It seems many of u think alejandro yes alejandro not al...... Is a copy of justin now I'm this blog will be metering to persuade that he is not a copy and one of the best characters. U can debate about this if u click the read more button and comment.

The reason most. Of think he is a copy is because they both use looks to get further in the game. First we will look at their labels or stereotypes, Alejandro is the arch villian which mean he is the main villian the supreme villian and Justin's is eye candy which mean he is hot, a model, great to look at and the fact that he was a antagonist is a big big big mistake. As u can see their stereotypes are very diffrent.

Now that thing about them using their looks maybe a bit true but let's face justin just had to smile and he could get laddies to ummmm what was it again ummmm didn't he make Owen keep him cool in action and make people stair at him, yeah and make a monster not kill him and yeah. Alejandro didn't really use his look at all, when was he every cocky, he just had a nice face but he knew how to charm girls, he gave his shirt in the winter to Bridgette, he got so much people eliminated, Alejandro never just used his look he knew how to persuade he knew how to manipulate he turned the mean hearted heather to a friendlier funnier, root able person the only thing justin did was make two dumb girls do what he wanted for half the episode and get injured.

Incunclusion alejandro is a highly skilled, charm ball with the IQ of a genius. Tdas may of ruined him but thats tdas. Justin Is a dimwitted eye sandy with al the looks but not the words to pull anything of. It like saying that Harold and Cameron are the Same person because their smart thats what most of u are basically saying or Leshawna and DJ are the same because the colour of their skin it's not right what u guys some of u are saying anyways leave ur comments below

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