Okay, so my last blog post about Chris and Dawn was not so convincing, but I will not back down on my belief of it, especially the part about Blaineley, so I've decided to create a new blog post, and now that I've seen the All-Stars episode, "Moon Madness". I have to say,

HOORAY FOR NO MORE GWUNCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I can't believe Duncan still cared a 'bit' about Courtney. I knew Gwen was gonna break-up with him sooner or later, but I hoping it would involve Trent, up until I saw the TDA Aftermath shows, and he said he's okay with no more 'Gwent'. So, I gotta ask, if Gwen no longer wants Duncan, and Trent has moved on, who's she gonna go for next? I read the article for the next episode, and I think it might be Cameron. What do you think? Please comment.

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