Hi their, I'm back for another top 5 total drama list and this time I will be doing the top 5 total drama grand finals. I will be judging them on three things, the challange, the finalist and the drama.

Number 5

Total drama all stars final

The finalist - Mike and Zoey blander than bread and yet their our final all stars. I have a lot of problems with the finalist but a bigger problem with whats no their. Firstly the name of the season is all stars and yet we see a finalist with two players from the same season, let's face it Courtney vs Zoey would of been a million times better first because last season it was boy vs boy so this season it should be girl vs girl but no. I realise the focus of this season was mal and Zoey but we didn't need a boring pair of finalist.

Score- 3/10


I found this challenge very interesting cause I read somewhere that each most represent a season the lava represented world tour with the volcanic challenge on the final ep, the toxic moat represented revenge with the toxic filled island, the water moat represented island with the normal but deadly island. And the final bit representing action with that iconic stereotypical movie scene with the boy pulling the sword out of the stone founding out the the true king could only do it. Anyways the challenge was kinda lame but atleast we saw some elimanated contestants compete. I was really happy when I'm saw al and heather come out of the bubble. Anyways overall the challenge was a snooze and not a epic final I was expecting.

Score- 5/10


In the all star final the drama was with mal, mike and zoey and that's it and after that was solved have way through the ep with a push of a button the drama stopped. Anyways barly any drama.



A **** season with a bad final. The only good part was aleheather the final score is 11 out of 30.

So that's my number 5 stay tuned for my next post and leave ur comments bellow

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