This Finale I really did not like. The challenge was a race like every finale Ugh Enough races. Sky annoyed me. XD Chris was awesome though! Also, Dave He has it to hard he is bald now he got left with a bear on pahkitew island and he learned Sky had a boyfriend. This was all in one episode too. Jeez this makes me mad sometimes. Also, Chris showed the worst confessionals. He seriously should of showed the good stuff. Lol The race was good though and some of the episode was good. I guess I liked wait no part Really Dave and Jasmine might get the money now WTF! Sorry, Really who wrote this episode I will check after this... Anyway I thought it was dissapointing. Also, He said nothing about next season. I guess Total Drama is over. There we have it total drama. I will miss this shop so R.I.P Total Drama.

Final Rating: F Or 34%

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