Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

I'm going to try to be to the point. I dislike how people are treated here on the wikia, especially the IRC. And I really, really want this to end.

To begin with, everyone on this wikia is a human. Humans have feelings, thoughts, and emotions. You shouldn't be putting down on another person, no matter what. Since we are human, it's nature for us to hurt other people emotionally like we've been doing, but we should try to tone it down. I've never seen a single user on this wikia not talk about another user behind their back.

We should just try to be nicer here. We are all different ages, races, sizes, genders, and nationalites brought together by the love for a simple cartoon, Total Drama. We shouldn't even really be so serious about a wikia "goverment" thing. We're all acting like teenagers in high school. We've established cliques, friendships, enimies, and general stereotypes.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle. ~Plato

You have aboustley no idea whatg a person could be going through in their real life, and insulting them so greatly through your words hurts. This can even mean how loosely people on here throw around words like "rape" and abuse of sorts. Don't label someone as a "tyrant" or "bi***". You have no idea who that person really is.

All I'm asking is that we look at everyone with an open mind and treat them with a kinder attitude. Really, nothing more. Treat others how you want to be treated. That's it.

Thank you for reading,

Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro.

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