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  • Alpha Ranger

    I'm Back

    May 25, 2015 by Alpha Ranger

    I am back to this wiki. To be honest I kind of forgot about it :S. Well, I would not say forget. But I was busy with other wikis and school. I want to start editing again and comment on blogs and forums. I have been inactive from the wiki for a while and I thought it was time to return. I don't really remember many people on here. So, Hi!

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  • Alpha Ranger

    Total Drama Team Names

    November 21, 2014 by Alpha Ranger

    So, I got bored and I made Total Drama team names random ones not much deep thought they just kinda came you know? Let's go and you can see these lol. One More thing I am CoreyCakeMan I changed my name just call me Ranger (Please spread that around)

    Team Names (1)
    Team Names

    Red Wasps

    Multiple Scoregasms
    Victorious Secret
    The Muffin Stuffers (What?)
    e- LEMON - ators
    The Thunder Down Under
    Dream Killers
    The Cereal Killers
    Wii Not Fit
    The Mullet Mafia
    Disco Ninjas

    That was only 11 and I may make more I just got bored so ... BYE!

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  • Alpha Ranger

    Does anyone miss the old Total Drama days like Island or Action even World Tour those were the days but now we have Pahkitew Island and All Stars and just total crap I miss the old times.

    Anyone else me and my brother grew up with the show and it is sad to see that it kind of sucks now and we are not even sure if we will watch the Ridonculous Race I don't know if I will atleast.

    I do miss characters like Owen, Gwen, Duncan, Lindsay, Tyler, Noah, Izzy, Beth, Cody, Leshawna, Justin, and Harold.

    I just miss the old days does anybody agree with me because Island and Action are my favorite 2 seasons.

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  • Alpha Ranger

    Do you think Zoey was in too much of the show?

    I am not conplaining but I love Zoey. Wow that is a small pi

    Back on topic she was in every episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and All- Stars.

    So, tell me what you think in the comments.

    Also, I like her but she should have gotten lower in the season because she was a screen hog while she was in the show I might continue this blog or add to it.

    Alright I am adding on to the blog, Anyway some of you think I am complaining I just think she should of gotten a place like Samey around 10th. I love her but she was in too much of the show.

    TO BE SOON>>>>

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  • Alpha Ranger

    14. Amy                        Really another Heather except terrible the only reason she is there is to be mean to her sister, she did not develop at all her time on the show, she never helped her team with challenges which was annoying, she blamed Samey for everything to such a sweet character you have to do that too. Her elimination was hilarious and she totally deserved it.  Sorry but I just hate this character overall just no I am not talking about her anymore.

    Clue For #13 Someone that wears a lot of green.

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