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    The cries are from me, fyi. This season was BY FAR the best season in Total Drama. Better than TDI and I am not even sorry. I had a lot to say so I don't think I really need to introduce you.


    Live blogging, but without the swears.

    Ten minutes before: N/A, but I guessed Sky vs Shawn with a Shawn win. Let's hope.

    Bae Caught Me Slippin: Good luck with the Olympics if it's winning that freaks you out, Sky. Shawn asleep is hella scary. Sky is trying to go all hard on Shawn. lol Sky yeah okay hunty. Sky who even cares about his grammar this isn’t the Internet


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  • AleAlejandro, AleAlejandro

    Also known as "Pahk'd with Feels." This isn't going to need an intro because I want to get to the finale, honestly. But I also LOVED this. SUGAR FOR LIFE NO MATTER WHAT.

    Ten minutes before: h y p e s q u a d . I’m so excited. I think Sugar is next and it’ll be Shawn vs Sky with a Shawn win. to be real I know sugar is next. I can feel it in my bones. This was my first fandom, I don’t want to wait until 2015. I’ve been here since I was in elementary school and it’ll be with me at least until I’m driving, and possibly even past that. TWO MINUTE TDPI WARNING. I AM SO SAD BUT SO EXCITED.

    Intro: How the hell do you say Pahtikew? I feel like he keeps saying it differently. sugar is so sketchy oH MY GOD HAHAHA. "on camera" OH MY GOD TED BUNDY DOCUME…

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  • AleAlejandro, AleAlejandro

    I’m watching “Hurl and Go Seek” because I’m waiting for my crops to grow in Runescape and finale day today. So, why not have a belated review of an episode everyone seems to hate?

    This is all directly off my blog and all first time opinions. So yeah! Enjoy.

    Intro: do the theme songs just get shorter every single season idk?? JASMINE AND SHAWN SLEEPING IN THE SAME TREE IS CUTE AW HAHA.

    Merge: Jasmine iT IS THE MORNING. kinda. anyways mergemergemerge. “technically starvation” hahaha. Sugar is the best tho. I swear to god she’s so cute oh my goddd. “television broadcast standards could never sink that low” they should for sugar

    Challenge: Oh god I forgot Jasmine hates Shawn.

    Dave. Shut up. literally shut up and leave forever Dave I’m done with you t…

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  • AleAlejandro, AleAlejandro

    Another liveblogging review from Ale! This time with angrier feelings and a spoiled point of view. I didn't really like this episode as much as the last, but I kinda just put up with it I guess.

    10 minutes before: Cartoon Network described this episode as "Jasmine gets eliminated" LMAO COOL OKAY I DIDN'T WANT TO WATCH THE EPISODE EITHER. Either way, 10 minutes until sky fall hype hype hype

    Intro: "Some technical difficulties" understatements of the year. The island stopped burning/freezing really quickly, I thought that was going to be a bigger deal than it was. BUT SUGAR. "THEYRE PROBABLY OFF SLAUGHTERING GOATS" HAHAHA CHRIST

    Shawn and Jasmine: Splitting the money is such a dumb idea. Like I don't blame Shawn here. They've been dating, like, on…

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  • AleAlejandro, AleAlejandro

    Okay, this was straight up my favorite episode of all time. I can't even begin to write a review for this so I decided I would share what I live blogged, because I think it captured my emotions pretty well. Minus the swearing.

    Approx. 2 minutes before the intro: HYPEHYPEHYPE

    When the island started moving: This intro is amazing and it’s been 5 seconds

    The "reveal": Gasping like they haven’t know the island was fake for like 6 episodes

    Max kicking open the rock and Scarlett's confessional: SCARLETT SLAY CRAZY B

    Sky being all whiny when making an alliance with Sugar: sky you don’t need no man stop

    Sugar in general: "The only two normals" u sure sugar?

    Scarlett's second apperance: I need a tattoo of every Scarlett line in this episode.

    Shawn and Jasm…

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