Don't worry, this is not a blog about our drama, Council, etc. This is about the new wiki update!

Question is: Should we give it a try? I say yes, but I would like the opinions of everyone on the wiki.

Below is the functions of the new editing system in the update:

  • The media features have been moved from the top toolbar to the right rail. Note: Unless you are on the main page, which has no right rail.
  • The feature list is expandable — you can see more or less depending on your needs.
  • We now have only one scrollbar on the page in the edit window.
  • Messages (such as warnings, notices, license text, etc.) have been updated and moved to more obvious and consistent locations. Note: We are still working on some tweaks to these.
  • We have removed the 'unlink' toolbar button — you can still undo a link by using the right-click context menu.

A link to the official page is here

So now that every rollback, admin, b-crat, user, wait...EVERYONE, knows now, who wants to test out the new feature? :D

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