aka Zoë Kay

  • I live in California
  • I was born on January 9
  • My occupation is Professional Cat
  • I am Female
  • Ale-Alejandro

    hey so I got demoted

    October 30, 2012 by Ale-Alejandro

    no one told me I was even being considered for demotion which isn't okay because I was dealing with the death of the friend and legal issues, but in the end I actually don't really care ahaha. I really love the wiki but it's not as important to me now. Like, I'm still here, just not as much.

    if you want to reach me I'm on deviantart (o-ccupied) and my tumblr,

    like I should be upset and throwing things and crying but it's okay and it's been a good run as one. ily bbys!!!!1!!!!!1!

    thanks for everything

    - Ale

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  • Ale-Alejandro

    forgot I was on the wiki oops

    but I'm old.

    you can all now make shrines, statues, and songs in my honor.

    thank you for a decent waste of time.


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  • Ale-Alejandro

    The Wiki Survey

    April 29, 2012 by Ale-Alejandro

    So, TDF, Bigez, Jaxxy, and I were talking about how incredibly dead the wiki is due to TD:ROTI ending and how it's going to be dead for a while. We've all kind of been trying to think of ways to delay or stop the death, but it tends to happen anyways and it's entirely based off the opinion of heavy IRC users. We decided just to make a few questions to kinda see what other people think, so we made a survey about it. :D

    Alphabet order, guis. If you have no opinion on something, skip through to the next section.

    Any opinions you have on any of the above can go below. Thanks for answering c: We like your face.

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  • Ale-Alejandro

    Oh god. So TD:ROTI has finally ended after this year-ish fiasco. Between the build up and disappointment, spoilers and early air dates, and laser squirrels, I am sure I am not speaking only for myself when I say what. The. HELL. was that. So I decided to copy Bigez’s blog. Here’s a look at the few things I liked and everything I did not this season.

    Ughhhh. The characters this season. I thought from the second that we got the concept sheet that this would be a pretty nice group with tons of potential for development, just judging how they looked. You already could tell who the bad guy was and most of the stereotypes, plus some of the more interesting ones (Jersey Shore, anyone?).

    I was pretty excited to see this season by this point, and, fin…

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  • Ale-Alejandro

    Wikiversary :D

    July 30, 2011 by Ale-Alejandro

    So, last year on 7/30/10, I made an account on the wiki.

    And it's 7/30/11 again.

    Which means I somehow lasted a year.

    Which, for me, is actually pretty impressive 'cause I have the attention span and brain of, like, a goldfish.

    So then I'm like, "I should probably make a blog like Mu did. Wait, that for her real I'm probably being really annoying and making people read things for no reason at all." But then I realized I am really annoying anyways. So I made this.....:D.

    So, I'm typing this, and I feel really awkward because I know this is awkward, so I'm just gonna end this here. ._.

    So thanks, I guess, for making this wiki an amazing place for me.

    And that's pretty much it.

    - Ale

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