Oh god. So TD:ROTI has finally ended after this year-ish fiasco. Between the build up and disappointment, spoilers and early air dates, and laser squirrels, I am sure I am not speaking only for myself when I say what. The. HELL. was that. So I decided to copy Bigez’s blog. Here’s a look at the few things I liked and everything I did not this season.


Ughhhh. The characters this season. I thought from the second that we got the concept sheet that this would be a pretty nice group with tons of potential for development, just judging how they looked. You already could tell who the bad guy was and most of the stereotypes, plus some of the more interesting ones (Jersey Shore, anyone?).

I was pretty excited to see this season by this point, and, finally, after Cake had gone WAY past their normal date for the flipbook, we got four photos and the official stereotype list. Then we met our new loves for thirteen episodes: Athletic overachiever Lightning, wide-eyed bubble-boy Cameron, multiple personality disorder Mike, take-no-prisoners jock-ette Jo, devious Scott, fame-monger Dakota, indie chick Zoey, compulsive liar Staci, strong silent genius B, Jersey Shore reject Ann Maria, moonchild Dawn, nice-guy gamer Sam, and cadet Brick. For me, this was a weird thing. At first, it was a huge jolt of excitement, but after more and more waiting, I started to analyze what we were given.


Each character either met my original judgment exactly or fell far below it, so here is basically what I had thought of each:

Anne Maria

At her audition tape, I was totally in love with her. She seemed super funny and original. But, once I started watching, something about me just could not get hooked on her. Just did not interest me all that much, sadly. Nothing about her made her pop to me.


Oh, B. Annoying ass B. This is just a character asking for endless amounts of godplay. “The Silent Genius.” IE the guy who does everything for everyone that we don’t need to really develop or write for because he doesn’t talk. The godplayer. Everyone liked B, even if he didn’t make noise. What is that? He sucks. Like, just really, really, sucks.


Originally, I did not like Brick. I thought that “The Cadet” sounded boring and couldn’t offer much. However, when Dawn explained his “need to be dominated” I laughed and got hooked on his character. He has probably some of the funniest lines (Fashion school, here he comes!) and was simply loveable. Adored this guy.


Liked him at first, liked less at the finale. Did not deserve to win in the slightest. He is a huge godplayer and I do not support his character in it. Wow, you just so happened to find a computer in a pile of nothing? Makes sense to me! No. Just no, okay? I do not like you. Plus, he shares the money because he “no longer needs to be in his bubble.” WHERE IS YOUR BUBBLE, SIR? YOU NEVER HAD A BUBBLE. WE NEVER EVEN SAW A BUBBLE. JUST SHUT UP.


Hai guis, I’m Dakotaaaa~. I neither liked nor disliked Dakota. She could be very funny and had some pretty clever moments, but once she became a monster I was instantly turned away from her. Major fault on the writer’s part, there. They just wasted one of the best choices they made this season.


Oh, Dawn. C: I really liked Dawn. Her aura reading was amusing, her lines were hilarious, and, hell, she even floated places and showed up magically. I’m a Dott shipper, as well. She is personally one of my favorites and was a very strong person that went much too early.


Can’t say much about Jo. Her and Lightning were a win pairing. “I never even kissed a guy!” “That’s cool, dude, Lightnin’ don’t judge.” much win. Not much else stood out to me about her and her elimination was not a huge deal to me.


See Jo. Also, he is the true winner. His character suddenly meant something to me when they talked about his dad, and, in my eyes, he won this season.


OH, JESUS, MIKE. My absolute LEAST favorite this season. No character at all besides wanting to sleep with Zoey. So boring. His personalities were weak, the original Mike is just boring, and he did nothing that did not involve Zoey. He’s not even a stereotype, he’s a disease. Just no.


Did not amuse me. Liked him and Dakota. Didn’t think much at all about Sam. Very much like Harold.


The first thing that comes to mind with Scott is his voice. HUR HUR THE SOUTH. He’s like the definition of white trash. As an antagonist, he wasn’t very smart and reminded me loosely of Russell Hantz in Survivor, although Russell was much better. The robot thing pissed me off, though.


It is obvious that Staci was a filler. She, like Zeke, was designed to be the first one off. She was not meant to get development, many lines, or friends, but Staci is one of my favorites. Her jokes were super funny. Her great-great-great-great uncle Ted invented jokes, btw.


Part of me wants to murder Zoey. The first thing I don’t like about her is her stereotype. “The Indie Chick” is not at all suitable because she’s not a hipster. She’s just lonely and whiny. It was probably something they came up with at last second. Then, she and Mike tried to get in bed for every single episode until his elimination. Literally, the first lines she had implied it from there on out. After he left, she became bad-ass. Bad-ass Zoey is one of my favorite characters, but Mike-Zoey is my least favorite. If they kept Zoey with her sudden determination and Izzy-ness, she could have flourished as a fan-favorite, too, but in the finale she was right back to the good old hateable mess she was before. Sad face.



They basically all suck in some way. The end.


All they did here was kill off everyone, plus tie up some kinds of loose ends. I personally only really liked Heather and Lindsay’s cameos because I felt they were the only ones to stay true to their past seasons. Bridgette was my least favorite because she seemed mean. Izzy was not bad, either.

Could have been more veteran-new character interactions, but otherwise, they were okay.

The Writing

Okay, prepare for a rant here. Now, my number one question from the second I sat down to watch the season on Ryan’s TV via Tinychat to the second the credits ended fifteen weeks later, was the following: What crackpipe have the writers been smoking from this entire season?

I am not at all sure what audience they might have been trying to reach or writing for. I cannot help but feel like some jokes were aimed for five or six year olds, but there were some very adult ones as well. Most seemed to be hit-and-miss with me. If you enjoy psychical comedy, you would’ve really enjoyed this season, as well.

Character interactions varied from pairing to pairing, but some (MIKE-ZOEY) were very, very poorly written, rushed, and overdone, but others (Lightning-Jo, B-Dawn) were cute and funny. Again, the hit-and-miss thing. Some were great, some were not, and I guess that’s just the way it is.

Most the animals this season were great. I always liked the sharks, so I LOVED Fang and Scott interaction. Kind of reminded me of a Tom-and-Jerry thing. The animals also support the crack theory, because, at the same time, how high must you be to come up with that? The answer is very.

But now for my two least favorite parts. The first? Godplay. Come on, guys. B. Cameron. Mike. They literally were designed to be huge godplayers. Mike could get out of any situation by becoming Svetlana or another personality. Cameron could pull computers and Iron Man suits out of his ass. B knew everything and did not need to say a single word to win a challenge. Even in cartoon law, this makes no sense and got very annoying because it made some good characters leave. I See London all over again.



Overall, I hated most of these guys. The only episode that managed to make my favorite episodes of Total Drama is Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon. In fact, this might be my favorite episode ever. Very good. Hated everything else. And not enough Chef.


Ending Comments and Season Five

With Chris and all of his weird ending stuff, I kind of am iffy on the possibility of another season. If there is one, I would like to see the old guys becoming friends with the new guys and having a whole new set of conflicts and friendships that could be made. I would also like to see an official female winner for once, damn it. Where are the girls? :c SEXISTS.

TDR 081 PO253 P1-copy

My final rating:

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island: 6/10

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