Okay This is the beginning of my COuntdown blogs.....Full of predictions and probably thats it.....

Okay here are my predicitons for Pre-Season!!!

11. TdiAlex: I think you are a great user but personally i have never seen you edit yet....I am looking foward to you stepping it up and bringing in the fight to win!

10. Kenzen11: You are not very active but i think you can do extremly well if you put your heart into it.

9. Bbhinton: I think that you will rise once you pick it up a luittle.

8. Phil123: You have a lot of potential...I have seen you edit ALOT there are just so many amazing editors this season.

7. Aimers: And this is where i stand.....poor me...jk jk :)

6. Bigez620: Will you win? you have a great chance....Please dont leave the wiki...It will make us all cry :( :(.....

5. Misstditylerfan: Great potential and a great chance at winning!

4. Jam7: Same as Misstditylerfan!

3. Codyfan12: A great User! He is going to make it VERY far in the comepetition!

2. Musou: I personally would be thrilled to see a showdown between you and the #1 ranked person...That would be awesome!

1. Webkinz Mania: It seems like everyone is ranking him high which makes perfect sense! Webkinz Mania for the WIn :D

I added Musou in because she is probably going to make it into the season...

The last 3 spots will goooooo toooooo...??????





Or Sethallred343....

Who will it be? i dont know! They are all around the same range.....

Also on a different but similar note

1. Mygeto

2. fedora kid

As much as i want Myget to win, fedora has to make 500 edits to TIE Mygeto and make like another 100 more to beat him...Its gonna be a rough week...

I hope you enjoyed my blog!

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