Well since i am totally unable to do anything involving difficulty (thanks points) i am going to give a shoutout to all my friends!!!!

User:TDLover: You were my first friend on the wiki and an overall great person

User:Duncanjustin: I have to say, You are probably one of my closest friends out of all of them....You have helped me in so many ways and we have had great conversations! Its been great being friends with you!

[[User:TDobsessed88]: you are a great user who has supported me a lot....We are good friends and i loved doing the roleplay with you. I cant wait for countdown!

User:Sunslicer2: Is anyone a bigger villain than the great Sunslicer? I dont know? Its been fun the roleplay and all and i am glad we can be friends....

(as i am writing this i keep feeling like i am writing a goodbye blog but that is a LIE)

User:Duncan's girl: We actually have not had much interaction but you have been very nice to me and we support each other alot :)

User:Codyfan9000: You are a great friend and a very nice user! I hope you make it to countdown and we can still be great friends!!!!

(These are in no paticular order by the way so no complaining!)

User:Cdisney3: You are such a great user!!!! And you have helped me out a bit when i need it!!!!!!

User:Aramina120: I unfortunatly don't know you very much but you seem to be a great friendly user:)

User:SethAllred343: I can't believe you are only 10! Anyway....I hope you make it on countdown and now im torn because i want you and codyfan to make it and Augh this is depressing....Anyway you are really friendly and deserve a lot of respect!

(i just realized that i wrote these in order of when they became friends with me XD)

User:NegativeNoah666: You are such a friendly great user! I loved that scret meeting thing and i hope you do great in countdown.....Our friendship may be new but it is strong!

User:Heather rocks: Heather rocks...We didnt actually meet on this wiki...We met on the camps one! i have no idea how you found me but i love being friends with you!!!!!

Wow that was so emotional......

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