So today, after 23 days of fun, I made another 1,000 edits and hit a grand total of 7,000 ^__^ I know I should not make another blog every 1,000 and I plan on stopping that very soon, but I wanted to take the time to thank many many people!


  • Sparkie: You have become such a great friend over the past months. It's been really fun talking to you and I'm glad you don't find me a total pain ^__^
  • Addict: Addict, no matter how many times you bother me, you are still the epic person you are, and such a great friend overall. Now support me a little more on my decision making >.> Jk :P
  • CD: CD, your incredible awkwardness and humor has been so hilarious over the past months....yea besides that, you are just an awesome friend who has guided me through so much :D
  • OHF: OHF, a great friend of mine, my pupil and slave >:), and a user with incredible potential ^__^ You are awesome!
  • Jackson: Jackson is probably my first friend who has not quit yet :P I knew you would become a great user ^__^ You brought me here and I am so appreciative :D
  • Bigez: You are so nice to me :P GET MEANER....Nah, just keep doing what you are doing!
  • FK': FK, the most strategical, smart, Noah-like user ever! I am so jealous of your voice D:
  • Neko: Neko is the most innocent and kind user ever ^__^ Well, maybe not so innocent, but you get the point D:
  • Sp3c: Thank you for helping me with my signatures :D Yea, you are really nice :P
  • AJ: AJ! an awesome friend who is never mean! :D I don't think I have ever seen you say one bad thing :P
  • Kg: You are so awesome, friendly, and funny...A day brightener ^__^
  • Landry: He wanted a shoutout >.> ...........You are so nice in the irc...perhaps be a bit more active on the Wiki? ;)
  • WM: WM, is the main reason why I reached this goal...He pushed me to this and I am so grateful ^__^ You have been really supportive and a great friend!
  • Mikey: A great friend who has helped me out a lot!

Ok, I got really tired of typing D: Other people who deserve honorable mentions but I got lazy are: Bb, Tulle, Dakota, Zobe, Numbuh, JAM, Mus- BEEP I FORGOT ABOUT MUSOU?!!? O____________________________________O

  • Musou: I FORGOT YOU DDDDX Words cannot even explain how much you have helped me on this Wiki :D
  • Nalyd: A great a supportive user who has never stopped making me laugh XD
  • Jam: Jam, an extremely down to earth user with a great spirit :P
  • Bb: Thank you so much for being so kind ^__^
  • N3: A kind user who can do no wrong :D
  • Zobe: An awesome user overall ^__^
  • Tulle: Words can not describe your awesome personality >:3
  • Ryan: A great, editing, wondrous friendly user ^__^
  • TeamMu: Another friendly user ^__^ You really help me understand things with your awesome blogs XD

There are more users out BarBar and MTDM and so much more...I think I am about to explode though from all of this >.<

So to some it up, THANK YOOOOOU :3 I could not have done this without all of you!

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