"We'll vote on it in council".

Okay, I'm not normally the one to complain (loljk I never shut up), but I see a small problem going on in the wikia. Consdering we're human, we have fights all. The. Time. Especially on this wikia. We like to argue about different subjects and if they are right or wrong. Like we're running a country, of sorts.

Now, in my country, the United States of America, we have a democracy. I'm pretty sure people understand how it runs unless you're not American or stupid. Basically, we vote people into power in order to have our voice heard and spoken by leaders, since we all can't be in a little white building in Washington at once. This is an ideal goverment that doesn't cause any major problems.

The wikia, at the moment, is run more "tyrancy". I'm not saying the admins are against us; I'm far from saying that, actually. I just think that users - the main part of the wikia - are being ignored.

My best example of this are the fights we have. I swear on my laptop, that on nearly every bad situation we have, I hear "We'll vote on it in council." That is a HUGE. ISSUE. I am not a rollback, nor am I an admin. I'm simply a regular user who does regular things and will never become one since I have, like, no edits and never will get that much. That doesn't mean I can't help make descisions on the wikia.

To add on to this example, we were fighting about the word "slore". "Slore" is a term mixing the words "sl**" and "wh***". I dislike this word because it's used to insult users. It's an offensive term, therefore, it should be banned. However, even though I think that (as well do several other users), it probably will not be due to a majorty council vote.

We don't "vote" on who goes into council. The admins pick who goes into coucil and the admins pick who is an admin. Therefore, we get biased opinions on everything. Admins are the people other admins like and have similar views with. Majorty of admins and rollbacks have the same opinion. However, their majorty opinion is, most of the time, not the majorty opinion of the wikia. It makes issues be treated badly and against what the people/users want.

We also don't get to see what goes on in council. Council is a mystery to the average person. We're not allowed to see how it works and what goes on, and we have no input. It's behind a closed door. Nothing on this wikia should go on unknown by the average user. Our opinions are being ignored by the majorty of admins and it needs to be fixed.

Please note I am not saying our admins/RB's are bad people. Our admins/RB's are awesome and I luff them. I just think that everyone should get a part in everything. Nothing should be exclusive. We all should be a part of making this wikia be amazing. We all have ideas, we're all entitled to opinions, and we all should have a chance to voice them. Period.

End rant.

- Ale

Note: No person is being singled out or trying to be offended in this blog, it's just my opinion. I'm not saying any group is wrong or any group is right. This is my opinion and this is my story.

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