Then may I suggest-

Lindsay: Really? But what about the weapon? What was the weapon that was use to kill Sierra?

Harold: You mean for the blunt trauma? That's easy that would be....

Topher: Did we even figure that out?

Harold: Actually no. I don't think we even establish the weapon that killed Sierra.

Izzy: Ooooh! First one to get the right answer wins a free dance!!!

Owen: Game on!!!

Didn't think Owen would be in to that. Maybe Amy was right when saying he was weirdo.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Dent, Side of the Boat, Front of the Boat, Blood on the Boat, Wet Boulder

Lindsay: We still have no idea what the weapon is don't we?

Beth: Unfortunately no. We haven't establish the murder weapon yet.

Izzy: So let's name somethings and see if any of them is possible?

Duncan: Was it something in Boney Island? They might have been too lazy to move it.

Brick: Did anyone found any weapons at the main island? It could have been hidden in plain sight.

Owen: What if the killer used a chainsaw and a hook?

Noah: That's such a great answer, I think that is correct.

Heather: Wouldn't the killer have dispose of it? It's obvious the killer ain't stupid.

Dave: I wonder if it was like Leonard where they did have it with them still.

Eva: All I know is the killer needed to be strong to do that. Just like these guns.

LeShawna: This killer is nothing but a pain in the butt. Can't wait to get this guy and get back to sleep.

The weapon is something we haven't found yet? Are we sure about that?

Solution: Wet Boulder - dispose of it

Samey: That is right!!!


Samey: There was one thing I found that could be a weapon. It was dispose to the water but Jasmine and the group was able to get back.

Jasmine: Oh we did find a weapon? I don't even recall.

Courtney: Jasmine and group, tell us everything you found in the waters.

Rodney: To be honest I'm not that sure what we did find.

Shawn: Hold on!!! Are you talking about the boulder we found!?

Lindsay: A boulder? Do you mean a big rock.

Dave: Yes, that is what a boulder is. I wonder if that is your brain, Lindsay.

Beth: Don't be rude! Lindsay is just not that bright.

That is a really good show of friendship there Beth.

Samey: That is exactly what I think is the weapon was.

Alejandro: Well I have to admit that a boulder can be use as a blunt weapon. But I can't accept it unless chicha here has evidence.

Sam: Maybe she does Alejandro. She seems to be in her a game right here.

Scarlett: Now you got everyone's attention Samey. Time to show another fact of the crime.

I'm kind of nervous. All that studying paid off. Now I can show to everyone, especially Amy, that I can useful.

Samey: On the boulder there was something that tells us that it was the weapon. And what was that is none other then...


What was on the boulder which proves it was the murder weapon?


Answer: Blood

Samey: I understand now!!!


Samey: On the boulder there were clumps of blood. It was located underneath the boulder which would explain why Jasmine's group didn't see it.

Shawn: Oh sorry about it, we kind of though it was junk so we just threw it away.

Geoff: But it kind of make sense now why it was in a weird area. I may not be an expert but even I believe a boulder wouldn't be found on top of a coral patch.

Noah: Also the boulder was underwater which also means most of the blood was wash away. That would make the blood harder to see.

Amy: But do you have the boulder with you? If you don't then we can't believe you.

Dakota: But I also saw the boulder. I can attest that Samey is telling the truth.

Duncan: If it was just Samey who claimed it then it might be a lie but if two people agree with it then that's much more believable.

Heather: So I guess we can all believe them and accept the boulder as the murder weapon.

Amy: This can't be happening!!!

This is so much fun. Seeing Amy like this is like a dream.

Scarlett: Okay but despite knowing the weapon, we still can't tell who the killer is.

Max: Correct assistant. None of this would mean anything unless we can find and punish the one who dares deceive us.

Scarlett: I am not your assistant.

Owen: So what do we do now? How can we find the killer?

Jasmine: Honestly even I'm stump. Are we just going to guess?

Courtney: How about this then, why not we talk about the things we already know. Maybe something there can help us find the killer.

Bridgette: So a recap? I guess it wouldn't hurt to have one.

Courtney: Alright pay attention our recap and tell us if you notice anything that help find the killer.

Jo: Now this is becoming interesting, but no killer is going to escape from me.

I wonder if this will really help. Even if it doesn't we have no other options left.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Duffalbag, Jetski, Ezekiel's Hat, Monokuma File 03, Head Injury

Courtney: So let's review everything we know about the crime.

Beth: First of all the killer planned to murder Zeke and Sierra in Boney Island. So they use different ways to lure them there.

Mike: First, they use a costume to to disguise themselves and then grab a white ant in order to make Cody have an allergy reaction when Sierra was busy with the musuem.

Lightning: Then I guess the Purple Girl brought the wimp to Skully Island for some doctor reason or something like that.

Alejandro: Then they use the boulder to smash Sierra while she had her back turn.

Cody: And then they probably left me there to get myself accuse by Eva.

Eva: I said I was sorry. Now forgive me you nerd!!!

Topher: And then after doing that they send a signal fire after drugging Zeke and placing him at the docks.

Trent: And after arriving the islands, Zeke most likely saw the culprit. And returning back they ram him until they got him to the water.

Katie: And I guess after that they decided to run him over with a boat. Which is not cool.

Sadie: Then they returned back to the dorms pretending nothing happen.

This is everything we know about the murder so far. But is there anything about what we know can help us or... was there some sort of mistake we hadn't notice.

Solution: Head Injury - her back turn

Samey: That is incorrect!!!


Samey: Wait I notice something wrong about the recap!!!

Courtney: Are you certain? Everything we talked about seems to be right!!!

Samey: But are you sure that the killer hit Sierra with the boulder at the back of her head?

Alejandro: It has to be otherwise Sierra would have fough back. Brick can attest to that.

Brick: That is true and I doubt they could win over Sierra unless they did a sneak attack.

Dawn: But why then is the head injury at the front of Sierra? Is what you mean to say Samey.

Samey: That is what I mean.

Bridgette: But if it was in the front then how did they kill Sierra?

Samey: Actually I'm not even that sure either.

Scarlett: Maybe some sort of drastic change might be needed to solve this nearly impossible problem.

Heather: What are you trying to say?

Scarlett: Change something and you'll understand why this contradiction exist. In fact I believe this change might even stumble us to the killer.

Jasmine: A change? Tell me then. What is this change going to be?

Scarlett: Answer it Samey. If the killer attack Sierra from the front but it seems impossible to do it with the weapon which was use for the blunt force trauma murder.

Samey: Ummmmm....

If the blunt force trauma weapon couldn't have killed Sierra, then what should be change?

(Cause of Death/Weapon/Location of the Wound/Time of Death)

Answer: Cause of Death

Samey: Are you trying to say that Sierra didn't die from blunt trauma!?

Scarlett: Oh, you did realize it to? I'm glad my apprentice has a brain.

Harsh and when did I become your assistant.

Courtney: That is not right! Saying that Sierra didn't died from blunt force trauma means she was the one who was run over.

Scarlett: That is exactly what I mean. Sierra died from being run over and Ezekiel was the one who got hit by blunt force trauma.

Courtney: As I said this isn't possible!? Your in over your head!!!

Scott: Hey guys. Let's just talk about this OK?

Courtney: Not right now Scott!!!

Scarlett: Let's see who is right. Me or you Courtney. This discussion will answer that.

Why do I have a feeling I trap myself in a power struggle?

Non-Stop Debate

Evidence: Ezekiel's Hat, Sierra's Phone, Jetski, Speedboat, Dent, Monokuma File 03

Scarlett: So as you all know, I'm trying to convince everyone here that the mistake we made was the cause of death between the two victims.

DJ: Meaning Sierra died from being run over and Ezekiel died from blunt trauma.

Scarlett: That is exactly what I'm trying to say.

Courtney: Come on now!!! This is obviously a mistake!!! It's ridicolous for beyond imagination!!!

Max: Then show me your resolve!!! Show me if you have the power to prove your right!!!

Courtney: Well isn't it obivous. We found Zeke's body in the water and Sierra's body on the shore. So that means Zeke must have been the one run over by the boat.

Geoff: So your saying Sierra got smacked on the shore? This is really confusing for me.

Cameron: I mean she has a point about the bodies location, but there is also a chance the killer moved the bodies.

Scott: But so far Scarlett hasn't showed any proof that Sierra was run over or even was at the water at some point.

Zoey: Looks like this is a stalemate.

If only I can break it. The question is which among these two is the right side.

Solution: Sierra's Phone - was at the water at some point

Samey: That is incorrect!!!


Samey: But then explain why Sierra's phone was in the water.

Courtney: What!? Sierra's phone was in the water!?

Beardo: Yeah it was. In fact I was the one who pulled out of the water.

Courtney: But if it were the case, that would mean-

Scarlett: I was right!!! Booyah!!! In your face!!!

Samey: So I guess were all in an agreement that the real cause of death was being run over.

Scott: AS IF!!!


Scott: Hold on!!! Just because you have proof Sierra was in the water doesn't mean your right.

Samey: What do you mean by that?

Scott: I'll admit that you have a point, but if your smart you would notice that you forget something important.

Something important?

Samey: Oh if that's true then mind telling me what I miss?

Scott: Isn't it obvious, that thing your missing is evidence that proves Ezekiel died from blunt force trauma!


Evidence: Boatkeys, Cellphone, Monokuma File 03, Blood in the Boat, Ezekiel's Hat

Scott: So you support what Scarlett said!?

Scott: That the cause of was actually switched!?

Scott: That has to be ridiculous.

Scott: Just because you and Scarlett doesn't mean you have to agree wuth each other.

Scott: Otherwise you'll never know what will hit you!

Samey: I agree with Scarlett not because we are partners but she has evidence to back it up.

Scott: Are you serious!?

Scott: You hadn't showed any evidence with Ezekiel!!!

Scott: If you can't prove your theory!!!

Scott: Then your just a fool!!!

Scott: And in the end all we did was waste our time!!!

Scott does have a point that I need to point evidence to support Ezekiel did die from blunt trauma. While I don't have per say, I do have evidence Ezekiel didn't die from being run over

Solution: Ezekiel's Hat - evidence with Ezekiel

Samey: I'll show you!!!

BREAK Samey: I know this isn't exactly decisive evidence, but I do have reasons to believe that Ezekiel didn't die from bing run over.

Scott: Oh really now, then what is it?

Samey: I wonder if any of you recognize this.

Cody: Hey, isn't that Zeke's hat?

Scott: So what about the hat? How does that prove anything?

Samey: Scott the hat of Ezekiel was found at the shore of Boney Island. Which means at one point Ezekiel was at the shore at one point.

Gwen: We already establish that before, it doesn't really prove Zeke didn't die from blunt force trauma.

Samey: But isn't there something strange about where Zeke's hat was. I wonder if any of you notice it.

Anne-Marie: Hold on!!! If the stowaway kid was at the middle of the water, why is his hat far away from him?

Harold: That is strange!!! Zeke never had his hat away from him!!!

Courtney: Then explain why the body is at the water to begin with! It's not like the body moved itself there.

Scarlett: Are you really a C.I.T? Because it's obvious what the answer is.

LeShawna: It has to be that sneaky killer!!! They did it to probably trick us.

Dave: Which worked for a while so praise to them. Woohoo.

Dave is being sarcastic as usual.

Courtney: Hold on!!! I'm not yet done yet. I still have something to say!

I'm not surprise everyone would agree yet since I still don't have key evidence yet. But I'm certain that Scarlett is right that the cause of deaths were switched.

Non-Stop Debate

Evidence: Boat of Losers, Side of the Boat, Front of the Boat ,Speed Boat, Blood on the Boat

Courtney: I'm not done yet! I still don't believe the cause of deaths were switch.

Jasmine: Courtney, what will convince you that the cause of deaths were switch?

Duncan: Believe me when I say she ain't going to stop anytime soon.

Courtney: Look you have no other proof that Ezekiel did die from the boulder or that Ezekiel never was in the water alive. All you have was proof that Zeke was shore at one point.

Cameron: But if Ezekiel was still alive wouldn't he have brough his hat with him to the Boat of Losers?

Trent: So your saying that when he went back to the Boat of Losers he was already dead.

Courtney: But that is wrong!!! There is no proof Zeke was dead by the time he went back to the boat!!!

Rodney: I don't even have a clue on what's going on?

Sam: I am really questioning who is right at this point. This is going nowhere.

Is there any proof Zeke did die from blunt force or he was already dead when he went back to the Boat of Losers? I have to examine what I have and see which among these proof is right.

Solution: Blood on the Boat - no proof Zeke was dead by the time he went back to the boat

Samey: That is incorrect!!!


Samey: Actually I do. But before that I need to ask everyone this. Do you think anyone can survive the injuries the victims suffered?

Gwen: As if they can survive that. There skulls are even crush to.

Beth: But why do you need to ask if the wounds were surviveble or not?

Samey: Because I have proof that Ezekiel had his wound before or even while was at the Boat of Loser.

Dawn: Which should prove that Ezekiel didn't die from the water but from the land. Which also means he died from the blunt force, not from being run over by a boat.

Scott: Only if she has proof! She hasn't said it yet so she still hasn't proven-

I won't let myself be pushover by others again!

Samey: There is blood on the Boat of Loser. That means he had the wound when he went back to it.

Topher: But having the wounds means that he was already dead. So the killer moved the body after killing him with blunt force.

Brick: This killer is really smart. Maybe even smarter then the generals back at boot camp.

Sugar: But this is all a waste of time! We have no hootie-tootie about who the killer is!

Courtney: HEY!!! I still have an arguement against this!

Duncan: Why am I not surprise? Good luck with this chick.

Heather: For once I agree with you.

Courtney: Look if Ezekiel didn't die from being run over but Sierra did, what boat was use to kill her!?

Mike: That is a good question.

Samey: Actually I think the boat use to kill Sierra was this...

(Speedboat/Lifeboat/Boat of Losers/Jetski)

Answer: Speedboat

Shawn: Make sense since that was the only boat that could run over Sierra during the time she died.

Scott: But that is really hard to believe unless your an idiot. I mean it's obvious the Boat of Idiots was the boat use to run over the victim.

Jasmine: Then I like to hear you explain your reasoning.

Scott: He, don't be surprise on how smart I really am. Let Uncle Scott be the one to teach you all something.

Scott is full of himself, or is he trying to make himself look good in front of Courtney. I don't know.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Side of the Boat, Wet Boulder, Front of the Boat, Speedboat, Sierra's Phone

Scott: Isn't it obvious that the weapon for the runover death was the Boat of Losers. Even my neighbor can figure that out.

Mike: But if what Scarlett and Samey are saying is true then that is impossible! The speedboat must have been the murder weapon.

Scott: But the signs on the Boat of Losers tells us that it was the one that got ram a lot.

Lindsay: How does ramming have to do with runover?

Scott: I obviously mean ram to Ezekiel. Nothing else could have done that! I mean how else the damage was made?

Bridgette: Don't know, by hand?

Geoff: Sorry babe but I really don't think any of use is capable of doing that.

Amy: But I agree with Scott. I mean ramming was the only way for the boat to be damage like that.

Scarlett: Another arguement, another waste of time. No wonder I don't trust these idiots.

Were the damages on the boat was done by being ram? For some reason I have my doubts.

Solution: Wet Boulder - Nothing else could have done that

Samey: That is incorrect!!!


Samey: I don't think the Boat of Losers was damage because it was use to ram Ezekiel.

Scott: Then how else could the damage have been made!? Through magic.

Dave: Doubt it since Leonard is long gone. That annoying and supposedly harmless wizard.

Shawn: That kind of harsh.

Dave: Nothing I could do anymore he made his choice.

Can't get distracted by this. I need to explain to everyone how the damage of the boat happen.

Samey: Anyway the main cause for the Boat of Loser's condition is because of the wet boulder I presented earlier.

Dawn: Oh, your trying to say the killer smash the boat with the same weapon that killed Ezekiel.

Tyler: That actually makes sense.

Scarlett: And why not since the killer needed to bring the boulder there anyway to dispose of it.

Scott: But that isn't enough-

Samey: Also this clue tells me that the damage of the Boat of Losers was really done by smashing and not by being ram with.

(Side of the Boat/Blood on the Boat/Front of the Boat/Wet Boulder)

Answer: Side of the Boat

Samey: I mean why would the side boat be damage in a straigth up ram?

Noah: That was what the killer probably overlooked. Not surprise if they actually got carried away doing it.

Scarlett: So looks like we now are in an agreement so-

Amy: Not yet!!! I still can't accept what you guys said!!!

Samey: Gah!

What does she want to do now!? Make me miserable!?

Jasmine: Oh really then, why not you enlighten us?

Amy: Isn't it obvious? Sierra's body was never went so how could she get run over without being wet.

Dawn: Well there is a way but I don't know if she had learn to-

Amy: Don't interrupt me!!! Look if Sierra was never went then how could you say that Sierra did die from being runover!

Samey: We..ell...I....

I'm getting nervous! I though I was ready but for some reason when Amy is like that I start to have anxiety attacks.

Amy: Looks like I was the smart one and the bad sister failed to sabotage us.

Think Samey think! Is there a way to prove Sierra got wet?

Scarlett: Everyone let's discuss this for a bit. I'm interested to see if Amy's argument holds up.

Amy: Huh!?

Scarlett: I mean your the smart sister so you shouldn't have anything to worry.

Amy: Grrr...I'll show you!!!

Wait does Scarlett agree with me!? Then again it's probably because this was her idea to begin with. Dave: Are we ever going to get close to the killer?

Non-Stop Debate

Evidence: Duffal Bag, Ashes, Boatkeys, Sierra Phone, Breath Mints, Antidote

Amy: I won't accept what she said! Not when she's missing something!

Cameron: Then why not you say it?

Cody: Especially since you said your the smarter one of the two!

Amy: Because I am smarter!!! I take this seriously unlike her!

Noah: Just say your argument and stop wasting time.

Amy: Look what Samey didn't realize is that if Sierra really was really did get runover then that means she would have been in the water.

Dawn: Okay so what are you trying to say jealous one?

Amy: Wouldn't Sierra's body be wet? I mean she was in the water.

Courtney: It could have just dried up after she died.

Harold: Maybe her body but her clothes would still be damp. But they were dry when we found them.

Amy: And the killer didn't bring a change of clothes othewise we wouldn't have found it.

Scarlett: So your saying it's impossible since Sierra should be wet when we found her. That is actually a pretty good argument.

So looks like my sister is trying to make me look bad again. I have to think and find a way to prove her wrong. Come on why is this so hard!?

Solution: Duffal Bag - killer didn't bring a change of clothes

Samey: I'll show you!!!


Samey: I have enough of this Amy! I'll prove to you that I can back-up my claim.

Amy: Don't make me laugh. What can you do?

Samey: Show proof that I am right and your the one who was wrong!

Amy: What!?

Samey: I have here a duffal bag and inside I found clues on what was inside of it!

Amy: Then say it already! If your so smart then tell me how will that prove that I'm wrong!

Dakota: I have confidence that your sister is going to prove you wrong. After all I believe in her.

Dawn: So do I, the pure hearted one won't lose to the malicious one.

Cameron: Keep going and stand up to what you believed in!

Samey: Alright then! I'll show you all what was inside this duffal bag and how does it prove that Amy's were wrong!



Answer: Clothes

Samey: I know the answer!!!


Samey: A change of clothes. That was this duffal bag contains. The bits of fabric left inside are the same color as Sierra's clothes.

Noah: That doesn't sound like a coincidence.

Trent: In fact I think the fabric is evidence enough to prove this was some sort of set-up.

Amy: Hold up! Then where are the original clothes then? They couldn't just disappear.

Samey: Clothes, well I know where it is. In fact these are the clothes that your looking for!

(Yellow Paint/Brown Paint/Medical Supplies/Ashes)

Answer: Ashes

Owen: I get it! After the killer killed Sierra they change her clothes with the ones they brought with them.

Beth: And burn the originals in fire along with the the costume to get rid of them.

Sam: Man our killer is really resourceful. They probably planned this out for a while now.

Courtney: So we know how the entire murder happen. Do we still have an idea who the killer is?

Rodney: What do you mean?

Topher: To think we already had this thing 3 times and yet you still don't realize what it means. To make it simple the point of the trial isn't to solve the murder but to find the killer.

Jo: And we aren't even close into finding the guy. Which sucks!!!

Lightning: I don't see why we have to find the killer.

Heather: To think someone can be dumber then Lindsay.

LeShawna: So are you saying we have no idea who the killer is?

Jasmine: Then maybe I should-

Sorry about this Jasmine!

Samey: Actually there is something I want to bring up from earlier.

Zoey: What would that be Samey?

Samey: Remeber when Brick became the main suspect due to him being the one in charge of Boat of Losers?

Brick: Don't tell me your saying that I'm the culprit!? I didn't kill anyone! I swear to my Mom's name!

Anne-Marie: Yeah he is suspicious but even I don't think he is the culprit.

Samey: You guys told me we still didn't have decisive evidence that he was innocent.

Duncan: So are we going to vote for him?

Brick: Please don't!!!

Samey: Of course not. In fact I do have decisive evidence!

Alejandro: You do? Then might telling us young lady.

Not use to getting hit by guys. Not liking the experience so far.

Samey: This testimony actually has something to do with what we just learned. I think it will help us narrow down the suspect list.


Answer: Dawn's

Dawn: I know what your referring to. You are talking about the keys for the sealed bins.

Cody: What is the sealed bins?

Dawn: That is where we place our laundry, unfortunately someone stole the key yesterday.

Bridgette: We though someone among gave the keys to the boys as a prank, but it looks like this has to be involve with the murder.

Zoey: The killer probably was the one who stole the keys so they can get Sierra's clothes. But it would be difficult for the culprit to do it if the person was a boy.

Rodney: Hold on!!! Does that mean the culprit is a girl!?

Samey: Yes, which is why Brick or in fact any guy couldn't be the killer. The culprit has to be a girl.

Beardo: But do you know anyone who it is?

Samey: Unfortunately no.

Wish I didn't have to get to this part.

Scarlett: In fact I think were stump. We have no more information we can use to find the culprit.

Dave: Great! Now we have very small chance of getting the culprit. Looks like were done for.

Monokuma: Look at the despair. I better record this so I can watch it over and over.

Jasmine: Now quite! I have something that can help find the culprit.

Monokuma: Huh? Now this is getting interesting!

Jasmine: Look there is something I needed to say and I think this might help us get the culprit.

Max: Why didn't you say so you imbecile!?

Jasmine: I've been trying but all of you been interrupting me so I couldn't even say it.

Max: Fine, I concide.

Anne-Marie: So what did you wanted to say already?

Jasmine: The thing I wanted to say was about the antidote.

Cody: The antidote for my allergy reaction? What about it anyway?

Jasmine: You remeber when you said the culprit probably got the antidote at the medical supplies.

What about it?

Samey: Yeah? Is there something wrong Jasmine?

Jasmine: The thing is the medical supplies were not tampered at all! It wasn't even open!

Sugar: So what's wrong? Isn't things not being tampered is a good thing.

Noah: But because they weren't tampered, the medical supplies is not where the antidote came from.

Dawn: Is there other areas where the antidotes can be get?

Jasmine: Unfortunately no which is why this was strange. Where did the killer get the antidote?

Heather: Could they have made the antidote from scratch?

Shawn: But the materials needed for it isn't available so that's why we placed it in a secure location. So that is not a possibility.

Courtney: Then what is the possibility Jasmine? If your the leader you should be able to tell us!

Jasmine: I have one idea but this sounds completely redudant so I rather not! I already made myself a fool more then I should.

Is Jasmine actually go through anxiety issues? So even her can be vulnerable. I guess I'm not the only one.

Samey: You can say it Jasmine. Even if it's ridiculous we still want to hear it. I know we can trust so don't be afraid to say it.

Dakota: Looks like your having confidence yourself Samey. I'm glad to see that.

Amy: When did my sister ever get praise? This is a nightmare!

Dakota is helping me out despite not needing to. Man I'm so lucky that she is acting like my best friend. Jasmine: Okay then Samey, I won't let your trust down. So here goes...

Shawn: Jasmine you could do it!!! I know you wouldn't say this without thinking about it.

Jasmine: Thanks Shawn. Look...the thing is...the only possibility for the antidote... to not come from the medical supplies is...

Is? Is what?

Geoff: Come on and say it! We'll listen! It's a dudes promise.

Dawn: We got your back Jasmine. The aura tells us that and they never lie.

Jasmine: Look the only thing I can think of where the antidote came if they had it with them all the time.

Had it with them all the time?

Scarlett: Please elaborate that Jasmine.

Jasmine: I mean the culprit must have gotten the antidote before being ship Boney Island. And I don't see any reason for anyone to do that. Even if it was plan that would have been days ago.

So the culprit had the antidote before going to Boney Island.

Heather: Not likely for allergy reasons since the ones who has a lot like Harold and Dave can't be the culprit.

Jasmine: Yeah not many girls here had any alleriges that would warrant an emergency antidote.

Grabbing it before going to Boney Island. And it's a girl.


! No way! It can't be!!!

Bridgette: So we can rule out allergy reaction. Anything else?

DJ: The antidote itself would make it hard to put poison in the syringe so I doubt it was use for a weapon.

Gwen: And syringes aren't the most effective way to kill.

But I know for certain this person had an antidote before it went to Boney Island. In fact they are the only ones who I know had an antidote with them.

LeShawna: So we have no idea on who the culprit is. That's just great.

Alejandro: Samey, why do you look so forloin?

OST: Tropical Despair:

This person....your the only suspect I can think of.

Samey: Guys, I think I know who the culprit is!!!

Cody: Wait!!! You do!?

Dakota: Don't be afraid to say it. You have proven many times that we can trust your words.

Noah: Okay so then tell us who is our killer is.

Samey: ...

You! Your the only one who I can think of that can fit all the criteria of the killer!!! Your the crafty killer we have been looking for this entire time!!!


Looks like the culprit is about to be revealed next update. Please comment down below who you think the culprit is otherwise I will null the votes for the voted victim next time as consequences. Also vote for the victim for the next case and remember the condition that it has to be a boy. Also leave suggestion for murders and execution. Until then enjoy the story!!! Also here is the list of the top 3 suspects. Make sure the correct suspect is in there for the victim votes to be accepted.

1) Dakota

2) Brick

3) DJ

The upcoming update maybe up tomorrow since I'll be a bit busy. However I appreciate more votes if ever. Also special announcement.


From now on you can now vote for contestants that you want to see more of! So please comment below on who you want to see more screen-time.

So it looks like the top 3 choices hadn’t change yet. So here it is.

1) Dakota

2) Brick

3) DJ

Well let’s see if any of these guys are the killer.


Samey: I PICK YOU!!!


Samey: I really don’t want to say to say it, but I have no choice do I.

Heather: Why are you wasting our time!? Hurry up already!

Dakota: Don’t push her. She’s clearly hurt so let her have space.

Samey: Don’t try to courage me! You know what it’ll mean for you!

Sam: What are you talking about!? What do you mean what will happen to Dakota?

Gwen: Is something special with Dakota related with the case?

Samey: The thing is…she…is…

Topher: She is what exactly?

Samey: She’s the killer of the case! Aren’t you Dakota!?

Mike: Hold on! You’re saying Dakota was the one who did it?

Dakota: Okay then, mind explaining why.

Courtney: If you’re accusing your friend then you must have some sort of proof don’t you.

Samey: I do. Do you guys remember when Jasmine was bringing supplies to Boney Island?

Cameron: I wasn’t there so I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

Scarlett: I remember. Didn’t you pick up a syringe that Jasmine’s group accidentally dropped.

Amy: So are we trying to say Samey is the killer!? Then I know the motive for sure!

Jo: Samey may look like an idiot but she’s not stupid enough to just fess up and get herself killed.

Wow! Even Jo is standing up for me! Or at least somewhat.

Samey: Anyway, what I wanted to bring up is what happens after I picked up the syringe. I was going to return the syringe back but someone “volunteer” to do it. Scarlett do you remember who it was?

Scarlett: Now do you mention it! Everything your saying is starting to make sense!

Owen: How does it make sense!? I don’t know understand!

Shawn: Don’t tell me the person who volunteer was-

Samey: Yes it was Dakota, She was the one who had the syringe with her. You pretended to help me so you can get the antidote for your plan.

Amy: Oh really now, how can we trust you!?

Beardo: What do you mean how can we trust them? Weren’t they helping us the entire time.

Amy: But for some reason the two sleuths know the killer because of knowing something “specific”. You know it’s possible that this was just a set-up by these two.

Scarlett: How dare you suggest that!?

Samey: It’s fine. I mean there is a third witness.

Alejandro: Then mind telling us who would that be madam?

I’m no old lady Alejandro so don’t call me madam.

Samey: Any who this third witness is…


Answer: Sam

Scott: Is this true Sam?

Sam: W…well I guess….but I. *sigh* Yes, Samey is right.

Samey: So do you have anything to admit Dakota?

Dakota: Is that all your going to say? I’m sorry but you’ll need more proof then that.

Sam: Yeah I mean Dakota could have just returned it to begin with.

Samey: Well…I guess that could be pos-

Noah: That’s a mistake!

Samey: Huh?! What do you mean?

Sam: Noah don’t get involved in this! This is none of your business!

Dawn: Unfortunately I think Noah was right to raise his voice.

Noah: Because it’s impossible for Dakota to have returned the antidote otherwise someone’s testimony would be mistaken.

Brick: Someone’s testimony?

Samey: Are you referring to this person’s testimony?



Samey: I pick you!!!


Samey: Jasmine you said the medical supplies were never tampered with. Am I right?

Jasmine: Samey, I just told you guys 5 minutes ago. Why do I have to repe….Oh! I get it now. If Dakota did return the antidote then why is the medical supplies in perfect condition?

Sam: Maybe Dakota was careful in returning the antidote?

Shawn: But the plastic covers were still there. There is no way to return it without breaking the plastic.

Dave: So it looks like Dakota didn’t return the antidote. Looks like we got our main suspect, Want to vote now?

Sam: Hey! This isn’t over yet!!! I mean so what if Dakota has the antidote. That isn’t proof enough for us to vote.

I don’t know who’ll be the bigger threat in this case. Will it be the killer or her boyfriend?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Jasmine’s Testimony, Antidote, Nail Buffer, Sam’s Testimony, Dawn’s Testimony

Sam: We still aren’t too sure if Dakota is really the killer. I mean isn’t it possible that someone else has an antidote?

Dave: Ummm…who else would have antidote? I’m pretty sure none.

Tyler: I know it hurts but Dakota is really looking like a culprit. Unless there is someone else.

Sam: Well then what about me!? Couldn’t I be the culprit!?

Duncan: It’s admirable to see you defend your girlfriend, but get real and face reality!

Sam: But didn’t you remember I also volunteer to do it instead of Dakota. Don’t try denying it Samey and Scarlett!

Samey: Well, yeah I did remember that he also volunteers but I’m pretty sure I gave it to Dakota instead of him.

Lightning: But wouldn’t that mean he can also be the killer?

Izzy: Man love is crazy, but hey at least this is interesting. Maybe I should record this with my hidden camera.

Eva: Don’t get distracted Izzy. Unless we find the killer we won’t be able to do anything more.

Sam is really a good boyfriend, but I have to break his heart. And mine to.

Solution: Dawn’s Testimony – Couldn’t I be the culprit

Samey: I'll show you!!!


Samey: But it is impossible for you to be the culprit Sam. There is one fact we know about the killer that you can’t fit in.

Sam: Oh come on! Why can Dakota do that I can’t!?

Heather: Ummm…being attractive, having good taste, has lots of money, doesn’t smell like a monkey, and doesn’t fart like every 2 hours.

Sam: I take offense at the last one! I only fart every 5 hours. 2 hours would be Owen.

Owen: That is correct.

This just became gross.

Samey: Ahem… the main thing I wanted to bring up is the criteria that you don’t fit as the killer Sam.

Sugar: Don’t let him keep yapping and say it already.

Samey: Okay! Okay! Geez…I was trying to make things clear. The thing he couldn’t do as the killer is to be a girl!

Cody: Of course he can, actually no he couldn’t.

Geoff: Yeah which means none of us dudes can be the murderer.

Samey: Which is where I want to bring up the next part. Since Sam can’t be the killer the only person who had the antidote is Dakota.

Amy: But what if-

I know what she’s going to say and I’m two steps ahead of her.

Samey: What if Dakota still has the antidote? Well if that were the case then we just have to have

(Dakota show it/Dakota describe it/Sam show it/I show it)

Answer: Dakota show it

Dakota: Well unfortunately I can’t which means I’m even more suspicious.

Samey: And with that we have our prime suspect. I guess we can now vo-



Sam: Not quite Samey! I’m not yet done fighting for my princess!

Samey: Princess? Are you talking about Dakota?

Sam: Who else!? Look I may be in the ropes but true heroes never surrender.

And a true hero never stays hard-headed.

Samey: I’m sorry Sam, but you need to face reality.

Sam: I am, and what I’m facing right now is a witch trying to destroy me! Your wickedness won’t affect me!

Samey: You know you’re starting to sound a lot like Leonard?

Sam: GAAH! But unlike him, I’m not a killer. I will protect the person I care even if it means costing my life!

But it will cost our lives to. And yes he’s no killer which is why this so painful to do.


Evidence: Breath Mints, Duffal Bag, Sam’s Testimony, Nail Buffer

Sam: Okay I admit that Dakota does have an antidote.

Sam: But that’s really all you going for.

Sam: I mean it sounds absurd but couldn’t someone else had an antidote?

Sam: The killer themselves showed they were smart and crafty.

Sam: Probably enough to beat me in a puzzle game.

Samey: I really don’t want to do this to, but Dakota is the suspect I can think of.

Sam: But are you certain about it!

Sam: I mean there is nothing pointing to Dakota.

Sam: Because of all of this!

Sam: You can’t beat this level and move forward.

Sam: Unless you’re ready to admit defeat and give an apology to Dakota.

So I need more connection to Dakota and the murderer to convince Sam that she’s the killer. Well this maybe the time to present that weird item.

Solution: Nail Buffer – nothing pointing to Dakota

Samey: I don't think so!!!


Samey: But this nail buffer, it has to belong to Dakota.

Sam: A nail buffer?

Samey: This nail buffer was found at the crime scene. And since it’s clear both Ezekiel and Sierra wouldn’t have with them that would mean the person who owns this-

Bridgette: Would be the killer!!! I totally get what your saying!!!

Izzy: And that would be Dakota, the Fame Monger. I knew she was a double-agent.

Dakota: First of all, I’m not a fame monger and a double-agent.

Samey: So that’s another piece of evidence pointing to Dakota.

Anne-Marie: Hey there, I know that Dakota has one but you know that there is tons of girls here that has one.

Sam: Exactly. How could you prove such a nail buffer would be hers specifically? Not like you have a skip command for this.

Samey: T..that…I kind of don’t know.

Amy: Man! What an idiot! HAHAHAHA!!!

Scarlett: Maybe she hasn’t thought about it but there is a guarantee way to figure out who this nail buffer belong to.

Max: Elaborate at once assistant or face retribution!!! “smack” OWWWW!!!

Scarlett: I’m not in the mood anymore so the stage is yours Samey.

What!? I have to answer! Why did you have to interrupt her Max!?

Samey: W-well….I guess the way to found out who this belong to would be…

(Check the material/Check the size/Check the durability/Check for initials)

Answer: Check for initials

Now I remember! This little titbit about beauty products can help me!

Samey: All we have to do is check for initials in this nail buffer.

Amy: Now you’re just being a clown Samey! And that was a good joke! Hahahahaha!

Heather: Actually I think Samey might be on to something.

Amy: Huh? What do you mean?

Cameron: I think I read this one in a magazine. Don’t rich people put signatures in their belongings?

Lindsay: I don’t know about everyone but some rich people do. I remember some of my friends did that since they couldn’t tell whose stuff was who. Now that I think about I think that was the time when I…

Courtney: Enough of the story telling. I think we get what you’re trying to say Samey. That if Dakota is really the culprit, some sort of signature would be there.

Gwen: And what do we have here. It’s an initial.

Trent: What are the initials?

Gwen: The initials are DM. And I think we know what this mean.

Mike: Dakota Milton!!! Your nail buffer was at the crime scene! Explain why!?

Dakota: I rather not answer an obvious question at this point.

Rodney: Wait a minute! Does that mean you’re going to confess!?

Sam: No she won’t since she has nothing to confess to. She is the purest person here.

Dakota: Sam, I think overplaying it just a little bit there. I mean I done some bad stuff before.

Sam: Look you haven’t and what was the point of the nail buffer. I mean couldn’t Dakota just drop there before.

Jasmine: But we always go to Boney Island to maintain everything.

Shawn: But then again a nail buffer could be overlook due to how small it is. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if any of us miss something like that.

Sam: So you see. That why that “clue” even exist.

Samey: No that’s why it wasn’t there. Dakota brought it there last night for a purpose.

Alejandro: A purpose? Then what would that purpose be?

Dave: I really doubt the killer was fixing their nails after killing two people.

Samey: No that isn’t the reason why Dakota brought it.

Though I also have no idea why. But if I brainstorm it I think I’ll find it and make it have some sense.



Answer: Lock Pick

Samey: Now I know the answer!!!


Samey: Why else but for a lock pick?

Sam: A lock pick?

Mike: Why would the killer need a lock pick for the murder?

Bridgette: I honestly don’t think there was any mention of a lock while we were talking about the murder.

Harold: But then again I don’t think lock picks are use only for locks but for other things to.

Duncan: As a juvenile I can attest to that. But I still don’t see a point with the lock.

Oops! Now I need to explain this even I’m not yet sure to. But then again that is the only thing I can think of that a nail buffer could be use in a crime so let’s stick with this for now.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Boat of Losers, Boatkeys, Speedboat, Ezekiel’s Hat

Bridgette: I don’t get how a lock-pick would be needed for the murder?

Zoey: Well I’ve seen assassins needing to use lock-picks for breaking in to places for murder. But I don’t think that was the case for this one.

Cameron: And we had established the murder weapons so it couldn’t be a weapon.

Rodney: And I don’t think there weren’t any locks there so it wasn’t use for breaking a lock.

Sam: And are we even sure that Samey was right when saying this was for the murder.

Amy: Now your understanding. Samey is too stubborn to realize the nail buffer wasn’t use for any crime. It was there just out of coincidence.

Duncan: So are we really over thinking this or is there something were not getting at.

Heather: That is the one thing I agree with you Duncan. This case is a pain.

So the point of the nail buffer as a lock pick. I have to creative for this one especially since the killer aka Dakota has shows themselves as really crafty.

Solution: Boat of Losers – there weren’t any locks

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: It is true that there were no locks but there was something else that a lock-pick can be use at.

Dakota: And mind telling us Samey.

Man why is she supporting me despite her being the killer.

Samey: Why isn’t it the Boat of Losers.

Dave: Boat of Losers? Are you serious because that sounds ridiculous?

Duncan: Oh I think I know what you’re getting at.

Lindsay: I don’t. Mind telling us Dunstan.

Duncan: Can’t believe you still don’t remember my name.

Courtney: Get on with it Duncan!

Duncan: Just shut-up for a bit. Look what I think Samey is trying to say is that the killer used the nail buffer as lock-pick to activate the boat.

Scott: I remember you did something like that with Chef’s ride with the exception that it wasn’t a with a nail buffer but with an actual lock-pick.

Duncan: Yeah but that’s the general idea. Using a lock-pick to activate a vehicles.

Sam: But wouldn’t the killer just use the keys like a normal person?

Amy: Yeah I mean we found the keys at the shore.

Scarlett: I’m not sure. Maybe the killer did plan to do that but couldn’t find it.

Lightning: What do you mean? We found it so why not the killer?

Brick: Maybe while moving Ezekiel’s body back to the boat, the keys probably fell of the pocket of Zeke.

Jasmine: How do you know Ezekiel place the keys in his pockets?

Brick: Because that is what he always does whenever his in charge with the boat.

Amy: But then wouldn’t the killer look for the keys then? There weren’t hard to find so the killer shouldn’t had any trouble.

Scarlett: Maybe when we were investigating but I think it was different during the time of the crime.

Owen: Why would it be different? Because the killer didn’t had there midnight snack.

Dakota: I think that would only be you Owen. No offense.

Owen: None taken. I need a midnight snack and I’m proud of it!

Amy: You still haven’t answered the question. Why didn’t the killer look and find the keys?

Samey: It’s not the killer didn’t look for the keys and find it, but they couldn’t find the keys to begin with and the reason for that was…

(The killer was tired/It was dark/The keys were small/The keys were in the water)

Answer: It was dark

Shawn: That’s true, it was night when it happened. But if I were the killer I wouldn’t go there because of the zombies!

Jasmine: Let’s hold the zombie thing for a bit until the trial is over.

Gwen: But I can believe Samey’s idea that it was to dark. And not only that but since it was at the shore it would be difficult to see the difference between the keys and the rocks’ shadows.

Noah: So I guess that solves everything. Is it time to vote?

Dawn: It looks Dakota will go through another dark ordeal. But at least after this she will finally be at peace.

Sam: Hold on! Were not done yet!!!

Brick: Sam I know it’s difficult but you must accept that Dakota has to be our killer. There is no other person the evidence points to.

Sam: But that’s because all the evidence were circumstantial!!! Samey hasn’t showed any decisive evidence.

Samey: Decisive evidence? I mean I’m pretty sure I already showed everything.

Amy: But Sam is still right about it being circumstantial I mean it is still possible that Dakota is innocent.

Topher: Look if you’re too stupid to understand then that’s your pro-

Scarlett: I guess we should have a discussion about this and see this settle for good.

Beardo: But don’t we have enough proof to end this.

Scarlett: Its better be safe than sorry since taking risk isn’t something we can do with our lives in the line.

Tyler: I guess I can see your point.

I honestly wish the trial can end so I can get this over with. But I do have to admit that I am still unsure about Dakota’s motive and if anything else still pointing at her.

Amy: This is my last chance to deal with Samey. I’ll show her who the better sister is.

Then again if it means embarrassing Amy then there is a silver lining here.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Yellow Paint, Brown Paint

Scarlett: We’ll grant your wish Sam and discuss this more before having our vote.

Jo: Why even bother? This is nothing but a waste of time!

Duncan: Come on! Give the guy some respect. He’s about to lose his girlfriend.

Sam: I am not!!! Because Dakota isn’t the killer.

Amy: I know right! There is no other evidence that points Dakota as the killer.

Max: Insolent fools! The nail buffer and the antidote are the evidences that will seal her fate!

Amy: But you have no proof that the antidote use was the one Dakota had.

Sam: Or that the nail buffer was there during the night of the crime. It could have been dropped there by coincidence!

Tyler: So there not going to accept those evidence. Just great!

Cameron: Looks like we’ll need new evidence to prove it, but is there anything.

So both Sam and Amy are trying to argue our case and I get it with Sam. But Amy is just doing it because she won’t accept a case I made. Looks like I need to prove both of these guys wrong!!!

Solution: Yellow Paint – no other evidence

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: The yellow paint on the speedboat will be enough prove that the killer of the case is Dakota.

Amy: Are you serious sister? How can yellow paint be any decisive evidence to Dakota!? I mean I would even say that the yellow paint is irrelevant.

Scarlett: I don’t know. I doubt it was yellow paint.

Noah: Yeah when I saw it to, I had a feeling that wasn’t something normal.

Dawn: So it isn’t paint. I guess whatever it is might in the end prove Dakota as being the real culprit.

And I do know what it really is so once I say it this will end the trial and… Dakota’s life to.

Samey: The thing is this yellow paint is in actually…

Sam: Hold on! I’m not going to fall for that Samey!

Samey: Sam! You have to stop denying and face reality.

Dakota: Sam, I’m sorry but you can’t do anything about it!

Sam: Dakota just right there! I’ll be your knight in shiny armour and save you from her lies!!!

Scott: I never seen Sam like this before.

Bridgette: He’s so desperate in saving Dakota that he became delusional.

Cody: Even if we get the right killer, if we leave Sam like this…

Brick: Oh man! It’ll be Sierra over again.

Courtney: And another incident will happen for sure. So find a way to make him accept the truth. I want to help but I don’t know how to-

Scarlett: Then let’s leave it up to Samey to do it.

Samey: What!? Scarlett!?

Scarlett: You were about to say something right!? I think that might be the ticket into making Sam face the truth as Dakota as the killer.

Samey: B…but I’m scared!!!

Dakota: Please Samey, do it for me!

Samey: Dakota! But you know what it means if we vote-

Dakota: I’m aware of that. I was always aware of it since I started. I’m sorry everyone for what I did, but you must end this trial.

Samey: Dakota! I don’t want to see you go!

Dakota: It’s okay really. I want all of you to live. Especially you Sam for making me happy.

Katie: This is so sad.

Sadie: Hug me! I’m starting to cry to!

What is this? Tear? No I can’t cry yet! Not until I finish the trial!

Samey: Very well Dakota. I’ll do it! I’ll do your final request and end this trial once and for all!

Sam: Like you can!

Sam, I hope we can stat friends after this. I really don’t want our friendship to end because of this.

P.T.A: VS Sam!!!

Sam: It’s game over for you!!!

Sam: I won’t fall for it!!!

Sam: I’ll overcome this level.

Sam: You’re out of your league here!!!

Sam: Game time!!!

Sam: Don’t mock her!

Sam: 1-up time.

Sam: Can you defeat me?


Sam: You won’t trick me!!! There is no way that yellow paint will prove Dakota as the killer!!!


EXPENSIVE                     YELLOW


Answer: Expensive Yellow Nail Polish

Samey: I’ll end this!!!


Samey: I’m sorry to say this Sam, but this yellow paint could only belong to Dakota.

Sam: Really!? Tell me how!?

Samey: This yellow paint is actually nail polish! Nail polish that Dakota has!

Sam: Yellow nail polish!? I…I me…mean do you proof the nail polish is Dakota? It could be any other girl’s nail polish.

Lindsay: Hey can I see the nail polish?

Scarlett: Ummm why?

Lindsay: I don’t know, the smell is something I’ve experience before.

Beth: Really? Will it prove that this belongs to Dakota?

Lindsay: *sniff* Wait a minute! How can someone ever get this nail polish!?

Zoey: Is something wrong about the nail polish? I mean you look a little pale.

Lindsay: The thing is this nail polish is Le Flora brand. It’s really hard to get this unless you go to Paris.

Mike: Because there expensive? I mean I know Dakota is rich but that isn’t exactly enough to prove her guilty since she’s not the only rich person here.

Lindsay: Yes it’s expensive, but I remember when I ask this from my dad, he told me that he couldn’t get it because the Miller family bought the entire line.

Well that was convenient. I was going to show the nail polish that Dakota gave me, but then again Amy might have just said I could be the culprit so that settles that problem.

Brick: Is this true Dakota?

Dakota: *sigh* I don’t even need to answer that, because it’s so obvious.

Sam: No way. I can’t believe this.

Samey: Unfortunately this is true. We can’t do anything about it.

Dakota: Sam, please don’t be upset. Please live. Live for me.

Sam: Dakota…I’ll miss you.

Dakota: Don’t worry, you won’t need to miss me since I’ll always be watching you.

Katie: Do we really have to vote?

Sadie: We have to otherwise we will die.

Noah: We should have a recap about all this, but I’ll be honest since I did for the last two trials someone else should do it.

Scarlett: Looks like you’re up again Samey. Time to end this trial.

Samey: Okay then this is what hap-

Amy: Shut up!!!


Samey: Amy what are you doing!?

Amy: I can’t accept it! You’re just another me!!! I won’t let you shine more than me!

Amy, I have to stop you! Dakota needs me to end this trial so I’ll face my fears, I’ll face you and I’ll face the despair of a death of my friend!


Evidence: Brown Paint

Amy: I can’t accept you argument!!!

Amy: I mean your just another me!!!

Amy: All you can do is mess up over and over!!!

Amy: The only way you’ll succeed is if you follow what I say!!!

Amy: So if we go with the vote right now!!!

Amy: We all just end up killing ourselves all because it’s your own fault!!!

Samey: Amy, you won’t push me around anymore. I know I’m right so don’t think you can stop me now.

Amy: Don’t you dare talk to your sister like that!

Amy: You follow what I say!!!

Amy: I say that your wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

Amy: All your saying is your own fantasy!!!

Amy: I mean you don’t have any proof that the yellow paint is actually yellow polish!!!

Amy: In the end you’ll just mess up and cause our deaths!!!

Amy: And all of that will be your fault!

Amy, I am threw with the abuse. I won’t tolerate it any further!!!

Solution: Brown Paint – don’t have any proof.

Samey: That is enough Amy!!!


Samey: Then what about the brown paint outside the speedboat?

Amy: Brown paint!!!

Samey: Yes, brown paint. The yellow paint tells me that at one point Dakota’s hand were wet which cause the yellow polish to drip to the boat’s side.

Noah: That is most likely when she pushed Sierra to the water in order to run her over.

Samey: But at that point the purple polish Sierra had on mixed with the yellow nail polish.

Amy: That doesn’t answer how that was yellow polish.

Scarlett: Actually it does. When mixing the color yellow and purple it becomes brown. But the change of color wouldn’t happen unless both substances are the same.

Harold: So your saying that if purple polish was going to turn brown the mixture has to be polish to.

Scarlett: Exactly. I mean if it was paint then it wouldn’t change at all due to the differences between both substances.

Thanks for the help Scarlett. I didn’t understand the scientific mumbo-jumbo thought.

Samey: Exactly which is proof that the yellow paint is nail polish. And the only person who did that was Dakota.

Dakota: Wow! I’m impress you figured out everything. Looks like you’ll be alright Samey.

But the one thing I don’t understand is Dakota’s motive, but probable when the trial ends she’ll likely say why.

Amy: I can’t believe it!!! This has to be a nightmare! No way that Samey could solve such a difficult case!

Scarlett: But she did. Looks like you’re the one who ended up wrong. Have anything to say!

Amy: This can’t be happening!

Noah: Now with that little interruption out of the way time to end this Samey.

Dakota: Finally everything will be over.

Samey: Okay then here is the recap of the entire incident.


The entire murder plan was to take place in the new location which was Boney Island. Most likely because of it's isolation which would make it easy for the killer to set-up the main trick of this case. Which is none other then switching the cause of death between the two victims. This naturally made this case the hardest one we face so far.

The first thing the killer did was grabbing the necessary props for there big debut. First in Boney Island they grabbed a white ant to use Cody's allergy reaction and the keys for the jetski in order to perfect there trick. Then in Sierra's musuem the killer grabbed the costume Duncan submitted in order to use as a disguise. And finally stealing the key for the laundry in order to attain Sierra's clothes. Not forgetting the antidote they had with them since the beginning.

Everything was now ready for the killer so now all they have to do is wait until the perfect appears which did in turn was last night. Now to start off the show the killer waited for the opening to attack Cody with the white ant in order to lure Sierra into going to Boney Island. The only time possible since the culprit was a girl was when Sierra was working on the musuem. When that happened the killer, disguised now with Duncan's costume, place the white ant on Cody and allowed him to get bitten. They most likely used the antidote at this point in order to make sure they don't actually kill Cody due to the rule of only allowing two people to kill.

Cody became immobolize due to his allergic reaction and like the killer planned Sierra became the first person to see him. Now I don't know if it was due to panic or distrust, but Sierra did what the killer wanted. Which was for her to take Cody to Boney Island. The killer then removed their costume and then approach Sierra prentending to help in order to get to Boney Island due to not having a boat to get there. So riding with an unconscious Cody and Sierra with the speedboat they arrived and placed him inside the cabin.

That's when the killer true role is committed. Showing Sierra the empty antidote and telling her that Cody has been saved, they both started going back to the main island. But unfortunately this is the part Sierra's murder happened. While going to Boney Island, our killer began to push Sierra in the water in order to take over the boat. She succeeded and now with the speedboat they did the first act of this case and run over Sierra in the front, killing her. Then with the extra clothes they brough with a duffal bag, they took Sierra's body to the shore and change her clothes to disguise her true cause of death.

Now with that done, the next victim was all set and the next event has begun. Ezekiel who was kncok out by the killer earlier woke up from the effects. The killer set him at the docks in order for him to see a signal prepared by the killer. The signal fire was a useful in two ways, first by luring in Zeke and second by disposing the wet clothes and costume. They were also ready to pretend to find the body by riding in with a jetski and pretending to have seen the signal fire in case Ezekiel decided to bring other people with him there which fortunately for the killer he didn't.

Ezekiel riding in with the Boat of Losers which he borrowed from Brick arrived to the crime scene and saw the aftermath of the killers actions. The killer then drove to the shore with the jetski and acted as if she only went there due to seeing the fire. This lead Ezekiel to let his guard down and open the killer the opportunity to strike. While he had his back turn the killer grabbed a boulder and the smashed it behind his back which killed our second victim.

Then while dragging Ezekiel's body to the Boat of Losers, the keys for the boat fell and due to the darkness it became impossible to locate it. So the killer needed to improvise and used the metal buffer they had with them to activate the boat. The killer placed Zeke's body inside the boat and the blood leaking from the victim began to spread throughout the floor. And then with the boulder the killer damaged to the Boat of Losers to make it look like the murder weapon for the run over attack. Then dropping the boulder and Zeke's body to the middle of the water, the killer swam back to Boney Island. Leaving evidence to point to Brick and placing Zeke's body to make it look like he was the one who got run over.

The killer finish there award winning act and needed to return to the main island. They couldn't use any of the jetski's due to causing suspicion and neither the two boats to preserve the frame-up job. So they use an emergency raft to get back while leaving to be found and hopeful accuse for the crime. They didn't realize some evidence like the yellow nail polish, Ezekiel's hat and Sierra's phone were still there to foil the killer's trick but by then it was too late.

Only one person could be the killer in this. The person had to have antidote with them before the medical supplies move to Boney Island and had the expensive yellow nail polish.

Scene: Samey looking shocked at a shadowy figure who just looks down ashamed.

Samey: Dakota! You were the one who did this all!!

Scene: Shadowy figure reveals themselves as Dakota.


Dakota: Looks like this is the end. Well I guess I should have seen coming.

Sam: Dakota? Why!? Why did you kill them!?

Dakota: I'm sorry Sam but I had no choice. I'll explain later but for now I think we should let this end.

Jo: Finally this is over! Now we can get the vote over with.

Monokuma: Alright guys. Begin the vote and make sure you pick carefully otherwise you might be executed.

Amy: I can't believe this just happened! Aaaagh!!!


Scene: A lottery machine is spinning until it landed on 3 Dakota heads and then the sign on top glows guilty as coins falls down.

- Monokuma annouces that they were right again and that culprit was indeed Dakota. Sam is dishearted with the news and started crying and demanding to know why she did it. Dakota's motive is explained.

- The person threaten for Dakota was actually Sam and that if no murder happened, Monokuma would use a drug to make Sam go crazy and most likely result him to kill or get killed.

- Dakota also explained to everyone why she picked Sierra and Ezekiel. The reason was because what she overheard one night between the two victims and Brick. The list they were talking about was really dangerous.

- Courtney questions Brick but Brick just stays quiet. But before anything else can happen, Monokuma announces the execution.

- Sam begs Monokuma to stop but Dakota gives him a kiss and tells him that he must live. She also gives a letter to him and Samey and then the execution begins.

Scene: Monokuma hits a button with a gavel and on the screen it shows a 8-bit Monokuma dragging a 8-bit Dakota.


Dakota's Execution: Executed

While Dakota stands in the middle of the room the light goes out and when they turn back on Dakota is missing. Everyone is confuse about what happened until Sam points towards the screen. It shows Dakota inside a mansion on top of a staircase with different Monokuma's of different fashionable outfits.

Dakota looks confuse until she sees a camera crew of Monokuma behind the crowd. One of them shows a que card and on it, it says she must please the crowd or else. And a chandelure can be seen on top of Dakota. On the chandelure there are bombs and it can be seen that the one Monokuma who looks like a director has a trigger.

All the Monokuma has cameras and they start taking pictures of her and Dakota's just do different poses to impress them. She even does flying kisses and show her bright smile. Eventually the Monokumas began throwing flowers and money to her. It showers and showers and she begins to love it.

Until the directors throws presents to the adoring Monokumas. They look inside and smiled deviously. Dakota begins to sweat and starts to back off, but before she can reach the top of the staircase the Monokuma begins throwing the presents to her. Dakota looks inside and realize what's about to happen.

Inside the presents were grenades, but no ordinary ones. They all glow green and Dakota can tell what they all are due to having a "bad" experience. They were nuclear grenades. Dakota tries to throw all them away while the Monokumas begin to evacuate the mansion. Unfortunetly the grenades explode and a mushroom cloud was created. In the aftermath the mansion is in shambles and in the middle is Dakota now turned to a skeleton. Dakota is dead.

- Sam starts crying uncontrollably after what happened. Some people try to comfort him, especially his former teammates B, Dawn and Brick.

- Courtney told Brick that he'll be interrogated about the list tomorrow.

- Amy shows a note to Alejandro and Dave, all three of them whispers to each other and then they quietly leave.

- After leaving the trial room, Samey confronts Brick about the list in the tape recorder since she has been overhearing him during the past week. Brick explains the list and tells her why it must be kept a secret.

- Brick says that the tape recorder is a list of coordinates and in each of them was a weapon cache. Brick and Ezekiel has been trying to get them first before anyone else could. Now because Samey knows, Brick as her to help him find the weapons and also ask if Cody can join since he is also aware of the situation.

- Samey realized that the gun she found on the ground during the first days was in one of the weapon caches. So she agreed and said she'll be talking about this with Cody.

- Brick warns her the most dangerous weapon of the weapon cache is a nuclear bomb similar to what happened to Dakota, but they couldn't find it since it's location is unknown.

- Noah overhears this and start talking about this with Dawn.

- Samey goes to sleep and realizes things are about to get worst.

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