This is just my opinion!

Guys do not rage at me if i do not like a character you like ok. THis is just my opinion so yeah. Leave a comment telling me what you think of my rankings!


22. Ezekiel- Is it surprising too you? He did not do anything except make sexist comments. I was so happy he was gone first lol. He was better in world tour though.

21. Eva- Her anger issues. Ok really those are the weirdest anger issues I was surprised the cabin was still there when Heather stole her MP3 Player. She annoys me.

20. Justin- He had like 1 line. Plus, He annoyed me.

19/18th. Katie & Sadie-They are annoying... And they cannot go 5 seconds without going EKKKKKKKKK... So yeah...

17th. Harold- He mixed up the votes too vote off Courtney :( :( That made me mad plus he just annoys me this season overall.

16th. Beth- Well I like her in action but in this season she did not talk too much and her voice was kind of diffrent and weird. o-O

15th. Owen- He is okay just eats too much... He can get kind of annoying at times I was not too mad he won.

14th- Courtney- She's cool but really got me annoyed with the C.I.T Stuff...

13th- Noah- I love Noah but he barely talked so yeah that is pretty much the only reason I am putting him here.

12th- Cody- You gotta love Cody He was hilarious but did not have too many lines... It is weird seeing him in Island now XD... I liked him more in World Tour.

11th- Leshawna- She was cool but her Booty thing got annoying I was pretty happy she made it to the final 5 :D I hope she is in The Rindoculous Race.

10th- Geoff- He is Good his Dude and Cool stuff can get annoying at times just like Gwen says. XD He is cool though.

9th- Heather- She was awesome caused like all The Drama but I like other characters more so :P.

8th/7th- Trent and Tyler- I like both of them equal Trent is awesome same with Tyler so yeah.

6th- Bridgette- She was going to be 2nd actually but I bumped her up because I started thinking about other contestants. She Is amazing though Shame she was not in the show too much.

5th- Izzy- She is so funny and crazy XD she was going to originally be 3rd but nope!







4th- Lindsay- I know you were expecting her to win but I love others I also love Izzy!

3rd- DJ-He was going to 1st but Naa I love him so much though :D




Gwen- 2nd- This contestant is amazing but I though about Duncan i was tempted to put her first I could not though.

Master Duncan- 1ST!- He is so funny and awesome and everything! Probably my favorite Contestant!

So tell me your opinions or who you like most :D

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