Hey, everyone. Welcome to my third blog post. Some of you may remember my first one, where I imagined Dawn being Chris and Blaineley's long-lost daughter, which I admit was so popular. I just thought that if they were, her light blonde might really be a dye-job. Actually, I figured that a long time after I posted it, but so what? Some of you may also remember my second one, celebreating Gwen and Duncan's long-awaited break-up, which just goes to prove there IS someone up there.

Anyway, I've noticed that some of your blog posts are fan-made seasons of the show. I've haven't read any of them yet, but a while ago, I noticed that JackyDelRay posted her season, Total Drama: Lights, Camera, Action on here. BTW, I first saw that season on TDFF Wikia, and I think it's great, especially that Dawn won.

Now, if you guys could post comments on how I can do what she did (what I plan on putting on here is actually my vision of what Season 5 would've been like if Dawn appeared in it. I'm saving most of my fanfiction seasons for another time. One of them actually involves time), that would be very, very, very nice of you all.

P.S., I'm serious of the dye-job.

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