Well i havent made a blog since my pre-season one (which no one actually read >:(...)

But since im bored i have decided to make ANOTHER prediction blog which I assume no one will read again >.<


This blog will rank the remaining nine people, the teams, and maybe more although it probably wont :S

Now for power rankings...

9. TDobsessed88: Were friends and all, but i think you have the least amount of edits right now which puts you at the bottom...sorry :(

8. SethAllred343: Yu have the second lowest score i believe which puts you and your team at a disadvantage...However, I think you can do very well when you are motivated...

7. Musou: I seriously want to rank Musou a lot higher but she has not edited much yet :/

6. Aimers: I think i might be near the top with the highest edit count right now...but i don't think i can make many more edits this week :(

5. Bigez620: You have made a good amount of edits so far and are a very strong editor!

4. Bbhinton15: I originally thought you would not do to well in Countdown but you are rocking this! You will make it far!!!

3. Phil123: You are doing very well.....I cant think of much more to say...

2. NegativeNoah666: Despite the fact that your are probably going to make the most edits this week, you are a huge threat and your team atm is struggling without Codyfan12 according to you i think...

1. Webkinz Mania: EPIC WIN!!! AN AMAZING EDITOR!

Team Rankings

Well there is only two teams.....

2. Beige team: .......

1. Red team: ATM Red team is a little stronger due to being up one member....If NegativeNoah's plan (which seems a little crazy and impossible) works, then the tables will turn :/


....Coming soon to a theater near you :/

So i assume that no one will read this article because someone who shall not be named told you not to (jk nobody at all :p) So happy editing people!!!

All credit to all the color in this blog goes to Codyfan9000...

Well heres another round of predicitons ._.

9. SethAllred343 Apparently you have been banned for fluffing :( I dont know what that means for you.....

8. TDobsessed88 You have the lowest (or second lowest) score so far :/

7. Aimers :( I would love to rank myself higher but a couple people ranked me low this week which i sorta agree with so im down here :( I had a lot of work for this week in school but next week ill probably back to what i usually did :)

the remaining editors are doing very well :/

Phil The remaining editors are doing better...but your doing great

Bb I have underestimated you a lot!!! you will do great!!!

Musou "Queen" Musou reigns supreme...

NN66 Well apparently you are going to get a lot of edits this week :/ ATM you are one of the lower editors but i ranked you here because of potential...

Bigez You have done very well this week and have suprised me a lot! never knew you would step it up like this!!!

WM (again) Top Editor right now....of course he is number 1 >:)

Hope people enjoy these predictions :/

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