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  • Alejandrofan3000

    8th: NegativeNoah666 I heard you quit. Sorry.

    7th: TDobsessed88 If the Beige Team lost NN666, you are most likely next.

    6th: Phil123 If the Red Team loses, you are doomed.

    5th: Bbhinton15 Beige Team is going downhill fast, but you are safe for now.

    4th: Bigez620 You are guaranteed Final Six.

    3rd: Aimers I hope you can survive if NN666 quit.

    2nd: Webkinz Mania I honestly think you are Final Two material. Do your best. You ARE a threat.

    1st: Musou Same as Webkinz.

    November 13th, 2010

    7th: Phil123 You have been banned. If the Red Team loses, you are gone.

    6th: TDobsessed88 If the Beige lose, you are out.

    5th:Aimers A good editor, but these four have proven themselves.

    4th: Bigez620 Great editor.

    3rd: Bbhinton15 I believe in you to make it far.

    2nd: Webkinz…

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