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  • Airboy16

    Lately, I've been noticing that this wiki sometimes puts all 36/37 contestants together as one library of contestants, as some other users rank their favorite characters this way, and the main wiki trivias put both casts together as one library.

    There's also a few users that organize the cast by first generation and second generation.

    I'm wondering: Which cast organizing method is more workable?: 2 seperate casts, or one giant bundle cast mixed in?

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  • Airboy16

    Okay, I had this CRAZY dream one night and it was where Total Drama finally had a trailer for Season 5! I know there's nothing yet on it, but remember, It's just a dream.

    So, in the dream, Total Drama finally had a trailer for Season 5, and it had all 36 contestants spend 24 weeks out in the desert! In the trailer, Chris was speaking in a really dramatic theatrical trailer voice, and the decoration of the trailer was epic! Not only is it a crazy dream, but a really great plot idea for Season 5!

    Now, I learned that dreams are usually influenced by whatever you see in life. Here was my inspiration for it:

    So, Yeah. That's was my dream. Pretty cool, Huh?

    Have you had any crazy dreams relating to Total Drama?

    Share your's here!

    Thanks! I'm out!

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  • Airboy16

    I've been thinking about this recently, and if you look at the facts, you may understand this.

    So there are a lot of Courtney fans, right? Well, like her, if you bring back characters for another season, you gotta give them new things to do and new storylines in order to vamp their popularity and develop their characters. Now, let's take Courtney. we know she was a spoiled brat in TDA and TDWT, but what do all three seasons have in common that have to do with her? Well, the answer is simple: one word: Duncan.

    Of her time on the show, most of Courtney's storylines had always involved Duncan. Let's go back to the very beginning in TDI. Courtney and Duncan officially began their chemistry in Dodgebrawl. It ended when Courtney got voted off. Ther…

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  • Airboy16

    I've been a fan of Total Drama for 3 years since August 2008 when Total Drama Island was just getting popular in the US. And now, I don't know if I want to see the 4th Season, because now, as much as I still want to, I've just about had it with all this waiting for it. (I've been waiting since it ended in the US and Canada.) at the same time, I'm growing out of interest with Total Drama. So I've decided what to do next and I decided...I'm leaving the Total Drama Wiki.

    I've been coming to this wiki since October 2009, but I became a member July 2010, but kicked off my membership the following November. 3 years of Total Drama fandom, 2 years with Total Drama Wiki, 1 year with membership, and now, I'm done. I'm ready to move on to new things. …

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  • Airboy16

    A pretty simple question.

    Let me start off by saying this: I've heard divided rumors about The cast for Season 5. First, I heard; "Season 5's gonna have all 37 contestants." Then I heard; "Season 5's gonna have 26 contestants; all 13 of the new cast and 13 old contestants."

    Getting to the point, No matter which of these rumors is true, or if there's a new rumor about Season 5, Here's a question for you...

    If you could chooose ANY of the OLD characters from Total Drama, who all would they be? Feel free to post how ever many you want.

    Update: Thanks to all of you for giving me this many comments on this blog! :D I've never had this many before! :O

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