Before I start with this review I must stress that this is just my personal opinion, seriously I cannot stress this enough you may agree or disagree and I can live with that, if you feel like commenting on something please do so in an orderly and polite manner.

Also a little apology in advance if my English seems a little off, I might be rather fluent but being a native Spanish speaker sometimes my phrasing gets a little awkward due to me walking back and forth the realms of Spanish and English.

Now let's get started, sit comfortably and maybe you'll want to get a drink cus this could be a long blog entry. 

My main complain with the latest installments on Total Drama was the fact that for some odd reason they decided to cut in half the seasons, which would've been a little better if only they hadn't dropped the first generation cast for a new one like they did on ROTI, which gave absolutely no time to fully develop the characters, no time to get attached to them and whenever something important happened between the characters the plotlines felt rushed and dull and that's why Mike and Zoey became the most pathetic excuse for a couple in TD. All Stars then came in and tried to stop **** from hitting the fan further by giving us some characters that had a couple of loose ends to them and put them with members of the new cast to see them compete and rivalize with each other, but no, once again they failed and I find the end of this season very fitting as they had completely destroyed the show in the same way they destroyed the Island where it all started. PI is by no means a bad season(cus let's face it the fact they call it the second part of season 5 is complete bull) however half of its cast just felt like they were there for no absolute reason and the only characters that mattered were the ones who moved the plot along, like Sky, Dave, Shawn, Jasmine, Topher(trust me I hate this guy but it was nice to see someone trying to stick it to Chris), Scarlett and even the Twins, the rest of them just felt like they had no personality to them or were just really annoying(Like Sugar, Leonard or Rodney).

Personally I think this spin off was a much needed time out on Total Drama, mostly because of the change in format. Sure we still have a competition for a million dollars, our fair share of drama, our villains(which I will go more into detail later when speaking about the characters), our fair share of comedy, references to other media and stereotypes gallore. However this spin off decided to stop doing the survivor theme and decided to start anew with a new host(Because let's face it who wasn't just a little bit tired of Chris), a new cast mixed with a few known faces and the idea of a race around the world much like in The Amazing Race and a new executive producer to boot. In many ways this show felt more like a reboot than a spin off, taking back Total Drama to it's roots while changing it just enough so that this show could be its own thing, the 26 episodes format gave the show enough time to develop these new and old characters and not throw any random halfassed mess like they did on TDROTI, TDAS, and kind of the first half of TDPI(Seriously half of that cast is just a waste).

Despite the praise I'm giving this show let me clarify that the show was not without its fair share of flaws. First of all let me talk about the characters.

The biggest change this show brought to the table was the format in which teams competed, This time we had 18 teams of two characters representing a sort of stereotype and a new host. Let me start by saying that Don felt like a fresh change of direction, sure he was still somewhat a narcissist, he could be a jerk to the contestants at times but he never was as cruel as Chris, but he still managed to fall on the dull side as a character, however in his defense Chris wasn't really that much of a character until they decided to make him more cruel and sadistic starting in TDA and borderline a psychopath with little to no regard for human life from ROTI onwards.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this blog as I feel it could take a while to deconstruct the teams  Category

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