Ok, I want to discuss an issue that has been striking the wiki forever, and yes, this is a brand new issue...

You see, Lately, I have noticed that sometimes users do not feel welcome on the wiki. Maybe its just them, but honestly, I believe it us. No offense to anyone out here, but sometimes we all can get a bit...mean. Some definitly less than others, but no one is perfect. Lately, I have, all of a sudden realized this issue and have tried to change it. I have tried to help users by offering them help and advice, but I know that this is not enough. There have been many new users to join this wiki. However as we all know, many of them get their edits reverted...Yes their edits usually are bad trivia or piled with errors, but we can't just revert it and then forget about them. Yes, some users tell them that the edits need to stop, but even then, I witness just a "Please stop doing _____ now! Thanks!" We can't have that...As I have encountered myself, many of these new users just do not understand that they cannot edit like that and start insulting us. Yes they should not do this, but we have to remember this all came from them still learning. Everyone joined the wiki at one point and was new. Some learned what to do faster than others, and maybe these new users just are slow learners. We don't really give them a chance. We just tell them to stop and move on. This is why I wrote this blog.

Now I may not have a solution that will solve this whole thing, but I have a couple of ideas:

1. Everyone is just nice to the new users: Yea...I don't really think this one will work O__O That means EVERYONE!

2. Welcome the new users into the community more by giving them things to do: This is why I loved the idea of season 5 of countdown. It brings new users to the community and gives them something fun to do that will help them be a part of community. I like this idea but this would be up to the admins to decide on...

3. Make a Manual that explains everything to the users: We already have this but none of the new users learn about this until later on...I wish I knew about all the rules before I started as a user too!

This last idea was created by TDA15:

4. Make a Support Group on the wiki that solves all of these issue etc.: I like this idea. I am not sure how this will work out but it seems like a good idea...

Please, if you read this blog, comment on your ideas. I feel very strongly about this topic and want to know how other people feel too. Even though this issue is not the biggest one on our minds, I think we should fix these problems to truly make the wiki a better place...

Thank you,


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