Okay, so I want to make a point to people out there. This is a wiki not a battlefield! We should be working together to further this wiki and make it a great one. We should all be friends or at lest nice to each other because this is just a WIKI!

Okay, so now I bet that someone out there is thinking that I'm wrong and that some users are evil but they aren't! They are doing their job and a good one at that. These admins and important users know what is best for us so please don't yell at them....

I am just an invisible user out there that few people actually know about. However, I still have opinions and feel that our unity is crumbling. We need to work together because this is what we should do..... Not fight with each other. It's not like we are seven or anything. Most of us are in high school or something.

So think about this a litle bit.....


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