I've been thinking about this recently, and if you look at the facts, you may understand this.

So there are a lot of Courtney fans, right? Well, like her, if you bring back characters for another season, you gotta give them new things to do and new storylines in order to vamp their popularity and develop their characters. Now, let's take Courtney. we know she was a spoiled brat in TDA and TDWT, but what do all three seasons have in common that have to do with her? Well, the answer is simple: one word: Duncan.

Of her time on the show, most of Courtney's storylines had always involved Duncan. Let's go back to the very beginning in TDI. Courtney and Duncan officially began their chemistry in Dodgebrawl. It ended when Courtney got voted off. There were 3 check points of it. In TDA, Courtney continued her storyline about, of course, Duncan, and she went on with it through the end of TDA, the 1-hour special, and in went on into TDWT, but paused until a check point of it came up then picked up for real later on up until she got voted off, with one last checkpoint of it which would mark the last of it. The only other story line she has other than Duncan was, in TDA, trying to get back on the show with her lawyer's help, and a conflict with Beth-ocurring for the same amount time she was on TDA, and in TDWT, with Alejandro after she and Duncan broke up, which last half as long as her conflict with Beth.

Now let's do the math. Courtney played her role in TDI for 15 episodes out of 27, including the 1-hour special, in TDA for a total of 16 out of 27 episodes, including the 1-hour special, and in TDWT for a total 22 out of 26 episodes. 10 epsiodes of her moments out of 15 in TDI had Duncan involved. All 17 episodes of her moments in TDA had Duncan involved, and only 11 episodes of her moments out of 22 in TDWT had Duncan involved. So:

  • TDI: 10/15 = 66%
  • TDA: 16/16 = 100%
  • TDWT: 11/19 = 57%

That comes to a total of 50 episodes she was on the show. but a total of 37 eps. out of those 50, Duncan was involved in her storylines. So:

  • 37/50= 74% 74%! Can you believe it?! 74% of her time on the show she was all about Duncan! I guess she's that popular when it comes to Duncan, who's even MORE popular than her!

In conclusion, what I'm really trying to get at is, If they make a Season 5, and they didn't want to bring up the whole Courtney and Duncan thing anymore, then I, IMO, HIGHLY DOUBT she'd have the chance to return for Season 5, or if she did, they'd vote her off really early, thus offering very little as...just Courtney. It goes to show, sometimes a character may be one-dimensional if he/she relies on others for character development.

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