So i am now one years old and i decided to make a blog...Since i assume no one will read (as usual) I think i will make another one later or something in order to create as much pity create happiness like rainbows (what am i saying?)

So Since its my sorta birthday (which i didnt even know until i looked at a stupid calender on the wall) I am going to thank many people and thats probably it. :s

So Lets see first my closest friends on the wiki

Thank you Duncanjustin, TDO, Little C, Phil, QUEEN, Addicto, Please dont quit NN, Sunslicer2, Young Seth, and more.

All of them have helped me in some way to become who i am so thank you sooooooo very much :)

Other people I would like to thank are WM (who else), Nalyd, and anyone else who was reallly nice to me like Silverspark!

Anyway, I highly doubt anyone will read this (considering my confidence is at a low on my special day)

So have fun everyone!!!!!!!@!

And remember...Aimers FOOL! I AM The WEASEL!! 12:58, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

Yea Are you the FOOL because I AM THE WEASEL!!!!

Bye guys :)

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