Hey guys with all the fun we had in Ridonculous Race, I would like to see what you think of these ideas for new teams? Feedback is god since I personally want to be an entertainment writer. Also have any ideas then put them down in the comment section.



Two Highschool teachers, they deal with teenagers as a daily grind but unfortunately they don't enjoy it. Mostly because of how their students can gossiping and talking about the latest fad. The biggest and latest one is the Ridonculous Race, which the two just think is your average TV Show. Both of them decided to check out this and decided to play a joke by making an audition.

Unforutunately in a middle of a class they get a call which inform them that they got in. At first they plan to reject it but because of the support of the school and the prize money, they reluctantly join. While these two are knowledgeable in Mathematics and Science and do things the old fashion way, they are no good in modern society. Now facing the world with 17 other teams, they just hope they don't embarass themselves in front of their students. And who knows, maybe years of handling rowdy teenagers will be paid of with a million dollars.



Prepare to be electrified with this shocking duo. The father and son duo are known around the world as modern Hercules. Lighting as a prodigy in everything to do with muscles and Thunder destroying the major league leaving a field of crying silver medalist. Now they may be powerful but unfortunately their brains need to get in the gym since it so puny.

Joining the race was only because to redeem Lighting for his failure in Total Drama. But will this race lead them to both of them failing or will they win the whole caching? Honestly both of these guys haven't lost a race before so it should be easy. Right?



Now these guys doesn't seem to belong, but hey who am I to judge. This due coming from the Rural and not being part of mdern class. But in the upside they are 100% when it comes to driving trucks through the most dangerous and unstable roads that world ever saw. All of this led them to try auditioning to Truck and Field, a race where truck drivers compete with their big T around the country.

Unfortunately they audition the wrong show, called Ridonculous Race. But a million dollars over 100,000.00$, they still compete for their family. But they don't realize they won't be using their trucks but their brains and brawns and skills. And seeing how they are ignorant with an urban community, it's not looking good. But a plus side, they know how to handle a vechicle from planes to trains and especially trucks.



After the first season, the producers receive many complaints from people who got involve in the show. While some bad ones like the rabbit herder and chinese vender, could be handle with a few paychecks and legal contract, these two are a different story. They got injured due to the reckless of nature and now demands a place in the show.

Sky and Sydnet while both are hospitable and gentle, they can also be a bit clumsy especially with water and have a tendency to let their emotions control them. Although in the traveling they are a natural due to their everyday job. Now these two hope to win the race with a smile in their face. But this show can bring out the worst of people, and hopefully these two won't get involve with the wrong people.



Many people won't be able to experience the life two live. A life filled with money in their pockets. But unfortunately these two won't be able to enjoy the common fun as prestigious family have a tendecy to not allow that. Which is why these two join. To escape their families, they have a wager. Win the race and cut their ties to their families or lose and follow the route of their captures.

Richard and Lux may be golden hearted in the inside, but desperate time may mean desperate measures and these two might take it too far. But hey freedom is the reward for them so it may be worth it despite all the terrible deeds they may do. Better wish these two won't regret it later.



Honor isn't such an important word these days, but not for these two. Unlike many these men will do whatever it takes to receive honor whether it includes sweat and plenty of bad odor. Following the samurai code means they uphold cheating and lying and would rather commit senpuku then do that.(With rubber sword) Now in a journey to bring honor (and wealth) to their humble beginning, these two set out the world.

Ryu while really strong and has a good sense, can be easily manipulated which is what brings no end of problems to his sensei and while Jin is agile and cunning, he unfortunately lacks the fortitude of doing good with high risk and running away as a coward. But they need to do their best otherwise their sensei's dojo maybe destroyed in order to build the Chris' Memorial.



Losing to Don in the Geemy's cause Chris a complete meltdown. Now ridden with revenge and anger he vows to shut down Ridonculous Race with multiple law suits. But none of it worked since he has no basis against them. But using his devious mind Chris trick Don to sign a contract which may determine the fate of Ridonculous Race. Win the race and the show close the curtains or lose and Chris must give away his Geemies.

And hey Chef is back against his will. Can he catch a break? But with this guy he may have a chance to win due to his superior muscles and inhumane endurance, but Chris is lazy so he may just be their downfall. Also Chris has a surprising phobia which may shock the entire world.



The brother and sister due are world reknown violinists and pianist. But orchestra is nothing anymore compare to Pop culture. Now these two plan to bring the industry back and hopefully live up to their friends and families expectation. Honestly these two are no stranger to the public eye so they got a pretty advantage of getting nervous despite them sweating for some reason.

Note is the business dealer of the two making arrangements and conditions so these two can perform. While serious and stoic he is very protective to his sister that in order to win her hand, the man must defeat him a duel. (music battle) Melody in the other hand is the heart and conscience of the two always wanting everyone to be happy. Her violin is precious so don't destroy or the requiem will commence.



The most important ingredient in food is love and these two emphasize on it. And while they have the talent to back it up they unfortunately are lacking the business part of the spectrum. Now with their backer losing to a cheap and terrible yet incredibly advance pizza parlor, they need a million to beat them out. Or good publicty which ever comes first.

Susan is sweet as cinnamon but when sneeze may end up her going sour cream and Jimmy while supporting his wife could also be consider a Lava Cake. Sweet with lot of passion and flavor but cross the line it will burst. But these two will have each others back. And really what's not to love with them, they give cake for free in Christmas Holidays.


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